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ChessieeMayy @EvonyGarcia3 I Miss You Evony Garcia<3

RoboJobster #elance: Evony Bot | Elance Job http://t.co/NrptbYbQ

Elance_Web Evony Bot | Elance Job: I need a bot for the game that will farm and build continuously and/o... http://t.co/jjo63qXS #programming #jobs

ShinNekuro El nuevo DMC tien mucho fan rage en su contra y aun asi lo comprare la verda, dato curiosos es que tambien se llaman Evony y ivory las 2 ---

Marjorie7777 RT #1 Play "Evony" online game at http://t.co/WmuwoDdL

Moe_HH @iPeer I ad-block that shit... What was it? Evony Online? AD BLOCK!!!

Lidenkatten @Lyktan Jag brukar gå i kyrkan, men i år började de 3, för tidigt för mig. Jag tog kort på kattgravarna. Har spelat Evony idag. Ni då?

TracyCConrad S Many have already profited from my guide, but with the hundreds of thousands of new people playing Evony, now is you http://t.co/UioUNmU9

Kaladria522 can't sleep ~ again. Tried playing #Evony and #Farmville but still wide awake-need something more boring!

sqorgar And then we end up with women making all the progress now because men are all staring slack jawed at Evony ads and beer commercials.

Rebbeccamkt Evony: The UnOfficial Strategy Guide: Evony: The UnOfficial Strategy Guide is a 64 page strategy resource that e... http://t.co/lstAvuMO

Marjorie7777 Play "Evony" online game at http://t.co/WmuwoDdL @yeahtips

Jesssssicuhhh @Stephaaaaanieee I told Evony she laughs just like them and she got all butt hurt hahahaha. c:

VMEV @aefarda DO IT!! They made all those Evony Advertisements! The ones with all the unrelated cleavage!! In all seriousness; Awesome! Good luck

ayeevonytweets_ “Evony why were you born with your ass so fat? Its naaaice!” HAHAHAHAHA!(': that made me laugh


What is the name of the blond girl in the advertisements for Evony? by Joel Q: What is the name of the blonde girl in the evony advertisements?

A: OMGAWD MAKE HER STOP!!!!!!!!! I'm a fantasy gamer, as well as a youtuber and I see her everywhere!!! All those sick ads want to do it target nerds who dont get enough of "that" ahem boobs! ahem

What does it mean when a persons name is blue in evony? by nolan Q: in the game evony a computer based game when u go to statistics when there name is blue what does it mean?

A: When you go to statistics and the name you typed in for the player or the number you typed for the rank is blue, that just means evony made an exact match to the name or number you were looking for. Frankly it doesn't mean anything significant at all, just shows you that this is the person you were looking for.

How do you upgrade your Evony to age 2? by Austin Q: I have an Evony, but I havn't played in a while and my step dad says I should upgrade my age1 to the age 2. How do I do that?

A: Just go to www.evony.com and click the sign in button. After you enter you e-mail and password and log in you will be directed to a page with all the evony and evony age2 servers. Just select one of the age2 servers and it will take you to your city from there. You cannot upgrade your age1 to age2 but you can play your age1 by selecting the server # in the age1 list of servers.

Spiritually speaking, what the hell is with these Evony online game ads that look like porn? by Hit-Girl Q: There's always some image of a girl with huge freaking boobs on these retarded Evony ads; which I seriously doubt has any relevance to the game itself. Who actually plays this crap?

A: Sex sells.

How can you tell what the newest Evony server is? by jrdudedj2 Q: Hey, how can i tell what the newest Evony server is?

A: It's the one with the highest number, e.g. server 112 is newer than server 36

How do I use my facebook credits in games such as evony? by Steve d Q: I have no clue how to use credits in facebook on evony.

A: Depending on how many credits you have, I don't think you can, that is unless you purchased facebook credits. You don't start with enough credits on facebook to purchase anything on evony. :\

How do i add Allies on Evony Online game? by NASH Q: I'm new to the Evony game, the game that you can build your own city and all. I just joined and i need alliance, how do i add someone as an ally? Thanks.

A: To do that you will have to start your own alliance. but I suggest to join a good alliance first then get built up then start your own alliance.

What is a good, free guide on how to start and successfully build a empire in evony age 2? by andrew Q: I just want a guide that will show me the most efficient way to build an evony age 2 empire. How many of each resource to build and in which city, how many troops to make, what to build, etc.

How do I get on to evony age 1 without linking to facebook? by milanx5 Q: I love Evony, but i can't link with facebook and I'd like to play the first Evony without linking to facebook. Thank you.

A: You are unable to link Age1 to Facebook you can only link Age2 with Facebook. I tried to link Age1 to my Facebook at one time didn't work it will only link with the Age2 accounts.

Evony?????????????????????????? by matt Q: is it a spam website or a hacking website??

A: Evony.com is not a hacking or spam website, its an online game.

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