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Fiscal cliff deal

Taxpayers dodged a big fiscal cliff bullet
The last-minute 'fiscal cliff' deal to reverse Congress' ruinous, self-inflicted package of federal tax increases and spending cuts will raise the average American household's tax bill by about $25 a week. But those increases are relatively modest ...

Fiscal cliff deal won't help labor market, economists say
Lawmakers may have avoided another recession by coming to a last-minute deal on the so-called fiscal cliff, but they did little to boost the lackluster labor market, indicating job seekers may have a tough time finding work in the first half of 2013 ...

Fiscal Cliff Deal To Significantly Damage US Economy
The deal struck between the White House and Republicans to avoid the so-called "fiscal cliff" of tax increases and spending cuts is still going to hurt economic growth, economists said on Wednesday. The only question is how much. The fiscal cliff deal ...

Fiscal cliff deal a 'debacle' for the GOP, sets up 'giant fight' in months
Todd called the deal to avoid the fiscal cliff a “debacle” for the Republican Party. “yesterday we almost had the Republican leadership in the House almost completely undermine the Republican leadership in the Senate. It looked like they threatened to ...

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Why does the Tea Party refuse to cooperate with John Boehner to reach a deal? by Elliot Q: It seems to me that if we go over the fiscal cliff, there will be nobody else to blame but the radical right-wing faction of the GOP which has held hostage any reasonable plan for compromise between Republicans and Democrats. Is it their agenda to take the country over the cliff and plunge our economy into an enormous recession?

Do you agree with my predictions regarding Obama and Fiscal Cliff and Sequestor? by Smart Guy Q: 1. Obama will pretend to participate in "serious" negotiations with the Republicans in the House of Representatives to resolve the Sequestor, the Fiscal Cliff, and Debt Ceilng crisis. 2. As a potential agreement emerges, Obama will quietly and behind closed doors intentionally increase his demands at the last minute in much the same way Bob Woodward had described in his recent book** about previous debt ceiling negotiations from a year ago. Obama will definitively ask for whatever it takes to destroy any possibility of an actual deal. 3. No deal will be reached. All defense cuts and job loss from the sequestor will happen. All tax increases in the Fiscal Cliff will take effect. And a debt ceiling increase will occur simultaneous to a formal reduction of USA's credit rating. 4. NBC's Brian Williams, Matt Lauer, CNN's Soledad O'Brien, ABC's George Stephanopolous will report that Obama did nothing wrong and that Tea Party zealots are imperiling the future of USA out of pure personal hatred and racism against this President. Republicans will be interviewed and asked why they want to ruin USA just to hurt Obama. Obama will be asked how he can maneuver USA passed the Tea Party threat to our children's future. 5. Attempts at grass roots levels to express sympathy and substantive arguments on behalf of these Republicans will be quietly disparaged and delegitimized by their neighbors as nothing more than racism and hatred. 6. Obama will use windfall of revenue to offer more goodies to voters and wage a federally-funded program of spending to win mass adoration from voters while doing nothing to meaningfully restore the fiscal solvency of USA. 7. Obama will use political capital to pass landmark campaign finance reform eliminating 1st Amendment issues involved in Citizens United decision. Ultimately it will limit all election-affecting speech to 6 news/editorial entities, 5 which support a pro-Democrat party message and 1 that supports the opposition. Neighbors will quickly disparage, demean, and belittle anyone who watches this 6th entity, much less sympathizes with its message or accept their reported coverage of scandals of Obama administration as if its legitimate. 8. On Comedy Channel, Jon Stewart will occasionally quibble about these 5 pro-Democrat networks, but regularly launch satirical tirades on the 6th one and eventually question whether or not we even need any opposition media in the era of Obama, a President supported by majorities all around the world. 9. As more and more economic misery unfolds due to continued horrible economic policies that discourage productivity and encourage dependency, Obama uses media machine to blame all problems on Republicans for slowing down his attempts at rampant spending. I'm not sure exactly of the details of how it devolves after this, but USA begins to quickly follow the steady death spiral we already see in Europe. Any chance of USA to recover its promise of freedom and opportunity will be lost forever as we will be permanently trapped on a path to bankruptcy. George Soros, the biggest donor to Obama's campaign and most frequent visitor to the White House will double his net worth once more, just as he did in Obama's first term. **Excerpt from Bob Woodward's "The Price of Politics" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Obama succeeded in getting Boehner to tentatively agree to as much as $800 billion in new revenue, a major concession, only to surprise the speaker with a request for an additional $400 billion as their negotiations neared the final stages. Unable to muster support among his lieutenants for such a proposal, Boehner ducked the president's phone calls before pulling out of the talks for good. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^ | | BTW: This is why our credit rating dropped a year ago. Twice actually. Once a year ago and once just before the election. The media never even bothered to mention this 2nd drop since it would've hurt Obama.

