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Fenway park

Beckett has strong outing as BoSox fall to Rangers
Texas Rangers starting pitcher Derek Holland throws to a Boston Red Sox batter during the first inning of a baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston, Wednesday, April 18, 2012. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola) Texas Rangers' Mike Napoli swings on a two-run home ...

Fenway's turning 100, but are the Red Sox in any mood to celebrate?
By Danny Knobler | Baseball Insider They could have been trying to celebrate Fenway Park late last September, or early last October, rather than this Friday. Although, come to think of it, at least then the manager on his way out would have been the ...

A Century of Photographs From Fenway Park
This year Fenway Park celebrates its centennial as a home to some of baseball's greatest players, historic wins and crushing losses. Some of that sacred magic is captured at two exhibits at the 20-year-old Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester.

Emanuel's 'Fenway Plan' for Wrigley is a hit at Fenway
So when word reached Boston that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel planned to save Wrigley Field by following the Red Sox playbook for preserving and updating 100-year-old Fenway Park, they were proud. “For Chicago's mayor to say that, it means we did ...

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TwinsDad2366 @Paige1228 hey since they didn't win at least u had fun... My dream is to be at Fenway park.. I live in #Washington state :(

Louveniacfpwf RT @ethapyfollett: RT @4rkham1: Tengo ganas de ir al Fenway Park bien cabrón

BrocDuffTruck A Century of Photographs From Fenway Park - http://t.co/yasri5AT

kartikverma RT @Linda_Pizzuti: Tomorrow, Fenway Park opens its doors to all for a free Open House from 9-7. Explore this historic park as it turns 100! #Fenway100

westbergbdebra RT @kristenmercier: Crossing Home Plate at Fenway Park http:tco5xg6RCq5

warrickthtdaphn RT @lobo85859: Historico 100 años de fenway park el mitico espero q este año ver la serie mundia ahí l

ethapyfollett RT @4rkham1: Tengo ganas de ir al Fenway Park bien cabrón

shizueosandidge RT @carlosacosta093: @ItsEscrich simplemente porque un Yankee no visita Fenway Park a menos que jueguen Red Sox-Yankees

kyrawimccombs RT @EvelynGomez5: Fenway Park Open House is Thursday http:tco4P4a6HZA

Irmgardilimi RT @scotttop: RT @rollllinEMbrace: Yanks are gonna be rockin the 1912 jerseys fridays game for the 100th anniversary of fenway park dope

Evangelinaksorx RT @diegoGS: El viernes 100 años del Fenway Park Hay que celebrar al monstruo verde

Mantisen RT @Linda_Pizzuti: Tomorrow, Fenway Park opens its doors to all for a free Open House from 9-7. Explore this historic park as it turns 100! #Fenway100

kristen_mercier Crossing Home Plate at Fenway Park http://t.co/5xg6RCq5

ABXXV25 @Fersports101 Not if its my team (the Rangers) at Fenway park!

kofiessandoh RT @Linda_Pizzuti: Tomorrow, Fenway Park opens its doors to all for a free Open House from 9-7. Explore this historic park as it turns 100! #Fenway100


What is the best way to drive to Fenway Park and where should I park? by mediamanmail Q: I have a two year old that is going to be with me. I can get to the park as early as needed....hoping to find a place to park that is not too far from the stadium.

A: If you don't mind paying like $40 or something, you can park in one of the parking lots nearby. Good luck finding street parking at ANYTIME there, and on a game day? You could get lucky. If you want to go real early, you can probably find something, but pay attention to when the meters stop running. I agree with the other guy, take the T. Or if you want, park your car near a stop on the green line, and then take it.

Is there a certain place in Fenway Park where you can get autographs before and after a game? by dodrule23 Q: I might go to Boston for my birthday and i was wondering where i can get autographs before and after a game. Where do is the visiting teams bus located and where do the boston players park. Is there a hotel where the visiting team stays.

A: If you go down by the dugouts they might sign some things. I was at a game against the Rangers in August and sitting a few rows behind the Texas dugout. It looked like some of them were signing fans' stuff. I can't remember if the Sox players were but I think they were.

