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Hgtv dream home

HGTV Dream Home 2012 Giveaway Worth $2 Million Near Park City Utah (VIDEO)
By Stacey Doyle on 2012-01-07 Viewers can now enter the HGTV Dream Home 2012 Giveaway of a fully-furnished modern western ranch house in Utah, a 2012 GMC Terrain and $500000. For sixteen years, HGTV has made dreams come true with this multi-million ...

HGTV Dream Home 2012
By Sandra Grauschopf, About.com Guide The 2012 HGTV Dream Home is a ranch-style home nestled in the mountains of Utah. The home is designed to appeal to nature lovers, with mountain views, an outdoor living featuring a grill and hot tub, ...

HGTV Dream Home 2012 contest open, enter today
The contest opened on December 30, 2011 and HGTV tweeted the following message: 'Don't forget to enter the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway 2012 Today! Enter daily here: http://ow.ly/8d9oe #sweepstakes' Entries can be made twice daily through February 17, ...

New Year Showcase Planned for HGTV Dream Home 2012
New York, NY [For Immediate Release] The HGTV Dream Home Giveaway 2012 will offer fans the chance to win a spectacular custom-built home in Midway, Utah, a 2012 GMC® Terrain® and $500000 cash. HGTV will unveil the fully-furnished modern western ranch ...

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HGTV Dream Home Question? by Q: Since the HGTV Dream Home is so expensive and most people cannot maintain the taxes or upkeep of the home, why won't they build a more affordable home or make it where the winner can have the home of their dreams built in their current city at a rate they can afford? As much as I love HGTV it just does not appear to be feasible to continue building such an expensive home. Also, does anyone know if there is any sort of clause preventing the winner from selling too quickly?

A: They seem to want to build a dream house and use as many advertisers' products as possible. I thought it might be better if they built three or four dream houses instead of one mega-dream house. They also get several programs for each of the houses they build and give away. A couple of years ago, the home they gave away in Tyler Texas was put up for sale immediately, and I heard it sold within a few months. It came with some cash to help with the taxes and incidentals. I can't find anything in the rules barring a sale soon after winning, although they do want to do some more shows about the house, but that should be finished by the middle of April, and it would take most people at least six weeks to close the sale.

how many winners of hgtv dream home contest keep the house? by Q:

when are they giving away the HGTV dream home? by lil drummer boi Q: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A: Go to HGTV.com. All the info is there.

2009 hgtv dream home location? by jtbsgirl Q:

A: We're still trying to guess that from the clues. I'm guessing maybe the Lake Tahoe area or somewhere else in Nevada.

Hgtv Dream Home? by Jessica Q: Hi! Did any of you see the new Hgtv 2008 Dream Home? If you did, what do you think of it? I thought it was sooo pretty! I especially liked the little yellow sitting room, the master bathroom's shower, and the little sea lion that the guy was playing with!!! : )

A: Yeah! It was very pretty! I love the beach and since it's right by the ocean, it fits my paradise! Lol. I love how the inside (and outside) is so colorful. That would definitely wake me up in the morning. And I did love the sea lion, too!

If You Won The HGTV Dream Home Would You Keep It Or Sell It? by Autumn Leaves Q: It's in the wine country of Sonoma Ca. It's in the wine country of Sonoma Ca.

A: I would love to keep it, but I have to be realistic. I can't afford to maintain two homes, and I need the $$ more than I need a vacation home, so I'd attempt to sell it or auction it.

Anyone else excited to see the winner of the HGTV Dream Home 2009? by chrissy:] Q: i am![=. i just saw them pick the winner on the video, you don't see the winner but you do see if they pick between computer or letter. so anyone who put sent in letters sorryy, they picked the computer so anyone who signed up online you got a chance:). anyone excited!?

A: Yes!!!! I've already put on my makeup just in case teehee! Good luck to everyone that entered online! I hope this years winner is a little more enthusiastic than lasts! Winner Announced - Cheryl Smith of Florida! Congrats!

When are they revealing who won the HGTV 2010 Dream Home Giveaway? by :) Q: Are they revealing it on tv? What is the channel called? What time?

A: On TV on March 15th. The channel is called HGTV. The winner — and housewarming gifts chosen by online voters — will be revealed during the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway 2010 special on Monday, March 15th at 8/7c.

