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Amanda Bynes Goes Back to the Clubs -- Another Auto Mishap
Bynes -- who drove herself to the Chateau Marmont and Greystone Manor -- was seen texting behind the wheel ... and she eventually backed over a curb in a red zone. Bynes eventually got the car parked ... and strutted her way inside Greystone ... the ...

Lacon riverfront development plans not ready
The City Council had scheduled a special meeting in expectation of discussing plans expressed by Greystone Realty Group Inc. The Peoria firm had talked about moving forward with development on an old woolen mill site that had undergone a lengthy and ...

Amanda Bynes Hitting Up the Bars While Refusing Rehab
First, she visited the Chateau Marmont for a while then hit up the modern and hip nightclub, Greystone Manor. While Amanda doesn't think there is anything wrong with her behavior, friends and family close to her are worried about her, writes Radar ...

Greystone Subdivision Would Add 20 Homes
by Meredith Shamburger (email) A proposed subdivision would add 20 homes in Tarrytown and Greenburgh east of the Lyndhurst estate. TARRYTOWN, NY – A new real estate development has been proposed within 84 acres in Tarrytown and the Town of Greenburgh.

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beachcsjcorrine RT @meagandrose: RT @Tavares: Up remix by @jvalentine1 goes so hard greystone

Bryan_Tina Greystone locations illuminated in blue for World Autism Awareness Day http://t.co/v9xWlKea

meagandrose RT @Tavares: Up remix by @jvalentine1 goes so hard greystone

shirleenuebouti RT @howbonabot: The answer is greystone! GreystoneFrametheisatintoThisPosterofWeatheredPicturemy

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JoiaRenee Lmfao!! RT @MikeSwiv: I'm drunk AF coming from Greystone!!!!

Willene_Petroff 07x12 Custom Picture Frame / Poster Frame 2.375" Wide Complete Weathered Greystone Frame (50082): This frame is ... http://t.co/Rfz9Akr9

BobbyNice RT @Urstylist33: Capacity Nights @ Greystone http://t.co/NE6nbLzP

iceredasia New Developments About Greystone Telecom: Making money in cyberspace has become the most challenging http://t.co/7IjZjLYY

NessaSary88 RT @Courtney_Maye: Greystone Manor turnt up! [email protected] @myfabolouslife And the Game all 👀LOVELY 😍

ThatBaitGuy RT @fes99: @ThatBaitGuy why you boycottin greystone? are they owned by the jew know whose? .. geddit haha #badmanjoke #baitbandah

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ermalstedman 06x35 Custom Picture Frame / Poster Frame 2.375" Wide Complete Weathered Greystone Frame (50082): This frame is ... http://t.co/0NPBScvt


Photoshoot locations in LA for classy dress? by Q: Time's crunching down and I need to find a location in the Los Angeles area to shoot a model in a classy dress. I was going to shoot at greystone mansion but it's so expensive for a permit. I'm looking for a public place that doesn't require a permit... Classy as in a formal dress/club dress

Are there any Investment/stock brokerage houses /mutual funds in Regina, Saskatchewan? by Asad Q Q: What are some of the Investment firms, brokerage houses, or mutual fund companies in Regina? Im coming from the Finance field to the city, but seem to have trouble finding places to work. I only see TD waterhouse and greystone. Is there anything else?

A: Co-operators Insurance had a small trading unit, last time I checked. You should also check SaskCentral, which is the central agency for the credit unions in the province, and also Conexus Credit Union and Victoria Park Capital. Best o' luck

where can i buy a titanic submersible model? by Q: I really want a titanic submersible model for cheap price. please do not give me ebay or amazon please give me a site that actually has them in stock and a site that still works greystone history is out of business so dont give me that

A: good luck on your quest. as you are aware this is now a collectible and as such they have become very rare. was not able to find any stores that have this out of production. while you don't want Ebay, there is one original book and un-assembled model kit available on a buy it now price of $399.00 with free shipping http://cgi.ebay.com/TITANIC-BOOK-SUBMERSIBLE-MODEL-Somerville-House-RARE-/120612471560?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c15104308 if this doesn't work for you, then suggest that you continue to use the power of the internet to keep searching for your "cheap" model and book. hope this helps

House MD Season 6 Episode 1 to be shot in NJ? by Dr_Cuddy Q: I read on Wikipedia that the 2 hr season premiere for House MD will be filmed at the Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital (Parsippany, NJ). Does anyone know if this is just some aerial shots, or will the actors be actually here? Well, it's already middle of July 2009; so they should already be filming?

