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Flesh eating disease

Georgia woman, 24, battles flesh-eating disease
Infections by so-called flesh-eating bacteria are rare but sometimes can run rampant after even minor cuts or scratches. The bacteria enter the body, quickly reproduce and give off toxins that cut off blood flow to parts of the body.

Woman with flesh-eating disease remains critical
Doctors say a young woman fighting a flesh-decaying bacteria she contracted after a zip line accident remains in critical condition. Officials said Friday that 24-year-old Aimee Copeland was listed in critical condition at the Joseph M. Still Burn ...

Woman battles flesh-eating disease after accident
The University of West Georgia graduate psychology student was diagnosed Friday with necrotizing faciitis, a flesh-eating bacteria that destroys human tissue. She lost most of her right leg to the infection.

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how and where does one get infected by flesh-eating disease? and what are the symptoms and the cure? by allanenrico_alano Q:

A: Necrotizing fasciitis, commonly known as "flesh-eating bacteria", is a rare infection of the deeper layers of skin and subcutaneous tissues (fascia). Many types of bacteria can cause necrotizing fasciitis (eg. Group A streptococcus, Vibrio vulnificus, Clostridium perfringens, Bacteroides fragilis), of which Group A streptococcus is the most common cause. The infection often starts with pharyngitis (sore throat), but occasionally begins locally, at a site of trauma, which may be severe (such as the result of surgery), minor, or even non-apparent. The affected skin is classically, at first, very painful without any visible change. With progression of the disease, tissues become red, hot and swollen, often within hours. Skin color may progress to violet and blisters may form, with subsequent necrosis (death) of subcutaneous tissues. Patients with necrotizing fasciitis typically have a fever and appear very ill. More severe cases progress within hours, and the death rate is high, about 25%. Treatment often includes intravenous penicillin, vancomycin and clindamycin. If necrotizing fasciitis is suspected, surgical exploration is always necessary, often resulting in aggressive debridement (removal of infected tissue). Amputation of the affected organ(s) may be necessary. Initial treatment consists of antibiotics. Surgical procedures include extensive debridement as soon as possible, secondary closure. The mortality of this disease has not been altered by antimicrobials. Only early recognition and surgical treatment will improve the prognosis.

if you throat bang a chick with strep throat, can you get the flesh eating disease on your shlong? by Momo Q:

A: As much as I would love to say no, I actually think you might be able to. I am not 100% sure but necrotizing fasciitis and strep throat are both caused by the same bacteria, streptococcus pyogenes. However, I think the odds of this actually happening are extremely low.

My girlfriend had a flesh eating disease, that she is now cured of...however(sex question)? by dirtysockpuppet Q: She now has a huge hole where her left eye used to be, and last night she wanted me to have sex with her eyehole. It kind of freaked me out, but she really wanted to try it, so I did. Well, to make a long story short, I got too excited and ended up ramming her optic nerve, and she passed out from the pain. When she came to, she said we should incorporate that into our sexual agenda. Is our relationship weird? Or is this a normal closet fetish that some may have?

A: This has to be some sort of stange and sick joke of a question that you are asking. BUt for some strange reason if this is a serious question ...the best person to ask woud be her eye doctor and her primary care doctor..God Luck ( I guess)

Are there any differences between Gangrene and the Flesh Eating Disease? and if so what? by Q:

A: Gangrene is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition that arises when a considerable mass of body tissue dies (necrosis). This may occur after an injury or infection, or in people suffering from any chronic health problem affecting blood circulation.The primary cause of gangrene is reduced blood supply to the affected tissues, which results in cell death. Diabetes and long-term smoking increase the risk of suffering from gangrene. Necrotizing fasciitis (NF), commonly known as flesh-eating disease or Flesh-eating bacteria syndrome, is a rare infection of the deeper layers of skin and subcutaneous tissues, easily spreading across the fascial plane within the subcutaneous tissue. They appear to be separate disease with the same treatment and outcome. Take care

the 16 year old girl with flesh eating disease? by fun2w4 Q: just saw the news with the 16 year old girl melissa belanger with "necrotizing fasciitis" flesh eating diseases after giving birth why's there so many diseases in this world? millions of things can go wrong, seriously. i know a lot of these diseases are "rare", but when there's so many of them, your odds of getting one eventually in your life is actually pretty high.. and then if there aren't diseases, then there's everyday life issues, and if not everyday issues then there's always other stuff like car accidents and plane crashes. and if not that, then there's always murders and thugs who wanna beat you up. then if not that, then there's natural disasters. and if not that, then there's money problems.oh my god what the hell is wrong wit dis world

A: Reality is not always pleasant. You could be killed or left servely disabled at anytime. Yes the odds do seam to be stacked against us. This just makes you really appreciate what you have, and what you have experienced. Simple everyday things that we take for granted can be so beautiful if you stop and look at them.You can't dwell on the bad things and worry about everything though, as this is not living. Live every day as if it is going to be your last day. Get as much out of life as you can and while you can. Whilst life is so cruel, it is also amazing and beautiful. Be grate full for what you have. Don't dwell on flesh eating disease, it is also mind eating!