A: It should be simpler. "Mr. President, put the spending cuts on the table, or don't bother calling me, you moron" - Boehner

When will Boehner start crying over the stress? by Trumpet Warrior Q: Public is already blaming him and if his right wing sees him compromise they will throw him out as speaker. So when will he start crying?? National polls show that Republicans would take the brunt of the blame for a dive over the so-called fiscal cliff. A Washington Post/Pew Research Survey released this week found that a majority of the public (53 percent) would point the finger at Republicans if Congress fails to reach a deal on taxes and government spending. Just 27 percent would blame President Obama.

A: It is their fault anyways. I can't for 2014 to get them the fuck out of the senate Edit: Corrine darling, I'm only speaking to the [email protected] idiots who think they're the GOP of Lincoln...does the shoe fit? LOL

How can the US aviod the fiscal cliff? by Man9101 Q: Can someone give me reasons on how the US can avoid the fiscal cliff?

A: First of all, it is a "fiscal cliff" only to those who have been cheating the system. We need to return to tax rates like we had under Eisenhower. http://www.nationofchange.org/5-things-boehner-doesn-t-want-you-know-about-his-fiscal-cliff-deal-1355415434

Apparently expectations from Obama will "pale" re: the cliff. How can they get any lower when you? by koalatcomics Q: consider solyndra fast and furious 1000 plus days with no federal budget sestak and romanoff 57 states navy corpsmen nomination of known tax cheats (daschle and geithner) nominations of sotomayor (my background is superior to a white mans) and kagan (isnt it wonderful theyre voting for it) shredding the war powers act with intrusions into lybia and egypt 5 trillion in mindless liberal debt the stimulus that didnt stimulate shovel ready jobs cash for clunkers 55 days to respond to the bp oil spill and now the fiscal cliff "negotiations" and so on and so on and so on.... http://news.yahoo.com/fiscal-cliff-deal-pale-against-expectations-092812135--politics.html

A: If it isn't stopped soon it will be unstoppable.

Anyone else hoping we go off the fiscal cliff? by J Fly LovinDaCrew Q: I have had enough with this useless, gridlocked Congress. We need to CLEAN the house. It's unfortunate that we re-elected the SAME president, the SAME House, and the SAME Senate. This is madness! What we need is for the people of the USA to realize that our government his horribly inefficient right now. If Congress reaches a deal, then public opinion won't worsen. If Congress does not reach a deal, then people will get mad. That's what we need. The people need to realize that our government sucks. That is why I hope we go off the fiscal cliff. Anyone agree?

What has Obama actually given up in the Senate fiscal cliff deal? by Liberals are haters Q: It seems like Republicans did all the giving in, and Obama got most of what he wanted out of the Senate version. What did Obama actually give up to make the deal?

What's your response to the Republican reversal on the "Fiscal Cliff"? by The Contentious Otter Q: Back during the budget debate Republicans were claiming that the cuts offered by sequestration weren't deep enough and many voted against the debt-ceiling deal for that reason. What's your response to people who were claiming not too long ago that a complete shut-down in government borrowing and immediate cuts of federal spending -by half- would help the economy who are now trying to claim that the fiscal cliff is an insurmountable economic obstacle? By the way - I'm all for going over the fiscal cliff - I'm a financial author and energy market analyst on the side and caving in to Republican demands for a renewal of the Bush tax cuts right now would result in an energy price spike of ridiculous proportions. Going over the fiscal cliff will reduce energy prices and that reduction will put more money into the pockets of working class Americans -by far- than an extension of the Bush tax cuts will.

A: I say go over the cliff!!

What do you predict will be the outcome of the fiscal cliff debate? Deal or no deal? by MatthewDReturns Q: And if deal, what kind of deal? I'm starting to think a deal wont' be reached. Let's hear what you think, people of politics!

A: obama doesn't want a deal. boehner offered the same tax increases that Nancy Pelosi suggested, not good enough for obama. he wants to go over the cliff.

Did President Obama Clearly Reveal the TRUE issue with Fiscal Cliff? by Trumpet Warrior Q: "They [Pubbies - TW] say that their biggest priority is making sure that we deal with the deficit in a serious way, but the way they're behaving is that their only priority is making sure that tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans are protected. That seems to be their only overriding, unifying theme." -- President Obama, on Meet the Press, blaming Republicans for failing to reach a deal to avert the fiscal cliff.

