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GIGABYTE Intel Xeon Processor E5-2400 Motherboard Series Launched
GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of server hardware, today announced the launch of its series of server motherboard based on Intel® latest generation of server CPUs, the Xeon® processor E5-2400 family. GIGABYTE is mostly known for ...

Gigabyte to release Q77 motherboard
By Marc Mouthaan, Saturday 26-5-2012 11:18, source: Gigabyte Following ASRock, Gigabyte has introduced a new Q77 motherboard. Intel's Q77 chipset is designed for the business market and, like the other chipsets from the series, supports all Sandy ...

Gigabyte GA-Z77MX-D3H Review – Z77 and MicroATX
by Ian Cutress on 5/24/2012 3:00:00 PM In the first of our non-full-size Z77 motherboard reviews, we are today getting to grips with the Gigabyte GA-Z77MX-D3H. Currently retailing at $135, the Z77MX-D3H offers more performance in the microATX factor ...

Comcast to raise limit on Internet downloads, start charging extra for the 1 ...
That limit, however, is very high, starting at 300 gigabytes for basic Internet plans. Only 1 percent of US Internet users use that much data in a month, according a measurement firm. Comcast Corp. said Thursday that it will test charging $10 for every ...

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Can you connect a multiple routers to a gigabyte switch? by Adam S Q: so its like Modem>switch>router1>clients ______________router2>clients If you understand that?^^ lol I want my gigabyte switch to handle 2 routers and more. Is this possible?

A: It needs to be: Modem > Router > Switch > Clients Switches can't carry internet from the modem to the routers (or perform the necessary NAT), but the routers can carry internet from the modem to the switches. Put more switches if you need more ports for clients, not routers.

How many songs does a 2 gigabyte 2nd generation nano hold? by bluechocolatedude Q: I have like 430 songs and now it won't download any more and I'm basically throwing my money away.

A: A factor in how much songs an iPod can hold (aside from its GB capacity) is the bit rate of the song. For e.g. I ripped Sing For The Moment from The Eminem Show. It originally had a bit rate of 320 kbps (kilobits per second), which made it a 13 MB file. I reduced the bit rate to 160 kbps which made it a 6-7 MB file. Bit rates affect the audio quality of a song. 320 is said to be CD quality but I have not noted a difference between 320 & 160. Any lower & you do notice it slightly. So I suggest try converting the bit rates of all your songs to 160 kbps & I think it should open up some space to add a little more. I have my cousin's nano now & I think (not filled) with 160 kbps songs its about 864 (if I remember correctly).

Is the 20 gigabyte hard drive for the XBox 360 compatible with the 250 gigabyte hard drive system? by JA28 Q: I want to swap the 20 gig hard drive in to get my data off of it, but I'm not sure if it's compatible or not. Thanks. It looks like I'm going to have to get the transfer kit.

A: If your asking about the any normal Xbox 360 like pro, elite, or arcade, then yes. If you talking about the new slimmer one, no. the new one requires a different shaped hard drive, you can always buy a data transfer kit for Xbox 360 to transfer all your data to the new one.

Is GIGABYTE a good brand for computer parts? by DIB Q: im looking at a Gigabyte pci computer tuner. does anyone own one of these and how are they to run?

A: Yes, if you just plan on getting a Gigabyte motherboard. It's good for building simple PC's. As for a computer tuner, I would recommend getting Hauppauge. I own a Hauppauge PVR-1800 PCI-E. It works well tuning to TV channels and OTA (Over The Air Digital Channels) Digital TV. Just make sure you get a good antenna. The software that comes with the Hauppauge tuner card is kind of crappy. I recommend buying SageTV software or using Windows Vista if you have it. I believe Vista Ultimate is the only one that has Windows Media Center which is great to tune into your favorite TV channels.

What website can I upload gigabyte files? by emil_slm Q: I need a website where I can upload 3.62 gigabytes and share the link with friends so that they can download the file.

A: Use microsoft's free Skydrive... http://skydrive.live.com/ Cheers

How many audio or video hours can a 32-gigabyte iPod touch hold? by Joey eah Q: I am wondering whether I should buy the 32- or 64-gigabyte model, and I need to know how much 32 gigabytes is (don't get technical with me).

