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George h w bush

Romney gets Bush backing, but no sign of George W.
By STEVE PEOPLES, AP – 1 hour ago HOUSTON (AP) — George W. Bush is as hard to find in his father's office as he is in the 2012 presidential contest. The 43rd president appears in a gold-framed picture tucked into a far corner of the room, ...

George W. Bush invisible in GOP campaign
First Barbara Bush, then Jeb Bush and now George HW Bush has endorsed Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination. But George W. Bush is still nowhere to be found in the 2012 campaign - and that's probably just as well as far as Romney is ...

George HW Bush to formally back Romney
By KASIE HUNT AP LOS ANGELES -- Former President George HW Bush plans to endorse Mitt Romney at an event Thursday in Houston. Romney spokeswoman Gail Gitcho says the two will appear together and speak to reporters. Formal backing from the 41st ...

Mitthusiasm: George H.W. Bush Edition
By David Weigel MySlate is a new tool that you track your favorite parts Slate. You can follow authors and sections, track comment threads you're interested in, and more. I do think it's time for the party to get behind Gov. Romney.

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Why didn't more blacks support the polices of President Reagan or President George H.W. Bush? by IKE Forever Q: More blacks became Millionaires during the Reagan/Bush years through legitimate business. I was proud to have President George H.W. Bush as my Commander -in-Chief during the First Gulf War in 1991. I am black, I am an American, I am a Republican, I am proud.

A: I'm sorry to say we have far to many brain washed Black people in America. The Democrats are keeping them on the Plantation with offers of hand outs and free lunches. They have forgotten it was the Democrats who opposed civil rights and the voting act. Thank you for your Service to our great country.

Who was George H.W. Bush's 1992 Vice President Pick? by Michelle M Q: Does anybody know who George H.W.Bush Sr. chose as his running mate in 1992? Also does anybody know if the electoral college is held in the same place every year and if so where is it? I'm doing a history project and just needed a few facts but can't find them on the internet. Any help would be great!

A: His running mate wasn't chosen in 92 it was the standing VP and his name isn't George H.W. Bush SR there is no junior. His son's name is George W. Bush.

Did Saddam offer $ to anyone who assassinated George H W Bush after The Gulf War? Is that why we're in Iraq? by pickle head Q: Saddam Invaded Kuait and Osama Ben Laden wanted to use Al Qaeda to push Saddam's troops back into Iraq but, the Arab Emerites gave the job to America. This angered Saddam, who called for George H W Bush's assasination. Osama Ben Laden was also angered and retaliated against America with the 9/11 Attack. U.S. Troops were deployed to Aphganistan to hunt Ben Laden and LATER, U.S. Troops were sent to invade Iraq ... for various reasons in the past 4 years. (Todays reason is, IRAN.) Iran had nothing to do with Iraq 4 or 5 years ago! Saddam and Osama Ben Laden were enemies! All you History Buffs, So Called Experts and Lay-Z-Boy Generals out there, check your data ... we went to Iraq and suffered all since because George W. had a vandetta, personally with Saddam. Is this why most of the world hates America today? Is this why we have "terror" blown like smoke up our back side? Why so many excuses when there is only one truth? Go review your material ... THEN answer!

A: You provided me a good history lesson in your question which i cant answer because i wasnot aware of the politics of kuwait invasion by saddam and subsequent events in detail thanks for the answer question i give you 10 points for the answering question.

Who do you think was the better president, George H. W. Bush or George W. Bush? by Mercer Devil Q: Who was the better president in your opinion, the father or the son? And try not to hold the father's single term against him. George W. Bush hardly had an opponent of the same calibur as Bill Clinton. Lol, I know it's a hard choice for some of you to make, but that's why I asked. ^.^

A: Herbert Walker by far. That man has his hands in every major world event since the assassination of President Kennedy.

What did George H.W. Bush do about terrorism? by Q: George H.W. Bush, not his son. H.W., as in the first Bush (88-92).

A: Try not a damn thing. One of the most uselss wasted presidencys. Ranks right up there with Carter and Obama. Daddy Shrub was another Joe Biden, with a whole lot of Ted Kennedy thrown in.

What do you think of this extremely prejudicial quote from George H.W. Bush that contradicts what America? by Con Man Q: stands for? "No, I don't know that atheists should be regarded as citizens, nor should they be regarded as patriotic. This is one nation under God.…" -George H.W. Bush on August 27, 1987 source: http://www.robsherman.com/advocacy/060401a.htm Madeline, then go on Wiki quote under George HW and look there... because its also there and its sourced. You're pathetic.