Why are all the pictures of people in ALL the HGTV dream homes always Caucasians? by Really Cool Person Q: Ever year HGTV have had a sweepstakes to give away beautiful homes. Well, if you ever took an online tour of the home you will notice that in every dream home that they have thus made, all the pictures that are in any room of real people are always pictures of caucasians, why is this so? Do they automatically assume/know that a caucasian is going to get the house? Why not a mixture of different ethnic groups?

A: I have no idea. That's really... Not a good representation of all the different ethnicities of people living in those homes. You'd think they would do something about that..

How many winners of the HGTV (Home and Garden Television) Dream Home give away winners still own there homes? by redding96003 Q:

A: I'd say NONE, because they cant afford the taxes on them.

Is there anywhere I can go to take a virtual tour of the 2004 HGTV Dream Home in St. Mary's, Georgia? by pinkqueen1824 Q: I don't expect it to be for sale, I just want to take a look at it. I was hoping someone could post a link, please, please, please!!

A: Unfortunately, I can't find the main page but you can search the HGTV.com site and view the house section by section: http://www.hgtv.com/search/results.do?hgSearchString=HGTV+Dream+Home+2004&hgSearchType=HGTV.com

Who won the 2008 HGTV dream home? by ashley.dennis Q:

A: On March 16th I'll win it. ;-) http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/dream_home_2008/text/0,,HGTV_30596_65579,00.html Good Luck, ;-)

The HGTV 2007 Dream home and the Coot that won? by EAT! Q: Is it just me, or does anyone else agree that the Coot that won the dream home didnt deserve and wont appreciate it as much as someone younger would have. I doubt if he ever will even hit the slopes. I wonder how exactly the winner is chosen or if its a "Fixed" contest.

A: He didn't seem very excited about it.. I was kind of dissapointed that the winner wasn't someone jumping up and down and screaming 'We won!!' He was just kind of like, 'Okay..' But the Dream Home gets better every year so hopefully we'll have better luck next time. :-)

Where is the 2010 HGTV Dream Home? by Em Q: I would like to know where the 2010 HGTV dream home is located. I just was curious.

A: albuque new mexico

Can i build a house, like the HGTV Dream Home? by [email protected] Q: Hey, i was an enormous fan of the 2008 HGTV Dreamhome, in Islamorada Florida....I have a question... 1. is it possible to build a house to that floorplan? A house of my own (plan on being an architect) 2. How much would it be to buy the plans... 3. where could i get the plans?

A: During my husbands youth he did just that. Like you he was or would be an architect. He changed his mind moved the wall 2 feet east then back----3 times. Was there rain or shine to make sure it all went as planned and it never did. He has cursed the house so many times and grayed over it. He would get so angry because as time went on he wasn't able to be there all the time and incompetent decisions were made and we were the ones footing the bill. So in answer to your question, is it possible, the answer is yes but you will need to make a lot of sacrifices, have an endless amount of money, change your life style, and have a lot---- I mean a lot of patience! The real question you should be asking yourself is, am I prepared to give up everything if I have to? Then ask yourself do I really want to be committed to such a huge responsibility. Cause once you're in it you have to go all the way or else you will loose big time!

HGTV Dream Home? What would the taxes be? by oO-Moose-Oo Q: For the current 2.2 million doller HGTV dream home in CA, how much would taxes be? I suppose they don't help out on that one, and has anyone actualy been able to afoord to keep the dream home? Thanks

A: It would depend on the county the home is in, and the tax rate.

hgtv dream home.? by disco_panic_16 Q: where is the 2007 hgtv dream home located? HURRY PLEASE.

A: winter park colorado Bob O'Neil Sr. won it last night, he was from Jamestown, TN i wish i could've won it!!!

When are the public tours for the HGTV Dream Home 2010? by Drea Q: I was reading that they start on January 3 but I'm not sure if that's true. Does somebody know if that's when they start the public tours?

A: I'm not very sure but most likely sometime in January. If you could can you answer my question about the Dream Home? Thx

What would you do with the 2 million dollar dream home hgtv is giving away keep it or sell it? by Q: It's in vermont .