Recently someone in the hospital in my community died from flesh eating disease what exactly is it? by lynn Q:

A: Let me guess, Harborview Medical Center??

Ho do you know if you cut is infected with MRSA or a flesh eating disease? by bimesweet Q:

A: The only way to find out is to go to your doctor and have them take a wound culture and send it off to the lab for testing. This is usually done for wounds that aren't healing normally.

what cells, tissues, layers does the flesh eating disease infect and how does it damage those cells or tissues? by Q: need help please and can u also put the links where you got the info thanks ;)

A: Flesh-eating disease is more properly called necrotizing fasciitis, a rare condition in which bacteria destroy tissues underlying the skin. This tissue death , called necrosis or ... .Search resultsFlesh-eating disease facts Necrotizing fasciitis Facts, information, pictures ... Flesh-Eating Disease Definition. Flesh-eating disease is more properly called necrotizing fasciitis, a rare condition in which bacteria destroy tissues underlying the skin. www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Necrotizing_​fasciitis.aspx - Cached

If Chris Christie was diagnosed with having a flesh-eating disease, would the doctor give him 25 years to live? by Q:

A: Well that wasn't very big of you. He's trying to tackle the weighty issues facing the nation. We are facing a massive debt crisis fueled by pork barrel spending and kickbacks to fat cats. I don't think you fully appreciate the gravity of the situation. Do you realize what's at steak here? We are talking about someone who is going after one of the biggest jobs in the world. A big job demands a big person, and you've got to ask yourself, as a voter, one question: Is Chris Christie a big enough person? It's about time we had conservatives with heart. And I think we can all agree Christie has a big enough heart for all of Congress.

What are the chances of getting a flesh-eating disease from shaving the pubic mound and labia bald? by Crazy Grammar Lady Q: I watched an episode of Spike TV's "1000 Ways to Die" about a woman who shaved her legs and ended up contracting a flesh-eating disease in the facial region that surfaced via a pimple. Sadly, she died. I like to keep my private area completely shaved but I cut myself every time, even if I choose not to go against the grain. I've used the same 3-bladed green razor now at least three times and before that, two different ones. They are rinsed off after each use but I'm still a bit worried. I am a young woman who has [at least as far as I know] a good immune system; I rarely get sick. Am I worrying over nothing, then?

A: That has got to be the stupidest show alive. You have nothing to worry about.

HELP I NEED SOME INFO ON FLESH EATING DISEASE???!!? by *Carter* Q: hey guys and gals, i need some help ASAP! My cat had a wound on her hind leg for a wehile and there was no fur on i t and we took her to numerous vets and we got a referralto C.A.R.E. center, a high end vet place and they did an operation to sew it up as it owuld not heal and she was always trying to get at it! ANywayz, they took most the dead skin off and took it off and esnt it to a lab to do a bioposy on it.. and it comes back as a staph infection which could cause flesh eating disease ( referred to as a MRSA, methicilin resistant stuphocous somehting or other) they put her on peniciloin after surgery and they only foiund out about the skin tissue on monday !! OMG i need some answers, they put her on DIOXCYCLINE, somehting to help cure infection in the area ( we had to celan entire house, etc) i wanna know a coupe things.. How odoes thei medication work, like how long wil it take, she has been takig sdince tuesday night, will she live.. i dont wanna loose her!! :'( Also, the thing is weepeing, which id th einfectious part././ iwll it stop bleeding.. PLZ I NEED SOME ANSWERS, i dont wanna loosea best frend, and whn ewill we notice a difference PS the good thing is shes eatoing and drinking, but i dont anna hafta put her down :'( ** ANYONE CAN ANSWER< BUT NO RUDE MEAN COMMENTS AND PREFEERABBLY ANSWERS FROM VETS OR PEOPLE WHO HAVE PETS!!!**