A: oh those god delusionists, they are always good for a chuckle.

Is George H. W. Bush (41) sorrowful because George W. became president and not his son Jeb? by Joe Conrad Q: Recently, in Florida, at a Republican event to honor George H. W. Bush’s son Jeb, who is just finishing up 2 terms as governor, H. W. wept & sobbed when he got to the part in his speech about Jeb losing his bid to become governor of FL in 1994. Jeb lost to Lawton Chiles by 51 to 49%. Had Jeb won in 94 & then gone on to win re-election in 98, he would have been in position to run for president in 2000. Instead, George W., who ran for gov. of Texas in 94 & won, & then won re-election, was in position to run for president – he ran & won, & then he won re-election. Was H. W. so grief-stricken because W. - who has arguably had a bumpier life than the more cautious & well-spoken Jeb - has arguably made a shambles out of his presidency? Was H. W. reduced to a “basket case” because W.’s policies have now destroyed the Republican Party? Was he sobbing because Jeb will not have a chance to become president? Just why did this experienced public speaker almost have to be carried off the stage?

A: This is such a useless question. All the Bush's and all the government higher ups are responsible for 9/11 amongst other things. We should be thinking about prosecution and caring what they think of anything. They are all criminals. And Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are no better. The whole system needs an overhaul. The US needs a Revolution!

Why is Bill Clinton and George W. Bush still being referred to as President? by Jimmy Q: On the news, Bill Clinton is sometimes called "President Clinton was..." "President Clinton has..." On a commercial, George W. Bush was referred to as President also. If former presidents are referred to as President, why isn't Jimmy Carter and George H.W Bush referred to as president also?

A: The title remains as a permanent part of how they are addressed. The same holds true for Senators, Congressmen and Judges.

What was the stigma called that George H W Bush wasn't strong enough to run the Oval Office? by PrettyBxtchLittleOne Q: HELP .

A: Not sure about stigma's but I remember "a thousand points of light....don't know if that is what you are looking for but that clueless comment still makes me go....WTF. Read my lips... no more new taxes ...

Did you know George H W Bush had an affair? by . Q: Everyone blasts Clinton for having an affair, but did you know George Bush was linked to 6 different women and had a long term affair from the late 70s until the time he left the White House as President (just google the name Jennifer Fitzgerald) Also Ronald Reagan left his first wife for his 2nd wife(Nancy) John McCain had multiple affairs on his first wife and ended up leaving her for his current wife(Cindy) Newt Gingrich who was the speaker of the house and leading the charge against Clinton was having an affair with a 25 year old at the time

A: I bet these women are seriously embarrassed now......lol

What's your reation to George H W Bush saying that he doesn't understand the T party? by Q: "I don't understand what those people want" Bush senior said on LKL live to air Monday nite?

A: And he still doesn't understand why he didn't get re elected after lying to US about tax increases

How would you react if you saw George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush at your favorite restaurant? by Mr. Knowledgeable VI Q: How would you react if you saw former President of the United States of America George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara Bush at your favorite restaurant?

A: I would watch their backs-----I love the family-----would want to protect them.

How is the health of George H. W. Bush? by Wayne F Q: George H. W. Bush planned to attend the Ted Kenedy funeral but didn't. Is George H. W. Bush having serious health problems?

A: At least the press didnt push the issue. He was too ill to attend. Family matter. No need to bother with it, if u ask me.

Did George H W Bush give a farewell address? by Q: I can't find it on youtube and usually at least snippets are on there. Sorry should have checked my grammar - usually there are at least snippets of SOME farewell addresses, but I can't find even snippets of his farewell speech. That's what I meant. Thanks.

A: Yes he did. It was a raspberry followed by these word. "Screw you, you middle class naves."

What are some songs about George H.W. Bush? by Q: I need songs about George H. W. Bush...songs about his personality, opinions, accomplishments..or songs from time about that time.

Do you think George H.W. Bush's Warning about Voodoo Economics Came True with George W. Bush's Tax Cuts? by Q: Definition of Voodoo Economics: Investopedia: Prior to becoming Reagan's Vice President, George H. Bush coined the term "voodoo economics" as a proposed synonym for Reaganomics. TheFreeDictionary (Politics) an economic hypothesis, proposed by President Ronald Regan, that large cuts in tax rates would so stimulate the economy that the tax revenue on the increases in business and personal income would offset the anticipated tax revenue losses, so that such tax cuts would not increase the federal budget deficit. Its believers do not consider the actual massive deficit increases subsequent to the 1982-83 tax cut as being caused by the tax cut itself, but by other governmental policies. This hypothesis was graphically illustrated by the Laffer curve. http://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/reaganomics.asp http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Voodoo+economics

Did George H.W. Bush do anything to maintain public faith in government during a crisis? by Q: Did he do anything to maintain public faith in government during the Gulf War?

