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Geno Auriemma

Stefanie Dolson, Breanna Stewart shine as UConn crushes Notre Dame
NASHVILLE -- UConn senior center Stefanie Dolson, like everyone who has played for Geno Auriemma, has a favorite story to tell about her coach, and she told hers with relish on the afternoon before Connecticut won its record ninth title in women's ...

Lawsuit against UConn women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma dismissed
University of Connecticut coach Geno Auriemma scored a win in another kind of court Tuesday when the Manhattan Appellate Division agreed to dismiss a lawsuit against him by a former official of the NBA. Kelley Hardwick, the NBA's former director of ...

Muffet McGraw, Geno Auriemma: These two plain don't like each other
NASHVILLE — Well, Geno Auriemma and Muffet McGraw are not twin souls. We've learned that much in the back-and-forth between them. What would an NCAA championship game be without the background mood music of Auriemma's mouth? Except, this ...

Fightin' Words: No Love Lost Between Notre Dame, UConn
"We've got two really, really good teams," UConn coach Geno Auriemma said when asked about McGraw's comments. "Forget the other stuff. The other stuff is such nonsense. Really, that's nonsense. I could sit here and list 10,000 coaches that don't ...

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Help with comma placement #2? by Kels Q: Thanks! Indeed who would have predicted ten years ago that women's basketball would become so wildly popular in Connecticut? Well people who have watched the growth of women's basketball in southern states are not surprised. The enormous campus arenas at the state universities in Tennessee North Carolina and Georgia are filled to capacity for every home game. The coach for Tennessee's Lady Vols Pat Summitt has achieved nearly godlike stature in that state. A tall striking figure on- and off-court Sumitt commands respect wherever she goes. My youngest sister Ruth Ann who lives in Tennessee says you can't get near Pat Summitt after a game. "You'd Think she was a rock star" she says. Although Geno Auriemma Coach of the UConn women's team doesn't yet enjoy that kind of support he is rapidly becoming a widely recognized figure. In Connecticut we no longer say there is basketball in college sports and then there is women's basketball, we say there is men's basketball and women's basketball.