A: Goodness, calm down. First, there are several types of staph. MRSA is methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureas, there is also MRSI (much more common in animals) methicillin-resistant staphylococcus intermedius. MRSA and MRSI are not necessarily the scary deadly bacteria that the media makes them out to be. It simply means that these strains of staph are resistant to a certain class of antibiotics. A test is done to see what antibiotics the bacteria is (whoops: I meant susceptible!) to, and then that antibiotic is given. I assume that doxycycline is one of the antibiotics that killed the bacteria which is why they gave it to your kitty. You are not in danger from the infection, unless you are immune-suppressed. Simply wash your hands with warm water and soap, as you should do anyway, after handling your kitty. It may take a few weeks to a couple of months for the wound to heal. It takes longer for antibiotics to build up to the proper levels in skin, and they have to stay at those levels for longer periods of time. So even if you don't see any change, don't worry and don't skip even one dose of her meds. Go back to the vet for rechecks as I'm sure they've instructed. If she's eating, drinking, and acting well, I bet she'll be fine. Best wishes to you and your kitty!

Can you get flesh eating disease from someone if...? by pandacakes Q: I was wondering, cause this girl I know called me the other day and told me to come over, for yadda yadda yadda, I declined anyway. She told me she recently contracted a flesh eating virus, but is on an anti-biotic. I was wondering if you could contract the virus simpliy by having sex her.

A: If the virus is still active and sores are present, yes. If sores are no longer present and there are no oozing scabs and only scars that are clear and smooth are present, then probably not, but I would avoid this person anyway. Booty calls are in bad taste. Wait until you have a relationship for sex. Good luck!

OMG NEED HELP AND ANSWERS ABOUT FLESH EATING DISEASE? by *Carter* Q: Your Question HELP I NEED SOME INFO ON FLESH EATING DISEASE???!!? hey guys and gals, i need some help ASAP! My cat had a wound on her hind leg for a wehile and there was no fur on i t and we took her to numerous vets and we got a referralto C.A.R.E. center, a high end vet place and they did an operation to sew it up as it owuld not heal and she was always trying to get at it! ANywayz, they took most the dead skin off and took it off and esnt it to a lab to do a bioposy on it.. and it comes back as a staph infection which could cause flesh eating disease ( referred to as a MRSA, methicilin resistant stuphocous somehting or other) they put her on peniciloin after surgery and they only foiund out about the skin tissue on monday !! OMG i need some answers, they put her on DIOXCYCLINE, somehting to help cure infection in the area ( we had to celan entire house, etc) i wanna know a coupe things.. How odoes thei medication work, like how long wil it take, she has been takig sdince tuesday night, will she live.. i dont wanna loose her!! :'( Also, the thing is weepeing, which id th einfectious part././ iwll it stop bleeding.. PLZ I NEED SOME ANSWERS, i dont wanna loosea best frend, and whn ewill we notice a difference PS the good thing is shes eatoing and drinking, but i dont anna hafta put her down :'( ** ANYONE CAN ANSWER< BUT NO RUDE MEAN COMMENTS AND PREFEERABBLY ANSWERS FROM VETS OR PEOPLE WHO HAVE PETS!!!** Category Pets > Cats

A: I'm not sure why the panic, unless the vet you took her to gave you reason for such misgivings. If not, sounds as if you have jumped the proverbial gun in deciding that she is in dire straits due to her methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Here's a pdf file that may answer most of your questions: http://tahilla.typepad.com/petsmrsa/files/annette_loeffler_advice_pets_at_home.pdf Be aware that MRSA is easily spread from animals to humans (and back again), so it is extremely important that you use TERRIFIC handwashing technique whenever you handle your cat. Your vet should be able to answer any questions you may have. That's part of the vet's job, and part of YOURS to be a good caretaker of your cat. Tell your vet about the weeping wound, and ask about wound care--should it be bandaged? How frequently should the bandage be changed? Get yourself some disposable latex gloves, if you get involved in wound care--as well as washing your hands. Use the gloves only once, and throw them away (get the multi-glove package). *edit: Here's a list of precautions you should take not to infect yourself (& family members) & reinfect your cat: * Wear disposable gloves when treating open wounds and changing bandages. [Put soiled dressings in a bag and throw them away.] * Use a household disinfectant or chlorine bleach solution to clean and wipe any hard surfaces contaminated by wound drainage. * Avoid touching the nose, eyes, face, and mouth when caring for an animal or cleaning surrounding areas. * Wash hands frequently with soap and warm water, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. * Wash animal bedding in hot water and laundry detergent, and dry in a hot dryer. http://www.vetclick.com/news/view_article.php?ArticleId=550 If I find more, I'll edit it into this response. In the meantime, calm down, write down your questions, and call your vet. Wash your hands now, while you're thinking about it. Best wishes.