A: It's the truth but not the whole truth. One major objective of the Republicans is the concentration of wealth, which means (partly) shifting the burden of taxation off the rich and onto the middle class. But another major objective is to destroy Obama, to take back the White House. And consequently they can't be seen as cooperating with Obama. They've gotten to the point where -any- bipartisan cooperation, any deal, any agreement will look to their voters as total capitulation. When Obama was first inaugurated the Republican leaders of both houses of Congress--John Boehner in the House and Mitch McConnell in the Senate--both said right out loud that the party's first objective was to limit Obama to a single term. In other words, getting back into power was more important to them than the job they were elected to do, running the country. But Obama can't say this, because it sounds like he's whining that everything is THEIR fault. So he says the other thing, which is also true, that the Republicans only want to use the tax code to concentrate wealth, just as every Republican president since Reagan has done. He could also point out that every Republican president in 30 years has run as a strict budget hawk, but once in office decided that debt simply didn't matter. That they only care about debt when they're OUT of power.

How come what a republican thinks is a deal with the fiscal cliff means that they have to get? by Ta Q: everything their way? It's either their way or they risk us going over the fiscal cliff.

Is there a deal to be made that both Democrats and Republicans think is better than the fiscal cliff? by Joe Finkle Q: Deals are made when there is a range of options the both parties agree is better than walking away from the table. The fiscal cliff is bad, but there are a lot of possibilities that I consider significantly worse. I imagine that Republicans probably feel the same. If the point where Democrats walk from the table and accept the cliff is to the left of where the Republicans walk and accept the cliff, we're going over the cliff. If the Democrats limit is to the right of the Republicans limit, then we SHOULD get a deal. So can anyone think of a deal that Republicans and Democrats would agree on or are we going over the cliff? @Steve O, that's why I think the Democrats should not accept anything too extreme. The results if we go over the cliff are not THAT bad for Democrats. It's not ideal, but not terrible. The spending cuts can be implemented slowly enough to minimize their negative impact. If you don't want to raise taxes on everyone (I do, but Obama and most Democrats don't), then there will be a good chance to solve that later. So I don't think the Republicans can come up with an offer better than that. I'm wondering if someone here who knows Republicans better than I do can come up with something Democrats would prefer over the Fiscal Cliff that Republicans will also accept. I'm dubious.

A: There will be no deal.Folks at Washington proved us 2 years ago that they can't work together. They will let the taxes go up for EVERYONE then after a week both parties will RUSH to introduce a bill that will lower taxes on poor or middle class.That bill will pass of course. What's the end result ? Rich will pay more and poor/middle will pay less. Who wins ? I report, you decide...

Why would Democrats pass a Tea Party fiscal cliff deal if they have the presidency and the Senate? by Elliot Q: I think it's ridiculous to assume that President Obama and Senate Democrats are going to compromise with the Tea Party Republicans in the House simply because they'll stonewall every proposal Boehner puts out. If Boehner gets desperate enough, he'll work with the Democrats to reach a deal. Do they really not understand that?

A: Because democrats are restarted communists, I for one am fascist, and believe if you are to control a country you need a fascist gov. And u should keep prisoners alive they all deserve to be shot dead, they take up space and money to feed and clothes those monsters.

Why is it since Obama became president everything is dealt with in crisis mode? by BekindtoAnimals22 Q: Biden will handle the gun policy so it won't involve studies. No studies? Just do SOMETHING! Don't go at it with any information, just DO IT. Fiscal cliff: Had months before getting to this point. Oh no time to deal with it. Lets just keep the public on the edge of their seats throughout Christmas time. Lets just keep pointing fingers at each other. No time for studies. JUST DO IT! How many other things have been done this way?

A: For leaders without leadership skills, everything is dealt with in a crisis mode.

What is there to negotiote about the fiscal cliff decision to be made?The Bush tax cuts will auto expire,right? by jesswzmn Q: either they expire for everyone and go back to what they used to be not so long ago....or they expire for 98% of the population and just not for the super rich. I do not understand why there is so much angst. Now the president says he wants to raise more revenue to help reverse our borrow and spend mentality ..which is logical in my opionion, especially since the additional revenues would not really be some new event but rather simply going back to the things used to be. Now what is mind boggling is why there should ever be a scenario where we go over this so called fiscal cliff and have everyones' taxes go up, all at once and so suddenly. Some say that this will be an economic shock and slow down economic activity severly and hurt the country and the people....so I think its not logical that any of our politicians would be willing to unleash massive suffering on the american people just to protect the rich from something that is supposed to happen anyway. hey, but I am not a politician and do not see things in their corrupt ways and with an eye of taking care of those with money to back my campaigns...but I can see how hey ...if my reward was a million dollars for my campaign....how someone could say..hey the heck with the people.....I am taking care of me me me first and have cash will travel.....