A: They basically just did some aerial shots there and the only time the actors were actually there was for the Season 5 Finale and that is it. And yes they have already been filming. They have I think the first two episodes done already.

Is there anyone here receive a job offer from Melissa Greystone of CD Co? by Lancelotte Q: Hello guys, I just got an e-mail posted at Careerbuilder.com, the company offers me a position for Asst. Manager. The company name is CD Company base in NSW, Australia. They have a website which is really convincing and I don't think that this is a scam or something like that. The only thing I am worried is, why they need an account named after me? They mentioned in their e-mail that this account is to be used during my training for two weeks. The job responsibilities are mostly dealing with their so called local clients in my area, which the client will deposit their payments for the services provided by this company, then I will withdraw the money and send it to their account through Wester Union. Is there anyone out there experience the same thing? I really need a job right now, but I don't want to be in trouble in the near future. Thank you!

A: Don't fall for this, it's a money laundering scam and you could go to prison. A real company has a business banking account, not personal bank accts, and never uses Western Union. Western Union is only used by people in Third World countries. An Ip lookup of the emails will show these emails are not coming from Australlia, they are usually out of Africa or Eastern Europe http://aruljohn.com/info/howtofindipaddress/ Your personal bank account is being used to launder criminal money, from terrorists, drug gangs and arms dealers, or money stolen from other people's hacked bank accts. You need to report this to the police and if you are in the US tell the FBI right away and cease all contact http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Money_mule http://www.moneymadeclear.org.uk/news/scams/fund_transfer_scams.html http://www.banksafeonline.org.uk/moneymule_explained.html http://ezinearticles.com/?Money-Mule-Email-Scam-Hits-U.S.&id=61504 If you gave your bank acct nr, call your bank immediately and freeze your acct before they steal all your money. Anyone can make a website, it doesn't mean the company is real.

What's a good name for a fairytale kingdom? by Q: The kingdom is set in cold mountains and it's castle surrounded by black forests. The story is sort of a tragic/romantic fairytale. Most the illustrations are done with grey, blue, black, and white tones if that helps. I've been calling it greystone but I hate it. I love the name stormhold but it's Neil gaiman's... Any suggestions?! Help please!

A: Nightstone... and you could make up a mineral "nightstone" that they mine from the moutntains that gives them power or gold or something that everyone else wants.

Anybody around level 120 in demons souls that would be willing to trade weapons? by Q: I need moonstone, cloudstone, marrowstone, and greystone.

A: i have plenty of moonstone not much of the others u need im willing to trade if you like i dont need much else but we can make a deal some way

Has anyone ever stayed in any New Jersey Psychiatric Hopsitals? by A.V Q: Has anyone ever stayed in or visited any New Jersey Psychiatric Hopsitals, especially Senator Garrett W. Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital or Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital or Ancora Psychiatric Hospital? What was it like? What was the staff like? Or Michigan

A: Call up your local NAMI office (NAMI = national alliance on mental illness). To find your local NAMI, go to nami.org & click around for the info. People there have relatives with serious mental illness, or have mental illness themselves, and are likely to know about these hospitals in particular. If you are on Medicare, a stand-alone psychiatric hospital will use up some of your 190 day lifetime limit on inpatient care. A mental health inpatient unit that is part of a community hospital will not count towards those 190 days.

have any of you every heard of greystone clothing co.? by muddnbricks Q:

A: no

1980s sitcom, castle setting, hero was Greystone. What is it? by loryntoo Q: This was a live action, prime time series that lasted for less than a season. Not a cartoon. I distinctly remember the princess (Arielle?) standing in the middle of this fight scene and exclaiming "Damn! I broke a nail." It is not He-Man or Masters of the Universe. This was live action and in primetime. Not "When Things Were Rotten" but similar in style.