What are the best tickets at Fenway Park for the Red Sox games? by gradpres Q: I want to purchase boston red sox tickets at Fenway for my boyfriend, but I'm unsure what seats are the best, considering price and view.

A: trust me it doesnt matter if hes a sox fan, once he walks on yawkey he will start drooling and not care about where he sits, and its a fairly small park-no nosebleeds, however state street pavilion is a pretty baller place to sit

Is Dustin Pedroia a product of fenway park? by Eric Q: If he played in a legitimate stadium with regular dimensions do you think he would still be the same player he is in fenway? He reminds me of Jeter in that if they were on the washington nationals they would be average players but do the big markets & small ball parks make them what they are?

A: He is somewhat, but not totally, he actually had more home runs on the road (10), than he did at home (7). The rest of his stats were much better at Fenway though, especially doubles, the guy hit 35 doubles at home, only 19 on the road. The guy can take that big swing and hit fly balls off the Green Monster at home, but not on the road so much.Also, he did manage to hit over .300 on the road too, though his slugging percentage was much higher at Fenway because of the Green Monster doubles. He is an excellent player though, as a Yankee fan, I admire him tremendously. He makes contact, plays hard, and has a lot of heart. I think you are wrong in calling Jeter an average player. The guy is a .316 career hitter, and is well on his way to over 3000 hits. No, he has never won a batting title, but in his career he has hit .349, .344, .338. .324 (twice) and .322. He has finished second in batting twice and third once, and in other years, his average would have won batting titles. Jeter would be a star on any team.He's hardly an "average" player. Very poor statement.

At Fenway Park, is there an aisle between sections 10 & 11? by ChocolateYum Q: I have a seat in the Grandstand, section 10, seat 13, which is the last seat in the section. I thought it was an aisle seat but in looking at the Fenway seating chart, it looks like section 11 is right against section 10, without an aisle which means the seat would be in the middle. Does anyone know about this section of the park?

A: It's where people catch the Hogwart's Express

what is the best parking around fenway park? by Q: My boyfriend and his son are planning a trip to Boston on Thursday. They will be there all day exploring and then to a Sox game than back home. Where is the best place for them to park?

A: Either at the wellington, Qincy Adams or Riverside T stops, depending on which direction you come from All three are well outside the city, you just take the train in Riverside is in the Green D line, just get off at the Fenway stop. Wellington is on the Ornge line, and Quincy Adams is on the Red Line. Transfer to the Green Line outbound (any line but E) and get off at Kenmore (or fenway if you are on the D line), and just walk to the park

Does anyone know the song they played at fenway park opening day? by Dan F Q: The 2011 fenway park opening day they played a series of clips on the scoreboard while playing a song. does anyone know what that song is called? it kept repeating the word "boston" several times

A: It could be tessi drop kick murpheys or a song called boston it kind Of popish

Is Fenway Park named after the same guy from Roush-Fenway Racing? by Pride of Philly Q: Is the co-owner of Roush Fenway Racing the same guy who Fenway Park is named after?

A: New England Sport Ventures and the Boston Red Sox themselves ( with John Henry as the primary owner) own Fenway Park. So in a way yes. Fenway is not named after John since John has only had possession of the Sox for about 8 years.

What does the black flag at Fenway park mean/signify? by Lourdes Q: At Fenway park(baseball) there is a really tall pole where there is the US flag and a black flag, I've been wondering and please someone help me figure out what that flag signafies!!!

A: The Black Flag you are asking about is the POW-MIA flag to honor U.S. servicemen listed as Prisoners of War and Missing In Action. You also see this flag flying over government buildings throughout the country. It flies below the American Flag from the tallest flag pole in Fenway Park - which is above the Press Box . http://www.boston.com/news/globe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2006/05/08/the_flag_that_refusest_o_go_away/

Going to Fenway Park from Maine and want to park and ride the T.? by Q: We are coming from Maine to Boston. We want to park someplace safe and take the T to Fenway. Where is the best place to park and what are the directions for taking the T to Fenway from there?

