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Pre-Grammy Gala Celebrates Whitney Houston's Life
On Saturday night, Davis — Houston's mentor, producer, champion and longtime friend — memorialized her at his pre-Grammy gala, held downstairs in the same hotel where her body was being examined by coroner's officials. Ray Davies and Elvis Costello ...

Adele to star at Grammys clouded by Houston death
LOS ANGELES — The Beach Boys and Britain's award-winning singer Adele will stage comeback performances Sunday at the Grammys, although the annual music awards will be clouded by the death of Whitney Houston. Paul McCartney, Coldplay and Bruce ...

Pre-Grammy gala celebrates Whitney Houston's life
On Saturday night, Davis — Houston's mentor, producer, champion and longtime friend — memorialized her at his pre-Grammy gala, held downstairs in the same hotel where her body was being examined by coroner's officials. Ray Davies and Elvis Costello ...

Heath's Grammy date: his high school teacher
Singer/songwriter Brandon Heath with his mentor, Hillsboro High School choir teacher Bobby Jean Frost, on the red carpet before the Grammy nominee party at Loew's Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville on Tuesday, January 17, 2012.

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franciscuus Jennifer Hudson zingt vanavond Whitney Houston-tribuut bij de Grammys. http://t.co/AaCz1H2H

HisyamLuvAvril RT @ryanseacrest At Grammys rehearsal hearing Whitney Houston has passed away at 48. Everyone here is absolutely stunned.

LilysloveJB Justin Will Own The Grammys !

mkivancg RT @davidguetta: Tonight at #Grammys rehearsals with @chrisbrown wearing the 1st pair of red MIX.R by Beats of my new brand collection http://t.co/K6U7DMi2

musicianarts Report from LA's Grammy Week: Jenny Oaks Baker & Utah label make splash at Grammys: Baker talked excitedly about... http://t.co/OMLGrYXT

gillianthechef Rip whitney houston such an incredible voice and just right before the grammys!

ramaagnesa Justin Will Own The Grammys ~ totally :) #GoodLuck

gitamonsaft Justin will own the grammys

swagtastic143 RT @adamlevine: Tomorrow night at the Grammys, the only person on our minds will be Whitney Houston.

charleshost RT @estellerivers: RT @AP: Grammys to honor #Whitney Houston with a tribute from Jennifer Hudson at Sunday's show: http://t.co/lj48Jbcj -JM

nyunyuu RT @teravirginiawan: RT @adamlevine Tomorrow night at the Grammys, the only person on our minds will be Whitney Houston.


MissIbironke RT @Iam_oloyz: Jennifer Hudson to sing whitney Houston dedication at grammys'

iSwiftyStyles Justin Will Own The Grammys.


How do announcers see the teleprompter at the Oscars/Grammys? by I Want the Answer Q: Aren't the cameras very far away and zoomed in? How would you be able to read the small screen?

A: they are buried in the stage aprons where the forward looking cameras can not see them, and the print type is huge so that the material can be read even without glasses other prompters are also hidden in other strategic locations like the ear pods and recievers in their ears

When do the Grammys start and on what channel is it aired on tonight? by neveezy Q: I live in Florida.

Do the Grammys start at 11pm on the east coast? by Dave Q: I see they start at 8pm in Los Angeles yet it also says 8pm for eastern time zones.. Basically do they really start at 5pm in L.A. & are shown live on the East then the suckers that live on the west coast watch them with a 3 hour tape delay?

A: yup i live in la :P we have a 3 hour tape delay :( haha its 8 pm for your :D u better start watchin :3

Are the Grammys being shown in the UK tomorrow night live from America? If so what channel? by Q: It wasn't supposed to be an imaginative question smart ass I just want the answer. Keep your irrelevant comments to yourself.

What did Whitney take before presenting at the Grammys? by Popple Q: Did anyone see the Grammys and watch Whitney Houston present an award? What do you think she was on? Was she high as a kite, or was she just really drunk? There is no way she was sober!!!!

