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Why is it a good idea to factor out the GCF first and then use other methods of factoring? by Photogurl Q: Use 3x^2-18x+15 as an example. What happens if one first uses trial and error to factor as two binomials rather than first factoring out the GCF? Thank you for your help!

A: Factoring out the 3 and giving you 3(x^2-6x+5) decreases the amount of time and effort you have to use in trial and error to find the factors which can easily be seen now to be (x+6)(x-1)

How would I solve this equation using factoring and show my work? by G H Q: How would I solve this equation using factoring, and how would I show my work? Thank you so much! The area of a rectangle is 24 square meters. Find the length and width of the rectangle if its length is 2 meters greater than its width. Use an equation and the formula ® area of a rectangle = (width)(length)

A: I made this equation to help you: w=width *w(2+w)=24 that would mean... *w^2 + 2w =24 from there I just guessed and found the answer to be 4

How much would you guess a factoring company would purchase 2 billion dollars of debt for? by sportfan3224 Q: If 1 million people owe you $2,000, how much would you expect to get and what information would you have to provide to the factoring company?

A: You'd have to know the terms of the loans -- e,g, interest rate, term, payment terms, etc,

Can I use a factoring company to buy a profitable business ? by avee Q: I am interested in purchasing a profitable online business but I do not have the available funds to do it at the moment. So i'd like to know if a factoring company would be able to help me out.

A: You are talking about buying a business based upon its receiveables. Borrowing against the receivables to finance the business. I highly doubt it. Keep in mind factoring is going to be like getting 70% of the value of the invoice.It might be possible, call a factoring company, be prepared to have a resume that shows why you can run this company. Good Luck

What is the formula you follow when factoring the difference of two squares? by Hazel Garcia Q: What steps are involved in factoring by grouping? What are your options for factoring if the parentheses don’t match? Please Help Me. This is only 3 questions. I have tried to figure it out, and my teacher is on vacation, so I can't call her. I'm homeschooled.

A: Factor out the greatest common factor If the parentheses don't match then it can't be done that way. Maybe if you gave me an example, I could show you.

What are some techniques for factoring polynomials of degree higher than 2? by Question Asker Q: I'm taking Calc A this semester and forgot my old high school math factoring techniques. Anyways, if you had a problem with a variable raised to a degree say like... 5, for example, how would you factor it?

A: There are three main ways to factor equations with degree higher than 2: 1. For cubics there are rules for factoring the sum or difference of cubes. Memorize them. 2. For relatively small degrees above 2, grouping can sometimes be used. 3. The most general method is to look at the graph or use the rational roots theorem to find at least one root, convert the root(s) just found into factor(s) using the factor theorem, then divide the original function by those factor(s). Then perhaps apply the method again to the reduced function.

FACTORING ....!?!??!?!? by Love Q: 72m^2-17m-72 please help me factor this equation! i need your help guys

A: 72(m-9/8)(m+8/9) The factorization of ax^2 + bx + c is a(x-x1)(x-x2), where x1, x2 are the roots of ax^2 + bx + c = 0

FACTORiNG?????? by idkqwert Q: i need help with factoring the fllowing: (please show whatever work you can) 1. 100x^2 - 64y^2 2. n^2 - 5n - 36 3. 2a^3 + 16a^2 + 30a 4. 6x^2 + 20x - 16 5. 9x^2 + 12x +4

