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Giroux suspension too harsh (UPDATED)
He has suspended the Flyers' Claude Giroux for one game for a hit to the head of the Devils' Dainius Zubrus in Game 4 of their playoff series Sunday night. Shanahan has suspended a superstar player with no discipline history, for a hit that did not ...

Patrick Kane's drinking shirt; Giroux suspension reaction; awesome Kings video ...
[Biz Jornals] • Flyers blogger Travis Hughes on not getting angry over the Claude Giroux suspension: "If we're going to get mad at the Malkin hits and the Neal hits and the Weber hits and any other hit that's been laid down in these playoffs, ...

Giroux suspended for Game 5
Claude Giroux, the NHL's top scorer in the playoffs, was suspended for one game for an illegal Sunday night of New Jersey Devils forward Dainius Zubrus. "I respect that decision and want to move on," Giroux said. Giroux will serve his suspension by ...

Flyers F Claude Giroux suspended for Game 5 against Devils
BY DAN GELSTON AP AP VOORHEES — Philadelphia All-Star forward Claude Giroux was suspended by the NHL Monday for his illegal check to the head on New Jersey center Dainius Zubrus in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinals.

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bonus_r Giroux suspension too harsh (UPDATED) http://t.co/DqrVIp7p

Aaroron LMAO FLYERS STILL SUCK Flyers Girl Reacts to Giroux.m4v: http://t.co/capmziuh via @youtube

Tymorton5 RT @TheHockeyProbs: Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, My Name Is Shanaban, And I'm Suspending Giroux

servicebz cole hamels, bryce harper, jayson werth, austerity, giroux, meek mill dreamchasers 2, mothers http://t.co/Ql4e9SY4

Atls_DJ_Red Flyers F Claude Giroux suspended for Game 5 (Yahoo! Sports) http://t.co/Dl81jVhh

slestes Going through hockey cards with Kayden, he comes across C Giroux and goes "Stupid Flyers!" gotta love 2 y-olds, hes still mad about the Pens

maltais81 RT @DosEquisHockey: I don't always lose, but when I do, I cry about it and get suspended for a game. -Claude Giroux

Tyson871 Without Giroux, Philly is goin down the shitter and out to the golf course come game 5

Toronto_CP Philadelphia Flyers’ Claude Giroux suspended for Game 5 for hit on Dainius Zubrus http://t.co/4D722fCD

tpreynolds RT @hockeymemes: Shea Weber is just chilling at home like "Yo Giroux, if you were mad at Zubrus, you shoulda just slammed his face against the glass"

qdsworld Giroux gets 1 game for headshot on Zubrus. Goodbye Flyers, welcome to the offseason. http://t.co/XzhDTJKY

chefcde Good on the nhl for suspending Giroux.

KevinBourbon RT @DosEquisHockey: I don't always lose, but when I do, I cry about it and get suspended for a game. -Claude Giroux


So are the Flyers in rebuild mode or simply looking to contend a different way? by Machinehead - Giants World Champs Q: They've gotten rid of the old nucleus, and it would appear they've packed it in, but perhaps they're still looking to compete with the new nucleus of Giroux, Pronger, and Van Reimsdyk. Perhaps this was just a changing of the guard. Which do you think it is? BQ: Who's the captain for next season? What about long term?

A: B.Q....Prongs or Timmo

What are the chances that Peter Forsberg comes back to the Philadelphia Flyers for another go around? by Ace Q: He'd look really sweet on a line with JVR and Giroux at 5 on 5 and the PP would be sick with him running the show.

A: I just can't seeing it happening. The flyers have almost no cap space and Foresberg isn't gonna come back and play for cheap. As much as I would love to see Foresberg back in the nhl I just don't think it will happen.

Who's better? Claude Giroux or Alex Ovechkin? by Q: I'm talking just about this season. My vote goes to Giroux. He's been an absolute boss and led his team this year. Ovechkin hasn't really lived up to his expectations this year. What about you guys? Okay. All time. Who's better/will be better?