A: Hell no he was no Regan Herb

What is the name of the documentary of the uss george h w bush being constructed? by Don Corleone Q: It was either on the military channel or natgeo Might have also been the USS ROnald Reagan

A: I believe you are referring to Season 4, Episode 3, of the Discover Channel series 'Extreme Engineering' - the episode called 'Biggest Warship.' Hope this helped.

Was George H W Bush's comment about atheists not being patriots a compliment? by Democratic Syndicalist and Atheist Q: "I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God." Patriotism is just as, if not more delusional than religion. Why does he compliment atheists in such a way?

A: He's an idiot. I would be offended if an idiot would compliment me. Patriotism - "Love your country no matter what, no matter how many innocent people are killed. It's the price you pay for "freedom" Support your troops. Be proud of your country even though you haven't accomplished anything worthwhile to be in it. You were simply born into your country by chance, but be proud of a chunk of land for no reason."

why do people think that George H.W Bush was a bad president? by redfish9872004 Q: for being the first post cold war president didn't he do a Great job of creating a new foreign policy called NWO on such short notice? didnt he also succesfully drive saddam out of kuwait and had enough intelligence to realize the invasion of bagdad would be a bad idea? why all the hate for bush senior?

A: One of the the problems with George Bush senior was that he was charismatically challenged. When he was before the television he just didn't come off very well. A lot of politics is theater. The other problem was what he termed that "vision thing". If he had a vision, it was lack luster. Reagan and Kennedy were able to sell a vision of what America ought to be but Bush always seemed clueless. For a lot of the "conservative" Republicans, there were three things that caused him problems. The first was the no new taxes pledge. The second was his internationalism. The third was not taking Saddam completely out during Gulf War I. His son's decision to go back into Iraq proved his father's decision not to go in was a good one. Gulf War II has lasted twice as long as WWII and looks like it might be longer than Vietnam. On the other hand his fiscal conservatism laid the ground work for the economic boom during the Clinton Administration. Bush senior economic policies lead to a reduction in deficit spending. Usually if there isn't a lot of deficits, the US economy tends to work better. There is nothing sexy about fiscal conservatism, however.

Was George H.W. Bush the best president for both Liberals and Conservatives? by loaded_n_ready Q: I'm a liberal but even I am nervous with the way Obama is handling the Iran situation. Bush junior did well in spreading the armed forces thin and leaving America vulnerable. I miss the days of G.H.W.Bush where we only did what was necessary and we kept our strength.

A: If GHW was so great, why did he leave his son to deal with Hussein when he could've taken care of that situation himself years ago? All Obama will do is leave us open for a terrorist attack because a) he's killing our defense system and b) he wants to be their friend. What a wimp! Those terrorists are laughing at us.

Why did George H W Bush cry so many times on the air? by Q: Go check it out on youtube. I mean this guy was a multimillion dollar businessman, a spy, a war hero, director of the CIA, Vice President, and President, not to mention countless other accomplishments, like 89 year old sky-diving. He cried on the air like 5 or 6 times. To clarify, He's actually my favorite president of the past 25 years. I don't vote republican or democrat. I vote correctly. I'm just curious. It makes me want to cry.

A: He had a pebble in his shoe.

Do you think George H. W. Bush was proud to hear Obama hinting towards having a One World Government.? by emmo0920 Q: I mean that is what Ronald Reagan and George H W Bush wanted as well right. They both mentioned it in a couple of their speeches. Does that mean anything to you guy's?

A: Yes, it just futher proves to me that there is a hidden agenda against the American people. Democrats and Republicans are playing us for fools.

Jimmy Carter of George H.W. Bush? by Mr. Knowledgeable VI Q: Which former President of the United States would you want over to your house for dinner and why? As my as I approve of George H.W. Bush son George W. Bush, I would choose Jimmy Carter because I think you can learn more about life from Jimmy Carter.

A: Carter because he is a good man. He may not have been a great president but is a great person.

Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush will help President Hillary? by fateridder Q: ORANGEBURG, South Carolina (CNN) – Former President Bill Clinton said Monday that the first thing his wife Hillary will do when she reaches the White House is dispatch him and his predecessor, President George H.W. Bush, on an around-the-world mission to repair the damage done to America's reputation by the current president — Bush's son, George W. Bush. "Well, the first thing she intends to do, because you can do this without passing a bill, the first thing she intends to do is to send me and former President Bush and a number of other people around the world to tell them that America is open for business and cooperation again," Clinton said in response to a question from a supporter about what his wife's "number one priority" would be as president. See link - http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2007/12/18/bill-clinton-george-hw-bush-will-help-president-hillary/ Question - What are your thoughts ?

A: George H.W. Bush said he hadn't even been asked to do this and didn't know if he would anyway under those statements by Hillary. It's just part of the fiscade though. The statement in itself is a lie anyway. When has America ever been "closed" for business?

Would you vote for George H.W. Bush if he ran for President in 2008? by Mr. Knowledgeable VI Q: When George H.W. Bush ran in 1992 and lost to Bill Clinton, he did become elgible again to run for President of the United States of America again. Although he has not run since, he could run for President in 2008 if he wanted to. If former President of the United States of America George H.W. Bush (who is the father of George W. Bush) ran for President in 2008, would you vote for him? Why or why not? I would vote for former President Bush in a heartbeat. He was an Awesome President from 1989 to 1993 and he would be a good candidate to continue his son's George legacy for Four More Years.

A: Yes, absolutely.

What does Obama have in common with Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush? by Obama - Wimp in the White House Q: He is less popular than both Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush were at the same period—and they both lost their bids for a second term. Hopefully he will be a one term president. Seldon is that your standard answer to everything?

A: O is just so WRONG for our Country. I just wish Bush was still our Pres. and things were the way they were then, for the most part, dont you...

Who are Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama? by Q: In my school I noticed that they put portraits of people in the auditorium and some of the portraits had the names Ronald Reagan, GHW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. Who are these people?

A: presidents (past and present) of the USA

Why did George H W Bush drop the W? by Tommy D Q: During the football pregame he was addressed as George H Bush, not George H W Bush. Is HE trying to distance himself from his son?

A: Heck yah! No one's stupid enough to not distance themselves!!

George Bush or Geoge H. W. Bush? by i1loudchic♥ Q: who was it that said he would continue Reagan's policies.... George Bush like the one who stopped being President in '09 or George H. W. Bush ???

A: Hello there, It was the George Bush that was President Reagan's Vice President and the father of the George Bush who stopped being President in 09. Good luck

Why do people hate George H. W. Bush? by Q: Not talking about his idiot son or namely George W. Bush, but who do some people hate George H. W. Bush? I mean he had a successfully foreign policy from 1989-1993 like liberating Kuwait from Iraq and remove dictator of Panama from power in 1989. Was it mostly because of his economics?

A: I won't say that people hated Pappy Bush. Yeah, some did, someone hates everyone, but the sensation at the time was more that he was inept and untrustworthy. He was okay as a vice president under Reagan for 8 years because he had no real duties, but when he ran for president people thought it'd be another 4 glorious years like Reagan's but they weren't. He did a few things right, but generally speaking he was not the Great Communicator his predacessor was. He was one of the few incumbents not reelected. A popular theory as to why his a$$hat son did some of the military moves he did was because Pappy didn't take out Saddam Hussein. George Senior knew he was dangerous but yet also knew that there would be consequences to not having a good replacement government set up. George Junior could only think of his daddy's honor and went boldly where others knew not to tread... and thus Iraq imploding. I think there were a few dinnertime conversations where Dad whacked Son upside the head with a newspaper for not thinking.

Former President George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush both used live in Compton, CA before ! Opinion? by Rick Q: Compton was also the home of U.S. Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, who lived there a short time in 1949-50 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compton,_California#cite_note-18 http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/bush41/timeline/ What happen if Bush visit Compton today?

A: I've never heard of either one of them living there but perhaps that explains the high rate of crime that exists there today. I do know that Ms. Palin, the Governess from Alaska, campaigned in Compton last year, but for some reason the many photo-ops she did while there, did not have anybody from minorities included and we all know that Compton is mostly minorities, so that showed me that she brought her own group of Rah Rahs.

Major Achievements of George H.W. Bush? by kayyyx Q: 3 major achievements of George H.W. Bush and why dont mistake him with his son George W. Bush

A: Invasion of Panama and removed Noriega Persian Gulf War - returned Kuwait's control back to Kuwait from Iraq Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union broke up - though not sure he can take credit for that If you count signing laws that were acts of congress... Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 Clean Air Act Immigration Act of 1990 NAFTA Considering we had a split government, a congress who wouldn't take no to raising taxes, he did fine.