A: Take 95S to 93S. Get off in Medford and park at Wellington Station (on the Orange Line). Take the Orange Line inbound. At either Haymarket or North Station, change the the Green Line inbound, any train except the "E" line. Get off at Kenmore and follow the crowd. The suggestions for Woodland and Riverside are ridiculous. It makes no sense to drive to the west side of Boston when you are coming from the north. It would add at least half an hour of driving each way.

why is fenway park considered such a "weird" place to play baseball? by clubthumb3 Q: I'm a casual sox fan (if you can believe they exist). I have heard about the green monster and something about weird hops etc. in regard to fenway park. I've also heard players and coaches refer to fenway as "tricky". What's this all about?

A: Its small for one The monster can knock down balls that would otherwise be HRs in other stadiums There are also dead spots in the monster that can just drop a ball almost straight down The scoreboard in the monster sticks out off the wall If the ball is hit right it can bounce off at a weird angle center field is a triangle In that triangle facing the right side is a low wall that sometimes creates ground rule doubles The wall in right field has angles that can either suck a ball in, or toss them out to right There is pretty much no foul territory down the left field line.

How to get to Fenway Park on the D Line? by Laci J Q: I am taking the D line from Riverside to get to Fenway pARK. I know there is a fenway stop. Once I get off there (i've been there before, i remember there being a bed bath and beyond, etc. when you get off the train)...but how do i get to the stadium?

A: Don't get off at the Fenway stop! It's not for Fenway Park, it's for the Fenway neighborhood. Get off at Kenmore with everyone else on the train and follow the crowd to Fenway Park. Or if they are jus milling about, walk up Brookline Ave. You can see it once you pass the buildings on the corner of Kenmore Square. If you do happen to get out at Fenway, there are signs directing you down the path between buildings and beside the tracks. Kenmore is much better though.

Could I buy the 9/30 Red Sox from Fenway Park today? or I only could buy it from web site? by kathyhsia Q: How could I know whether all tickets are sold out? Will Fenway Park sell the 9/30 tickets now? Sorry, it's my first time to buy baseball tickets.

A: Assuming you want to get 2 or more seats together, all available tickets are sold out. Have been since the day tickets went on sale in February. Two ways to get tickets at face value. The Red Sox hold back monster seats (on the left field wall) and some right field deck seats until days before the games. If you call the ticket office EVERY day at 10AM, starting about a week before this game you might be able to get a set of those. Be aware that face value monster seats are $140 each. They also make tickets available at the ticket window on the day of the game. These tickets are un-used player tickets. One never knows if these will be available or not, but last game of the season vs Minnesota I'd be willing to bet there will be. Not a sure thing, but odds are the Red Sox will clinch the AL East before 9/30, also a good chance that the Twins will be out of the running - so there won't be as much fan interest in this game. Conclusion, you could probably get tickets from a scalper for a reasonable price. Scalpers hang out away from the main entrances to the ball park, mostly around the parking lots. Assuming the situation outlined above occurs, the scalpers won't be gouging for the tickets as bad. Look at stubhub.com or acetickets.com to see what the ticket agency's are getting for these tickets. That will be your only sure fire way of getting tickets well in advance.

i want to take the t to fenway park and i'm coming from lincoln ri so how to i pick up the t? by Q: I want to take the t to fenway park in boston and i'm coming from lincoln ri, so how and where do i pick up the t?

A: Are you taking the T commuter rail train from RI (or perhaps from Attleborough, MA)? Or are you driving to Boston's outskirts? If taking the T train from Providence or Attleborough: Get off at Back Bay. Walk 2 blocks to Copley Station (Green Line subway). Take any train EXCEPT the E train 2 stops outbound to Kenmore. Fenway Park is one long block away. (Actually you can save the subway fare and walk to Fenway from Back Bay Station. It is a pleasant walk, about half an hour). If driving to Boston's outskirts: Route 95 north to Grove Street (the first exit after Route 9). Riverside Green line terminal then only a few hundred feet away (follow T signs). Big parking lot. Take train to Kenmore (NOT to Fenway Park Station - that is the station for the actual park with trees and grass, not for the ball park).

If you were to see ONE baseball game, would you see it at Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park? by euges429 Q: Or alternatively, which experience is better/unique/must? Yankees at Yankee stadium or the Red Sox at Fenway Park? If you had to choose ONE.