A: Just this season? Is that even a question?... Who's better? The league point leader or the guy who is struggling? I think that's like asking who's better. Wayne Gretzky or Victor Oreskovich. Speaking of, can that be a bonus question?

any else impressed by flyers player Claude Giroux? by mebmw Q: he has amazing hand along with great vision and in the last couple games hes been very phyiscal for a small guy

A: awsome addition but the flyers like to will probofly trade him for someone that is 200 years old that is there m.o.

does anyone know why the caps don't call up Alexandre Giroux with his numbers? by MARVIN Q Q:

A: Because some people are just career minor leaguers that just dont have what it takes to be in the big leagues. Giroux, just like Jozef Balej, Corey Locke and Darren Haydar are labeled "career minor leaguers" that seem destined to succeed in lower levels but just cant take the extra step to play in the NHL. This is the reason Giroux isnt getting called up. Besides, Caps are stacked in the center position with Backstrom, Laich, Fleishmann and Nylander. Why on earth would they need Giroux?

i can not find a Claude Giroux (28 for philadelphia flyers) (hockey) shirt ANYWHERE does anyone know where i c? by sp(: Q:

A: try ebay... might even find one that's signed

pronounce giroux daguerreotype? by K Martin Q: im doing a project on photography. it basically decides if i graduate or not. i have to present it to judges and i need to know... how do you pronounce giroux daguerreotype? it was the first camera, and i have no idea how to say it. can anyone find a sound clip for it? so i can practice saying it. thanks! :)

A: You can hear it pronounced here at YAKiToMe!: http://www.yakitome.com/cgi-bin/output.py?sID=3842

will Claude Giroux score 100+ points this season? by Q: He has 5 goals and 5 assists already in this young season and i think he could pull off 40 goals and 60 assists this season. What are your thoughts? BQ Who will win the MVP at the end of the season? I think Kessel of the Leafs or Backstrom of the Caps have good shots.

A: Haha. It sounds funny putting all three of these players in MVP talks. Like you said, it's only been a young season. The best player will raise to the top. I don't see Giroux or Kessel have the consistency to keep pace over a long season. It's also a team game. You can score 8 goals ans still give up 9 and lose the game. How many point a player got means nothing without the win.

NHL: IMO, When the Flyers do a shootout, it's very likely that Giroux will score, like yesterday...? by ItalianHoops8 Q: In your opinion, is it likely?

A: No I wouldn't say it's likely. The shot was rather weak and probably shouldn't have gone in, but Lundqvist was worn down from stopping 905,143,589 shots in regulation.

Who's a better player Claude Giroux or Jeff Carter? by Q:

A: LMAO is this a serious question? Carter: 10 points in 18 games... Giroux: 39 points in 28 games.... Giroux is 10 times the player carter is.

Should it be Crosby vs. Giroux rather than Ovechkin vs. Crosby? by Q: Crosby>Giroux>Ovechkin How much longer do you give the American hockey media before they pull the plug on the old Ovechkin vs. Crosby debate and games aired?

A: Even at the peak of the whole "Crosby vs. Ovechkin" hype, in the 2009 playoffs, I never really thought of Washington as a big rival. The penguins biggest rival has always been the Flyers, and I always thought Crosby's biggest rival was Mike Richards. Mostly because he was the Flyers best player, and it seemed that he and Crosby genuinely didn't like each other. Giroux is now the Flyers best player (has been since last year) so he and Crosby should be the biggest rivalry/hyped matchup in the NHL.

Granted, the Flyers are banged up, but why can't Richards, Carter, Briere, Giroux step up? by Awesome Bill Q: Talk about a choking situation. Perhaps our resident Clue Sergeant can fill us in on how much money Snider is paying those four to score no goals in the last 8 periods? But hey, at least there were a couple of fights against the Canucks last night!!!!! I cruised by the beverage case for V-8 and for a moment thought I saw one of them on a milk carton.

A: it suks, and its frustrating, they have to step up

Should the NHL just give Claude Giroux the Hart now? by Q: Merry Girouxmas! @Matt-Every player is one hit away from ending up like Crosby...see Marc Savard.

A: Giroux was not only responceable in some form or fashion for every point they scored last night but the little bastard gave me a hangover! That being said they did light up a guy that until 7 or so games ago had been in austin stopping shots in the AHL.... I am however supporting the flyers in the classic now... go Giroux

Fellas who's better, Claude Giroux or Jonathan Toews? by Q: Personally if you ask me I think Jonathan Toews is better. But I like Giroux as well. Flyers 13 don't get me upset fella.

