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Gabby Douglas

With Presumed No. 2 in Top Spot, US Women's Gymnastics Team Is Named
After finishing second to Jordyn Wieber, the reigning world all-around champion, so many times, Gabby Douglas won the United States Olympic gymnastic trials.

Assist from sister sends Gabby Douglas to London
None of this would have happened without four years of pleading, prodding and cajoling from Big Sister.

Gymnast Gabby Douglas Does Her 'Happy Dance'
In today's link roundup: Douglas celebrates earning a spot on Team USA. Plus: Tarmoh backs out of track runoff. '

Black Gymnast Gabby Douglas Grabs Top Spot on US Gymnastics Team
Douglas has also earned the nickname “Flying Squirrel” because of her height-defying gymnastics skills.

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jstheater Gabby Douglas leads the US women's gymnastic teams at London 2012 #Olympics: http://t.co/ZkPhRMJm

Curly_BiNkY Video: fuckyeahfamousblackgirls: Yes ma’am! http://t.co/sOhkqjJ8

GeorginaAltecon Gabby Douglas http://t.co/oa6ohzDF

TereaBrown RT @RegioFora_VA: Local athletes qualify for Olympics: Gabby Douglas of Virginia Beach and T'erea Brown are re... http://t.co/CIZtMNoD #Virginia #News #US

brittlynn018 Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, & Jordan Wieber are so clutch. #bringontheolympics

jodijill VIDEO #GabbyDouglas does ‘happy dance’ after clinching spot on #TeamUSA #gymnastics - http://t.co/25ePVycy

WOW_OMG_LOL Scientology Higgs boson Shawn Johnson Anderson Cooper Nastia Liukin Gabby Douglas IFE BET Awards 20...

MGrainy @falcopunch_ gabby Douglas, jordyn weiber, Aly raisman, mckayla Maroney, and Kyla Ross! And then the 3 replacements

VirginiaBeachs Va. Beach native Gabby Douglas wins Olympic trials - The Virginian http://t.co/AVGhOK2E

nicole_shush RT @KstewAngel Gabby Douglas, Kristen Stewart For Balenciaga: 5 Things We're Into This Week http://t.co/gR67n10H via @HuffPostTeen

Ninjababe Omgwtfbbq Gabby Douglas did her floor routine to Pitbull! Awesome!

ChelleBelle416 Gabby Douglas is Officially Olympics Bound http://t.co/JKiVm272

xCass_theQUEEN Video: fuckyeahfamousblackgirls: http://t.co/8twmsbis


Your husband /wifes name and childrens names! Game? by Q: Just follow the game and you will find out your husband or wifes name and 2 kids names will be!!!1 1. Husband- first name- Whats your favorite food? Sandwiches- Greg Hotdogs- Stephen Ice Cream- Daryl Chips- Patrick Salad- Scott Chicken- Jon Pasta- Henry Other- Sam 2. Husbands-Middle Name- Favorite Subject Art- Gary Math- Dave Science- Matt History- Jimmy P.E- Michael Reading- Douglas Language Arts- Melvin Other- Will 1. Wife- First Name- Age 8 through 20 8- Mahi 9- Samantha 10- Zora 11-Emily 11-Kirsten 12- Jane 13-Sarah 14-Kayla 15-Jessabell 16- Christina 17- Darlen 18- Gabby 19-Selena 20-Lacey other- Mehgan 2. Wife-Middle Name- Fav. Color Blue- Layla Pink- Debby Red- Judith Yellow-Maci Orange- Josette Green- Julia Black- Rebecca (LOL) other- Caroline 1.Child-First Name- Fav Type of Music (Boy) Screamo- Dustin Country-Jason Rock-Devin Pop-Freddie Hip-Hop-James Rap-Justin Heavy Metal- Blake Other- George 2. Child-Middle Name- Fav. Thing to do (Boy) hang out- Frank Listen to music- Tom Do Hw- Tyler Play Sports- Cory Go on Computer- Mason Watch TV- Luke Other- Tarry 1.Child-First Name- fav. country (girl) USA-Annabella China- Michelle Canada- Lori Mexico- Penelope Italy- Nicole Great Britain- Alexa India- Georgia Other- Mia 2.Child-Middle Name- fav. tv show (girl) Oprah-Oprah Icarly- Chelsea Good Luck Charlie- Anna Youtube Shows- Milly Full House- Hannah Cops- Aubrey Cake Boss- Carly DC Cupcake- Victoria Shake It up- Julie News- Crystal Sponge Bob- Deborah Other- Hayley Thanks for doing this post your results (sorry if theres typeos)!!!

