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Green Day

Mark Zuckerberg's Wedding -- Green Day Singer Performs ... We Think
Billie Joe Armstrong performed a touching love song at the wedding of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg yesterday -- which was captured gloriously in this video ... shot from outside the wedding and through some bushes and you can't actually SEE anyone.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Green Day at Voodoo Fest
AP NEW ORLEANS — Neil Young & Crazy Horse will join Green Day as headliners of the 2012 Voodoo Fest on Halloween weekend in New Orleans. The Times-Picayune reported this week that Green Day's only announced North American date this year will come at ...

'Green day' - How to go green on your special day
But more are choosing to add green to their wedding day. As people become more aware of ways to protect the environment and to save money, so do brides and wedding vendors. Through her business Threadhead Creations, Rai-Lynne Alexander of Knoxville, ...

Neil Young & Crazy Horse to join Green Day at 2012 Voodoo Fest in New Orleans
By Keith Spera, The Times-Picayune Neil Young & Crazy Horse are slated to join Green Day as headliners of the 2012 Voodoo Fest in New Orleans on Halloween weekend. The initial talent roster also includes electronic dance music star Skrillex, Justice, ...

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KellyanneSerle Spent a whole hour listening to Green Day but am certainty not complaining

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sincerelyelaysa I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/4ZGQDpBd Green Day - Holiday (Official Music Video)

xjasmijnnnn @AllTimeMaureen ik want het is Green Day!

TeawithRuby Today is a green kind of day ... http://t.co/gMMfIF8b

_carlwinslow Red Ragtop is such a great song. Weird that the guitarist from Green Day wrote it.

Pretty_N_Plush Red orange yellow green blue indigo & violet [email protected] You use google every day but I bet you can't remember the order of the colors.”

GreenDayBRR @_natybueno_ a melhor banda de todas http://t.co/2x7Omwdh

GreenDayBRR @gabycruvinel grupo pra reunir os fãs tuiteiros de Green Day http://t.co/WjM2ADQl

elleluminium Recommended reading for green day lovers and haters. I promise. http://t.co/e20iY0HQ

Bennett_Sam RT @MSRC: Let's Make Twitter Green For World MS Day - World MS Day takes place on Wednesday 30th May Find out more http://t.co/WfI1QOkb #ms #WMSD2012

Adamrdon I say, if your knees aren't green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life. -- Calvin

ffucknormality Dios, es que una de mi clase me acaba de escribir en la agenda una página llena de "green day y Sum 41" JODER QUE PERFECCIÓN. :').


What is the song The Last of the American Girls by Green Day about? by The Joker Q: I know how it fits in with the concept of the album (Gloria and Christian and all that), but most of Green Day's concept album songs seem to have meanings about people/events actually going on in the real world. (Like Holiday and Bush) So does anyone have any ideas? Or do you think the song is solely about Gloria? Thanks!

A: Someone (I think it was Mike Dirnt) said that Billie Joe wrote it with his wife (Adrienne) in mind. It's basically praising Gloria, or a Gloria-ish girl, and how she stands up for her beliefs, cares about the working class ("she makes enough to survive for a holiday of working class"), and doesn't take crap from anyone ("she's a runaway fromt the establishment incorporated"). In a way, that's what America is all about, and it's hard to find in the real world ("endangered species headed into extinction"), hence, the Last of the American Girls. If you add it into the Christian/Gloria story, that's what Christian loves about her, she's "one of a kind". If you've heard American Idiot, that goes the same for the song She's a Rebel. Jesus of Suburbia loves Whatsername because she doesn't take crap from anyone. It pretty much is solely about Gloria, but it's more about how she holds the American spirit.

How old do you have to be to go to a Green Day concert? by PixieFiFi Q: I want to go to a Green Day concert at the Verizon Center in Washington DC on July 29 with a few of my friends. We're all 14 years old and I was wondering would we be allowed to go without anyone over 18? Thanks!

A: they dont care. my friend and her friends all went to a green day concert together when they were 13. as long as youre not like, 2, i think youll be fine.