A: The problem lies in that the tax cheats have hurt the country badly, just returning to more normal tax rates can't fix it now. We need to return to tax rates like we had during the Eisenhower Administration. http://www.nationofchange.org/5-things-boehner-doesn-t-want-you-know-about-his-fiscal-cliff-deal-1355415434

How does the fiscal cliff get created? by Kenny Q: How does the fiscal cliff get created and who and what created it?

A: It goes back a year or so to the argument between congressional Republicans and president Obama over raising the debt limit. The Republicans decided to refuse to raise the debt limit, as a political strategy to 'embarrass' Obama, to make him look like a big spender. The argument was resolved (for the time) by an agreement to raise the debt limit for now, but to agree on a balanced budget, or one closer to being balanced, after the 2012 election. Which is now. The agreement both parties agreed to was that they would agree later to cut deficits by some pre-agreed amount or else there would be tax increases for all and cuts to every program. Now that the election is over and Obama won handily, the balance of power has changed. Most Democrats now think Obama should just stand his ground. If the Republicans continue to refuse to deal in good faith, they will take another huge hit in 2014.

Why Does a Prominent Republican understand Obama will win on taxes but rest of GOP does not? by S Q: WASHINGTON -- If a fiscal cliff deal isn't struck by the end of the year, President Barack Obama will be in such a strong bargaining position that Republicans will be forced to accept the expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts for income above $250,000, Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.), an arch conservative, predicted Thursday. In fact, the prospect of broader tax hikes motivated Rep. Jeff Flake, soon to be the junior Republican senator from Arizona, to say that he'd accept the $250,000 limit today. "That's an easy one for me, because you're lowering taxes that would otherwise be going up," Flake told reporters of the hypothetical $250,000 limit preferred by Democrats. Burton told reporters that he'd be voting for House Speaker John Boehner's "Plan B," which would end the tax cuts only for income over a million dollars, because the alternative would be much worse for Republicans. "Let's say that we don't do anything," said Burton, gaming it out in conversation with reporters off the House floor. "He lets us go over the fiscal cliff. They're going to blame Republicans. And then the president's going to be the savior." Obama, reasoned Burton, will be able to use the bully pulpit, including his State of the Union address, to force Republicans into accepting a deal that's worse than they could get now. "If we go over the fiscal cliff, the president just comes back and says, 'OK, we're going to give tax cuts to everybody under $250,000.' Who's going to vote against that? Everybody'll vote for that. Everybody. Because it will be just a fait accompli. You won't be voting on whether you're going to do away with a tax cut, you're going to be reimposing tax cuts for everybody under $250,000. So the Republicans are in an untenable situation." If the economy takes a hit before the State of the Union, he added, Obama could hammer them in that speech. "The president just says, 'Well, those guys, those Republicans are just killing everything. They're gonna make taxes go up on 98 percent of people,' and then he comes back in three or four weeks when he gives his State of the Union message and says, 'I'm going to reimpose those tax cuts,' and then if the economy goes to hell, everyone's going to say, 'It's those Republicans.'"

A: Not all of them are immature and incompetent.

If we get an actual fiscal cliff deal will it be like the previous ones were the deal has to be redone in? by Bad Things Happen Q: 2 years to avoid another fiscal cliff or will Congress finally address the real issues like entitlement reform or a balanced budget?

A: Of course it will be a patch job. Everyone will hope there is another change in Congress in two years, so they do not have to negotiate and DO THEIR JOB, so they can have a party imbalance that lets them have their way. They are professional criminals, and more than half of them would be fired if they did this job, this poorly, in a REAL job.

Is a fiscal cliff deal worth $4 Trillion, what the CBO says it would add to the debt? by pdooma Q: http://money.cnn.com/2013/01/01/news/economy/fiscal-cliff-deal-cbo/index.html?hpt=hp_t1 "As a result, the CBO estimates that the bill would reduce revenues over 10 years by $3.64 trillion and increase spending by $332 billion." Hey, the liberals always cite the CBO, so I'm using it to support my argument. It's either accurate or not. You pick.

Would it be prudent for Republican leadership to call a press conference to discuss the fiscal cliff? by Bad Things Happen Q: and state that 2 years ago they caved in to Democrats to put in place the current deal. If the Democrats think that this plan, that they pushed, is such a bad deal then they need to come to the table with a real solution to the Entitlement Programs and a real budget that can be passed. Until then the fiscal cliff will be the solution that the American People will get via the Democrat party. Will this work?

A: They could issue a short statement that the Fiscal Cliff has been caused by Obama's disappointment at his shellacking in 2010, the House being retaken by Republicans and, the lack of the spirit of bipartisanship from Democrats since Obama won in 2008. Other than that, no further explanation is necessary. Obama wants to win all the marbles or we all take a dive. The British judge will probably offer a 5.3 score for commitment.

