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Garbage pail kids

Garbage Pail Kids Movie In The Works!
The Garbage Pail Kids will be have another shot at the big screen after a foray in live action in the late 80s. PES will direct the film and with their stop motion expertise, it promises to be uhMAZing! Check out this CRAZY stop motion video from PES ...

Garbage Pail Kids May Be Headed Back To The Big Screen
If you were a kid in the '80's, you may have owned at least one Cabbage Patch Kid, and if your parents and school allowed it, you may have have had a lunch box covered with Garbage Pail Kids stickers. The gross-funny trading card/sticker fad, ...

Garbage Pail Kids Getting Recycled for New Feature Film
By Scott Ross Garbage Pail Kids are among the more peculiar bits of '80s pop culture detritus to have resurfaced. A collection of trading card/stickers depicting a litany of disgusting children suffering the most revolting deformities.

New 'Garbage Pail Kids' Movie on the Way
Michael Eisner's The Tornante Company is set to make a new film based on the '80s Topps trading cards 'Garbage Pail Kids'. Former Disney head honcho Michael Eisner's The Tornante Company is set produce and finance a new movie based on the Topps trading ...

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jeanazhlumley RT @Dunaway11Eleven: New Garbage Pail Kids Movie Psyched

CommissionStre2 com — This is bad for the Garbage Pail Kids, it's bad for Michael Eisner, it's bad for Hollywood, it's bad for the entertainment industry,

eBookNoir i still have these trading cards.... http://t.co/P5Do4JK4

977983KWIN New ‘Garbage Pail Kids’ Movie in the Works! If you were a kid in the '80s and loved all things gross and slimy,... http://t.co/dncbLFjN

Dunaway11Eleven New Garbage Pail Kids Movie!!! #Psyched

Evelyn_Gomez5 New 'Garbage Pail Kids' Movie on the Way http://t.co/Ma6DSYpF

965KVKI1 "The Garbage Pal Kids" are back! #garbagepailkids #mackenzieastin #michaeleisner http://t.co/zp7Y1sV2

965KVKI1 The Garbage Pail Kids Ride Again [VIDEO]: If you were around for the annoyance of the Cabbage Patch Kids, you ma... http://t.co/po9qSYn1

mashemy Garbage Pail Kids - Mashup for Pail, Garbage, Garbage Pail, Kids, Pail Kids http://t.co/Fq0pGF9v

iSpeechly Rich started things off with a little movie news involving the new Human Centipede and a Garbage Pail Kids movie.... http://t.co/vHlqrbkA

Evelyn_Gomez5 Garbage Pail Kids Getting Recycled for New Feature Film http://t.co/8CtqqEMe

lavacat6 Children of the 80s have reason to rejoice! The popular and grotesque Garbage Pail Kids, an… http://t.co/3AB6BMsn

AffiliateGuide2 com — This is bad for the Garbage Pail Kids, it's bad for Michael Eisner, it's bad for Hollywood, it's bad for the entertainment industry,


how can i find out if my 1986 garbage pail kids cards are of any value? by bunchee Q:

A: i have a whole unopened box of them i got off ebay for $20 so they probably aren't worth much. but who knows, take em to a antique toy shop & get them appraised.

did the garbage pail kids have any connection to cabbage patch kids? by Q:

A: Yes. The Garbage Pail Kids were made up to make fun of the cabbage patch kids because the cabbage patch kids were so cute and everywhere.

How much do you miss Garbage Pail Kids!? by P.I. Forsyth*Hoagie Claus* Q: My girlfriend owns the MOVIE! hahahaha

A: I asked a question like this a month ago. That movie is one whole acid trip, and the cards are iffy. But interesting. :)

What do you think of when I say Garbage Pail Kids? by Starhawke Coma Q:

A: cousins of cabbage patch kids

I have a ton of Garbage Pail Kids cards GPK, does anyone know of an online list ... ? by Wednesday Q: Where I can find the value for each of them? I am planning on selling the whole lot & I would like to find out their value first. Thanks

A: Best I have seen is ebay. Just to see what their going for. Or there is some website called Wayne's something??? Good luck!

I cant believe that they started making Garbage Pail Kids again they were my favorite hobby growing up? by stephen Q: Now Ive found a bunch on ebay and ive been bidding on them. Anyone else into them or am i just a big kid at heart?

A: Are you serious. We use to collect all the cards. I have no idea whatever happened to them. I don't think I'll get back into them, but it's okay if you're a kid at heart.

Should Garbage Pail Kids stickers be M-rated? by Jason G. Q: Or at least come with a Parental Advisory warning? Some folks remember those things, and they still make them. Some of those cards feature art that's truly disturbing, underground and traumatic, and IMO should only be appropriate for adults to look at. Seriously.

