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Why 'Fargo' For TV Works With Cold Efficiency And 'Bad Teacher' Doesn't
Fargo fans will recall a similar scene in the 1996 film. Only it's the police chief, Frances McDormand's breezily competent Marge Gunderson, who is pregnant. And as that film's oddball crimes unfold — punctuated by the characters' folksy attitudes and ...

FX's 'Fargo' Is Neither Remake Nor Sequel
The cable network premieres a new drama series tonight. It's called Fargo, and has the same title as the 1996 Coen Brothers movie. Critic David Bianculli says it's very definitely a wonderful show in that same wacky spirit – but it's just as important ...

Fargo: "The Crocodile's Dilemma" Review
18-years after Fargo's debut in cinemas, Noah Hawley, creator of the FX limited event series of the same name, has taken the essence of that tale and transformed it into a fresh and entirely engaging experience. The first episode, "The Crocodile's ...

FX Brings Fargo (Back) to Life
I refer, of course, to Fargo. But not to Fargo, the 1996 Coen brothers film. No, I refer to Fargo, the new FX series making its debut tonight. The familiar elements are all there: the sad-sack salesman and female cop and murderous drifter; the car ...

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credit card question wells fargo? by Vas Q: i'm trying to pay a bill via bill pay to exxon mobil and when i'm on the list of payee's to select it shows either "computershare-formerly equiserve" and "exxonmobil consumer credit card" and "fleet services" i paid with my wells fargo credit card (my first credit card so trying to pay on time) not a mobil credit card i'm not quite sure which one to pay to if anyone can help that would be great thank you!

A: Are you saying you paid for gas with a Wells Fargo credit card? Not an Exxon/Mobile credit card. Then you owe Wells Fargo credit card as that's the card you charged with. If you don't have a Mobile credit card, didn't use a Mobile credit card - then you don't owe them anything. You don't have an account for any payments to go to. Mobile is getting their money from the credit card you used - Wells Fargo. You owe the credit card you used - no matter what you used it for. If you charged something at Mobile with Wells Fargo credit card - then the charge is on the Wells Fargo credit card. Sounds like you owe Wells Fargo.

Is Fargo a posh city? by Jess Naylor-Clarke Q: Is it a posh/pricey place to shop/live?

A: I wouldn't say posh. Fargo certainly has it's nicer neighborhoods, but nothing that compares to the elite neighborhoods of major cities. In general, North Dakota is a conservative area where people are more reluctant to flash their wealth through fashion or fancy cars. You are more likely to see snowmobile jackets and pickups. That said, it is less expensive to live and shop in Fargo compared to Minneapolis or Kansas City. Your options for fancy dining/shopping will also be limited.

Wells Fargo opportunity checking is it good? by Marie P Q: I just opened a oppurtunity checking account with wells fargo. Am I doing okay with it I mean is it good or bad? And how does it work?

A: An opportunity checking account is the second chance account that Wells Fargo offers to their customers who have had problems with a checking account in the past. Usually the customer is in Chexsystems (they probably owe money to a different bank, or recently paid them back but the record is still in the system.) and Wells Fargo wants you to prove you can take care of a checking account before they give you one with all the bells and whistles. Once you have the account in good standing (no over drafts, basically) for about a year, they will upgrade you into a regular account. The opportunity account has a lot of restrictions. They should have given you some paperwork when you first opened the account to let you know what the exact restrictions are. Off the top of my head the restrictions are no check cashing against the account (if your mom writes you a check you have to deposit it into your account first before you can take the money out.) No cash back on deposits (you have to do withdrawals separate from the deposits). No ATM deposits, no Direct Deposit Advances (this is a bad idea anyway, its not a good thing to get into). You still get to use checks and your debit card like anyone else. No one but you will know that you are in an opportunity account (it doesn't say you are in one on the checks or the card). You can still use Bill Pay online.

Insufficient Funds! Wells Fargo! HELP!!? by Jenny Q: Okay so I'ma start off with my story. I told my mom that I want to buy something online and my mom said okay and I asked her how much she has on her credit card. She answered about 60 or so. And so that night I went on f21 and bought things and the total was 51.96 (I also said I would repay her.) and so it's the next day and I'm sitting here and I look at a mail that reads "notice of insufficient funds" from Wells Fargo... My mom doesn't know about it and I don't know about this notice also and what it is for. It says : amount which is 69.33 , action paid, and fee 35. Does that mean only pay for the fee and what does the amount mean? Can I mail this to Wells Fargo with cash? Help me. I have a feeling my moms going to be mad. I feel so bad .

A: There is no way to keep this from your mom so you may as well tell her now and get it over with. What the message means is you actually spent $69.33 on the transaction or your mom already spent that amount and the account was over drafted so Wells Fargo added enough money to cover it, but charged your mom a $35 fee. If your mom calls to explain the situation she might be able to have the overdraft fee removed if she hasn't had this happen recently, but you definitely need to tell her about it. Since the amount does not match what you spent it might not even be about your transaction.

Wells Fargo teen debit checking account? by rina Q: I'm looking into getting a teen debit at the moment but have a few questions: 1. If I open a checking account at wells fargo, they require an opening deposit of 100$. Since there's no minimum balance, can i take this money out of it from an atm, like right away?? 2. Do my parents have to have an account separate from the teen debit there we;d be co-owning? Thank you! Please do not recommend another teen debit company because this is my top choice. ^ ^ Please do not recommend another teen debit company because this is my top choice. ^ ^ sorry for repeating....i was experiencing technical difficulties....-_-

A: These are questions to ask a Wells Fargo customer service representative directly. Some one here, like me, may have had experience with Wells Fargo (which I did) with my minor children and their first checking accounts. However, that experience was in the past, and banks change their policies constantly. A customer service representative will tell you exactly what its requirements are currently. I realize you asked not to recommend another bank, and I will not do so. I will recommend you compare checking accounts for minors at local banks and credit unions. In particular, credit unions have lower fees and lower minimum balances than the national banks. I realize I may sound like a spokesperson for credit unions, and I assure you I am not. My point is, pick the services that are important to you, and then find the bank or credit union that best meets your needs. Don't pick a bank and then hope it's the best deal.

