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1TheTips Circles as well as amicable design: because google+ is value your time - http://t.co/ymulFZAd

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bentrem Anyone on the ground with #OccupyWallSt? A social tactic, like "affinity groups": 5 circles of 5 > http://t.co/Xbg19AvG < #SocialAikido

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TheOnlyWouter http://t.co/so10foOJ Put me in your circles!

ecuadorguide Google+ (aka G+, Google Plus, GPlus or Googleplus) Circles - How the Circles Grow http://t.co/oRMJQBvb

alexvannier Check out this SlideShare presentation : Why Google+ Circles is Failing http://t.co/NtTM5VIy

GDIHomeBizClub Team Building Leadership: In Four Steps: Team building gets a lot of lip service in leadership circles. In this ... http://t.co/WAheUozb

x_liu @gcui weird, I can see the chirp tweet on FB. I just haven't been tweeting a lot lately. You switching to Google circles now or using both?

Celebritiestore Casting Couch - The Hollywood Reporter: A particularly busy time in casting circles sees up-and-comers battling ... http://t.co/to6jVFzL

makemoney2blog Google Plus adds new features (Creative Kit, MoGo, What's Hot) http://t.co/uUoqXW66 #googleplus #updates #circles #SEO #business

merrick @ELch0nCh0n yeah google plus circles meets Facebook

runeloyning The Brutally Honest Guide to Naming Circles in Google Plus http://t.co/pEnaYqOC


Why is there a grey circle in the screen of my Google Nexus S? by A C inquirer Q: I recently purchased a new Google Nexus S from Best Buy online, and I noticed that there is a grey circle in the screen. The only time I don't see it is when either the screen is very bright or dark. In between, I can see it, home screen included. Does anyone else have this problem, or is it only for some of the phones? Can I exchange it for another one at Best Buy?

What are Google profiles, are they the same as Google +? by Scampi Q: When I click those new Google 'like' buttons, it prompts me to create a profile. Is that the same as the new Google+ profile thing with the circles of friends? It didn't look like it.

A: Just think of Google + as facebook for google.

What are those red circles in the ocean on satellite images? by jancanyon Q: I was looking on google earth and there are weird red circles near the coast of San Clemente, California on the satellite map. Are those just reefs/coral? Not trivia really, but wasnt sure where to put it...

A: It's kelp.

What does it mean on Google Talk when there is a red circle icon with a white slash through it? by FAVRE Q: On my friend's Google Talk list on Gmail there is a name and on the left, where there will be a green circle for available or orange for idle, there is a red circle with a white slash through it. What does this mean?

A: On my Gmail it says it can either mean "busy" "chat me" or it can have a custom message.

If i play on Google Earth long enough, will I catch Crop Circle makers in their hoax red-handed?!?!? by Poyzin Q: Or, it would even be cool to see a crop circle on google earth , after it's already been made. Do you have any coordinates for me to look at one? Where in England is the most crop circles? Near Stone Henge?

A: LOl! Wrong time of year for crop circles, you'll have to wait till next year! And they do it in the dark so I guess yoiu wouldn't see anything. Tehy occur all over arable fields here! Wiltshire did used to have quite a few, but they are spread out, and random. We've had quite a few in Buckinghamshire too! Good luck, you may have a long wait!

on google earth, there are random circles in colorado, what are they? by tigerlilie266 Q: it is north east of the four corners, there are just random green circles, does anyone know what they are? http://s280.photobucket.com/albums/kk171/oxalbxo777/?action=view¤t=untitled.jpg

A: they are grain fields watered using center pivot irrigation systems. http://www.tutorgig.com/ed/Irrigation http://www.aspenranchrealestate.com/irrigation-systems.html http://www.tlirr.com/irrigation/center_pivot you notice each one has a line in it. (some are hard to see.) that's the sprinkler arm. it travels slowly in a circle. but i cannot find how long it takes to complete a revolution.