A: they are not much worse than the stuff on cartoon network. i had them back in the day. i collected the whole second series.

How many people remember "The Garbage Pail Kids" movie? If so, did you like it and why? by MELISSA&ERIC Q: I bought the movie a few years ago on E-Bay....it's corny but it's a movie from my childhood so I bought it.....anyone else own the movie? Thanks for your answers and please no smart a** comments... I actually have quite a few cards, but none from when the movie came out....You can actually still buy the cards from places like Wal-Mart and K-mart...not that I would want to now, though...lol

A: LOL, WOW Yes I remember them, my sister was the one who collected the cards. I don't own the movie, but I did watch it on one of the movie channels some months back.

who here ever collected garbage pail kids? by nakita Q: i did.

A: i even seen the movie they sell gpk cards again now.

Did They stop selling garbage pail kids? by Trish M Q: I'm a collecter but I havent been looking for them in awhile now that i started looking for them, i cant find them

A: I've seen them in comic book stores. I don't know if they are new ones, though. Well, it seems like new ones are out there. Visit this site and maybe you'll find out where they might be sold in your area. http://www.garbagepailkidsworld.com/

Was there anyone else besides me deathly afraid of Garbage Pail Kids? by Q: When I was a kid, I was HORRIFIED by those cards. I mean, I had a true phobia of those things. I remember when some kid showed a card to me in front of my face, I ran away screaming and crying. I was so scared of them, I wouldn't even go in stores that sold them. I even changed my vocabulary. I would stay "take the trash out" not "take the garbage out." The best thing that happened to me when I was in the 2nd grade was when the principal spoke on the intercom and announced that students could not bring Garbage Pail Kids to school anymore. Another question, what would possess you or anyone to want to collect those awful things? With Transformers, GI Joe and other toys back in the hey-day also? Somebody send a box of Garbage Pail Kids to my house just so that I can burn those things.

A: yes, they still give me the creeps

Does anyone have any Garbage Pail Kids stuff they'd be willing to give away if I pay for shipping? by phalesiateenmodel Q: If so PLEASE Email me with more information at [email protected] Thanks so much!

A: Hi! I don't.... but try www.ebay.ca You might be able to purchase what you are looking for at a really low outrageous price! I suggest that if someone on Answers will send stuff to you, that you have them send it C.O.D ( cash on delivery ) This way you don't send money to the person, and wont get ripped off. They just pack it and send it to you. You pay the shipping when you pick it up at the post office or pay when it is brought to your door. BE careful! :o) Good luck and have fun!

What store can I go to sell my garbage pail kids card? Arizona? by Q:

A: First, check this GPK price guide : http://www.wgpkr.com/GPK/PriceGuide/ look for comic stores in your area, sometimes they will buy trading cards. You can also sell or trade Garbage Pail Kids on this forum (in the Trade Depot) : http://garbagepailkids.proboards.com/index.cgi?

Do you remember Garbage Pail Kids? by J.B. Holiday Q: For you Aussie's, they were known as the 'Garbage Gang'? Which one was your favorite? Post links. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garbage_pail_kids

A: Basin Jason.......... I don't even have to look cause I can picture it like yesterday. LOL My best friend growing up was Jason, so that's the link as to why it was my favorite. * OK it was Jason Basin............. http://home.midsouth.rr.com/vdacus/gpk1.htm

Do you remember Garbage Pail Kids cards? by Alantin Q: If so, who were you named after? I was Mulligan Megan.

A: Ha ha I still have a couple of those cards!!! Infact I was at a used CD/Movie store and they had the movie there for $10 or so...I really thought about getting it..Damn I wish I remembered where it was now anyways I think mine was Barf Bag Billy

Garbage Pail Kids named....? by Carsyn S Q: Do you know of any Garbage Pail Kids with the name of.. Chewy, Carson, or Carsyn I have been searching but, could not find any yet.

A: nope, but try this... http://www.gpkworld.com/FindName1.htm

Garbage Pail Kids (Retail)? by The Beagle Q: Does anyone know if any retail stores sell the new series of Garbage Pail Kids cards?

A: Spencer gifts in your local mall. Also try Hot topic or Wal-Mart. I love the Garbage Pail Kids. Had a ton of the cards when I was a kid.

Garbage pail kids .com? by MerryJayne Q: Does anyone know how to upload your garbage pail kid from garbage pail kids.com to your pictures or documents?

A: On a windows machine, you can hit the printscreen button. This captures the screen image to the clipboard. Then you can go to a graphics program, like MS Paint, paste the clipboard contents, and save the file. Good luck!

