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Glenn miller

Asheville weekend Planner: Beer fest, Glenn Miller are sold out but Asheville ...
Tickets are gone for tonight's performance by the Glenn Miller Orchestra at the Grove Park Inn's Big Band and Dance Weekend. And this afternoon's Winter Warmer beer festival is also full at the US Cellular Center exhibition hall, formerly known as the ...

Monster Piano Concert wows Laxson crowds
By RYAN OLSON-Staff Writer Conductor Allan Glenn Miller directs young performers during the Monster Piano Concert at Laxson Auditorium on Saturday. (Jason Halley/Staff Photo). All Chico ER photos are available here. CHICO — The return of the Monster ...

Glenn A. Miller — For The Capital
A tow truck operator from Marc Bowen's Parole Services gets ready to flip over a Mercedes that crashed on eastbound Route 450 near Crownsville Road at 10:30 Tuesday night. The car apparently struck a utility pole and overturned. ...

Glenn Miller death: teenage planespotter's logbook 'scotches conspiracy theory'
By John Bingham In 1944 Glenn Miller, the big band legend and a major in the US Army Air Force, was on his way to entertain troops in France when his UC-64A Norseman light aircraft disappeared over the English channel. Neither his body nor the wreckage ...

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pyxakunu miranda bought me CD Glenn Miller, I think it's addicted.

blythegvocrowl RT @KellyDouglas5: Glenn Miller Orchestra Directed By Wil Salden - Bremen - 03022012 http:tcokDvCr2w0

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Opalulxps RT @Ladylina07: Nowplaying In The Mood -Glenn Miller Orchestra

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news9_reviews NEWS : PATRICK'S PEOPLE: The Glenn Miller Orchestra is on the road again http://t.co/lN2SGQcE

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Rodriguez_Peter Budapesten járt a világhírű Glenn Miller Orchestra http://t.co/5CXMuBVw


Is it possible that I might meet celebrities Like musician Glenn Miller and actor Burt Lancaster in Heaven? by Mike M. Q:

A: My friend Debbie Lang who used to sing with the Glenn Miller orchestra died early this year. I guess you will see her there too!

Was "Big Band" leader Glenn Miller killed by the SS in 1944? by Q: In a new book, entitled "The Glenn Miller Conspiracy", the story is that 1940's Big Band leader Miller (who spoke German and was respected for his music and personality by the average German people and soldiers. And hated by the SS) was recruited by Gen. Eisenhower to serve as a secret envoy, to try and convince some German officers, including Von Rundstedt to end the war early and offer terms of armistice. But, Hitler got wind of the effort and Miller was captured and eventually taken to a Nazi-controlled brothel in Paris where he was interrogated, tortured and killed by members of the SS. The SS were attempting to force Miller to lead a team of American speaking SS men to get close to and assassinate Eisenhower, and Miller refused... Some American G.I.'s saw Miller's body dumped at the brothel, and the U.S. Government covered up this fact to protect Miller's reputation and also to cover up the fact that he was used as a sort of spy for Eisenhower... The "official" details of Miller's death, is that he died over the English Channel in in a plane crash in 1944... Miller is considered MIA and presumed dead... Sorry, Miller was not killed by friendly fire... The guy who claimed responsibility for the bomb drop lied. The RAF dropped their excess payloads in the North sea, not the Channel, it was against policy to drop their payloads in the Channel in fear of killing thier own... Ok answer, but not good enough...

A: If you're asking my opinion, I still believe he was killed by "friendly fire", as the British dropped off hot ammo before landing their planes following an aborted mission as Major Miller's plane accidentally strayed into the area. That story is not disproved.

What's your favorite Glenn Miller song? by Rose Tyler Q: First, if you clicked this question, just wondering WHO Glenn Miller was, go here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glenn_Miller. Second, if you're already a fan, what's your fave song? I think this kind of music is great and people should hear it. Sadly, you can't hear much of anything on the radio today except people who talk-sing, scream, or sing horribly; no instruments or skill in playing them, just synthesizers/drum machines....oh well. Tell me your fave song, or if you're a new fan, or whatever! thanks. . *__xoxo__*. mine is the St. Louis Blues March or I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo

A: In the Mood all the way! But if i wanted the best answer, I should probably say St. Louis Blues March!

Whatever happened to Helen Miller and the adopted children of Glenn Miller? by tahiticat Q: I am interested in what careers the children chose & if Helen ever remarried?