Way to generate online maps with distance circles overlays? by pschroeter Q: I would like to generate a map in a site like Google Maps which has radius circles of different distances I choose overlaid on it which are centered on my house. Is there a way or site to do this? I know there are ways to ask some of these places the distances between two points, but I want to be able to, say find all the places which are 10, 50, 100, 200, ect miles from my house so I can develop a sense of distance.

A: As a programmer, writing such a thing would be relatively simple. However, somebody has beaten me to the punch and you should be able to do exactly what you describe. I've included the link below for you

What's up with all of those circles in Roswell, New Mexico? I saw them on Google Maps Satellite view.? by Sherry W Q:

A: They are Central pivot Irrigation fields. A farmer drills an irrigation well and install a machine that travels around it in a circle, watering the crops. Since the plants outside the circle don't get as much water, the circular field stands out from the background. This is pretty common method of irrigation in a dry climates. Sometimes, if there is an obstruction of some sort, the machine goes through a three quarter circle or a half circle.

On google maps, what are these circles!!!!? by MJ_3000 Q: Ok, I was checking out the southeast part of colorado and I was wondering what these circles of land are! They go on for miles! How could someone live there! You will see a few houses once in a while. Just really curious as to what this is? http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=928+E+115th+Pl+northglenn+co&sll=39.861875,-105.03865&sspn=0.001643,0.003487&ie=UTF8&ll=37.304099,-102.187443&spn=0.125621,0.288391&t=h&z=13

A: Those are vegetation circles created by pivot irrigation systems. They usually cover a 1/4 section of land, 160 acres, 1/4 square mile.

Have you ever seen the Google Map's "Crop Circles"? by Cranberrydude Q: If not go to google.com/maps and then click My Maps, there you can checkmark "Crop Circles" and you'll see a few white points across the globe map. Note: They are not UFO crop circles, they are commercial ones instead. And what do you think about them? i have seen the "FireFox" so far.

A: Why are they this interesting if they're not UFO crop circles, or at least mysterious?

Why don't someone make a way to turn your whole facebook into a google plus circle? by Terry Q: Someone should make a easy way to transfer all your friends and info to google+ Just put a $_$ idea out there :)

A: Since they are competing entities, the corporations will never do it, and anyone who comes up with a hack will probably be charged under federal statutes.

with google plus, what goes extended circles mean? by That Guy Q: does that mean, show all your circles? or can other people see it?

A: Extended circles are basically like the "friends of friends" on Google+. It's a more public domain and whatever you share will be visible to the world. Sometimes on Google+ there are these popular posts that pop up on your news feed, and the only reason you can see them is because they have their privacy settings to "extended circles". It's not quite public, but if you share and re-blog it enough, the content can become very visible and accessible.

What are the circles that appear in landscape when you type EARTH, in Google Earth? by curiously Q:

A: crops

Why does the google logo link to crop circles? by suuurrrreeee Q:

A: I will take a stab at this because I was confused too...I think it might have something to do with Surrey, England, where on September 15, 1985, a “flying saucer” was spotted. However, if you noticed the google thing 10 days ago (Exeter, New Hampshire, held its first UFO festival on Sept 5th to commemorate the sighting of a famous UFO in this area on this day), one of the "o"s was missing--this time the "L" is barely noticeable...no one is quite sure what is going on with it yet and there has been a lot of speculation...A post in the Google Korea Blog says that their will be 3 logos total to celebrate a famous person. The Crop Circles is the second logo. The hints posted on the Google Korea blog included: “mystery, transparency, and novel”.... It is Google’s 11th birthday this month, so we will probably find out later that they are running a tribute to someone important to Google as a company...

Where Do u see CROP CIRCLES using GOOGLE EARTH ? by The AnswerMan ? (J.L.A) Q: Crop circles which are said to be made by aliens!!! i can see alot of circles on corn fields...but none are "wierd", as they say... NOTE: Genuine locations will be appreciated!!! please dont just answer for points, dont JUST give the COUNTRY, its a BIG PLANET!! ..please try to give accurate locations. please!!