Eraser burns, flesh eating disease.? by MaggyMay Q: Two days ago, me and a kid were messing around, and gave each other eraser burns on our hands. At first, I didnt know what it would do, it wasnt bad and didnt hurt at all but the next day I now have this grotesque mark and its pussing and such, so I clean it, bandage it, and then today its pink and looks gross still, but a BUNCH of other kids are doing it now even though Im telling them its STUPID but they dont listen. But anyways, the principle gathered us and made us look at pictures of people with flesh eating disease. What are the odds of picking this up, and other serious infections? Thanks. =]

A: Your skin is your primary defense against infections. The world around you is covered in dangerous bacteria and virus'. Intentionally opening your body to detritus and sepsis is very irresponsible. The most common skin infection is MRSA, which is incredibly painful, and difficult to treat.

Flesh eating disease? by fartinmachine_69 Q: I was just wondering what my boyfriend could do at work: There's this lady that he works with and her mom was recently put into the hospital with flesh eating disease. This lady has had strep-throat a lot, and apparently recurring strep-throat is one of the symptoms. This lady goes and sees her mother often in the hospital. What is he allowed to do about this? Does she have to be tested before she's allowed to come back to work? I just don't want something really serious to happen at a place that is already being seen in the newspapers way too often. any insight would be appreciated.

A: Since her mom has the antibiotic resistant form of strep, when her daughter goes to visit her she has to take what are called universal precautions to prevent the spread of the disease. Her strep throats have to be cultured to confirm the diagnosis, and along with doing that culture the lab would most certainly detect the antibiotic resistant variation. Your boyfriend just needs to remain calm, and so do you. I hate to tell you, but staph is a normal bacteria on everyone's skin, and a great many people actually also carry the antibiotic resistant type as well. It's only a problem if it gets beneath the skin surface and into the body. Your boyfriend can protect himself best by following common sense, everyday precautions. He needs to wash his hands with soap before he eats, keep his hands away from his face and mouth, and keep any injuries he has covered with a bandage. He also shouldn't pick and poke at things like pimples. MRSA, which is what you are concerned about - spreads primarily through skin on skin contact, with broken skin involved. If he wrestled with this lady, or had some pretty intimate contact with her, then you might have some reason to be concerned. But in the average office environment, he's at no particular high risk from her or her mom. The newspaper reports make it out horrific, but most of those sources are from places like locker-rooms, and involve skin contact sports. Keep this in perspective, please. MRSA is resistant to the most common antibiotics used to treat staph infections, but it is not resistant to all of them. With the heightened awareness, doctors are also a lot more aware of the need to culture early and treat aggressively as well. You are far more likely to catch other things, than to contract MRSA in an office setting. I recommend your boyfriend just stick with the common sense, every day good hygeine practices, which will protect him from not only the MRSA, but a host of other uglie gerbies.

Why does biodiversity of pathogens cause MSRA and flesh eating disease? by v147m26 Q:

A: These infuriatingly clever bacteria have adapted to protect themselves from destruction by many types of antibiotics. Fortunately, it caught early and treated aggressively, with both MRSA and necrotizing fasciitis, there are still some antibiotics that can often combat it (e.g., Bactrim, Septra). Unfortunately, it may just be a matter of time (particularly if the frightening trend of over inapporpriately prescribing antibiotics to "treat" viral infections continues) until these organisms have adapted themselves to the point that there are NO antibiotics that will kill eliminate them. Bacteria: 1 Humans: 0

Flesh Eating Disease?????????? [long]? by Q: I've actually had flesh eating disease before. I was kinda young ( 8 or 9 I think ) and I honest don't remember much from when I did cause I was on so much medicine and slept a lot. In science(gr.8 science, 13 now) we kinda talked about what we called a super bug and flesh eating disease is basically that//had a hard enough time making it thought this lesson lead alone unit cause I'm scared or hospitals and blood and that's what the unit was// My lovely friend told the teacher after that I had it and he talked to me, cause well not many people survive it or come out with that body part that was being eaten away. He asked me if It was possible or even more likely for me to get it again. I have no clue if it is possible or if I have a greater chance of getting it. We caught wit early when it was in a rash form that make me sick to my stomach, dizzy, pale, huge fever ect. The walk in doctor basically told me it's a rash and I'm wasting his time, thank god someone got though/even bothered to call my family doctor, she told me to screw the pain killer prescription and go to emergency or urgent care as soon as we could. We picked urgent care, for some reason I was waiting for hours on end ( Canadian health care >.< people go to urgent care if there nose is running ) And blah blah. They saved my life with antibiotics 3 times a day and many pills in-between. I can't even find the answer on google -.- so I need some help, heres my question. **Do I have a greater chance/any chance of getting flesh eating disease again? Ps. I had it from one ear and it went across my head to my other ear, went around the back, didn't g across my face. I have a few piercings on my ear now, my grand mother screamed at my mom for allowing me to get them when I already had issues of this flesh eating disease. We do watch really carefully and if I get a red mark on my ear or anywhere it's drawn on that spot to show how big it was then and the time and date in sharpie to see if it grows or shrinks. I'm sorry this is long but Its really bugging me now knowing I can still get it and have a greater chance at getting it Thanks in advance for answers ~<3 Dinoswar. We have no clue how I got it but I got it like right behind my ear so we figured maybe a cut? But I was never at a hospital or anything before I got it. But they told me ehh like stay away from school but no visitors really anything cause if they have a cut they can get it or something, just like any other diease it can spread but the odds of it spreading they said were high. I don't remember what one I had, we caught it at the beginning stages and it was a huge Suprise for alot of family and friends. My family doctor said the chances are 50/50 it really depends. But I've been super careful and a a red mark is monitored a lot in my house. :3 Phew this made me happy to know the chances arent really big?

