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XanBuiTough Generators for gas stations: Good idea or too expensive? - http://t.co/iXKpX4To

LucyGreen13 Rotor/Stator Generators for IKA Ultra-Turrax Homogenizers, S8n-5g Dispersing Tool: Rotor Stator, Model S8N-5G, I... http://t.co/WFQvhKzC

NgrNewsFisher Around me generators are a life again cos NEPA has gone dead again #Nigeria

asdfDen almost done with 2nd floor of MC house... just a few more cobblestone generators :D #addictedtomakingthose

MsRabolele I knew that the lights are back on... They don't have Generators around here...Lol #Nowthatithinkaboutit

Zuazo6181termin Diesel Generators Advantage & Disadvantages: Diesel Generators Advantage & Disadvantages Article by Jahanzaib Kh... http://t.co/Uc4yQO0J

Lauren236565 Tiffen 49SMQ1 49mm Smoque 1 Filter: Mechanical smoke generators are often used to enhance realism where smoke is... http://t.co/UsfwY5X7

asdfDen making cobblestone generators for the second floor in my MC house xD

RTme_showbiz Www Guardian Generators Guardian Stand By Generators: Www Guardian Generators http://t.co/ftolEwyO #singer

martind810 @HeartsRealityTv I'm ok!! Thank God for generators!!

betsyweber @hjmcmanus oooh! I want to see an echidna! We never had generators on girl scout hikes. Are you really roughing it?!

Shivoa @IanHardingham Is there a map with a crashed spaceship in a desert with capture points/generators inside to fight over? #BadlyRememberedMaps

Monettku PRO Scientific PRO-05-20150 Rotor Shaft For All 20mm, 30mm, 37mm, 43mm, 59mm Diameter, 150mm Length PRO Quick Co... http://t.co/OGBtgEoC

WFDFireAlarm RT @nationalgridus: #MA customers: Please stay clear of any downed lines & use space heaters or generators properly to avoid dangerous CO conditions.

NathanielSagar that generators far to loud


How do I make my own wind power generators? by John S Q: I want to make my own wind power generator at home because I want to use it to power my laptop and a small portable TV. How do I go about building wind power generators?

A: I make my 2 wind power generators at home and you will need a generator, blades battery and inverter. I use them to power my lighting along my balcony. Actually I got the infomation from http://www.makewindpowerathome.com. Thats where I got my blade designs from and learnt how to wire it up.. Its saving me some good money :)

How to destroy the generators with the Death Ray in Fallout 3? by Xxsnoopyoxx Q: I shoot the gun then all the generators come up and I hit the switches and they just go down.

A: In the Death Ray room, there are 4 of the generators. You need to visit the console 4 times.

What type of equipment would i use to monitor generators and transformers? by Joe Q: What type of equipment would i need use to monitor generators and transformers either in a small or large industrial place?

A: AC current meter , volt meter and frequency counter if it is AC.

Are thermoelectric generators and coolers just the same in their structure? by RT Welder Q: I am doing an experiment with thermoelectric generators. I need a lot of those things but the problem is that they're just too expensive. But when it comes to thermoelectric coolers, they seem to be cheaper. Can a thermoelectric cooler be used to generate electricity?

A: Essentially yes, though I'm not sure the components in a TE cooler are designed for it to work as a thermoelectric generator. I suppose it's worth a shot A TE cooler is, in theory, just a thermocouple, where the current is forced to run in the opposite direction; this causes one end to become warm and the other end to cool. The major difference is how the unit is designed to handle heat flow, which is why such a cooler may not work as a thermal pile.....

How does one find the number of generators of a cyclic group? by headdeskusername Q: I have been given two cyclic groups, one of order 8 and one of order 60. No specifications beyond that. How do I find the number of generators of each?

A: The number of generators for a cyclic group of order n is φ(n). φ(n) denotes Euler's phi function, which counts the number of positive integers up to n which are relatively prime to n. Facts: (i) φ(ab) = φ(a) φ(b) if gcd(a, b) = 1 (ii) φ(p^n) = p^n - p^(n-1) if p is prime. ----------------------- 1) There are φ(8) = 2^3 - 2^2 = 4 generators for a cyclic group of order 8. 2) There are φ(60) = φ(2^2) φ(3) φ(5) = (2^2 - 2) * 2 * 4 = 16 generators for a cyclic group of order 60. I hope this helps!