How will the UConn men's basketball team do after or when Calhoun retires? (Sorry it's long)? by acleex Q: I don't want to touch too much on Jim Calhoun's rant on the political activist who was there solely to get him pissed. But Calhoun did point that he'd like to retire someday and that struck a chord with me. Calhoun is 67 right now, so perhaps he has a few years left in him if he's healthy (like Coach K though he is younger), but he has had multiple bouts with skin cancer, most recently this past season, and during his 2003-2004 championship season, Calhoun had prostate cancer. His contract ends in 2010, and though his mentality would probably want to continue coaching, I dunno if he can continue much longer because of health. When you add the fact that his dad died of a heart attack when he was 15, this needs to play into your decision if you're the UConn administration if you're gonna seriously renew his contract after this season, given that most coaches are never in their last season of a contract... After all, I'm not surprised if Calhoun doesn't have the healthiest heart either and any extension he gets would go past his 70's... If Calhoun were to retire, I don't think that his assistants are necessarily ready to coach one of the best teams of this decade. Their associate head coach, George Blaney on the surface is a perfect man to take the job, since he has been a successful Div. 1 including being head coach at Seton Hall, another Big East school, though he enjoyed his best success at Holy Cross. However, Blaney is a problem given his age, since he's 76. You don't want to replace an old coach with an older one. The assistants have had decent time as assistants, but given that neither Sellers or LaFleur have been a head coach yet still gives you a question mark on whether or not they can keep the Huskies as a perennial power... The most notable former UConn assistants now being head coaches at other programs are Dave Leitao at UVA and Karl Hobbs at GWU in Washington. Hobbs has had some decent recruiting and I think he may make a good replacement for Calhoun as he has led the Colonials to several NCAA appearances and has recruited some great players, though this year is a downer for his program. Leitao hasn't seemed to be as great, but he is in the ACC at one of the perennially downer teams of the conference. Or should UConn look outside the box for some of the up and coming coaches in the mid major conferences when Calhoun retires (I don't think it'll be too long).. My hope is that UConn looks across the banners in Gampel Pavilion and offer their women's coach Geno Auriemma the job and become the men's head coach when Calhoun calls it quits... Auriemma has never said that he wanted to coach the UConn women forever, and has openly said that he sometimes wants a new challenge. He is super competitive and his quick basketball system would fit in well with Calhoun's players. He has a lot of swag, comes out as cocky to others, but that can feed into his team in a positive way as it has with the women. Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird are his best examples of players who have skills, and the swagger, which has undeniably come from his coaching. He can do the same for the men as well as anyone. To put things bluntly as well, Geno Auriemma and the UConn women's team is bigger than Jim Calhoun and the UConn men's team in terms of national significance. That may be why Calhoun and Auriemma apparently didn't have a great relationship before. It doesn't matter if the UConn men have more NBA players right now than anyone else or won two championships in their only two final four appearances when the women have more WNBA players than anyone else too, they won five championships, went to nine final fours, and have made the Dance 20 straight years, while Calhoun has coached some pretty mediocre teams during his years at UConn. Either way, I can't see any reason why Geno can't develop and recruit NBA talent. Any top men's recruit should know who he is. The only adversity Auriemma will have to face is defections for the NBA draft, which every coach deals with, but some do better than others. As women's coach, he will almost never have to face seeing a player fail to graduate since the WNBA requires that all entrants be four years out of high school. If Geno wins a men's championship at UConn, boy would that be surreal... This is definitely a good challenge for him that he may be looking for and I think he wants this job at least a little to be honest. If you think that taking Auriemma away from the women's team would be bad, think again. Auriemma's top assistant, Chris Dailey has been with him since he came to UConn in and probably has as much to do with UConn's ascent to the top of women's hoops as he does. She would easily take the top job without question and still be able to keep the Huskies where they have been. So what should Connecticut do to replace Calhoun in a few years, maybe sooner? Try to lure Hobbs from GW? Bail out Leitao from UVA assuming he's not (con't) Bail out Leitao from UVA assuming he's not fired since the Cavs are pretty bad even for their standards? Look at a up and comer? Or get Geno Auriemma? Good answers, please keep them coming! Arizona is another program that just experienced what UConn may go through soon. They decided to use an assistant who is doing well so far, but U of A has at best barely made the dance or maybe a little better each of the last few years unlike its heyday in the '90's and early part of this decade. I agree again with you Kidd>Harris. Arizona lost a lot of players recently around Olson's retirement (we all kind of saw it coming in the last couple of years) and that could have swayed some recruits elsewhere. At least Olson was pretty good at reloading his talent given that he has had a number of players declare early for the draft, some who were expected to such as Iguodala, Richard Jefferson, and Mike Bibby, and others like Gilbert Arenas left and tanked in the draft (Sure Arenas is now an NBA superstar, but getting drafted in the 2nd round as an early entry is not good).

A: Wow man submit this to a local paper or website, because that was informative and well-written. I think Connecticut MUST find a well-known coach with a good resume to come in (which they should be able to) and continue the program's excellence. The University won't let the program suffer because basketball is their main attraction with a great Women's team as well. When Calhoun leaves, they should and we expect them to have a full-proof plan to make sure the program stays on or near the top. once again, pleasure to read edit: Agreeed!!, but Arizona got hosed, they lost their Coach and multiple players. They will bounce back hopefully because they are playing very strong with what they have.