A: I don't think you have anything to worry about. I don't know what type you may have had (there are 3:Strep., staph., and merca.) you have to be in direct contact with these diseases to get them. Hospitals are a common place to get illnesses. i can tell this bothers you and your parents should talk to your pediatrician for complete details and accuracy. Good luck!

Michael Jackson has a flesh eating disease? by hxcMJfan Q: Read this. http://www.popeater.com/music/article/michael-jackson-skin-disease/340229 I don't know whether to believe this or not. What do you think of this? I hope it isn't either as well. You know how the media can get sometimes, like the Brown and Rihanna thing. To kaykayXkastrophe: Awesome? That is not awesome at all. A flesh eating disease is a horrible thing to have. Even if you don't like him, you shouldn't laugh and wish death on him. You're gonna get what's coming to you by saying that because that is not funny.

A: yes this micheal jackson in the picture in yes he does have the flesh eating virus which can kill him if not treated right away Dämon~~➤

Could it have been the flesh eating disease?(SERIOUS)? by Shayes Momma Q: My uncle passed away this evening very suddenly, the doctors said it was a serious infection. It started as a sore on his leg and within an hour it spread over his whole body. Everyone who came in direct contact with him had to be treated with antibiotics. Could it have been flesh eating disease? How common is it ? What is it caused from or where could he have gotten it from? The doctors aren't saying much until an autopsy done.

A: It is EXTREMELY RARE, some doctors would missed it, but if they give you antiobiotics, you should be OK for Now. Just keep calling them.

What ever happened to the nasty flesh eating disease that cropped up about 3 years ago, who knows ? by avid reader I love people. Q:

A: you mean necrotizing faciitus? it's still out there, it just isn't in the news so much anymore. last I heard it got an American nurse about a month ago.

Would you rather have AIDS or FLESH EATING DISEASE? by cruachanmusic Q: Necrotizing faceitis (flsh eating) or AIDS///// your choice. Which one and why if you had to have one?

A: Neither, thank you...but if I really had to choose...Aids..but hate to think about either...

My younger cousin ate a small piece form a toy and now has a flesh eating disease! Will she die? by angiesto95 Q: Last week, my little cousin ate a shoe from a barbie doll, and she now has a flesheating disease. The hospital say it's from the shoe, but they're not totally sure. I'm afraid for her life. What's going to happen?

A: I'm sure if the hospital told her this, they will treat her.

can you get flesh eating disease from someone who has strep throat??? by rehgyirt Q: someone is my family has strep throat and i was wondering if the germs left behind on counters etc. can cause flesh eating disease if i get it on a minor cut or accidently cut myself or something.

A: Flesh eating disease is a staph infection, not a strep infection.

Can strep throat cause a flesh eating Disease? by $k¥Wå£k∑r Q: My mother told me this (while I was eating my ice cream) and now I'm scared... ):

A: Strep Throat is in the same class as Necrotizing fasciitis (Flesh Eating Disease), Group A Streptococcus. It is rare, but in some cases strep throat can lead to more serious diseases including Rheumatic fever, forms of Toxic-Shock Syndrome (TSS), Meningitis and flesh-eating disease.

who knows how to stop the flesh eating disease? is courtney rice the only person that knows how? by courtney R Q: who?

A: This two part question has nothing to do with allergies.

Can you get a flesh eating disease by peircing your lip? by ash Q: Lip peircing, nose, eyebrow

A: its possible more likely it would be Ebola

What's this I hear about MIchael Jackson having the flesh eating disease? by Amy K Q: True or just rumor?

