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Etan patz

FBI Renews Search in Etan Patz Case in SoHo Basement
By ANDY NEWMAN, JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN and AL BAKER Michael Appleton for The New York TimesInvestigators and their vehicles massed in front of a building at Prince and Wooster Streets in SoHo on Thursday morning in their search for traces of Etan Patz in the ...

Etan Patz: NYPD, FBI Searching Basement Of Soho Building For Body Of Boy Who ...
The NYPD and FBI are searching the basement of a SoHo building on Prince Street between Wooster and West Broadway Thursday morning for the remains of Etan Patz, NBC New York reports. Patz disappeared in that area on May 25, 1979 on his way to the ...

Etan Patz Case Reopened After 30 Years
By Sami K. Martin , Christian Post Contributor Etan Patz's face was the first to be featured on milk cartons in the wake of his disappearance in 1979. Police and FBI in New York have reopened the investigation and have begun searching for the famous ...

FBI Is Searching For Missing Etan Patz 33 Years Later
Etan was the first child to have his picture on the side of a milk carton and his body was never found, but FBI got a tip off April 19 — almost 33 years later! Etan Patz was six years old when he went missing on May 25, 1979.

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dmsouthasia Every few years I have a dream about Etan Patz http://t.co/FowE2Qte God rest his soul.

beefmeup Etan Patz Case: NYPD, FBI Searching Basement Of Soho Building For Body Of Boy ...: Officials are searching the b... http://t.co/Q6a4LXeI

princewonder FBI, NYPD resume search for Etan Patz, who went missing in 1979 http://t.co/ppv3z9TR

Corrina_Jean @TheRealChelseaH http://t.co/Mr859ikC Made me think of something you would be in to!

LegInsurrection Etan Patz http://t.co/fpDYts15

Kikimarie03 I'm sure the family of the boy would like closure after all these years. http://t.co/aJ69wktB

dale_fortich Etan Patz case reopened | The Upshot - Yahoo! News http://t.co/WQrK7SsF via @YahooNews

leolabutler Etan Patz case reopened | The Upshot - Yahoo! News http://t.co/oeqidOku via @YahooNews

Snarky_Basterd Etan Patz http://t.co/smcYkeHG #twisters #tcot

LibertasLogos Etan Patz: My wife and I were talking about him not long ago.  For each of us, his disappearance left an indelib... http://t.co/ZfGv9CWF

shirleybrady Thanks @yahoonews for noting that Etan Patz never forgotten in the neighborhood http://t.co/TD8cciTC

no_angel_II Etan Patz case reopened | The Upshot - Yahoo! News http://t.co/7rizUQwF via @YahooNews

alwaysnew1 etan patz Photo Of Colombian Hooker At The Center Of Secret Service Sex Scandal ;O http://t.co/JY8RDVPH

trombleyfqineda RT @sanaali: Horrific Etan Patz Case: NYPDFBI Searching Basement Of Building For Body Of Boy Who Disappeared In 1979 http:tcoXOaMncly

TopNews17 ;) http://t.co/g8I6k3u4 etan patz Photo Of Colombian Hooker At The Center Of Secret Service Sex Scandal


Etan Patz case. Only answer if you know it or look it up then answer!? by Q: With hearing the man suspected in Etan's abduction, Jose Ramos is due to be released from jail this coming November, I began wonder if Etan is still alive. I mean they have never been able to identify his body, Its a possiblilty he is still alive. I personally believe Jose Ramos was at least involved in some way with Etan's abduction, and i really cant comprehend why they didnt jump on the fact he knew the person that walked Etan to school everyday prior. It seems like a very poorly handled case in many ways by the NYPD and other parties involved. I just wish the Patz family could have some closure on this its just a heart breaking case. Also the point about no body ever being found seems kind of irrelavent to me, I mean if your Jose Ramos could you not just creamate the body to destroy any evidence, wich is something i believe this man may have done. I wish he would admit to something of that nature and whether he does or not he should NOT be released from prison this coming November of 2012. What do you guys all think?

A: I remember the Etan Patz case very well. Such a sad disappearance. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't better for a parent to know a child is dead, so he/she can at least have closure than to wonder for decades if their child is still alive, and how they may be suffering. I, too, would be interested in hearing anything new regarding this case.

What happened to Etan Patz? by bruno S Q: What happened to Etan Patz? It's the 30th anniversary tommorow that he was kidnapped in 1979, but he never was found. Did he die?

A: So sad, Etan has never been found. I have always felt so bad for his family, they never got 'closure'

Do you think Jose Ramos murdered Etan Patz? by Daylight Dueno Q: I grew up in NYC and I remember this case haunting the city for years after his disappearance. I am completely saddened by it. Do you think Jose Ramos did it or is there some other explanation?

A: Yes, I most certainly do think that Jose Ramos is the one fully responsible for the disapperance and murder of Etan Patz. I just wish he would be man enough to finally admit it and confess what he did to Etan's body so that Etan's family can finally have some closure and peace of mind. I truly hope that Jose Ramos never gets out of prison, because if he does, I believe more innocent young boys will end up becoming further victims of him, just like what happened with Etan. God bless Etan and his family.

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