College Basketball Survey? by acleex Q: We've had a bunch of surveys on the NBA pretty much, so I'll make one for college hoops. Here are the questions: 1. Who do you like better, Duke or Maryland? 2. Who do you think is the best men's player (as a college player, don't consider pro career) from North Carolina? 3. Who would you want to coach your college team if you had to choose between these four, Mike Krzyzewski (Duke), Pat Summitt (Tennessee), John Calipari (Kentucky), or Geno Auriemma (Connecticut)? 4. Which team do you like better, Connecticut, or Syracuse? 5. Your favorite cinderella team in the NCAA tournament? 6. Your favorite upset in the NCAA tournament? 7. Who do believe is your men's team of this decade? 8. Which school do you think will win the NCAA Division I men's basketball championship this year? 9. Which conference do you follow the most? 10. Will the Connecticut women's basketball team be undefeated again this upcoming season? 11. Speaking about undefeated teams, will there be an undefeated men's college team in the next 10 years? ***************************** My answers: 1. Duke 2. Tyler Hansbrough 3. Tough choice, but Coach K just a little above Summitt 4. UConn 5. Davidson College in 2008 6. George Mason beating UConn in 2006 7. Men's team of the decade is a real toughie since in men's ball so many teams are disintegrated after one good tourney run to the NBA draft, but I'll have to go with Michigan State, given that they won the ship in 2000, but have been to several Final Fours (00, 01, 05, 09) with clearly different cores in different parts of the decade and made the dance every year. 8. I think it's the KU Jayhawks 9. The ACC 10. No, but I think they will repeat as champions 11. No, because we don't see teams today with the superchemistry like we used to in the 80's and early 90's, again because so many of these talented players on talented teams leave for the NBA draft, especially after the team goes on a nice run in the Dance.

A: Maryland, because of Gary Williams and Duke is a bigger name. James Worthy was amazing, and Hansbrough wasn't even their best player this season. If it's Men's basketbal, definitely Coach K. I don't like Calipari. Syracuse is more fun to watch, and Uconn are constant favorites. Davidson had one of the best Cinderella runs ever in. Cleveland State over Wake Forest last year. I guess I have to say Michigan State, too. They have been pretty average some years, but 4 Final Fours and a championship is impressive. I think Sherron Collins and Aldrich are a great duo, I had them in the Final Four last year/ Big Ten because Buckeyes are my team. After that Pac 10. Maya Moore is still their and they are unbelievably talented. It wouldn't surprise me. No, no high school stars want to share the spotlight or stay for more than one year.

Should ESPN make a "30 for 30" documentary about UCONN women's basketball team? by camthejock Q: 88(going on 89) game winning streak; which will break the former UCLA men's record, 2 consecutive national titles, beating teams by 20+ points each game. I think it would be a great documentary if they made it. Teaching us to respect womens basketball and how great of a coach Geno Auriemma is. It should be called "30 for 30 - You play ball like a girl"

A: who cares about womens basketball?

Can anybody beat the Uconn Women? by Coltsfan77 Q: They have won 68 straight games by double digits. Is there ANYBODY that could stop them by the end of Maya Moore's career? Will they break the UCLA mens record? Why aren't the Nets targeting Geno Auriemma first and foremost? When will I stop asking questions? I guess the last one was answered.

A: 1. No 2. Yes 3. Because the Nets are targeting John Calipari, a MEN's basketball coach

Will Tennessee Lady Vols Coach Pat Summitt catch John Wooden in number of championships? by Brandon ツ Q: John Wooden 10 Pat Summitt 8 Geno Auriemma 5 Adolph Rupp 4 Bob Knight 3 Mike Krzyzewski 3

A: Of course! that woman basically owns college basketball. As long as she coaches NCAA Women's Basketball, championship-caliber players will flock to her program.

Prime Tim Duncan vs Prime Charles Barkley? by Nate :) Q: who do you think is a better overall player and why? do not bring rings into this.

A: Charles Barkley. He was the All-Star MVP in 1991 and a two time gold medalist (92,96). In fact he lead the original Dream Team in scoring with 18 per game! He won the rebounding title in the 1986-87 season with a 14.6 average and is the shortest to do so. He has career averages of 22.1 points, 1.57 steals, 3.9 assists, 11.7 rebounds and shot 54 percent. There are only four players with at least 20,000 points 10,000 rebounds and 4000 assists and Barkley is there with players like Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Karl Malone. Thats some impressive company to be held in. But Charles was more than stats because I never felt he was trying to get stats more than he was trying to win. He defended players like Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson because he wanted to guard the best. Wasn't all league defense but it was the challenge and that's missing in alot of today's players. Some people will argue that Karl Malone was better and they could try and validate it with numbers and hardware but Barkley rarely came up short in the clutch (Remember his game winning shot against David Robinson in the 1993 Western Conference Semifinals?) and he certainly had no John Stockton or consistent head coach like Jerry Sloan alongside him for a career. He left Philly because cheap owner Harold Katz wouldn't build a winner around him and by the time he reached Houston Hakeem and Drexler were set to retire. While it would have been sweet for Barkley to win a championship ring it doesn't diminish his accomplishments on the court. He was a damn great basketball player! Congrats to him and all of the Hall of Fame inductees: Dominique Wilkins, Geno Auriemma, Sambro Gamba, Joe Dumars and David Gavitt.