Why not accept the fiscal cliff and just let it happen? by cargo pilot III Flyin' Mayan Q: What's the big deal of just going over the so-called fiscal cliff? Seems to me, we went over the ledge a long time ago and any threats of what will happen if we don't jack up everybody's taxes immediately, there will be blood in the streets. Why not just let the so-called fiscal cliff just happen?

A: Let it happen. Responsible employers will take care of the workers who take a hit. The spending cuts will help stop the waste and get lazy people motivated to work when their free money gets cut. Any bill that passes would have tricky things in it that will absolutely take more from us than we'll ever realize in a "tax breaks" . I travel to Europe once in a while. The next American generation won't even know what freedom is. You all have no idea the path we are on. Boehner must use the authority the house has. The founding fathers set it up like that for a good reason. We have four entities that believe they know what is best for us. "Religion", government, business and ourselves. Let us live our lives without organized religion, government and tricky businesses that insist on doing what they think is best TO us!!

What is going on with Fiscal Cliff this week? by Hope F Q: So, Theres so much to take in on this "Fiscal Cliff" and going to site to site and reading all these different things is very confusing. So What might get cut? And what do you think will happend? I red that social security is off the table now and that medicaid and medicare is on the table true?

A: The boner congress has done nothing. http://www.nationofchange.org/5-things-boehner-doesn-t-want-you-know-about-his-fiscal-cliff-deal-1355415434

Did you believe that Obama wants a balanced budget? by yes we can Q: Until you learned they were pushing for additional spending to occur with the additional tax revenue they were proposing in the fiscal cliff deal.

Is it proof that Tea Party GOP Reps really are extremist when they turn on their Senate GOP colleagues? by Lindsay Lohan's Future Husband Q: The Senate Democrats and Republicans made a super-rare fiscal cliff compromise deal. Now, the House GOP is about to stab their Senate brethren in the back by voting against it. Is this not a stunning development? They are so far far far FAR to the right-wing that they'd even throw their Senate compatriots under the bus for ideology's sake.

A: it is the nature of the beast Fox Propaganda and others in teh GOP establishment have been throwing fellow Republicans under the bus for every conceivable offense they are tearing the heart out of the Republican Party and hopefully the purges will eventually tear the GOP apart effectively kkilling it

DO YOU THINK A FISCAL CLIFF DEAL WILL BE REACHED OR WHAT THE CONSEQUENCES BE? by Latina Q: a fiscal cliff deal looks very unlikely. next year 600 billion in tax increases and spending cuts. can the economy cope and do you think a deal will be reached

Why do they need a fiscal cliff deal when the plans will only save 50 billion over 10 years? by TOOTAl2 Q: obama or baners plan only save 50 billon over 10 years. So why do we even need fiscal cliff bill?

A: dont try this at home http://www.spiegel.de/international/zeitgeist/members-only-a-visit-to-beijing-s-exclusive-p***s-restaurant-a-549788.html

Will both sides make an deal on the fiscal cliff today? by Christopher Q: I hope that both sides will make an deal on the fiscal cliff today, will it happen or will they allow tax increases to all Americans?

Wouldn't going over the fiscal cliff provide certainty and save Medicare and Social Security? by MatthewDReturns Q: If we go over the fiscal cliff; that's it. No more deals, no more worry. All taxes go back to Clinton era rates and known spending cuts are evaluated. Thus, certainty. Also going over the cliff saves Medicare and Social Security without having to make changes. So why not?

Will the United States go over the fiscal cliff? by James Q: Will congress go over this so called " Fiscal Cliff?"or will congress reach a deal? Also will tax rates end up going up on the wealthiest americans?

A: Hopefully we go over the fiscal cliff

How to design an experiment for fiscal cliff? by Joshua Q: I have to design an experiment to test how going over the fiscal cliff would affect public opinion of Congress. Any ideas?

A: There are polls going all the time, check them. As of yesterday the majority of the people have not been fooled by the boner congress, and the President has an approval rating about 60% and climbing rapidly. http://www.nationofchange.org/5-things-boehner-doesn-t-want-you-know-about-his-fiscal-cliff-deal-1355415434

Why does the Tea Party want the US to go over the fiscal cliff? by Elliot Q: They refuse to compromise, even with Boehner, and continue to espouse a "my way or the highway" mentality. Why are they being so obtuse? Don't they realize that going over the fiscal cliff will spell economic calamity for the whole country, including, and especially, their constituents? It's madness.