What songs does Green Day play in concert? by jumidog11 Q: I am going to a Green Day concert next week with my friend. I don't really know a lot of Green Day songs, but I want to know a few so that I can sing along at the concert. This is their 21st Century Breakdown Tour, so they will probably play the most popular songs from that album, but what other songs will they play/should I listen to?

A: They usually play, on this tour at least, 1) Song of the Century 2) 21st Century Breakdown 3) Know Your Enemy 4) East Jesus Nowhere 5) Holiday 6) The Static Age 7) Before the Lobotomy 8) Are We the Waiting 9) St. Jimmy 10) Boulevard of Broken Dreams 11) 2000 Light Years Away 12) Welcome to Paradise 13) At the Library 14) When I Come Around 15) 16) Brain Stew 17) Jaded 18) Longview 19) Basket Case 20) She 21) King For A Day/Shout 22) 21 Guns 23) American Eulogy ENCORE 24) American Idiot 25) Minority ACOUSTIC ENCORE 26) Macy's Day Parade 27) Coming Clean 28) Good Riddence And they mix it up a little throwing in songs like Jesus of Suburbia, Last Night on Earth, and sometimes they take requests.

What time do people start lining up for floor seats at green day concerts? by TheMcBoss Q: Hi, i was wondering that since i have floor seats for green day at hte copps colesium in hamilton, i was wondering what time people start lining up for hte floor area, cuz i wanna get as close to the stage aas possible and i would like to no wat time we should get there, were plannin on being there at 2 and the doors open at 6 30 thanks

A: Really early, sometimes hours..... depends where u go

Why does the green day album american idiot have more than one song on one track? by Q: Just bought my first green day album and was very confused with it having more than 1 song on 1 track? Does anyone know why!

Can rockband downloadable songs work with green day rockband? by Q: Do rockband songs that you can download from playsttion network store work with games such as the beatles rockband or green day rockband or do they just work with normal rockband games like rockband 1,2, and 3 because i want to download this track pack onto my green day rockband game but i dont know if it will work or not if u have tried it can you please tell me if it worked

A: Only Beatles songs work with Beatles Rock Band, and only Beatles Rock Band can play Beatles DLC. Only Green Day songs work with Rock Band:Green Day, but Green Day songs can be played in RB,RB2,RB3 or RB Green Day; some can be played in LEGO Rock Band. All other DLC will work in RB, RB2 or RB3. Once RB3 comes out, new DLC will only work with RB3.

What does Green Day have to do with Gloria and the class of 13? by guitar man Q: on their 21 century breakdown album they say like gloria and the class of 13 repetitivly.im class of 13 so i want to know. plus green day rules!

A: 21st Century Breakdown is a concept album like American Idiot. Gloria is one of the main characters and so is Christian. The class of 13 refers to Billie Joe's eldest son graduating that year. He also thought it was a very unlucky uear to graduate that year because of all the problems that this next generation faces

What are the top 10 Green Day songs of all time? by mavericksoccerboy Q: Green Day has arguably been the best band of the past 15+ years. They've made so many great songs it's hard to pick the best. What do you think are Green Day's best 10 songs?

A: Holiday 21 Guns Basket Case American Idiot Jesus Of Suburbia Know Your Enemy When I Come Around Boulevard of Broken Dreams Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Wake Me Up When September Ends

How do you register at Green Day Authority? by Q: Hey, I always notice that on the green day authority website, people are always making comments on the post and stuff and i would like to also but i can't figure out how to make an account. Is that not an option for me? I need help!

A: Above the comment box on a post there's a few options on how to register. I used DISQUS. Just click on it and click register. Hope this helps!

What Green Day song says something about welcome to paradise, but it's not in welcome to paradise lol? by Kumar Q: The tune is a little slower than the actual song "Welcome to Paradise" by Green Day, but it's still pretty upbeat and fast. It's definitely the same band. I heard it today for the first time in years but I can't find it.

A: Long view from the album "dookie" Love Green Day x] x

Can you download Rock Band and Rock Band 2 songs for the new Green Day Rock Band? by Gulf war V Q: I've been waiting for my mail to arrive, along with it Green Day Rock Band. However, I've been thinking; "Green Day only might get a little boring, can I download Rock Band songs for Green Day?" So that's my question, in case it's still not clear: Can you download Rock Band and Rock Band 2 songs for the new, up-and-coming Green Day: Rock Band? Thanks, and I appreciate your answers.