Geno auriemma ever say he'd entertain the idea of coaching Kentucky men's basketball team? by Q:

A: Entertaining the idea of something is essentially meaningless. I would entertain the idea of marrying a supermodel, but it does not mean that I will ever have the opportunity. He may have said it, but UK would have no interest in a former women's coach as its men's basketball coach, no matter how successful that coach was.

How come the Ncaa isn't investigating Geno Auriemma's kiss to that player? by Juan Q: I'm shocked nobody's making a big deal about it or investigating

A: I read about it in a story about the game and they just sort of glossed right over it, maybe this is a normal occurrence but I'm surprised that nobody seems to be making a fuss about it.

Re-write the paragraph and insert the necessary commas? by Selena Q: Re-write the paragraph and insert the necessary commas Indeed who would have predicted ten years ago that women's basketball would become so wildly popular in Connecticut? Well people who have watched the growth of women's basketball in southern states are not surprised. The enormous campus arenas at the state universities in Tennessee North Carolina and Georgia are filled to capacity for every home game. The coach for Tennessee's Lady Vols Pat Summitt has achieved nearly godlike stature in that state. A tall striking figure on- and off-court Summitt commands respect wherever she goes. My youngest sister Ruth Ann who lives in Tennessee says you can't get near Pat Summit after a game. "You'd think she was a rock star" she says. Although Geno Auriemma Coach of the UConn women's team doesn't yet enjoy that kind of support he is rapidly becoming a widely recognized figure. In Connecticut we no longer say there is basketball in college sports and then there is women's

A: Indeed, who would have predicted ten years ago that women's basketball would become so wildly popular in Connecticut? Well, people who have watched the growth of women's basketball in southern states are not surprised. The enormous campus arenas at the state universities in Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia are filled to capacity for every home game. The coach for Tennessee's Lady Vols Pat Summitt has achieved nearly godlike stature in that state. A tall striking figure on- and off-court, Summitt commands respect wherever she goes. My youngest sister Ruth Ann who lives in Tennessee says, "you can't get near Pat Summit after a game. You'd think she was a rock star", she says. Although Geno Auriemma, Coach of the UConn women's team doesn't yet enjoy that kind of support, he is rapidly becoming a widely recognized figure. In Connecticut, we no longer say, "there is basketball in college sports and then there is women's".

Geno Auriemma is the new US Women's Senior Teach Coach... will he continue our dominance? by acleex Q: Of course at the end of the day, we all know that the players win the games, not the coaches, but he is one of basketball's best teachers. After reading his biography and his scrappy blue collar and immigrant background, I can appreciate his tough but delicate approach to the game. The US, and UConn should be very proud that Auriemma will lead Team USA in London toward our 5th straight gold. Question here is now that Auriemma is the new face of Team USA and he's gonna have to work his butt off for both the country and his normal day job as UConn women's coach, will the UConn women's basketball team (or other team if he coaches either the UConn men or another women's or men's program) suffer to a degree performance-wise because of it over the next 3-4 years? My guess is that it's possible, because the best example is what Coach K was like with the Duke men's team and the US men's senior team last year. Sure the US won the gold, but he had less time to devote to Duke, and in 2006, 2007 and 2008 the team underperformed, to say the least. Definitely Coach K could have led Redick to another final four or better in 2006, and the 2007 and 2008 teams were definitely Sweet 16 worthy. But not only was he deeply involved with USA basketball at the same time, but so was the rest of his own Duke staff. I'd imagine that Auriemma would be in a similar light since he will use his staff as well for Team USA. I don't think recruiting will suffer though because the UConn women's basketball reputation and tradition speaks for itself, like Duke men's basketball does. What do you all think? Teach should have been "TEAM" sorry

A: Even without new coach,we'll still own the women basketball Btw I send you message and add you = ]

Is UCONN womens basketball associate head coach, Chris Dailey single? by Hailey Q:

A: Since no mention of her being married in her bio below, there might be a good chance she may be gay: Associate head coach Chris Dailey is in her 22nd season with the UConn basketball program. Dailey has been instrumental in teaming with head coach Geno Auriemma to build UConn into an unquestioned national power. She is the coordinator of Connecticut’s highly successful recruiting efforts. Under her direction, Connecticut’s recruiting base spans the nation and the globe, with players joining the program from 27 different states, the District of Columbia and five foreign countries. Arriving at Connecticut in the summer of 1985 along with Auriemma, Dailey served as primary assistant coach from 1985-88. In September of 1988, she was promoted to associate head coach. In Auriemma's absence during the entire 1997 BIG EAST Conference Tournament from March 1-4 (due to the death of his father, Donato Auriemma), Dailey served as head coach, leading Connecticut to its fourth consecutive BIG EAST Tournament Championship. This marked the second time that a Dailey-directed UConn team earned the BIG EAST Tournament title. UConn's 1989 team won its first league tourney crown under her direction (while Auriemma served a suspension for a scheduling error). Dailey earned her Masters Degree in Educational Administration in 1999 from UConn and was honored in 2005 with the Distinguished Alumna Award from the Neag School of Education Alumni Society. This award is the highest single honor given by the Neag School of Education and presented annually to the graduate that has had a significant impact on education, has a national reputation for their work, has been an inspiration to other professionals and has shown continued involvement with the Neag School of Education. Dailey is a 1982 graduate of Rutgers with a bachelor’s degree in health and physical education. She received her master's degree from Connecticut in educational administration. A native of New Brunswick, N.J., Dailey is no stranger to collegiate basketball success. She was a four-year forward (from 1978-82) for the nationally-ranked Rutgers Scarlet Knights. Dailey served as a team captain as a junior and senior, and, as a senior in 1981-82, she helped lead her Rutgers squad to the AIAW Division I National Championship, as the Scarlet Knights defeated Texas 83-77. During her four years at Rutgers, the team compiled a record of 108-23 (.824). Prior to Connecticut, Dailey served as the Cornell assistant basketball coach (1982-83) before returning to her alma mater as top assistant under head coach Theresa Grentz from 1983-85. In 1992, Chris was inducted into the Rutgers University Lady Knight Hall of Fame as a member of the 1982 National Championship Team. During the 1995-96 academic year, she was one of eight alumnae of Rutgers' Douglass College featured in the college's national fund-raising campaign. In the winter of 2002, Dailey was inducted into the prestigious New Jersey Sports Writers Association Hall of Fame alongside the likes of Bobby Valentine, Jorge Posada, Andre Tippitt and Carl Banks. She also was honored with the NJSWA “Distinguished Service to Basketball” award. In June of 2002, Dailey received the Clare Award from the Saint Franciscan Life Center which is given to a woman who exemplifies leadership, commitment to athletics and service to the community. In addition to her coaching duties, Dailey is involved in a number of regional charitable efforts as an honorary chair and as a noted speaker. In the summer of 2000, Dailey was a recipient of the 2000 Girl Scouts Women of Merit Award, given to women who best exemplify the qualities of a girl scout. She served four years as honorary chair of the Connecticut chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Associations' annual "Walk-a-thon". In October 1997, she was named the Connecticut Trails Counsel 1997 Woman of Distinction by the Girl Scouts Association. The last several years, Dailey has also been involved as the honorary chair to the following organizations: Food Allergy Network, March of Dimes-Women in Sports Celebration, Camp Courant and the Manchester Area Conference of Churches. Dailey is a 1977 graduate of St. Peter’s High School, New Brunswick, N.J., where she earned All-State basketball honors and was inducted into the school's Hall of Fame. She resides in Ellington, Conn.

How do you decide which football (or any sports team) to be a fan of? by Greg Q: Other than them being your local team. i.e. from dallas so your a Cowboys fan. I go to Texas Tech so I'm obviously a Red Raider fan. Just curious how people decide what teams to be a fan of.

