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The groundhog wars cast weather shadow
Punxsutawney Phil told people Thursday to prepare for six more weeks of winter, making him the minority opinion among weather-prognosticating groundhogs, most of whom seem to think that spring is coming early. But with such a mild and relatively ...

Groundhog Day: Canes sweep B's
By James Murphy BOSTON -- The Bruins had to be feeling like Phil, Bill Murray's character in the 1993 comedy "Groundhog Day," as they were beat for a fourth straight time by the Hurricanes and swept for the season series. Cam Ward was sensational ...

NH groundhog gathering welcomes more mild winter
By KIMBERLY HOUGHTON NASHUA — Punxsutawney Phil may have seen his shadow on Thursday, predicting six more weeks of winter, but that didn't stop the celebration at Thursday's 12th annual Granite State Groundhog Gathering. “This winter has been just ...

Happy Groundhog Day! Indianapolis Brings Spring to the Super Bowl
Groundhog Day is here, but winter has been pretty good to the Super Bowl party in Indianapolis. It may be February 2, but it sure feels a lot like spring around these parts! Super Bowl week has, so far, been a bright and warm celebration of all the ...

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boecahOK groundhog (@ Pennsylvania State Capitol Building) http://t.co/RZpmAVb8

millaharju -26C in Mid-Finland today. How's that for you, Phil? "Groundhog's forecast: No let-up in wintry weather" http://t.co/s1LZsOZt

clowerofelipa RT @gnewsworld: The science behind Groundhog Day Hint: There isnt any - Christian Science Monitor http:tcojVRku9Vz

that_twin_love RT @YF_Renegade: Who da fuck just out waitin on dat damn groundhog 2 pop up?

peaceintruth1 RT @DosieDoe: Left hubs a note this morning "hope you remember what today is". He'll come come with a gift. That's when I'll tell him its Groundhog Day.

bosoris Tesada2 ba2a!! RT: "@Sandmonkey: Yesterday was Groundhog's day. No wonder we are in a loop."

that_twin_love RT @YF_Renegade: How da fuck a groundhog pose 2 know he saw his shadow. And if he did who da fuck he tell?

jwoah_worsteva Seriously, fuck groundhog day. Lemmings as an analog for the human condition...one day @tonyneu will be running this country. #allhailchips

servicebz don cornelius, groundhog day 2012, soul train don cornelius, egypt soccer riot, punxsutawney ph http://t.co/RrOlGwJK

DeettaCallo http://t.co/giMkD2Ux What Does the Groundhog Know? ;O groundhog

Gregbot73 RT @MrsStephenFry: Happy Groundhog Day! Please Retweet until you've learned to play the piano and punched an insurance salesman.

Martin_Gibson2 Did the Groundhog See His Shadow? 6 More Weeks of Winter http://t.co/4zdHv5S1


Is it possible for a groundhog to predict winter? by Cindy Q: How do they know if the groundhog saw his shadow or not? Educate me please! lol Do you beleive this?

A: It's about as reliable as having a squirrel choose this week's winning lottery numbers.

how to track a groundhog that has been hit with an arrow? by Q: I shot a groundhog the other day and my arrow hit him but i could not find him. There is a drop-off and he was not down there. Help?

A: My guess is he went into a burrow someplace. Look for a hole in the ground or a cavity under a log or stone. Maybe in a thick pile of brush. Look for signs of blood. Look for the arrow itself (was it a broadhead or a "pointy" target arrow?). It may have come out as he ran (I assume it penetrated his body). If you find the burrow you could try fishing him out by inserting a long narrow, flexible stick with a hook on the end of it to try to grab him and pull him out.Insert the stick and twist it around in circles to "hook" him. If your really into it, get a fiber optic and "look" in the hole--but that seems expensive and alot of work to me. Do you really need to find him? If he was going to be your dinner maybe, but if he was a pest in the garden or house I suspect you've solved the problem. You may never see him again, but if you do, shoot better next time. If he didn't go far, and died, you may smell him in a few days. Oh well. I hope you didn't use a kids target bow. Use an actual hunting bow (compound or recurve). I would suggest a 22 caliber rifle. 410 or 20 gauge shotgon also effective. 12 gauge will certainly work, but may be overkill. Be leery of using a pellet gun--it will have to be high power (at least 1000 fps) and you'll have to hit him directly in the head, and even then you may be back in the same situation. If you're going to hunt, whether for food or to eliminate a varmint, it's your responsibility to do it humanely--meaning clean shot and clean kill. Sorry to be so gruesome for the anti hunters out there. But woodchucks can do damage to homes and are perfectly edible--somewhat similar to wild rabbit or squirrel. By the way, to answer another question; A woodchuck would chuck all the wood he could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

