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Golden globe winners

'The Artist,' 'Descendants' Lead Golden Globe Winners
15 (Bloomberg) -- “The Artist” won three Golden Globes, boosting the financial prospects for Weinstein Co.'s silent, black-and-white movie and its chances to win at next month's Academy Awards. “The Descendants,” from News Corp. ...

Golden Globe winners: Color Matt LeBlanc and Octavia Spencer surprised
By Jen Chaney Matt LeBlanc: as shocked as you were that he won a Golden Globe for “Episodes.” (Matt Sayles - AP) Were you surprised that Matt LeBlanc won the Golden Globe for best actor in a TV comedy for playing himself on “Episodes”? ...

Big Golden Globe winners so far: Christopher Plummer, Laura Dern and 'Homeland'
By Jen Chaney The Golden Globe winners thus far have been a mix of the expected (Christopher Plummer, who snagged a statuette for best supporting actor in a motion picture) to the semi-surprising (Laura Dern, named best actress in a TV comedy for ...

Golden Globes 2012: 'Beginners', 'The Artist' and 'W.E.' Are Early Winners in ...
'Beginners' brings Christopher Plummer in winning Best Supporting Actor award, while 'The Artist' and 'WE' grab the prizes for Best Score and Best Song respectively. Golden Globe Awards 2012 has just been kicked off on Sunday evening, January 15 at the ...

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Where can I find good articles on the 64th Golden Globes? by loulou Q: Also if anyone could give me the list of the nominees and the winners I'd very much appreciate it. Website links are fine.Thanks.

A: Why not go to the source, the official website http://www.hfpa.org/

Do the Oscars hate comedy movies? and other questions? by TaylorSwiftEveTorresFan Q: I wonder because it's very rare when a comedy gets an Oscar nod. Some comedies do get nominations like Juno and Tropic Thunder. But other than that, comedys usually never get nominated. Does the Academy just not like to laugh of something? BQ3: How do they determine who gave the best performance in a movie anyway? BQ2: Why are the Critics Choice and Golden Globe winners for Best Song usually very boring? (The Wrestler was an awesome movie, but the song was so boring. Same for the song that won this year, The Weary Kind). I know everyone has the right to an opinion, but these songs straight up bore me.) BQ3: Why do people hate Twilight Saga: New Moon so much? Alot of people hate it and it has a chance to get nominated for 7 different Razzies (worst movie awards). Is it just because teen girls like it or is it really that bad?

A: It's not that the Academy hates comedy, it's just that they don't consider comedy to be worth of Oscar recognition. When comedies are nominated, it's usually for screen writing or acting. I don't recall seeing a true comedy get a nod for Best Director or Best Picture. But I do think attitudes i Hollywood are changing. The face of the Academy is changing as older member die off and I think this is resulting in a body which has greater appreciation for comedy and animation. BQ3: The acting awards are purely subjective. But since the nominations and the award are voted on by a large body, it's the performances that were most liked by the body as a whole. In general, the Academy loves to give recognition to actors who go ugly, who play real people, or who portray some sort of disability. And maybe there is something to say about these being the most challenging types of roles. BQ2: The songs which win for best song are usually those which have the biggest emotional impact - especially in the context of the movie. But when you add a name like Paul McCartney or Bruce Springsteen, it's guaranteed to get extra attention. At least in recent years there has been more of an effort to pick songs which are actually part of the movie, rather than songs which only play over the credits. BQ3: I don't hate Twilight, but I simply don't care about it.

golden globe puzzles me? by WISEME06 Q: "Best Actor winner Mickey Rourke rock a repulsive getup" this is quoted from a report on this year's awarding ceremony, but i wonder what does the word "rock" here mean?? shake, surprise or something else?

A: ??? how come i could answer my own question??

"the sepration"winner in golden golobs.DO you like it? by Q: Los Angeles, Jan 16 (IANS) Iranian film "A Separation" walked away with the Golden Globe award for best foreign language film at the gala ceremony here. Directed by Asghar Farhadi, the movie narrates the story of a married couple faced with a difficult decision -- to improve the life of their child by moving to another country or to stay in Iran and look after a deteriorating parent who has Alzheimer's.

What famous mother & daughter .......? by AnnaMaria Q: were both Golden Globe winners?

