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Estranged former wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr found dead in her home in ...
By Bobby Caina Calvan, Globe Staff WASHINGTON -- Mary Kennedy, the estranged and troubled former wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was found dead Wednesday at her suburban home north of New York City, her attorney confirmed. The death was the latest tragic ...

After Republican Mark Schimel decides to end his challenge against his ...
Mark Schimel had gotten the GOP nod to run against his estranged wife, incumbent Democrat Michelle Schimel, but ultimately decided to bail because he didn't want their dirty laundry in the press. “That's very, very interesting,” his mother, ...

Mom accused of sex with estranged son could see two years in jail
The California woman accused of having sex with her estranged teen son she pursued through Facebook could be locked up for less than 2-1/2 years, according to reports. Mistie Atkinson, 32, pleaded no contest Tuesday in Napa County Superior Court to ...

RFK Jr.'s estranged wife, Mary, found dead in NY
18, 2008 file photo shows Mary Richardson Kennedy, the estranged wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in New York. An attorney on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 said Mary Kennedy has been found dead on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s property in Bedford, NY (AP Photo/Andy ...

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JoeDesBarres RT @ElissaRoberson: An article from the New York Times about Mary Kennedy's death this morning http://t.co/yNnqxmRL Apparently suicide. Please keep in prayer.

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How can I find out if my estranged husband forged my signature on a joint federal refund check and cashed it? by Frustrated Q: I've called the IRS and the US Treasury Dept and no one can tell me if the check has been cashed. I have filled out the form to put a trace on the check, however, since it is a joint refund, I need mine and his signature to do that. I filed the form anyway and included a letter of explanation-however since its the government I don't hold out a lot of hope. Does anyone have any other ideas??

A: Dear F: Did you call 800-829-1040 and ask if a joint return was filed. If so you can submit an affidavit stating you did not sign the "joint" tax return. At that point the IRS will determine liabilty for you vs your es husband. You could also contact the tax payer advocate in your state if you reach a dead end. This advice was prepared based on our understanding of the tax law in effect at the time it was written as it applies to the facts that you provided. Click on my profile to read more. Errol Quinn Enrolled Agent

Is it legally right to exclude an estranged adopted child in a Last Will and Testament? by CMPSTAR Q: Is it legally right to intentionally mention only 6 children by name and exclude the 7th child and issue shall include adopted children in ones Will?

A: Yes, it is legal. The courts do not deal with feelings, nor moralities, just the facts. It does not matter if the child is adopted or natural, estranged or visited daily, the man excluded him. In some states you must clearly write the name of the person and say you want to exclude the person from the will; otherwise they may think you just forgot to include an additional heir.

Are democrats and republicans too far estranged to ever work together again? by Jeff Q: It seems like any inclination toward compromise is out of the question. Will things ever get any better? What would it take?

A: Obama, like Clinton, tried as hard as he could to bring the Republicans to the table, to compromise with them, to listen to their constructive ideas. Democrats believe in bipartisanship because it helps them. Republicans know partisan rancor helps them. The Republicans have a longstanding tradition of never cooperating with a Democratic president, because it just hands him a victory, it strengthens him. So they seize on anything he says or does, they twist and spin it in whatever way they think will be most damaging to him. They are only thinking about getting back into control, not actually governing the country in the best way for the people. Some Democrats now are adopting this time-honored Republican tactic, but the mainstream of Democrats, and president Obama, are still trying to achieve bipartisan consensus. In fact, this is what makes Obama most vulnerable. Liberal Democrats (who take credit for getting Obama elected) are unhappy that he gives so much away, that he tries to hard to please everyone. They think he should be 'the decider' like Bush was, and just work around the Republicans if they refuse to cooperate. Partisanship was on the way out in the 1970s, with more and more people registering independent and voting for 'the man not the party'. It was the Republicans that brought partisanship back, because it favors them. They are now, and have always been, the minority party in terms of voter registrations nationwide, and the only way they can take control is through exciting their base and getting them to the polls in bigger numbers, and they do this through partisan anger and indignation With their consecutive losses in 1998 and 2000, many leaders of the GOP began to think they should change the party's approach, they should become more conciliatory and moderate (at least in rhetoric). They hired a new chairman who 'just happened to be black', and he asked for the resignation of the entire top staff. But he was stymied by right wing talkshow hosts, like Rush Limbaugh, who are making a very comfortable living off partisan rancor. So today the most obstreperous of Republicans are in control, and they are leading the party over a cliff.

My estranged husband filed joint taxes for 2006 after I had already filed for individual. What will happen? by tryin2bme2 Q: I filed as married, filing separate in February. He filed as married, filing jointly in April. And did it without my knowledge and signed my name on the form. What will the recourse, if any be? Just to add...I got my return in February and he got "ours" in May, according to the IRS website. I have not seen the check and can only assume that he cashed it on his own, as I havent heard from him about it.