A: no kidding! she was way messed up! she couldn't even keep her eyes open, and she looked like she was about 90 yrs. old!! she acted all weird too...I can't stand her!!

why doesnt Avenged Sevenfold ever get nominated for grammys and suff while Miley Cyrus etc. do? by Q: i dont get why Avenged Sevenfold and Bullets for My Valentine ever get nominated in the Grammys or other important awards while Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, etc. do? A7x and BFMV are important and famous...tell you the truth they actually have more talent then those other bands and singers...but ive never seen them get nominated in any awards. Are there any awards that they did win?

A: Avenged Sevenfold does have a VMA that they won a few years ago. I think it was '05 or '06 for best new artist. They beat out rihanna, chris brown, and I think one other. It was magical

what was the michael jackson song that the celebritys sang at the grammys? by Q: i need to know the name of the song that was sang in honor of michael jacksson at the 2010 grammys

A: Earth Song i think

What channel is the Grammys and when do they start? by Serena Duff Q: I looked and i cant find them. I only have channels: 32,49,2,4,6,8,10,12 what channel would it be on? i live in oregon so maybe they didnt start yet because some states are a head.

A: ch 2 i think

What time do the Jonas Brothers perform on the Grammys tonight!? by :) Q: help! i have to go somewhere at 7 which is RIGHT when the grammys start and i soo dont wanna miss them!! i'll be gone for like a half hour so please help me!

A: ohh i just remembered in the 1st hour it said on a commerical!! lol so yeah oh in 2 commercial breaks =) just said who was performing next a sec ago

why do the grammys always have to suck? by Q: I mean I could go on for days listing examples ofwhy this show has no crdeibilty, but ill just stick to one. This year Katy Perry is nominated for album of the year. Lmao. But my question is then, why don't the grammys award real artists anymore? ONLY Arcade Fire is deserving of an aoty nom. From this year's group.

A: Because they're based on popularity, not on talent, and as we all should know, the masses have almost ALWAYS had a terrible music taste.

Where can I download beyonces if i were a boy / you oughta know remix she sang at the grammys? by Q: I have been looking everywhere on the internet to download beyonces if i were a boy/you oughta know she sang during the grammys? I know that alanis mor. is the original owner of "you oughta know", but I want to know where to download beyonces version of it? Thank you, Brooklynn.

A: you could try "4shared.com" and do a search in the mp3 section. I hope this helps.

Where Can I Stream the 2011 Grammys Online? by Sean A Q: I live in Glasgow, Scotland, and im unsure if theres a channel that broadcasts the grammys, so does anybody know where I can stream it. (I'm disappointed with the nominees this year but it is fun to watch) Thanks to anyone who answers this.

A: http://www.grammy.com/live

What was the song that Beyonce sung at the end of her song "If I Were a Boy" during the Grammys? by Daniella Q: During the Grammys she performed "If I Were a Boy", at the end everything turns red and she starts to sing, - I want you to know, that i am happy for you, and i want nothing but the best for you both, another version of me.. ectt. Please help !

A: You Oughta Know by Alanis Morrissette. She sang it better during her tour IMO.

Who is nominated for the best rapper for the grammys? by Shelby K Q: who is everybody that is nominated for best rapper of 2008 for the grammys?

A: I know Lil Wayne, TI, Kanye West, and I think Common Check out my celebrity blogspot to comment on celeb gossip: http://www.dmariefashion.wordpress.com

What should I wear to the 2010 Grammys? by Q: My boyfriend and I will be attending the 2010 Grammys Sunday January 31, however I have no idea what I should wear. Any suggestions?

A: Christian Siriano

Why is there a lack of Categories for Alternative Rock at the Grammys? by jaizn2001 Q: Alternative rock only has one category representing the genre at the grammys. "Best Album". Why is there a lack of award representation and opportunity for this genre of music? Its not due to the lack of artists... Muse, Death Cab for Cutie, Hollywood Undead, 3OH!3, Enter Shikari, Sublime, Hoobastank, Switchfoot, Escape the Fate, Anberlin, Silverstein, Bayside, Tool, 311, Paramore, MGMT, the list of artists could go on forever....