A: I believe "Wizards and Warriors: Jeff Conaway Crosses Swords and Matches Spells in a World of Magic and Myth" is what your looking for. Erik Greystone (hero) Pincess Ariel http://www.wizardsandwarriors.org/show/articles/prevue.htm Tye

Is "Graystone/Greystone" an actual surname? by The Writer Q: Thank you.

A: Ancestry.com notes that the 1920 US Census indicates that between five and eight families named Graystone lived in New York and between two and four families lived in Pennsylvania. If you are thinking of the title of the fictional Tarzan, his actual given name was John Clayton, Viscount Graystoke. Burke's Peerage notes that a Sir Robert de Greystoke, the son of Ralph de Greystoke, the fifth Lord Greystoke, married a Lady Elizabeth Grey. Sir Robert de Greystoke left no male descendants, however. His daughter, Elizabeth Greystoke, Baroness Greystoke, married Sir Thomas Dacre about 1488. She died in 1516. Edgar Rice Burroughs obviously borrowed a very unusual and defunct title for his orphaned-hero. Ancestry.com, nevertheless, also shows one family with the last name of Greystoke living in Ohio in 1920.

1980s television series. Medieval castle, Princess Arielle, Greystone.... what's the title? by loryntoo Q: I know it was a half-hour series and lasted just one season. I can vividly remember the Princess standing there in the middle of a fight and saying "Darn, I broke a nail!" This was a live action series, not a cartoon. It wasn't "When Things Were Rotten" but it was a spoof. Neither answer below is right so I am not selecting a best answer. Reposted the question and found out the answer was Wizards & Warriors starring Jeff Conaway (Zack Allen from Babylon 5) as Prince Erik Greystone. It was a hoot.

A: Greyskull was the He-Man Cartoon... Greystone.. I dunno.

greystone hospital nj? by will Q: me and my friends are going there and i wanted to know if all of the buildings are abandoned or only some of them are,if you know let me know :)

A: There is a new hospital built just to the west of the old hospital. That facility is fully operational. To the east of the old hospital, a county park is being developed. The old hospital building itself is not truly abandoned as there is an effort to preserve the building as historic architecture, and redevelop/reuse. In the current real estate market, that may be tough. http://www.nj.gov/humanservices/dmhs/oshm/gpph/ http://www.preservegreystone.org/

Culinary Institute of America, California branch campus (Greystone)? by e Q: Anyone know anything about this school? To employers is it just as prestigious as the school in NY? Is it easier to be admitted to? I am specifically interested in the Baking and Pastry Arts program.

A: This school is located in the heart of Napa Valley, in St. Helena (2555 Main St, St Helena - (707) 967-1010). I have eaten there many times, used to live right down the street, and am familiar with its reputation. The CIA St. Helena is extremely prestigious. The training is comprehensive and well-regarded. The admission competition is not as severe for the St. Helena branch as it is for the NYC branch, for the simple fact that NYC has so many concentrated restaurants funnelling students into that school. Even better -- if you are accepted -- you will within a 15 mile radius of some of the best restaurants and wineries in the country, and will be able to see your practice in action. You may be familiar with The French Laundry? Silver Oak Vineyards? All these are within 15 minutes of the CIA. But is it any good in the pastry department? Absolutely. Their chefs focus not only on the basics (creme brulee, cakes), but on pushing the envelope, emphasizing using local produce and ingredients and pairing them with appropriate wines. It's a wonderful, gorgeous place in a serene setting. You will love it.

GREYSTONE WIRELESS NETWORK No internet access.? by Q:

Best place to live between CIA Greystone (Napa) and San Francisco? by Q: My boyfriend and I are moving to California in January. I will be attending CIA, Greystone, in Napa and he will be working in San Francisco. What is an equi-distant living location that is both safe yet providing on some sort of community for us 29/30 yr olds? Also, what is the commuter standard and traffic like in San Fran? I've heard of some ferry but have limited understanding of from and to where it opperates. THANK YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!!

A: I have to say the town of Napa may be just the right place for you to live. It is 30 minutes south of St Helena(Greystone. It is pretty much a safe city with all the conveniences. Then to go to the city the easy way, take the Vallejo ferry which would drop you off at the Embarcadero in San Francisco. From there it's easy to get to anywhere in the city. I believe it cost $13 one way, but they may have a commuter price. Driving to SF is horrid. Lots of traffic no matter which you go. Many people in Napa commute to the city by car pooling. But no matter what, traffic is still nasty during commute.