Symbol in the credits for Fargo? by MissBrittney Q: My friend and I were watching the movie Fargo by the Cohen Brothers and we noticed that in the credits "Victim in the Field" had a symbol for a name instead of John Doe for example. I was wondering if anyone knew what the symbol stood for, or what it meant. Thanks! Below is a link to the screenshot of the symbol: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v608/missbrittney/SymbolOnFargo.jpg

A: The symbol you are refering to, is the symbol for the artist formely known as Prince. Prince changed his name to that symbol. There was no name for that symbol, so thats why people referd to Prince as the artist formely known as prince. Later it become known as the Love symbol, or Love symbol #2. In 2000, Prince changed his name back from the love symbol to Prince. Here is more information about prince. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_(musician) Also, Just a side note. When looking at the cast for fargo on IMDB, it lists the Victim in the field as J. Todd Anderson. More Info: After doing a bit more research here is the answer. This is a personal quote from J. Todd Anderson. "As far as the Artist Formerly Known As Prince symbol lying on its' side with a happy face in the middle, in the credits: "I'm the storyboard artist formerly known as J. Todd Anderson. That's all I can say about that." It's a private joke between J. Todd and the Coens. Prince and the Coen brothers are both from Minneapolis." (Dayton Daily News: 3/22/96)

where are the wells fargo offices located in the washington DC area? by megale Q: I am located out of state and cannot get a phone # because i dont have a street name for wells fargo preferably in the down town area.

A: Wells Fargo Home Equity Loans (888) 782-6025 Serving Washington, DC Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (202) 216-5701 1225 New York Ave NW Washington, DC Wells Fargo Real Estate (202) 303-3000 1750 H St NW Washington, DC Wells Fargo & Co (202) 296-5577 2020 K St NW Washington, DC Wells Fargo Bank (703) 521-8810 604 S Ball St Arlington, VA Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (202) 237-5586 4926 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington, DC Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (301) 562-2500 1010 Wayne Ave Silver Spring, MD Wells Fargo Financial Accptnce (301) 587-5300 1300 Spring St # 126 Silver Spring, MD Wells Fargo Financial Accptnce (703) 329-0901 5946 Richmond Hwy # A Alexandria, VA Wells Fargo (703) 442-5277 1320 Old Chain Bridge Rd McLean, VA Wells Fargo Financial Accptnce (703) 461-3101 374 S Pickett St Alexandria, VA

Chase or wells fargo . why ? by adrianna Q:

A: Wells Fargo is rated better in all of the studies. http://consumer-banking.findthebest.com/compare/1-4/Wells-Fargo-vs-Chase

Wells Fargo or TCF Bank? by 71MalkinsMilitia71 Q: I'm opening a teen account, because I just got a job and want somewhere to keep my money. But I'm not sure whether I should choose Wells Fargo or TCF Bank? If I open a TCF account then I get 50 dollars. But I really just want the overall better bank. Does anyone bank with either? Or have any advice? (I know I just asked this, but its in the wrong forum)

A: I've been a customer of both and I can say this, TCF bank kinda sucks. On the whole, both companies are about the same, but TCF has the worst customer service I've ever dealt with, and when you go to deposit a check, they hold it for a few days instead of making the money instantly available. Wells Fargo on the other hand, they're like Nazi's when it comes to fees and other annoying 'bank' crap. That said, as young as you are, go for TCF, 50 bucks is always good.

who owns fargo jet center? by Sara Q: provide your resources

A: Fargo Jet Center, Inc. 3802 20th St N Fargo, ND 58102-0908, United States Patrick Sweeney Chb-ceo; Owner Randy Jenson V Pres-cfo Darren Hall Vice President; Vp Marketing

How reliable are Fargo ND taxis? by chad_the_peacemaker Q: I am just wondering how reliable Fargo taxis are because I will be there in June. What ones do you all recommend? Will be going from Jefferson Lines to the Motel 6 North.

A: Call one head of time. Check with the local Chamber of Commerce. They will have a member business that they will get you in touch with. I have found them helpful in other areas. But taxis in Fargo have to be better than New York city even due to all the weather they go through.

Who owns Well Fargo Bank? by Chase Q:

A: Wells Fargo - Wells Fargo & Co was purchased by Norwest bank in 1998 (or somewhere around then). Norwest bank then changed their name to Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo bank Withdrawals/Debits? by powerfull_soup Q: OK so yesterday i bought something from dick blick art materials. and also bought a membership in jibjab and bought some stuff at jetpens and paid some bills. i paid 84 dollars in total so then i go check my wells fargo account to see if it got posted and it did all the withdrawals/Debits where made so today i checked again to make sure again and i found out that only jetpen and the bills where posted and the other money from dick blick and jibjab is back in my checking account and there is nothing posted of a refund or anything is just as if i had never bought anything. so then i go check my jibjab membership and its working so then i go check at dick blick to see if my package got cancel and it wasn't im still getting it whats going on? is like if im getting the stuff for free lol can someone explain has anyone had the same issue? i didn't even got an email sent to me

A: Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Phone Number 800-869-3557 24 hours, 7 days Call them.

Wachovia/Wells Fargo Merger? by Sam B Q: Does anyone know the intention and timeline for these two banks? Will it be Wells Fargo Wachovia with locations on both coasts? As a current Wachovia customer, I'm almost completely over the "look for a new bank" panic but I wanted to know if anyone out there has more specific information.

A: Wachovia is going to change its name over the Wells Fargo so any branches that are wachovia will soon have a new name and look. As of right now you can only still use Wachovia branches and atm's but that will all change so you will have more branches and ATM's when you head out west or southwest where wells fargo is located. Probably give it a year before everything changes like your debit, checks and statements as well has possibly even your checking agreements. I know that Wachovia offers free checking no direct deposit needed but Wells Fargo requires direct deposit so it will be interesting to see what changes occur on that point.

Wells fargo overdraft fee!!!! 10 points? by slickpuppy Q: So i bank with wells fargo i had $176 in the bank then i took out $220 and it shows only $-53 so why am but it does no show no fee.... why have they not charged me the $35 fee ...i have been with the bank 6 months and this is my first time overdrafting thanks for the answers

A: They will, that's for sure. They may also charge you a "below minimum balance fee". And a " overdraft processing fee ". Or any other kind of fee. Make sure you carefully scrutinize the next statement, and protest against any fees that you do nto recognize. At least Wells Fargo is better than BOA - BOA is the absolute worst when it comes to nuisance fees, and fees on top of fees.