A: If the IRS processed the joint return, you would have heard from them by now. Call the IRS and ask what return they have on file for you for 2006. They probably processed your MFS return before getting the joint one, and sent the joint return back unprocessed (you wouldn't have seen it as it would go back to whatever address he used on the joint return.) It would require an amended return to change from MFS to joint. If they have a joint return on file for you, he got the fraudulent return filed, but your MFS return should have come back to you. Time to contact your attorney.

What is a good way to provide more financial protection to an estranged spouse? by Clay B Q: My wife and I don't live together. She doesn't have any debts and I have quite a bit of consumer loans. We don't want to get a divorce but is there any other way to provide her with more financial protection against any debts that I have?

A: Send a certified letter to the companies you owe the money to ... advising them that your wife is estranged from you and living separate and apart. Advise them that you accept all responsibility for the repayment of the loans and tha your ex-wife should not be held responsible for any of the current debt. Make sure that she is taken off all the loan papers and treat it as "IF" you were getting a divorce. You may even have to file separation papers (which you can rescind later once the loan companies are aware that she is not responsible for any repayment.)

How can you get your birth certificate if you are estranged from your parents? by Sweetie Q: I am 20 years old and need a copy of my birth certificate to get an I'd and an SS card. I have no cotact with my parents, no siblings and no I D but a high school diploma how do I get my Birth Certificate?

A: Ask someone where the place is that you can buy your birth certificate, you dont need your parents as you are an adult, just go and tell them your name and date of birth, I've done it, they dont even ask for ID

How do I approach an estranged cousin at family reunion? by Q: My cousin - with whom I've had some conflict due to some mean e-mails he sent to me months ago - will be at the reunion. Should I just approach him and be friendly as if nothing has happened?

A: Stick to being polite. Greet him with a smile, hi, peck on cheek then move on. You don't have to get into conversation with him.

Why do estranged friend or family memberrs etc never forgive? by Amanda Q: i mean if i sit and think of all the worse things that do happen in this world. and all the areas where i can give my energy to. or even if i think that life is short. the person i do not want to ever talk to me could die tomorrow etc, i wonder why estranged friends do not forgive and reconcile

A: most people aren't as wise and insightful as you are.

How many servants would an estranged queen have? by Q: I'm writing a story about a queen who lives in our world. Frequently she will go into her own world to rule and make sure her kingdom is doing okay, but she has her main residence in our world and of course, cannot live lavishly since she has to keep her identity secret from her niece who lives with her. She is rich though, so she has servants (from her world to protect her), but just a few. What kinds of servants would she have and how many would there be?

A: None, have her enjoy the simple life at home and have plenty in her own kingdom.

How can I find an estranged family member? by Chlorine Q: Nobody's seen or heard from her in about 12 years. I believe she's 'missing' because she wants to be, but she does have two kids who desperately miss her. Where do I begin? Can the police help at all?

A: The police may be able to help. If you havent heard from her in 12 years it is going to be difficult. You can probably look it up in the DMV. DMV has records on everyone. Where theyve been everything on one indivisual. You may have to pay for it but Im sure they can look her up for you.

Tax benefits for estranged father who pays child support? by Michael B Q: My children do not live with me but I pay their mother child support. Can I claim or deduct this from my federal taxes? What kinds of tax-sheltered or tax-deductible savings accounts can I open for them? Is there a site I can check out that would give me information on bettering my tax position based on my situation?

A: As the non-custodial parent, you may be allowed to ASK the mother to sign a form 8332 allowing you to claim the $3400 exemption and child tax credit. The custodial parent does NOT have to agree.

How do I get maintenance from my estranged husband? by Q: Do I have to instigate divorce proceedings which I can't afford? He's left me in a financial mess but I don't know how to pursue this. Thanks for any help.

A: Are referring to credit cards? or just your living expenses? If it is credit cards under his name, forget them, but for other matters, you can use legal aid which is free to the public to see what they can do for you.

Can an estranged spouse rent out the marital home? by Johnny G Q: My wife and I split up 6 months ago and I moved out. The house is in both of our names. She is planning to move in her new boyfriend as a roommate to help her pay the bills. Can she legally contract with a tenant when I am a joint owner of the house?

A: Yes, it only takes one of the owners. As she was the resident it is her legal right.

My estranged husband destroyed my car in a rage and also arrested. How do I claim this for insurance? by Q: We are currently separated and he damaged my car on purpose. He was arrested at the same time for assult and put in jail. He does not face charges for the car since it is "community property" but it was all documented and he admitted he did it. How do I report this to insurance to get it covered? Will they not cover it since it was community property? We are both listed on the policy but the car is solely mine.