A: I live in Connecticut and I like college hockey. I live near Yale University and go to all their games, that's pretty much why I root for them. I also live near New York but hate the Yankees. We also have the University of Connecticut which I used to be a fan of, but can't stand anymore, just get sick of ignorant fans blaming every other factor for a loss, and not crediting the other teams, plus Jim Calhoun and Geno Auriemma, the basketball coaches are arrogant , and in Calhoun's case, corrupt. So living in an area can also make you dislike a team. In Yale's case, they had a horrible coach for years, but hired a new one a few years ago, and are one of the best teams in the country, which makes me like them even more.

Do you think Geno Auriemma should leave U Conn and coach a mens' team? Explain.? by Q: Don't you think he's just a big fish in a small pond? Let's see how good he REALLY is coaching Mens' BB.

A: You don't have to coach men to be a good coach... although men's basketball is in my opinion way better to watch, you can be a great coach in women's ball.

Where can i find the shirts with geno auriemma's face that I've seen UConn students wearing? by Em Q: Would love to buy the shirts with geno's blown up face on them. I've seen students at the UConn women's basketball games wearing them. Anyone know if they are available online?

A: Those are the shirts that they give to the kids who win the student ticket lottery, and purchase student season tickets. They're not for sale at the co-op (UConn store) and I haven't seen any for sale online. Sorry!

Anyone agree with me that Geno Auriemma is the greatest women's coach of all time? by My paper heart ♥ (WC Champions!) Q: He's had a 78 game winning streak, national champion 2 years in a row. 20 NCAA tournament appearances, 11 final four appearances, 7 national titles and 3 undefeated seasons. Plus Player of the year in Diana Taurasi, Rebecca Lobo, Tina Charles, Maya Moore,Sue Bird and plenty more players. Not to mention, he coaches the olympic team (Just like Coach K), He's been at UCONN for 24 1/2 years. I mean Pat Summit of Tennesseee is another great coach having won 8 national titles. But honestly, in my opinion, Geno is probably the greatest women's coach of all time, Anyone agree with me?

A: I don't know him enough but congrats to him on his amazing accomplishments as a Coach. 78 wins in a row is amazing.

What was the best NCAAW 2009 final four moment? by Dr. No Q: Toliver wasn't able to make it do do another great 3-point save... so what really was the finest moment this year?

A: It just has to be second half between Uconn and Sanford when Tiffany Hayes passes the ball to Renee Montgomery. Renee is looking to run or pass but can't decide and holds on to the ball. She looks around and sees Hayes wide open but Renee ignores her anyway with the shot clock running down. Geno Auriemma , a couple yards to the side, screams at Renee to pass the ball to Hayes and she relents. But Hayes is too far from the 3 point line - no matter, she drains the 3 anyway. Hayes quickly returns with the ball in transition but stops far short of the 3 point line and drains another ridiculous long distant 3. The arena erupts in jubilation. Tara VanDerveer immediately calls time out to stop the dismantling of the Cardinals but she can only briefly delay the inevitable. Sanford is in total disarray. Hayes jumps in the air in jubilation at earning the T.O. and cheerfully chest pumps her fellow team mate before landing.

what do you think about geno auriemmas rant about the Connecticut womens basketball teams 88th win? by the real Hank Hill Q: it went like this “All the men who love women’s basketball are excited, and all the miserable bastards who follow men’s basketball and don’t want us to break the record are all here because they are pissed. So that’s the way it is … If we were breaking a women’s record, everybody would go: ‘Aren’t those girls nice. Just give them two paragraphs in USA Today or give them one line on the bottom of ESPN, and let’s send them back where they belong in the kitchen.’ But because we are breaking a men’s record, we have a lot of people paying attention.” Can’t wait until Baylor beats Connecticut in the Final 4. " Personally I think its a poor attempt to get sympathy. People question winning streaks and records all the time. Look at the scrutiny Barry Bonds got. When the patriots were about to beat the NFL mark for most wins in a season they got a hundred times more scrutiny. Heck even people were hard on the boise state football team when they won 20 something games in a row. Those are just a few examples. Why is it that when this finally happens to a women's team, people jump to the conclusion that it is because they are women? It is because people question records all the time, not because they are women. The comment about going to the kitchen was one of the dumbest I have ever heard. What do you think about his rant?

