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Gout symptoms

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why does my foot stay swollen when the gout symptoms are gone? by CaseyH Q: i have gout and just had a bad atttack cause i started allopurinol during the attaack and now know not too do that...so i started taking some baking soda and the pain went away within a day or two but now it is sore around the area and i still cant walk ccause my ankle hurts real bad if i put weight on it and its range of movement is limited...also i still have the big knot on my toe and my ankle and my foot is still swollen but with no weight i can move them freely..also the attack lasted about 4 weeks this time and its been about five weeks total the gout pain has gone away now it is just pain from the crystal being in the joint i am guessing and tearing them up but as far as normal gout pain that is gone it just isnt getting better as far as being swollen

do any one know what a person can do to ease the symptoms of gout or to treat it? by michaelgiddens1 Q: my grandma has gout and i hope there was a treatment that was over the counter or supplementary medicine that she could take.is there certain foods in the diet or herbal treatment that may help

A: Gout is the depositing of uric acid crystals in the joints. Usually in the big toe. Her doctor should have told her what she needs to do. If in doubt just google gout. No alcohol, no meats.

what r some of the signs and symptoms of gout arthritis? by Brenda H Q: does gout arthritis affect your back if so what are some treatments that can be done

A: gout is usually caused by excess acid in body... and can attack any area, but usually effects the big toe (seriously) or feet. there are prescriptions for help,not cure.. best advice ; watch what you eat, drink and what causes the flareup.. usually spicy, sweets, etc.. also believe gout and arthritis are closely related ..the areas affected are -red-hot and swelling very pain full and sometime warm towels or hot water soaks will help calm down the attack..

best ways to relieve gout symptoms by Steve T Q:

A: The typical symptom of gout is the swelling of big toe.In gout the uric acid levels are found to be high.The therapy is based on reducing the uric acid levels thus providing relief from pain and swelling thus improving mobility of the joint.The best known medicine for the control of this condition is tab.zyloric 100mg.and 300mg.containing Allopurinol and marketed by Glaxo Smith Kline.For mild condition the dosage is 100 to 200mg.a day,moderate to severe 300 to 600mg and for very severe condition it is 600 to 900mg.a day.Please read more details under "zyloric" and consult your doctor before beginning the therapy.High uric acid can be caused by obesity,consumption of organ meat,excessive alcohol intake and certain medications like Aspirine and high blood pressure drugs including diuratics.Also try to identify the cause and try to eleminate it.

Have bursitis (diag. from MRI) in the knee - Gout like symptoms. Any tips to manage care (diets, meds?)? by JOHN P Q: Bad knee pain, when flares up hard to bend knee, walk, put on shoe... I know i'm to avoid red meats, watch uric acid buildup... just looking for tips on diet, and what remedies, including prescription and over the counter meds i can use. Thanks

A: You could take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) such as ibuprofen to reduce the swelling and pain. You shouldn't take them if you have asthma though. I would guess fish oils would help, so maybe eat more oily fish in your diet. Do you know if it's caused by an infection or not? Some people with bursitis need to go on antibiotics if it's caused by infection. If you do need to go onto antibiotics, then make sure you take probiotics to repopulate the good bacteria in your gut. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

How to cure the symptoms of Gout? Anyone? by S-Jones Q: My paps has gout in his left foot and no matter what he takes the swelling has been progressing for the last 4 days steadily and the pain too. He avoids all gout foods and has not eaten anything special lately. He is in his mid 50's. So far he has taken alka seltzer and today for the first time he took 2 Tylenol.

A: see an upper cervical specific chiropractor.

How long do Gout symptoms last? by lilbopeeper00 Q: I recently had Gout for the first time. The day after I had unbarable pain I got into the doctors and got meds. I dont remember what it was but I had to take them for 6 days. The pain and swelling are gone but I still have a bump and weird sensations in my ankle and up my leg sometimes. Is it normal? Will it go away or do I need to go back?

A: In some cases of gout, surgery is required to remove the uric acid crystals and repair the joint. A podiatrist or foot specialist doctor can determine the procedure that would be most beneficial in your case. You can get more information over here http://www.medfoot.com/art_gout.html

Has anyone ever heard of the benefits of drinking coffee to relieve the symptoms of Gout? by FLO Q: Also vitimans and herbs that help relieve the symptoms of Gout.

A: i know cherry and pomegranate extract capsules will help gout. also, flaxseed oil. it helps my dad a lot. eliminating shellfish from his diet helped too...that really seemed to trigger attacks with him.

I think my daughter has been taking some medications that are causing gout like symptoms? by Don Q: I think my daughter has been taking some medications that are causing gout like symptoms “birth control”. I believe it is a side effect. I have checked all the conventional information. I still think it is a side effect of some medication. Can anyone help?

A: You can never be too careful! Check out what type of medications your daughter is taking. And if you can't, try to sit down and talk to your daughter about your concern. I think she will understand why you talked to her about it. I hope you find out what is going on. Good luck=)

Can drinking water help lower your blood pressure?How about gout symptoms? by La Cicada Q: If it can why doesn't the Doctor emphasize it?I'm not a water drinker, but I'm only reminded to drink water when I'm giving blood for a test, sometimes and to help with weight loss. I'm wondering if it would lessen 'gout' symptoms in my big toe joint also.

A: Sorry but drinking water does not help lower blood pressure. There are many in the natural health field that recommend drinking a lot of water to help prevent and treat gout. The truth is water does not help much. If you drink very little water each day it can help a little. Your doctor does not mention it because it really does nothing to prevent the conditions. There are some things you can do to help prevent gout attacks. Here is an article that can help. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/348741/get_out_the_gout.html Rusty http://arthritis-symptom.com/Gout-Symptoms/index.htm

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