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Flag day

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GridironBeautie RT @AmberBarrick: Definitely time for bed. It's been a long day/night and I need to be up by 9am to get to a fans flag football game #sweetdreams everyone! :)

tcake31 @taylorla57 too much information.... I'm just about to leave for a day at the flag!....enjoy your lazy Sunday' x

evan_ckp Not just on sunday... I love you every day... (@ PT. Frisian Flag Indonesia) http://t.co/J3vCnuZ6

youngboogs [email protected]: He love Jamaica all of a sudden. I know what flag he rocking next labor day RT @SassyShanzz: @HooD24seven LOL! Nada,>GUYANA

HooD24seven He love Jamaica all of a sudden. I know what flag he rocking next labor day RT @SassyShanzz: @HooD24seven LOL! Nada, why?

jesseadamsstein RT @austingmackell: #YouKnowYoureAustralianWhen your national day marks an english flag being planted on aboriginal land

AmberBarrick Definitely time for bed. It's been a long day/night and I need to be up by 9am to get to a fans flag football game #sweetdreams everyone! :)

Camz99 Today is: Death of King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden official flag day - Sweden.

Arlen_Pringle Austin and Schuyler's b-day black flag cake http://t.co/R1zOU11N

AmandaVMoore 'cause I live and breath that Philadelphia freedom! From the day that I was born to wave a flag!

austingmackell #YouKnowYoureAustralianWhen your national day marks an english flag being planted on aboriginal land

panda_esther Walked from city hall mrt to Clarke Quay mrt for yesterday's flag day!

srubino31 @CRotondi thats a red flag if you ask me...you come across enough eh's in day to day life..shouldnt happen with celebrities

geeeguy RT @DailyHadith: "There will be a flag for every untrustworthy person on the Day of Judgment by which he will be recognized." (Muslim)

TunechiBytch so I'm waiting for the day when all u mofos to eff up or show a red flag so I can cut you off, but at the same time I hope someone won't..


What does the modern day confederate flag stand for? by Chris Lastra Q: Without getting everyone's panties in a wad, I was curious about what the confederate flag means to this day and age. Do not think this is an attack on either flag. Both have history to be respected. I've just seen a handful of confederate flags flying here in the south and I had no idea what that meant to me and the modern day and age.

A: The Confederate Veteran. Its what they fought under. Some of which owned no slaves. Where not racist and black, hispanic, oriental, jewish and both men and women fought under this flag.

What is Flag Day and how should that day be celebrated? by Ed Q: I belong to a Patriotic group in my home time. How could I celebrate that day?

A: Flag Day is another expression of nationalism, the religion of worshiping the state, mindlessly, for its authority, and it has no place in the United States of America, a country founded on thumbing its nose at authority. Patriotism is a lie; one's country can't be "better" than another country, and certainly not in a melting pot where everyone is an individual who's rights trump those of the state. The very opposite of Flag Day and a real holiday for Americans, is the Fourth of July, where we celebrate individualism and egalitarianism, what this country was founded upon and once stood for, though no one seems to realize what they're doing.

Ways to force people to donate money for Flag Day? by duerre Q: I am being made to join in a Flag Day project, and I want to know ways to make people donate so that my tin would be full :D I did hear of a way: Volunteer: "Please donate" Public: "I don't have coins." Volunteer: "I welcome notes too" Something like that, anyone knows more ways?

A: A) Put your own money in. B) You have to promote the cause. Be prepared to say what is the purpose of the fundraising. (fight against hunger) how the money will be used; (buying food for Haiti) who will be in distributing it; (Red Cross) what percentage of the cash is used for the fund raising expenses; BTW: I suspect that you don't mean "force" but "encourage".

I know someone who gets June 14th off because it is considered a holiday known as Flag day? by Tracey H Q: So what is Flag day? The only person 1 person who actually celebrates it, is it a commercial holiday, or is it just another patriotic holiday the Independence Day or Labor Day?

A: Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States so it's a patriotic holiday. It's not on the list of holidays recognized by the U.S. government though.

Does anyone know the dates to Flag Day in southern Florida? by Ohay Q: Not the "American" Flag Day. Usually, kids in school or whatever wore their countries flags about once a month, but I do not remember what were the dates. Please help me! I moved to a new state and I want to keep up the tradition!

A: Insufficient data

Are you going to celebrate Flag Day and how? by Mr. Beef Stroganoff Q: Please choose how you are going to celebrate Flag Day A.I will proudly fly our flag on my front yard. B.I will do so by remembering people how died carrying our flag to the battle. C.I am not celebrating Flag Day, it is a stupid holiday. D.I will do nothing at all. E.I will burn our flag. F.I will go to the antiwar demonstration and will carry our flag. G.Other?

A: The same thing I do everyday, patriotism isn't just a bumper sticker. Both A and B.

I need some Flag Day game ideas for preschoolers. Do you know of any simple games we could play with flags? by MiMi Q: My husband and I teach a Sunday School class for 3-4 year olds. Since this coming Sunday is Flag Day I am going to have the kids color pictures of flags and design their own flags with construction paper and stickers. We will have a "parade" in the church parking lot with our designed flags and talk about how God designed us much like we designed our flags. I am searching for a simple game that we can play inside with the kids. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

A: Ask the child his/her favorite color, accordingly select the country flag which has that particular color dominantly. in this way the child can remember the color and the related details easily. one more option is tell the details in a song, kids catch up the music very fast. try out, make funny sounds with the info's so the kids can remember.

When is the oldest origin of flag day for any country? by gimmieemail2000 Q: For example, the US flag day origins go back to the 1800s, but I am wondering if any country, in say Europe, has flag day origins even earlier than that. Thanks!!

A: The national Día de la Bandera (Flag Day) celebration occurs on February 24. On this day in 1821, all the factions fighting in the War of Independence joined together to form the Army of the Three Guarantees in response to the Plan de Iguala, which was signed by Vicente Guerrero and Agustín de Iturbide, declaring Mexico officially an independent country. General Vicente Guerrero was the first military official who swore allegiance to the national flag. Another flag tradition is that before every Olympics in which Mexico is a participant, the President hands a flag over to the flag bearer, chosen by their peers, to carry with them to the host city. This is the only other Flag Day I found.

What did McCain or Obama do on Flag Day? by James M Q: Most of us Vets we drove out and stood up hundreds of flags and let them fly a few hours, then retrieved them. Its our way of honoring the flag. But I dont see either Candidate doing much on Flag Day! Am I right or did I just miss them in the news reports.

A: Ill bet Obama avoided the flag like the plague. While John McCain was proudly saluting his.

I am looking for good US flags to celebrate the coming Flag Day next month,any suggestion? by freealways Q: June 14th,the Flag Day is coming, my community is going to hold a grand celebration,and we need a bulk of national flags, it should be with high quality, durable and suitable or any weather.

A: go to freecycle.org you can get a free one there maybe or craiglist.org Beth :) :)

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