How long is Bill Murray's Character (Phil Connors) stuck in the Groundhog Day Time Loop.? by cmr85x2 Q: Groundhog Day with Bill Murray is one of my favorite movies. In the movie they do not specify how long Phil Connors is stuck in the time loop. Given that he learns to play the piano, ice sculpt, throw cards into a hat etc., what are your thoughts on how long he is stuck in the time loop for?

A: I love the movie and I have seen it over 20 times. No-one knows exactly how many days. Some people say it lasted the 6 weeks, but that would make it impossible for him to learn piano, french and all the other things that he learned, not to mention personally know all the town folks. I personally think it lasted exactly 1 year and this would make sense plus it is long enough for him to learn everything that he did. @@@@@@@@@@ The idea came from 'The Gay Science', a famous book by Friedrich Nietzsche. In his book, Nietzsche gives a description of a man who is living the same day over and over again.

Why do we still believe in the Groundhog? Is it not silly we look to a critter for weather? by paanbahar Q: Should we get rid of the Doppler and other sophisticated instruments and bring out the Groundhog every day? Or is it a silly ritual that is done for fun alone, like the Tarot Cards.

A: Download Weather Toolbar - Instant weather reports, forecasts, and radar images anytime for free - http://surl.in/HLWTD261252BMRMTGQ

How to COMPLETELY get rid of groundhog.? by markazz218 Q: For the past couple of years we have had groundhog probelms. I live in western PA, and they don't go away. We have shot a couple and burried them in our woods, we have trapped them, and let them go far, far, FAR away, but nothing works. New Spring this year, and they are back. Anybody know how to get rid of them completely forever?

A: I might try and find a natural predator, like a frisky cat. My grandpa has a family of cats that live out on his farm, and they are always bringing back "gifts", like rats, mice and moles. I figured that since moles are similar, why not? Did you try drowning them out with water in their holes? My grandpa does that for the moles too. Moles are smaller, but they are hole diggers. Why they would be a problem? After you sprain your ankle a few times just walking through your yard, you began to hate those buggers.

Why do we need weathermen for 6 weeks after Groundhog day when Punxsutawney Phil does all their work for them? by Harry T Q: For years I've never understood why weathermen are needed for the six weeks following Punxsutawney Phil's forecast each groundhog day. Once we know Phil's forecast we can easily prepare for the next 6 weeks of weather. No need for the weatherman to gobble up 7 or 8 minutes of valuable news time when the forecast is already determined. Does anyone know why all this air time, webpages & newspaper space is wasted on weather during this six weeks?

A: That is nuts. There is now way the groundhog predicts the weather. Get a life.

Did the government start Martin Luther King day in an effort to take attention from Groundhog's Day? by Q: shortly after MLK day is it is Groundhog's day.

A: They tried, but it didn't work. I Never forget groundhog day. They can't fool me, I'm onto their little ploys.

Where can i find a site that gives free sounds of a groundhog? by REALTIME Q: I need to find a site that has a sound of a groundhog, for free. Thanks

A: Here is the site you need: http://www.hoghaven.com/hear.html

Has the groundhog thing actually work for the last 20 years? by Loved Q: we are doing a science fair project about groundhogs day. We are seeing if the groundhog thing actually works. we want to know data about if the groundhog has actually seen its shadow in the last 20 years. we are going to find a pattern for the info.