A: goldie hawn and kate hudson?

who is the winner in golden globes 2012? by Q: best actor ,, best actrees...

Where can I watch the Golden Globes online? by tarantino Q: I was not able to watch the live ceremony,and on youtube and the official site there are only around 4 short clips, so dont you know where I can watch at least the big winners acceptance speeches ,like Mickey Rourkes or Danny Boyles speech?

A: http://www.GRAB0ID.com has the whole Golden Globes unedited. Check that out.

Considering certain Barca players are being nominated at the golden globes and such? by Q: Who are the past winners? Nominees?

A: There weren't any. Barcelona invented diving and crowding the referees plus kicking players and trying to put rival players on the injury list, oh wait...

Is there anywhere I can watch the 2010/2011 Golden Globes? by softballplyr16 Q: Yes, I know that there are lists of all the winners, but I really wanted to watch it. Hopefully, the internet can help me with this one.

A: I've posted a list of the winners with videos underneath with each category. It's not one complete video, but you can see the whole thing in parts: http://www.filmletes.com/golden-globe-winners Hope this helps!

Who was the girl helping on stage at the 2012 golden globes? by Q: The one telling the winners were to go and stand.

How About Golden Globe awards for countries? by Q: Take a random sample of scientist (incognito) from various disciplines, from different countries. Ask them to rate countries according to a standard with allowances for differences in resources and demands. Include such things as sense of well being, leadership, humanitarian effort, security, creativity. empowerment, equality, tolerance, productivity, most progress, etc. etc. (I'm sure there are many choices). Announce nominees and winners each year at the first meeting of the New Year at the United Nations. Give out awards! Maybe a runner up award for most Congenial Maybe that would motivate us to do better! Gene- well said!

A: I nominate Denmark for their many citizens who use bicycles each day in spite of the fact that almost all of them can afford cars. I nominate Canada for having so many cheerful people who are kind hosts to visitors from the USA... They are generally more courteous than people in L.A. and tend to be good listeners. It blows me away. I nominate the people of Costa Rica for minding their own business and being laid back, tolerant folks. I nominate the PRC (China) for giving the world the best Olympics ever and good reason to be optimistic that things are getting a little bit better in that nation. I nominate The Republic of South Africa for showing the world that great changes in consciousness are possible on a national level. I nominate Brazil - They love a good party, their ladies are HOT, and their beer is cold. I nominate the USA: We did something that nobody thought was possible: we elected a good man president who is not white - perhaps the American dream of unlimited opportunity is not dead. Just a few reasons for optimism and hope for continued growth and sanity in the world.

Golden Globes? Do you watch them? by Mila Q: What are your preditions: http://movies.aol.com/golden-globes/nominee-winner

A: Best Picture - Drama 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Best Director - David Fincher Best Actor - Drama- Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt Best Actress - Drama- Angelina Jolie Best Picture - Musical/Comedy- 'Burn After Reading' Best Supporting Actor- Heath Ledger Best Supporting Actress - Penelope Cruz Best Animated Feature Film - Wall-E or Kun fu panda Best Original Score - Changeling Best Television Drama - House Best Actor - Television Drama - Hugh Laurie Best Television Musical/Comedy - 30 Rock Best Actor - Television Musical/Comedy - Alec Baldwin Best Actress - Television Musical/Comedy - Tina Fey

Who was in the Golden Globes 2011 memorial? by ComedyLiker23 Q: I was busy last night, and I missed the Golden Globes. I really don't care much for the winners. I just like the short memorial for the recently deceased. Who was in it? This is kind of a random, extra question, but was Greg Giraldo in it? I'm only asking because he was my favorite comedian, and I met him only a week before his death. :(

A: I fast-forwarded through most of the speeches, and as they were cutting away to commercials, and I don't recall seeing one.

Name the actor who gave his Golden Globe Award to another nominee? by conavra Q: At a Golden Globe Award show an actor won a"Best Actor Award"and upon receiving it,called up to the stage a co-nominee to get that award.For 10 points name the award winner and the actor who was then subsequently awarded by the winner. This one is tough so I will surrender clues to these actors;The winner was born in New York City,N.Y.mostly known for tough-guy roles and has starred in a major Quentin Tatantino movie/The fellow nominee was born in Newton,Massachusetts,has been confirmed a Hollywood legend in most circles(has passed on),was a favorite actor of the late Director-Billy Wilder.I need both names to confirm a win!Thanks! Last clue:The winner has played a gay role in a movie once/The fellow nominee played a comedic role as a female impersonator once in a famous movie.To wrap this up,the Golden Globe Award was for"Best Actor in a Made-for-television Miniseries or Movie".