A: "Apple says that the iPod Touch 32 GB can hold 7,000 songs (or up to 40 hours of continuous video.)" "64gb can hold approximately 16000 songs." I personally have the 32gb. and it works just fine. But it's a personal preference. Hope this helped

Whats a good amount of Gigabyte total for a HP notebook when purchesing a external Hard drive? by my_eyes_adore_u2 Q: I want to buy an additional Hard drive (EXTERNAL) for my note book whats a good round about amount of Gigabyte should I buy is 80 good?

A: It depends on how you use it. I have 2000+ music clips and scan all financial paperwork to my computer. I also scan in pictures and do a lot of research. This stuff takes a lot of space. New software also takes a lot more space than old (Office 2007 uses 3 times as much space ar Office 2003). So think about what you're putting on the PC and how long you're keeping it. (BTW - I ended up with 160 GB and use about 110)

How much is a second generation 8 gigabyte iPod touch worth today? by Q: It's in great condition has about $35.00 worth of good apps and hundreds of dollars in music, I want to sell this to my friend so I know that he likes all the music and apps, I also have 2 cases. I've invested about $150.00 on the iPod itself. Do you think $60.00 is a good price or is to expensive for a second generation iPod?

A: No. My friend sold his Ipod touch 3rd gen for $30.00.

Why is Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti soo cheap compared to EVGA and others? by Q: There's like 100$ difference between the two in my country, I wonder why is that :/ Which one should I get?

A: You have to look at the clock speeds... Many of the other manufactures have discontinued the stock clocked reference cards, for the 2 fan models, which are also overclocked... Also, Gigabyte hasn't made their name in the graphics card industry as much as say Asus, MSI, or EVGA. I have a Gigabyte 950superclocked edition, and it has been flawless, except when I had it paired with an AMD Phenom II AM2+ system, but that was the systems fault not the card. I had it first with a q9550 overclocked to 3.6Ghz so stepping down to the 945 Phenom II after selling the q9550 was a real disappointment. Have it hooked to a 2400 i5 now and it is back running circles around games... Try to get the twin fan Gigabyte though, even the fermi's have to stay below 75C to keep their perfromance good and strong, which also means you need to have moderate cooling fans in your case... I keep my fans at 100% on the card all the time, and can hardly hear them run... 29-31C idle on a 950mhz Overclocked card isn't that bad... Stays around 65C under load, my case is a cheap one, with a three 120mm case fans...

what is the different between EVGA gtx 295 and gigabyte gtx 295? by ShouSha Q: i am going to buy gtx 295 but very confused what brand i hope both are the same cause gigabyte is abit cheaper

A: They are most likely both very nearly the same. There are three clocks on these graphics card and different manufacturers may slightly overclock them from the factory settings, so you might check on that. Those are the core clock, memory clock and shader clock. I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to discover what the different clocks are for, but in general, a faster clock results in a faster card. If you look at this list: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=Property&Subcategory=48&Description=&Type=&N=2010380048&srchInDesc=&MinPrice=&MaxPrice=&OEMMark=0&Manufactory=1315&Manufactory=1314&Manufactory=1883&Manufactory=12166&Manufactory=1312&Manufactory=1669&Manufactory=1414&Manufactory=1402&PropertyCodeValue=679%3A46192 , you'll notice the first two (strangely enough EVGA and Gigabyte) have the same core clock speed, but the EVGA has a slightly higher memory clock speed. (They both have the same shader clock speed, I think, of 1242 MHz.) Interestingly, Gigabyte has a Rev. 2 version of this board: http://www.gigabyte-usa.com/Products/VGA/Products_Spec.aspx?ClassValue=VGA&ProductID=3114&ProductName=GV-N295-18I-B%20rev2.0 that matches the shader and memory clock speeds of the EVGA board. I'm sure there's other differences. Do these minuscule variances in clock speed mean much when playing a game? Not really. They will only make a difference in some synthetic benchmarks like 3DMark Vantage. Also, the advanced section of the Nvidia Performance Tool (available from Nvidia) will let you play with the various clocks, so it's likely you could set whatever card you get at least slightly higher than the stock settings. There's usually just no reason to. As far as quality, that search I gave above has my preferred list of graphics card makers: [ASUS] , [GIGABYTE] , [BFG Technologies] , [Sparkle] , [MSI COMPUTER] , [XFX] , [ECS (EliteGroup)] , [EVGA] Both Gigabyte and EVGA are top-tier manufacturers, so quality is probably not going to be an issue. I should mention that the real buzz right now is on the ATI Radeon 5870. At $100 less, it comes close to the Nvidia GTX 295 even though the 295 has 2 GPUs inside (running SLI) and the 5870 has only one. Check out this article http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-5870,2422.html and http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-5850,2433.html (which talks about the 5850 as well). The problem is the buzz is so loud, it's hard to find one in stock. The flip side is that Nvidia is going to have to drastically lower their prices and soon if they wish to compete. The GTX 285 was selling in or around the new HD 5870 price, but it doesn't come even close to the speed. (A pair of 4890s in Crossfire though, can beat the 5870 and cost slightly less.) The HD 5870 also needs a lot less power, which means a smaller power supply and less cooling is needed. That said, the GTX 295 is still the fastest single card on the market. I'm sure ATI has an HD 5870X2 (Crossfire on a single board like the GTX 295's SLI), but that's not here yet.