A: aye!! i'll take it matey!! a place fer all me fellow pirates to 'play'!! yo ho ho! :D

HGTV Dream home giveaway? by What's Up? Q: What channel does it air on? Is there anyone out there that wouldn't mind keeping me posted because i do not have television right now. Who is the winner? What channel would you watch it on anyway?

A: i am!!!!!!!!!!!!!i was about to pass out when they announced our name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many times have you entered the HGTV dream home? by Randi Q:

A: ZERO I don't need another home and don't want to pay all that Federal and State Tax.

How Much Would YOU Pay for the HGTV 2010 Dream Home? by curious Q: Just taking a poll. I'm really curious how much different people would pay for this house if the person who wins it decides to put it up for sale. How much would YOU be willing to pay for this home, or how much do you think someone else might pay?

A: Well it should be worth around 1.5 million, but I definitely cannot afford that much!! So I'm hoping to win it. I wouldn't be able to pay for this, or even buy it because we aren't very rich, but someone else might buy it for 1.5 or 2 million. If you won you would have to talk to a real estate agent to find out a good price. :)

Who thought the HGTV Dream Home winner was ungrateful? by Steph Z Q:

A: I am not so sure that she was ungrateful. I think she just has the personality of a wet dishrag! Could they have picked a more boring person to win such an amazing prize? She kept scratching her head and pushing her hair out of her face, very distracting. She looked more like her husband just gave her the boot instead of winning a Dream Home. The whole thing was very awkward.

Yearly Taxes On The HGTV Dream Home 2009? by akbryant111 Q: How Much Would The Yearly Taxes Be On The HGTV Dream Home 2009?

A: VERY EXPENSIVE. It's in the wine country; therefore, it must be expensive. Anyone who wins usually has to sell for the high taxes.

who won the hgtv dream home anyone know yet? by kat Q:

A: It was a girl in Utah. When they came in she didn't really care. She scratched her head a lot. Kinda creepy. Also at one point her baby girl was humping the ground. Hilarious!!!!!! But she had an awesome home. A brand new kitchen and everything. Also she new about it because they had a party. HGTV should pick people who deserve it.

How many of the homes that have been built on HGTV Dream Home have gone into foreclosure? by jimmyjames Q:

A: the homes are paid for by the advertisers... there's no mortgage on a prize!!.... the problems is that very few winners can afford the taxes and upkeep on the houses and never live in them, but sell them as soon as possible....

Who thinks the lady that won the HGTV dream home is like mad about it or something? by pennstatefan22 Q: shes like what the hekc?

A: I don't think she really cared. Did you see her her house?!?!?! It was awesome!!!! She didn't need it or deserve it. Hgtv should pick people who deserve it.

Did anyone see the second hgtv dream home clue? by shayla Q: I missed it when I looked away for a second and now I need it.

A: i saw .. name of city is located

How many times per day can you enter the HGTV Dream Home Contest? by CheerGirl Q:

A: If you had read the entry page, you would have seen this "Remember, you can enter once a day through February 19, 2010, for a chance to live the dream."

If you win the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway, do you have to pay a gift tax and/or property taxes on the home? by Rachel Q: If you do, how much would that be?

A: You don't pay gift tax, but you do pay regular income tax. The maximum individual tax rate is 35% so you would pay nearly that much. Plus state income tax. That is to just receive the house. Then of course you would have to come up with the property taxes each year. That is why people who win those big prizes end up selling them most of the time. After they pay the income tax, then they may have enough left to buy a smaller house.

If we won the hgtv dream home could we keep it? by Q: So my step dad is an accountant and if we won he plans on opening his own accounting firm, and my mom is a CNA and does work in CSR which is where you stock the surgery stuff, and she helps with scopes to. If we were to win which I highly doubt we will could we keep it?

A: No one can without a HUGE savings account, or an excellent job. It's not considered a house, it's a prize, and the IRS taxes it (probably at 40%) before you are allowed to move in. After that, there are still property taxes to deal with, as well as utilities.

If You Won The HGTV Dream Home Would You Sell It Or Keep It? by Autumn Leaves Q: It's in Sonoma Ca -- wine country.