A: They're bad people. If lawmakers don't reach an agreement in time... Bush tax cuts expire. Payroll tax cuts expire. Doctors participating in Medicare see their payments cut by more than 25%. Good luck getting a doctor then. More than $1Trillion in spending cuts are triggered. Unemployment insurance expires. 30,000 Tennesseans will lose unemployment benefits without a fiscal cliff deal. 25,000 Nevadans will lose unemployment benefits without a fiscal cliff deal. 85,000 Michiganders will lose unemployment benefits without a fiscal cliff deal. 19,000 Floridians will lose unemployment benefits without a fiscal cliff deal. 43,000 in Connecticut will lose unemployment benefits without a fiscal cliff deal. 30,000 in Oregon will lose unemployment benefits without a fiscal cliff deal. This continues in every state. Still, John Boehner will not bring it to a vote. His concern for his own job is more important to him than all those children who will go to bed hungry and lose their homes. ##

How does raising taxes boost the Economy? #Obama? by ಥ_ಥ Q: Okay, so I know in general how taxes can stimulate the Economy. So, we have to things. The Economy, and the Government. Government acts like the middle-man a bit, passing regulations, subsidies, etc, between consumer and producer of the economy. If someone like car sells fail in the economy because, let's say, their are no roads, plus no transportation of goods, the economy might be slack a bit. But if the Government does its middle-man jobs of taxes, and uses that money to build roads, voila! They just boosted the economy. But the problem now is, our Government rarely does that anymore. All the obvious economical boosters have been taken care of, and the tax revenue is used a lot simply to maintain what we have. Sometimes a small road will be added, but it's not too common. So now, we have TONS of leftover money. Education is really the main thing that taxes are spent on to boost the economy now. Despite education growing, tax revenue is still way more than enough to support it. Same with medicare. You may think since medicare may seem slack at sometimes, that there isn't enough tax money for it, but that's not so. There's just not enough tax money allocated towards it. So, if we have extra revenue, what is it spent on? http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2012/12/22/obama_urges_smaller_fiscal_cliff_deal_before_traveling_to_hawaii_vacation.html IT'S WASTED. Look it up! Wait, also watch this video. Obama's vacations is only an example of millions. Here's a video of trillions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYNVNhB-m0o In a sense, the Government isn't really part of the Economy, but the affect it a lot. They're like, as I said, the middle-man between consumer and producer. When the Government takes money out of the Economy via taxations, they're supposed to use it wisely to boost the Economy. But when you take the money out of the economy and WASTE it, especially with these "federal bailouts," IT'S GONE. Spending money overseas is literally giving the economy away. When the Government takes tax dollars and wastes them overseas, especially with the wars in Iraq (still going on, despite what you believe) and Afghanistan, it's hurtful to the economy. Now, some people say, "oh, they're only taking it from the rich." NEWSFLASH. The rich don't want to lose their money either! Personally, I feel the rich are taxes TOO much. The rich are going to do everything in their power to keep their money. Higher lawyers, sue others, cut back on proper disposal of wastes, which leads to external costs. Do you know what external costs are? Have you ever taken an economics class? External costs = YOU. You can't just raise the tax on the rich and not have to worry. Raising the tax on the rich will eventually come back around to YOU. (I know this isn't Twitter, I just added the hash tag to indicate what I was referencing)

A: 30% on defense, 30% on social security and benefits, 30% on healthcare(s). State prevails. Somehow, Americans vote republicans ... so soul of George Washington says " forgive them for they know not what they do ." Americans have not yet tasted "disaster by too much freedom " .... just see what stupid Indians ( populace in landmass in south Asia) made of themselves in 20 years as "disaster by too much freedom "

How will the fiscal cliff affect the average american citizen? by Vyazz Q: Ive been hearing a great deal bout the usa headed for a fiscal cliff. Like some bush era tax cuts are gonna expire on 31st Dec. Soo....im guessing thats a bad thing....but without the business jargon how is it gonna affect american citizens with respect to their earnings and employment. How bad is it....and will it affect the rest of the world?...

A: It will be worse than the depression of the 30s and 40s I do believe. We are in bad financial shape. How much more can we borrow from other countries while trying to appease the enemies? It's a mess!!! http://www.moneynews.com/Headline/Wilbur-Ross-Economy-fiscal-cliff/2012/12/27/id/469223 By the way, I can't hear videos but have this one here for anyone who's interested. Thanks.

Republicans have lost the tax war report major media outlets? by The Virginian Q: The Republicans have conceded that and a deal on the fiscal cliff will ultimately include tax increases. It will also likely include some spending cuts. Get Ready for a Market Rally because a Fiscal Cliff deal Is coming to your town and home soon. Importantly, the tax increases being contemplated still won't make the U.S. a high-tax country relative to many other developed countries. That's something that any critic of tax increases needs to keep in mind. However, this is just the first step, this is how us Democrats infiltrate. Are you with me?