A: Ving Rhames gave his award to Jack Lemmon.

When are the Golden Globe Awards for 2007 going to take place? by Harley Quinn. Q: And if they have already - Can someone provide me with a link of the list of winners!!! .... Thanks!

A: January 15th 2007 Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, California Live on NBC 8:00 EST http://www.hfpa.org/

Golden Globes: if -you- chose the winners...? by David Q: The Golden Globes air tonight on NBC. http://www.goldenglobes.org/nominations/ My personal preferences: Best Motion Picture - Drama: The Fighter Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama: Jennifer Lawrence, Winter's Bone Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama: James Franco, 127 Hours Best Motion Picture - Comedy Or Musical: The Kids Are All Right Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy Or Musical: Annette Bening, The Kids Are All Right Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy Or Musical: Johnny Depp, Alice in Wonderland (though, to be fair, I haven't seen Giamatti or Spacey's films yet) Best Performance by an Actress In A Supporting Role in a Motion Picture: Jacki Weaver, Animal Kingdom Best Performance by an Actor In A Supporting Role in a Motion Picture: Christian Bale, The Fighter Best Animated Feature Film: How to Train Your Dragon Best Foreign Language Film: I've only seen I Am Love, though Biutiful seems AMAZING. It's not opened in my area yet, sadly. Best Director - Motion Picture: David O. Russell, The Fighter Best Screenplay - Motion Picture: Inception Best Original Score - Motion Picture: 127 Hours Best Original Song - Motion Picture: "I See the Light" from Tangled I'm less invested in the TV categories, though I would love to see Boardwalk Empire win Best Television Series - Drama and Romola Garai (Emma) win Best Performance by an Actress In A Mini-series or Motion Picture Made for Television. I know! I can't believe they didn't nominate Ke$ha for her amazing performance in The King's Speech!

A: Hey David! I'm ashamed to admit that "I Am Love" is the only nominated movie I've seen so I can't make any picks. I am dying to see Black Swan, Blue Valentine and The Kings Speech. I pulled the "The Kids Are All Right" out of my mailbox the other day so I'll watch it tomorrow. The second half of Boardwalk Empire's season was fantastic. I was going to stop watching after four episodes so I'm glad I stuck with it. The Walking Dead is my pick though. Romola Garai was the best Emma I've seen but Claire Danes is going to get it for Temple Grandin (which I did see and thought was great.) edit: OMG Ke$ha was totally robbed. They should've created a new category "Best Performance of a Dipshit on a Comedy/Musical Variety Show" for her appearance on Saturday Night Live. edit 2: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-12206235 I don't buy the whole "we had planned an hour of the show without an appearance by the host." I think the Scientologists backstage were force feeding cooking oil and vitamins to Ricky.

Has the trophy for the Golden Globe award gotten smaller (circa 2009)? by John S. Q: I seem to recall the trophy for the Golden Globe award being much bigger, with a figure holding up a much larger framework globe that was about the size of an orange or small grapefruit. This year in 2009 I noticed the globe was about the size of an egg. Am I getting my awards mixed up, or did the Golden Globe award trophy get smaller this past year? In that it recognizes accomplishments in film, a Golden Globe award is considered a precursor to a likely Academy Award coming a bit later in the year. Therefore, is a smaller Golden Globe trophy even a concern to most of the winners? If you were an actor or actress trying to fill your mantle or glass display case with impressive awards, would you feel less enthused with the smaller 2009 Golden Globe trophy? Why were the Golden Globe people being cheaper with their trophies this year? Does the weakened economy have anything to do with it?

A: Yes, they have re-designed the trophy since the last Golden Globes. According to one article, the trophies were re-designed to improve their appearance and also make them more durable during transit. The trophy is smaller, but the globe is supposed to be more detailed and more accurate, and there's a new marble base. It also comes with a leather-bound, velvet-lined carrying case.

