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Green energy

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GreenBoardCoop RT @USGBCstudents: Planning on a Green job when you graduate? This is good news. http://t.co/puNfWV3P

amandamagic Not dancing gives me so much energy! Made green eggs and ham and I'm thinking about getting my Princess Zelda on.

z3n_digital @mickhofman #carbontax if you believe in jobs then the green energy as per the Clean Energy Bills is the new industry new jobs

JeanSollars Dynowatt supplies Green Energy in Texas. - http://t.co/mgHla0Xl

GDTnews GloucesterMA: Thinking of going green? Visit Deep Energy Retrofit open house today, 1 to 4 p.m., 730 R Washing… (cont) http://t.co/3VGQioa3

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AGlobalSociety RT @ecojujube: Good Graph Friday: Where the renewable energy is #eco #renewableenergy #green #in http://t.co/t0EWXegv

_megasimple IEEE Online Conference on Green Communications Highlights Latest Advances in Energy-Effi... http://t.co/Tm6DDQ1Z #simple

sovereignenergy The price of green energy cuts a wide swath price tags: Some Minnesota utilities say wind energy has been cost-e... http://t.co/PxgMU5qn

NevvusPowergard Scotland to Build the World's First Hybrid Ferries for 2013: Scotland is building ferries that wil... http://t.co/fd73gnvZ green energy

gillesdavid back from one week visit to Boston to meet VC, entrepreneur and state gov. organization on green energy. I am really impressed.

jeffgreen9 Top 20 DIY Energy Saving Tips (Ezine Ready) green energy degree http://t.co/XtthKWwq ;P

wealthhe green energy degree http://t.co/fwNjbkgu :O Top 20 DIY Energy Saving Tips (Ezine Ready)


How many jobs did Obamas Green Energy policy create in Seattle at the cost of $20 million dollars? by Jason Jackson Q: Obama spent $20 million dollars on Green Energy in Seattle. How many jobs did it make? And since he had to print $20 million dollars to create them how many jobs did he cause to be destroyed?

A: Apparently you don't seem to understand that when a grant is awarded, the money isn't spent instantaneously. The money hasn't been spent yet. Obama isn't personally spending anything. Obama doesn't print money. Your entire premise sounds like it's based on ignorance.... and if you brought it up because you heard it on Rush's show, then it's almost definitely based on misinformation and ignorance.

Is green energy really a viable alternative to what we have now? by Okla State Alum (ITG) # 3! Q: Wouldn't it be better to reform what we currently have than to spend the money to try and transition from gas and oil to other alternatives? To me, green energy seems like pie in the sky. It's a nice idea in theory, but I don't think we could ever efficiently put it into practice.

A: It should be intended to compliment what we have now, not replace it. Do you have any idea how many windmills it would take to replace one conventional coal fired power plant?

If Obamacare and green energy are healthier and economy boosting, why do Cons want to repeal them? by Michael Q: Everyone wants the economy to improve so why wouldn't you want these? In Mass., under Romney, healthcare created the most jobs of any sector. The minimal extra cost caused a huge boost in revenue and employment. Green energy is a proven method of free fuel and electricity. Just look at your solar powered calculators which work forever and never needs batteries. Now think bigger. Sure the sun goes down, but capacitors and rechargable batteries solve that. On the pacific coast, some of the strongest wind occurs between 2-3am, so wind power is always an option.

What is it doing to implement green energy? by laila c Q: You promised during your campaign the implementation of green energy, but we've seen little being done. Don't you think this would be a great opportunity to create jobs not just in the short term but in the long term?

A: It is helpful to remember that the President of the US has little power, he doesn't get to vote on law. His only real power is veto. He can speak to people with the power to vote, but other than making a compelling argument for or against something he can't make promises or threaten anything except to veto. Unfortunately the American public spoke loud and clear in the last set of elections, they don't give a crap about the environment. They want lower taxes and cheap energy and products.

How can I best argue for Green Energy and support getting rid of Screw In Lightbulbs? by Average College Student Q: Our Green Build group says that 25% of our nations energy is spent on lighting. Therefore California is banning screw in (edison type) incandescent and Flourescent for the higher HFC snap in flourescent. The problem is people say the screw in edisons are as efficient as HFC and the cost to replace will never pay out. Is there some way to argue that people have to pay more?

A: People ignore the cost of the Iraq war when they talk about energy alternatives "not paying for themselves". Even if one ignores the human cost - which would be awful - the savings we could realize from shutting down American Imperialism would be well worth the direct cost.

