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DayaneFranciel1 agora ouvindo Fábio Jr.

mariana_laara O Fábio acabou de mandar mensagem falando que vem hoje *-*

RevistaIdeias Fábio Campana: Encontro da Juventude nacional do PSDB neste domingo: O presidente da Juventude do PSDB Marcello... http://t.co/6McAp9wI

rafaeltomaz_RN Tarde massa hoje na casa de #Fábio com @Llucas0_0 ;D

aerocirco Fábio Della e Maurício Peixoto tocam: @Aerocirco, show de abertura com: @BandaBlame. dia 12/11 na @CelulaShowCase. #Floripa

Iam22ka Fabio Borges diz: *iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidiooooooooota kkkkkk @Iam22ka         ;3         diz: *améeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem duente s2

pedropaulolg @samwell01 o fabio eu ja tava sabendo, fala pro junin 17:30, e voce vai como ?

raphaellamf @ScaleThestral Fábio :P

felipster_ RT @sodaindie: @felipster_ Fábio http://t.co/y9OlYgsX

LuanaParricelli L'esperienza di Luana a Radio Mugello... Fabio http://t.co/2FswCgDR

sqjthec Chaos: From Simple Models to Complex Systems (Series on Advances in Statistical Mechanics) – Massimo Cencini; Fabio Cecconi; Angelo Vu

ssaeli @danielslorenz Hollllaaaa primo tiempo sin verte. Vienes para la fiesta de Fabio??. jajajja

DDGalofreitas DDGalofreitas no #cartolafc: Vanderlei, Junior Cesar, Fábio Santos, Réver, Dedé, Alex, Oscar, R Gaúcho, Borges, Loco Abreu, Damião, Luxa.

sodaindie @felipster_ Fábio http://t.co/y9OlYgsX

LuanaParricelli Una piccola anteprima del video di Luana Parricelli -Fabio <3 http://t.co/ztytOgWn


If I start using Old Spice, will the ladies love me just like they love Fabio? by Detective L ships BrAvery Q: BQ: is Fabio even attractive? he looks like a really muscular woman to me

A: Awww L, all the ladies already luv ya... :D

What was your opinion of Fabio then and what is it today today? by Ladybug II Q: I used to think he was the perfect specimen of manhood during his heyday. Then I saw him on a morning talk show aimed at women. He has nothing above the shoulders but looks. Major turn off for me.

A: I always thought Fabio was just eye candy, and looked oh so great on the paperbacks. That was enough for me. I think it is better for us not to "know" celebrities. Then we can give them whatever attributes our imaginations deem fit. For instance, I liked Tom Cruise a lot better before he started jumping on couches and being an "authority" on post partum depression. I don't think we need to know who is gay, their religion or politics, etc. Just because someone is a celebrity, I don't think that automatically entitles them to "spout off" at every opportunity. Let's face it--some of them are way off the deep end.

If Fabio Capello's rumoured move to Newcastle United come true, will the Magpies rule the Premiership? by Stan I Sebastian Q: The Daily Star reported that former AC Milan and Real Madrid manager Fabio Capello is being sounded out as a possible replacement for Sam Allardyce at Newcastle.


Should Fabio Capello include Mikel Arteta in the England squad? by The Love Doctor Q: Everton midfielder Mikel Arteta has revealed he would consider playing for England if he received a call-up from manager Fabio Capello. James C he has never played for Spain and the rules state when a foreigner has lived in another country more than 5 years like Arteta then he is able to represent that country he lives in.

A: yes yes yes , i am sure he would give his all for the team unlike most of them who were in the squad for the world Cup

who do u think will win england or switzerland in 3 Days Fabio capello england new manager? by Leeds United Football club Q: who do u think well win england or switzerland in 3 days fabio capello is englands manager will david beckham get his 100 cap?? what do u think?

A: The Swiss! ... where have you been? Becky is not on the team!

What is the name ( tittle) of fabio cannavaro's book? by yosry h Q: What is the name ( tittle) of fabio cannavaro's book? What is the name ( tittle) of fabio cannavaro's book? I was wondering about abook that cannavaro wrote it by him self as his life so I want to ask What is the name ( tittle) of fabio cannavaro's book?

A: he doesnt have an autobiography....but if you want a book about him, go to www.amazon.com

Why did Old Spice change their guy to Fabio? by Philosoraptor Q: Seriously wtf happened to that hot black guy they had on? Fabio is old and no one can understand what he's saying.

A: Isaiha mustuga is too busy making movies now .he has two filming right now and a slew of offers being thrown at his feet....the other people r clueless or just like to answer questions without knowing the facts.....it kind of makes me angry when people cant answer honestly...by the way i spelled his name wrong its mustafa but my i phone isnt clicking back to let me change it

Why do romance novels have icky Fabio-type guys on their covers? by booger Q: I like men without the himbo look. I can't imagine that Fabio would appeal to the majority. What do you think?

A: How do you tell the difference between a trashy romance novel and a romance novel that has some plot between the orgasms? One has Fabio and a chick with an off-the-shoulder shirt on the cover, the other has an inanimate object. He's just your stereotypical musclebound "hunk".

When was the last time Italy won without Fabio Cannavaro? by Jacob B Q: Ive heard Italy's inspirational captain Fabio Cannavaro has been ruled out of Euro. I think Cannavaro is quality and there is no other defender in Italy like him. Have Italy won recently without Cannavaro ?

A: Probably just a few people remember when just 1-2 days before the 2006 Fifa WC a similar fact occurred with Nesta, at that time probably the strongest worldwide defender. Everybody was thinking Italian team would have suffered his absence but his substitute Materazzi played an excellent tournament. Not a few people ,once Italy had become World Champion, said that Italy had won thanks to the absence of Nesta as Materazzi had well played and scored important goals. In Italy we have many good defenders; Cannavaro is just one of them and probably is getting old. His playing level at the Real Madridi was not the same as his last year at Juventus and at last WC. I guess the same Materazzi or Chiellini or Gamberini will give their contribute to our team and we will not regret the absence of Cannavaro.

Isn't it an intersting coincidence that the Italian Fabio Capello and the Italy national team both failed? by Charlie C Q: Whose idea was it to hire Fabio Capello? Wa it the communist Lord Triesman, Chairman of the FA?

A: yh and trappatoni's team got cheated aswell

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