Wells Fargo teen checking account? by Gloves Q: I'm going to go open a teen account at Wells Fargo i know you need $100 to open it but do my parents need an account there so i can open one? Can my brother transfer me money from another account from Santa Barbara bank and trust?

A: As long as you're at least 16 years old, you should be fine. Just make sure to bring in proper ID (a Driver's License or Passport and a student ID or social security card should do). Your parents do NOT need to bank there. You brother can transfer money but he'd be charged a fee and so would you (it's called a "wire transfer"). You're better off having your brother just run by a local branch of Wells Fargo and make a deposit into your account. You're better off going to a better bank, like Bank of America, by the way.

Who owns wells fargo? by Sergio Q:

A: It looks like it is owned by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. But it's a bank, so I'm not sure about the word "owned." Per Wikipedia: "Wells Fargo in its present form is a result of a merger between San Francisco-based Wells Fargo & Company and Minneapolis-based Norwest Corporation in 1998 and the subsequent 2008 acquisition of Charlotte-based Wachovia. Although Norwest was technically the surviving entity in the 1998 merger, the new company renamed itself Wells Fargo, capitalizing on the 150-year history of the nationally recognized name and its trademark stagecoach. Following the acquisition, the company transferred its headquarters to Wells Fargo's headquarters in San Francisco and merged its operating subsidiary with Wells Fargo's operating subsidiary in Sioux Falls. ...The firm's primary U.S. operating subsidiary is national bank Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., which designates its main office as Sioux Falls, South Dakota. "

Working at Wells Fargo..? by m&sgirl123 Q: I have a phone interview with Wells Fargo coming up really soon which I'm excited for! I was just wondering, how is it working there for those who work or have worked there? I heard that there are so many referrals you have to do per week which I'm really nervous for. What happens if you do not complete the required weekly referrals?? Also, what can I expect throughout the hiring process?

A: Wells Fargo has thousands of differnt kinds of jobs (especially considering that with the Wachovia acquisition, they now have both a commercial and an investment bank). But it sounds like maybe you're referring to a teller position? I'm not 100% sure. In any case, Glassdoor.com has almost 1,900 employee reviews for Wells Fargo. If you are referring to a teller position, you can filter the reviews by the word 'teller', and there are 217 of those reviews. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for there.

Wells Fargo Subprime Loan Exposure? by dex Q: Just looking at a chart it seems like Wells Fargo stock is doing okay for the last 5 years (at least compared to some of the other banks that got creamed by bad loans like BAC, C, WAMU, etc). Just wondering did WFC make these loans or were they not as exposed? Or did they get out of the loans in time? It seems like the stock would be a lot lower now if they were too exposed.

A: That's a darn good question which I can't explain either, because Wells Fargo was one of the biggest, if not THE biggest player in this field. Here are some links to websites that I uncovered on this subject: http://www.thestreet.com/story/10344210/thestreetcom-ratings-banks-with-most-subprime-exposure.html http://www.startribune.com/business/44505002.html http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/5cf02966-b306-11e0-86b8-00144feabdc0.html http://www.fool.com/investing/dividends-income/2007/10/17/alls-well-at-wells-fargo.aspx http://www.dailyfinance.com/2010/07/09/wells-fargo-subprime-mortgage-exit/

Chase or wells fargo? by adrianna Q:

A: Wells Fargo gets a better rating. http://consumer-banking.findthebest.com/

Wells Fargo group interview? by Xtine Q: Can someone help me on what to expect, what questions will be asked, how I can stand out? I am applying for a teller position. I am concerned that my lack of experience will be what will x me out on the list.

A: If your lack of experience mattered they would not have asked you to do a group interview to begin with so you do not have to worry about that. Also, my friend worked for Wells Fargo and she said she HATED it because you HAVE to get 2 people a day to sign up for a credit card and if you don't then you have to stay after and call people until you do. Just thought I would mention that. Maybe your Wells Fargo might be different but just thought it was worth mentioning. Anyway, GOOD LUCK!

Credit collections with wells fargo bank? by 85501441 Q: A few months ago i got fired from my job and i havent been able to make my monthly payments. Ive honestly been trying desperately to find a job.. but know one is hiring. Ive gone to interviews and gave 100% but still i cant get a job. Now yesterday i received a phone call from a credit collection agency and they explained everything to me. I am very scared now and I dont know what to do. The women I spoke to said she was the Wells fargo representitive or manager (i cant remember) and claimed wells fargo is the second largest bank in the u.s and they are very aggressive. She pretty much demanded i mail a post dated check and that the bank wasnt going to accept anymore of my promises to pay and then said flat out we dont trust you. I told her their is no one who can borrow me $260 dollars for my credit card payments ( I owe almost 1k) but she insisted that i borrow it from my mother .. and then said hold on while i get your mother on the phone. .. thats when i hung. Borrowing the money from friends or family is not an option. no one has that kind of money just sitting around. I would really appreciate any helpful advice. I know collectors like to sound threatening and intimidating towards you and demand large payments but what can they do if i dont make the payment? they wanted $260 and honestly $ 20 is all i can afford to do right now. how long until they take further action and what can they do? I worry about things like this all day long, I cant eat, and i cant sleep. Im very stressed out as it is. I asked a friend and her advice was to rip up the letters and hang up when they call. if i did that what would happen too me :' ( also would sending a post dated check be a bad idea? according to them they will not accept anything other than that. they wanted me to have someone borrow me a check. if i did this would they have access to the account? and even though they demanded a personal check... i will have to do money order. is that ok?