A: Their names are Steve (son) and Jonnie.Dee (daughter) His son was born in 1942 and his daughter in 1944. His daughter was adopted while he was away at war. He died days after her adoption, never having even seen her.

Glenn Miller Limited Edition questions? by dabert234 Q: After my grandfather passed away, we found a copy of a Glenn Miller Limited Edition Record Collection, 5 records. The date is sometime in the 40's I'm guessing, its limited edition number is QQ 386. While its not in great condition (we took it to a record guy, he recovered as much of the music as possible). But I'm curious as to what its worth (we won't be selling it, its of sentimental value to my family, just curiosity) It was published by RCA Victor, and each record says limited Collectors Issue. The binding is white leather with gold writing, any info on it would be greatly appreciated.

A: These people here might help you, http://www.glennmillerorchestra.com/collectors_corner.html and here is a list of people selling Glenn Miller Collections, with prices, so you can get an idea. As a gneral rule, the value of a set is how badly a collector wants it ... http://www.musicstack.com/album/glenn_miller/limited_edition,vol_2__lpz_second

Are there any Glenn Miller swing fans out in Yahoo Land? by purple gorilla Q: The music is so different now I just wondered if there were still people out there that enjoyed listening to Glenn Miller.

A: I have listened to Glenn Miller since I was a kid....and I absolutely adore it. Swing..Big Band....there is something about the cool rhythms that get me everytime. Moonlight Serenade is one of my favorites along with I Gotta Gal in Kalamazoo........man...you've got me thinking about listening to it right now. Thanks! :)

what is a glenn miller autograph worth? by itsyouandmebb Q: What would this be worth?--a scrap of paper signed by Glenn Miller, Tex Beneke, Ray Eberle. and another by Helen Forrest, Bernie Leighton, Irving Goodman, and Benny Goodman. I have these from an estate sale.

A: click here:http://www.autograph-gallery.co.uk/acatalog/FSM42_Glenn_Miller.html

Swingers (Jazz) Poll: Favorite Glenn Miller song(s)? by Abby Normal Q: I realize not everyone is up on their 65+ year old music, so here's a reminder of Glenn's hits: http://www.last.fm/music/Glenn+Miller/+tracks For those of you familiar with these songs, which are among your favorites? I just now noticed that the site I linked also allows you to play the specific song. D'oh!

A: Do I swing? Please! lol I've danced to this one somewhere before on some silly drunken New Year's Eve Night...probably even with a dip at the end! It rocked! lmao In The Mood http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bR3K5uB-wMA

I am looking for any thing about Glenn Webster Miller? by inot2000 Q: I am looking for any thing about Glenn Webster Miller born in 1916 PLESAE HELP

A: I can't find anything, but type in name, 1916, area born, famous for, anything else you have to find him

where can I find song listing for the glenn miller gold collection by cedar digital remastering? by Q: 1992 dejavu

A: On amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Swinging-Bands-Gold-Collection/dp/B00008EZIR

Is the "Glenn Miller Story" accurate to Glenn Miller's life? by dancinqueen Q: I love Glenn Miller, but I was wondering if the biographical movie of his life was truly accurate. The movie was the only time I had heard anything about his personal life outside of his orchestra.

A: I would say that it is as accurate as any biography of someone considered a hero during that era. It likely skips any 'seedy' details that might be hiding in the closet but is generally an accurate account of his life.

What does the song in the mood mean by glenn miller? by Wassum the Passum Q: i need to know what the lyrics mean and the history behind it.