Is a green energy credit the same thing as a carbon credit? by riotsoup Q: I know how carbon credits are used but I noticed that some companies claim that they "buy green energy credits" as though it's a positive thing. Don't companies want to advertise that they sell credits because they don't use all theirs up?

A: No they're different things. Related in that they're both ways to reduce CO2, and both are important. But there are some big distinctions. Okay you know how carbon credits work at offsetting your emissions so I won't spend any time explaining those, other than they're good but should ONLY be used as a last case resort (reduce your emissions first!). Where green energy comes into play is that it's produced by renewable sources, such as wind, solar, hydro, etc. Simple as that. So if you generate 4 tonnes on CO2 for burning the fuel in your car for a year, and another 4 tonnes from the coal burned to produce electricity to power your house for a year, you can use both Carbon and Green Energy credits to zero your emissions from both. You can't buy green energy for your car (unless you have an electric vehicle...), so Carbon offsets are the ONLY way to do that. But you CAN buy your electricity from renewable sources, and by doing so your house power consumption hasn't contributed produced any CO2 at all. You can also use Carbon Credits to offset the house instead, but Green Energy is better if you can. People get confused and think that there needs to be a separate 'Green' power cord to plug your house into. This isn't the case. What happens is that ALL electricity goes into the same grid and gets used at it's nearest point. The power itself doesn't know or care where it's being used. So the actual physical electricity produced by renewable power might be used by someone NOT paying for green energy, and if you're nearer to a coal power station, you'll be using power from there regardless. But this is the important part. It doesn't matter where it comes from or goes. What matters is that there's a DEMAND for it in the first place. For example, if there's 100GW of power coming from coal, and 1GW coming from Renewables, and no one bothers buying green energy, there's no reason to make more Renewables. But if MOST people (like, 70GW's worth) said they want to buy green power instead of coal power, then a HUGE amount of renewable power stations would need to be built, and the coal stations could eventually be turned off. So it's EXTREMELY important and perhaps the best thing (and easiest) all of us can do. Right now. But right now there's still only a tiny fraction of people buying green energy because they're either not aware of it, or they don't want to pay the 5c or so more per KW, or they don't think the world even needs clean renewable energy... I'm aware of it, I don't mind the extra money, and I think it's essential that we switch to clean energy. So I'm one of those that buy Green Energy (as well as offsetting the other stuff). Hope that helps.

Why is green energy referred to as alternative energy? by Oggy Boggy Q: Wouldn't it make more sense to call it "green," "clean," or "renewable" energy? Just what exactly is green energy an alternative to? Is it an alternative to global warming, dependency on fossil fuels, deforestation, depletion of the earth's resources, extinction of several species, and acid rain? Is it an alternative to fighting wars over oil, oil lobbyists trying to run the show, and large corporations getting tax breaks and large subsidies? It doesn't sound like an alternative to me; it sounds like a solution. What do you think?

A: It's about market research. Green is the new buzz word. I'm sure there are marketing people polling to see which words catch the attention of the viewers. It's a great generic term which can mean anything without offending anyone. If we say clean energy then people may say what about clean coal, which is still just a theory. If we say renewable that may make people think of huge turbines or solar panels and many still think these are too expensive or ugly. If you toss global warming or climate change into the conversation, many will just tune out or start a debate. So, "green" seems to be the safest choice for now.

How valuable do you think green energy is to our future? by Bored Q: While we are depleting natural resources at a phenomenal rate.. eventually the oil reserves will be depleted, as well as our coal resources. Unfortunately, while green energies are still in their infantile state it makes more sense to capitalize off of fossil fuels while they are available to us. Would you place all of your bets on an energy source that is finite, or would you rather invest in future technologies that are sustainable?

Green Energy Solutions : What is the best green energy solutions that may cheap and affordable by everybody? by Syahmi Q: We are concerning how the very practical way to save our earth by using renewable energy or green energy. What is the best green energy solutions that may cheap and affordable by everybody?

A: nuclear power.

Green energy? by Sawyer Q: My energy supplier is offering options of staying the same (regular), going 50% green, or going 100% green. Going green is more expensive. Any advice?

A: Check out the 'fine print' with their options. These are usually (and should be) regulated by 3rd parties to verify that they are using 'green' sources. There is a minimum amount of 'green' power that all power companies must provide and that is mandated by law and not 'to make more profit' or because they want to do it. Personally, I pay an extra $12/mo to not have my power come from coal which has so many downsides it's not practical. Going green is more expensive, for now. The systems to provide the power simply aren't in place as of yet. As time progresses, it will become cheaper than traditional power sources. Green power has up front costs, but not many ongoing operational costs.

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