A: true....but its like he has already been cured thats why his skin is like that

do i have a flesh eating disease or something? by Q: on the right side of my nose near the nostril the skin keeps coming of and the flesh under it is exposed its not big just a small part and it hurts to touch.

A: You probably wipe your nose too much with rough tissue or some other material, like your sleeve or something that run the skin from your nose. It should heal very quickly and you can put some Vaseline on it to stop it form becoming very sore.

How many people have died this year in the USA from MRSA/Staph Infection/Flesh Eating Disease? by dfsdf Q: and should i be worried about getting it?

A: About 13,000. And don't confuse Methecillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) with Necrotizing Fasciitis (Flesh eating disease). They are two different maladies. The biggest way to avoid MRSA is to wash your hands on a regular basis. Never before can it be said as importantly as now: Your health is in your hands.

Have you heard about the flesh eating disease being spread by trying on clothes? by *queenfairy1*Antioch California Q: I got an email with horrible pictures saying that you can catch this by trying on clothes. I am scared to even put them in the shopping cart if this is true! j

A: I don't think the particular disease is active nowadays. And I don't think someone who has it goes in the shops to try clothes on so much. I believe you mean leprosy. The truth is you can catch many skin diseases by trying on clothes cause the companies don't pay much attention (hygienic) while the clothes are being made and when they distribute them in the stores. I had allergies with itching red pimples on my shoulders and arms after trying on clothes. Ever since I avoid trying on bare skin and I wash the clothes before I wear them once I buy them. But yes, you could catch it ... It's just not so likely to happen!

Where Was Flesh eating Disease first found? by Alex J Q: So i need to know where it originated from, or who discovered it. Its scientific name is Necrotizing Fasciitis.

A: Earliest case dates back to Hippocrates 5th c. BC. In the U.S. tt was first described in 1871 by Joseph Jones, a Civil War surgeon and the term "necrotizing fasciitis" was coined by Wilson.

my brother bit me and my skin ripped a bit not tht much blood will i get a flesh eating disease? by Q: i heard that if u get bitten you can get a flesh eating disease

A: It's most common as a sports injury where a minor wound is exposed to dirt. This is because younger brothers seldom hold flesh-eating bacteria in their mouths. The human mouth does often hold a variety of other bacteria you don't want in an open wound so do the following: Put some disinfectant on it, band-aid it, and tell your parents your brother is evil.

What causes the flesh eating disease? by Joey S Q: i saw this doc of discovery and it said that the bacteria that causes this disease is very common and lives on our skin but what they failed to elaborate is why does it affect so few people?

A: Article is here: http://health.yahoo.com/skinconditions-symptoms/necrotizing-fasciitis-flesh-eating-bacteria-symptoms/healthwise--hw140429.html

I heard something about a recent case of flesh eating disease? by XTAL Q: I heard something about a case of flesh eating disease that the man claimed recieving at Camp Riverview in South Texas. I doubt Camp Riverview is to blame or it would have been quarentined or made natonal news, but I'd still like to know a little bit more about this. Did anybody else hear about this too?

A: I haven't heard about this recent case but here is some information that might be helpful. Most people will not get necrotizing fasciitis. You generally do not have to worry about getting the disease, because the bacteria that cause the disease usually do not cause infection unless they enter the body through a cut or other break in the skin. In very rare cases, the bacteria can be spread from one person to another through close contact such as kissing. People who live or sleep in the same household as an infected person or who have direct contact with the mouth, nose, or pus from a wound of someone with necrotizing fasciitis have a greater risk of becoming infected. If you have been in close personal contact with someone who develops necrotizing fasciitis, there is a small chance that your doctor may recommend that you take an antibiotic medicine to help reduce your chances of getting an infection.3 If you do develop any symptoms of an infection after being in close contact with someone who has necrotizing fasciitis, see your doctor right away. To help prevent any kind of infection, wash your hands often, and always keep cuts, scrapes, burns, sores, and bites clean. http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/Necrotizing-Fasciitis-Flesh-Eating-Bacteria-Topic-Overview

What gender and age are the most common for people to receive the flesh eating disease? by Q:

A: Flesh-eating disease (necrotizing fasciitis and/or necrotizing myositis) is an aggregate term for localized bacterial infections which are extremely virulent and spread rapidly. It can be caused by a particularly strong variety of Streptococcus pyogenes group A, Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium perfringens, and a number of other species of bacteria, either alone or mixed. My point in saying this is that we are not really talking about a specific disease, rather a cluster of symptoms. This renders statistical statements much less clear than might be the case with a simple disease of a single origin. Also, it is relatively rare and statistics have not been accumulated for a very long time. That being said, the CDC states a number of risk factors: In essence, the risk factors are much the same as those for a poor outcome from the seasonal flu. Anyone with a normal immune system would likely control the infection without any need for medical intervention or any disfiguring destruction of tissues or death. The high-risk groups are the elderly, pregnant women, anyone who is on immune system suppressants after a transplant operation, persons undergoing cancer therapies, persons who are suffering from a viral infection such as flu, herpes, HIV, etc. Of those, only the elderly and the pregnant women fit into the demographic criterion of your question. Since the risk factors are far wider than gender and age, I would have to say that it is not really appropriate to single out such groupings based on the statistics at hand. Rather, it is an issue of the state of the body and immune system, and the happenstance involved in suffering a cut in the presence of particularly nasty bacteria.