A: Here's how it works (I own it) You can play the green day packs from the music store from Rock Band 1/2 on the Green day disc, but you can't play any of the other DLC (let's say you bought the blink 182 pack..) you can't play that on the Green Day disc. But you can export the Green day songs into Rock Band 1/2, and play it that way. I recommend this as vocals you earn more points since talkies on the Green Day disc do not give you points, as on Rock band 1/2 they do.

What Green Day song should I play at my school's talent show at the end of the year? by Q: We are all in year 9 and love Green Day so we wanted to perform a song by them. Mild or no swearing, one guitar, drums, bass and vocals.

A: Depends, who's the stronger player the guitarist or the bassist. If the bassist is better/ really good, than play Longview (even though it has a bit of language, and the subject matter is a bit iffy if you're worried about that sort of thing). If not longview : You should go for a well known song, so I reckon American Idiot, Boulavard of Broken Dreams or 21 Guns is your best bet. I'd also say Good Riddance, but that has no drum part EDIT: maybe even Minority, if you wanna get the crowd involved, I think that song is the easiest to do so with...

What guitar effects pedal should i buy to get the same sound Green Day give when they play American Idiot? by Q: I just want to know what effects pedal to buy to get the same sound green day get when they play american idiot.

A: i would suggest the boss ds-1 Its the orange one, the other option would be to get a rat distortion box. Both of these pedal will give you the sound you looking for!

What would I need to play Green Day Rock Band? by Q: I have wanted Green Day Rock Band since it came out, but I'm not sure what I need. I have an Xbox360, but that's it. Would I need to buy Rock Band 4 and then Green Day Rock Band or can I just get the Green Day one and buy the instruments seperately? I am just looking for the cheapest route.

A: The cheapest route is to buy the game and instruments separately. To get the full experience, you'll need 2 guitars, a drum set, and 3 microphones. However, honestly, unless you're planning to play at a party, you just need one of every instrument. For guitars, you can buy almost any Guitar Hero one (they're cheaper) and they work just fine. For drums, I'd suggest an actual Rock Band kit, but those are cheap too. The microphones are difficult to find alone, but you can find a set of SingStar mics and it'll work fine (at least, it does on a PS3). As far as I know, that's the cheapest way to get everything

What is the easiest green day song to play on bass? by Q: Im know how to play some bass but I'm still learning and I want to learn a Green Day song what song would you say is not difficult to play on bass guitar?

A: Brain Stew

How can I convince my parents to take me to a Green Day concert? by Ereth Q: I really want to go to a Green Day concert but my parents don't really care for Green Day and they don't exactly know that I really like the band. How should I tell them that I want to go to a Green Day concert and that I really love Green day? How can I convince them to take me to the concert? Thanks!

A: i love Green Day, and so does my dad, so i go to every concert when they come here. It's not always fun to go with my dad, but, ya'know, free tickets. Just try and prove to your parents that you really love them by maybe playing their music a lot, and in front of them, and maybe show them stuff that relates to Green Day.. :]

What kind of Green day concert tickets should i get? by fish Q: I'm going to buy tickets for green day when they come to australia this december and the options are GA (general admission) standing front, GA standing back and reserved seating. What kind of tickets should i get? I was thinking reserved seats since it'd be hard to get a good spot for GA, especially for green day, but i'm not too familiar with concerts...

A: The only way you can get tickets for the GA Standing Front is if you queue up outside the venue or main ticket office on the day tickets go on sale, which is July 01. There are only 300 of these tickets available, and every person in the line can buy two each, therefore only the first 150 people in line will get tickets. Its likely you'll have to queue over night for those. If you want good seats you'll need to book early, right as tickets go on sale. And yeah, if you're worried about getting a good spot, reserved seats sound like a good plan, especially as you're not too familiar with concerts. It would surprise me if all of the Green Day dates on the Aus/NZ tour don't sell out - they don't come here often at all. Make sure you get in quick, and enjoy the show!