A: Husband would be Scott Douglas. Son would be Devin Luke. Daughter would be Annabella Hayley. I was gonna name my future daughter Annabel or Hailey anyway, so this is kinda creepy O.O I like the name Luke or Devin for a guy...maybe I'll have a future son and name him either one :D

Which baby names do you prefer? Boys and Girls (ULTAMITE This or That?)? by ♥ Lucy Russell♥ Q: I love these! Boys: Benjamin or Ethan Allan or Aaron Nick or James Steven or Ryan Carter or Caleb Richard or Ricky George or Fred =] David or Noah Douglas or Russell Jake or Eddy Timmy or Jimmy Paul or John Bentley or Jackson Greg or Zachary Girls: Amanda or Bailey Gabby or Leanne Rachel or Hannah Dannielle or Jessica Heather or Sabrina Michelle or Kaitlyn Ally or Jenny Ella or Alyssa Georgie or Jillian Aryana or Lexis Bess or Tina Keira or Jamie Nicole or Joycie Kennedy or Mercedes Mine are: Boys: Benjamin or Ethan: Benjamin/Ben Allan or Aaron: Aaron Nick or James: James Steven or Ryan: Steven Carter or Caleb: Caleb Richard or Ricky: Ricky George or Fred =]: Fred (most of you caught on with the whole *weasley*thing =]) David or Noah: Noah Douglas or Russell: Douglas Jake or Eddy: Jake Timmy or Jimmy: Timmy Paul or John: Paul Bentley or Jackson: Bentley Greg or Zachary: Gregory Girls: Amanda or Bailey: Bailey Gabby or Leanne: Leanne Rachel or Hannah: Rachel Dannielle or Jessica: Danielle Heather or Sabrina: Heather Michelle or Kaitlyn: Kaityln Ally or Jenny: Jenny Ella or Alyssa: Ella Georgie or Jillian: Georgie Aryana or Lexis: Aryana Bess or Tina: Bess/Betsy Keira or Jamie: Jamie Nicole or Joycie: Joycie Kennedy or Mercedes: Kennedy

A: Boys: Benjamin or Ethan- like them both, but Benjamin's a tiny bit better- good nicknames, like Ben or Jamie. Allan or Aaron- Aaron, but not a huge fan of either. Nick or James- James! Second favorite boys' name! Steven or Ryan- Ryan Carter or Caleb- Caleb! My number 1 boys' name! Richard or Ricky- Richard. Maybe Ricky for short, though. George or Fred =] - gah! This one's so hard! I suppose Fred, in honor of the dead twin :D David or Noah- David Douglas or Russell- Douglas Jake or Eddy- Jake Timmy or Jimmy- Timmy Paul or John- Paul Bentley or Jackson- ugh, neither. Maybe Jackson by a tiny bit. Greg or Zachary- Greg(ory) Girls: Amanda or Bailey- Amanda Gabby or Leanne- neither, but Gabby's better. Rachel or Hannah- Hannah Dannielle or Jessica- Danielle Heather or Sabrina- Heather Michelle or Kaitlyn- Michelle, but not a fan of either. Ally or Jenny- Ally Ella or Alyssa- Ella Georgie or Jillian- Jillian Aryana or Lexis- neither! Maybe Lexis by a little percentage, but I honestly hate them both. Bess or Tina- Tina Keira or Jamie- Keira Nicole or Joycie- Nicole Kennedy or Mercedes- neither. Mercedes, maybe.