How do you connect 2 basic generators together in series, to power a house? by david m Q: Generators are typical small ones that are usually bought at Lowes or a Home Depot. I want to hook them together to power my house.

A: I could give you a lot of techno speak to tell you why, but the bottom line is that it is totally impractical to wire them together. You can not syncronize them and that is manditory if they are connected together. In any case, it would be in parallel, not in series. Since it is impractical, that is a moot point too. A better idea is to split your house into two separate sections. One would be powered by each of the two generators. This is not that easy to do for most houses if you want 220v available. I will explain that in a minute. If you only need 110v, you can connect one generator to each side of your breaker box's main lug. It is obviously critical to make sure you are totally disconnected from the power company's grid when you do this. If you are connected, it will cause a world of hurt. You must be sure about this. Also be aware that the 110v output of the generator is probably not going to give you as much amperage as you expect. This is quite doable if you know enough about electricity to do it safely. That is the practical answer. A purely theoretical one would be to partition your breaker box into two sections. Each section would be 220v, just like the power from the power company. One generator would power one section, the other would power the other section. The reason that is not practical is that you cannot easily partition the breaker box. A breaker box has only one main bus for each side. For this to work with one box, it would have to have two main busses for each side. It is totally impractical for most uses. If it was really important to do this, a better idea would be to have two independent breaker boxes. Each would be powered from the power company as normal. If you needed to go "off grid," you would disconnect each box from the power company and connect the one generator to each box. This would allow you to use the maximum practical power from each generator and would be easy to cut over from power company to generator and back. The drawback is that you need a much more complicated breaker box setup. Most people would find this impractical. Again, it is critical to life and property that you know what you are doing and that you do it properly. This is not something to design yourself, especially if you think there was a way to connect them in series.

How are different AC generators linked in a power grid? by John W Q: I've often wondered this. When you have two or more AC generators (say two different power plants) produce power, it seems like it would be impossible to be sure the two are in phase with each other. So how can the two be linked into a power grid? Is the same technique used when hooking up a home generator (from a wind turbine, for example) to supply the grid?

A: No. It's actually rather simple to keep them running synchronously on the power grid. All it takes is a simple phase comparator and a feedback control system to regulate the generator. Doug

Are generators allowed at national parks in the United States? by Jim Q: Does anyone know if generators are allowed at campsites in national parks in the United States? I searched the National Park Service website, but couldn't find any overall policy statements regarding generators--just a couple of specific cases and exceptions. Thanks!

A: The rules are set by the individual park superintendents, and can vary from one campground to the next. Here in Death Valley, there are generator hours in most of the campgrounds. You need to go to the individual park website (they all can be found at nps.gov -- unless you are looking at USFS or BLM recreation areas) and find out the rules at the particular park and its campgrounds.

generators? by helppp Q: where can i find a sketch of a generator? (all its asking for is a generator, but im assuming a DC generator because the question that follows asks to explain what a DC generator does and how it works) I found the percent efficiency of a motor generator system. the efficiency was very low. where was the rest of the energy most likely lost to? (it was a basic motor system. battery -> switch -> motor 1 -> motor 2 (now acting as a generator because motor 1 is spinning it) -> light bulb) what impact do generating plants have on our environment? appreciate any help i can get. thanks.

A: there is an equivalent circuit diagram and other pictures on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_generator you could also just try google image. energy from a genset can be lost to both heat and friction. Many electrical generators are powered by diesel engines. Generating plants that run off of petrol diesel emit sulfur dioxides, carbon, and other nasty junk into the atmosphere. Hydro generators (from dams) mess up the ecology of a river or lake and changes the geology of the surrounding area.

Generators? by james t Q: I really don't understand. They say a big $1000 generator can only run for like 12 hours. Then you got to refill it, and each fill costs like $15??? But obviously you can run the electicity in your car for like months, am I right. And what is it in your car that lets you do that and how much does it cost? So can you buy one of those things seperately and use it for stuff like a small fridge, a tv, heater, so on... instead of a generator because its cheaper and runs longer???

A: it won,t put out the voltage to run your house

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