A: Fenway Park.

Its possible to get an autograph at Fenway Park? by Q: I'm going to Fenway Park in May to a baseball game. I was thinking to arrive 2 hours early to the game to see the warm-up and batting practice; I will be seated near to the visitor’s dugout. I was wondering to get some autographed balls from the visiting team, it’s possible? How many hours earlier you recommend me to get to the Stadium? And, bars or clubs nearby to Fenway Park for before and after the game? Thanks from Mexico!

A: Yes, show up early and hang out by the dugout before the game, and bring a pen and some baseballs, many of the players will sign the ball for you

What are some words to describe Boston, The Red Sox, and Fenway Park? by sheristeele Q: Need a little help with some descriptive words for a short story fictional story. Help me describe Boston. Especially; Fenway Park and The Red Sox. THANK YOU!

A: The green monster is Fenway Park. The most European city in America is Boston. It has a very Irish and Italian population. For Red Sox, just say the curse of the bambino is dead.

How difficult is it to get Red Sox V. Yankee tickets @ Fenway park? by BJ Q: I live in Cali and even though I am a Seattle fan my hubby and I would love to go to a Red Sox/ Yankees game at Fenway Park. We both love Boston's fans and despise the Yankee's, and would love nothing more than to go to Fenway. How far in advance would I have to buy a couple of tickets before they sell out? Also how much would they cost on average? Fenafee.....Thanks for the link! I checked it out, but tickets aren't up for sale yet. I kind of figured they wouldn't be..... Weaver...thanks for the details! I appreciate it! Keep 'em coming! Standing room ONLY??? I have been a baseball fan all my life and I have never heard of such a thing!!! You Sox fans really are diehard! LOL! It may be an option.... Chipmaker....."Freelance Brokers"? You mean the guys outside the stadium who hold signs saying "I Need Tickets"? That's hilarious!

A: The Red Sox have been selling out their season for a few years now. Tix are usually gone by December 2006 when they first go on sale ( 2008 tickets will go on sale December 2007). Your best bet is a ticket agency/scalper. Once in a while they will release a few seats the day of the game, or you can get in line for standing room only tickets the day of the game.

Will it be possible to buy walk-up tickets to the Paul McCartney concert at Fenway Park? by EmilyG Q: Just wondering if it will be possible to buy tickets to the August 6th concert at the Fenway Park Box Office.

A: I highly doubt it. He is very famous, these guys usually sell out pretty fast. Unless you do it the illegal way, scalpers, which I don't approve of in any way.

fenway park? by redsoxnationjp2005 Q:

A: A dump!! Hey ronald d. I've been to Fenway more times than you can imagine. Who the hell are you to tell me whether I've been there? It smells, it's old, the seats are too GD small. The rats own the bathrooms and the fans, like you are jerks. You got any other questions, knot head? Like I said, it's a dump and they ought to knock it down.

What's the difference between a Wrigley field hotdog, and a Fenway Park hotdog? by jeffery k Q: You can buy a fenway park hotdog in October.

A: Okay Jeffrey, I'm going to lay this down for you in the simplest of terms because to be honest, I think you are a moron. That team that you are claiming to be a fan of? Well as the real fans know, they themselves had a bit of a dry streak for awhile before they started winning all these championships and douchebags like you started jumping on the bandwagon. So that's why you don't usually see Red Sox fans slamming Cubs fans and vice versa. But you go on, have your fun, it's obvious that you get some kind of pleasure in it and far be it for me to try to rob you of that. But I'm sure the real Sox fans would appreciate you stop embarassing them

Whats a good lead for starting off an essay on Fenway Park? by Peace<3Happiness Q: Whats a good lead for starting off an essay on Fenway Park? Okay, so were doing an essay on why we should keep Fenway park the way it is and not change it. and i cant think of a really good lead to start it off. i want it to be catchy. can you guys please give me some ideas? that would be awesome! leave me your question and ill get back to them for yaaa. thanks everyone!

A: Through thick and thin, through good times and bad times, historic Fenway Park has seen it.