Can a Radeon HD 5770 plugged onto a Gigabyte M61PM-S2 Motherboard? by Q: I have a used Motherboard a Gigabyte M61PM-S2 motherboard leftovers from my current upgrades and a spare HD 5770. Does the Motherboard support that card?

A: as long as you have a pci-E card the card will work

What is the difference between gigabyte and gigibyte? by Q: I have heard it is a misspell, but some people say there is a different meaning on gigibyte. What is gigibyte actually?

A: Gigibyte isn't a word

What the difference with the GIGABYTE GTX 580 and the EVGA GTX 580? by Q: What the difference with the GIGABYTE GTX 580 and the EVGA GTX 580? Is it really JUST the name?

A: It's just a brand name They're all made by Nvidia and sold to other companies that slap their name on it and maybe add a tweak or 2 F.Y.I EVGA never released a LN2 sub-zero version you idiot

Will installing a 512 mb and a 1 gigabyte memory module with the same brand cause conflicts or problems? by galixgalixgalix Q: I am planning to upgrade my machine by buying a second memory module.(I have a 512 mb pqi 533 right now... and I like to buy a new 1 gigabyte pqi 533) Will installing them both in my machine cause problems or conflicts? thanks and godbless

A: What is your motherboard? And it should be fine. Just make sure the new one has the same pin number as the motherboard. As for conflicts, there shouldn't be any. I had a computer that had X2 256, then I bought a 512 of a different company, then 4 months later another 512 from another company, it all worked fine. Just make sure its compatible with the motherboard.

How to disable PCI Busmaster in Gigabyte Motherboard? by Q: Someone know how to disable PCI Busmaster in Gigabyte Motherbord model: GA-8I945GZME-RH. Thank you.

A: There should be an option in your motherboard's BIOS, if not then you might be out of luck.

How can I calculate megabyte or gigabyte in minute? by OLASUNKANMI E Q: For example; 1 gigabyte video will play for how long or how many minutes?

A: If its for download purpose - you need to know what your transfer rate is, ea: dialup approx. 45K, dsl would be higher you need to find out the speed of your dsl. Than its simple division

How much would a 8 gigabyte ipod/mp3 player sell for? used and new? by Tobi Q: How much would a 8 gigabyte ipod/mp3 player go for?

A: check ebay its worth what someone is willing to pay

How many computers bought in the last four years have a Gigabyte of RAM? by Phillip Q: I bought my computer four years ago and put a Gigabyte of RAM in it. Is this okay by today's standards?

A: A gig of RAM is ample unless you're playing the latest games, I run 2 gig in my P4 3.0 Ghz machine but only because I have a couple of games that need that much RAM.

Is it possible to run two nvidia gforce 8800 video cards in SLI on a Gigabyte EP45 motherboard using a mac os? by Q: I have snow leopard on my Gigabyte and i know it is possible for sli support with a Windows OS, but i was wondering if it was possible on a Mac OS?