Remember Garbage Pail Kids? by Amy Q: What was your favorite GPK? Share a childhood story about you and your Garbage Pail Kids!

A: don't remember the names ..but I had a garbage pail kid sticker on my box it was of a soldier getting blown to bits..cool...the movie was werid..


A: I am not sure about exactly which one that is, but it could be worth as much as several hundred dollars. Check these ebay listings. http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_kw=2010&_kw=PRINTING&_kw=PLATE http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_kw=FLASHBACK&_kw=PRINTING&_kw=PLATE http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_kw=CLOPS&_kw=FLASHBACK&_kw=%239A http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_kw=CLOPS&_kw=PRINTING&_kw=PLATE

Cabbage Patch Kids or Garbage Pail Kids? by The Iceman Cometh Q: I'll take the Garbage Pail Kids anyday!

A: Spike mike!

what are garbage pail kids? by StaticCharge759 Q: what are garbage pail kids?

A: a trashy takeoff of the cabbage patch kids from the mid 80s instead of cuddly kris ( cute and cuddly) you would have smelly kris. ( covered in rotten fish)

Garbage Pail Kids? by miss c Q: Does anybody have unopened packs of Garbage Pail Kids? Does anybody have unopened boxes of Garbage Pail Kids? Does anybody have unopened packs of Series 1 packs? Does anybody have completes sets of Garbage Pail Kids?

A: No, but they are being sold on their website. http://www.garbagepailkids.com/ http://www.garbagepailkids.org/

Question about Garbage Pail Kids? by Gothalicious with Cheese Q: I was wondering how many series/sets of Garbage Pail Kids cards are there? And if you would like, (just to make things fun) go ahead and share which Garbage Pail Kids card is YOUR favorite? So far I like Boney Tony. =)

A: OMG they are back? I collected them when I was little (now 30). I can't even remember their names but I remember collecting the cards and the movie!

Remember garbage pail kids? Help me find this one? by hwall Q: I am searching for a Garbage Pail Kid sticker, or any other image having to do with law enforcement....police, swat....anything. I need the image please. If someone could let know where to look. I tried the web site but couldn't do a search.

A: http://search.ebay.com/garbage-pail-kids

Do you remember the Garbage Pail Kids Stickers? by Secrets Q: They came out between 1980 and 1988. I was wondering if anyone knew how to get the value of these. I currently have over 200 and am looking to sell. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A: Check your local comic book store, if they sell them then generally they will check out what you have, condition, rare numbers etc and see if they have anyone interested.

what were those joke trading cards like garbage pail kids called? by jg24_bv25 Q: it was of like household items and food and stuff?

A: Wacky Packages :) http://www.wackypackages.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wacky_Packages

Why do some people think they're allowed to offer Mexicans up as though the Mexicans are Garbage Pail Kids? by dingelbury (ShamWow!) Q: Why?

A: *pout* yes they are....... I'll trade you two Taco Joe's for a Juanita Margarita

What are the most valued garbage pail kids card? by Q:

A: Card 355b Semi Colin error (without card number printed on front of card): $200.00 Here is a price guide ---> http://www.wgpkr.com/GPK/PriceGuide/

What are those cards like Garbage Pail Kids? by miamigrl895 Q: They were gross too making fun of things like Snickers were Sneakers. They were stickers and another was like making fun of gatorade

A: Wacky Packages http://www.wackypacks.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wacky_Packages http://www.wackypackages.org/stickers/2004/scans/10_front_gutterade_small.html

What website can I use to find out how much my Garbage Pail Kids cards are worth? by Q:

A: eBay, google, I have some too, i found out that they arent worth anything!

Garbage Pail Kids? Where can I buy the old Garbage Pail Kids? by miss c Q: Where can I buy the 1st and 2nd series Garbage Pail Kids from a long time ago? I believe they first came out in like 1986. And also where can I buy the other series Garbage Pail Kids from a long time ago? (Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)

A: ebay actually has this exact thing for sale complete first and second season just under 30$

How much should I sell my Garbage Pail Kids for? I have 3rd series (set and indiv.) and 6-9 series? by cswing5 Q:

A: Here's a Garbage Pail Kids price guide.

Do you remember Garbage Pail Kids cards? Do you know where to get them? by taurus_0404 Q: Or, even better, is there a website where you can view all of the old cards? It would be great to see them all again and reminisce!!

A: http://www.garbagepailkids.com/

Was the last movie you saw in theaters The Garbage Pail Kids? by dingelbury Q:

A: No, but I used to love that movie back in the 80's I still remember that chicks name..."Tangerine". My favorite was Gus Pus.

Should I Know What Garbage Pail Kids Cards Are? by ✫✫✫✫ Q: I'm 25 and had never heard of them until my 31 year old co worker was talking about them. What year did they come out? Why hadn't I ever heard of them?