How many people need dog names? by Q: now i have seen so many people ask the question "what should I name my dog". I thought that i should post a few hundred dog names so that anyone who is looking can find some... inspiration. if you are one of those people who are like "it's your dog name it whatever you want!!!" please... you don't have to yell. Note: I am not a loser with way too much free time, I promise! i spent five hours in a truck with a dog rescue group and we got bored... Aaron Abagail Ace Adam Addison Adelaine Adeleade Adriana Aiden Al Alaina Alan Alanah Alex Alexis Alfie Alice Ana Andrew Andy Angel Angelina Angus Annabelle April Archie Arizona Arthur Artie Ashley Ashton Atlas Avery Avon Avril Axel Balthazar Bashful Bedrock Benji Benji Benny Benson Berkley Bethany Blake Blitzen Bogi Boo Booker Bradley Brady Brandy Brice Bruno Burke Buzz Calvni Cameron Candy Captain Caramel Carington Carla Carol Carolina Casey Casper Chachi Chandler Charleston Charlie Charlotte Chase Chaunchy Chedar Chester Chevy Chickie Chicklet Chip Chips Chloe Chocolate Chris Chrysanthemum Chrystler Chuck Chuckie Cindy Cindy Mae Clifford Clyde Cocoa Comet Cookie Cooper Copper Cory Cougar Courtney Crystal Cupid Curley Dacquari Daemon Dahlia Daisy Dakota Dale Dana Danno Daphne Daphney Datsun Davis Daymon Dean Diamond Dickory Dillon Dina Dino Doc Doe Dolly Doner Donner Donnie Donny Dopey Douglas Drew Dustin Dwight Dylan Dynasty Ebony Edith Elena Elliott Ethel Fern Fester Ford Frank Frankie Fred Fuller Gabby Gabe Gaby Garnet Garret Garry Gavin Geanie General George Georgia Gerard Gertrude Gil Ginger Gio Giovanni Glenda Gloria Goldie Goliath Grace Grady Grant Gretta Grey Greyson Griffon Grumpy Hampton Hansel Harlen Harley Harmony Harold Harper Harris Harrison Harry Harvey hayden Hayley Hazel Heather Helen Helena Henry Herbie Hercules Hershell Hickory Hitch Hitchcock Homer Honda Hooch Houston Hudson Indiana Inga Jacko Jackson Jaime Jake James Jamie Jennifer Jerry Jet Jillian Jocko Johnathan Jordan Juliet Junior Kim Kirby Lady Larry Lassie Lauren Leo Lewis Lexi Liam Lily Lindsay Lola Lorelei Lucas Lucy Mabel Mack Maddona Maggie Major Malcolm Mallory Mandy Maple Marck Marcus Margo Marie Marietta Marilyn Mario Markey Marley Marloy Marmeduke Mars Marshall Martha Martini Marvin Mason Matt Max Maxie Maxwell Mayer Meadow Melody Melon Melvin Mercedes Mercutio Meredith Mica Micah Michelle Mickey Mike Miles Miley Mitch Mitzi Moe Molly Morely Murdock Myles Natasha Nathan Nevada Newton Nilda Noel Norman Odette Odie Ohio Olivia Ollie Omar Oogy Opal Ophelia Opie Oreo Orville Orvis Oscar Oswald Othello Otis Otto Owen Ozzie Parker Paulie Peaches Pearl Pete Peter Peyton Pina Pippa Pippin Porett Porsche Porter Presley Preston Pugsley Radar Ralphie Randall Ranger Reese Rex Ricky Riley Rin Tin Tin Rio Ripley Rita Rivers Rob Rodney Rome Romeo Ron Rootie Rose Ross Ruby Ryan Sabrina Salem Sally Sanders Saphire Sarge Sasha Savannah Schneider Scooby Scout Shaggy Shea Shorty Sid Silver Sleepy Sneezy Snickers Snoopy Sonny Spade Sparky Steel Steeler Sugar Sulley Sully Taffy Tammy Target Templeton Tina Tisch Toffee Toni Tori Toyota Trevor Trina Trixie Trooper Troy Trudy Tuck Tucker Turner Twila Twix Twizzler Tybalt Tyler Utah Victoria Violet Wade Walker Walter Wanda Warren Watson Westley Wilbur Wilma Woody Zelda Zena Zoe @ Ama there is no real question, i am simply providing answers to many questions all at once. [= I will be sure to add your suggestions! [=