A: [Middle English estraungen, from Old French estrangier, from Latin extrāneāre, to treat as a stranger, disown, from extrāneus, foreign; see strange.] (transitive verb: -tranged, -trang·ing, -trang·es.) To make hostile, unsympathetic, or indifferent; alienate. To remove from an accustomed place or set of associations. Or, in other words, you two are still married, and live in a community property state per your question. So, you can't do much about his half that he destroyed. If you have collision you might claim there, but since he is named on the policy I'm not sure what the insurance would do. But, I'm assuming you are headed toward divorce (or to be more proper, a dissolution of your marriage) and you therefore have, or will have, an attorney. He can advise you as to what to do with that situation. Perhaps give the car to him, but insist he pay you the worth of it. Believe me, one way or another, your attorney will get you compensated for his actions. I wish you well.

How can a wife convince her estranged husband choose between her and his mistress? by Sweetface Q: After he has already left marital home? Married very long time with kids. He won't talk of reconcile or ending his relationship with other woman. I have started to prepare myself for my own independence but, I still have so many questions and thoughts I have to keep locked inside. I don't want us to divorce so I have done nothing. Is there anything I can do at this point since he has already left our home? Or should I just wait it out and see what happens with the affair?

A: You need to move on before you waste another minute with him. Youre only setting yourself up for heartbreak. His moving out should have been a big red flag. Dont do that to yourself and your kids.

If someone is estranged from their family, how do the police/coroner know who to contact as the next of kin? by CK Q: My ex-boyfriend was murdered a couple years ago and he was estranged from his family and the police managed to find the next of kin. Is there some kind of data base that list someone's next of kin?

A: There are databases that show such things as birth certificates, which are not open to the public, but law enforcement has knowledge and access to. They also can contact employers for things in their records, so forth. I don't think that a specific "next of kin" file exists, however. Genealogists find people all the time, as well. It also can be a matter of experience, in how to use certain files. Not long ago, I helped local police find where a stolen tombstone belonged.. they didn't normally think to look for transposed names in the social security death index (which is a standard everyday tool for genealogy). If there was a missing person's report.. that can also be searched for a match. Lots of ways to go.

How do I explain that I'm estranged from my mother for financial aid? by jessica Q: I have been estranged from my mother since last year after I graduated from high school (she kicked me out due to her habits.). We kind of talked off and on for a couple months, but I have not talked to her now since about feburary. Because of this and how she is, I have no way of contacting her or knowing her she lives. For financial aid purposes for my school loans in college, I need to write a formal letter to the financial aid department and explain to them how I dont even know where she lives anymore. How should I go about writing this??

A: I would write it something like this: Dear Sir or Madam, This letter is to inform you that I wish to be considered an independent student in regards to any and all financial aid and/or student loans due to the fact that I have not had any contact with my mother, (insert her name here), for more than six months and I currently do not have any information regarding her whereabouts.

What should a single person estranged from their family and with no nearby friends do for Christmas? by EvelynB Q: Christmas is going to seem so strange without anybody around. I wish there were kids around to fill stockings for and have a fresh plate of cookies waiting on the table for them when they wake up, and shower them with gifts.. but, there are no kids here, and no family, and no friends. What can I do to make Christmas special until I have someone special to spend it with?

A: It might not be too late but contact a church or homeless shelter and volunteer to serve food. I am sorry to hear this about someone. I pray that you are blessed with a miraculously beautiful Christmas.

How do you divorce an estranged spouse in Massachusetts? by Q: Husband and wife have not had any contact with each other for over a year and both have since moved without telling each other where they live. One party wishes to seek divorce by publication because the other party's known contacts have been nothing but hostile in the past. What should be documented when seeking notice by publication? Looking for personal experience. In contact with a lawyer, just want another point of view.

My estranged husband was deported after I began divorce proceeding in Florida? by Q: My estranged husband and I filed for divorce on June 13th, 2011. We have a 2 year old son together. He has never paid child support. Today June 29th, 2011 he was detained by immigration and sent to the holding detention center because he has a criminal background and visited his country of birth (Nicaragua) last month without the proper paperwork being filed. What happens now with the divorce and the child support? Please any help is greatful :)

A: The divorce proceeds without him AND....no child support. Nicaragua could give a sheet less about American divorce and child support laws. Tough break.

How to find out if an estranged alcoholic sister has stomach cancer. Been burned a billion times before? by bigbyone Q: How to find out if an estranged (13 yrs) alcoholic sister has stomach cancer. Been burned by manipulating lies...Plenty in the past. Want to help but she may be the boy who cried wolf? Any suggestions...please.