What do you think of George H.W. Bush having a vessel named after him ? by Friendly Stranger.. Q: I know some may not exactly show their approval for the Bush family but I am wondering what you think about George H.W. Bush having a carrier named after him. Do you think he is worthy of that honor? Full Story: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/6204687.html

A: The last time I voted Republican was in 1972 when I was young and stupid, but I don't have a problem with it. There are bigger issues for me to concern myself with, like cleaning up some of the messes created by his son. *** "Liberals make me laugh" : For a man who flew planes off the deck of an aircraft carrier in WWII, fighting against the Japanese, it is fitting that one be named after him. That is very well said. Bush Sr. served his country more than most of us ever will. I didn't agree with many of his policies, but I think respect is due to him.

Obama Passport News: Notice that there is a connection here between George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush? by Spike Wilbury Q: Obama Passport news!: Have you that there is a connection here between George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush? Have you that there is a connection here between George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush? George H. W Bush did the same thing against Clinton when Clinton was running against Bush in 1992. A passport search to get dirt on Presidential nominee was breached back in 1992. Isn't it odd that both of these breaches have happened when a Bush was in office? Those Bushes are CORRUPT to the core... THIS was definitely political....a breach THREE TIMES by THREE DIFFERENT PEOPLE....one each month for the past 3 months! The 2 were fired but the BIG question is: Did they disseminate this information to others??? Bush maybe? Hmmm...

A: I think that if you are going to go on the link game then, Sen. Clinton is tied to one of the people in the department that were fired for the breach. This person was deemed Ambassador to Paraguay by Bill Clinton during his administration. As far as the information getting out, well I think that it went to the people it was intended.

How would you feel if George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush came to WWE as Legion Of Doom? by Q: They will wear the shoulder pads over their suits and hit Kanye West with a Doomsday Device.They would change the face of pro wrestling forever.

A: Would they have a manager that is also a ventriloquist? Sounds like a job for Dick Cheney.

Did George H.W. Bush make positive changes in society? by Q: GEORGE H.W. BUSH NOT George W. Bush!!!

A: He advocated a "deep 30% cut" in the defense budget. But I dont know how much was actually cut. =============== George H. W. Bush, “By 1997 we will have cut defense by 30% since I took office. These cuts are deep...” . . State of the Union address, Jan, 1992. They were Bush’s projected military budget cuts to 1997, had he been re-elected. He lost to Bill Clinton in Nov, 1992. http://www.infoplease.com/t/hist/state-of-the-union/205.html

What aircraft are aboard the USS George H.W. Bush? by Q: hey, I'm writing a short story for school about a failed terrorist attack, and it involves the USS George H.W. Bush. I just want to know what aircraft it carries, i know it has ninety fixed wing and Helis, but What kind are they? Thanks!

A: The usual; F/A-18's, EA-6B's, E-2C Hawkeyes, C-2 Greyhound, and about 8 SH-60 Seahawk helicopters. They were using S-3 Vikings for anti-submarine, I think they are using helos now. A carrier is capable of carrying 90 aircraft, they typically carry less. I wonder what Pres. Bush thinks of the double 7 since he was extremely lucky that he wasn't left floating in the Pacific during WWII.

How did the foreign and security policies of President George H.W. Bush and President George W. Bush differ? by Q: Which one do you agree with more and why?

A: Daddy Bush believed in only attacking Iraq when proof exists that they're doing something wrong. Dubya believed in attacking Iraq no matter what even if that meant deliberate lying. Daddy Bush believed in getting the job done and moving on to let the Iraqis decide what to do next Dubya believed in a decade plus long occupation Daddy Bush's foreign policies made a lot more sense.

What are some of George H W Bush's biggest failures? by Chango Q: I am doing a project for gov't and its due tomorrow and i need this last 2 questions What are some of George H W Bush's biggest failures? Something unique about him. (I put being a pilot for WWII and getting shot down) But i need a few more... maby 2

A: His sons

How many of you Dems are going to Naval Station Norfolk to see USS George H.W. Bush commissioned? by Bubba Q: Former President George H. W. Bush will be honored for his military career when the U.S. Navy commissions its new aircraft carrier Saturday at Naval Station Norfolk. J, FYI, there are not hundreds of Aircraft Carriers in the Navy. The Navy only has 10 Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers and there is no way you would see them at NSN at one time. For Don't be a Tool below: Or when they Honor Bubba Clinton with a canoe for his service.