Good central hotel in Gatlinburg? Greystone Lodge at Ripleys Aquarium? that is the one I've been looking at...? by LindseyM Q: Is the aquarium pretty central to all the attractions and restuarants/bars!? Thank You in advance!!

A: yes it is everything is right there are within a few blocks

where to park at greystone asylum? by Q:

A: hi there,information for you on the first link.. http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=greystone+asylum&rls=com.microsoft:*:IE-SearchBox&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7; zoom down the the map it show"s you where to park!! have fun.. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=greystone+asylum&hl=en&cd=1&ei=ru85TIjEM4ONjwf28fC1DQ&sll=40.834722,-74.505278&sspn=0.071946,0.071946&ie=UTF8&view=map&f=d&daddr=Morristown,+New+Jersey+07960&geocode=CWIbtiMzLDzCFaIWbwIdwiOP-yFPyTxV1FPpZw&ved=0CBYQ_wY&ll=40.835437,-74.505265&spn=0.007533,0.019162&t=h&z=16 regards pops..

What is a good place to stay on campus at Texas Southern University? by Bre Q: Tierwester/ University Apartments Savory Apartments Urban Acdemic Village Greystone Apartments Also, does any of these places have private rooms?

A: Greystone does.

what does james brandon boris, who died in 1965, of greystone psychiatirc hospital, look like? by tinkerbell Q:

A: type it into a yahoo image search

Greystone insane asylum...? by Alic M Q: I was wondering... is the Greystone insane Asylum for the mentally ill still open, like for mental people? or is it just open as a historical place. I know they bulldozed the buildings and rebuilt new ones, but i was wondering if it was still the insane asylum for mentally ill...

A: Yes it is still open it is called Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital? by qwerty123 Q: If you know anything about this hospital and can answer a few questions, please let me know.

A: Greystone Park hospital in NJ? Here is their website. You can contact them with questions: http://www.state.nj.us/humanservices/pfnurse/greystone.htm

How safe is the train ride back from grand central term to Graystone,Yonkers after 10pm? by Q: I am planning to visit new York this winter, and I just want to know how Safe the metro north train is after 10pm going up to greystone. The Hotels are way too expensive in the city! Help?

A: Mong:::It is not expensive and the hotels are safe

GreyStone Staffing? by Mark Q: Has anyone ever heard of Greystone Staffing? What do they do. Where are they located? Any info would be apreciated. Thanks!

A: Check out the website. Just put GreyStone Staffing in your browser and your all set. I would copy and paste it here but there was to much info.

Anyone know where I can download The Greystone 2800(Hamish and Andy short film)? Torrent, youtube whatever? by Q: Torrent preferred, but anything will do! Thanks! Any direct torrent links (don't know if this is allowed by ToS but you could message me or something)

A: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=HE8pm5Wm5q4

Beeline bus fr: Fordham rd bronx- Alder Manor or Greystone Yonkers ? by Q: I've searched the beeline schedule but it's confusing. I have a gig tomorrow at Alder Manor 1097 N. Bdwy. Yonkers. I'm in The Bronx near Fordham & 3rd ave. I was told to get-off at the Greystone Station using the Metro N. but much rather ride the beeline bus if there's one going up there or near the place. I don't mind walking to & from the bus-stops.

A: To get to Alder Manor: Step 1: Westbound Bx12 Select Bus Service to Jerome Av Step 2: Take uptown (4) to Bedford Park Blvd. Step 3: Transfer to Bee-Line W4 to Gettys Square Step 4: Take Bee-Line W6 Pleansantville to closest to your stop.

Any place like Greystone park in the LA area? by Q:

A: Greystone Park is in Beverly Hills which is in the LA area. No other home in the area has such an interesting and creepy history that you can tour like Greystone. They filmed the infamous bowling scene from 'There Will Be Blood' at Greystone. I happened to be picnicking there one of the days they were filming there. You used to be able to visit the Ennis House. It's a Frank Lloyd Wright Home, but according to the website it's now for sale. Frank Lloyd Wright homes are money pits. Hollyhock House is another Wright home that you can tour and it has a park around it. You also get good views of the city when it isn't smoggy out. All 3 homes have been used in numerous movies.