A: There are so many different rock genres that don't get represented at The Grammy's. So many great bands.

How many of you watched the grammys? by sca Q: How many of you watched the grammys and how many of you thought it was really good?

A: I was disgusted and will never watch again. what happened to music and respect for the business? one recipient had a wad of gum in her mouth as she was accepting her award (really good song though, too bad she has no class) - and others looked more like they were getting ready to take out the trash - or worse looked like trash - MIA great influence!

What sneakers were Justin Bieber wearing during his performance at the Grammys 2011? by Q: When Justin Bieber performed Never Say Never with Jayden Smith at Grammys, He wore sneakers what looked liked black "kicks"(ankle high sneakers) with chains coming down from the back/sides. What are/were those sneakers called and where can I get them? Thx

A: Justin Bieber has a pair of sneakers in just about every shade! If there’s anything Justin Bieber likes as much as older R&B starlets, it’s colorful sneakers in every color of the rainbow! The pint-sized crooner has been spotted sporting sneaks in bright shades like purple, red, blue, and even yellow! Justin Bieber’s sneakers collection looks more like the inside of a Fruit Loops box than footwear! It seems like his fetish for eye-popping sneakers is his signature style staple! Don’t get me wrong, we’ve seen colorful shoes on other performers before, but the young star is easily making the trend his own with his array of brights!

How do I find when red carpet premieres/Oscars/Grammys are? by MovieMaker Q: I want to go to a red carpet premiere in like California, or something. How do I buy tickets, and how do I find when one is? Or like the Oscars, or Grammys?

A: Sorry I don't have an answer. but may I have a cookie for being the only answerer? I prefer oreos. Thanks...

Is the red carpet for the grammys or oscars? by Q: I'm having a birthday party soon and I'm going to have a limo pick everyone up and there will be a red carpet. I know this is a stupid question but, is the red carpet for the oscars or grammys?

A: the red carpet is most commonly known for the oscars

What did you people think of the 51st Grammys? by ☮Peace☮♥Love♥☺Twitter☺ Q: I think it was amzing how M.I.A performed on stage when her baby was due on the same day as the Grammys.

A: the gangsters dominate the music field and will all be behind bars soon

Who else is extremely effing pissed that Lady Antebellum won so many Grammys? by <3 Q: I am pissed. So pissed. I would like to write an angry letter to "The Academy" at the Grammys.

A: Not me. I remember answering a question here last year saying Lady Antebellum was going to be next winning truckloads of awards when last year taylor Swift was taking home all the awards. Top country music artist have always been top winners at any music awards that had different genres of music, it has always been like that. Despite people thinking pop is the more popular music genre, when really it's country music, pretty much why they are the only music genre that have their own music awards show. You don't see a pop music awards or and r&b music awards show even though there are the BET, MTV, and Hip hop awards but country music awards air on prime time channel like the American Music Awards, Grammy Music awards, Oscars, and the Golden Globes.

is it possible to buy the light up shutter shades from the grammys like kanye wests? by Gold-Digger Q: i really want to buy those light up (not glow) shutter shades that kanye west wore at the grammys. is anyone selling them?

A: i bought the led shuttershades from city-shades.com they are so cool. this is the only site with the shuttershades that have batteries and light up. you can email the guy at [email protected] my pair look exactly like kanye west's from the grammys. i think these people made kanyes for the grammys.

How can I watch the Grammys online? by Dr. Alex Q: I missed the 2010 Grammys and want to see them SOOOOO much. Is there a website where I can watch it? Thanks.

A: You can Watch or Download this movie High Quality and Full Screen from here: www.MovieChamps.com Enjoy the movie!

why isn't there any real rock music performed in the Grammys or MTV awards? by wizard Q: I know that Kings of Leon have performed but they are soft rock. I would like to hear some hard rock. It would be nice to hear AFI perform at the grammys. I personally would like to see Coheed & Cambria or killswitch engage perfom in the grammys. Rap& hip hop are getting boring. I know many people like those genres. I am sorry if I offended anyone but its the truth.