A: In The Mood" is an expression that indicates a desire to have sex. It's pretty innocent now, but was a little racy at the time. This was a US #1 for 13 weeks and was Glenn Miller's biggest ever hit. Miller wrote this based on a song he wrote 9 years earlier called "Tar Paper Stomp." In 1977, The Henhouse Five Plus Two (an alias novelty singer Ray Stevens) had a top 40 hit in both the UK and US with his version of this song, which was basically a group of chickens clucking the tune. Beatles producer George Martin had the orchestra play a little bit of this song at the end of "All You Need Is love." It was the first ever Gold Record. It was presented to Glenn Miller in 1941 for his recording of Chattanooga Choo Choo which sold about 1.4 million after it debuted in the 20th Century Fox film "Sun Valley Serenade." I have a gut feeling that by now "In the Mood" has sold quite a lot more. The song, a twelve-bar blues, was composed by(Joe Garland) and Andy Razaf, and arranged by Eddie Durham. The main theme previously appeared under the title of "Tar Paper Stomp", credited to jazz trumpeter/bandleader Wingy Manone, who recorded it several times in 1929 and 1930. A story says that after "In the Mood" became a hit, Manone was paid by Miller and his record company not to contest the copyright. Upon request in his will, "In The Mood" was played at the funeral of Peter Sellers in 1980. It was an ironic joke on Sellers' part; the comedian hated the song, probably from his days as a drummer when it would have been frequently requested. The song was featured in the movies such as Rookie of the Year, The Parent Trap, Swing Girls, Cannery Row (where the protagonists dance to its sound), "Who Slept With Her" (a 2006 Korean comedy) and Derek Yee's 1993 tearjerker C'est la vie, mon chéri starring Anita Yuen. It is also one the tunes nostalgically remembered by Woody Allen in Radio Days. Glenn Miller's version is known to many younger people through its use as the instrumental theme in the sampled medley "Swing the Mood", a number 1 hit in many countries in the late 1980s by Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers.

Does anyone know Kalamazoo, by Glenn Miller? by namvu74 Q: I have an assignment for my jazz band class, and i need to tell the teacher everything that happens in this song, like when what instrument plays, when solos from what instruments start, when they start singing, background instruments, etc.. My part is piano, and i originally came from an orchestra background, so i'm not familiar with jazz instruments like trumpet and trombone. So that's why i need help! (: So, please give a brief walkthrough of the song, describing the instruments being used and when they are used. Thanks.

A: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H I got a gal in Kalamazoo Don't want to boast but I know she's the toast of Kalamazoo (Zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo) I think the best thing to do is find a recording http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFv_PoZ2iP0

What kind of song would you say "In the mood" By Glenn Miller is? by baylin trager Q:

A: Swing.

Can someone tell me if Glenn Miller had the Armed Forces Band out in a V 1 raid? by Dan W Q:

A: Glenn Miller was in London in 1944 and witnessed the V-1 raids. But he didn't have the band out during such an attack. On the contrary: In June 1943, Glenn Miller met his musicians in Scotland and brought them to London, but he worried about attacks from German V-1 jet-propelled bombs, so he got the band assigned to quarters in Bedford, about 50 miles to the north. The day after the band left London, a V-1 blew out the front of the building they had vacated. Glenn Miller wouldn't have jeopardized the lives of his musicians.

Musicians Durng WWII 1940-1945? Glenn Miller Anymore? by Daniel S Q: I am doing a bunch of WWII projects for my family, and preserving memorabilia and was thinking of some artists during that time other then Glenn Miller, Andrew Sisters, Benny Goodman. Are they're anymore then that? I know there is, but as for the popular ones? Any music is good, doesn't matter just during that era.

A: Oh my goodness, that is where the best Jazz music came from. There is also Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, Bix Beiderbecke, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, and Charlie Parker. Also while Glenn Miller himself is an excellent Jazz musician, the Glenn Miller was also the leader of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, they came up with my favorite Jazz chart "In the Mood". These musicians were really big between 1930's and 1950's I hope that helps a little bit

could someone please email me a copy of in the mood by glenn miller? the alto sax version.? by Q: id like the full version please. ive looked everywhere and ive only found the 1st page of it. and i dont wanna pay any money. so if anyone has it, please send it to me. please and thank you.

A: Totally agree with the top poster. I had a few bootleg copies of my band floating around in the USA but, since I am Canadian, I have to take U.S. lawyers to fight this copyright infringement. So dude. Take $10 and buy ir online and support the composer / authors instead of stealing it or asking a free copy which is just as bad.

What movies have the song "A String of Pearls", which was performed by the Glenn Miller Band if not others,...? by Q: been in, especially as background? I'm thinking of, perhaps, Casablanca, Indiana Jones or the Rocketeer.

A: It was also used in the movie "The Notebook"

glenn miller's 33 1/3 record "in the mood"? by pierre g Q: Can anyone tell me the value of this album? It is an original Glenn Miller 33 1/3.

What instruments did Glenn Miller arrange/write for? by [email protected] Q:

A: Well, Glen Miller himself played the trombone, but if a composition was written for his band I suppose music would have been written for all instruments. I understand that Miller had a team of arrangers who did this.