A: Remember that those representative in the collections department work on commission, and that is why she said she wouldn't take less...because she gets PAID on less. I used to work for Wells Fargo early in my career, and what I can tell you, is that what the woman told you borderlined a threat, which is illegal. Send them $20, $10, $5, anything you can per month...even if it's a $1, it's better than not sending anything at all. Even if they say they won't take it, put it in the mail and send it anyway...and send everything CERTIFIED and keep every single cancelled check like they were made of gold. Keep detailed records of your balance and what is remaining. Don't worry about paying by personal check, if you have ever paid them before by check, they have a copy of this information anyway, and can't do anything without a court order, of which you would receive notice of. (And it is EXTREMELY unlikely they will go that route). Since it is a credt card, the worst thing they will do is ding your credit, but you need to focus on finding a job, paying for a place to live, gas in your car, and food on the table before paying off a credit card...but still, do what you can. Instead of taking calls from them, send them a certified letter spelling out what you are able to pay per month, don't take anymore calls from them, and send them what you can. I wouldn't speak to them either if they aren't willing to negotiate, and do what I consider, is very rude. PS: Remember what they can legally do, and what they will do is two different things. The worst Wells Fargo will do is get a judgement against you and it only appears on your credit report. Just pay it when you can. I wish you the best of luck, and anyone could be in your shoes.

Wachovia Bnak? Wells Fargo and Citigroup? by Amazingly, I'm still SaNe Q: I'm really confused about this. I know that Citigroup might get Wachovia. or Wells Fargo might get wachovia. What does this mean for my family? My parents have a savings and checking account with wachovia. Should we switch banks? Any help at all would be appreciated. Try to explain it thoroughly!

A: You REALLY don't need to worry as the "big dogs" will get affected much more than the average customer. I personally change my accounts often, and in this day and age everything is unpredictable. My methods might seem silly and pointless, and they can be time wasting, but it works for me, so whether or not you choose to listen or roll your eyes, is up to you. I have savings/checking with Wachovia as well. What I've done is, I always bank with at least three different banks, and develop history and good service with them, so that if one goes bellyup, or gets bought out by another, or loses its power or status, or appeal, or branches with lesser ATM's or whatever, and I don't want to put up with the BS of the whole process, I just switch over to a Bank which I know has a better reputation, that's stronger, that offers more services. I mean, ..why go with a Bank that's less known, has less services, a bad reputation and doesn't have as many ATM'S? Do you really want to put up with that? Many will argue, but I choose to go with the best, most reputable, most well-dispersed, etc. I am now currently closing my Wachovia savings and transferring over my savings to Citigroup. I already have a great card with citicards, and A loan with citibank, and the process is so much better/easier when you have checking/savings with them as well. Now that they're going to be even bigger, it will be more convenient for me, and what not. They automatically reissue you new cards and new everything, and you technically don't need to worry but, if you want to stay ahead of the game, it might be more convenient for you. I also have an account with Bank of America, which I'm staying with, regardless, and I also have one with Chase, which just bought out Washington Mutual. The answer isn't always, go with the best and biggest, but for what works for you. Wells Fargo cannot do anything to Wachovia right now because Citigroup, through the legal system placed got a judge to issue that they can't do anything until Citigroup/Wachovia reach a deal or what not. Technically.....I don't want to wait for the changes to happen, and I do it myself, to stay ahead of it all.

Wells Fargo Personal Banker Interview? by John Doe Q: I am scheduled to have the final interview for a Personal Banker position with Wells Fargo. The recruiter told me I was going to present a product them them. Then I was going to have an interview with a store manager. Does anybody know anything about this need help.!!!!

A: Anyone who has a bank account at Wells Fargo that has more than $100,000 gets a "personal banker". It doesn't really mean anything. You just call those customers once a year and talk to them about new products. Wells Fargo has a special section for Personal Bankers at only a few branches. Instead of walking up to a teller, you sit down with the PB. But it isn't anything fancy, just an open desk with no walls. If you have to make up a new banking "product", tell them you are inventing an inkless thumb print-taker. So when anyone cashes a check they just slide their fingertip over a scanner like in the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report. Or tell them that you are inventing a new way for customers to invest in commodities like wheat or sugar futures. Where Wells Fargo will find the warehouse space for anyone who buys sugar and then has to take delivery. (that is when all commodities buyers panic- when they have to exercise their option)..

Should I move to Fargo, North Dakota? by davidmichigan24 Q: I was offered a job in Fargo, ND. What's it like there?

A: The people are generally "small-town" friendly. The weather isn't as bad as everyone seems to think. Yes, it does get very cold at times, but it doesn't last all year. The ice and snow isn't that bad either, I run rural delivery routes in the area and have yet to have to miss a route in 7 years. Jan. and Feb. are usually the real cold months, otherwise isn't too bad. As far as the rest of the year, it usually doesn't get too terribly hot in the summertime, but we do get some heatwaves once in awhile. Fargo itself is a nice city. I'm sure there are the same things there as in any other city. If you like outdoor activities there is no shortage. The only thing I don't like is the amount of road construction in the summertime, but I guess it's like that everywhere. Basically, I would say if you like the hustle and bustle of a big city but with a small town feel, then Fargo is perfect. If you don't want to live in Fargo, there are many small towns in the area.

Wells Fargo "pending" transactions? by Jasmine Q: I have the Well Fargo app to help keep track of how much money I have and to pay my credit card bills online. Whenever I buy something on my debit card, the transactions sometimes says "pending". Now, sometimes this screws me over because sometimes the money gets taken out and I don't know it and I end up going over and have to pay an overdraft. When I found this out, I was constantly checking my account to see when the money was being taken out so that I wouldn't overspend accidentally anymore. When my parents put money in my account every week, will the "pending" transactions be taken out of the new money put into the account before I can even spend any of that first? There are 5 pending transactions on my account right now from three days ago that haven't been cleared yet, but I don't want to use my card until the transactions have been cleared because I'm afraid that the money hasn't been taken out yet. Should I wait for the transactions to be cleared and see if they take money from the new amount in my account? Or is it okay to use the new money put in my account? My basic question is will my pending transactions affect the current balance of my account when they clear? I'm new to having a bank account and I'm trying not to go into over drafts to keep my credit okay.

A: This is hard to not do my sales pitch, as I work for a major competitor of Wells Fargo. Here is how my employer uses the term "pending" transaction, and I am sure it is the same way with *shudders* Wells Fargo: A pending transaction is one that you have completed, but the business has not taken the money out of your account yet. Usually small businesses take 1-5 days to take the money out of your account, while large businesses are almost immediate. I recommend you manually write down the amount in your account and deduct the amount you spend to avoid such things. This requires more effort, but I know Wells Fargo has stiff overdraft fees on most of their accounts (not biased, I swear).