A: What, no Oprah or Barack?

Sibling names, pick one per each? by Q: Surname- Carrington Roselyn-Rose or Penelope-Penny (daughter) Meredith or Madeline-Madi (daughter) Douglas-Doug or Preston (son) Joanna-Jo or Annabelle-Anne Nathaniel-Nate or Emerson (father) Surname- Stafford Marie or Charlotte-Char (daughter) Amelia or Allison (mother) Jackson-Jack or Brenton-Brent (father) Surname- Kingsley Finnigan-Finn or Cameron-Cam (son) Shane or Dillon (son) Kennedy or Alicia-Ali (daughter) Patricia-Patty or Isobel-Belle (mother) Mitchell or Stanley (father) Surname- Pemberly Dominic- Dom or (son) Christina-Tina or Gabriella-Gabby (mother) Sullivan or (father) **Okay so per family i have two names for the mother PICK ONE, two names for the father PICK ONE, two per each child PICK ONE PER CHILD. An example for the Carrington family (please dont copy) Surname- Carrington Penelope-Penny Madeline-Madi Douglas-Doug Joanna-Jo Emerson Sorry Surname- Pemberly Dominic- Dom or Maxwell (son) Christina-Tina or Gabriella-Gabby (mother) Sullivan or Gregory (father)

A: Carrington Penelope Carrington Meredith Carrington Preston Carrington Joanna Carrington Nathan Carrington Stafford Marie Stafford Amelia Stafford Brenton Stafford Kingsley Finnigan Kingsley Shane Kingsley Kennedy Kingsley Isobel Kingsley Stanley Kingsley Pemberly Dominic Kingsley (what was the other option?) Gabriella Kingsley Sullivan Kingsley (again, where is the other option?)

WDYT of these names that I like? by Q: NOTE: The last name is Clausen. :) BOY: - Cooper Mitchell - Nic Mitchell - Tanner Douglas - Riley Mitchell - Steven Mitchell - Scott Mitchell GIRL: - Claire Madelynn - Hadley Jordan - Gabrielle Carrie (Nickname: Gabby) - Scotia Sadie

A: Cooper Mitchell - Nice. Nic Mitchell - Okay, but I prefer Nicholas Mitchell. Tanner Douglas - I don't like it, sorry. Riley Mitchell - Nice. Steven Mitchell - Nice. Scott Mitchell - Nice. Claire Madelynn - Pretty, but I prefer Claire Madeline. Hadley Jordan - Okay, but a bit too unisex. Gabrielle Carrie - I don't like Carrie, but Gabrielle is nice. Scotia Sadie - I don't like either name. ~ {A} ~

Who do you think will do the best in London in men's and womans gymnastics? by Cigano Cowgirl Q: Basically for the girls I think everyone can agree will it be Gabby Douglas or Jordyn Weiber? Just who do you think will perform better? I'm a Jordyn fan so I gotta go with her. For the men's I think everyone can agree John Orazco or Danell Leyva? I'm going with Orazco but it is almost to close to call. Also, your favorite gymnasts? Mines Jordan and Aly for the girls, and Johnathan Horton and Sam for the guys. I cannot spell his last name haha.