A: Um people, think about it ground hog day is feb2 look at a calendar spring is always six weeks away in mid march!!!

Can a groundhog kill a medium sized dog? by Furrable Q: My step-dad and I were having an argument over if a groundhog could kill a dog. I'm not really sure because how could a groundhog kill a dog? It's RAZOR sharp fangs? It's KILLER claws? I really don't know because my real dad said he lost 2 dogs to groundhogs in his childhood. Thanks for helping!

A: Its not so much about the size as it is about the breed. A terrier's whole existence is based on hunting rodents - the word "terrier" comes from the word "terra" meaning earth or ground. They are tenacious, to say the least. So a terrier of any size would probably have no problem dispensing with a groundhog. Can't say the same about other types of dogs. Although, it is possible your dad lost two dogs to groundhogs with rabies. That's always a possibility.

Do you know a website where I can watch groundhog Phil make his prognostication today? by Schnurrkatze76 Q: Hi folks, happy groundhog dayyy!!! I´m from germany so I won´t be able to watch it on tv, so I thought maybe somewhere on the internet they are showing it. I only found www.groundhog.org but they only have last years prognostication. I hope somebody can help me. Greetings over the ocean.

A: Hi Try this and maybe you will find a website, that you are looking for. http://de.search.yahoo.com/search?ei=UTF-8&fr=ytff1-&p=Groundhog%20Phil%20makes%20his%20prognostication&ei=UTF-8 Mgf Jean

How to kill a groundhog with a knife,sword, or any hand held melee weapon? by Greg Q: I made a bet with my buddy that i could kill the groundhog that lives under our shed with a knife which we then agreed any non-projectile weapon. I don't want to hear not possible etc. just ways in which i could do it. useful info: if need be i could climb on top of the shed and wait for it i guess, the hole is directly under the shed so he comes out from the hole then comes out from under the bed so the actual hole isn't in reach

A: There is only one way to do it-mano-mano. Leave him a note- challenge him to a fight to the death at high noon- you may have to tell him, ground hogs never carry watches-oh yes, you may have to read the note to him, they are notorious for never learning how to read. The only sporting thing is to use a knife with a 3 inch blade to match his 3 inch teeth. Get on your knees for the battle, to make it a little more even- and get your buddy to film the whole thing- someone has to tell the tale, you know. Good luck!

What did the groundhog decide for 2009 on 2 Feb? by Beachlover35 Q: I forgot his name, but what did the groundhog decide this year? Is it still winter or spring? I'm feelin that it's still winter. Where I live, winter usually doesn't feel much different than any other time of the year, but this year, there has been a lot of winter weather, and it's been cold. The only thing that's really been the same this winter is the swells and the awesome waves. One day on the North Shore, the waves reached about 30 feet this season!

A: http://www.groundhog.org/ he said there will be 5 more cold winter weeks........sucks... i hope you liked my answer... kindly let me know...thanks again...........

How could the "Groundhog" see his shadow if it's foggy? by **I'm lost in the sea** Q: I read an article, they predicted 6 more weeks of bad weather because the groundhog saw his shadow today?..It was so foggy out this morning I could barely see where I was driving! So yeah, how could the groundhog see his shadow in the fog?

A: Are you in Punxsutawney, PA? That is where he supposedly saw his shadow. I know other areas were cloudy and or foggy, so obviously in your case he would not have seen his shadow if he was there.

What should we do with a baby groundhog? by Matt Q: We live in the city, in a small suburban area. We found a small groundhog wandering on our dead-end street today, lost and confused. Another groundhog, presumably a parent, lives in our neighborhood. But there are also numerous cats and other potential predators that roam the area, so it seems unsafe to let it fend for itself. Should we simply let it go or continue to keep it with us until an opportunity arises to release it? And if we don't release it immediately, what do you suggest we do for food, bedding, etc.?