A: Yes, of course. All of this just takes us back to the tax code of the 1992era anyway. Why are the republicans trying to protect the wealthy ? If I made a million dollars every year, I would be glad to pay the 30 or 40% income tax to help America to pay its bills. But the republicans think that every dime that they pay in income tax goes towards the welfare state, of lazy, beer drinking drug and sex addicts on food stamps in America America has the most wealthy citizens in the world. America is the most most Inventive and industrious people in the world; that's why we were able to ship all of our good stuff overseas in the first place, we are still inventing things. The great profits that our great wealthy business men made wasn't rolled over into more jobs here in America. They keep their money and invested the profits in oversea productions to make more money. Our great wealthy Americans made war time profits on two ten year wars and benefited greatly from the cost of fighting in two different countries. What I understand is that our wealthy citizens welcome the tax increase, so why does the republicans fight to keep the tax rates down and America in debt? Do our republican friends want to kill social security, medicare, food stamps and unemployment compensation, affordable health care, minimum wage, etc.......................

What options does Obama have in resolving the fiscal cliff/negotiating with Republican Congress? by Lisa Q: Right now, the President and Congress are negotiating to avoid the "fiscal cliff" set to take effect January 1. What options does President Obama have in dealing with a Congress partly in control of the Republican Party? Note: Previous Presidents such as Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush faced the same situation.

A: Negotiating with the boner congress doesn't work, He really should do nothing. http://www.nationofchange.org/5-things-boehner-doesn-t-want-you-know-about-his-fiscal-cliff-deal-1355415434

Which senators voted no on the fiscal cliff deal last night? by G Q: It was 89 yeas and the rest nays. Wondering who voted no on the fiscal cliff deal and what is their party affiliation and state? fyi I hate the words fiscal cliff. I just don't know what else to call it. :)

Is a fiscal cliff deal going to be reached in time or is America's working class going to go broke? by Max Q: We're probably doomed either way, but this fiscal cliff seems really scary!! What happens if we go over it, and how many people will likely be layed off and downsized economically because of this? Were suppose to go back into the depression and we're already very weak, this will destroy us what'd up??

A: First, let me correct Chebrew2000 first - Bush gave Obama 12 trillion $ debt, not 900 billions....and rich accumulating gold does not mean gold standard is arriving - that accumulated gold does not belong to government . In fact, we have to forget God standard for ever like old man forgets muscles. That Cliff will hike taxes and thwart gov. spending. Both ways inflation will be low but unemployment will rise - i fear to the level and speed of that defined for depression. USA might post negative growth for 3 yrs. like Greece but will sustain. This is the war Americans have to fight on their soil, if they are willing to take on their own companies who have invaded the "premises" of the state.

What's the difference between a House Republican and a Senate Republican? by Ericarchy Q: There must be a wide difference. House Republicans are angry at the Fiscal Cliff deal while Senate Republicans overwhelmingly approve.

How long can you be on unemployment? by Allie Q: Just curious. And I know as part of the Fiscal Cliff deal, Obama extended unemployment insurance for one year...what does that mean? I'll give ten point to the best answer. Thank you!

Can going over the fiscal cliff be good for the country? by byhisello99 Q: The "fiscal cliff" deals with tax rates and government spending. For the first, it would take us back to the Clinton-era tax rates for everybody. It will be difficult to avoid seeing that the Bush tax cuts favored the poor over the rich. The rich's taxes were cut by less than 10%. Lower-middle-class got a tax cut of 50%. The working poor got a tax cut of 100%. Perhaps some truth in reporting (versus spinning) might come out of it. The second is the catastrophic impact of reduced Federal spending. I fail to see how pointing out that we are sustaining the Potemkin Village by printing money to buy up our own debt is a bad thing. Will going over the fiscal cliff hurt? Of course it will. We are going to have to hurt some time. I'd rather hurt today with a chance to educate the public than have my grandchildren living off of aid from Brazil.

A: I say it's time to go off the fiscal cliff just to show the "working poor" that the rich aren't the ones screwing them. They screw themselves at every turn by voting the way they do and believing a complicit news media that constantly tells them the Democrats are their only answer.

Did President Obama just sabotage the Fiscal Cliff Talks with his Joking behavior todayin the Press conference? by linda Q: The President came out today in a press conference and said a fiscal cliff deal was close and he sounded pretty assured it would happen and the audience was happy and applauded. Apparently it has angered the republicans who want to cut the Seniors and old people off of social security to make sure the filthy rich have more perks and they have once more held the middle class and poor hostage for the rich. DId the President ruin the opportunity for a compromise?