Does anyone know how much it costs to make a public shutout for someone in Fenway Park? by Scooter_loves_his_dad Q: I'm taking my nephew to Fenway Park to see the Red Sox Vs the Rays on May 4th. I want to suprise him by having him welcomed to Fenway on the loudspeaker. Does any Sox fan know how much it will cost to do this? Thanks Wives. Very much appreciated.

A: This is the best I can find. Found it on the The Sox's Website. Scoreboard Message Requests Thank you for your interest in Red Sox Charitable Scoreboard Messages to benefit the Red Sox Foundation. The minimum fee for all scoreboard messages is $50 but larger donations are gratefully accepted. Donations are tax-deductible and all proceeds benefit the Red Sox Foundation, the 501(c)3 official team charity of the Boston Red Sox, and the non-profit children's programs we support. Scoreboard message orders must be placed at least 2 days prior to the game date requested. Due to high demand and limited space, however, many games fill-up well before this deadline. Accordingly, fans are encouraged to place their order well in advance of the game date on which they would like their message to appear. To order a scoreboard message, please leave a message at (617) 226-6377. This is an automated line and cannot be used for ticket requests. NOTE: In the 2008 season, Red Sox Foundation messages run during the middle and end of the 2nd and 3rd innings. Before the messages begin, the scoreboard will read “Red Sox Foundation Messages.” The messages then run in alphabetical order according to the first name in each message. If the game is rained out, your message will run on the date that the game is rescheduled. We regret that there are no refunds. Please note: Marriage proposals are handled by a different department and cannot be processed by the Red Sox Foundation. For marriage proposals only, please call 617-226-6237. Thank you for supporting the Red Sox Foundation and the children's programs your donation makes possible! *I only copied and pasted what was from the site, this is NOT my opinion, this is the statement made by whoever created the Sox's website. I have no affiliation with the Sox whatsoever.*

Can you find any blueprints of Fenway Park? by Sammmmy Q: I am making a model of Fenway Park. I am not sure of ALL of the dimensions. If you can find me a blueprint of Fenway Park, I will give you 10 points. Here's what I need. It has to be an image. I need a lot of dimensions showing many lengths. It cannot be up for sale. The dimensions must be visible, not one for sale.

A: Baseball-Reference.com has it. I just looked it up. For the record- lfpole 310,flagpole 379,right center at end of bullpen-420, rf 380, rtf pole 302 (unmarked)

Where to sell Red Sox unused tickets at Fenway Park? by sandyscamper Q: I have two Red Sox e-tickets to a game I won't be able to attend, but will be at a game the day before. Anyone try to sell unused tickets at Fenway Park and where? I can go the Stubhub or Ebay route, but wondering if it is easy to sell unused tickets at Fenway for face value. Not looking to scalp tickers, just get money back as originally bought tickets from Red Sox site. Any information appreciated.

A: Stubhub or craigslist

Don't you think it was sacrilege to host a soccer game on Fenway Park like it happened yesterday? by Mr Jack Q: Yesterday it was played a soccer game between the Glasgow Celtic and the Sporting of Lisbon. Even tough I'm not a Red Sox fan I'm pretty mad with this. I just can't find any powerful reason to allow hosting any games of inferior sports coming from developing countries (like soccer) in such sacred american venues like Fenway Park. What's next? Mexican soccer exhibitions at Yankee Stadium? Bullfighting at Dodger Stadium? Cockfight at Cowbow stadium?

A: No, I don't think it was a sacrilege to have a soccer game at Fenway. Hey, you asked!

How are my seats at Fenway park? by Rick P Q: I am going to fenway park. My tickets are grandstand section 6 row 9. These seats were cheap on stubhub. They dont say obstructed view are they good?

A: Use this site to get a pretty good idea of your seat view. Being a Red Sox fan, I say there are no bad views. :-) I hope you enjoy your game! http://www.preciseseating.com/index.php

How do I get to Fenway Park, Boston from New York City, fastest way by train? by Q: I'll be in New York City on business, and want to go to Fenway Park, Boston for the day to tour the park. What is the fastest way to get there and back to NY by train?