A: If the duke men's basketball team switched with the conn. women's team, it would show that they are two different styles of ncaa basketball. All due respect to the women basketball, the are amazing, but women's basketball is just not as interesting.

Do you think Pat Summit could coach in the Nba? by James Q: and do a decent job?

A: I don't think Coach Summitt can coach very well in the NBA given that it is a player's league and she is going to have to give in a bit to the players' egos. I don't think egotistical NBA players will object to being coached by a woman, but as a college head coach, you are the boss and you are the biggest legend of them all if you have multiple titles there, etc. Some of the less egotistical teams or the younger teams may work better with Summitt because they don't have a clear big market franchise name yet, like Minnesota, or Memphis. A team like San Antonio could also work with Summitt because it is less egotistical. However, she still won't have the type of authority like she does at Tennessee with the Lady Vols. I personally dont' think she make a bad men's college ball coach, but Summitt has said repeatedly that she isn't interested in doing this. She has been offered the men's job at Tennessee a couple times before and both times she has refused. Nevertheless, she and her program has more respect at Tennessee than Bruce Pearl and the men since they play on Pat Summitt Court, not Ernie Grunfeld/Bernard King Court. The only women's basketball coach, not a female coach who I can think of that may make a good men's coach perhaps is Geno Auriemma of Connecticut, since he has said that he has not ruled it out, saying that he admits sometimes that he wants a new challenge. But even he too is a guy who demands that he is THE AUTHORITY from his players and NBA players don't like that. If there's any place Auriemma may coach for the men, it's either going to be UConn once Calhoun retires (I don't think he'll last much longer and Auriemma will definitely be offered the job there), or another good men's program in a major conference. He won't be in the NBA as a head coach, that's for sure.

Will Memphis Tigers Get Bruce Pearl as a Coach? by tasha_putnam Q: what are our chances????? i We dont have Cal anymore he divorced us for Kentucky Has anyone heard of us having a new coach already

A: No chance. Why would Pearl go from the SEC to Conference USA. Sure Memphis is at the top of its game, but Tennessee is one or two players away from making its FIRST Final Four in men's basketball. I don't think they ever made it that far even with Houston, Grunfeld, and King. Pearl also has no problem understanding that Tennessee will always be a women's basketball school, and is friends with Pat Summitt, but that doesn't mean the men can't be a powerhouse either, unlike Jim Calhoun who can't graciously accept that UConn will always be a women's basketball, meaning the women will have more significance than the men. Besides, Memphis is a rival school too, and the Vols will not just let him go there. I think Memphis already got a new coach anyways, right? EDIT: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/danpatrick/blog/60242/ I saw this so maybe people do want Bruce Pearl to go there. Geno Auriemma also has been a potential candidate... I can see Auriemma coaching men's basketball at a major program, and Auriemma has stated that he would if the right opportunity came up, but I think he's banned from coaching any team in the state of Tennessee.

I need some good basketball chants? by Patrick V Q: ok i am now a senior and usually our crowd is really loud but our material is getting kind of old so if anybody knows some chants that theyre school uses or used to use or any chants from college basketball i would really appreciate it we have a weird mascot its a commodore so yea im just looking for some good chants to get the whole crowd involved we just started doing the winning team losing team chant from ohio university and its going over well if you dont know what im talking about youtube ohio university chant

A: It depends on which school you go to and which school you're playing. You could make fun of the other school's academic prestige and say "safety school" (you probably used that already), like the way Michigan State is compared with the University of Michigan, James Madison is to William and Mary, etc, if this is a rival school in the same state and is not as academically prestigious as your school. If this is men's basketball (I assume) and if your school is playing schools like Tennessee or UConn or LSU for example and if you're beating them badly, you could make a chant that the women's team could beat them. Women's basketball has a better reputation than men's basketball programs at Tennessee, UConn, and LSU nationally, and there are a number of other programs that could fall into this category too. You could also go personal, if the info is publicly known, something Cameron Crazies at Duke like to do. A form of this tactic was done actually at one guy, Mike Auriemma, who is a freshman at St. Joe's, when he was in high school. Rival schools' fans would routinely say taunt him about his father, UConn women's coach Geno Auriemma's relationship with men's coach Jim Calhoun, which used to be very frosty during the late '90's through the Sue Bird/Diana Taurasi or the Ben Gordon/Emeka Okafor years in men's ball terms, though it is reported that the two are on better terms today and they now hold their Midnight Madness events together.