Bank of America or Wells Fargo? by Andrew L. Q: I plan on opening a checking and savings account soon. My two choices of banks are Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Bank of America is running this deal in june where any employee of my current employer gets $75 added to their account when they open a new checking account in june. I am leaning towards BoA. What are your thoughts?

A: ~~I worked for BofA for a few years, and was a customer for almost 30 years. They made me so angry over a dispute I had that after all this time I closed all of our accounts and went to Chase Bank (and I love Chase). However, overall, I would say use BofA before Wells Fargo. I have heard so many complaints people have had with Wells Fargo, I would never do business with them. So my answer is of the two, I would go wit BofA. Plus, why refuse free money, that is a huge plus!~~

Wells Fargo Foreclosure? by Burt Q: My home mortgage (in California) belongs to Wells Fargo. I was falling behind on my monthly payments and attempted to modify my loan. Shortly thereafter, I received a letter that my home was already foreclosed and auctioned off! I had 5 days to find a public lawyer (over the weekend) and fortunately, I already had one. My lawyer discovered that my home was sold dirt cheap and also discovered that the buyer was none other than Wells Fargo! I received an eviction notice but presented a letter from my lawyer and still remain here today. My lawyer said that he is waiting for Wells Fargo to respond to his suit, but they are silent. Anybody else in this situation? I will fight this 'til my dying breath!

A: Stay in the house until you hear from your lawyer. He is acting within legal boundaries of the eviction notice. You just "rained on their parade" by having a private lawyer in advance of receiving the eviction notice. Wells Fargo has acted fraudulently and illegally and a judge will decide in accordance with the law, most definitely in your favor. Don't jump ship like that realtor advised, hang in there and stay in contact with your lawyer at all times. Contact media for public exposure of Wells Fargo's sneaky work ethics. Please keep us abreast!

Suntrust vs. Wells Fargo? by Etalocohc Q: Which is better for students who have never had a banking account (and knows little about banks and such) and offers free student checking and savings accounts? Share personal, good or bad, experiences with these banks if you have them. (I know Wells Fargo is new)

A: You have to do what's best for you. These banks sometimes have student checking accounts, with a free mac card. Suntrust is pretty much a southeastern bank, where wells fargo is all over the country.

Fargo, ND Bus Station Question? by Shawn C Q: My fiance is traveling from Glendive, MT to Chicago, IL. I have figured the easiest way would be for her to take the Rimrock Stages Trailways bus from Glendive, to Fargo, ND, and then get on Greyhound and take that to the Waukegan, IL station, where I would be able to pick her up. My question is are the 2 buses at the same station or does she have to travel to get to the second station. If this were so, is there an easier, least expenive way to get from one to the other other than taxi?

A: They seem to be in the same location. I know the train and Greyhound are at the same location, and Rimrock Stages is now contracting with Greyhound. WikiTravel says: Greyhound and Jefferson Lines serve Fargo. The bus station is at 402 Northern Pacific Ave, phone 701-293-1222. It is one of the few stations in the system that actually has Greyhound maps and model buses for sale. Next door, in the same complex, are connections for Fargo-Moorhead Public Transit buses. Although still serving Fargo, Greyhound recently cut services to smaller North Dakota cities; Rimrock Stages provides service along I-94 to Billings, while Jefferson Lines serves I-29 north to Winnipeg and south to Kansas City.

Wells Fargo Teller Jobs? by David Q: I applied for a teller job at wells Fargo and i have an interview this week. I hear that they are very sale orientated. I have never had to sell anything in my life and I do not think i would be a very good sales person. I was wondering what is a teller job at wells fargo like. Do they look for their teller to sell a lot. Would i get fired if i don't meet the sale goal. Is it easy to meet the sale goal or hard. If some one who can answer these questions for me and give me more advice i would really appreciate it. Thank You

A: A tellers job is not so much actual selling of any particular product but is instead suggesting other products the bank has to offer. They would want you to be aware of what Wells Fargo offers and to recognize situations where a certain product or service might be appropriate for a customer. For example if a customer had a large amount in a regular passbook account you might advise the customer that Wells Fargo has CD's available that earn a higher rate of interest. You might suggest to customers that Wells Fargo has professional advisers to help people manage their finances. You might bring up the fact that the banks offer brokerage accounts for advice with stocks, bonds and mutual funds. If you are working with a business customer you might suggest more advanced cash management services offered by the bank. So you are not selling but you are making suggestions.

Wells Fargo teen checking account? by Thu Q: Do you or did you have a wells Fargo teen checking account? And did they make you use your debit card 10 times a month or they will charge you a service fee?

A: Never heard of that. It's no secret that raising a teenager is challenging at best. I once heard the analogy that it's like nailing Jello to a tree. Teens want independence where parents are pretty sure there needs to be external controls. The challenge in parenting a teen is in finding a way to teach your teen how to handle the independence she craves. Wells Fargo has a program to help parents with the financial aspect of this challenge. It's called the "teen checking account" and it's available to customers ages 13-17 for a monthly fee of $3.00. But the fee is waived if the customer chooses to receive statements on line. This account mimics an adult checking account in every way except the parent gets to set the limits. Teens are not always fond of the children's bank accounts they grew up with. This is because their access is extremely limited. In order to spend their money, they have to go to the bank and withdraw cash. Of course, they usually need their parents to do this. The Wells Fargo teen checking account gives teens access to their accounts through access to funds, account information and even overdraft protection. Access to funds comes with the check card and the freedom to order checks. The check card can be used at ATMs and at cash registers, just like a debit card for an adult account. But the parent gets to set the limits. The limit can be set as low as $20 Point of Sale per day and $20 ATM withdraw per day. The parent also has the power to raise or lower these limits on demand. In addition to the check card, this account offers checks for a fee. However, Wells Fargo does not recommend using this feature. Most teens prefer to use check cards rather than checks and most merchants are reluctant to accept checks from teens. Checks returned for insufficient funds are also subject to bank fees and merchant fees. Account information access comes with the free on line banking services. On line banking includes a variety of services. Teens and parents can track account activity, transfer funds and view educational material on line. They can also choose to receive on line statements in lieu of traditional paper statements. Use of this feature will get the account's monthly fee waived. On line banking also provides account alerts for withdraws and low balances. Also with on line banking, teens get two free "banker- assisted" calls per statement cycle and unlimited touchtone banking services. Part of learning to handle a checking account might involve an overdraft from time to time. Teens are encouraged to open free "Goal Savings" accounts and link them to their checking accounts with overdraft protection. This will protect them from the full force of overdraft fees while still providing a consequence for each overdraft. A $10 fee applies each day a transfer is made from savings to overdraft protection. Wells Fargo has set overdraft limitations and reduced fees for these accounts. A $15 fee applies for each returned item. In addition to all of the benefits of the teen checking account, Wells Fargo also offers an educational resource on line for bankers of all ages. It's a great resource for the entire family. It's available at www.handsonbanking.org. With Wells Fargo's teen checking account, the financial aspect of raising teens doesn't have to be part of the Jello nailing experience. Teens get a taste of the independence they crave while parents can rest assured that there will be limits to the financial mistakes their kids can make. For more information, visit your local Wells Fargo branch.