Glenn Miller Mash Up on Sky Advert? by Birthe O Q: There is an advert for Sky on Sky 1 and the melody that is mixed is from Glenn Miller and the lyrics go something like open up your box of secrets take one out for me.... I have no idea who it is by but it sounds really great and think the Glenn Miller melody is Swing Swing Swing Does anyone know who this is by?

A: I couldn’t comment on Glen Miller, I only know “In the mood”;-) But... The song you’re looking for is: Box of Secrets by Zarif You can listen to the track on her myspace page here: http://www.myspace.com/zarifmusic Merry Christmas & Best wishes for 2009 Lisa

What is the best biography of Glenn Miller? by Max W Q:

A: The best book is: Glenn Miller & His Orchestra by George T. Simon (Da Capo Paperback, released Aug 21, 1980). Other good books are: Chattanooga Choo Choo: The Life and Times of the World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra by Richard Grudens (Paperback - Mar 2004) http://www.amazon.com/Chattanooga-Choo-Famous-Miller-Orchestra/dp/157579277X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1237532233&sr=1-1 The Glenn Miller Conspiracy: The Secret Story of His Life - and Death by Hunton Downs (Paperback - April 15, 2009) http://www.amazon.com/Glenn-Miller-Conspiracy-Secret-Story/dp/0977913163/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1237532233&sr=1-2 Glenn Miller: A Biography by Gene Lees (Hardcover - Jun 2005) http://www.amazon.com/Glenn-Miller-Biography-Gene-Lees/dp/0195103386/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1237532233&sr=1-4 A GLENN MILLER DISCOGRAPHY AND BIOGRAPHY by STEPHEN FREDERICK BEDWELL (Unknown Binding - Jan 1, 1956) http://www.amazon.com/GLENN-MILLER-DISCOGRAPHY-BIOGRAPHY/dp/B0000CJIRN/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1237532233&sr=1-7 Moonlight serenade;: A bio-discography of the Glenn Miller civilian band by John Flower (Unknown Binding - 1972) http://www.amazon.com/Moonlight-serenade-bio-discography-Miller-civilian/dp/0870001612/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1237532233&sr=1-9 Millergate. The Real Glenn Miller Story by Wilbur Wright (Hardcover - 1990) http://www.amazon.com/Millergate-Real-Glenn-Miller-Story/dp/0951254707/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1237532233&sr=1-12 The best movie is: The Glenn Miller Story (1954) Director: Anthony Mann Writers: Valentine Davies (writer) and Oscar Brodney (writer) Release Date: 8 January 1954 (Japan) Plot: The biography of the Bandleader Glenn Miller from his beginnings to his death over the English Channel in December 1944, with a lot of his arangements, partly in an authentic cast. Cast: James Stewart ... Glenn Miller June Allyson ... Helen Berger Miller Harry Morgan ... Chummy MacGregor (as Henry Morgan) Charles Drake ... Don Haynes George Tobias ... Si Schribman Barton MacLane ... Gen. Hap Arnold, USAAF Sig Ruman ... W. Kranz (pawnshop owner) Irving Bacon ... Mr. Miller James Bell ... Mr. Burger Kathleen Lockhart ... Mrs. Miller Katherine Warren ... Mrs. Burger (as Katharine Warren) Frances Langford ... Herself Louis Armstrong ... Himself Ben Pollack ... Himself Gene Krupa ... Himself Barney Bigard ... Himself James Young ... Himself Marty Napoleon ... Himself Arvell Shaw ... Himself Cozy Cole ... Himself Babe Russin ... Himself Dorothy Hack Cicily Carter ... Bobbysoxer (uncredited) William Challee ... Dispatch desk sergeant (uncredited) Alan Copeland ... Himself (member, The Modernaires) (uncredited) Kevin Corcoran ... Steve Miller, age 4 (uncredited) Hal K. Dawson ... Used car salesman (uncredited) Hal Dickinson ... Himself (Modernaires) (uncredited) Bonnie Eddy ... Irene Miller (uncredited) Phil Garris ... Joe Becker (uncredited) Lisa Gaye ... Bobbysoxer (uncredited) Bob Hamlin ... Himself (member, The Mellomen) (uncredited) Lionel Hampton ... Himself (uncredited) Ruth Hampton ... Young singer (uncredited) Harry Harvey ... Doctor (uncredited) Roland Jones ... Waiter (uncredited) Paula Kelly ... Herself (uncredited) Bill Lee ... Himself (member, The Mellomen) (uncredited) Dayton Lummis ... Col. Spaulding, USAAF (uncredited) The Modernaires ... Themselves (uncredited) Leo Mostovoy ... Dr. Schillinger (uncredited) Damian O'Flynn ... Col. Baker (uncredited) Steve Pendleton ... Lt. Col. Bassell (uncredited) Thurl Ravenscroft ... The Mellomen (uncredited) Marion Ross ... Polly Haynes (uncredited) Dick Ryan ... Auto garage repairman (uncredited) Fran Scott ... Himself (Modernaires) (uncredited) Max Smith ... Himself (member, The Mellomen) (uncredited) Anthony Sydes ... Herbert Miller (uncredited) Deborah Sydes ... Joanee Dee Miller (uncredited) Paul Tanner ... Himself (trombonist, Glenn Miller Band) (uncredited) Nino Tempo ... Wilber Schwartz (uncredited) Carl Vernell ... Musician technician (uncredited) Carleton Young ... Adjutant General (uncredited) Produced by: Aaron Rosenberg .... producer Cinematography by: William H. Daniels (as William Daniels) Film Editing by: Russell F. Schoengarth (as Russell Schoengarth) Art Direction by: Alexander Golitzen Bernard Herzbrun Set Decoration by: Russell A. Gausman Julia Heron Costume Design by: Jay A. Morley Jr. (gowns) (as Jay Morley Jr.) Makeup Department: Joan St. Oegger .... hair stylist Bud Westmore .... makeup artist Second Unit Director or Assistant Director: John Sherwood .... assistant director Sound Department: Leslie I. Carey .... sound Joe Lapis .... sound Richard DeWeese .... sound mixer (uncredited) Camera and Electrical Department: Bill Johnson .... camera operator (uncredited) Editorial Department: William Fritzsche .... color consultant: Technicolor Music Department: Joseph Gershenson .... musical director Enric Madriguera .... composer: song "Adios" Henry Mancini .... music adaptor Fred Kepner .... conductor: "The Airmen of Note" (uncredited) Other crew: Chummy MacGregor .... technical advisor Kenny Williams .... dance director