A: I would call a local vet and get number for the nearest wildlife rehabber in your area. If you know where the mom groundhog lives or passes by can try putting babe near and watch hidden to see what happens. Chances of reuniting a woodchuck or groundhog are very un likely. Pups usually only come out to surface if mom has been gone a long time. If this babe weighs more than 870-1,000 grams still needs formula feed tone to two times a day. Formula is Esbilac powder to one part multi-milk and 2 parts of water. If bigger than weaning foods are fine. Fresh fruits, veggies, rabbit pellets, rodent chow, bark, nuts, Very important to have dirt in the cage area. As the animal ingests some small amount with trace elements they needs. Plus love to dig. Provide branches for chewing as well. Also provide a box for it to hide in. Best chance of survival is with wildlife rehabber. The DEC also has numbers for them. Good luck.

How could the Groundhog see his shadow if it's cloudy? by Q: I heard on the Weather Channel that the Groundhog saw his shadow, predicting 6 more weeks of winter. But how could he see his shadow if it's cloudy? It's cloudy here in the Detroit area. What does that mean for the next 6 weeks?

A: He saw his shadow there in Pennsylvania, which obviously had different weather than there in Detroit. Folklore has it that no shadow means spring is near.

Why is the State of the Union address being given on Groundhog Day? by Pookie Q: This year both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union Address falls on the same day. It's an ironic juxtaposition: one involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a creature of little intelligence for prognostication. The other involves a groundhog.

A: That would be ironic if it was true.

A groundhog keeps eating our lilies. how can we stop it from doing this? by ♥idk my bff jill?♥ Q: we're pretty sure its a groundhog bcuz it only eats the tips of the buds. how do we stop it? my mom is so sad about this bcuz she was so excited about the lilies, and i want 2 help her. please help!

A: I was talking to a gardener the other day that said she uses an egg, beaten to liquid, dish soap and some water as a mixture to spray on her plants to keep "critters" away. You might try mixing some up and spraying it on the lilies. It's harmless to the plant, but smells like rotten egg to the groundhog, so maybe it'll keep him away! Good luck! ~KP

how can i trap a groundhog with a cage with no closing mechanism? by haas Q: i have a big groundhog about the size of an adult cat that is under my trailer and it eats my garden so i have a gage but it has no closing mechanism.thank ahead of time 10 points best answer

A: You'll have to be there to close the door if you can trick him into getting in the cage. That is nearly impossible, but can be done if you take mesh screen and make a hole just big enough for the groundhog to enter the cage and not get out. You'll have to make a hole big enough and leave the frayed edges facing inside the cage, so when the trapped animal is in it will only get poked when trying to leave. Animal Control will lend you a great cage for a returnable $50 deposit. I'd go that way before spending a dime.

Will a jack rusell go directly into a groundhog hole to get to it? by Luv2no is in the house Q: I have a male jack rusell who like to hunt. I took him over to my friends house and ran him down the levy. He got a scent and ran half way into the hole!!! I got so scared that a groundhog would attack him or even worse hurt him! I had to restrain him and it was almost impossible. Would he have ran in to the hole and got stuck?Another question is my friend said that groundhogs will have a heart attack and die from being scared from the dog has anyone else heard of such a thing? I submitted this before I looked at it sorry.

A: Both of my dogs have went into holes and got back out. My big dog got into a fox hole and just turned around and came out, I guess the fox was not in there thank god cause my big dog is a lover not a fighter lol. And my little dog, although she is scared of everything she loves to hunt and chase animals. I think if it did get into the hole it would have got out or fought the animal in the hole. I am sure if the animal was in there it would have tried to fight your dog though. I never heard of the heart attack thing though. You could probably look it up somewhere though

What parts of a groundhog can you mount? by dunnman223 Q: I was just wandering what parts of a groundhog you can mount other than tanning the skin.