What are the traits of the problematic prokaryote of flesh eating disease? by *Kiria* Q:

A: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flesh_eating_bacteria All the info you could want!

Where and when did flesh-eating disease start? by bill w Q:

A: Ther has been reports of this disease thousands of years ago. It has just been given a new name lately. It is a massive infection that breaks the tissue down.

How can you get flesh eating disease? or Streptococcus Pyogenes? by shaartay Q: i have a project for biology & i have to do it on flesh eating bacteria. i want to know how you can get it

A: Necrotizing Fasciitis (Flesh-Eating Bacteria)Streptococcus Pyogenes What is necrotizing fasciitis? Necrotizing fasciitis is an infection caused by bacteria. It can destroy skin, fat, and the tissue covering the muscles. The disease sometimes is called "flesh-eating" bacteria. When it occurs on the genitals, it is called Fournier gangrene. Necrotizing fasciitis is very rare but serious. About 3 out of 10 people who get this infection die from it.1 Many people who get necrotizing fasciitis are in good health before they get the infection. What causes necrotizing fasciitis? Necrotizing fasciitis is caused by several kinds of bacteria. Some of these bacteria also cause infections such as strep throat and impetigo. Usually the infections caused by these bacteria are mild. But in rare cases they can cause a more dangerous infection. You can get necrotizing fasciitis in: * Wounds that come in contact with ocean water, raw saltwater fish, or raw oysters. You also can get it though injuries from handling sea animals such as crabs. * Intestinal surgery, or tumors or gunshot injuries in the intestines. * A muscle strain or bruise, even if there is no break in the skin. Bacteria that cause necrotizing fasciitis can be passed from person to person through close contact, such as kissing, or by touching the wound of the infected person. But a person who gets infected by the bacteria is unlikely to get necrotizing fasciitis unless he or she has an open wound, chickenpox, or an impaired immune system. What are the symptoms? The symptoms often start suddenly. You may have: * Pain from an injury that gets better over 24 to 36 hours and then suddenly gets worse. The pain may be much worse than you would expect from the size of the wound or injury. * Skin that is red, swollen, and hot to the touch. * A fever and chills. * Nausea and vomiting. * Diarrhea. The infection may spread rapidly. It quickly can become life-threatening. You may go into shock and have tissue damage. Necrotizing fasciitis can lead to organ failure and death. To help prevent any kind of infection, wash your hands often, and always keep cuts, scrapes, burns, sores, and bites clean. http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/Streptococcus+Pyogenes

Can someone explain that flesh eating disease? by Derek S Q: like what is it,how do you get it and can you get it from chewing a pencil eraser(i found the pencil somewhere).yes i know that's disgusting.

A: If you're talking about Necrotizing fasciitis, then no, you cannot get it from chewing on a pencil eraser. It is very rare and occurs deep into the layers of the skin. Usually some sort of physical trauma has occurred at the site of the infection to let the bacteria into the skin.

Is the infection MERCER the same infection as the one called THE FLESH EATING DISEASE or is it another one? by Tammy F Q: I know Mercer eats flesh too. But my mom went to hospital one day witha little bump on her leg that she had said felt wierd .In six hours her leg had a large hole that was increasing in size. Fifteen minutes after she arrived at hospital she suffered a heart attack and died the next morning.

I have a non-lethal flesh eating disease that is slowly eating away at my p***s. Should i kill myself? by Q: Seriously it burn and i can barely get an erection i need advice.

A: solution: cut off p***s, buy vagina and buy hannah montana wig. DON'T KILL YOURSELF ): <

How is the strep throat bacteria linked with a flesh eating disease bacteria? by blizzardz Q: How are they linked or in what ways are they connected?

A: Strep throat is caused by Group A Strep which can also cause necrotizing fasciitis

What is the flesh eating disease called that's in the movie Cabin Fever? by ScarletxDawn Q: I'm just curious what the name of the infection is called. Thank you.

