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Ford shares

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BriiIsGee shares via Qocial - Lamborghini,Porsche, or Ford? (Poll)

charlieperkins7 I just bought 27 shares in (e)FORD on Empire Avenue http://t.co/p5euptYJ

OurWindsorON Ford City Neighbourhood Renewal shared 35 recommendations for continuing renewal of 1 of our most historical areas... http://t.co/EhuqzVEU

FandomMarketing RT @podmedic: #sochealth @ScottMonty shares Ford's sm guidelines http://t.co/J7c9KzIv as example for others including HC #BWELA

podmedic #sochealth @ScottMonty shares Ford's sm guidelines http://t.co/J7c9KzIv as example for others including HC #BWELA

brooklyjainto Investors Pump Brakes On GM, Ford After October Sales - Forbes http://t.co/eR1lXeKq

SarahAudelo Pres of Ford Foundation shares immigrant story. Would love for #oppsummit to prioritize passage of #dreamact #americandream

StockPredictor Thinks it's a good idea to buy 40 shares of Ford Motor (F)

juliannbigginsw Ford shares slide despite big third-quarter profit - http://t.co/NR8LFSpP

TipMicCas Ford shares tumble as 3Q profit falls to $1.6b and dividend is delayed - http://t.co/1Oz98oKC

harleystebbinh Ford shares tumble as 3Q profit falls to $1.6b http://t.co/zHVFtqJq

RSRVD_Velly So my homie got 20k shares with Ford...damn I gotta step my game up #iCu

ForexCashKing Top Trading Stocks at NYSE – Ford Motor, FAS, EEM, Citigroup: Its shares were trading within the range of $11.03... http://t.co/ZS44NnND

mlse RT @torontoist: News: City to sell Enwave shares, Ford “working on a plan” to deal with Occupy & library committee won’t close branches http://t.co/7hthEwrA

vziegler RT @torontoist: News: City to sell Enwave shares, Ford “working on a plan” to deal with Occupy & library committee won’t close branches http://t.co/7hthEwrA


how does one go about purchasing a few shares of Ford stock without getting too involved. souvenoir value only? by Aaron S Q: i dont want to purchase lots of stocks or start a portfolio it's just for sentimental reasons one for each of my three children.

A: Try Sharebuilder.com, Moneypaper.com or dripinvestor.com. Or just go to a site that sells stocks without a minimum, like ETrade.

Did anyone else buy Ford shares? by lilia53 Q: Did anyone else buy Ford shares when they were dirt cheap? I'm just wondering who else had faith in the company and didn't listen to all the stupid people who said not to buy.

A: ..Not " dirt cheap"...but quite content to be up 21% since a buy.....and just as content to hold for awhile.

is now the time to buy shares of Ford Motor Co? by runningjrm Q: Given the economy, the bottom looking like it is near on Wall St. and the hope for the auto industry in general...is now the time to purchase shares of this American icon?

A: no http://finance.yahoo.com/q/bs?s=FORD

Where do I find the market value of shares for Ford in 2005? by cfenton1982 Q: If you know the answer please point me to where you have found the figure? How do I determine? I know that in order for you to calculate to PE ratio you need to know this figure along with net income. Net income for Ford in 2005 was $1,440,000. Thanks for your input everyone.

A: It is easier to find the per share information. And you can also calculate the PE ratio from per share information. From http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune500/snapshots/529.html I found out the earnings per share for Ford for 2005 was $1.05. From http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/historical I put in Ford's symbol (F) and the last trading day of the year 12/30/2005 and the chart showed the stock closed at $7.72 per share. = a PE ratio of 7.35. If you are looking for an average for the whole year, and want market value, find their e-mail address from www.ford.com, click on investor relations.

What is your opinion on Kerkorian selling off Ford shares at deep loss? by LadyLuck Q:

A: It makes me happy. That sounds mean but he has made so many $Millions in the past. It is time for him to be humble. Ford shares have always been a lousy deal since the Ford family retains all voting rights. That violates the spirit of stock ownership..

Is there one big reason why GM shares are way higher than Ford? by Anthony Q: Also, would it be a somewhat safe move to make a long term investment on Ford at $17 a share?

A: The stock price is not a reflection for comparison between companies. The value is multiplying the outstanding shares x's the stock price. At that point you get the market's perceived value of the company. I like & own Ford. I hold no GM shares. But... you have no clue who I am or what my qualifications are... to act on what I do (or say I do)..... would be incredibly stupid.

Will the average investor have access to the 300 mln common shares Ford will be offering? by thepaladin38 Q: Is it just for underwriters?

A: The underwriters may keep some for their own account, but much of it will be available to the public

If auto bailout passes will shares of Ford and GM go up? by [email protected] Q: Basically, will the cost of shares for Ford and GM soar if the bailout passes? Or will they go down?

A: depends what the market does. If the market is having an up day, they will both go up, if it goes down, they will both go down. If you look at the stocks over the last two weeks, they have both come back quite a bit indicating the bailout is assumed that it will pass. Bailout is already priced in for the most part. BUT if it doesn't get passed, GM will drop like a rock, and F will follow.

When will Ford Motor Company (F) shares be fully valued? by . Q: Ford shares have been increasing like crazy lately. When are they going to stop increasing do you think? Why?

A: Anyone that knows the answer to this is either lying to themselves... or to you.

What do you think of my idea about the economy? Ford and GM shares better than Lottery tickets? by Incarcerated Bert Q: GM and Ford shares dropped like a lead balloon today. Ford's shares are now $2.08, less than a gallon of gas. I say sell shares at gas stations. I would rather pick up a slurpee and a couple of shares of Ford than buy a lottery ticket. Maybe an "Americans saving America" slogan. Am I way off here? Anyone agree? What say you?

A: Unique idea you have there. Except for all the red tape where Gupta needs to get his brokers license, you would have better odds with the stock. Perhaps a vending machine ? Did you know Buicks and Chevy's are THE hottest cars in China? GM sells more Buicks in China then in the USA!

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