Who enjoyed the Golden Globes? by The Other Lover Q: I didn't. I don't agree with more than half of the awards that were given out. http://omg.yahoo.com/p/golden-globe-awards/winners/

A: ... I don't care.

The Golden Globes are tonight! Care to predict the winners (movie categories)? by Be Here Now, Paperbag Q: The nominations -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/66th_Golden_Globe_Awards#Film My predictions: Best Film - Drama - "Slumdog Millionaire" Best Film - Musical or Comedy - "In Bruges" (*fingers crossed*) Best Actor - Drama - Sean Penn, "Milk" Best Actor - Musical or Comedy - Dustin Hoffman, "Last Chance Harvey" Best Actress - Drama - Meryl Streep, "Doubt" Best Actress - Musical or Comedy - Sally Hawkins, "Happy-Go-Lucky" Best Supporting Actor - Heath Ledger, "The Dark Knight" Best Supporting Actress - Kate Winslet, "The Reader" Best Director - Danny Boyle, "Slumdog Millionaire" Best Screenplay - Simon Beaufoy, "Slumdog Millionaire" Best Animated Film - "WALL-E" Best Foreign Language Film - "Gomorrah" Best Original Score - Alexandre Desplat, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" Best Original Song - Bruce Springsteen's "The Wrestler" Heath and "WALL-E" are surefire winners.

A: Alexandre Desplat created a score for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"? Now I want to see the movie even more! He did a fantastic job in "The Painted Veil," which has one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. I'm going to trust your judgment on this. There are so many movies I haven't seen yet. I wish Fiennes would win best actor, but that's a long stretch. And I haven't seen The Reader yet, so I can't really judge if he'd deserve it or not. And I know this is really sad because, again--I haven't seen the movie, but I -have- seen the trailer for "The Wrestler" for whatever that's worth... I'm hoping that Rourke will get best actor, though Penn wouldn't disappoint either. But you don't think Revolutionary Road will win anything? Or Frost/Nixon? (I haven't seen either movie, but I've heard great things).

did zsa zsa gabor win a golden globe award? by Q: 1958 she might have been voted most glamourour actress, who are other winners?

A: Hi. :) To answer your question, yes, Zsa Zsa Gabor won a Golden Globe award for "Most Glamorous Actress," though different sites say this occurred in different years ( http://www.hollywood.com/celebrity/Zsa_Zsa_Gabor/197803 claims 1957, while http://blogs.indiewire.com/jamesisrael/archives/011393.html insists '58). To your other question, no one else has ever won the award; it was no longer awarded the following year. Best wishes -- and may you be glamorous too. :) Cheers, sm

Which one do you prefer? The winner of Academy Award or Golden Globe? by v_aaragorn Q: Please explain your answer, I think Golden Globe focus more on art and there are more deep movies there but of course I always see all the Academy winner movies. Which ones do you prefer? At last someone answered it, I wonder if I had asked which one do you prefer, Brad pit or Johnny Depp I would have gotten many answers by now, anyways even one answers sometimes brings happiness, specially a good one. Having 3 answers for a question like this means I'm blessed :D I myself really liked to know which one of them are more popular, sorry, at the time I type that details I was disapointed because nobody wasn't answering my question. (Johnny rocks, I am his Edward Scissorhand) oops, I meant I am his fan since Edward Scissorhand

A: I agree that the Golden Globes focus more on the art of filmmaking and acting. I also think the Oscars are more for recognition by the industry itself while the Golden Globes are directed more toward the people that made these films popular...we the moviegoers.

golden globes winner? by blairxo Q: does anyone know who won the golden globe for the best drama series?

A: Doesn't say yet. Here are the nominees though... The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Warner Bros. Pictures and Paramount Pictures; Warner Bros. Pictures and Paramount Pictures Frost/Nixon Imagine Entertainment, Working Title, Studio Canal; Universal Pictures The Reader Mirage Enterprises; The Weinstein Company Revolutionary Road An Evamere Entertainment BBC Films Neal Street Production; DreamWorks Pictures in Association with BBC Films and Paramount Vantage Slumdog Millionaire Fox Searchlight Pictures and Warner Bros.; Fox Searchlight Pictures and Warner Bros. Check back later at the Golden Globes Website- Winners and Nominees http://www.goldenglobes.org/nominations/

Your favorites to win at the Golden Globe Awards this year (List included)? by Q: Go here: http://movies.aol.com/golden-globes/nominee-winner I want Burton to win best director 'cause he's freaking awesome! Depp and Bonham-Carter to win for Sweeney Todd, I just think they are both really cool. As for best picture, I haven't seen any of 'em so I can't say much about them. Your favorites?