Artists similar to Glenn Miller, Miles Davies and Count Basie? by Clubonica Q: I'm quite new to this classic jazz, swing and big band music, so could someone suggest some artists I should listen to. Thanks.

A: Maynard Ferguson is pretty good, so is Chuck Mangione.

Did Glenn Miller have any brothers or sisters? by [email protected] Q: If so what were their names?

A: Yes, 2 brothers. Deane was a dentist and Herb was also a musician, although not nearly so successful.

Is Glenn Miller considered Jazz? And Michael Buble? by Surreal Q: I know I should know this, seeing as I was in music for seven years...but I'm drawing a blank here. Is Glenn Miller Jazz? And what about Michael Buble?

A: Most people know Glenn Miller from his big band period. This can't be considered as jazz. Serious jazz enthusiasts don't consider it as jazz, at least not as good jazz. It's good pop of the early 1940s with jazz elements (improvisations). His earlier recordings are unfortunately not known to the general public and those are jazz. Superb jazz! Listen to the trombone here: Benny Goodman & His Boys (1928) playing "Wolverine Blues": http://www.redhotjazz.com/songs/goodman/WolverineBlues.ram Louisiana Rhythm Kings (1929) playing "That's A Plenty" http://www.redhotjazz.com/Songs/LRK/thatsaplenty.ram *** Michael Buble is not really jazz. It's traditional pop. People claiming that he's a jazz singer don't have a clue, sorry...

What songs have been incorperated into the song Swing Medley By Glenn Miller? by Ted H Q: It contains a bit of Chattanooga Choo Choo and a few other songs that I've heard but don't know the names of.

A: http://onlyforyou.free-stuff.com.ru you can get much information in this website,kindly stay a minute in website and check anyone link at a time,and you can aslo get your question answer in Google Search in this website, which has already helped me very much.

I am looking for a song mix that starts out with Glenn Miller's "In the mood" then some oldies an ends with it? by roger62mar Q: The song has like some oldies from the sixties mixed into it.

A: Swing the Mood by Jive Bunny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nc9Mdt6hjaE

Is In The Mood By Glenn Miller Considered Jazz? by Q: The Songs Genre is Big Band, but people say its jazz. Is it?