Gabby douglas photo In Focus: Gabrielle Douglas Gabby Douglas - Uneven Bars - 2012 Visa Championships - Sr Women - Day 2 Gabby Douglas - Floor - 2012 Visa Championships - Sr. Women - Day 2 Gabby Douglas - Balance Beam - 2012 AT&T American Cup Podium Training Gabrielle Douglas - 2011 Worlds - Prelims Routines Gabby's Story ( Gabrielle Douglas ) Gabrielle Douglas - Balance Beam - 2012 US Olympic Trials Podium Training Gabby Douglas Floor - 2012 USA Gymnastics Olympic Trials Day 1 Gabby Douglas - Floor - 2012 Visa Championships - Women - Day 1 Gabby Douglas - Beam - 2012 Visa Championships - Sr. Women - Day 2 Gabby Douglas confessions at 2012 US Olympic Gymnastics Trials (Day 2) Gabrielle Douglas - ALL OF THE LIGHTS Gabby Douglas - Balance Beam - 2012 Visa Championships Podium Training [HD 1080p] Gabrielle Douglas Balance Beam 2012 AT&T American Cup 15.100 Gabby Douglas - Beam - 2012 Visa Championships - Sr. Women - Day 1 Gabrielle Douglas - Floor Exercise - 2012 Kellogg's Pacific Rim Championships Podium Training On the Record: Gabby Douglas Gabby Douglas - Balance Beam - 2012 AT&T American Cup Gabby Douglas does the Dougie Gabby Douglas - Floor - 2012 Visa Championships Podium Training Gabby Douglas - Bars - 2012 Kellogg's Pacific Rim Championships Gabby Douglas - Vignette - 2012 Kellogg's Pacific Rim Championships Gabby Douglas' routines from the 2012 Olympic Gymnastics trials Gabby Douglas - Floor Exercise - 2012 AT&T American Cup Gabrielle Douglas- Uneven Bars - 2012 Secret US Classic Gabrielle Douglas - Balance Beam - 2012 Kellogg's Pacific Rim Championships Podium Training Jordyn Wieber:Gabby Douglas - Interview - 2012 Kellogg's Pacific Rim Championships Gabby Douglas Floor American Cup 2012 [HD] Gabrielle Douglas - Uneven Bars - 2012 Kellogg's Pacific Rim Championships Gabrielle Douglas - 2011 Worlds - Event Finals - Uneven Bars Gabby Douglas - Vault - 2012 Kellogg's Pacific Rim Gabby Douglas - Beam - 2012 Kellogg's Pacific Rim Championships Gabrielle Douglas - WILD ONE Shawn Johnson and Gabby Douglas - Workout of the Week Gabby Douglas - 2012 VISA Championships - Floor - Podium Training (Day 1) Gabrielle Douglas - UB @ Classic 2012 Gabrielle Douglas` Story - 2012 Olympic Hopeful Gabrielle Douglas - Beam - 2012 Visa Championships Day One (Warm-Up) Gabby Douglas. Redemption. Gabby Douglas - 2012 VISA Championships - Beam - Podium Training (Day 1) Gabrielle Douglas - PURSUIT Gabby Douglas - Bars - 2012 Visa Championships - Women - Day 1 Gabby Douglas Dream Bar Routine Gabby Douglas After Olympic Trials - Day 1 Katelyn Ohashi, Gabby Douglas - Vault - 2012 Pacific Rim Championships (Subdivision II Warm-Ups) UB Gabby Douglas 2012 AT&T American Cup Gabby Douglas Uneven Bars - 2012 USA Gymnastics Olympic Trials Day 1 Gabby Douglas - Vault - 2012 Visa Championships Podium Training Aly Raisman, Gabrielle Douglas, Jordyn Wieber - POWER
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