A: Sell it. I can't afford the taxes on it. I would use the proceeds to make upgrades to my own condo, have a sizable emergency fund, pay for a luxurious weekend away with my husband, and then put the rest towards retirement, which in our case is woefully underfunded.

Does anyone know when you can enter to win the HGTV dream home??? by QtazL Q: there isnt a spot on the website to enter.. have i missed the drawing!??

A: The contest for the 2008 dreamhome starts on January 1st, 2008. You will need to enter at hgtv.com. They always pick the winner in March.

When exactly is the winner of the HGTV dream home 2009 notified they won? by Allyg Q: what time?

A: I am not quite sure of the answer to this question. It's been speculated that the winner might have been already informed do to the amount of paper work required of the winner of such a large prize. The winner was chosen at random on the third of this month so there is a chance they already know. But according to HGTV the winner has no idea and will have no idea until later this evening between 5 pm and 8 pm depending on what time zone you live in. We do know that the winner entered online and will know soon, if not already! Good luck to you! Winner Announced - Cheryl Smith of Florida! Congrats

HGTV Dream home 08? by Britt Q: What do you like and dislike about the hgtv Dream home 08? Besides the taxes.

A: I don't dislike anything about my HGTV Dream Home 2008.

is there a way for me to get notifications when there's going to be a new HGtv dream home sweepstakes? by Q: like through email or facebook or something? i dont like to watch hgtv, so i cant find out that way.

A: Sign up for mail from them on their website.

How do they pick the winner of the HGTV Dream Home? by danelle Q: Do they hand pick the person, or what?

A: Randomly from the pool of people who apply.

How much would YOU pay for the 2010 HGTV Dream Home? by curious Q: Poll: How much would YOU pay for this house, or how much do you think someone else will pay if the winner decideds to sale it?

A: Well it should be worth around 1.5 million, but I definitely cannot afford that much!! So I'm hoping to win it. I wouldn't be able to pay for this, or even buy it because we aren't very rich, but someone else might buy it for 1.5 or 2 million. If you won you would have to talk to a real estate agent to find out a good price. :)

How Much Would The Yearly Taxes Be On The HGTV Dream Home 2009? by Marilyn Q: I don't want answers like, "Waaaayy toooo much!!!", I just want to know a dollar amount, please. Thanks! (The house is worth $1.8 million.) Would I look for "sales tax" or are house taxes different? Am I doing the math right? I just looked up the sales tax, and it is 7.25%. So, 7.25% of 2 million is $145,000? Sorry if it's wrong, I am terrible at math, to say the least! ^_^ But would this be right?

A: That depends on the tax rate in the area where it is located. You'd have to find that rate and figure it out.

If someone wins the HGTV Dream Home, how can they afford to KEEP it? by Ali Q: What if they can't pay the taxes? What if that person rented it out to others to pay the taxes. The current house is over 2 mil.

A: If you notice, few winners have kept the houses in the past. From what I understand, just the costs associated with prize & property taxes and then other expenses involved have caused previous owners to list the past homes for sale.

when can you start entering for the 2011 hgtv dream home? by Ella Q: i really like the vermont house for 2011 does anyone know when you can start entering the contest?

A: no does it not say on their website good luck

What is your favorite HGTV Dream Home ? by Seth W Q: Mine is the 2003 Dream Home it was in a good location and it was well designed and it seemed functional.

A: I'm not quite sure what year it was, fairly recently though...the one built in the mountains near Lake Lure in North Carolina. It was beautiful...the perfect mountain home!

When I win the HGTV dream home I want to use it for a non-profit "business" would my taxes be different/less? by Mom of 2 Q: When I win I would like to make it a "free" bed and breakfast style home for children with cancer (and their families) a place where they could come and stay and my family would cook and clean and teach them to snorkel, swim, surf...whatever they want to do before they are too ill to do it. I plan on getting grants and donations to support it....my question is would my taxes be different (lower hopefully)??? I want to plan now--- the drawing is only a month away!

A: Well, I am not really sure, most non-profit businesses pay no taxes, but property etc., not sure. But, Good luck in the drawing anyway, that is a wonderful gesture if you win.

When do they announce the finalist for HGTV dream home 2011? by The Mad Scientist *Dexter* Q: I want to know asap because my dad said that in the VERY unlikely chance that we win I could get another dog! Because if you are as obsessed with it as I am then you would know that the doggie dream home is built for 2! So if you know THANK YOU ! ! !