A: best picture drama - atonement best director - tim burton best actor drama - denzel washington best actress drama - toss up between cate blanchett and angelina jolie best picture musical - sweeney todd best actor musical - johnny depp best actress musical - helena bonham carter best supporting actor - john travolta best supporting actress - cate blanchett best animated film - ratatouille best screenplay - atonement best original score - atonement best television drama - greys anatomy best television drama actor - hugh laurie best television drama actress - sally field best television comedy - extras best television comedy actor - steve carell best television comedy actress - america ferrera best supporting actor television - william shatner or donald sutherland best supporting actress television - jaime pressley or katherine heigl

what 1999 golden globe film winner did not receive an oscar nomination? by BIMISHA B Q:

A: Jim Carrey, of course. He won the Golden Globe for The Truman Show. He's never been nominated for an Oscar, but he probably will be someday.

Out of these chose who do you think will win the Golden Globe? by Mila Q: http://movies.aol.com/golden-globes/nominee-winner

A: Slumdog Millionaire.

How much do Golden Globe Grand Stand Tickets sell for? by Q: A few days ago I won 3 tickets for the golden globe awards. the tickets are for the grand stand where we will be seated to watch the stars arrive. i have one ticket left over and no one to take so i plan on selling it. does anyone know how much tickets like these sell for? not sure if there are any other perks we get as winners of a contest.

A: Try contacting the HFPA at http://www.goldenglobes.org/contact/ and see if they can quote a price. I know the Beverly Hills Hilton is charging $3000 for a 2 day package including these tickets (see http://www.beverlyhilton.com/Meetings/meetings.asp). I will be in L.A. that day and I'm interested in going, so let me know what you would want for it!

Who would you like to see present or host the Golden Globe Awards? And why? by Mr Tambourine Man Q: This year's upcoming Golden Globe Awards will be hosted by British comedian Ricky Gervais, again. Who would you like to see host next year, and why? Explore full coverage of the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards (presentation on Sunday, January 15, 2012) from award nominees to award winners at http://omg.yahoo.com/goldenglobes/. BQ. Why don't my questions get sponsored?

A: I really couldn't care less. BQ: You don't have a green badge....... or any badge for that matter. :)

What do you think about the winners of Golden Globes 2008? by Punk Princess Q: I am really excited, because Johnny Depp won the best actor in musical/comedy award(!) and Sweeney Todd the best movie musical/comedy award!!! Also, Marion Cotilliard won the best actress in musical/comedy award for "La vie en Rose"!!! What do you think?

A: I try not to get too wrapped up in the falderah of awards shows, but I personally was extremely happy to see Depp and Burton win something for once. Sweeney was a beautifully done film and it deserved recognition, as did Johnny for what may be his most daring role to date. I agree that it's hard to gauge a film in terms of "good" or "bad," but it's been done for years, and it's always exciting to root for a film for which you have a lot of enthusiasm. Megan

which golden globe winner deserve his/her award the most? by kish Q:

A: Felicity Huffman...her performance as a guy in transamerica was awesome.

Quick POLL : Golden Globe Winner for BEST animated feature : BOLT, KUNG FU PANDA or WALL E? by C♥ฬღk ɫαɱραɳ Q: First correct answer deserves the point. I'll pick it on Tuesday. HURRY UP!

A: Hopefully WALL-E... that movie was the sh*t.

Who do you predict to be the big winners at the Golden Globes? by gizmo2 Q: Best movie? Best actor? Best actress? Or just who is your favorites, winners tonight or not?

A: I hope Betty White wins best actress in a comedy series.

What are your predictions for Golden Globes and Oscar winners? by Q: I love hearing what everyone thinks, say the main categories.

