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Harvest moon

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saarahysl Hai, harvest moon itu mainan._. Masa gitu aja ga tau :p @nisrinaftrnt

Lisamarie61 RT @NiceTweetMan: Another Harvest Moon http://t.co/GQvpMgC7

nintendo_m8y <b>Nintendo Ds</b>Harvest Moon Cheats |<b>nintendo ds</b>!! #nintendo http://t.co/e5mvZLwr

kvinchrstian RT @ReplicaBoy: rindu mau maen Harvest Moon..:):):)

ReplicaBoy rindu mau maen Harvest Moon..:):):)

NiceTweetMan Another Harvest Moon http://t.co/GQvpMgC7

lifevest98 Chinese Laundry Women’s Harvest Moon Peep-Toe Pump: Chinese Laundry Women’s Harvest Moon Peep-Toe Pump Review   ... http://t.co/mZlZTIpX

AmerAvanindrA @Yoyon_avanindra Harvest Moon Back to Nature on PC \=D/ http://t.co/npYPtaWB

chacaacaca I'm playing Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town http://t.co/D30jrcyE @GetGlue #HarvestMoon

anzimatta RT @Bagongtempur: @anzimatta @addydebil dia sapi qurban, saya sapi harvest moon.. cute..

cakraginta Harvest Moon In the Playstation 3 seru banget! >><<

JessssZ Harvest moon (ˆ▽ˆ)

X_killerage_X @MyLevelHigher what harvest moon oo?

ginsaputra Playing Harvest Moon (again). Now Karen's heart parameter is orange, and I've bought a blue feather. One step away from proposing her. <3

melisaQonita Dari jam 11 ampe sekarang main harvest moon GBA mulu . Bosen -___-


What is the best harvest moon game out of these 2 systems? by Vizkiz Q: I have a DS, and a Wii(also gamecube). What harvest moon game do your reccomend and why do you reccomend it

A: I would definitely get the game for the Wii - I've tried Harvest Moon on both DS and Wii (although never gamecube), and I can tell you that I think the game is better overall on the Wii. The DS version is okay, but there are much better graphics on the Wii version and they've added a lot more to the game. For example, they actually show detailed faces on people, whereas the DS versions just have these little figures. The storyline and events are much more interesting on the Wii version. There are 2 HM games for Wii - Tree of Tranquility & Animal Parade. They're basically almost the same game, but I recommend Animal Parade because it has the added feature of an animal circus experience.

What are the names of all the Harvest Moon bachelors and bachelorettes from all the Harvest Moon games? by reed Q: I have been looking for a complete list of all the people your character can marry from all the Harvest Moon games and I can never seem to find a list with everyone from every game. Can anyone help?

A: There are a lot of Harvest Moon Series,so naming every single character would take some time... I suggest you to go to http://www.fogu.com/hm/. They have have all the games and the bachelor/bachelorettes. Just click on the game and on the side it should say Bachelors/Bachelorettes. Well,anyways,you can find the list of all the eligible people for marriage. Hope I helped! :D

In Harvest moon what are the three recuirments to get married? by ANIMAL LUVER Q: I have a red heart and all three house upgrades but my sister said there are three requirments? Does anyone know what they are? Im talking about harvest moon for DS. Ok everyone I already know I have to give them presents and stuff but read my question more carefully "I ALREADY HAVE A RED HEART!"

A: in harvest moon DS in order to get married, you need your potential bride to have a red heart. you will have had to have suceeded through all four of her heart events. you need to have a big bed, big enough for two people. and lastly, you need to have rescued at least 60 harvest sprites. after all FOUR (4) of these requirements, then you may use the blue feather to get a positive response from your bride-to-be

What is the difference between Harvest Moon and Rune Factory? by VGDude85 Q: Its my first time playing a "Harvest Moon" and the description describes the game as a Fantasy Harvest Moon I believe. I was just wondering the difference. Thanks.

A: Harvest Moon is strictly a farming/ranching game. You might save the Harvest Goddess and the Harvest Sprites (HM DS and HM DS Cute), but your main goal is to farm, woo the guy or girl of your dreams, marry and raise a family. Rune Factory is a farming/ranching/sword fighting game. In Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, you find yourself in Kardia, a city worried about invasion from the Sechs Empire. You are without money, friends or memory. Mist, a local girl finds you, gives you a home and a job farming. As you till the fields, you branch out into the different caves where you can farm different crops year round, but the main goal is to find your memory. As your game proceeds, you defeat the monsters, tame them and they work for you or fight by your side. You also get tantalizing little hints about your past. Defeating each cave boss gives you access to another cave and more hints about your past. The ending is awesome!! You can marry one of the local girls, but it's not necessary to continue the game. If you do marry, your child will not grow up, but remain an infant. Your wife will always be at home. Rune Factory 2 is similar, but in the first part of the game, marriage is important as your child is the one who will fulfill your destiny. Rune Factory Frontier Wii s a continuation of Rune Factory 1 In my humble opinion, the Rune Factory Games are the best of the Harvest Moon Games

what is the best harvest moon game for ds? by katietheshadylady Q: I am planning on buying a new harvest moon game for my ds. The only other harvest moon game i've played is it's a wonderful life for gamecube but i really liked it. I would appreciate if you could tell me the differences between the different ds HM games and which one you like the best. thanks.