A: I can see two takes on this. The one that won't get anyone kicked off YA is "mount the head." Leave its mouth agape to show its trophy teeth. It will double as a metaphor for how the old girl reacted to being shot (or whatever else you did to prepare it for the mount). Do not mount the groundhog without a shot first--Tahoe and I agree on that. Put a bag over its head if you find its not that attractive after having mounted it. You can laugh about it later that way. Or, maybe, consider not mounting it at all. It is, after all, only a groundhog. Most hunters only mount a worthy prey that has a big rack, incredible beauty, or some other attractive attribute.

How do you get rid of a groundhog? by Q: We have a pesky little groundhog on our property and I would like suggestions on how to get rid of it for good before it get under out house (if it hasn't already). Thanks for all your help!

A: Eat it.

Is it safe to eat groundhog after winter? by Q: I've been told by old timers only through fall and spring, yet I read online that they are safe all year. Is it safe to eat groundhog during the heat of the summer?

A: I find them tasty all year and have never had a problem.

How could we keep a groundhog from going under our storage shed? by MommyMe Q: We have a groundhog who thinks he lives under our shed. We've filled his hole in with dirt, but of course he dug out another hole. What is a safe way either keep it from getting under the shed or just keeping it off of our property all together? Thanks in advance.

A: One thing we use to do for burrowing critters was to put moth balls down their holes. If you can get the mothballs far enough in the hole that might drive him out. I know this is really great for rats or squirrels in your attic.

If a beaver and a groundhog got caught in the same havahart trap, what would their reactions be to each other? by Flingershock (Suspended) Q: Would the beaver sniff the groundhog to see what it is and the groundhog the same to the beaver? Then sort of just wander around inside the trap brushing side by side? Would they probably breed together looking very similar and make groundhog/beaver hybrids? Or would they end up fighting?

A: The only thing they have in common is that they're both Rodents, but since the Beaver is the largest Rodent in North America, and they were both confined in a small trap, not knowing if the other was the cause of their predicament, they would be very aggressive and try and tear each other apart. But, this would never happen, because only one animal would have entered the trap at a time, since they do not congregate together in the wild anyway. Another thing, the Beaver would be VERY difficult to bait, because it's food requirements are those of tree bark, and other plant material that is readily available without risking a trap.

Can you help me think of a Groundhog Day related gift? by squirrellondon Q: In my workplace this year the people organising the Christmas Party are incorporating a film theme. Each person has to bring in a gift that is related to a film. Earlier today I chose Groundhog Day out of the hat. Now my mind is blank! I need to think of a gift that costs £5 or less and is related to the film Groundhog Day. Your suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks in advance.

A: I'm thinking you can get that cheap alarm clock that keep flipping 6am... Then sometime in the party smash it. ;p

What is a better groundhog hunting rifle? by Imadude Q: Out of a .22 LR, .22 Mag, or .22 Stinger, which would be the best for groundhog hunting? I am looking for something affordable and semi-automatic. If it's not semi, thats alright, its just a preference. Thanks!

A: I don't know of any manufacturer making a 22 magnum right now in a semi-auto. Ruger did for awhile with their 10/22 variation, but I haven't seen it advertised in a few years. The 22 magnum is a big jump upward in velocity and penetration. It would be my choice...only most ammo manufactures seem to put very little quality control into their 22 WMR cartridges and the accuracy is not the best (in my opinion). A 22 LR would give you more choices in terms of cartridge choices. You can buy the cheap bulk ammo from the big box retailers, or go with the super-accurate Olympic grade target ammo. Also, things like hollow points and the hyper-velocity Stinger and Yellow Jacket rounds. For me, a 22 LR can pretty much do it all with hogs out to about 100 yard max. Beyond that, you need a 22 Hornet or 218 Bee to reach to 200 yards.

Why is there a groundhog hunting season? by Clint R Q: If I were to shoot and eat a groundhog during off season, could I get sick? Answers from hunters, please. I am not interested in the opinions of uneducated idiots.

A: Some states set a season that starts in the summer and ends in the fall. Groundhogs generally hibernate in the winter, so you won't be getting any shots at them then anyways. I believe the "seaons" are arrainged so that hunters not not shooting at woodchucks that may have a nest of babies in their den. It's just good sportsmanship to not kill the the adult animals that are caring for the young ones. (Just like spring gobbler season is only to shoot the males - while the females are nesting.)