A: Toews and Giroux are 2 of the best in the league, the only better player I can possibly think of is Crosby...and maybe Stamkos, Ovechkin, and Malkin...depends.... Anyways....These are easily players that are top 10 in the league, maybe top 5. I love watching these guys play. But if I had to pick, I'm going with Jonathan Toews. Why? Well, Toews has... Higher career PPG ratio than Giroux (0.9 vs 0.8) A Stanley Cup A Conn Smythe An Olympic Gold Medal (and a WJC gold medal...) Best Player Award in the Olympics Has CAPTAINED the Hawks to a championship And is a better goal scorer and, in my opinion, a better leader and a better 2 way forward. While Giroux is incredibly talented, and has a better PPG ratio the last 2 years, since he broke out, I'm going to have to go with Toews. There are things that don't show up on the scoresheet, and he excels in those areas. He is not only a good 2 way player, but a great leader. He's a clutch guy, as is shown by his awards in those areas. In the end, you'll get two immensely skilled players in Toews and Giroux, but Toews has the numbers and awards to back him up. A scout once said "Toews is the kind of player you want to build a franchise around" and I agree 100% with him. Right now, he's proven more than Giroux, anyways, and so I'd have to take him.

Is Claude Giroux the best player in the NHL? by gorensteineric120 Q:

A: I think he is. He's playing on another level this year. He's also the best player on arguably the best team in the league. So maybe there are some players that might beat him in a skills competition but as far as game play, points, and the positive impact that he has on his team, yes he's the best right now.

Will claude giroux be a superstar in the nhl? by Billy P Q:

A: Really he already is. He made the All-stars this year which is a good sign and he is a heck of a player.

What did you think about Toronto letting the puck through after Giroux's cheap shot on goal (4/03/09)? by ItalianHoops8 Q:

A: It's the Leafs, so it's pretty much what I expect...

claude giroux has strike again against the sabres in OT? by Q: claude giroux has beaten the sabres in OT this was a close game but you flyers fan are dumb to know literaly well giroux deserve a game winning goal. what u think of the game on versus last night

A: Punctuation?

will the flyers keep giroux on the starting roster when briere comes back? by pens90 Q: ....?

A: Doubtful.

What is Henry A. Giroux's political affiliation? by am Q: Don't just say "liberal;" please be more specific. Also please give info on why you think he is so; or links.

A: Henry Giroux: "Democracy Has Taken a Major Hit" - Progressive ... Progressive Democrats of America supports a renewed nation, respectful of the rule of law at home and abroad, fully integrated into and respectful of the world of nations and http://www.bing.com/search?q=Henry+A.+Giroux%27s+democrast+or+republican&form=QBRE3

Where can i get a claude giroux pro stock stick? by Q:

A: If you're extremely lucky maybe from Giroux himself, more realistically, get in touch with the Flyers and see if they ever sell/auction gear, whether if game-used or not. (Like if a player changes stick companies, what good is it for the equipment mgr to keep old ones around eh?) I don't know if Flyers "morning skates" are open to the public, but if one day he breaks a stick (or deems it no longer good enough for game use) then you MIGHT be able to get one there. Likely better odds than after warmups, between periods, post game.

Do you agree that the disney films Giroux analyzes are racist? by adorableqq Q: Giroux essay http://www.gseis.ucla.edu/courses/ed253a/Giroux/Giroux2.html

A: I do not believe that they are intentionally racist, It is just in the mind of the viewer that it could be perceived as taking on racist overtones. Having said that, almost every form of media, or entertainment could be construed as having racist overtones, intended or not.

NHL: What did you think about Carolina letting the puck in the net after Giroux shot on 1/2010? by ItalianHoops8 Q: I wasn't expecting that

A: i found it funny, but seeing them let upthree shorthanded goals in one powerplay was the funniest thing i have seen in awhile

So, what did you think of the Crosby vs Giroux fight, and Letang vs. Timonen fight? by Q: I was hoping for Crosby and Giroux to fight. I was actually sensing it. Then I was like, nah, they wouldn't do it. Then, bam, they start throwing a few gloves. Then you have Letang beating up Timonen. Man, that was exciting.

A: This game should a pay-per-view. It has better fights than any UFC event. Awesome! Asham just killed someone I think.

Did the hit chara put on claude giroux look kinda familiar? by Q: jones on bergeron???? The way i saw it is bergeron put himself in a vulnerable posistion as did giroux

A: No. Chara gave Giroux a push from yards away from the boards. Jones drove Bergeron's head straight into the boards. Two drastically different plays

Does anybody else think Claude Giroux deserves the Hart trophy, Explain? by Q: I think he does, He played great in the Winter Classic.

A: There were players from both teams who played great tonight. I'd like to see Giroux get it because he is just a great all around player(classy, skilled,etc.) but there are other players who deserve it too. So, it's tough. Wait, isn't the Hart Trophy based on the whole season? If so, then Giroux definitely has a chance at it.