A: Garbage pail kids were very big in the 80s. They were collectible cards featuring cartoonishly-drawn kids with gross themes. I think there was a television show to go with it.

where can i find some garbage pail kids cards , and wallpapers of them .? by statecalifornia2009 Q: looking for some cheap prices and free garbage pail kids cards pictures that can keep as collected

A: you can look on ebay for gpk cards i found some really cheap,

Anybody on here still collect Garbage Pail Kids? by Sexual Caramel Q: I'm in my 20s and I still collect them.I'm a big fan of the retro toys, and garbage pail kids were my favorite.

A: Hell yea... You can say i'm married and i still have my orginal garbage pail kids cards and i also got a couple of sweet mint condition plush dolls! Those things rule...

how much is the complete 1st and 2nd garbage pail kids worth? by whynot Q: they are in great condition does anybody know

A: Not much man, i have ton and tons of those cards. you could proly get 100-200 for them.

What font was used for the original Garbage Pail Kids banner? by conroe_cartoonist Q: For those who recall the original series of cards had the banner of "dripping" letters arched across the top of the cards. I am looking for such a font or a high resolution or .eps of this logo for a spoof.

A: There are some free "dripping" fonts here - maybe one of these will work? http://www.themeworld.com/fonts/gothic.shtml

Does anyone know where I could buy boxes of Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages trading cards? by myzznetta Q: I'm looking to buy boxes of these trading cards for my daughter, she wants to collect them. Also looking for Bratz trading cards...anyone know where I could purchase boxes instead of packs at a time of them?

A: Walmart(walmart.com) Ebay(ebay.com) Amazon.com Target( you can check at target.com) At Walmart and Target they have a special section for tarding cards,I think that the section at Target is more organized than Walmart's.

Where can I purchase the complete garbage pail kids collector cards series from? by Q:

A: You can get them on ebay or there is a great web store called GPK Monster. http://gpkmonster.auctivacommerce.com/GARBAGE-PAIL-KIDS-MEGA-OLD-SERIES-COLLECTION--P882399.aspx

Is it true that Justin Timberlake was in the Garbage Pail kids? by Q: Its a great movie but I wasnt able to notice him. Wikipedia seems to confirm this. What part of the movie is he in?

A: No, he was never on the Garbage Pail Kids

Should i get Wakey Package or Garbage pail kids? by Q: my daughters birth day is coming she want garbage pail kids and wacky packages and i want to surprise her by bringing her one which should i get her?

A: Wow! you brought back some memories. Depends how old your daughter is. Garbage pail kids for a teen and those wacky packages, i say they are more cleaner. lol

Trading cards from the late 80's early 90's? Similar to Garbage pail kids with rat fink looking monsters? by billabong_132 Q: Similar to garbage pail kids. Featured grotesque figures that were rat fink kind of style in baseball uniforms. They peeled off as stickers.

A: Here's a couple of links: http://www.mooneyes.co.jp/ratfink-fever/e/shopping/toys.html http://www.ratfink.org/ Both have a large selection of Ed " Big Daddy" Roth's creations. Have fun!

Where can I find the value of Garbage Pail Kids cards? by Loopyvee Q: I have a box full of these Garbage Pail cards and I'm curious if they're worth anything. Does anyone know where I can find out or sell them? Are they even worth being sold?

A: below is a link to Waynes reference guide.

Does anyone remember the Garbage pail kids cards? by safetyusa Q: If you remember the Garbage pail kid cards. Do you have any? and what is their value now?

A: i have about a dozen or two... I have one unopened package, and then i have my kid names, my honeys name, my names, and all fo my nieces and nephews except one..... I have no idea what their value is, but to me they are priceless....

how do i tell which series of garbage pail kids cards i have? by Sierra A Q: i need to know what series of garbage pail kids cards i have..i know there from the 1970-1985.

A: google it.

What was the name of the trading cards that were popular before Garbage Pail Kids? by zarathustra_75 Q: In the early 80's when I was a kid there were trading cards that were very popular just before the Garbage Pail Kids explosion. They were cartoonish with kinda gross themes. Does anyone remember?

A: Wacky Packages I beleive http://www.wackypackages.org/index.php

How can I find the worth of garbage pail kids trading cards? by jahel318 Q: Does anyone remember garbage pail kids trading cards? How can I find out how much they are worth now?

A: Ebay sales is a good price guide http://shop.ebay.com/items/__garbage-pail-kids-cards_W0QQ_nkwZgarbageQ20pailQ20kidsQ20cardsQ20QQ_cqrZtrueQQ_nkwuscZgarbagepailkidsQQ_nkwuscZcards

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