How much fps do I need with a pellet gun to take down a groundhog? by Jay Q: How much fps do I need with a pellet gun to take down a groundhog? Would 1000 fps do the job? I found one that can go up to 1200 with certain ammo?

A: A pellet gun is not really up to the job, maybe at very short ranges, but the groundhog won't let you get that close. I suggest a 22LR as a minimum. At least there cheap and plentiful. Better would be a 22 Hornet or even a .223. If your good enough and the range is long a 22-250 would not be a mistake but much more expensive. Ian M

What piece does the little girl play in Groundhog Day? by auroranebulosa Q: What classical piece of music is the girl who is taking the piano lesson (before she's "kicked out") playing in the movie Groundhog Day? I can't seem to find it listed on the movie soundtrack.

A: Is it on here? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107048/soundtrack

Can you tell the difference between a groundhog face and a beaver face? by cel's giant beaver luvs wood Q: I am so offended that someone called me groundhog face!

A: Whatever you say, aardvark face.

What is the name of the Famous Groundhog that lives in a small town in northern Pennslyvania? by luannb38 Q: What is the name of the Famous Groundhog that lives in a small town in northern Pennslyvania?

A: Don't sweat it, there's a better one in Wiarton, Ontario. His name is Wee Wiarton Willie. He's an albino.

What does it mean when the groundhog sees its shadow? by Hanna and Ryan's Momma Q: What does it mean when they say the groundhog sees its shadow or not? I know I miss worded my question lol but i didn't know of any other way of asking. And also when is this? Thanks so much

A: I remember by thinking that if the shadow is seen, than the weather will be darker and winter will stay longer. But no shadow, than it will be sunny and warm and summer will come.

Should I bother to have the groundhog removed? by ubiquitous_mr_lovegrove Q: In the second time in approximately three years I have a groundhog burrowing under my porch near the foundation of my home. It has been the exact same spot both times. Should I bother to pay an astronomical fee to have it removed or just let it be because apparently they will continue to come back?

A: Buy or rent a "Have-A-Heart" trap from a grain or hardware store. Groundhogs are herbivores and love fruits and veggies. They love cucumbers and melons and clover especially. You or the neighbors have any of that nearby? Cut up a nice dinner for the critter and place it in the trap, set the trap and place it at the entry hole of the porch. Ground hogs can travel underground up to 50ft. so it does have another exit hole. When you catch him, call the local animal control officer, you can get the number from the police station and ask that they remove it. In most places it's against the law for you to catch and release into another area. They are a member of the squirrel family and it would be ashame to kill him.

What does it mean when we see the groundhog shadow on Groundhog Day? by Q: I heard today, people saw the Groundhog shadow on Groundhog Day. What does that mean? Does it mean there is only 6 weeks left of winter or does that mean the opposite that there is a longer winter? What if we don’t see his shadow? What is the purpose of Groundhog Day anyway

how to get a groundhog out of the garden? by Penny A Q: how to get a groundhog out of the garden? a groundhog keeps coming into the yard and chewing off the plants. what do we do to get rid of it? my cousins and his dog is here and were waiting to see if it'll come back, is this fine?

A: cannot give a better advice then found in this page: http://landscaping.about.com/cs/pestcontrol/a/groundhog_day_2.htm

Is there really any correlation between the groundhog and the first spring weather? by Q: The groundhog did not see his shadow this year, so it predicts an early spring. But I look at the long-range weather forecast and I don't see any warm-up in sight. In fact, the only time it's forecast to be above freezing in the next 10 days is next Saturday (34 degrees). Is there really any correlation between the groundhog's shadow and the onset of spring weather?

A: Not really, with the way this past winter has been, winter will last for a while (sorry).. the only reason why the groundhog didn't see his shadow was cause of the snowstorm over the area.