A: they announce the winner on march 19th at 8 p.m. EST

Hgtv dream home winner? by Britt Q: Does HGTV dream home givaway. Do they actualy come up to the person's door on March 16 and telling them their the winners. Or do they tell the person in advance?

A: Last year I think they surprised the guy while he was out to dinner. They had one of his relatives in on it.

How much would the yearly taxes be (roughly) on the HGTV dream home? by C.C Q: it's in the florida keys and I know the whole package is like 2.2 million but that includes a car and furnishings. I'm just wondering a rough estimate because I heard most people who win the dream home sell it.

A: A lot! But it is not just the property taxes, you also have to pay income taxes on the package. Federal income taxes on$2.2 million at 38%. This wouldn't be exactly 38% but close enough to call it good. Florida property taxes would be substantial as Florida does not have income tax, the bulk of their taxes are property. The insurance on the home is what would kill you. A 200,000 house in Miami costs around $4000 a year for home owners insurance. So, figure insurance would run around $40,000 plus property taxes, maybe as high or higher than $40,000. I dream of winning that house. I would invite my family down for a weekend and the house would be on the market immediately.

Very confused about HGTV Dream Home taxes and taxes in general? by aerybery Q: Please help me out here. Everyone is saying that the HGTV Dream Home is almost a nightmare because of taxes. I don't get it... Can't you pay a kind of low monthly fee to pay the tax down? And some say that the upkeep is expensive, but what does that mean? I think of cleaning and stuff and that doesn't seem that expensive to me... But I don't know, I've never owned a home and I sure don't understand how the tax thing works. Please help.

A: have you seen the size of that home? i know nothing about california real estate, but in NJ, i could easily see the taxes for that place being 20k or more a year. that breaks down to 5k quarterly. when people say upkeep, lets not forget utillities. the power and gas bills on that place will be sky high. cleaning it would also take forever. if i were to win that contest, i would probably seek to sell it asap. you probably would not get top dollar in this market, but being that you're playing with the "house's money", the benefit would be huge (unless you roll that into another property, the capital gains tax will also be huge though. i am not an accountant though). being that it's been on TV, it's almost the equivalent of a free real estate listing. however, i'm sure that HGTV has some kind of "no sell for xx amount of time" clause written into the contest.

When does HGTV give away the 2011 Dream home? by Q: I've been entering everday to win the 2011 HGTV Dream home in Stowe VT. The last day to enter the contest was yesterday (Feb 18th). It says to watch the special on March 19th to see the winner....however, do they actually let the winner of the contest know ahead of time or is it a live reveal of the winner on TV on March 19th? We are just curious if they actually pick the winner ahead of time or it is does on the actual 19th? How has it been done in the past? Thanks.

A: It is a live show, so the winner will find out on March 19th. The show will be aired at 8 pm eastern.

How Much Would The Yearly Taxes Be On The HGTV Dream Home 2008? by Jared Q: How Much Would The Yearly Taxes Be On The HGTV Dream Home 2008? It is in Key West Florida

A: The value of the home is fully taxable as ordinary income so you'd owe around $700,000 in Federal income taxes right off the bat on a $2,000,000 home. The annual property taxes would depend upon where it's located. If that was CA, probably around $25,000 per year. If it was in TX, probably around $90,000 per year. Edit: For Key West, a bit under $25,000 per year. http://www.loribender.com/keywestpropertytax.htm

If I would design to you an HGTV DREAM HOME? by Britt Q: If I could design to you. An hgtv dream home, 1. where would you like it to be? 2. what color pallet would you like? 3. how would you like it? (modern, victorian, lodge cabian, beach, etc...) 4. Anything extra? Thanks for answering!

A: Something I find very useful in my home is to have electrical outlets in cabinets (kitchen and bath) so chargers and appliances can be plugged in but be out of sight. Also, raised dishwashers are fantastic for older citizens - this eliminates the need for so much bending. Green is a neutral color - and not as boring as beige. I'd want lots of levels of lighting in my kitchen - under the cabinet, overhead, and on top of cabinets. Contemporary or cottage style. Ocean view on the west coast.

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