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lafnikee07 Watch Louisiana Tech v Fresno State live streaming 05 November, 2011 http://t.co/1ttausDq

enabtarno Live streaming Louisiana Tech vs Fresno Sta http://t.co/9Na4pROe

pernat747 Watch Louisiana Tech v Fresno State live str http://t.co/U5WPU8yo

Randy84Retires Fresno State Football: Bright Spots in a Dark Season, I'm Just Saying!: In a season filled with disappointment, ... http://t.co/GqbPlXB8

nobgieaoki Watch Louisiana Tech v Fresno State Live 05.11.2011 http://t.co/LeoHP4aV

kolabbokee7 Watch Louisiana Tech v Fresno State Live 05.11.2011 http://t.co/Rsv6mxtD

vunebren Louisiana Tech v Fresno State Live Stream 05 November, 2011 http://t.co/5bREhslC

tiomarmiseh Watch Louisiana Tech v Fresno State Live 05.11.2011 http://t.co/IrCxzMKv

ezraromero Video: The Collegian Online - Fresno Bike Kitchen | Nov 4, 2011 I helped edit this one. Fresno State Bike... http://t.co/Ez73GxdK

TheMrChocolate I wanna work at the Fresno State library

UOPSwimming Pacific Women Beat Fresno State, Seattle U http://t.co/ODXw9p3T

UOPSwimming Pacific Women Beat Fresno State, Seattle U http://t.co/A1zKjTfA

rkojcmendoza Fresno State Men's Basketball good job 2 nite hope you have a good season.

DrewG32 @bainsrwhoa @mbains21 Picks for sat. Mich -4, Florida -14, Arkansas -5 1/2, Oklahoma -14, Hawaii -3 1/2, Fresno State -3 1/2

DrewG32 Picks for sat. Mich -4, Florida -14, Arkansas -5 1/2, Oklahoma -14, Hawaii -3 1/2, Fresno State -3 1/2


What bus should I take from Fresno's Amtrak station to Fresno State? by captaincarney Q: What bus should I take from Amtrak to fresno State? Is it faster to walk to Roosevelt HS and take the bus from there??????? (My train gets into the station at 11:31 and I have an apointment at the Univ at 1)

A: you should take the red one

What fun stuff is there at Fresno State? by d m Q: I'll be attending Fresno State next fall and I was just wondering what do you guys do that’s fun? How are the parties, clubs, anything would be of great help.

A: There are A LOT of parties...There's also a lot of frats. Also the football games are always fun! Have fun at Fresno State!

How can i make a fresno state account? by ALi Q: I want to make an account so i can go on the internet with my Ipod touch. When I try to make an account it keeps saying "The Fresno State ID provided is not eligible for our service or the Birth Date provided is incorrect."

A: You need to contact the school's computer department: Office Location McKee/Fisk Bldg, Room 137 559-278-3923

If Wisconsin ends up losing to Fresno state, could some suspentions be handed out to the refs? by KZ is Greg Jennings Homie Q: They're so obviously biased towards Fresno State. There's been a handful of penalties handed to UW, but very few to Fresno, not to mention an absolutely TERRIBLE call after an instant replay. No wonder Fresno State wins at home so much. At least Wisconsin won. They should've scored more though...

A: Wisconsin won 13-10. You know what the OSU-USC game had some bad calls when the score was 14-3 the Buckeyes had the ball down on the 2- holding penalty. Two plays later another holding penalty they end up mising the field goal. Who knows how the game would have been different if they scored. The referees make to many questionable calls in my opinion.

An hour commute to California State University, Fresno how logical is this? by infiniti Q: I live an hour away from Fresno State and I am considering enrollment. I will transfer as a junior. I am hoping to enroll in classes that are offered only twice a week. I would want to be a full time student. Is this possible to be a full time student by going only a couple twice a week? Anything interesting I should know about this school? BTW, my major is psychology, but I have become really interested in Criminology.

A: It might be difficult to set up your schedule so that you only have to go a couple of times a week. Many classes, especially advanced ones, are only offered at one time, so you don't have much of a choice.

Where can I buy a Fresno State Bulldog sweater? by K148754:) Q: So I cant find a place to buy a Fresno State Bulldog sweater. The one that i want to buy says Fresno State in the front and has the Bulldog face (not the body) in the back of the sweater. Where can I buy this sweater? Please list some stores or websites(: Thankz!

A: It's on Lee store

What should I start doing if I want to play college football for Fresno State, Hawaii, or San Jose State? by thetre Q: I just finished up my sophomore year on jv. Now I am entering my Jr year. I play Running back I am 5' 8" 140lbs. I have a vertical of 28 and run a 4.9 40. What should i start doing if I want to play college football at Hawaii, San jose State or Fresno State. Who should i talk to?

A: You should try to contact the coaches of these teams. You should also try to put together a highlight reel of yourself so that the coaches can watch you. Finally probably just need to stay in shape and keep doing what your doing. I hope you come to Hawaii to play football!

Is someone able to tell me how prestiges the buisness program is at Fresno State is? by Javier Q: Is someone able to tell me how prestiges the buisness program is at California State University Fresno..Better known as Fresno State. I want to find out what their program ranks in California. Please list websites tyhat mayu help if possible. Thank You!!!!!

A: I've always heard that it is a good business school. I'm actually a pre-business student here and I love it so far. Love the campus love the atmosphere, love everything about it. http://www.fresnostatenews.com/2006/07/craigbestschool.htm http://collegian.csufresno.edu/archive/2006/09/15/news/business.shtml

What do the letters on the back of Fresno State's football helmets mean? by kirby c Q: On the back of the Fresno State football helmets there is a V and I don't know what it means. I tried looking it up on the Fresno State sports website and couldn't find anything.

A: This representation of the San Joaquin Valley is displayed in the form of a green "V" on the back of the Bulldogs' helmets. The green in the "V" is a symbol to the agricultural community of the Central Valley, which is the world's richest agricultural area in export dollars.

When does Fresno State start there Fall Semester for 2009? by p8ntballjunkie2004 Q: When does Fresno State start there Fall Semester for 2009? Prefer to know the exact date and not an assumption by going of the start date from 2008! Thanks!

A: It will either be the first week of September or the last week of August. States semesters are only 16 weeks long, and so if you take into accout that they are going to end before christmas (probably last day being Friday December 18) and then count back 16 weeks you get the first week of September

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