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ryo08177 #nowplaying Freedom Flight (feat. B.I.G. Joe) [Main] ♪ DJ SEIJI http://t.co/RSW36cac in iPod app via @twitbird

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how can i search a flight# for Saudi Airlines? by race rz Q: I don't know the flight# for a Flight of Saudi airlines & i want to Know Is it on time or late. Please Help!!!! Hope For good answers

A: Visit the Saudi Airlines flight schedule website: http://www.bookonline.saudiairlines.com/SaudiaEnglishStorefront/airSrcMainForFlightSchedule.jsp?r=0.3376700884759446&pageId=FS

How do you search for low flight fares between 2 cities for the upcoming month? by coumadin Q: I want to be able to search for low fares between 2 cities for a "chunk" of time. Lets say, search for low fares round trip between seattle and new york city between Nov 1 and Dec 1. (i. e. what combo dates are cheapest)

A: Often, especially if you are travelling very soon and are flexible, CALLING the airline is far better than internet searching. You often get a better price than you can on-line.

What is the best flight search engine? by awahab595 Q:

A: The one that offers you the best option at the best price--and there is not one that will always do that. You have to shop around. Not even the mega-search sites like Kayak and Bookingbuddy will find everything, because some of the newer low-cost airlines do not participate in those. Edit your question to add which cities you need to travel between, and you'll likely get better answers.

How to search for Nonstop flight from Oklahoma to any destination? by dol1234 Q: I have 2 small kids so I wanted to see where the destinations we can go. What are websites I can search to see what destinations I can go using nonstop flight from Oklahoma? Web sites I've used require destination. I want to leave it open. Any tricks? Thanks a lot.

A: Check out Wikipedia for the airport you want to fly out of, they list the airlines and destinations they fly to on most of the aiports they have a website for, here's the one for Will Rogers Airport in Ok. City: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will_Rogers_World_Airport

Where is the best flight search engine? by Jamal S Q: I just wanted to know where you people find your cheapest flights from.

A: Farechaser on Yahoo travel.

How do I search for a flight when the destination does not matter? by Kevin Q: I'm getting married and we don't care where we go on our honeymoon. Is there a site out there that allows you to search for flights to multiple destinations?

A: All of them, but you must put in a destination.

Are there any air flight search pages that allow you to depart from multiple airports? by dnbotte Q: For example, I could eliminate alot of time editing my searches if I could click "depart from" and select Philadelphia, BWI, JFK, Newark, LaGuardia, and Dulles all at once to see which is the cheapest for my destination. Multiple dates and destination airports would be great too.

A: Orbitz will but I think there is only a 100 mile range so you should try Philly as a starting point because most of those airports are within 100 miles.

How do you create a flight search engine? by Maiman13 Q: At first I thought this must be really difficult, but there are a ton out there. How do you create one of these of your own, ala Orbitz, Travelocity, ect.... Is there some sort of affiliate program you have to go through?

A: The truth is. This is really difficult. You'd probably need access to a database of upcoming flights, which will probably mean paying the government. But once you get it in the database, you just need to know a programing language to access and search it.. but i doubt either you or me will every get past trying to gain rights to view a flight schedule, months in advance... especially with all this terrorism stuff. Your best chance is just having an input box on your site (or whereever you were going to put this) and have it link to reults on travelocity.. or Orbitz

best site for flight search with lots of variables? by qfqwqfqwqfqw Q: i'm trying to find a flight search engine that will allow me to put in a number of airports, a number of days and then give me the cheapest flight. is there one like this?

A: I would prefer so called meta search engines and not online travel agencies. Often the search engines search online travel agencies and all their competitors. In this way you get the best overview of the prices available. Orbitz and Expedia are travel agencies which charge a small fee everytime you book a ticket. Search engines as Momondo.com and dohop is ordinary tool like Google, which do not charge fees. Always use several search engines to make sure you find the best price ;)

What does "Remark" mean in my Flight Search Results? by Aguacero Q: They are AIRLINE, FLIGHt, CITY, FLIGHT DATE, SCHEDULED, GATE AND REMARK what does REMARK means?

A: Just means extra comments, if there is anything extra you want to say or ask for. Like a wheelchair or something put it there.

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