A: The movie does not give a name for it, but in the sequel (Cabin Fever II) it is identified as a form of Necrotizing Fasciitis.

My son has potential flesh eating disease? by arwww x p Q: He has strep throat and now one spot on his gum is bruised. I've read about flesh-eating bug, where the man who died began with strep throat. I've read a lot of things and now my mind is going crazy. Could the antibotiotcs cause the bruised gum? What should I do?

A: Hi Arwwwxp. Ok...so I will assume that a medical professional dx your son as having strep and Rx penicillin pill or shot. It is possible that what might look like strep in the throat can actually be a virus. Ok, first let's assume that it was strep and your boy got the Rx and is taking it correctly. If the infection is strep then within one (1) day he should feel remarkably better. If in fact the red and painful tonsil is still really sore and looks terrible it would be amazingly rare for him to have a resistive strep. Infective mono virus is very common in kids. There is nothing to do in the case of a virus. It will take its course over several weeks. Nobody dies from it. Almost everyone takes their turn with the virus in childhood. Each of our immune systems deal with virus and bacteria differently. Pain is an issue in this case. Acetaminopen (tylenol) is a good choice for that in the appropriate dose. A purple gum is likely an interstitial capillary bleeding and has nothing to do with the KILLER BUG!. Penicillin is not associated with bruising of the skin. Some people's immune systems can react to the pcn family and cause a rash. However, viruses can cause an immune system rash too. I was told as a young boy that I was allergic to pcn because I had a sore throat and the doctor gave me a pcn shot. At 45YO I found out that I wasn't allergic to pcn. Be a caring smart mom and have a safe journey!

If you had a contagious flesh eating disease what would you do? by Vivianna Q: Would you socially and physically isolate yourself or would you try to spend as much time as you could with the people you cared about the most, because you did not know how much time you had left with them even if it ment exposeing them to the disease? What about if you unknowingly spread the disease just by being up and doing everyday things. What would you do?

A: I would explain the disease to people and let then choose if they would like to be in contact with me. It is unfortunate for people to have such diseases. I am so sorry for being so blunt. My sister in law and I were planning a baby shower for my sister so I went to help plan the shower to her house. My niece came out after about an hour and she was covered in small red spots all over her body. I asked what she had and my sister in law said I don't know maybe measles or something. I was in shock. And I went immediately home. Why: because I was pregnant for the 3rd time in my life. I miscarried my first two children and she knew this. It just was not a big deal to her but I was floored that she would even consider having a pregnant lady there when her daughter was so ill. May I ask what would you have done in this case? I lost that baby also. but it was not due to being exposed to the measles we learned much later I had a birth defect and it needed to be corrected for me to carry a child to term. Bless you and understand you must not spread disease. You may ask people to investigate and see if it is possible for them to gown up to be safe while visiting. bless your heart and best wishes.

Can you get a flesh eating disease from a small cut? by Q: I have a small cut under my toenail and waswondering it. The blood is a little bit purple. It has been there for a couple days. Could i get a disease?

do i have a flesh eating disease? by Q: what are the symptoms of a flesh eating disease? and what should you do if you have this certain disease?

What does the Flesh Eating disease look like in the beginning stages? by Pee Body Q: I'm hearing a lot about The Flesh Easting Disease. I was curious, what does it look like in the beginning stages. What cause people to contract it. Do you ALWAYS die from it? Why is it so much more common now?

A: The "Flesh Eating Disease" is known as necrotizing fasciitis. It is more common now a days because it involves an infection of the fascia. With surgeries being more commonplace, it provides a good way for the bacteria to get inside the person.

Do you think I might have flesh eating disease ? by milena v Q: I had shaved in the morning about two day ago and after a couple of hours I notices bumps all over my legs and one leg had two red stripes on it and after I felt a mild pain in my knee cap I'm not sure if I twisted it or not . I also felt pretty sick the last couple of days . Like really sore throat & headaches . And like Said it happened about 50 hours ago so I'm not sure if I have flesh eating disease or not ?

A: if you didn't cut yourself then you don't you probably hurt your knee somehow and the bumps and red stripes are probably just razor burn but if you really feel sick go see a doctor and make sure you can never be too sure

What does our body do against Necrotizing fasciitis ( flesh eating disease )? by stealth5022 Q: I'm in need of a biology expert here. I realize that flesh eating disease is very serious and in most cases requires medical attention. But im also writting a paper, and I need to know what specfifcally if anything our bodies innate and humoral immune responses do against the disease, and if our body can in fact prevent or fight of the disease on it's own.

A: Our bodies will act to it as though it is a bacterial infection like any other infection. Our bodies can't do much against such a deep infection. -Andrew

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