Who knows where Green Day will be preforming there next concert? by ilovewlv1 Q: I want to suprise my friend with green day tickets because she loves them and has always wanted to go and see them live!

A: Well there's no tour dates being released yet so I can't tell you! It has been confirmed that they begin touring in America in July this year, before heading to Europe, and elsewhere. A general idea is given here: http://www.greendayauthority.com/index.php?subaction=showcomments&id=1234607395&archive= That's as much as we know about the dates at the moment, www.greendayauthority.com always has the latest, reliable info on Green Day! I think it'll be quite soon, the single is out in April and album in May. Some album details may be getting revealed next week - it could include dates, but it may be a confirmed tracklist/release date which isn't really relevant to you! =] If you really want to up your chance of getting tickets, join the official fan club, the Idiot Club. It costs $20 to join but you get offered presale tickets. I hoped this helped, and I hope you get those tickets! =]

How soon should I get to a green day concert to get as close as possible to the stage? by jazzfan Q: I'm going to see Green Day in Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Events Center and we have floor tickets. We wanna get as close to the stage as possible. The concert starts at 8, I don't know when they open the doors. Anyone know how early I should get there?

A: I love Green Day. I'm going July 31st. I hope you have fun. :D I would suggest that you leave around 12:30 to 3:00 if you want to be right in front of Billie. :))))) If not, you could always push though the crowd. lol

What is the best way to contact Green Day? by hannibalcm Q: What is the best way to get in touch with Green Day? And I am being serious, please write serious answers. Thanks, much appreciated.

A: I doubt that would be possible but you can go to their website and they have a little contact thing there. http://www.greendayauthority.com/site/contact.php

What does it say in the Green Day music video? by MUSiiCxLOVER Q: I have 2 questions. 1) What does it say on the walls in the bathroom of the Green Day video, Jesus of Suburbia? 2) What does it say on the wall in the Green Day video, 21 guns?

A: In Jesus of suburbia, its sometimes phrases from the song, once its written "st. jimmy" In 21 guns, the first time its lyrics of 21 guns itself; in the end its the lyrics of the last song of the album, see the light

What should i expect at a green day concert? by Q: im going to my first green day concert and i have floor tickets. im a little nervous about what to expect. will there be mosh pits? will it get violent at all? like will there be a lots of shoving and hitting. should i just stay at the back of the crowd to aviod this? is it okay if i wear shorts. im only 14.

A: I have been to two Green Day concerts, and in my opinion they are the best live band in the world. The second concert i was at i was on the floor,and it was amazing. Dont worry about your age, im 15 and i found most of the crowed where under 21. There was a little bit of moshing and fighting, but it was done by some drunk idiots and didnt last long. Green Day fans are generely nice people.! Having said that, shorts might not be the best atire due to the extreme body contact with the people around you. If i was you, i would try to get there about 2 or 3 hours early to get a pit pass because without one you wont be able to get anywhere near the front due to a large metal barrier.Also when you are in the pit part , you can move to the back of that area and have a perfect veiw because the rest of the crowed is cut off. Other bonus' of being in the pit is Getting Sprayed By billie joe with a hose, and being sprayed with green day themed confetti, which are amazing experiences. Also if you get really near the front Billie pulls up around 5 people per show.. to sing Longview ect.. As for the actual show, expect a looooong set list, never usually shorter that 2 and half hours, Fireworks, Plenty of dressing up and crowed interaction Take my advice and dont stay at the back. Their Concerts are worth the effort.

What should I wear to a Green Day concert? by legally-cute Q: I have no idea what to wear or what colours I should consider wearing. I really don't want to wear jeans because from past experiences they get really uncomfortable when I get really hot. I would wear a Green day tee but unfortunately I haven't got one.

A: Well, wearing clothing is preferred amongst todays society. Just wear whatever, black skinnies, black button up shirt with red tie.

What kind of Guitar amp should I get to get that green day tone? by Etrain Q: Ok I know the fender frontman 25 r gives you that green day tone but could a line 6 spider IV do that. Because cant you get a green day tone out of a line 6 amp? I am in to line 6 amp so could you tell me what the best amp besides the fender frontman 25r for green day would be thank you.