A: No..I think it was a brilliant move...putting it out to the American people that he has a deal almost done Now when the Tea Party kills it...they'll look bad and he'll look reasonable

Because of this fiscal cliff deal; will we see more growth in 2013? by MatthewDReturns Q: The GDP is calculated by adding Consumption plus Government Expenditures plus Business Investment plus exports minus imports. The fiscal cliff deal maintains consumption(minus the expiration of the payroll tax holiday) and government expenditures but, thanks to strategic tax rate increases, will likely spur business investment. With higher energy costs curbing our appetite for imports along with greater domestic oil production, will 2013 see higher growth as a result of this bill?

What do you think Boehner's fiscal cliff "Plan B" is? by Joseph Q: It was announced that John Boehner is taking matters into his own hands and is planning to present a Plan B for a fiscal cliff deal to his fellow Republicans? What do you think this will entail? Will it include raising taxes at all?

Do you agree that republicans are obstructing fiscal cliff negotiations? by lacroix757 Q: For the past 30 years Republicans in Congress have held the American people hostage. It's time to stop Republican obstructionism and stand up for the American people. The Bush Tax Cuts were designed to expire and as such, they should expire. Republicans keep moving the goal post further and further right resulting in the president ceding his positions and allowing Republicans to win by attrition. If a fiscal cliff deal cannot be reaced with Republicans, then let the fiscal cliff occur. In early January of next year, force their hands at a spending ONLY bill. Surely, Republicans in congress won't go too long with cuts to military spending. Stop ceding to Republican obstructionism. Bipartisanship is a means and not an end. No deal is better than a bad deal. Sign the petition @ http://wh.gov/nbb7 and spread the word.

A: Yes. They've obstructed this entire country over saving the riches tax cuts.

Do you agree that republicans are obstructing fiscal cliff negotiations, and should be voted out in 2014? by lacroix757 Q: For the past 30 years Republicans in Congress have held the American people hostage. It's time to stop Republican obstructionism and stand up for the American people. The Bush Tax Cuts were designed to expire and as such, they should expire. Republicans keep moving the goal post further and further right resulting in the president ceding his positions and allowing Republicans to win by attrition. If a fiscal cliff deal cannot be reaced with Republicans, then let the fiscal cliff occur. In early January of next year, force their hands at a spending ONLY bill. Surely, Republicans in congress won't go too long with cuts to military spending. Stop ceding to Republican obstructionism. Bipartisanship is a means and not an end. No deal is better than a bad deal. Sign the petition @ http://wh.gov/nbb7 and spread the word.

A: Sounds good to me... 30 years of the country being phuqued by these guys is probably enough now.

Why would the government avoid a fiscal cliff deal? by Carlos Q: These are not boom economic times and 1 of of 3 Americans will be a senior citizen by the year 2025. Some government entitlements must be cut or our economy will be destroyed. Since a result of no Fiscal Cliff deal is a recession, why would the government not make a deal? L c

Do you think we will have a Fiscal Cliff Deal Before the New Year? by linda Q: Just curious if you thought there would be a fiscal cliff deal before the New Year. Our Congressmen and Senators are awful with the tea party folks being the absolute worst. Willing to destroy the entire country over their limited and terribly wrong ideologies. Do you think the republicans can grow a pair and stand up to the tea party idiots?

A: I really don't think so. I could be wrong. I have been wrong before. I hope I am wrong now. But I don't think so. At best they will punt (that might actually be a worst case scenario to be honest). Most likely taxes will return to Clinton era levels in January and government spending will be axed. We could survive that but it won't be fun for many of us. And, in a few months Republicans will take their revenge by refusing to raise the debt limit and we will default on our debts. Than things will get bad. Very bad. That is what I see as likely.

Are we better off with a poor economy and no fiscal cliff deal or a strong economy and a fiscal cliff deal? by Carlos Q: I think we are better of with a strong economy and a fiscal cliff deal. The more economic opportunity there is, fewer people will rely on entitlement programs. For every American, that would be a win, win.

Will the new Fiscal Cliff deal bring back the Florida Emergency Unemployment Compensation in 2013? by Tatu Q: The Florida Emergency Unemployment Compensation was supposed to end on December 29, 2012 but with the new fiscal cliff deal, will the Florida EUC be reinstated? I am on Tier 1 and am still having a problem finding a job. So if anyone has any info they can share about the Florida EUC benefits for 2013 it would be appreciated.... Thank You!

Are you surprised that the tea party is angry with the fiscal cliff deal? by nightowl1517 Q: Their leaders are mad at those republicans in the House, who voted yes on the fiscal cliff deal.

A: Surprised that the Tea Party is having another hissy-fit? Not at all.

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