Chase ir wells fargo? by adrianna Q:

A: Wells Fargo gets a better rating. http://consumer-banking.findthebest.com/compare/1-4/Wells-Fargo-vs-Chase

Chase or wells fargo? by adrianna Q:

A: Wells Fargo gets a better rating. http://consumer-banking.findthebest.com/compare/1-4/Wells-Fargo-vs-Chase

Outdoor location in Fargo-Moorhead area? by Leona Q: I'm looking for an outdoor location for a ceremony and reception in Fargo, ND or Moorhead, MN. 150 ppl, and would like to be able to cater our own food. Internet is NOT helping, need advice from locals please!

A: here are a few places in fargo and moorhead which you can rent for a wedding and bring your own catering. the fargo parks and recreation department has several nice spots for a wedding, including a pretty white gazebo which you can rent. there are others as well. here is the website. scroll down to see them all. http://www.fargoparks.com/facility_shelters.html a friend's house is a beautiful special occasions facility for rent. it is a really lovely spot for weddings. http://afriendshouse.info/Special_Occasions.html the comstock house in moorhead is also a lovely spot for weddings. http://www.thecomstockhouse.com/5.html another great wedding location in moorhead is the hjemkomst center. there is a chapel on the property and several lovely spots for a reception. http://www.hjemkomstcenter.com/weddings.asp http://rusticoaks.net/index2.php this one i am not sure about the catering. i think they will allow you to choose your own, but you may have to ask them. very pretty place though. also, in fargo, there is the ever-green conference center. for some reason, i was unable to find a webpage for them but you can reach them at 302 27th street north, fargo, nd 58103 701 237 4540

bank teller interview at Wells Fargo bank? by T. Q: i have experience in customer service for close to 5 years.and this included collecting fees for the services.but it in europe and i never worked in a bank, or do not have experience as a teller. i applied at wells fargo and they are going to interview me on the phone.i am kind of scared about it, i mean what do you think? i know that i am good with customers and all that and ok with cash handling but i mean with no direct experience, i might not succeed right? do you have any experience of phone s Fargo, please share! thanks Thankyou very much both of you.and thankyou for the frank comments!!

A: I used to work at Wells Fargo. As a teller and banker. It was the worst job of my life. I hated it. Wells Fargo is an awful place to work. Let me give you just a few reasons why. First, you think you're just going to be a teller? Think again. You will be harassed, threatened under pan of FIRING to peddle checking accounts and banking products to EVERY customer. No, I mean that. Every, single, customer you handle you will be expected to make a sale. They're just trying to deposit their paycheck? Think again. Ask them if they have identity theft and if not why not. You see, Wells Fargo sales are called "Solutions." Every teller must have at least 80 solutions per quarter. This works out to two a day. If you don't that, you're written up. You have to have at least 120 to get bonus. And how much is that bonus you ask? Oh, about $150 - 200...PER QUARTER. And if you get 119? Sorry, nothing. For the love of god I am warning you. This is my mission of mercy. If you don't have a job and you simply have to have one, go ahead and do it. If you already have a job, stay at it. I don't care if you're working the midnight sanitation shift at Wal-Mart. You'll like that better than working for Wells. Also, Wells Fargo is a very corrupt, bullying company, towards its employees and customer. Let me tell you about what happened to a good friend of mine there. At Wells Fargo, the teller manager is called a Service Manager. Lori was a Service Manager. Lori was outstanding at what she did. She was a great sales girl, scored perfectly on the SOCR (SOCR is Store Operations Control Report - what Wells calls their audits) and was written it up, had her incentive revoked and pay decreased because the tellers working under her didn't sell enough! If you decide to go through with it, here's what's going to happen. The truth is Wells will hire pretty much anyone. But, what they want to hear is you emphasizing your cash handling, customer service and sales experience. I've done interviews so I know what happens. They'll ask you a question like, "This is a hypothetical. Bill Smith, a regular customer of the bank, approaches you angrily and tells you his deposit has not posted. He accuses you of mishandling the deposit and causing his account to overdraft. What do you do?" And the answer they're looking for is something like this, "Mr. Smith, I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience. I would be very angry had this happened to me also. I can assure you that we will research and address this matter as soon as possible, and any fees incurred as a result of bank error will be waived. If you have a few moments can I introduce you do a banker or my Service Manager to resolve this issue?' Oh my god am I thankful I am out of that place. Please reconsider. Sorry for being so long but you asked for my opinion, you got it!

Wells Fargo vs. Chase Bank? by N09 Q: I am an 18yr old college freshman and I want to open a bank account with Wells Fargo or Chase Bank. I have only about $500 and i want to invest some.What are the pros and cons for each bank? And which bank do you recommend, you can include any other bank you think will be better. Thx in advance why does it depend where i go to school at and where I live?

A: I think neither bank is very well regarded by consumers. They are both so large they tend to forget about the little person (the customer). If you search Google for "chase bank sucks" you get 174,000 hits. A search for "wells fargo sucks" gets 160,000 hits. By that measure, Wells Fargo would be the better bank. Most people find the service at a credit union far superior to a big bank, but these tend to be very regional. If you need a bank that has branches all over, I can recommend First Republic Bank. Searches on "first republic sucks" for "first republic bank sucks" returns no hits. :) Also, quality of service for any bank can vary very heavily from branch to branch. I suggest using Yelp to see what other people are saying for the branch or branches you will be using to help you make your decision.