Any sightings of Giroux, BryzGOALov, and Jagr at the local driving ranges yet? by Penguins pwn Flyers Q: They've lost 4 of 6 since being up 3-0 on the Pens! Ain't looking too good now huh Flyers fans?! Incase the Devils knock them out they should start practicing! FOOOOOOORE!

A: Not yet but by next week you will when the Devils eliminate them.

Is this the first allstar for both Claude Giroux and Scott Hartnell? by Q:

A: Hartnell was in the NHL YoungStars Game, which was kind of like the rookie section of the all-star game in today's NHL. Giroux, as the guy before me said, was a part of last year's ASG.

Is Claud Giroux the best player in the NHL? by Q: I heard on the radio today they were talking about Claud Giroux being the best player in he NHL. One expert said he may be the best in sports! I wanna hear what you all gotta say Let the debate begin

A: Oh hell yea he is! He's a great play maker and everyone knows that hes gonna score when he intersepts a pass and gets a breakaway! Fantastic player!

Should I get a Claude Giroux or Mike Richards Flyers jersey? by JF Q: I'm leaning towards getting an orange home jersey, just not sure about the player.

A: Mike Richards. Giroux is absolutely sick, but Richards is the leader, a Bobby Clarke figure, he's polarizing. Plus, he has a gold medal!

Giroux Lime Juice, can it be used to make Margaritas? by Bluegirl7 Q: I have a bottle of Girioux Lime Juice and I am wondering if I can use it put with Tequila to make a margarita. Would anyone have a recipe for using Giroux Lime Juice Margaritas?

A: yes, it can. mix to taste

Who do you like better and who's better, Mike Richards or Claude Giroux? by Q: I like Giroux way better, Better guy and player, Gets along with anybody and dosent carry himself with arrogance like Mike Richards, Also he's not a whiner like Richard's, Love the new 2011-2012 Philly team, Giroux, Simmonds, Jagr, Briere, Thing's are looking good for philly.

A: Without a doubt Claude, better player, better leader, better locker room guy, better man.

Who would you compare Claude Giroux to? by phillyflyers Q: How good do you think this guys is? Does he belong to the NHL "elite?" Does he get the recognition he deserves? Additional comments? WHO DOES HE REMIND YOU OF?

A: A poor man's Peter Forsberg. No he's not an elite player like Forsberg was but he is a VERY good player but he still needs to prove he can be consistent in his career so next year will be a BIG year for Mr.Giroux.

Claude Giroux will soon be a top 10 player? by Bryan Q: He is scary good with a crazy good work ethic and hockey smarts at such a young age. I look at him as like another Paul Kariya.

A: You have been reading the Philadelphia Inquirer too much. He has a long way to go to be anywhere near a top 10 player, let's wait for him to crack the couple of hundred first. Paul Kariya? Meh.......so what you are telling me is that he will never live up to the hype you are throwing him.......when you look at it like that, yes, Paul Kariya could be a good example.

How long will Giroux and Pronger be out? by Q: We need these guys to compete against difficult teams.

A: Pronger will probably be ready for the Winter Classic and Giroux is out indefinitely which means he has no scheduled date to return. I believe his concussion isn't serious and he will be back in 1-2 weeks hopefully before that. These injuries are definitely not hurting the team though they are winning 5 to 0 right now! Lets go Flyers!

When will the NHL deliver Claude Giroux his Hart Trophy? by Q: Right now, mid-season, or end of the year?

A: Just like price is going to win the vezina last year pat?

What song did Danny Briere and Claude Giroux came out to during intros for superskills 2011? by Q: says it all right there

A: "Du Hast" By: Rammstein

Who does Claude Giroux remind you of? by Spaceboy Q: When I watch Claude Giroux, he reminds me of....(complete the comparison) I love this kid! Great talent and hard worker! Crazy how good he could be!

A: When I watch Claude Giroux he reminds me of Peter Forsberg

Will Claude Giroux ever be like Sidney Crosby? by Q: I mean he's good but Crosby is great. Philly need someone great to help Giroux.

A: Giroux will be one of the greatest players to ever life. Will win the Hart, and every trophy possible. If he leaves Philadelphia, It will be like getting rid of your house, car, and losing your job, and getting no money from losing anything. Giroux is also a 2-way player. In that sense, he is better than Crosby. They're building around Giroux if you have noticed so it is a big possibility

Why was Claude Giroux sent back to the Phantoms? by paulie Q: I know Briere is coming back but giroux is not that highly paid of a player and he has been putting up big numbers..answers please???