A: I bet there will be NONE. They dont honor any republican.

How come George H.W. Bush can still run for president while George W. Bush can't? by Andy Q: My civics teacher said that: why can the father run for President once more but W. can't?

A: Because there's a 2 term limit on being elected president.

How do you react when you see George H.W. Bush on television? by Mr. Knowledgeable VI Q: How do you react when you see Former President of the United States of America George H.W. Bush on television? When I see former President Bush on televison, I am very proud to know that he is the father of the Greatest President in American History, George W. Bush and I am grateful to know that he helped to raise a son who has been a phenomenal success.

A: I want to thank him for his service to this country, and for giving us his son who restored dignity and honor to the White House. "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" .

Which event occurred during the George H.W. Bush administration? by Andi Q: Which event occurred during the George H.W. Bush administration? the Vietnam War the fall of the Soviet Union the war in Grenada the release of the hostages in Iran

A: None. Vietnam was way before him. The rest were during Reagan administration!

How do I Start my Introduction Paragraph on my Research Paper about George H.W. Bush? by ♥♥♥♥ Q: I'm trying to start a 3 page essay on George H.W. Bush, and I'm just having a Hard time starting out..Basically I need to state how he impacted or touched the world when he was president, and who he is.

A: Yeah, introductions an be really boring because you're basically restating the title and just telling what its about. It's really just a small summery, lol. It's best to stay away from overly used beginnings like, "My report is about.." or, "George H.W. Bush was a great man." Instead you could use something like, "As President of the United States, George H.W Bush impacted the world...", or something that doesn't sound cliche'. Then maybe tell a little about the examples he lead as President and as a person. You could look at your favorite magazine article about a person for an example of an introduction! I bet that would give you a good idea! I hope this helps!

What's the Difference between George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush Military Doctrine? by Yahoo Sucks Q: George H. W. Bush removed Noriega from power and ousted Iraqi forces from Kuwait (Both wars were very short and the later had a large coalition). George W. Bush toppled two Regimes both of which years later continue to drag on with uncertain results (Afghanistan continues as the war stricken Nation it was prior to our invasion and Osama is still out there, Iraq continues to implode). So what are the differences between their Military Doctrines that George H. W. Bush's wars were much more successful than George W. Bush's?

A: One used diplomacy and common sense the other didn't. I will leave it to you to figer which is which.

Why didn't Bill Clinton ever give credit to George H.W. Bush for the capture of Slobodan Milosevic? by Q: George H. W. Bush put in place measures that led to the capture of Slobodan Milosevic, and Clinton never gave Bush credit for it. And why didn't Franklin D. Roosevelt ever give credit to Herbert Hoover for defeating the Japanese in the battle of Iwo Jima?

A: No, what happened was that Serbia elected a new government, and the new government and president handed Milosevic over to the ICC in the Hague. There was no American capture.

How would you react if you saw George H.W. Bush giving the ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game? by Mr. Knowledgeable VI Q: With the baseball season just around the corner where many different team of many different leagues do their part to win a championshp, how would you react if you attended a baseball game and you saw former President of the United States of America George H.W. Bush giving the ceremonial first pitch? If I saw George H.W. Bush give the ceremonial first pitch, I would salute President Bush for his military service to the United States of America and for be a leader who stood up for what he believes in. I am speaking about the elder President Bush (George Herbert Walker Bush) and not about the current President Bush (George Walker Bush).

A: Remove Hat Stand Applaud Be Proud

What job did George H W Bush have before being President/Political History? by Chango Q: I need to finish my project thats due tomorrow but i need a few more things to fill out... What job did George H W Bush have before being President/Political History?

A: He was VP under Reagan He was director of the CIA He was Chairman of the Republican Party He was a congressman from Texas Before that, he was active in the Republican Party in Texas (which back in the day, probably could have met in a two car garage)

What are some of the similarities between George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton? by Shellen A Q: Okay..so I need to know two similarities between George H.W. Bush (NOT George W. Bush! I mean his father, not his son!) and Bill Clinton. The similarities could be about what they did during their presidency or their personal life..I can't come up with an answer other than the fact that they both know someone or have a family member that is involved in politics today. :P That's all I can come up with. Two other similarities would be great! :D THANKS! It has to be between only those two presidents!

A: They are both ex-Presidents. They worked together to aid victims of Katrina. They both think George W. Bush is a moron?

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