A: England isnt actually all that big and thats where most have happened as far as i know, put it into a web search, how are we supposed to know all this stuff, if you dont.

does your google have those colorful moving circles right now? by Karissa Q:

A: whoa! thats cool. wasnt expecting that EDIT--nope youre not the only one. i was like hmmm? idk. let me go check... REDIT-- OMG!!! they move when you roll the pointer over them *gaps* woooow. yes im too excited, bored, and tired but not ready for bed.... kbye now.

In your circles on GOOGLE+ is the category "following" sort of the same as following someone on TWITTER? by Sarahmb2 Q:

A: It's just another preset name for one of your circles. No matter what circle you put someone in, everything they post will show up on your stream, It can be "following" "family" "friends" whatever, The labels just help to keep things organized. I use "following" for famous people I want to keep up on. So yeah it's kinda like twitter. :)

Where can i find CROP CIRCLES on Google Maps? by soejdfi Q: any addresses, or specific cities?

A: Use the search feature in google. There are a bunch of sights some free for sign up as well.

When i add someone to Google plus circle do they get an email even if they are not on Google+? by beav Q: When i add someone to Google plus circle do they get an email even if they are not on Google+? i.e. is Google spamming my contacts without telling me?

A: Yes, when you add or send invitation to your friend,then an email is sent by google to your friend stating that your friend has added him,this case is also when your friend is not on google+..

Google+ chat help with talking to specific people within Circles.? by Eli S Q: Everywhere across the web, people have been showing that under the drop down menu next to chat, there is an option to select which circles you want to chat with. Under my drop down menu, there is no "Chat" option whatsoever. Does anyone know how I can go about adding that to the drop down menu so I can finally talk to my friends?

A: What you should get is what I have it's awesome and it's free. It's not a chat program but your own chat room that also have video and you can talk on the microphone. I can't believe it's free but it is very good. See below.


A: I tried crop circles and found many many! So try crop circles. Be sure you have the latest Google earth.

If I remove someone from one of my circles on Google+, will that instantly remove me from their circles? by Reef Q:

Does Google+ let you HIDE photos from certain "circles"? by Lyla Potter Q: I don't have a Google+ account but I wanted to know about it's photo sharing. Are you able to prevent certain circles seeing content such as photos and still have them as "Friends". It's the problem I have with FaceBook. I want to have my parents added but I don't want them to see my drunk photos. So curious! Thanks

A: Of course, infact when you upload an album you choose which circles you want to allow to see, But there is no option to not let 1 person in a circle not to see. So you would basically have to make a new circle without that person, or remove that person from that circle. for example. So I had a circle family. I wanted everyone in that circle to see family photos except 1 person. I cannot selefectively deselect that 1 person from that circle,, i would either have to create a new circle without that person or remove tha persom from that circle. But other circles like friends, co-workers unless they are added (or belong to the family circle also), they won't get to see.

Where do I find crop-circles on Google Earth? by SteffSucks Q:

A: Go north of London - around in the middle of England, zoom in, search during late august till december.

Google Plus Circles Question? by Divine Paladin Q: If someone adds me on Google Plus, but I do not add them back, Do they still get notifications when I post publicly...or do I have to add everyone that adds me for them to really be able to see and get notified on all my public posts.

A: Hi Divine, If someone add you in his/her circle and you do not add them then your publicly shared post will be up in their stream and could be search in Google+ and also if some one go to your Google+ profile then they can see your publicly post but if you shared any post to a particular circle then only they can eligible to see your post in their stream with no search in Google+ and no one (except that circle's user )can't see your update. Hope this helps you! for more tips on Google Plus follow the below link. Best Regards! Kamlesh

On Google Earth, around Yuma, Colorado, there are land circles everywhere. I am curious as to what these are? by Julie Q: There are circles everywhere...they look incredibly unnatural. I read somewhere that it is probably a farming technique but I am curious if anyone knows anything more detailed?