A: Because most of the player has an one way contract this means that they cant be send in the american league without going through a period of 3 days where the other teams can claim the player. Giroux doesn't have one of these contract so they can send him with the phantoms anytime they want. Also the teams have a maximum of 21 players so they had to make space for Daniel Brière. Considering that, it's normal that they returned him to the phantoms because he is still young. I hope this helps you!

Who else thinks Claude Giroux is overrated? by Q: He sucks! Go Rangers! Philthadelphians should be nuked off the planet! BQ: Who else thinks Philtadelphia should be nuked?

A: I'd take Giroux over Thornton any day! Yes, the Rangers are incredible. It will be them or Boston representing the East at the end. I used to hate Philly when they had that moron Carcillo on the team, but I can tolerate them now. The Penguins & their fans are a different story. Nuke Pissburgh!

Who will be a better player Claude Giroux or Nikita filatov? by KS Q: Who will score more?

A: Filatov will score more if he doesn't go to the KHL.

will briere and giroux are a force to be reckoned with in the eastern conference? by Q: briere and giroux are a two top players in nhl giroux is looking for a 82 game goal season while briere is in his top of the game with the flyers how will effect the eastern conference?

A: Yes they will be. The are the Flyers top offensive weapons (besides Jagr) and with Giroux having a career year playing like a superstar Briere will be flying under the radar getting more points. And Jon ^^ your an idiot neither Kessel or Lupul have the consistency to play like this for the rest of the year.

Does anyone know what street Brian Patrick Giroux of Clarkston, MI lives on or lived on while growing up? by Q: Hi, I am looking up some genealogy of the Giroux family and was wondering if anybody knew what street Brian Patrick Giroux of Clarkston, MI grew up on?

A: Check ancestory.com reunion.com classmates.com zabasearch.com melissadata.com

I know I'm gonna get destroyed for this, but am I the only one who would take Giroux over Carter? by Machinehead - Giants World Champs Q: I think Giroux could be a star if he wasn't stuck behind Carter and Richards on the 3rd line. I think he could even be better than Carter. Thoughts? I didn't say Richards. Just Carter. Richards is far better than both. I see what you're saying Shakie but I don't think coaches are always right. Besides it could be a chemistry thing. Brad Richardson has been known to man the 1st line in LA. And the TD wasn't from me.

A: Leave it to the Flyers to tie themselves to a mopester like Richards by enticing him to a 12 year pact with a capital "C" attached to it. If they're dumb enough to pull that one off - and with their history of wasting young talent - we shouldn't be surprised that CG is buried on the third line. All that and the superstar hype he gets, makes you wonder if they're all on the same page there in the Oval Office of Orange. Put that kid on the Detroit or Chicago roster and he'd realize his potential. He'll be a broken down washout by 2014 here in Philly - through no fault of his own. Trust me. (P.S. I don't know why, but a certain loser who lurks amongst us humans will somehow tie my comments to the Eagles. Last I checked, they were different teams in different sports.)

Do you think Claude Giroux will reach 100 points this season? by Q: 3rd in the league in points, has played 59 games, 75 points total with 19 regular season games to go. Will he do it?

A: hes on pace for 30-68-98 totals, but i think he'll hit the century mark

How excited should Flyers fans be about Claude Giroux? by Lubers25 Q: He broke a 20 year old record league playoff scoring record with 51 points in 19 games this season after averaging nearly 2 points per game during the regular season. From what I have read, he is supposed to be a nice play maker which is what the team needs (even more if they decide let Prospal walk). Size has been the only real knock I have heard about him to this point. Has anyone had an opportunity to see him play? What are your thoughts on the kid?

A: During the Mem Cup he looked pretty ordinary but then Gatineau was pushed around fairly easily. The showcase of this cup puts a lot of pressure on the kids but Azavedo, Halischuck, Spaling and Bowerman ate up the pressure and really shone. As for Giroux he played well at the world juniors scoring one goal and registering 3 assists for 4 points as Canada won gold with a pure team effort.

How did Claude Giroux NOT make the all-star game? by Q: I mean seriously. Even people that hate the Flyers can admit that Claude Giroux is one of the best players in the league. This is a disgrace to hockey. Oh well, the all-star game was starting to fall apart anyway...

A: Terrible voters. I went Toews, Hossa, and Giroux for my forwards (homerish a bit, but at least fair) On Defense I did Weber and Chara Goalie: Johnathan Quick

With Crosby and Giroux out is it the Rangers division to win? by Q: Penguins are still good without Crosby but he's a great player and thee Flyers without Giroux are borderline Islanders.