A: Specifically it's big band swing music, which is one style of jazz.

How did Glenn Miller and Swing Music play a part in the defeat of the Nazis? by 25 or 6 to 4 Q: I'm not a wierdo this is a school question on a take-home test. I have half the answer I just don't know what it did to Hitler to get him to stop the war.

A: Hitler had outlawed any music with a synchopated beat ( a backbeat, such as jazz, rock'n'roll, reggae, bossanova, etc ) deeming it "der niggermusik". He felt that proper music was Wagner. Anyways, only Allied radio stations would play the jazz and swing, the best music of the day. Germans wanted to hear news and music, so they listened to Allied broadcasts such as Voice of America. This allowed Allies to broadcast anti-Nazi propaganda. Also Allied news painted a much different picture of the war, as official German radio insisted they were winning. The penalty for listening to foreign programming was prison camp, and later increased to death. The Germans issued an official peoples radio, the Gerberschnauzen, which could only tune in to German propoganda stations. It was incredibly insensitive. Resourceful Germans found a way to tamper with the sets so they could hear music and unbiased news. When they could hear with their own ears the music that was supposed to be so bad, this "niggermusik" it led them to doubt the Nazi cause. The Allied stations also carried coded broadcasts to assist the German underground. An interesting note: The German industrial/ experimental band Einstürzende Neubauten released a track entitled "Listen with Pain/ Hear with Pain/ Ears are wounds", which consists entirely of extremely unpleasant feedback from a metal coil spring with a microphone attached to it being pounded repeatedly while an anguished voice intones over and over "Gerberschnauzen". Not many people got this, I thought it was brilliant.

Are bing Crosby, frank Sinatra, and Glenn miller safe from those hipster kids? by Q: I know the new trend is to buy records and they buy independent band records and records from the Beatles but will artists like bing Crosby be safe from this new trend? After all, at this point hes more "your grandpa" old instead of "hip" old

A: I think bing crosby and glenn miller are safe from hipsters. i've seen a few hipsters sporting sinatra records, though, hate to say it...

Are bing Crosby, frank Sinatra, and glenn miller safe from those hipster kids? by Q: I know the new trend is to buy records and they buy independent band records and records from the Beatles but will artists like bing Crosby be safe from this new trend? After at this point hes more "your grandpa" old instead of "hip" old

A: I think real music is safe,it is not loud or nasty enough for them.

More music like Glenn Miller's Moonlight Serenade? by rastapunker Q: I love slower romantic big band music of the WWII era. Can you please recommend more similar to the song Moonlight Serenade by Glenn Miller? Or more generally, the entire Candlelight Miller album.

A: I Cant Get Started With you...Artie Shaw Stardust....Artie Shaw Moonglow....Artie Shaw In A Sentimental Mood...Benny Goodman Stompin At The Savoy....Benny Goodman Tuxedo Junction....Glenn Miller Serenade in Blue....Glenn Miller Moon Love....Glenn Miller Pennsylvania 6-5000....Glenn Miller Chattanooga Choo Choo...Glenn Miller The Nearness of you....Glenn Miller Elmer's tune....Glenn Miller String Of Pearls....Glenn Miller You'll Never know....Dick Haymes Satin Doll...Duke Ellington I'll Be Seeing you....Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey Orchestra The Way You Look Tonight...Frank Sinatra

What are these glenn miller songs about? by Q: American Patrol Moonlight Serenade (if you could, can you please put your source here as well)

A: American Patrol explanation is here http://parlorsongs.com/issues/2002-7/thismonth/featureb.php and Moonlight Serenade is a love song - my impression

Sheet music for In The Mood by Glenn Miller? by YourRoomate Q: I would really, really, really love to learn how to play "In the Mood" by Glenn Miller on the piano. There seems to be a lot of different versions out there, but the one I want to learn is this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcZwWBNLLl8 Does anyone know where I can get the sheet music for this one for free?

A: you can't get it free legally all of Glenn's music is still protected by the copyright laws including sheet music

Will they ever solve the mystery of the disappearance of 1940's era bandleader Glenn Miller? by Mike M. Q: DISCLAIMER:This question should not in any what-so-ever be misinterpreted as chatting.

A: Don't think so. My friend Debbie Lang sang in his orchestra and she sure does not know. (she has since died too)

What does it mean if you get "Glenn Miller'd"? by Mrs Lauren Cullen (Edwards wife) Q: Context: "The he bough in the big guns. He Glenn Miller'd me" ??