Can anyone please help me make a Groundhog's Day cake? by urbanvaquero Q: I want to chop up circle and square cakes into the shape of a groundhog for a belated Groundhog Day gathering. Has anyone ever made a groundhog-shaped cake before who can give me some tips? I already have some toasted coconut for the groundhog's fur. Should I use chocolate or vanilla frosting? There must be someone out there who has made a groundhog shaped cake. Please help me out. It'll be an easy 10-pointer.

A: Okay, this is what you do. Make two round cakes (8 inch). Chocolate. Cut one with a bit of a "slope" in it, sit this piece on top of the flat cake,for the body. Use a left-over edge for the head. Cut four round bits for the paws? or hands? You get the idea. Hersheys kisses for the eyes. Choco. frosting, good idea on the coconut, by the way, choco chip for the nose. I would use bits of pretzel sticks for claws, and little sticks around the plate. It should be CUUUTE. And fairly easy, the coconut and pretzels camoflauge mistakes fairly well.

How can I get rid of a groundhog ? by tuttie-charley Q: We had a groundhog take up residence under our garage. We named him George. Last year he was a bachelor, but this year we seem to have George and Gretta. Although they are really cute to watch, they are driving my dogs crazy. I need to have them move elsewhere. Any ideas ???

A: Although they tend to be expensive (unless you can find some on eBay), they make sensors that you stick into the ground that emit a low frequency sound that will drive them away. I have never found anything that really works, unless you want a snake around... Just kidding. These stakes work really well, but like i said, they can get expensive.

What is your favorite part in the Groundhog Day movie? by Q: I loved the part when Phil, Bill Murray's character, stole the groundhog and the ensuing chase scene & crash. What is your favorite scene in the movie? You can list more than one.

A: "Don't drive angry. Don't drive angry" I also love when he's out with the two drunks and figures out he should have fun with the thing. Phil: It's the same thing your whole life: "Clean up your room. Stand up straight. Pick up your feet. Take it like a man. Be nice to your sister. Don't mix beer and wine, ever." Oh yeah: "Don't drive on the railroad track." Gus: Well, Phil, that's one I happen to agree with.

How can Groundhog's day affect the length of the seasons? by Expert Answer Q: I thought that winter and spring are always the same length each year. So I was wondering how can a groundhog seeing its shadow make spring come early? Thanks for any information you can give.

A: It can's it's just a silly superstition.

what kind of bait do i put in a live trap to catch a groundhog? by Big Daddy Q: i have a groundhog living under my deck, sometime to add injury to insult he spreads his legs out and suns himself. my wife is afraid of it. i put lettuce in the trap once and caught a coon. anybody know what groundhogs like to eat.

A: Try a carrot smeared with peanut butter.

What's the best way to eliminate a groundhog from your yard? by veryswift2 Q: Shooting it, trapping it, or using a gas explosive? I've heard that younger groundhog eat pretty good, so gassing it would probably taint the meat. Any suggestions?

A: buy a dog

What is the best way to trap and/or kill a pesky groundhog? by buitre522 Q: My family has a nice family vegatble garden, which a certain groundhog loves to help himself to. We have tried in year's past to trap groundhogs with little success. what else can we do?