18+ Sunday Nights in Fargo, ND? by daydreamer1235 Q: Does anyone know of any bars or clubs that host 18+ night on Sunday nights in Fargo, ND? Just names would be awesome. I really appreciate it!

A: Fargo or East Grand Forks? I think they are both too small of a town to have any, but I may be wrong, ask your friends if they know of any. good luck - BTW Minneapolis only has about 5 of these places, and a lot of crime takes place at them. Murders, fights, robberies. There's extra police there now, but when the close on Sunday nights there is trouble So if you find one leave before it closes !

Wells Fargo banking problem? by Maggie Q: My husband has had repeated problems with Wells Fargo and will now be switching banks. The final issue happened last week when he deposited his payroll check and it bounced (this has happened before - awful employer but a good job). Because he doesn't trust those checks, he didn't spend any money from the account until he could be sure it cleared. We got notified on Monday that Wells Fargo had drained his checking and savings accounts to clear the check!!!! So they're drawing money from his accounts to clear a check he's depositing. Is that even legal??? So now not only does he have no paycheck, but he owes the bank overdraft money because he didn't have enough to cover the bounced check that he was trying to deposit. What can we do about this other than change banks? (And tell everyone to NEVER USE WELLS FARGO - EVER!!!)

A: There is no reason that a bank should be taking money from your husband's accounts in the situation you describe. It is customary for a bank to hold a check for collection if there is not a compensating balance in the checking or other accounts (enough money to cover the check if it bounces). But, you have stated that your husband hasn't attempted to draw any funds against the check he recently deposited. Is it possible that a payroll check he previously deposited has bounced, and it's only now being deducted from his account balances? This seems to be the more probable explanation. Often, a bank must make available the funds from a deposited check, by law, before the checks actually clears. You do have recourse if the bank acted improperly. Contact your state's office of financial institutions (or the equivalent) and file a complaint. In Washington State, for example, you would contact the Washington State Division of Financial Institutions. You can also file a complaint with the national regulator. I'm not sure which regulator would oversee Wells Fargo. It depends on their charter, and whether they are a member of the Federal Reserve. So, try these contacts for filing a complaint, and they will be able to tell you if Wells Fargo comes under their jurisdiction: Federal Reserve www.federalreserve.gov Division of Consumer and Community Affairs, Mail Stop 801, Federal Reserve Board, Washington, DC 20551 Or call 1-202-452-3693 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation www.fdic.gov Division of Compliance and Consumer Affairs, 550 17th Street N.W., Washington, DC 20429 Or call 1-800-934-3342 Comptroller of the Currency www.occ.treas.gov Customer Assistance Group 1301 McKinney St., Ste. 3710 Houston, TX 77010 Or call 1-800-613-6743

Chase or wells fargo? by adrianna Q:

A: Wells Fargo is the best in every survey. They beat Chase Head to Head, everytime.

Wachovia and Wells Fargo...? by ladysailor666 Q: If anyone may work for one of these banks or knows something about it please help! My sister used to have a checking account with Wachovia that she defaulted on and eventually they closed it. Now she banks with Wells Fargo with their Second Chance Checking. After Wachovia became part of Wells Fargo, they debited out the amount she owed on her previous Wachovia account from her new Wells Fargo account without notifying her..is this legal? Can they even do this?

A: Wow that sucks! What bad luck! Unfortunately, even though they closed her account she still did owe the money. Defaulting isn't the same as declaring bankruptcy- the debt still exists. Now that the company was absorbed by Wells Fargo, her financial history is again all in one place. Before, Wells Fargo couldn't access her separate account, just as separate bank accounts in separate banks are completely independent. Now, Wells Fargo = Wachovia in terms of banking. That means her debt was inadvertantly cleared because she actually did have the money she claimed not to have to Wachovia. Now her accounts are under the "same" bank (both the old closed account and then new working account), so they are able to collect on overdue balances, just as if she'd opened a new account at Wachovia itself. So unfortunately for your sister, they're in the right. Still sucks though, but watch out karma!

Help Please Job at wells fargo? by aaliyah Q: I just got an interview at wells fargo for Jan 15 but my account is overdrawn will that affect me getting the job its has only been overdrawn for 2 days and i was laid off from my last job so im waiting on unemployment to come. Any answer is helpful

A: Hi, I'm sorry to hear that times have been tough for you. That's great that you have an interview with them! I do not know if that would affect your interview or not, but I recommend thinking positive and just doing your best at the interview! These sites have tips, good luck! :) http://www.glassdoor.com/Interview/Wells-Fargo-Interview-Questions-E8876.htm http://www.indeed.com/forum/cmp/Wells-Fargo/Interview-tips/t14738 http://jobs.aol.com/articles/2011/02/20/i-interviewed-at-wells-fargo-bank/

Dog agility Fargo? by I luv apple Q: I live near Fargo, North Dakota, and I want to train my dog for agility. Where can I go?

A: There are several options that I know of. Sheila Dietz with Canine Academy does agility classes. [email protected] is her email address. Or try Mary Warnock at Red River Obedience Dog Training. You can email her at [email protected] and both of these locations have indoor training sites. Additionally, you can go to www.agilityevents.com and see what trials or matches are going to be in Fargo. Show up and ask the competitors at the Masters level where they take classes or who does privates. In the meantime, here are a couple of tips: 1. You can actually start formally doing agility until your dog is at least 1 year old. That's because the growth plates need to have closed. 2. Work with your dog on basic obedience. You'll need a good sit, down, stay and recall since all agility is off leash. Good luck! Agility is a great sport that will enhance the relationship you have with your dog.

Bank of America or Wells Fargo? by Gaia Raain Q: I'm looking to open a joint checking account with a friend who lives in a different town than me. The only banks her town and my town have in common are Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Our home loan is through Wells Fargo. I don't know if that makes a difference, just thought I'd throw it out there. Which bank is better?