A: Get Amtrak from Penn Station in NYC to South Station in Boston, and then on the Boston T, get the Red Line 2 stops towards Alewife and switch to the Green Line, the D branch to Riverside, and that stops at Fenway. While you're there, be sure to buy tickets for the last regular season series to see the Yankees sweep the Red Sux.

FENWAY PARK or WRIGLEY FIELD of these Two Old Time ball parks which do you Think is the better Ball Part? by SECRET DESTROYER Q: * Why do you think Fenway Park or Wrigley Field is better then the other? * Have you ever watch a baseball game at both baseball cathedrals?

A: I'll take the old one, Fenway. Alas, too many times have I been to Wrigley. I'll never go again. It is all that people say it is: drunks, drunk yuppies, and the few fans actually watching the game yelling things like, "Yay! We got a point!" There are good, traditional Cub fans, too, but they've been silenced by the Naperville crowd. Fenway, too, has a MUCH more interesting outfield. It's delightfully weird!

What is the best way to get to Fenway Park? by P M Q: I will be going to a Monday night Red Sox game (first time at Fenway) and would like some advice on the easiest/quickest way there. I will be leaving Newburyport, MA around 4:30-5PM for a 7:00 start. If driving, where's the best area to park?

A: For heaven's sake, don't drive. I live in the Fenway neighborhood, and it's a total mess around game time. Better to park at one of the remote T stops and take the subway in. If you insist on bringing your car, park in Brookline, as Boston is residents-only. Parking lots near Fenway are $30 and up this season for games. You want to take a Green Line B, C or D line subway to Kenmore. It's easy to tell which one is Kenmore, as the cars will be packed until that stop, and most people will get out.

What are the dimensions of seats in Fenway Park? by Lacey v Q: I'm going to a game for the first time in Fenway Park and I was just wondering what the dimensions were for the seats. I forgot where I'm sitting. I've searched for the info through google but haven't been able to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated

A: i do not know i have never been there

Are Fenway Park and Wrigley Field the only MLB parks that sell obstructed view and standing room only seats? by HockeyGuy Q: In my opinion, no park should sell an obstructed view seat, like the ones at Fenway and Wrigley that are located right behind the support beams/poles. That is just ludicrous to actually profit on these horrible vantage point seats.

A: Alot of teams sell standing room only, I know they have them at Busch Stadium. Im not sure about the obstructed view, but yeah that is awful they should not sell seats where you can not even view the game.

Why did the Tigers move to Comerica Park but the Red Sox are still at Fenway Park? by Alex K Q: It makes no sense. I heard the only real reason was because Tiger Stadium lacked suites. Tiger Stadium and Fenway Park were opened on the same day about 500 years ago. Damn Tigers should have stayed.

A: It could have also been due to the ridiculous size of Tiger Stadium. The center field at Tiger Stadium was difficult for even the fastest fielders in the league to patrol. Dead center was 440 feet.

How tall is the Green Monster in Fenway Park? by Q: How many feet tall is the Green Monster in Fenway Park?

A: 37 feet tall.

How many times has the World Series ended in Fenway Park? by Chipmaker Q: Last game of the Series played at Fenway Park, Boston. The number of times, the years, and the game/Series winning team(s), please. This one is a little bit tricky if you don't know your history. Get it right, 11 points are yours to savor.

A: 5 times 1912 Red Sox over the Giants 1914 Braves over the Athletics 1918 Red Sox over the Cubs 1967 Cardinals over the Red Sox 1975 Reds over the Red Sox

What is the song played at Fenway Park before Kevin Youkilis bats? by dvid22 Q: Could you tell me what songs are played at Fenway Park before Kevin Youkilis, Dustin Pedroia, and Jacoby Ellsbury come to bat?

A: Jacoby Ellsbury – “Let It Rock”, Kevin Rudolf (f. Lil’ Wayne) Dustin Pedroia – “Dre Day”, Dr. Dre Kevin Youkilis – “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”, Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em

How can I get a summer job at Fenway Park? by sonicvsmario1 Q: Im a freshman at Northeastern University in Boston MA and I'm going to be here over the summer and I'm looking to get a part time job. The best scenario would be to work at Fenway park! I mean they must have some kind of job opportunities for all the students that live and study in Boston, anybody know how to go about becoming a peanut vendor or groundskeeper?

