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SPNisLife_ @an0o0la 3 kids? How can he keep that under the radar for so long? Kudos to him. That's cute. I love him :) thanks for the info!

donna_shannon Looking forward to Christmas dinner! This year we are all going out so no stress of cooking!!!! :) Santa will b there for the kids :)

janinemorales On our way to church Jayden says "mom where did your pimples go?" LOL! :/ Thank God for full coverage makeup. Ur kids know the real deal Lol

Janetju96 The Essential Jewish Trivia Book for Kids: This book was written by kids for kids. Nine different categories, r... http://t.co/mgNflfuC


chelseachua @schalson the kids are coming to my house for pw tomorrow!

kgeeson RT @frazzleddaddy: Cool free stories for your kids read by me, @KlassMyleene and @radioleary. Just go here http://t.co/FQC2RnCj #iTunes and hit 'subscribe'

kevbhoy7 @wreck_the_place my daughter is coming to the kids comedy club today with 6 friends for her birthday she`s 10, her name is missy mclaren

Daniel_Brink I liked "Fall Back" a lot more before it meant an hour earlier for the kids to wake up.

stacyfergusonsz ➪ Fergie • Kohl\'s Cares for Kids at the Kohl\'s | 12/11 http://t.co/L0lypd3o

lanzzzi Wanted: SANTA's for the kids with cancer of kythe! anyone interested? :) http://t.co/K1xBocfg

passion4savings Hormel Compleats Coupon | Walmart Deal on the Meals for Kids! http://t.co/O4KiYT5T #Passion4Savings

THEbrigibbons RT @nickynasrallah: Teaching kids for five and a half hours today is going to be the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

Chineze_O :P"@Droan_SCW: kids RT @bekah_A: "@Chineze_O: The theme song for fish hooks is so catchy"that fish hooks thing is hilarious =))"

Tee_DaGreatest RT @HFMarkie: Being A Good Father isn't Hard Rather u Fuck With The Childs Mother Or Not Always b there For Ur Kid Cause kids Neva Forget Shit.


how come a female on welfare doesn't get put in prison for not paying for her kids? by obama downgraded America Q: if a guy gets back on child support he can go to prison. why the double standard?

what can be done for kids who are raised to rely on the system? by deltanine Q: I was raised to believe that food was free, housing was free, medical care was free etc. I moved away at fifteen, and soon discovered everything I was taught about this country was false. I worked, payed rent, graduated school, and started college and it was a struggle. The biggest struggle was discovering that nothing is free. I eventually met my husband and we are proud to support our family but looking back I wonder how I was supposed to ever know any different than what I was taught. To this day my mom encourages me to do sheisty things to get government benefits. I don't want to live with the shame of being a liar but she encourages it. I know the people who I grew up with in the same situations are proud to be on assistance. They brag about the amount they get for saying their husband doesn't live with them. They think I'm stupid for working when I could suck up assistance. My question is: how do we teach kids who are taught to rely on assistance about the real world? I did well in school but not once did they tell us that we need to prepare for medical insurance, mortgages, etc. Should there be required "real world" classes for kids of parents on assistance?

A: Yes. Real world classes that teaches where all that "free" stuff comes from. Also, we need to inform teens that having babies does not mean they deserve a free ride.

How come Indonesia has the Dealth Penalty for marijuana possession, yet kids can smoke cigarettes over there? by smoking wen pragnent harms your babb Q:

Why do Republicans not have Hearts for the planet and there kids and their future? by G-money G-money Q: basically con's pollute the planet, they destroy envioronments they cause a ton of wars an send people to there deaths an take away our freedoms via acts of george bush they have literally bankrupted our country 1000x what dot hey have to say for themselves/ if herman cain or romney with in 2012 I WILL BE PERSONALLY moving to canada with my family and most of the country who is tired of disgusting practices of the republican party

A: Republicans tend to be very concerned about individual and state rights. So, if a law were to ban oil rigging, for example, because it is so bad for the environment, Republicans would say that the law infringes on the right of oil companies to have and manage their business. I completely agree with you that that point of view has many negative impacts on society as a whole. But that is their point of view.

Now that Halloween is over, was it a lesson for the kids in begging or getting something for nothing? by CO the Old Dog Q: Are we reinforcing the notion that all One needs to do is keep asking or demanding something from higher athorities? I like the costumes & halloween parades & parties but not the teaching of a concept of extortion - "trick or treat" or begging by pretending to be something One is not. . thank you for all the replies including the rotten tomatoes. Playing "devil's advocate" does provoke serious thought particularly in our serious times. In my travels as well as reading about older cultures that influence present practices, I have noted that begging does take many forms from symbolic & religious practices - ie India, Buddhist monks - and to the fun & frolic of Halloween and the deceptive begging done by some gypsies in Europe and the institutionalized begging like TARP & financial bailouts. All of that causes me to wonder if the simple act of roleplaying to beg or demand small favors leads to these other elements that now seem to crush our economies... I know its a stretch but just idle thoughts by another oldster... just wondering... TUs to all.

Is the Youth in Government club good for kids trying to get into a Military Academy? by Sanwichesgood Q: My nephew wants to get into the Air force academy and wonders this, I was looking for some answers.

What are some good portable game devices for kids 6 years or older? by Inahzi13 Q: My uncle's trying to get a Nintendo 3DS for my cousin but he's only 6 . First of all he's not going to understand the value of it and not take care of it very well. What about this ? It's the Vtech InnoTab Learning Tablet with Case - Blue . Vtech InnoTab Learning Tablet with Case - Blue

my nice needs a chat room for kids.under the age of 9 and 12.? by teresa c Q: my name is katelyn and i want to know where to go to talk to people my age on chat line. im 9 and i believe that we should have ine too

A: why do you need to? go outside. play. don't be cooped up inside besides you aren't old enough to understand if someone is who they say you are. and for all of us who are answering this question, you could be a 43 year old over weight paedophile looking for some kids sorry darling, but i think you should go play soccer or play with barbie for a few more years.

What candy (or other miscellaneous items) do you give the kids for Halloween? by Vaquita Q:

what are those people called when there outside watching out for the kids playing outside? by Alma Garcia Q: Safety ________ ? their people down at the playground w a suit watching them..

A: The Neighborhood Block Watch. Or, do you mean a Safety Patrol?

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