Who was the Uconn basketball coach in the 60s? by John K Q: I met a guy at a baseball game yesterday that said he was the coach of the Uconn basketball team in the 1960s. I didn't ask him what his name was, but was looking for who the coach was back then, and maybe some recent pictures.

A: Either: Not Hugh S. Greer who coached Uconn from 1946-1963, because he died in 1963. Probably was the best UConn coach until Geno Auriemma and Jim Calhoun showed up. May be Fred Shabel who was the coach from 63-67 May be Burr Carlson 67-69 May be Donald "Dee" Rowe who was there from 69-77 No women's basketball until 1974 at UConn so those are your possibilities.

In the U.S.A what is the best University/ Collage for womans basketball? by Candy Q: I am a canadian looking to play basketball in the states someday (for collage/University) but i want to know my options for the best basketball program (for women). Thanks.

A: Perennially the best schools have been Stanford University (coached by Tara VanDerVeer), The University of Connecticut (coached by Geno Auriemma), or The University of Tennessee (coached by all time wins and championships leader Pat Summitt), though recently Florida State University (coached by Sue Semrau) has been a very strong team.

When Does the Lady Huskies' undefeated streak end? by Anthony M Q: they haven't been lost a game since the Women's Final Four vs. Stanford, last year. will it happen anytime this season?, your thoughts.

A: This year they are absolutely incredible. My vote goes for their next loss to occur in the 2009-2010 season. Geno Auriemma has himself an incredible squad!

Geno Auriemma is a cocky arrogant SOB agree? by The Captain Q:

A: yes, i agree.

How is Geno Auriemma good for Women's Basketball? by socmum16 ♪ Q:

A: Sorry, I got nothing...is that a person? Sounds like a disease...sorry....

Why does Geno Auriemma coach Women's? by NickyP Q: Certainly the man makes enough money and has built himself a dynasty, so there is no reason to switch at all. However, I've just always wondered why he he never considered switching; certainly some program has offered him a job before?

A: i donno but maby he is a purv thanks 2 points

Could Geno Auriemma get a men's head coaching job if he wanted it? by Nick Q: And if so, would it be a good basketball school like a Big Ten or ACC school or would it be a smaller team? I'm just curious as I don't really follow women's and I don't know if something like that has ever happened before or if men's teams would even offer.

A: Geno has turned down all offers so its hard to say what men's programs have looked at him.

Who were the coaches for the 2010 Team USA Women's Basketball Team? by gjhinton25 Q:

A: Head Coach: Geno Auriemma, University of Connecticut Assistant Coach: Doug Bruno, DePaul University Assistant Coach: Jennifer Gillom, Los Angeles Sparks Assistant Coach: Marynell Meadors, Atlanta Dream

Why doesn't Geno Auriemma coach mens basketball? by The Captain Q: He has done everything he can in the women's game. If he ever wants to be taken seriously as one of the all time great college coaches he has try coaching real basketball.

A: Maybe because he thinks there pretty............STUPID

Does anyone know what happened between Pat Summit (Ten) and Geno Auriemma(UConn)? by sara M Q: Pat Summit and Geno Auriemma got into an altercation about special privileges being given to one of Geno's top recruits. Does anyone know anything else or what really happened?

A: UConn sent the player on a tour of the ESPN campus and Summit reported it. It was deemed inappropriate because not all colleges have access to Geno's hook-up guy at ESPN. I think Geno will get a warning. It's really not that serious, but the kid they were recruiting is supposed to be one heck of a playmaker.

Why does Geno Auriemma coach Women's? by NickyP Q: Certainly the man makes enough money and has built himself a dynasty, so there is no reason to switch at all. However, I've just always wondered why he he never considered switching; certainly some program has offered him a job before?

A: Geno Auriemma coaches womens basketball becasue he basically started the program. He built it up to what it is today and with out him, the women's basketball program would be no where. He has never switched because why would he? He has been so successful with his team so there is no point in leaving. If your doing good at something, you should stick with it, not just walk away.

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