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Grammy nominations 2013

Grammy nominations 2013: Who was snubbed?
Grammy nominations 2013: Who was snubbed? With practically every award nominations, there is going to be someone left out. When the Grammys nods were unveiled on Wednesday, some artists were noticeably absent from a few categories. Grammys ...

Grammy nominations 2013: Frank Ocean shines
The 2013 Grammy nominations are officially out tonight after the mindblowing performances given at the "The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live!! — Countdown To Music's Biggest Night", which just concluded on CBS a couple of minutes ago.

Miguel And Wale Congratulate Each Other On Grammy Nods - Music, Celebrity ...
The 2013 Grammys nominations list is shining light on a few talented artists who are finally seeing their work recognized, after putting in years of work. That includes Miguel, who racked up an astounding five nominations, and his fellow first-time ...

Grammy nominations 2013 out; Frank Ocean, fun. get 6
December 6, 2012 -- Fun. helped break up the sound of dance and electronic music on Top 40 radio with its edgy pop-rock grooves. Frank Ocean made a bold statement in R&B - with an announcement about his sexuality and with his critically revered, ...

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Is rap music really on its way out? by KittyKat Q: Since 1999 Rap Music slowly made its way over Pop and Rock. and Began to dominate the charts from 2008-2010. But is it on its way out? I'm noticing old people coming back Nsync, Ricky martin, enrique, marc anthony, j-lo. Is this all to ressurect the old era? and throw away rap music? Can we expect Rap music to become a "YOu know about it if you like it" kind of thing again by 2013? And after then can we expect another Eminem to rise out and bash other celebrites to bring hip hop back to life?

A: I don't think rap music is on it's way out. How can that be with Eminem getting nominations for 10 grammys this year and winning 2? Every musical genre has highs and lows just like a lot of art and fashion. What's in this season may not be the next. Rap will always be around but it always takes a new artist to transform it into something even better than before.

Will "Domino" by Jessie J be eligible for 2013 Grammy's? by Rose Q: I get confused when songs get nominated for a Grammy when I thought it was released TWO years ago! Even songs that were on an artists previous album. So I dunno how the nomination system works. Anyhoo... I think "Domino" is one of the best songs out there; as well as Jessie J being one of the most talented musicians out there. I mean have you HEARD her acoustic performances?! I think she deserves a Grammy. I was just curious to know if she would be eligible for nominations for Domino next year. :)

A: I hope so! Jessie J is amazing! Her album is great and for writing the songs, she definitely deserves some more state side recognition for more than just "Price Tag". She's doing great in the UK though and is nominated for 3 Brit Awards this year (their version of the Grammys) Even if it's not for "Domino", maybe she'll have another single out for next year so that can be thrown in the mix. I wish that either "Who You Are" "Stand Up" or "Who's Laughing Now" is her next US single.

Can a single be nominated for a Grammy before the album is released? by Brandon Q: The title basically says it all lol. Well, a bit more detail: I've looked all over the web trying to find the "cutoff" date for the next Grammys... While I couldn't find the exact date for the 2013 Grammys, it seems like the date usually falls in late September or early September (of the preceeding year).. FOR EXAMPLE: The "cutoff' date for the 2013 Grammys would be sometime in September 2012... If anyone knows where you can go online to find the actual cutoff dates, let me know (& yes I looked on grammys.com lol)... But my REAL question is this: If you release a single from a yet-to-be-released album (prior to the Grammy cutoff date), can that single be nominated for a Grammy if its related album is not also released before that cutoff date??? Or does the single AND its related album have to be released in order for the single to be eligible for a Grammy nomination??? Seem like its somewhat hard to find answers for questions like these when searching around on Google, so hopefully someone knows! Thanks so much!

A: Yes it's possible for a single to be nominated for a Grammy, without the album being released. I believe that it happened in the past, when singles were more common place, in the music industry.

2013 Grammy Predictions? by Tyler Q: Ok, so the Grammy nominations are coming up, so here are my predictions, but could you help where you think is necessary? Album of the Year: "Born to Die"/Lana del Ray "El Camino"/The Black Keys* "Blown Away"/Carrie Underwood "Some Nights"/fun. "Believe"/Justin Bieber Song of the Year: "Somebody That I Used To Know"/Gotye* "We Are Young"/fun. "Stronger"/Kelly Clarkson "Set Fire to the Rain"/ADELE "Video Games"/Lana del Ray Record of the Year: "Somebody That I used to Know"/Gotye* "We Are Young"/fun. "Stronger"/Kelly Clarkson "We Found Love"/Rihanna & Calvin Harris "Lights"/Ellie Goulding New Artist of the Year: One Direction Hunter Hayes Phillip Phillips Lana Del Ray* (?) * by who I think will win... Could you tell me your predictions, correct mine or both?

A: My predictions for each category w/ the winner - Album of the Year: Taylor Swift/Red Mumford & Sons/Babel* P!nk/The Truth About Love Maroon 5/Overexposed Justin Bieber/Believe Song of the Year: fun./Some Nights Gotye/Somebody That I Used to Know Alex Clare/Too Close Katy Perry/Wide Awake* Taylor Swift/We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Record of the Year: Maroon 5/One More Night fun./Some Nights* Taylor Swift/We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Owl City/Good Time Carly Rae Jepsen/Call Me Maybe New Artist of the Year: Imagine Dragons Gotye One Direction fun.* Hunter Hayes Just predictions! Some are who I'm hoping for, some for who I think..

Grammy 2013 nominations? by Eddie Q: The Grammy nominations are tomorrow. Any ideas on who will get nominated?

A: Adam Lambert of course ;) and Taylor swift, demi lovato, adele etc. check out website below c:

Will Coldplay continue their Mylo Xyloto Tour in 2013? by Amy Q: If they are will they be playing in South America? Also will they have a second leg in North America?

A: Most likely they will have a full second tour like the last two. Nothing confirmed yet, but that's the pattern. The below answer claims they "know for sure" based on the Viva tour. They did tour North America twice, however, they went to slightly different cities and venues. I live near Los Angeles, on the first leg they played at the Forum near downtown, and later Anaheim. On their second leg in 2009 they returned, playing again near LA (in an outdoor stadium) as well as in Irvine and San Diego (both in amphitheaters). For the MX tour, they only played in Hollywood so far. It's very likely that next year they will return to play Anaheim and San Diego (Huge markets they almost certainly wouldn't leave out). Heck, they haven't even played Phoenix or Vegas yet! For South America, that's usually included in their Latin America tour, which is usually their last area to tour before heading back into the studio. Right now the tour extends until November. It's likely the band will take December off, maybe do a few shows or TV appearances, then return to North America at the beginning of 2013. How do I know this? Because the Grammy's will be in February, and their album will be eligible for nominations (it was released after the cut off to be eligible for this year's awards, aside from two singles). So It's likely they will schedule west coast dates around that time, as they did in 2008 and 2006.

What Do You Think About the 2013 Grammy Nominations? by Ashley Q: Are you happy Justin Bieber, One Direction, and Nicki Minaj are not nominated?

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