A: Just wait...Gaby isn't hurt yet...YET. LMFAO @ Canada Bruins. No offense??? We're 7th in the league... http://www.nhl.com/ice/teamstats.htm?fetchKey=20122ALLSAAAll&sort=avgGoalsPerGame&viewName=summary @ Andrew: You know Pat is a Flyers fan...

What are important details and discussions in The Abandoned Generation by Henry Giroux? by brit7950 Q: what are some important points and arguments, or even solutions to problems that Giroux proposes? what are some ideas on the book, reflections?

A: See these discussions http://www.freechild.org/abandoned.htm http://www.human-nature.com/nibbs/05/giroux.html http://www.amazon.com/Abandoned-Generation-Democracy-Beyond-Culture/dp/1403961387

Giroux lays out crosby, scores first goal 4/22/12 game 6 Claude Giroux Shootout Goal Vs Maple Leafs 3-10-12 (HD) TSN Top 10. The Best Of Claude Giroux Claude Giroux is a G FULL Flyers vs Penguins Brawl ECQF Game 3(4/15/12) Flyers Girl Reacts to Giroux.m4v Claude Giroux HD Last 2 mins of game. Giroux. Philadelphia Flyers vs Pittsburgh Penguins 4/20/12 NHL Hockey My Ottawa - Claude Giroux Playoffs Fight Crosby vs Giroux, Letang vs Timonen April 15, 2012 Giroux illegal check to head on Zubrus. Philadelphia Flyers vs NJ Devils Game 4 5/6/12 NHL Hockey Sidney Crosby vs Claude Giroux & Kris Letang vs Kimmo Timonen Apr 15, 2012 Crosby fights Giroux and Letang fights Timonen Game 3 Penguins vs Flyers NHL Playoffs 2012 Claude Giroux sets the tone with a big check on Crosby and a goal in first 30 seconds of Game 6 Crosby fights Giroux, Letang fights Timonen - PIT @ PHI Game 3 4/15/12 - 2012 NHL SCP Claude Giroux 2011 Story Off The Record with Claude Giroux (HD) Sean Avery threatens Claude Giroux (Avery Mic'd Up) | Sep 26th, 2011 [HD] Top 10 Claude Giroux Moments (HD) Claude Giroux hit on Sidney Crosby. Pittsburgh Penguins vs Philadelphia Flyers 4/22/12 NHL Hockey Claude Giroux's Version of the shift Claude Giroux - Because It's The Cup Claude Giroux and Peter Laviolette vs Steve Ott - Faceoff smack talking - Altercation Claude Giroux OT winner 12/7/11 Claude Giroux Highlights 2011-2012 Dylan Reese vs. Claude Giroux Claude Giroux ridiclous shootout goal 3/10/12 Claude Giroux-93 Points (2011-2012) Claude Giroux has some fun with fans 4/20/12 Sidney Crosby vs. Claude Giroux Claude Giroux Alpha Male [HD] Claude Giroux Shootout Goal | 3/10/2012 | Flyers vs Leafs Claude Giroux with a Gordie Howe Hat Trick vs Penguins Flyers 2012 Game 2 Claude Giroux - History will be made LFR5 - Game 68 - De Giroux - Phi1,Tor0 (SO) Stamkos, Giroux Talk Concussions, Bauer RE-AKT Helmet Claude Giroux 28 Sidney Crosby vs Claude Giroux and Letang vs. Timonen 4/15/12 NHL Fight Game 3 Penguins @ Flyers Claude Giroux goal. Pittsburgh Penguins vs Philadelphia Flyers 4/15/12 NHL Hockey Claude Giroux #28 Philadelphia Flyers (Atlas) Claude Giroux goal. Philadelphia Flyers vs Pittsburgh Penguins 1 April 2012. NHL Hockey Claude Giroux #28 [HD] Claude Giroux shootout goal on Jonas Gustavsson [03/10/2012] Unsung Hero Apparel - Claude Giroux Signature Series (Charity) Philadelphia Flyers- Claude Giroux Claude Giroux Injury (Decemeber 12, 2011) Max Talbot & Claude Giroux 1/1/12 Claude Giroux hits Dainius Zubrus. May 6th 2012 Claude Giroux PPG goal. NJ Devils vs Philadelphia Flyers Game 1 4/29/12 NHL Hockey Claude Giroux OT winner 12/2/11
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