A: when you have a difference of squares (x^2 - y^2) this is equal to (x+y)(x-y) therefore 1. 100x^2 - 64y^2 = (10x+8y)(10x-8y) another technique is expanding and grouping in the equation y=ax^2 + by + c, you multiply a and c together. Then you find factors of ac that add up to b 2. n^2 - 5n - 36 1*-36=-36 factors that add up to -5 are -9 and 4 therefore, you can also say n^2 - 9n + 4n - 36 this does not effect the value, so we are okay. Now you group this by working with the first two and last two terms separately. First two: n^2 - 9n = n(n-9) Last two: 4n - 36 = 4(n-9) therefore, the whole thing is n(n-9) + 4(n-9) the fact that (n-9) shows up there twice , which means we are okay now we can distribute out the (n-9) (n-9)(n+4) when it is possible to distribute out a factor initially, go ahead and do so. 3. 2a^3 + 16a^2 + 30a 2a(a^2 + 8a + 15) all of a sudden, this is so much easier to factor. Facotrs of 15 that add up to 8 are 5 and 3 you end up with 2a(a+3)(a+5) 4. 6x^2 + 20x - 16 2 (3x^2 + 10x - 8) 2 (3x^2 -2x + 12x - 8) 3 [x(3x-2) + 4(3x-2)] 3(x+4)(3x-2) 5. 9x^2 + 12x + 4 9x^2 + 6x + 6x + 4 3x(3x+2) + 2(3x+2) (3x+2) ^2 I did this work, but by looking at the first and last terms, you know they are both perfect squares, so there was a pretty good chance that the whole polynomial was a squared binomial....it's a bit complicated, so just use the expansion and grouping method.

factoring.....? by strwberriqt023 Q: factor the following 2x^2+11x-40 7x^2+20x+12 12x^2-17x-7 a^2-144b^2 x^2-12x+36 25x^2-20x+4 solve by factoring 2x^2=7x-6 If u could please show your steps that would be helpful! Thax!!

A: Here is a great tool to help you step by step through any factoring problem you have (you can plug in any problem and it will show you how it's done. It's like a calculator that can factor) http://www.algebra.com/algebra/homework/Polynomials-and-rational-expressions/quadratic-factoring.solver

Factoring? by kcdude Q: I really need help. I don't understand factoring at all...can someone please explain to me how to do it. One of the problems I need to factor is y^2 + 5y - 6 THANKS

A: To understand factoring, it helps to understand multiplying polynomials. If you multiply (x) (x+2), you will get (x^2+2x). Make sure you understand this: x times x gives you the result x squared. 2 times x gives you 2 x. You should also understand that one of the properties of multiplication is that multiplication is distributive over addition. Take the time to understand this: if you have a problem (6) (3+1), you can rewrite it and rework it as (6 times 3) +(6 times 1). (6) (4) = 24 and (18) + (6) = 24. Know this and feel comfortable with it because factoring is just the reverse of this - you're just undoing this operation. Practice it - there are text books with tons of examples. The problem you gave to factor is: y^2+5y-6. You know that the first term (terms are separated by plus or minus signs) is y^2. What times y gives you y squared? y itself. So you know you are going to have a least two factors - start building the factors now. The first term of each is going to be y. That's because you are going to multiply the first terms together and they are going to give you y^2. (y..........) (y.............) Now look at the last term in your problem expression: it is -6. It is also going to be the result of multiplying two things together so make a list of all the things that when multiplied together, give you -6. Since -6 can only be produced by multiplying a negative and a positive to produce a negative, keep that in mind while you make your list. The list of possibilities: -3 2 -2 3 6 -1 1 -6 That pretty much exhausts the list of numbers that multiplied together produce -6. Look at the list: which pair, WHEN ADDED TOGETHER, give you the middle term of your problem expression? 6 and -1. Only one pair is going to work and that one is it. 6-1=5 and your middle term is 5y. So now modify what you have been building (which are factors of your expression). (y+6) (y-1) These are your factors. You are done factoring. It's done. You have to be able to multiply these two factors out to get your original problem expression and you should always do it to make sure they are correct. The FOIL method is usually used. F is first terms, O is outer terms, I is inner terms, L is last terms. You systematically multiply terms (given that order; it's just a memory trick to guide you through..). After you multiply your terms out, you add them up and it gives you your original problem expression. (y+6) (y-1) F (first) y * y = Y^2 O (outer) y * -1 = -1y I (inner) 6 * y = 6y L (last) 6 * -1 =-6 Add the products together Y^2 -1y +6y -6 Add the 6y and -1y and you get 5y. Put this in descending order from the highest power and you get y^2+5y-6. That's your original expression and you factored it. Sounds like a lot of work but if it's not really. If you sit down and work 25 of these problems, you will feel more comfortable with it. After you've worked 50, you will be able to do them (create 2 factors from one expression) in your head.

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