A: wells fargo... bank of america is an arrogant bank with high absurd fees. bank of america has a much larger exposure to subprime loans than wells fargo in $ terms as well as a % of their assets and equity..wells fargo offers much lower fees and since you already have your mortgage loan with them, i believe they might reward you for openning a checking account with them. they are smaller yet friendlier. for example, even if you have a checking account with bank of america, if you want a cashier's check, they will still charge you an $8 fee. with wells fargo, if you bank with them and you need a cashier's check made out to someone, there's no charge for it.

is Fargo a real place? by sandsnack Q:

A: Yes, Fargo is: A town in Arkansas: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fargo%2C_Arkansas A city in Georgia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fargo%2C_Georgia A city in North Dakota: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fargo%2C_North_Dakota A town in Oklahoma: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fargo%2C_Oklahoma The movie has references to North Dakota. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fargo_%28film%29

Wells Fargo health discount plan? by soya Q: I got a letter from wells fargo about health discount plan....i don't have ins is this any good? it says its good for medical care dental vision prescriptions alternative care chiropractic care..... only for 22.95/mo for me and my husband? i know its not a insurance but i was just wondering if its good to have

A: What does it do for you? I think it means that if you go to a doctor on their list, you will get a discounted price from that doctor. But you don't know what the doctor would have charged without the discount. Generally, anything that is actively marketed is a rip-off. Wells Fargo is a bank. They get a commission for signing people up for this discount: "In this case, Wells Fargo has a partnership with Coverdell, which operates Best Benefits along with other marketing programs that offer discounts on shopping -- from cars to clothes -- and an Internet- and phone-based dating service. Wells Fargo earns a commission off each customer who becomes a Best Benefits member. The bank declined to say how much it earns from the memberships. When Namak realized she'd joined Best Benefits, she said, she canceled within the required 30-day window. But the company didn't finalize her cancellation until June, after she'd made two more phone calls. In the meantime, she said, she was charged $39.90, which took several months and about a dozen more phone calls to recoup. At one point, Namak said, she called Wells Fargo for help but was told there was nothing it could do, and she was passed on to Best Benefits. "

dammit wells fargo!? by jose vera Q: so i had 15 bux left in my account haha and something charges me again for the 2nd straight month. (saw it online) it says this... CHECK CRD PURCHASE 01/15 EPOCH.COM*RKNETMEDIA charged me $39.95 plus also got charged for an over draft fee of $34.00 so now i have $-58.36 in my account. also last month i got charged from this CHECK CRD PURCHASE 12/16 RKNETHELPCOM $24.00 gonna have a word with them (wells fargo) tomorrow in person. anything like this ever happened to you?

A: I second that feeling. Damn wells fargo!!! To make a long story short I ended up w/ 13 overdraft charges in 1 mo. b.c. a customer service rep. @the mortgage dept. didn't stop my autodraft as i requested (i was told it would be stopped). wells fargo only removed 6 of them b.c. they said i should still be responsible since it's 1/2 my fault. I f$%ck&!g hate that bank. It also seems to get robbed quite a bit here in the citrus heights, ca area + I wonder why it's wells fargo getting robbed all the time. It's probably another customer who was pissed off @their ate up customer service. Once my checks have all cleared @the end of this month I'm closing my accounts w/ them. They have retarded customer service reps (one didn't want to allow me to cancel a cashiers check of mine immediately since it would supposedly take 48 hrs to do so...then i went to another wf branch + it could be done immediately) and the mortgage dept. is even worse. I'm not the only who feels that way, my aunt, mother and friend all second how much wells fargo sucks. they've canceled their accounts + i will as well.

Wells Fargo changed their Terms/Conditions? by ricky h Q: I got an email from Wells Chargo... I mean fargo, that they changed their terms/conditions. I went to the site I'm supposed to go to but I didnt see any docs about it. anyone know what happened? I dont want to find out by getting a fee for something stupid

A: Ack, never go to a website posted in an email - you have no idea where the email comes from and no idea who owns the web site you are sent to. Phishing scammers can make very good looking 'copies' of actual business web sites to trick people into entering their account numbers, passwords, etc. Always, always always check with the bank or entity named in the email independently - call the wells fargo customer service number and ask them about the situation. http://www.wellsfargo.com they have a security notice as well: https://www.wellsfargo.com/privacy_security/fraud/report/fraud Report Fraudulent Emails and Websites Wells Fargo will never request you to send personal information via email. If you encounter a suspicious email or website that says it's from Wells Fargo, do not respond to it. How to Report Fraudulent Emails and Websites Email: [email protected] [email protected] Only suspicious emails and websites should be sent to this address. Thank you for helping us detect and stop phishing and fraud. For servicing requests and all other inquiries, call Online Customer Service at: 1-800-956-4442 or visit Customer Service to send us a secure email. Fraud Prevention Hotline: 1-866-867-5568 Call the hotline if you provided personal information through an email or suspicious website.

please need help with fargo printer? by Jacquitto Q: how should i use the kit cleaner for my fargo printer please i need help and which would be the best kit cleaner that i could use

A: Hard to say which will be the "best" cleaning kit to use, but I'm sure any one of them that is designed for the printer will work fine. You can review what's in each kit out there to determine which one you think would work best for you and how you want to clean the printer. Make sure it's one designed for your particular model (you didn't say which one you had). Here are a few websites that may be of help to you: How to clean: http://www.safecardid.com/blog/fargo-printer-cleaning-the-id-card-printer/ Various cleaning kit resources: http://www.google.com/search?q=fargo+printer+cleaner&hl=en&rlz=1T4HPIC_enUS309US255&prmd=s&source=univ&tbs=shop:1&tbo=u&ei=ka2_TL_FHIq2sAPO8fn-BA&sa=X&oi=product_result_group&ct=title&resnum=3&ved=0CDMQrQQwAg You can also do your own Google search for "fargo cleaning kit" and try to also include the model or your printer to narrow it down.

Bismark or Fargo??? by Makeshift Q: Which do you like better & why! Living in North Dakota~ absolutely~ the best people in the world!!

A: Fargo...by far it is more cosmopolitan feeling whereas Bismarck is more rural feeling and if you look at the cost of housing Fargo(for reasons unknown) is actually cheaper than Bismarck...Both are growing ..Bismarck to the north and Fargo to the south..I also like Fargo as it is closer to the cities and closer to Grand Forks where I have friends living,Fargo also has the junction of I-94 and I29 so acess to north south and east west interstates is right there ,Fargo has higher crime but is insignificant in the overall picture in a low crime state..Fargo also has more job oppertunities,bvetter radio and tv stations and is a lot better at building the community .

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