A: Globes who I think will win Best Picture - Inception Actress - Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry Actor - Colin Firth for The King's Speech Oscars I want to win Best Picture The King's Speech The Fighter I Love You Phillip Morris Best Actress Nicole Kidman Halle Berry Best Actor Colin Firth James Franco Supporting Actress - Mila Kunis for Black Swan (she already won an award at the Venice Festival, the only award for Black Swan there) Best Screenplay - Inception Best Adapted Screenplay - I Love You Phillip Morris Best Director - Fincher for The Social Network (crappy movie, but direction was superb, like always)

who was the golden globe winner for Best Actor in a drama in 1990? by creeper Q:

A: Tom Cruise, for Born on the Fourth of July. Sadly, Dead Poets Society and My left Foot were both overlooked by the Golden Globes that year.

Favorite Oscar/Golden Globe Winner of the 2000's (Rank these Films)? by Trylemma (Market Voluntaryist) Q: Which has been your favorite Oscar and/or Golden Globe (Drama, with all due respect to the "comedy/musical" films which are typically better than the drama ones) winner for best picture thus far in the 2000's? Here's my list. 14. Million Dollar Baby (Oscar-2004) 13. Chicago (Oscar-2002) 12. Brokeback Mountain (Golden Globe-2005) 11. The Aviator (Golden Globe-2004) 10. Atonement (Golden Globe-2007) 9. The Hours (Golden Globe-2002) 8. Crash (Oscar-2005) 7. Babel (Golden Globe-2006) 6. Gladiator (Oscar-2000, Golden Globe-2000) 5. Slumdog Millionaire (Oscar-2008, Golden Globe-2008) 4. A Beautiful Mind (Oscar-2001, Golden Globe-2001) 3. The Lord Of The Rings:The Return Of The King (Oscar-2003, Golden Globe-2003) 2. No Country For Old Men (Oscar-2007) 1.The Departed (Oscar-2006)

A: Gladiator and Lord of the rings: The Return of the king are the best

Who was the 2009 golden globe winner? by Dathan V Q: Have been doing a cross word puzzle for weeks and just wanted one answer.

A: Obviously it depends on the category. They are all listed in the attached wiki file http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/66th_Golden_Globe_Awards

Are you disappointed the Golden Globe Awards won't be presented as usual? by Joi S Q: Apparently the Golden Globe winners are going to be announced on NBC's news channels in one hour without the usual 3 hour presentation. I'm not a big awards show person but I like to watch the Golden Globes and the Oscars. I wanted to see Steven Spielberg get his award but oh well guess that isn't happening. Anyone else have any thoughts are opinions.

A: from what I understand, its because of some parties boycotting it in support of the writers strike. It sucks. I think these people (and yes it includes those greedy writers) forgot that the people who pays for their large homes, cars, jets and divorce legal cost are us fans. But what do they do? They don't put their fans as their top priority. Instead, they rub each others back to gain more money. Where do you think the extra money the writers are asking for will come from? that's right, us. each time somebody gets greedy, we feed their greed. Fans all over the world wants to see their favorite star on stage. Instead of doing so for the fans, they go support some greedy a** and boycott something that has always been so important.

What do you think of the 1 hour Golden Globes winners show? by Hank Mulder Q: I think they should do it every year like this. But when they announce the winner. It looks like when you pick your favorite character from a videogame. Like Tekken or some other fighting game. lolz. Nancy O'Dell is smoking hot.

A: I like it like this.They should do that every year.

Which 2008 Golden Globe winner was the first to use live action in an animated CGI movie? by Will M Q:

A: Wall-E

Where can I find a list of all the Golden Globe Best Picture winners in all history of Golden Globes? ? by Pretty Me Q: Or if anyone has the list I would greatly appreciate it :)

A: Well for best Drama Motion Picture go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Globe_Award_for_Best_Motion_Picture_%E2%80%94_Drama For best comedy or musical motion picture go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Globe_Award_for_Best_Motion_Picture_-_Musical_or_Comedy

Thoughts on the Golden Globe winners? by Be Here Now, Paperbag Q: "Slumdog Millionaire" seems unstoppable now. Great film, so I'm glad. Kate Winslet's double victory (Best Actress for Revolutionary Road, Best Supp. Actress for The Reader) is FANTASTIC. She's so talented and was stunning in both films, so yay for her! She deserves the recognition. And it's great Colin Farrell won Best Actor - Musical or Comedy for In Bruges. His best performance to date, and deserved exposure for the underrated gem. If you haven't seen it, rent it! It's *so* good. http://www.goldenglobes.org/nominations/ I was happy for Rourke. I can't wait to see The Wrestler. He may never get such a perfect role again. He's not exactly easy to cast. DiCaprio (my favorite actor), Langella, Penn, Pitt... they will all get brilliant roles again, perhaps very soon. Oh, and it cute/heart-wrenching when Rourke thanked his dogs. Have you seen Revolutionary Road, Kristy?