A: Okay, I'll admit it...I am a tube snob. But, I recently tried a Line 6 modeling amp. No it doesn't sound like a tube amp, but my God you can get so many sounds out of that thing. I would be surprised if you can't get real close to the tone you want out of a Line 6. If you already have an amp look into the Line 6 POD for effects. I just purchased the Line 6 JM4 looper which has some great sounds, just not as many as the POD.

What do you wear to a green day concert? by Q: Okay so im going to a green day concert tomorrow and i don't know what to wear! Im gonna be in the first row so most likely i will be hot. I wanna look good :D Thanks!

A: damn you are lucky!!! but... wear jeans.. skinny jeans maybe and a comfortable tee or any shirt that looks cute dont dress to look good but dress to stand out.... wear something weird and out there :D of course keep it cute no dresses, skirts untie-able things (halters and tanks not so good) cuz it may get a little rough enjoy!!! im going on the 18th so i can feel your excitement :D

What is the most difficult Green Day song to play on bass? by Q: I've been playing a lot of Green Day songs on the bass guitar, and thought it would be fun to try to learn the most difficult song on bass Green Day has ever made..

A: Probably the bass break in "Welcome To Paradise". I used to do that in a modern rock cover band in was in back in 2010. That was a little tricky, but compared to "Cult Of Personality" (did that one too), it was a walk in the park.

What controllers work with the green day rock band? by Megz Q: I'm a Guitar Hero person, but I just had to have the Green Day Rock Band (ordered it a few hours ago), but now I'm wondering which of my controllers will work. I have the world tour set, and a GH3 guitar. I also plan on getting a GH5 guitar, and the Band Hero set. Does anybody know?

A: Depends on what system you have. Check the Rock Band instrument compatibility website here: http://www.rockband.com/compatibility In general, the GH5 guitar and Band Hero guitar, drums, and microphone will work with the Rock Band games, and the same is true the other way around (unless you have a Wii).

What website can I buy Green Day tickets for Sacramento or Oakland? by Q: I have been wanting to go to a Green Day concert with my family for two years but we can't find tickets. I want to know if there is a website so I can buy tickets for this year or next year.

A: You'll be able to buy tickets from www.greenday.com once they announce some tour dates. They're taking a small break at the moment, and then making a new album, but it will be at least a year or 2 before they tour again. Hope this helps! :)

What are the easiest to intermediate songs by Green Day to play on the drums? by Whatsername Q: More something around the American Idiot, 21st Century, Warning time when the drumming actually was easier. I've tried to play songs from Dookie and my goodness they're hard! I'm not the greatest drummer, YET ;P, but I can still play the more touchy rhythems. So for everyone who knows their Green Day, pop on by and advise me which songs are the simplest to play :D Thanks! And really any other songs you'd like to suggest that aren't Green Day either would be fantastic! Thanks again!

A: know your enemy, when I come around, Give Me Novacaine, Are we the waiting ( unknown :P) Holiday I know almost nothing of drums but can still play some parts of these songs. Except give me novacaine, that always kills me xD These are the easiest songs I could think of but like I said, I dont know much of drums, ask me of guitar and then I could be of much much more help also maybe try Christie Road, I havent played it yet but my drummer says its easy. (At least easy for his 9 year playing drums ass) Good luck

How can I get amazing Green Day tickets to surprise a girl I really like? by NoeChill Q: I really like a close friend of mine, and Green Day is her all time favorite band. I would like to surprise her with amazing tickets to the Seattle tour date on July 3. And I'm not holding my breath, but if I were to be able to get like, backstage passes and stuff, I'd totally be a hero in her eyes. Any help anyone can give me? Would you happen to have famous relatives you can call for a favor? :D But yeah, any info would be nice.

A: Well the tickets haven't been released yet, so you can sign up for presale tickets on the official fan site, the Idiot Club [http://www.idiotclub.com/login.php ]. It costs $20 to join it though, and you don't really get anything extra. Last time the tickets were about $47 so I don't know how much you're wanting to spend.. also, being in the Idiot Zone [mosh pit] will cost more. There might be competitions or something for backstage passes nearer the time. Just keep an eye on http://www.greendayauthority.com because they have all the latest and reliable info. Good luck!