A: Grammy's are appalling. If I remember correctly, AC/DC lost to Green Day. and as far as the "Rap& hip hop are getting boring" bit, it's supposed to be a variety of music to entertain a variety of people. not to just make you happy. Hating rap music won't make it go away.

where online can i watch Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus sing at the grammys? by Thatswhatshesaid. ♥ Q: i missed it! i totally forgot about the grammys this year! and then i was like "crap i missed it" and now i've been searching youtube for there duet but they all were removed because of copyrights. do u know where i can watcn it?

A: same thing happened to me

At the Grammys,whats the difference between a performer and a presenter? by Messicuh x] Q: I read a MTV new article that Blink 182 were going to come together to be presenters at the 2009 Grammys.Then I looked at the list of performers and they weren't on there.I didn't think there was a difference but...

A: A performer will dance, sing, etc. you know perform. A presenter is going to say give it up for so and so. The presenter will introduce the person performing.

During the Grammys, where did Miley get her shirt from that she wore during her performance? by THAATgiirl Q: During the Grammys 2009, when Miley was performing with Taylor Swift, where did Miley get her black, sparkly shirt?

A: Buy a black tshirt and put sparkles on it

what channel can i watch the grammys in the uk and when? by promise G Q: I reallly want to watch the grammys but it's like mostly an american thing and i have mo idea what channel or when to whatch it here soooo can sum1 tell me please 10 points init!

A: It already aired yesterday, so i don't think they are going to air it any time soon.

What channel is the grammys suppose to play? by Q: I heard Akon and Lady Gaga will be performing at the grammys today. But What channel? I looked on MTV and it doesn't seem like it's scheduled on there. Where is it playing, and what time? Please help :)

A: where I live (Calif) they are on CBS (channel 2) 9:00 pm...my bad...8:00 pm..

Does anyone know where I can get a shirt like lil wayne had on the Grammys? by Q: When Lil Wayne performed on the Grammys he had a plain white shirt and then with black letters it said "listen to lil wayne". Would anyone have a clue where i could get one?

A: Right here: listen to lil wayne shirt at brainless tees, looks like they have it in both black and white http://www.brainlesstees.com/listentolilwayne.html

What channel do I go to to watch the Grammys for 2011? by Q: I'm clueless. This is the first year I have wanted to watch the Grammys and I don't even know what channel to go to. Please help!

A: CBS type in whatever kind of service you have, like DirectTV or Comcast, or whatever, into the internet search bar and your zip code, you should be able to find your local listing for CBS

Do anyone know what Chris Brown and Rihanna were fighting about tonight before the Grammys? by Ramman Q: I just heard on the news that they were fighting and can-celled their appearance on the grammys. Chris Brown is being investigated and might be charged for felony domestic violence. What could have happened?

A: No one knows but those two why they were arguing or why it escalated to being physical. The herpes story is a lie. Check out source for update son the story

Is it just the East Coast where the Grammys bleeped out the Forever performance? by Samantha Q: So all the good parts of the "Forever" performance was bleeped out waaaaaaaaaaaay too long. I was so mad! Was that just on the East coast? Or did they do that on the West Coast too? I wasnt sure if the Grammys is live or not.

A: No. It happened in CST, also. It was done for content, probably.

What songs did taylor swift performs on grammys? by Stranger Q: ?? Apprenlty she sounded so awful. What songs did she sing at the grammys this year ?

A: Today was a fairytale. You belong with me. Funny how you found it "awful" but you still wanna know the name of it..

What happened in the first hour of the Grammys? by Q: I thought the Grammys were recording, but when I checked it said they weren't. Please let me know all the awards presented and who performed in the first hour of the Grammys. Thanks!

What song did Lady Antebellum perform during the grammys? by voc_jvd Q: What song did Lady Antebellum perform during the grammys?

A: Need you Now

Where can I watch the 1984 Grammys in its entirety? by ♥Stranger in Southern Ilinois™♥ Q: Does anyone know where I can watch or download the full 1984 Grammys, the one where Michael Jackson practically wins every award? I've tried Youtube, but even the most complete version has several parts missing.