A: Center-pivot irrigation (sometimes called central pivot irrigation), also called circle irrigation, is a method of crop irrigation in which equipment rotates around a pivot. A circular area centred on the pivot is irrigated, often creating a circular pattern in crops when viewed from above. There are lots of 'em around Lubbock, Texas too...

On my Google+ account is there any way to prevent others from seeing who is in my circles? by Gliese 581c Q:

A: Just go through all your settings. I'm sure it's in there somewhere.

can people in google+ circles know that who is in the circle of me? by Raha Q:

A: People you add to Google+ circles are organised that way for your convenience only. They do not have any way of knowing whether they're in your circles nor who else is in them unless you choose to tell them. In the same manner, you will not be told if another Google+ user adds you to any of their circles.

In Google+ is their a way that i can approve who adds me in their circles? by Dylan Q: Well a bunch of random people are adding me in their circles, so how can i block them, then is their a way that i can choose who can add me into their circles, just like a facebook friend approval?

A: As of now there is no way to that (at least not that I know of). Google is always taking feedback on how to improve Google+, so just submit some feedback about that feature and see what happens. They will most likely roll out a bunch of updates once it comes out of the current limited beta, so that issue may be fixed soon enough. If not, then keep submitting feature requests and feedback to see what happens.

Google Earth Circles? by Tha man Q: Go on to google earth and type in "Kearny Kansas". There are thousands of green and tan circles in that area. What are they?

A: yo dude they are definitely aliens.

Google plus users, I need your help with circles? by James Q: Can you change what circles are encompassed in the "your circles" post option? Can I have all my circles except one in that option so when I make a post and select to post to "your circles", I will post to all my circles except that one?

A: you can select the circles and remove the friend you dont want to share with

google plus circles private? by Human Q: when you add contacts into a google plus circle viz "Jerks" is it possible that they can know of it or they will simply know that they are in your circles?

A: Anyone in your circles will know that their in one of your circles. But they won't know what circle their in. They also won't know what you share with other circles.

Can I put a contact in different circles using Google+? by Whatever Whatever Q:

Can people in Google Plus see which circles they're in? by Rose Arizona Q: Like, if I wanted to create a circle called "people whom I can't ignore, but don't really want to interact with," might I offend someone? Hypothetically, of course.

A: No they do not. Only you can. I have people in a circle called "weird people i dont know"

What are the big green and black circles i see when I google earth Dell city, texas? Are they crop fields? ? by 83f2504x4 Q: I think these are crop Fields but I am unsure. Does anyone know what these are?

A: They are fields watered by systems called center pivot irrigation. You can see them all the way from Texas north into Canada. BTW they cost thousands of dollars, but where there's little rain they let crops grow that couldn't otherwise. On the other hand, widespread use has seriously depleted groundwater in much of the Great Plains. Here's a short article and a video http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Center_pivot_irrigation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOw8VulOaXU

How can I build a list for my niche on Google Plus? by Michael Q: I have a lot of people included in my Google+ circles and I want to build a list for them for my niche. I was wondering how I can best do that?

A: Michael, yes google+ profile lists are a great way to find people from around the world who share your interests, profession, etc and to make it easy for others to locate and add you in their circles I'm providing a link to the article which tells you how to best create the list

Google+ Circles Problem? by pooperoonies Q: So I got an invite to google+, and I added some of my friends to my circles, then i get a notification that this guy i don't know added me to his circle? I blocked him, but i'm not out of his circle, how do i get me out of his circle? please help!

A: Unfriend him if U are still on his circle then report to d team. Some things are not smooth but + is cool.

Google+ circles errors? by Triple will Q: Anyone else experiencing errors in google+? I receive notifications of my friends adding me to their circle, and when I look on their profile, I'm in their circle, but when I go to the circles page, they don't show up on the list of people that have me in their circles, even though their profile says they does. Anyone have the same issue?

A: Google+ is under trial now and their are checking with limited amount of users. So errors during this time will not be a problem. It will be cleared soon.