A: I agree with the choices for the most part. I'm definitely glad Colin Farrell won Best Actor - Musical or Comedy. It's my second favorite performance by him so far. Edit: I forgot to mention that I'm very upset that neither Sean Penn nor Frank Langella won Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture. Edit2: True, but I've seen a lot of Mickey's work and the only film I really enjoyed was Sin City. But hey, what do I know? I haven't seen all his work, so I can't judge him yet as a actor. I mean, he's been in a lot of films. Edit3: Not yet. I've been wanting to, but it's not in theaters by me now.

Golden Globe Winners!!? by Q: every person/ movie/ tv serie/ etc, tht have won so far... PLEASE!!!

Golden Globe winners? by shanaynay2505 Q: I missed the first ten minutes, who won an award?

A: jennifer hudson won best supporting actress for dreamgirls

Which movie is most worth checking out from these Oscar contenders/Golden Globe winners/Critics Choice winners? by TaylorSwiftEveTorresFan Q: Avatar The Hangover Inglorious Basterds Nine Precious Up Up In The Air

A: I disagree. Out of those my first recommendations would definitely be Avatar and the Hangover. ;)

who votes for the golden globe winners? by Q:

A: The Hollywood Foreign Press Association established the Golden Globes and they are the ones who determines the winners every year.

What did you think of the Golden Globe winners this year? by carol j Q: Did you like the movies that were nominated? Did you agree with the people who won awards?

A: The Golden Globes are a joke to begin with and I do not agree that any of these films were worthy of any award, with the possible exception of Letters From Iwo Jima. I mean, Dream Girls?

golden globe winners know ahead of time that they won? by Q:

Who were the last 20 female golden Globe winners? by Q:

A: I know Kate Winslet won 2 golden globes last year in 2008. She's the greatest. I'm not sure if that counts for 1 person or 2 though.

Who picks the Golden Globe Winners? by Q: Used to be a bunch of writers in the Orient that didn't even watch the nominees. Wondering if this has changed?

A: The official members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association get ballots sent to them. If you want more info check it out here, http://www.goldenglobes.org/

did you agree with the golden globe winners? by metfan1245 Q: i did for most except kathryn bigelow deserved best director and either up in the air or the hurt locker shouldve gotten best picture. i liked avatar, but i have trouble saying it was even the 3rd best out of the 5 nominated movies. im just hoping avatar doesnt get the oscar for this whole "revolutionizing film making" thing.

A: I think Kathryn Bigelow definitely should have won Best Director over James Cameron. I completely agree that Avatar should have taken all of the technical awards, but as far as Best Picture? The storyline was crap. It was Pocahontas in space with blue people. I would have preferred The Hurt Locker or Inglourious Basterds for Best Picture. Tarantino should have won for screenplay. Michael Stuhlbarg should have won Best Actor in Musical or Comedy over Robert Downey Jr. He was incredible in A Serious Man. Also, Sandra Bullock winning Best Actress was a complete disaster. The Blind Side was pretty much a Lifetime movie. She was good in it, but definitely not Best Actress material. Carey Mulligan should have won, hands down, for An Education. She was terrific.

why do golden globe winners act so high and great? by ladylikejean Q: did you ever note that people who win a golden globe act like jerks and afe full of themselves. why?

A: Getsal's answer troubles me. I agree that doctors, scientists etc probably don't get the recognition they deserve but to denigrate actors and suggest that they are responsible for the decline of humanity is silly. It is a profession which deserves respect and those who excel in it deserve recognition. Theatre, film and television can do much to advance humanity. To sit in a theatre or watch a film and be exposed to a character, whose voice might not otherwise be heard and to be able to understand them and empathise with them makes the viewer a little more human.

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