What green day song should i learn on guitar or mcr songs? by Q: What green day or mcr songs should i learn on guitar? and what website or link would u use to learn the song?

A: If you can sing and play at the same time, Good Riddance. It's a good song everyone knows and will end up singing along too.

What is the GREATEST Green Day song of all time? by Q: Personally i think Jesus of Suburbia is one of the greatest songs of the 2000's and Green Day's best songs. I have been listening to them since i was 5 (now 18) and i was just curious what other people thought? What is your favorite and what is there greatest song? I also LOVE misery and Hold On.

A: J.A.R.

How many hours does Green Day play in a concert? by Sugar Mack Q: I am going to a green day album and want to know about how many hours they play. There new album is already out and the concert date is August 4.

A: around 3 hours

What is the easiest Green Day song to learn on guitar? by Q: I just bought a guitar today and i love love love green day (the reason i want to learn guitar!) and i want to start learning one of their songs right away...

A: Definitely "Brain Stew"... It's 4 Repeated chords and the chorus is the same chords just different strumming! If you can kinda play acoustic. "Time of your life" isn't too difficult. Strumming is a little awkward for beginners but it was one of the first acoustic songs I ever learned

What are the best Green Day fanfictions written on the web? by Q: I'm a member of Quizilla, but it is hard to sort through the well-written stories and the silly, fancrazed one-note attempts at stories. If you know of a good Green Day fanfic author or story, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

A: hmm, that's a hard one...in my opinion i like them all...

How much do Green Day backstage passes cost typically? by Q: If Green Day tours again in the near future, I would love to buy backstage passes but I cant seem to find how much they usually cost. How much did they cost in the past, or preferably during their 21st century breakdown tour?

A: round a bout $120 each or on sale for $101

I love green day music but can't find good trustworthy tabs for the bass guitar? by My_Name_Is_Tori Q: I am a girl bass guitarist who loves green days punk rock music but, i can't find any good free tabs for the bass guitar for their songs. I want to learn how to play all of them. If you have any websites that have good tabs for green day please put them down and thank you. My heart belongs to punk.

A: I am also a bassist and love green day they r my favorite band i usually get tabs off bassmasta.com or try 2 learn them by ear there r many other site just look up "green day (song) bass tabs"

Who else thinks Green Day started selling out once they released American idiot? by Q: And Green Day fans, Don't take this too seriously. They were good when they were actually considered punk in the old days but now i mean 21 guns is even worse than american idiot.

A: Agreed. Dookie and Insomniac were the days, man.

What Green Day song is a good starting song for a beginning band or mcr song? by Q: Me and my friends just started a band and we all like mcr and GREEN DAY!!! which of their songs would u recomend as a starting song for a new band?

A: Boulevard of broken dreams is VERY EASY

Has Green Day ever recorded a song in a different language? by Q: Some bands sing their hit songs in a different language when they tour outside the USA, or record them in another language. Has Green Day ever done this? And if they have, where can I listen to it? P.S. I thought there was a Spanish version of Viva la Gloria...?

A: No they havn't :\ Well not that i know off

What are 2 good green day songs to perform at a middle school? by Q: Me and my band are playing green day at our middle schools talent show. we want to do a song that everyone knows (which is mostly something off of american idiot) and something off dookie. can anyone help us out with something that would work for the 13-15 age group?

A: Holiday, Good Riddance, Basket Case, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, 21 Guns, American Idiot. Good luck, and sounds awesome by the way. :::)

When will Green Day stop with the broadway tour shit and start with real concerts? by Q: I looked on their website and looked at tour dates and it said "these are dates of broadway shows, and are not Green Day performances." When are they gonna start performing? Like actual concerts?

A: Their next tour will probably coincide with a new album. Other than that, it will probably just be small tours or random shows. Sorry you missed them on their last tour, which was a very long tour.

GReen day?? by Grant D Q: will green day have a tour this or a consert near ky or ohio this year...................

A: Umm I know they are just finishing up their latest album. They plan to get it out this year, ut who knows. Its not on their website yet, so I have no idea where they are gonna play. But for their American Idiot tour they went to Louisville Ky, Dayton OH, Columbus OH, Cleveland OH and Cincinnati OH It said so on their website and they will probubly be going to the same places if their next album is anywhere near as popular as American Idiot.