What did yall think of that folk trio at the grammys? by Q: I'm from Concord, NC (where the Avett Brothers are from) so you can imagine the pride my friends and I felt when they played with Mumford and sons and Bob Dylan at the Grammys earlier. What did you non Concordians think of it though? I thought it freaking rocked, Mumford and Sons kick ass! Folk for life!

A: Thought it started out great with Mumford and Sons and then Avett's killed it even though it was kinda odd seeing them up there in ties and suits but they were still great. Then Bob Dylan came out. I was curious as to how he would sound and he was terrible. His voice is unrecognizeable as to what it used to be and he literally played the harmonica backwards at the end. Overall I thought it was a great showing but Bob Dylan just wasn't up to par with what a legend like him should have been.

How many times have Radiohead performed at the Grammys? by Scott O Q: We all saw that wonderful time that Radiohead performed 15 step at this years grammys, yet it has eclipsed any previous times they may have played there. I am trying to think, when have they played at the grammys, was it just this once, or also in 2001 and 1998 or something?

A: The 15 Step performance was the first they've ever done at the Grammys. I think in 1998 they were originally slated to perform, but the Grammys decided not to have them play (they said it wouldn't be good for the ratings).

What is the difference between the Oscars Emmys Grammys Golden Globes etc? by dmillerj48124 Q: For the oscars, emmy's grammys, golden globes and other's I'm forgetting. Can someone just lay it out plain and simple: Who is honored, for what, who nominates them, when are they held, which one is the most valuable and anything else important?

A: grammy for music oscar for movies

Is there anyway of watching the Grammys 51 online, and for free without downloading crap? by nick d Q: Is there anyway of watching the Grammys 51 online, and for free without downloading crap?

A: It wasn't that good.

What time in California are the Grammys on tonight and what time are they being recorded in LA? by Q: Just wondering what time the Grammys are gonna be on tonight PST time, and what time they are actually being recorded. Is it live?

A: 8pm- they will have to be taped delayed-Live 8pm pacific time would be Live 11pm Eastern most likely the show will actually start 5pm in CA- just like the oscars nothing is really Live anyways- since the janet jackson thing there is a 3-5 second Delay on all "live " broadcasts

What is the Worst part about the Grammys? by Stuie (Schwartzman the tripple threat!) Q: The Grammys are comming up and I just wanted to know why you hate the grammys. Personally I think they have Fallen some where in the 00's when The music industry and it seems also the TV hit the Sh*ter. If the Music industry would promote good music and it would help if the grammys filled their intended purpose things could go back to normal. But Fat Cats and musicians who don't give a crap won't let it.

A: Crappy music and hypocritical ultra-rich tax exiles preaching socialism.

Who are you expecting to win an award at the Grammys tonight? by skillz708 Q: This is my first time watching the Grammys, but I hope Lupe Fiasco wins some awards. He the best out right in the rap category, lil wayne sucks is shyt is played out.

A: I really don't care, there are way too many music awards shows on and they are meaningless wastelands that occupy three hours of prime-time viewing that could be used for more entertaining shows. Why don't they just put them all on BET anyway.

What was the 2nd song Beyonce was singing in the Grammys just a few minutes ago? by Fred Q: Beyonce performed tonight on the Grammys. The 2nd song I recognized, but for some reason Alanis Morissette's voice was in my head as I heard the song play. Was the song originally done by Alanis? What was the name of it?

A: lol shame on U its alanis morissette

What day do the Grammys come on in the Dominican Republic? by Q: I'll be in the Dominican on February 13, the day of the Grammys, however they premier things differently. Can somebody tell me what day they come on there?

A: same day, just find out which channel, it won't be hard since there's not a lot of channels.(i'm not counting the cable channels) check 2, 5, 7, 9, 11 one of those 5 will transmit it. i'm very confident that is the same day.

What do the Grammys have to do to be taken seriously? by Spice Q: The Oscars is the biggest thing in movies, but the Grammy's are pretty much a joke in music. One difference I notice is that that movies get nominated based on critical response not on how well they did, while the grammys basically take the top songs in radio rotation and ask which one is the most popular.