A: Glenn Miller was a famous singer/band leader. He was entertaining troops in WWII and died on the return plane trip. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glenn_Miller Mike Honeycutt

What are the best jazz instrumental songs from the Glenn Miller Period? by bnibblewood Q:

A: String of Pearls by Glenn Miller Indian Summer by Glenn Miller

I am Miss Glenn Miller Queen. How can I get the other girls to respect me for that? by operajester Q: All the other girls have treated me badly ever since I got my title. Every time I go to a dance someone steals my date. I have a lot of guys flirting with me and the other girls start teasing me about it. They have stolen my tiaras and called me fowl names. The other girls don't address me properly. They are suposed to address me as Your Swingness, but they call me KJ instead. I don't like that. How can I tell them I deserve respect withtout getting teased even more? Why are they treating me like this?

A: Honestly they are probably jealous, combined with the fact that if you're demanding they call you by a title I can't think of any jealous girls who are going to actually do that, it will only make it worse. You know what your title is, it shouldn't matter that they do, so don't look to them for recognition, act like it doesn't matter to you and it'll die down. And you usually don't get respect just because you have a title, you get it by being a decent human being and by giving respect to others.

How did the Big Band-leader Glenn Miller die at the end of 1944? by Yngve Q: He flew from Twinwood Military Airfield outside Bedford to Paris on the 15th of december 1944. But the flight never reached its destination. What happened?

A: The web site I looked at said that it still remains a mystery since the wreckage of the plane was never found. A popular theory is that the plane was accidentally bombed by RAF bombers over the English Channel.

How to get the scors of Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman big band music? by Q:

What is the tv advert with the music 'In the mood' by Glenn Miller? by Q: I heard this music in school and I can't think of the advert i saw it on. Please help!

A: That's really bugging ME now, I know I've heard it quite recently and I'm pretty sure it's in one of the furniture or kitchen sale adverts but just can't think which one it is. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful but if it's any consolation this will be on my mind for days if I can't remember which advert it's from. :(

For Guys only!!! Would you dance with a girl at a dance with the title "Miss Glenn Miller Swing Queen? by operajester Q: I am Miss Glenn Miller Swing Queen. Would it be ok to tell my dancing partener I get to lead when we dance? I am asking because Glenn Miller Swing Queens always get to lead.

A: I hate it when I'm supposed to be leading and the woman fights my lead or tries to backlead a step herself before I'm ready. But I'm always up for something different. If the woman told me ahead of time that she wants to lead the entire dance and she provides a good strong lead, then I would be very interested in seeing how that works out. I think it would be fun to hand over the lead for an entire dance and see what happens. Especially with a woman who holds a competition title.

i need Glenn miller in the mood online sheet music or notes for the intro? by Q: I really need In The Mood notes urgently I'm performing it on the xylophone for a tryout to get into a summer camp tomorrow. i need sheet music online or just the notes to the intro post haste. if you have it in a jazz book of some sort can u get the notes for me? thanks.

A: Here’s your best bet for finding sheet music on the net- pianofiles.com pianorific.blogspot.com musicnotes.com There are over 300,000+ sheet music in there, and if you can’t get what you looking for, then sorry to prick your bubble, you’ll never will find it. Good Luck! Source: google.com

Jazz songs similar to In the Mood by Glenn Miller? by Simone Q: do u know of any jazz songs similar to in the mood by glenn miller. i just love that song. also what kind of genre would u say in the mood by glenn miller is?

A: String of Pearls also by G. Miller with the famous solo by Bobby Hackett.

can someone help me with Glenn Miller Jazz person? by ChEeZe! Q: i'm suppose to be Doing a research paper over him for music history and this just ain't my cup of tea.. and i have to research paper done but i need help with the presentation so can someone tell me something interesting about Glenn Miller?

A: Go to your local library and find George T Simon's book on Miller. This is the complete life story of Miller and a detailed history of his bands. Another book on the subject is "Better Than a Letter From Home" This book has a detailed account of Glenn's time as leader of the Army Air Force Band up to the time of his mysterious disappearance in an airplane over the English Channel on a flight to Paris in December 1944.

What was the Glenn Miller song played on Blue Bloods last night (11-11)? by lpar161 Q: What was the name of the Glenn Miller song that was playing when Henry told Frank he turned down the job at Ajax? Just found it--Moonlight Serenade! Thanks all!

