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Haunted houses

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whats2knowtoday Most Haunted Places In Texas http://t.co/zTA59p4Z

BabyLa85 RT @EmirAmrul: While not everyone believes in ghosts, there are still American houses that are generally considered to be haunted. http://t.co/ZetQJYq3

ilove_ublake RT @__Bookie: These hoes houses look haunted all year around!

__Bookie These hoes houses look haunted all year around!

SofiaSwanson Halloween is my least favorite holiday. D: No haunted houses for me, thanks.

tangneynhnyw9 I never understood why people like haunted houses or scary movies. I hate feeling scared. ?w86ld

ElliottBronco That was so awesome! I am a fan of haunted houses!

SirYelks RT @WTFuckFacts: One of the most haunted houses in America is also one of its most prestigious; The White House.

Mrs_Undrstood @_daBOMB :P and he paid for my face paint :) so i figured why not. haha we died in those haunted houses tho X)

Mrs_Undrstood @_daBOMB well. we went to all 4 haunted houses in a row...and then I....got on....raging bull....and he made me ride.....in the front X(

carriebingham RT @Singlegrlprob: Haunted houses would be 738 more times scarier if they employed your new girlfriend. #singlegirlproblems

IamRonnieE Real Goons & Goblins RT @M0NARCH Yeah, pick any crackhouse on MLK RT @IamRonnieE: Haunted Houses still open???

m0narch Yeah, pick any crackhouse on MLK RT @IamRonnieE: Haunted Houses still open???

IamRonnieE Haunted Houses still open???

yayailyani RT @WTFuckFacts: One of the most haunted houses in America is also one of its most prestigious; The White House.


What are the best haunted houses in ohio where they cant touch you? by davedude44 Q: Looking for a scary haunted house to go to. I live in columbus so not too terribly far away. Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie was first choice however the girl i am going with does not want to go to one that they can touch you. I am considering Terror Fest. Anyone that is into the haunted houses or lives around here and has an opinion would be great. Thanks

A: I heard there was a good one in athens.It was an old mental hospital.i think its $50 and if you make it through you get it back.They say it is really scary!!

How much extra is it to go in the haunted houses at Sixflags magic mountain? by Alissa Q: I want to go to six flags magic mountain fright fest around october and i need to know how much extra to bring for the haunted houses. Because on there website it says that its extra to go into the haunted houses and you will need a wristband.

A: Last year, the wristband was $5. It is probably the same.

What are some legit haunted houses in MI that will scare the shit out of me? by Ashely Zorngamauer Q: Does any1 know of any haunted houses in MI that are worth the money. Ive been to Underworld and Erebus. Erebus i waited in line for 3 hours and it sucked. Also does any1 know if st. Lucifer's haunted asylum is good?

A: The State capitol. Politicians are very scary, because they are driving all Americans into debt, on local, state and especially federal levels.

What are some beginner haunted houses in colorado? by Jacky Campbell Q: Hi it's my first going to haunted houses so what is a not so scary haunted house?

A: Brief History of the state and it's hauntings The history of Colorado goes back more than 13,000 years, and with many other states was first inhabited by native Americans. As with all other states which were inhabited by these people, ancient Indian burial grounds have been found all over, many of which have been built on top of. Many artifacts from these people have been found here with some dating back as far as between 11200 BC to 3000 BC.

What is the name of the phobia of haunted houses? by danikiwibird Q: I want to know what the name of the phobia of haunted houses is. And I don't mean like, oh there's a ghost in my house, so that means its haunted. I mean the Haunted Houses that are set up for "fun" at Hallowe'en and carnivals and stuff. Is there a phobia name for it? Cause my best friend has it, but we wanted to know the real term. Any google search only seems to reveal the "ghost lives in house" type of haunted houses. Help!

A: We can as well invent a new name and, once it becomes popular, such newly invented word may be, later on, included in the future dictionaries. For instance, we can term it as as "Phohauhou." I mean the three first letters from "phobia of haunted house". Or you may also likewise select a name of your own choice like this.

How can a fear of haunted houses be faced? by Stormy Q: My friend has a really weird fear of haunted houses. He's 6'5", but he claims to cry like a baby in the face of fear. I asked him to come to a haunted house with me and my friends, and he said no. I really want him to come, but he says that his anxiety prevents it. How can I convince him to come with us? *The haunted houses around here are NOT scary in the least bit. Any opinions will help. Thanks in advance!

A: What worked for a friend of mine was actually working in one for a night as a volunteer for one of the charity ones. After that my friend was never scared of them again!

What good haunted houses would you suggest? by Curious Mark Q: I live in Houston, Texas around zip code77023 and would like to know what are some good haunted houses. I plan on going at least twice this week. I've seen mixed reviews on Google.

A: There are some good ones in Houston, I put a link below to a Haunted House directory that recommends three of them, Nightmare on the Bayou is supposed to be REALLY haunted! http://haunted--houses.com/states/texas.htm Have a fun and SPOOKY Halloween!

Haunted Houses? by thespagoddess Q: How come you hear of haunted houses, haunted clubs, haunted restaurants, and haunted ships. But you never hear of haunted apartments, hospitals, department stores, or even cemeteries, or cars? People die there too.

A: I've heard of haunted cemeteries all the time. And the older hospitals - mostly the ones used for tuberculosis patients - are reputed to be haunted. I've also heard of apartments being haunted...if you watch Ghost Hunters, they get called in for stuff like that all the time. Not all of it comes out with great results, but some do and it's amazing. Medium had an episode on a haunted car last week, I don't think it was a real case but I like how it explored the possibility. As for a department store...yes, people die there, but do they have a reason to still be there? I've never heard of a haunted one, maybe because so much is going on there already people can't pinpoint anything paranormal.

haunted houses...? by Courtney M. Q: okayy.. i have heard about the 7 Floors of Hell in Ohio. im okayy with haunted houses but i can get scared pretty easily sometimes. and i have heard that it is extremely scary and i have also heard rumors that after certain areas there allowed to touch you and things like that. but i dont know if any of this is true. [it probably isnt.] but can anyone who has been there give me there review and what they thought about it? and any other information they feel like giving. thanks a ton! =]

A: Hey Coutney! My friend Katelynn went there and she said she was really, super scared. I heard that a guy got pushed out a window once there, but I don't know about that. Good luck whatever you do!

Haunted houses? by Shayne luvr lol Q: I want to go to some haunted houses but not really haunted if u know what i mean.I live in dallas tx and cannot find some inexpensive places does anybody know where i really need a specific place

A: oo, i live in dallas, too, umm there was some house near denison or grand prarie that u could go to.

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