Does your youtube activity get shared with people in your circles on google plus? by Audrey Q:

Are there any noticable crop circles on google earth? by andy c Q: So, is there anywhere on google earth where you can see crop circles?

A: yes j

What are these circles on Google Earth? by GestaltZe Q: What are these circles? Found on Google Earth, if you couldn't tell. There's a town in there for comparison. http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/gg84/SummonerWolf/circles.jpg

A: A crop. Sprinkler goes in a circle.

What are those huge green circles from the Google Earth view around Pasco, WA? by Pat H Q: They look very unusual. Most are green, but some are much lighter, even white or gray looking. Really odd! Never seen that before!

A: Those are irrigated fields. A large sprinkler system moves around a central axis and produces a crop in the shape of a circle. Colors vary depending on the crop, whether it's growing, ripe or already harvested.

What's special about Google+ circles? by manuha101 Q: What is it about circles that makes Google+ an attraction to many? Please share your opinions. Thank you Manoj

A: Because when i talk i don't want anyone to see it, I don't mind people seeing it but I'm pretty sure they don't care what I'm up too on a Saturday night. But i still want to have people added. But using circles you can make groups of mates and talk to them all privately. I have circles for everyone added. Circles for my family. And circles for my Breddahs. :)

Why does Google have crop circles as their logo? by Where's my scooby snack? Q: I noticed last week or something like that they had a ufo logo. Anyone know what's up? Yes, I have Googled it and it just takes me to a bunch of articles about crop circles. And yes, I do know that Google usually has a reason for their logos. Maybe they ran out of ideas and this is a random thing. As long as I've been using Google, they've always had cool logos and a good reason for them.

A: Aliens

When you add someone to your circles in google + do they get an email? by al x Q: Just wondering if it is unwise to cancel an invite i sent to someone and if they recieve their e-mail. Its ok ether way just wondering if anyone knows what happens when you add someone to your circle. Thanks.

A: Yes it notifies them if they have that enabled.

Why does Google have crop circles for a logo today? by john Q: Does September 15th that have something to do with crop circles?

A: "The mysterious crop circle logo showed up early Tuesday, along with a set of map coordinates from the Google twitter account pointing to: 51.327629, -0.5616088. According to The Guardian News, the Google coordinates pinpoint the center of a small town called Horsell in Surrey, England. The spot was made famous by H.G. Wells, as a landing spot for the first UFOs in his 1898 inter-stellar invasion book 'War of the Worlds.'" I don't know about the date, but this seems as likely a reason as any for it.

what are the green circles with checkmarks on google now? by ambie Q: just recently when i search for something in google it comes up with these green circles nex to the websites with a checkmark in them and some are red with an x in the middle. what are these? does that mean the checked sites are ok and the red ones will give me a virus?

A: It means that when it is next to a link that that website has no viruses or spyware and stuff like that. BUT when it is red you should not go there because there are spyware and viruses and stuff on that website.

Can I put the same contact in different circles using Google+? by Whatever Whatever Q: For example: John for Friend, college and Aussie circles.

A: Sure, click on Circles, search for the friend, then drag and drop the friend's card into all the circles you want.

When, where and how can I join Google+ Circles? by Claire Q: Is it released yet? Is it still in BETA? Has it even ever came out? Will it? Ironically I've been searching on Google on where to join this but have yet to find anything to lead me to a sign-up or registering page for it.

A: You can sign from here: https://plus.google.com But you gonna need and invitation from someone who already is in Google+. Read this for more information: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AuGiXv6e9lAfdqmn6ZgTsLnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110707091351AAxbbM3

Why does Google have this fascination with UFOS and crop circles? by Chris Q: Google's mystery fascination with UFOs and crop circles creates hot buzz on Twitter and other blog and social sites. This has happened twice in 10 days. What is the big deal? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/google/6192586/Google-crop-circle-doodle-mystery-Coordinates-clue.html

A: If you have to explain the punch line to a joke it doesn't work. The same could be said of insight and reflection.

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