12032 Greystone Ave Norwalk California 90650 is it haunted? by Shonda J Q: Did anybody get murdered are died at 12032 Greystone Ave Norwalk California 90650

A: I don't know all the details, but this address is definitely haunted. I remember reading about it a while ago. Try Googling the address and see what comes up.

greystone asylum in morristown nj? by jim Q: me and some friends wanna go to an abandoned place, like from weirdnj or somthin and heard greystone asylum was goood. but i started lookin some shit up on it and heard that most of its knocked down? anyone know if theres any abandoned wings or buildings still up? are they easy to get into. and is it worth it or should we jsut find a different place. ?

A: greystone asylum main building has bin replaced and is now back in operation. In the summer of 2008, the Curry building, as well as the surrounding vacant buildings, were demolished. its said to be patrolled by police to. I would try the Old Newark county Jail or the Sea View Children Hospital http://www.forbidden-places.net/explo1.php?sortby=paysen I hope that helps, have fun exploring!!!

what is the address of greystone insane asylum? by Q: i want to take pictures for my portfolio

A: It's in Morris Plains, New Jersey. Address is: 59 Koch Ave, Morris Plains, NJ

does anyone know for sure if greystone national park in nj still stands? by Nat M Q: i would appreciate it, thanks

A: The National Park Service website lists all their parks and there is no Greystone on it. There is no Greystone state Park listed either. There is a town named Greystone park in New Jersey, but that's all.

anyone ever been in greystone psychiatric in nj? by absolutbianca Q: history of the place is fascinating.

A: I interviewed for an internship there in February, so I've been there, just not as a patient. For a psych hospital, its a beautiful, historic campus.

Does anyone know about the TSU Greystone Apartments in Houston Texas? by HoTxCocOx Q: im just wonderin if freshman live in those or do the majority of freshman live in the dorms on campus...although the greystone apartments are considered on campus housing lol :D

A: Most live in the dorms.

has anyone used Greystone Jewelers to rebuild your credit? by LO Q:

A: No but using a store to build your credit especially a jewelry store is a bad way to go. Best cheapest way to establish credit is a secured bank loan pay off over 7 months and repeat. Getting a CC to start your file is stupid

has anyone ever heard of Camp Greystone? by boundforheaven Q: its located in NC mountains and I go to it each summer...im just curious.

A: hi there, a little information for you,plenty of photos you might spot yourself!! http://good-times.webshots.com/album/421613260zgzaBN http://www.campgreystone.com/ http://www.eventective.com/USA/North+Carolina/Zirconia/52041/Camp-Greystone.html http://www.campratingz.com/ShowRatings.jsp?tcvid=15530 best wishes pops..

where can find a floorplan for homes built in 2003-04 by Lennar Greystone? by smurfette Q: pictures of the interior or floorplans anything - they are built off of Charleston blvd near treeline... in las vegas nv 89142 sorry

A: I don't know where in the country you are located but go on the internet and type in Lennar Greystone Homes. Go onto Lennar Homes website or the Washington DC Lennar New Homes site and you should be able to find what you are seeking. There are also listings for individual Lennar Homes websites in different communities all over the United States. And as an electrician, I can tell you that these home builders use the same floor plans all over the country in all of their developments. So just keep checking the different websites of the different developments and you will find what you are looking for.

What are some one bedroom apartment options near the CIA-Greystone? by Q:

A: There aren't a ton of apartment options in St. Helena. http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/CA-St-Helena.html are a few Other than that, use forrent.com or apartmentfinder.com to look in Napa, Calistoga, Rutherford, Yountville, and if you are willing to drive a bit, even cities like Vallejo, Sonoma, even American Canyon. I know that the CIA used to offer dorms as well since housing is so outrageous in that area.

I need help! I am looking for a contact number for someone in Greystone Subdivision HOA. This is? by Q: located in Hiram, GA and I need some information from them. I have searched for a long time and am turning here to hopefully get some help!! !