How many kilobytes are in one gigabyte? by Jacob M Q: I know I might appear stupid, but I'm serious, how many? and about how many songs can I save in a memory card (cellphone) with 1 gigabyte memory? if, for example an average song is 5mB?

A: 1,048,576 kilobytes are in 1 gigabyte. 1024 megabytes are in 1 gigabyte. if each song is 5mb, approximately 204 songs can be stored.

What is the average amount of songs that are on one gigabyte? by ady_oc_brody Q: I know that 1024 megabytes are is on gigabyte, but I don't wanna do the math. Someone please HELP!!!!!

A: 1 GB Can hold about 240 Songs 2 GB Can Hold About 500

How to overclock with gigabyte motherboard? by Rachit21 Q: I have a Gigabyte GA-Ma69VM-S2 motherboard with an AMD Athlon 5200X2 Cpu.However i cannot find a way to overclock my cpu or ram.NO overclocking settings are present in the bios.Not even ctrl+F1 works. How do i overclock with this board.I have seen people on the net who have overclocked with this board but HOW??

A: Go to Gigabyte web site & lookup for your m'board there might be some tips for O'clocking.

How many megabytes are in a Gigabyte? by mr.incredible_dad Q: I have a cell phone with a 2Gygabyte memory card which can be used for recording video- Just just recorded 7 minutes of video and it cost me about 20 mb. I need to know how many mb equals one Gigabyte so I can calculate how many minutes of video I can record with my camera on the cell.

A: Officially: 1,000. 512MB = 0.512GB. 1,024 mebibyte = 1 gibibyte, but 1,000 megabyte = 1 gigabyte. mega=1,000,000, giga=1,000,000,000 mebi=1,048,576, gibi=1,073,741,824 Example: a gibibyte is a contraction of giga binary byte. Some HD manufacturer was forced to state on their HD's what exactly 1GB is, i think they even got a fine because they didn't on previous models. But in fact, the manufacturer was right in the first place: 1GB=1,000,000,000 byte, not 1,073,741,824 byte. In long forgotten times, some strange computerscientist decided to use kilobyte=1,024 byte. Which is just plainly wrong.

How many books in a gigabyte? by adam norman Q: I just bought a 16 GB drive the size of a postage stamp. It got me wondering how many libraries I can carry on the back of my thumbnail. Any idea how many library-style books there are in a gigabyte? Thanks in advance!

A: Hmm... I would imagine a decent amount.. I have a few PDF files of books. They range from 70mb - 300mb depending on the size. I think my 300mb PDF is about 800 pages. So if the books are about 200-300, then I would imaging 50-150mb for the average size books... These books have lots of images in them too (college text books, learning the programs) Im just giving you a rough estimate, but it should give you some what of an idea. So... at about 300mb per book (pdf file) thats about 50 books (800 pages per book) that would fit into a 16gb drive

Is it normal for gigabyte motherboard lights to be red on startup? by Q: Well I recently bought this gigabyte motherboard and when I first startup my motherboard all the lights are lit up. But about 5 seconds later they all shutdown. is this norm?

what gigabyte of a memory stick should i buy, that can store 6 psp games? by Rafael Q: i have a memory stick which is 2 gigabyte only, and I'm planing to buy a memory stick higher than 2 gigabyte memory stick.

A: well i got a 4gb memory stick and got 5 games on it . i would recommend buying a 6gb or 8gb.

Where can I find linux drivers for my GIGABYTE motherboard? by Q: My Motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA-EP43-DS3L LGA775 Intel P43, Where can i find drivers for this motherboard for linux?

A: Have you tried to use Linux with it? Usually all of the hardware is supported by the Kernel and there isn't any need for drivers. The specs said it doesn't have onboard graphics so just get an Nvidia card if you can and use a distro like Ubuntu or Mint and you should be fine unless you need a wireless card, in which case try to get a Broadcom one.

Is 1 gigabyte of RAM enough to host a Minecraft server for 2 people? by Q: Alright, I want to start a Minecraft server so me and my brother can both play at the same time. Is 1 gigabyte of RAM enough to do so?