A: Once you've determined that you have a pest problem with groundhogs in your garden, you'll need to consider possible groundhog control solutions, which include the following: Frightening groundhogs away from the garden with motion devices. Discouraging groundhogs with repellent smells or tastes. Fencing groundhogs out of the garden. Bringing out the heavy artillery: tossing gas cartridges into the groundhogs' burrows, etc. Live-trapping groundhogs as they exit their burrows and relocating them to an area far-removed from your garden (illegal in some states). Option #4 above may be unacceptable in all but rural districts. Option #1 simply entails installing pinwheels or other devices around garden areas to frighten groundhogs away (groundhogs are timid, and the motion will bother them). In relation to this strategy, I should make note of a preventive measure you can take. In order to reduce the chances of having to deal with groundhogs, deprive them of areas that have tall grass, tall weeds (such as Japanese knotweed) or brush piles; these will only serve as hideouts for groundhogs, from which they can launch attacks upon your garden. Timid animals such as groundhogs may never take up residence near your garden in the first place, if sufficient cover is lacking. Groundhog Control With Repellent Smells or Tastes Epsom salts can be sprinkled on the vegetation and fruits of your garden plants to render them foul-tasting to groundhogs. The good news about this strategy is that Epsom salts will also help some of your garden plants to grow better. But the bad news is that rain will wash off the Epsom salts, meaning that you will need to make repeated applications. Another strategy that suffers from the same drawback is discouraging groundhogs with foul-smelling agents such as ammonia. Ammonia-soaked rags can be strewn along the perimeter of your garden, forming a stinky barrier to repel groundhogs. But even ammonia's smell fades eventually and a re-application will be necessary. Groundhog Control With Fencing Fences such as chicken wire fences can provide a more permanent solution to your groundhog pest problem. Be aware of two factors, however: groundhogs can climb over your fences, and groundhogs can tunnel under your fences. To discourage the former, make your fences 3'-4' high. To foil groundhog tunneling attempts, the University of Missouri Extension advises: "The buried portion of the fence should be bent at a 90-degree angle, 1 foot below the surface, with the bottom of the fence pointing away from the garden. This design discourages burrowing if it is started at the fence line." Such a fence can be supplemented with an electric hot-shot wire. Install the wire 4"-5" away from the fence, all along the outside. The electric wire should stand 4"-5" high. For many gardeners, live-trapping groundhogs as they exit their burrows is the preferred method of pest control. Page 3 deals in detail with live-trapping.... Continued at http://landscaping.about.com/cs/pestcontrol/a/groundhog_day_2.htm

What happens to all the dirt a groundhog excavates for its tunnels? by trouthunter Q: When a groundhog digs a hole in my field, there is a small pile of dirt at the entrance. But I know that they create extensive networks of tunnels. So where does all of that dirt go? I'm sure that they remove a lot more dirt than they pile at the entrance to their hole. Since many of the tunnels are deep, it doesn't make sense that they just push their way through, forcing the dirt to rise above their tunnel like a mole.

A: It gets all piled up around the opening. They back up after a while and the loose dirt is scooped back with them as they exit backwards

How many groundhog day groundhogs have there been? by Q: I was at school this morning and heard that the groundhog saw his shadow (pooie :( later spring) and was wondering how many groundhog day groundhogs there have been.

A: According to the town of Punxsutawney, there has only been one. Every spring he drinks Groundhog punch and he's been able to tell the future for over 120 years. On average, groundhogs live about 6 years in the wild or 10 years in captivity.

Should I kill the groundhog that keeps on eating my plants? by jason B Q: My wife wants me to trap it and let it go in the woods a couple miles away from my house, but I just want to kill it. It will be much more fun to shoot trap it in a cage and let it starve. Should I kill it quickly or let it starve, or should I just do what my wife says...because she seems really pissed that I am even thinking about killing the groundhog.

A: Its inhuman to kill it, I'm a big person on animal rights, but how would you feel if somebody killed you just becuase you wanted to stay alive by eating?

GroundHog!?!? by Nikki Q: I kno I should know this but if the groundhog c's his shadow, is it spring or 2 more weeks of winter??? I forgot!!!! I'm suffer from memory lose sometimes...short and long!!!! LOL!!!

A: If the groundhog sees its shadow there are 6 more weeks of winter. P. Phil in PA did see his shadow.

Groundhog? by venus Q: Did the groundhog see his shadow this year and what does that mean?

A: Phil did not see his shadow, which means an early spring. Of course 3 days after that is was Minus 10 in Chicago. I have to Edit. The answer above mine says he saw his shadow. Not Correct. You must have misread on the web. See Shadow = 6 More Weeks of Winter Don't See Shadow = Early Spring. Doesn't make sense to me either. If it's Sunny --- More Winter...OK.

groundhog? by breil Q: did the groundhog see its shadow this year?

A: No. Meaning a short winter.

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