A: give people who actually deserve to be recognized for their lyrical skill a Grammy and maybe they will be taken seriously

Grammys??? by sbchick005 Q: hey guys...can you give me a list of who won at the grammys last night! i cant believe i missed them! Thanks!!

A: http://www.grammys.com On the right is a graphic which says "Winner's List", Click it.

grammys???????????????? by ALEICIA Q: who won the majors in grammys? chris brown. rihanna, mariah carey, etc win any??? like relax im in australia so im not exactly with the american times

A: You're a day early with your question. the Grammys are a joke though. They have so many catagories for rap and pop that they all cross over so that any of them can win an award. This takes away from celebrating real musicians who create their own music, which was what the Grammy spirit to begin with.

Whitney Houston Grammys 2012 'Yes Jesus Loves Me' (Whitney's Final Performance) Diana Ross at Pre-GRAMMY Gala Kim Kardashian at Pre-GRAMMY Gala Kelly Rowland at Pre-GRAMMY Gala Gary Calamar at GRAMMY Nominees Reception RedOne at Pre-GRAMMY Gala Richard Branson at 2012 MusiCares Person of the Year: 54th GRAMMYS Steve Vai at 2012 MusiCares Person of the Year: 54th GRAMMYS [HD]Eminem Grammys 2011 feat. Rihanna, Skylar Grey, and Dr. Dre(Uncensored) Baby/Never Say Never/OMG (GRAMMYs on CBS) Skrillex #WeAreMusic - 54th GRAMMY Awards Foo Fighters #WeAreMusic - 54th GRAMMY Awards Tom Hanks and Sheila E. at Pre-GRAMMY Gala Jon Voigt at Pre-GRAMMY Gala Lady Gaga - Born This Way (GRAMMYs on CBS) Beyoncé - If I Were A Boy (GRAMMYs on CBS) Yoko Ono at 2012 MusiCares Person of the Year: 54th GRAMMYS Lady Gaga - Poker Face/Speechless/Your Song (GRAMMYs on CBS) Grammys 2011: Cee-Lo Green with Gwyneth Paltrow - Forget You Mumford and Sons Grammy Performance 2011 The Cave Rapper J. Cole Is Ready for the Grammys Adele Recovers, Will Sing at Grammys Adele #WeAreMusic - 54th GRAMMY Awards Shakira - Devoción (Latin Grammys 2011) HD [1920x1088] [1080p] Latin Grammy Awards November 2011 - Calle 13 - Latinoamerica The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Feb. 12, 2012 on CBS Shakira - Loca (Latin Grammys 2011) HD [1920x1088] Backstage With Adam Levine at 2012 Grammys Bruno Mars - BOB J. Monae - Grammys performance 2011 ( HD ) CHRIS BROWN TO PLAY GRAMMYS, RIHANNA MAKE-UP IN WORKS? What's Up With Gaga? - Grammys, New Boyfriend Photos Swift, Minaj Get Billboard Honor, Talk Grammys The 54th Annual Grammy Awards - Impressive Demi Lovato Stylish Show-Stopper At Latin Grammys J Cole At The Grammy's Mumford and Sons, Avett Brothers and Bob Dylan at Grammys Romeo Santos & Usher - Promise (Live @ Latin Grammys 2011) Claude Kelly Drops A Grenade On The Grammys Eminem ft. Elton John - Stan (Live at Grammys) 2011 GRAMMY Awards - Best Pop Vocal Amy Winehouse - 50th GRAMMY Awards Rap Wins Overall, but Loses at the Grammys Lady Gaga on the GRAMMY Red Carpet Stars rehearse for Grammys 2012 Grammy Grammies Six Grammy nominations for Adele The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live!! - 54th GRAMMY Awards Serene Branson, What Happened to Grammys Reporter? 2/15/2011 The Point (Sexism, Lesbians, & Chris Brown Grammys Controversy) Grammy Awards 2011 - Eminem, Rihanna, 'Love The Way You Lie' & Dr. Dre, 'I Need A Doctor'
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