A: Though RAM has a lot to do with running a server, your processor has a shit ton to do with it as well. You can most definitely host a server, but expect a bit of lag. I'd say you need a minimum of 2gigs of RAM before running a server though..because whoever is running the server is going to lag a lot. I used to have 2 gigs of RAM, and I still lagged like crazy...now I have 6 gigs, and I'm playing smoother than a baby's bottom ;D

Where do you find the Aivia K8100 Gigabyte Macro editing Software? by Q: Where do you find the Aivia K8100 Gigabyte Macro editing Software? I own this keyboard, but i have no idea where the software is to change the Macro keys. Does anyone know where it is, or where i can download it?

A: More likely from the download site... Good luck!

How do I get an 8 gigabyte SDHC card to work in an SD card reader? by Q: I just got an 8 gigabyte SD HC card but it wont work in my old (2004) SD card reader rendering it completely useless. My card reader is an internal Dell Ricoh.

A: Here's the problem...I had it myself. SDHC is different from regular SD...It's HIGH CAPACITY. A lot of older SD card readers don't have the hardware to access these cards...they'll just sit there, trying to access it, locking up "My Computer" until you remove the card...right? There *could* possibly be a fix, although I wouldn't get too excited. Go here first: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/934428 It's a hotfix for Windows that *claims* to add support for SD card readers. This may or may not work, depending on your particular device. If it doesn't, you can try going here: http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/index.aspx Tell them the model computer you have (service tag works a treat), and look for updated HC drivers for you particular reader. If you're lucky, the firmware can be updated to work with the new format. If not, your only alternative is to purchase a card reader, or access the card from a seperately-purchased HC card reader. I made this mistake when I purchased my Wii...got a HC card for it, but couldn't write to it with my PC. Wound up having to install a FTP server on the Wii so I could update my SD card.

What is the actual capacity of the 8, 32, and 64 gigabyte ipod touches? by Q: Pleeeeeeeeeeez help because Im going to get a new one tomorow and mii 16 gigabyte only has 14.88 and thats from yeeeers ago, so pleez help

A: My 16GB shows up as max 14.88 and that is if you put out some seperate GB for backups (that's what mine is for). But I believe the 8GB is 7.88 or something like that. It really does not make a big difference in storage.

How many space does a gigabyte have? by S Q: How many space does a gigabyte have? Like start by 1GB by showing me by multiplying with one gb, and so on. Thanks!

A: 1000b=1kb 1000kb=1mb 1000mb=1gb 1000gb=1tb If you pickup any computer book or a computer magazine and look up the term Gigabyte, chances are that you will find that 1 gigabyte is equal 1024 megabytes, which is equal to 1024 kilobytes, which again in turn is equal to 1024 bytes. That’s what we have been taught and that’s what everyone thinks it is. But that definition of gigabyte, megabyte and kilobyte has changed nearly 8 years ago. Traditionally, one gigabyte has been defined as 10233 bytes or 1,073,741,824 bytes or 230 bytes. This is the definition commonly used for computer memory and file sizes. Then in December 1998 the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the leading international organization for worldwide standardization in electrotechnology, introduced new symbols and prefixes for binary multiples and changed the earlier ones. According to the new definitions, one gigabyte no longer equals 10233 bytes but 10003 bytes and 10233 bytes is now represented by a new term called gibibyte. That is what I mean. :)

What is the maximum capacity of RAM that can be installed on GIGABYTE ga-945gcmx-s2? by techno_kid Q: I m little confused,as the booklet came with the motherboard says its 2gb, but gigabyte site says its 4gb. Everywhere i searched i found d same ambiguity... Anybody with thorough answer?

A: It has 2 x DIMMS which support 2GB's each up to a total of 4GB's http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Motherboard/Products_Spec.aspx?ClassValue=Motherboard&ProductID=2521&ProductName=GA-945GCMX-S2

What are the names of the contents which are included inside the packet of motherboard GIGABYTE EP45T-UD3LR? by Q: Hello,I want to know the names of those contents which are included with the motherboard.For example SATA CABLE,FIRE WIRE etc, I want to know the names of all the contents inside the packet of gigabyte EP45T-UD3LR.