A: cant cause boston will be out of the pennant race by june

Why is the area around Fenway Park better than the area around Yankee Stadium? by stonehudson2002 Q: The bars are much better and the neighborhood is safer. Fenway Park is what Yankee Stadium is not. Fenway has class and history. Yankee Stadium looks like U.S. Cellular Field. It was built by the same architecture firm.

A: The Sox ownership has really done a great job pushing the "family atmosphere" at the park. They have now included some of the surrounding streets to be inside the gate which includes a couple bars and some stores too . It helps keep out people causing trouble and they have more control over what goes on too. Its also helps to be in a MUCH better area too.

Can people bring cameras into the bruins game at fenway park? by Rich Q: Im going to the Bruins Legends game at fenway park, the day after the actual bruins play against the Flyers. I want to be able to bring in a nice camera, but its a little big. Not an item you can sneak in. Its like a Nikon, with an actual zoom lense, so not something you can hide.

A: Don't worry, the Legends game will be so slow you can bring a courtroom sketch artist instead and still capture all the action. Enjoy the game, I wish I was going too. forecast right now, 50% chance precip, high of 34. we may be looking at a rain snow mix for both games.

How can I get tickets to Fenway Park if all the games are sold out already? What are some cheap alternatives? by Ahmalya Q: I'm going to watch a game at Fenway Park on a weekend in June.

A: Probably the easiest way is to go on ebay or stubhub.com. Those are probably the cheapest ways. Red Sox's games are always sold out. Over 300 consecutives games and counting. I got tickets for 1 game on June 2 against the Yankees, right behind the bullpen in right field.

What are the Asian words behind home plate at Fenway park? by Q: On TV when you are watching a Red Sox home game at Fenway Park, when the camera is facing the batter, some Asian words (Korean? Japanese?) can be seen on the fence behind home plate. Anyone know what they mean/say?

A: Can some just answer the question and not try to be funny here. I see this annoying dude also. He is in the second row and holds up 2 yellow paddles with chinese or japanese symbols on it. He is at every game it seems and ONLY holds up the signs after the opposing player strikes out.

Where can we stay in Boston and get to Fenway Park easily? by Gitsy1 Q: My family of 4 is driving to Boston for a Thursday night Red Sox game. We'd like to spend the night and visit Boston the next day. Hotels near Fenway Park are all booked (next week) and we can't afford more than $200 for a night in a hotel. Any suggestions on where to stay so we don't have to drive in Boston once we get there? We'll be driving from Maine.

A: The MBTA (Aka. The T) has a stop on the Green Line called KENMORE which is Kenmore Square and adjacent to Fenway Park. So you want to find a hotel nearby a "T" station. I've no idea where you're coming from, and there are plenty of hotels that would meet your criteria, so what I'd do is check out http://www.mbta.com for the most convenient end point, then start looking for hotels in that area. For example, using the search engine of your choice, search for ' MBTA STATION HOTEL' and then check the results and contact those that appeal to you. Remember that lines connect, so the hotel does not need to be along the Green Line. Added 5/12 1257EDT - I believe the hotel to which Hank refers to is the Hotel Indigo, which is located on Grove St. in Newton (Exit 22 off I-95) just between I-95 and the Riverside Green Line Terminal. The entrance to the terminal is the next driveway on left after the hotel. Easily walkable. http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/in/1/en/hotel/bosnt Remember, you want to ride to the KENMORE stop! The last car back to Riverside leaves Government Center at 12:45AM and takes (according to the "T") 11 minutes to get to KENMORE on it's way, so if you use this method, plan accordingly.

Where can I find good quality pictures of Fenway Park in Boston that I can use as a Desktop wallpaper? by Red Sox fan Chris Q: I'm looking for a few high quality pictures to use as my desktop wallpaper. I'm looking for cool pictures of Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox. I had a few before, but since I've upgraded my laptop's hard drive, I lost them all. Can anyone tell me where to look? I've tried Flickr, but the pictures don't look that good when applied to my desktop. Thanks for looking guys.