A: Greystone Homeowners Association (770) 439-1155 429 Greystone Pkwy, Hiram, GA 30141

how many times do I have to kill general greystone for the death cyclops on wizard101? by Q: 123456789 10 1000000000000000? how many? I have been doing it so long and got junk D:

My Momma got me a beautiful greystone necklace and bracelet. What color blouse would look good with this? by scottishcooke Q:

A: Light blue. Blue and grey go gr8 together!

Need help- we are getting our house resided. Would a dark black roof with greystone from mastic and white? by lrios1229 Q: shuttes look ok.. Does anyone have a picture with Greystone siding. thanks.

A: Your siding contractor should have a sales book showing the siding on several different homes, If he can't provid this get another contractor. Color choices afe up to you, but a good sales man can help you best blend you home into the neighborhood.

Who did an Arnold Palmer Lithograph at Bruno's Memorial Classic Senior PGA Tour at Greystone Golf Club? by Q: I have received a beautiful print and I think its signed by a Bart or Bert ..... I can't make out the rest. Its a limited print of 300 Thanks

A: Best source of info is either the Champions Tour (formerly Seniors Tour) or Greystone Golf Club. The litho is at least 10 years old, so info on it may be difficult to find.

I need the blueprints for Greystone Homes model 6 house? by Lexie P Q: i know they have some in Chandler, but i need the blueprints

A: Builders and developers in communities do not give up or give out their blueprints. It's illegal to have them reproduced. We have built many homes. If you like the builder and you like a particular home they build, you build with them but you won't be allowed to get their blueprints regardless. Builders are very protected against being copied.

Has anyone stayed at the Irving Greystone Lodge in Monteogo Bay Jamiaca? by am_medtran Q: I am looking to travel to Jamaica and stay at this location but I am afraid because of the price that there may be something wrong.

A: Try TripAdvisor.com.

how do i get into the greystone insane asylum? by izzyizabeast91 Q: when i get there what is the best place to enter the abandoned part, and to the basement?

A: I don't suggest doing it, the building is very unstable, and sections have already collapsed. There are better sights to break into to scare the crap out of yourself.

Is it legal to go inside the Greystone Mental Hospital in Morristown NJ? by Q: My friends and I want to film a scary movie in one of the scariest places I can imagine, an abandoned insane asylum. I wanted to know if people are allowed to go inside, and if not, do any police patrol the area?

A: hi there,private security patrol 24/7,be careful..have fun.. http://underthemountainbunker.wordpress.com/2010/05/30/abandoned-hospitals-greystone-park-state-hospital-morris-plains-nj/ regards pops.

Has anyone used Greystone Country Homes to build new house? If so, what were your experience? by abc Q: I don't know anyone whose used them to build, so if you have, I'd love to hear your experience with them. Approximately how much per sf does it cost? On their website they have more standard home and nicer, higher end homes that we would be interested in. Any info on costs, people, quality would be appreciated. Thanks!

A: This question has gone four days without an answer. The biggest problem is that you are appealing to people over a huge geographical area for answers relevant to a very small geographical area. What is your general location? You could be anywhere in the world. Where is the company "Greystone Country Homes" located? I'm sure that you get the idea. In the end, you should demand that Greystone provide you with a long list of people for which they have built homes. The next step is for you to do your homework and contact some of their clients. People are usually very willing to share their experiences with a building contractor and it will pay to listen carefully. As to price, I am sure Greystone will be only too glad to quote you prices for any type of home you wish to build. Good luck with your building project.

Can you chose the activities you do at Camp Greystone? by Jules G. Q: I am on the waiting its for camp Greystone, but i had a few questions. So can you chose the activities (waterskiing, sewing or whatever) at the camp or do they have a schedule where you don't really have a choice to what you do?

A: yes

How many students are enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone? by Q: How big is the student body at CIA at Greystone in St. Helena?

A: We currently have about 160 students enrolled at our Greystone campus in St. Helena, CA. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the CIA. Terri [email protected]

Is the Culinary Institute of America-Greystone difficult to get in to? by Q: I have recently applied to the CIA-Greystone and I'm wondering what their acceptance rate is, along with the number of current students.

A: Who knows all you can do is try. Good Luck.

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