A: This link shows what is in the box; http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4445421&SRCCODE=LSCAN&cm_mmc_o=-ddCjC1bELltzywCjC-d2CjCdwwp&AffiliateID=SyIrj13jmG8-ADJS2cEe1H4KdXYiNaokOA The price is a bit different but I didn't bother to look at TD.com for it. Good luck.

Why is nazzi zombies laggy on my 32 gigabyte ipod touch? by Q: So i have Nazzi Zombies 2 on my 3rd generation 32 gigabyte ipod touch. When i play nazzi zombies it is extremely laggy. Then when i try to play online it sais your connection doesnt support multiplayer? Even though im connected to the internet via wifi. I havent even used up half of my 32 gigs and its laggy? Wtf apple give me a break.

A: Thats happening to me 2 its probaly just the wifi messing up or something though

How do you put youtube videos onto the 80 gigabyte ipod classic? by Stephen D Q: How do you put youtube videos onto the 80 gigabyte ipod classic?

A: I recommend you Altysoft Video iPod Conerter, it has professional version and free version, both of them can convert video to your iPod. Altysoft iPod Video Converter is a iPod video converter that converts video files, DVD movies, YouTube videos, so you can play the videos on your iPod. Altysoft Video iPod Converter can convert all types of video files (avi, divx, xvid, flv, x264, vob, mpeg, YouTube, etc.) into the proper video formats(MPEG4, H264) that play on the iPod.

Where can I buy a backwards compatible 80 gigabyte Playstation 3 in New York City? by No Relation Q: I would like to buy a 80 gigabyte Playstation 3 that can play Playstation 2 games. I would like a new one that I can buy in a store and not in online.

A: look at eb games or gamestop. you can call the store and ask if they have any

What gigabyte should I get of the new ipod touch? by slagathor97 Q: I'm getting the new ipod touch with the camera but what gigabyte would be best?

A: I think an 8GB is enough if you don't download lots of apps on it. Because even if you sync hundred of songs to your iPod , I 'm very sure most of them you will never listen.

How much will a one gigabyte laptop hold? by Q: How much will a one gigabyte laptop hold? Like, how many music/pictures/documents ?

A: ONE GIGABYTE?? That won't even hold your operating system let alone movies and games.

How much will Game Stop take my 120 gigabyte hard drive for? by Q: I had an xbox 360. When it broke a bought a new one, but I used the old hard drive because it had all of my information on it, I NEVER used the new 120 gigabyte, how much money will Game Stop give me for it?

A: i traded mine in for like 45. but they r having a deal on like 25 or 30% ea cash on games and everything. it is around 90 bucks for a used so ya it would b around $45-60

How long until we can expect a larger gigabyte capacity for Zune HD? by Snizzle Q: I ask because I currently have a Zune 80g. Though I haven't used the entire 80g, for me it's always good to know that I can add more. I want to get a Zune HD, but the 32g doesn't seem enough for me. About how long until we can expect a larger gigabyte for Zune HD?

A: I heard that Microsoft announced a 64 GB will be coming out in a few months. I would think that statement is correct because hard drive size is the only complaint people seem to have about the ZuneHD, so Microsoft will probably remedy it ASAP. BTW if you are in a WiFi zone, you can just stream music online you don't need it on the hard drive : )

How many megabytes are in a gigabyte? by Treehouse Slumber Party!!! Q: I want to know how many megabytes are in a gigabyte. I did the math and my computer has used approximately 2321.42 megabytes from all the programs installed on it. I don't know how much my computer can take but if that's a lot I'll go through my programs and delete some unnecessary ones.

A: 1024.

Where can I find the drivers for my Gigabyte graphics card? by Q: I have a Gigabyte Radeon HD 5670 graphics card and am currently running Ubuntu. I looked on Gigabyte's website and couldn't find any drivers for linux. Does anyone know where I can, if possible, find these drivers?

A: Try the drivers from the ATi/AMD website, my friend. They DO have Linux drivers for your Radeon HD 5670 video/graphics card.

How can I get 1 gigabyte per second internet service? by Q: How can I attain a 1 gigabyte per second internet service? Insanely fast internet service with instant 400 megabyte downloads??!?! I know you computer geeks, hackers, insane internet people out there know of how i can get this. Please help? Also, how much would it cost?