A: For future reference, go to Google and click on images at the top. Then click on advanced image search. Type in your search in the top field and in the Size drop-down menu select Larger than 1024x768 or whatever size you want. http://images.google.com/images?as_q=fenway+park&hl=en&btnG=Google+Search&as_epq=&as_oq=&as_eq=&imgtype=&imgsz=xga&imgw=&imgh=&as_filetype=&imgc=&as_sitesearch=&as_rights=&safe=images&as_st=y

I need to construct a gingerbread house of Fenway Park to enter into a contest? by Kirk C Q: I need to build the frame of Fenway park to make into a gingerbread house, it has to be fairly strong to hold all of the gingerbread.....does anyone have ideas of the best thing to use to build the shell, should i use wood or stiff cardboard or even some type of bendable metal like chicken wire?

A: Foam core board is nice and strong, and lightweight -- use Eileen's Tacky Glue for adhesion if you need to glue pieces together. Go BoSox!

Can you visit Fenway Park off season without going on a tour? by miller8786 Q: I am going to Boston in late February and need to come up with some activities to do while my friend is in class. I want to visit Fenway Park but do not want to go on one of their guided tours (which is $12 per person). Does anyone know if you can enter the park and walk around yourself for cheaper or for free?

A: no, you cannot.

How can Fenway Park host a football match? by lostjoker Q: I was just watching Fox Soccer Channel and saw an ad for Celtic vs. Sporting Lisbon at Fenway Park. How is it possible for a game of football to be played on a field with such an unusual shape? Will it be a 5 a side match or something?

A: They had hockey back on New Year's Day, Flyers vs. Bruins

I need to construct a Gingerbread House of Fenway Park to enter in a contest? by Kirk C Q: I need to build a shell of Fenway Park, any ideas on what i can use to construct the frame? It has to be strong enough to hold all of the gingerbread, should i use wood or stiff cardboard or even some type of bendable metal like chicken wire?

A: I've got a fruitcake made by my ex-mother-in-law that you could use for the green monster. Interested? ***** added info ***** I can't believe no one else took a shot at this. It would probably be easiest to use heavy cardboard. And cardboard is a lot easier to work with than wood or metal.

What is the easiest way to get to Fenway park from Rhode Island? by Dan Schlind Q: I will be going to Fenway Park this Sunday, and I live in Northern Rhode Island. What is the best way (driving excluded) to get to the park? Was thinking that the T line from Quincy would be best, however I am open to suggestions, I have never taken the train to Fenway before. Thanks in advance!

A: I go this way all the time it's the best especially on a Sunday 95N to 93 ON 93 take exit 7 (you'll only be on 93 for about 5 miles this is the exit for Rt. 3 and the train station) bear left on exit, then take the parking garage exit. This is Quincy Adams station - remember that and don't get off in Braintree or Quincy when you come back. Take train, get off at Park St. station, switch to Green Line, get on any train except the Boston College train, get off at Kenmore Square and follow the crowd

When at Fenway in Monster seats, can you still walk around the rest of the park during the game? by Niptuck1 Q: Going to a game and I have Monster SRO seats. I still would like to see a little more of Fenway park, so can you leave the Monster section to walk around and see the rest of Fenway during a game and if so, can you get back on Monster? Thanks!

A: No the rest of Fenway is blocked off from people who sit in that section. Sorry I guess your out of luck.

Fenway Park? by SuperHeroics Q: How many people does fenway park hold? What is its max compacity?

A: Hope this helps.... What's the largest crowd ever to attend a game in Fenway Park? The biggest baseball crowd at Fenway ever was 47,627 for a Yankees doubleheader on September 22, 1935. Previous to that, 46,995 fans attended a Detroit Tigers doubleheader on August 19, 1934. One week earlier, on August 12, 1934, a crowd of 46,766 said goodbye to Babe Ruth at a Yankees doubleheader. (The Babe actually did not retire after the 1934 season, but played one more year with the Boston Braves.) Those crowds will never be equaled under Fenway's current dimensions. After World War II, more stringent fire laws and league rules prohibited the overcrowding that was so common in the 1930s. The current capacity of Fenway Park is 36,108 for night games and 35,692 for day games.

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