A: well the hm ds games the graphics are a bit different, and you can't visit mineral town, but if you have the game boy Harvest moon friends of mineral town or HM more friends of mineral town, you can put it in the ds and the characters from mineral town will visit forget-me-not-valley on different days. The way to buy things for the farm is over the phone now, in ds cute you can by the decor for your house, like the paint and rug. unlike in wonderful life where you start out with a horse you only start out with a cat and dog. other things on the game are the same but in this you can hire harvest sprites to help you work the farm. they can fish, feed the animals you buy later, water your plants, pet the animals and milk the cows and gather eggs and even chop wood and gather stone. your mission in Harvest Moon Ds and Ds cute, is to save the harvest sprites to rescue the harvest goddess who was turned to stone and the sprites sent into another world. by working every day and meeting certain requirements you save harvest sprites who then help you out. You also have a level on your farm degree. of course as in each harvest moon game you can court and get married and have a family, this is basically the same but with new characters since you are in a new place. they have likes and dislikes and the ultimate favorite and the most hated. You trigger different heart events at different levels which is indicated by the heart Gage on the side of the bachelor/•Bachelorettes picture. In Harvest Moon IoH you have to make the island prosperous, you can upgrade the roads, your farm and buildings just like in other hm games. build bridges to other parts of the island but the more prosperous the island is the more people who come to live on the island. the harvest sprites don't help you with the farm in this one, the just give you hints here and there. this is also a choice of boy/girl game. in the newest hm that is coming out in november its the sequel to HM IoH, it has two new characters and more islands to visit. you can also find more pets to keep on your farm, exotic and domestic alike. some will even help you on the farm. you have to find stones to help save islands. That's as much as I know about this game though I plan on buying it. http://www.fogu.com/hm6/forgirl.php?p=n here is a site that can tell you more about the games and also will take you to the homepage where you can find the other games which is here http://fogu.com/hm/ I hope this helps.

In harvest moon animal parade How do you level up your house? by Jade Q: I want to marry Luke in harvest moon animal parade. But my house is only lvl 1 and I need lvl 2 to upgrade my house into a bigger one. How do I lvl up my house? By putting lots of furniture in? Please help, Also, how do you upgrade your barn, too? I want more animals. Thanks!!

A: For the house upgrade you need to pay off your $5,000 to the mayor and also unlock Luke and ship at least $300,000. Then go to Dale's shop (The Carpenter in the Garmon Mine District) to upgrade it. House Level 2 Cost: 25,000 G Lumber: 100 Material Stone: 100 Medium Barn (5 Livestock Animals) Cost: 30,000 G Lumber: 40 Material Stone: 50 Large Barn (8 Livestock Animals) Costs: 60,000 G Lumber: 100 Material Stone: 50

HARVEST MOON!!!!!!!!!!!? by Me Q: Random, i know, but can you have pig tails in harvest moon animal parade? please tell me!! when i say pigtails i mean the hair style actually i did mention that it was animal parade and i dont need negative comments i just want an answer thanks

A: just 1 exclamation mark wil do we can read we can see it more exclamation marsk only makes it obnoxious and make you look like a noob what harvest moon do you know how many there are ? be more specific

Harvest moon? by arizonabrat Q: Last night the moon was red My husband said it is called a harvest moon I just wondered why?

A: The appearance of the Harvest Moon begins the first of the harvesting months in the Northern Hemisphere. Many cultures celebrate the harvests with gatherings, festivals, and rituals that are intricately attuned to the Harvest Moon. The harvest moon gets its name from the fact that farmers who were harvesting their crops at this time of year were able to use the extra light of the harvest moon to continue the work in the fields. This moon is also known as the Wine Moon, the Singing Moon and the Elk Call Moon. Hope that helps

Harvest Moon ? by Twilight Addictt<3 Movie_&_Sa Q: On Harvest Moon ds i just got an Action Replay. It comes with an infinite money cheat and i used it and it worked! But i accidentaly deleted my game and the money cheat... :-[ So if someone could use they're action replay and just give me the code or a website with a working one or something please help?!

A: try this www.codejunkies.com

harvest moon? by edwardsmccarthy Q: I don't know how to get married in harvest moon for gameboy advanced and i dont know how to get more hearts with people.

A: go to this link for the guys version of the game---- http://www.fogu.com/hm4/ and go to this link for the girls version of the game---- http://www.gamewinners.com/game_boy_advance/HarvestMoonMoreFriendsOfMineralTown.htm (just scroll through and find what ya need) HOPE U GET MARRIED! :)

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