A: In the US, not very likely. But in Southeast Asia their speeds make ours look like child's play.

How much is one gigabyte of data on verizon wireless' mobile phones? by Conner D Q: I want one gigabyte of data on my new samsung intensity 2, and i want to get in the internet. Please help!

What is the difference between a nvidia and a gigabyte gts 450 graphics card? by Q: I'm looking at buying a Nvidia GTS 450 graphics card and the company I buying it from is out of stock. I've noticed a Gigabyte GTS 450 on there which looks pretty similar. Is there any difference and if so is one better than the other? Thanks

A: Actually, Nvidia doesn't "directly sell" the GTS 450. Instead, Nvidia makes the GPU and then companies like Gigabyte make the actual video card itself (like the PCB, fan, etc.). There are only slight differences between the video card manufacturers. One differences are the warranties; each manufacturer has a different warranty (I like eVGA's and XFX's the best). Another is the factory overclocked series of video cards. Most of the manufacturers have overclocked versions of their video cards and may have different clock speeds, which will slightly improve performance when increased. A third difference is the different fans on the video cards. Although not too much with Nvidia cards, different video cards can have a different fan on them, which may help keep the card cooler. I hope this helps!

How can i identify the gigabyte of my external xbox 360 hard drive? by Q: i bought an xbox 360 external hard drive a few years ago. i cant remember how many gigabyte it was and i sold the system, so i cant simply look on there. i've looked everywhere on the external hard drive and i cant find anything that says how many gigabyte it is. is there any other way to tell?

A: Is there a serial number somewhere on the hard drive. If there is, you can call MS and get the info.

How much do you think a gigabyte iPod shuffle is worth? by Techdude Q: I have a gigabyte iPod shuffle and it has a couple scratches. Not big or anything but enough to show I've had it for a year. I have the dock connector but the earphones broke. So how much is this green 2nd gen worth? Thankyou.

A: The best way to put a value on anything these days is to search like items on eBay or Craigslist.

How many songs will I be able to store in an 8 gigabyte iPhone? by Blue boy Q: Apple will release a 4 gigabyte iPhone and an 8 gigabyte iPhone on June 2007. I was planning on buying an iPod for my birthday present but now that I heard the iPhone it left me breathless. Do you recommend me to wait and buy the iPhone or should I get an iPod? I want to know how many songs I could store with an 8 gigabyte iPhone.

A: 1 Gigabyte equals 1 024 megabytes... songs are usually measured in megabytes. It depends on the size of the songs... For Example Track 1 = 6.1MG (megabytes). If you have the 8 Gigabyte you would have 8,185.9 megabytes left. Which is alot. I pod holds about the same information, without the calling emailing txt ect.

How to check that my mother board is a gigabyte motherboard or not? by Q: I want to know that whether my motherboard is a gigabyte motherboard or not. Actually i don't know about gigabyte motherboard. I want to know that what is a gigabyte motherboard. My motherboard's model is intel dh67cl. Is it a gigabyte motherboard or not?

A: Gigabyte Technology is a company. They design and manufacture motherboards, graphics cards and other products. http://www.gigabyte.com/ Intel is a bigger company that designs CPU's and other integrated circuit parts, but for an Intel motherboard that is either a type of board with Intel components compatible with certain pluggables, or, an Intel brand motherboard produced by Gigabyte and other companies like MSI, Flextronics, and others. Their could be a label or just a coding on the board to know who really designed and produced it. If you bought it as an Intel card, just as you buy an Acer laptop, you get service from that company. (Acer is a marketing company. They don't make laptops; only MSI designs and produces and sells their own made laptops, and Thinkpad by Lenovo is designed or mostly designed by Lenovo. Most others are brands. So, you have an Intel Brand motherboard. EDIT ADD: Gigabyte is a manufacturer, not just a brand, and they are pretty good. ECS is a manufacturer and I don't personally like their product quality, Asus is a brand that split off Asustek who does the design and manufacturing and Asus usually still works with Asustek. MSI is a designer, manufacturer, and seller brand. ASROCK and Intel do not manufacture their own at my last knowledge. Foxconn makes a lot of motherboards and Apple products.

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