A: Thanks I was wondering that too. I love glenn's music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZQQ0vUBceM

How many #1 songs did Glenn Miller have? by Q: I am doing a project on Glenn Miller and wish I knew how many #1 hits Glenn had. If you could help me that would be great! Thanks!

A: I believe there were 20. Below is the list, and my source is to follow: Wishing (will make it so) Stairway to the Stars Over the Rainbow The Man with the Mandolin Orchids, Blue In The Mood Careless Tuxedo Junction When You Wish Upon a Star The Woodpecker Song Imagination Fools Rush In Blueberry Hill Songs of the Volga Boatman You and I Chattanooga Choo Choo Elmer's Tune A String of Pearls Moonlight Cocktail http://www.amazon.com/Chattanooga-Choo-1-Hits/dp/B000002W4A

What is a Glenn Miller album that existed in 1994 on cassette tape and had the songs: ? by Q: What is a Glenn miller album that existed in 1994 on cassette tape and had the songs: I've Got a Girl in Kalamazoo, Pennsylvania 6-5000, Song of the Volga Boatmen, St. James Infirmary and I Get a Kick Out of You?

A: Glen Miller, Best of source,,Pure tracks.com

what does Jeffrey Glenn Miller have to do with the cold war? by Stephanie M Q: I need 5 Facts of what jeffrey glenn miller had to do with the cold war please.

A: The famous photo after he was murdered by the Ohio National Guard in the Kent State University massacre for protesting the invasion of Cambodia by Nixon as part of his expansion of the Vietnam War to an Indochina War http://www.freebase.com/view/wikipedia/images/en_id/193415

Glenn Miller...?? by xoxoblondie101 Q: I need some facts on Glenn Miller, I know how he died and wen he was born and stuff, but I need like wat inspired him to start big band and music, how was he first found, how did he become famous, I need the dets. THANKS!! Plz give me everything u know on Glenn! Thks

A: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glenn_Miller

In The Mood Glenn Miller-In The Mood I've got a Gal in Kalamazoo Chattanooga Choo Choo - Glenn Miller Orchestra Moonlight Serenade St. Louis Blues March - Glenn Miller Glenn Miller-'American Patrol' Glenn Miller & His Orchestra- At Last Perfidia - Glenn MIller Glenn Miller - In The Mood Glenn Miller Orchestra - Moonlight Serenade Moonlight Serenade By The Glenn Miller Orchestra Glenn Miller Orchestra - Pennsylvania 6-5000 Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - Tuxedo Junction In The Mood - Glenn Miller Glenn Miller Story A tribute to Glenn Miller 78rpm pressing: Jingle Bells - Glenn Miller and his Orchestra, 1941 - Bluebird 11353 Glenn Miller - Moonlight Serenade Glenn Miller - Georgia on My Mind.wmv Glenn Miller - In The Mood [High Quality] Glenn Miller - Chattanooga Choo Choo - Sun Valley Serenade (1941) HQ Chattanooga Choo Choo - Glenn Miller & The Nicholas Brothers 'IN THE MOOD' BY GLENN MILLER Glenn Miller & His Orchestra-I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo B-17 Flying Fortress Video - Glenn Miller - Dannyboy Little Brown Jug Glenn Miller Glenn Miller - When You Wish Upon A Star Indian summer- Glenn Miller & his orchestra - 78rpm Glenn Miller Orchestra - St. Louis Blues March Chattanooga Choo Choo! Glenn Miller Missing BBC news 1944.mpg Glenn Miller - In the Mood - Sun Valley Serenade (1941) HQ Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - Moonlight Serenade GLENN MILLER & His Orchestra: Moon Love Glenn Miller LIVE - 'I Know Why' - '41 - HQ String of Pearls - Glenn Miller Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - The Anvil Chorus glenn miller story 'MOONLIGHT SERENADE' BY GLENN MILLER WNEW-AM Theme in the Style of Glenn Miller 'PENNSYLVANIA 6-5000' BY GLENN MILLER In the mood - Glenn Miller Glenn Miller - Sunrise Serenade Glenn MIller Pennsylvania 6-5000 Glenn Miller Story-Cut his lip and the sound 'ST. LOUIS BLUES MARCH' BY GLENN MILLER Sleigh Ride/The Glenn Miller Orchestra Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - I Know Why and So Do You Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - Bugle Call Rag
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