GREEN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? by george g Q: are they better now or were they better when they first came out? AAAND..does anybody know where they came up with the name 'Green Day'?

A: Better when they first came out The name Green Day was invented after the three guys had smoked pot all day.

GREEN day!? by Q: Hi, I'm italian and I love Green Day and Billie Joe! How many fans there are in this site? Excuse my english but I don't speak enghish in italian!Kiss by Italy

A: Hey, I'm Italian too! Small world, huh? I'm other nationalities, too- but mostly Italian! I love Green Day too and Billie Joe rocks! Oh, and I can excuse your English. I'm used to it because I have a Russian friend and I'm still teaching her things like names of streets and spellings of words that aren't spelt like how they sound. So, don't worry about it- the English language is really confusing!!! Bye! (I'm not sure how to say "bye" in Italian. . .)


A: Main singers name is Billie Joe Armstrong. Green Day is the best band ever!!!!

green day? by ~♫~ Q: who here loves green day as much as me? what is oyur oppinion on them?

A: I love them so much. They're an amazing band and speak thier mind, which I truly adore. They're all about being a Minority, which is great advice! Anyway, they kind of went from teen-punk to pop-punk to a grungier-punk. But it's all punk, and I love them so much!

GrEeN DaY?!? by life goes on ♥ Q: I FREAKING LOOOOVVVEEE GREEN DAY!!! I have all their cds, including the ones from when they had the name `Sweet Children` and when they had a diff drummer =P. i heard they might b coming out w/ a new album, idk. I would soooo want to go c them live if they went on tour!!They all have such raw, pure, talent.I love them to death. idc what ppl say. like, they say "oh, well Green Day is emo..." they aren`t. or "well, Green Day...theyr`re just pot heads..." they`re not. anywho...i have their bullet in a bible dvd ((of course i do!) and they sound awesome live!! i know some parts were obviously edited, but they`re still the best!! I ABSOLUTELLY ADOR BJ (hes hotttt&& talented 4 sure!) TRE (also hott && freaking funny!) && mike (hott as well, best bass player!)) ilu GD!!! <33 p.s. I loveee the guyliner!!! anyone else agree?!?!? =]]

A: YES!! i agree! i can't can't can't WAIT 'till their new album! i too own every CD, although u must even have their EP's cuz my old 39/Smooth doesn't say Sweet Children (well, it's not old, old but it wasn't the new version released on Reprise)!! i can't believe they edited out the Jaded part from Brainstew live!! they shoulda kept every single part in there hhhaha!! the guyliner @ least looks cute on BJ, but i liked his Nimrod look the best! Mike Dirnt : the bes fcukin bass player in the history of punk rock! Tre Cool : has one testicle (great to shower naked w/ too lol!)! Billie!!! : EVERYTHING! YAY!

Green Day.............? by Simpily me! Q: Is Green Day going to be Foxburo Hot tubs forever?Or are they just doing that on the side?And will they ever put out new Green Day songs?If they don't i will be sad because Green Day is amazing!!:D Please and Thanks!

A: Green Day has a new cd coming out in 09! CANT WAIT!!

Green day...? by FAswimmerST Q: Okay, so I'm in the student body in my school, and we're going to have a day celebrating Earth Day, and we need ideas for activities! Other than dressing up in green or things like that, what can we do? It also can be about stopping the pollution of the earth, slowing down global warming, and things like that. I already thought of one idea where we take one of those earth-painted balls and throw them at toy car models such as hummers and stuff like that... So... Any ideas??? (P.S- If you haven't figured it out by now, we're calling the Earth Day celebration "Green Day"... ;) Oh, sorry, gfrussel1, but it has to be an activity during lunchtime... XP... Forgot to mention that... >.<

A: This is easy...you start a event at school (probably on a Friday night) called Eathstock. Get your school to pay for food/drink and activities while you get your school/local bands to play music. Get at least four bands, have pop-corn and what not. Also have cool posters and areas promoting recycling, environment, earth, etc.

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