A: Tell her straight out that due to her antics in the past.... before you can offer her any true help you need to see documentation from her doctors that she is actually sick. That if she is truely ill you will be there to help her but if this is just another way to manipulate you ...you will have nothing to do with it.

How should my estranged wife file taxes? by Schultz Q: My wife moved out in Dec'06. I have full custody of our kids. I have the house and qualified for head of household. We are not separated or divorced with papers yet but living apart the whole year.Since I itemized, tax site says she has to if she files married filing separately. Problem is she is in an apartment and really has no deductions. How can she file and take a standard deduction?

A: If one spouse itemizes, the other must also. You can also file a joint return because you are still married.

Why do estranged partners sleep together once or a few times during the early separation stage of divorce? by Q: I'm asking because she and I did this and because thoughts of it surfaced again recently as a result of a conversations with a relative (who is now in her first year of separation and divorce). I didn't even know what the stages of divorce are until the past few days.

A: It's so common that there's even a punk rock song about it, "Sex With My Ex." With a real long-term relationship that's ending, you both still have feelings, even if you welcome the end. Whatever attracted you to each other in the first place is likely still there, even as the end approaches. And sex is a situation where everybody's very vulnerable, and just knowing that you _have_ exposed your weaknesses that way in the past makes you at least think about doing it in the future. Plus, you generally know each other's sexual habits and desires. There are, actually, a zillion reasons to sleep with your ex. There's only one not to, but that one's a killer. Sleeping with your ex can result in an incredible depth of sadness, where each kiss, or even orgasm, reminds you that it's over. Not worth it, man. .

Is my hand written will protected from my estranged daughter and my brother who is an attorney? by deserthead Q: Hi, I have a hand written will that designates that I'm leaving everything to my life partner and fiance of 20 years. In addition, my primary residence has vesting that reads that my fiance has joint tenenacy with rights of survivorship. My vacation home in South America is in a trust for the country it is in and it specifies that the property goes to my fiance. My life insurance policy also specifies that my life insurance proceeds will go to my fiance. My concern is my very estranged only daughter, who has never had anything to do with me has teamed up with my brother who is an attorney. Our concern is that after my death, they will try to go after my estate with legal manuvers and other tricks. I have been careful to leave both of them $1 and to write a letter to the probate judge to be opened if there is any type of contestation by my brother and daughter after my death. I can't afford a will, written by an attorney or a trust for my USA estate. Am I protected?

A: A holographic will (hand written) is deemed void or voidable under the statutes of the country in which it is made. Therefore, no one can give you a valid answer unless you tell us where the will was made.

How much is Too Much Information for a (separated) married man to be telling OW about his estranged wife? by Cammie Q: Should husband be telling the OW about estranged wife sending flirty text messages?

A: No, but it makes no sense why she would do that. Unless he's trying to create an alliance with some 'other' female or if it's part of an immaculate con scheme to gain sympathy from another female so he can win her affections and support.

Is it illegal to tell people that you are going to kill your estranged wife and make it look like an accident? by Q: My sister had someone tell her that they had recorded proof of her estranged husband saying he was going to kill her and make it look like an accident, should she take it to the police, or is there notheing that they can do?

A: And if he kills her the police will come and investagate. If it looks like an accident? he will walk.....So my advice would be for you sister to buy a firearm, and protect herself.

Can estranged wife put child up for adoption? by ace82 Q: My estranged wife disappeared to another state with my kid before i could serve with the court paperwork. Now i finally get in contact with her and she tells me she put my daughter up for adoption in some random state?

A: Not legally. If you are named as the father on the birth certificate then your permission would have to be obtained for any adoption to proceed. I know this because a friend remarried and wanted her husband to adopt her daughter, but they had to obtain the birth father's permission, even though he had no contact with the child for years. If you are/were married at the time of the birth, even if she didn't put your name on the birth certificate the child would be assumed to be yours and the same rule would apply. There is no way that the adoption was legal unless she managed to convince a judge to revoke all your parental rights. But one would think you'd have been served with paperwork then. Could she have gone that way? Perhaps what's she telling you is a lie, and just doesn't want you looking for your daughter. If she's not with her Mum, please do some investigating to find out just where she is.God knows where, if her Mum is prepared to say this.

If your good friend facebooks your estranged ex would you be pissed off? by Danka G. Q: note that said friend wasn't friends with estranged ex in first place so why would they facebook them anyway?

A: You should facefist your good friend.

how do i find an estranged half brother? by Q: my mother, who is somewhat estranged, had a son 3 or so years before me. i only know his first name, and i'm not willing to contact our mother to find out any information. i've tried using search engines but nothing has come up. maybe i'm searching the wrong things?

A: Well your mother is probably the only one with enough details to search for him, so if you are unwilling to talk to her, then you probably will just have to forget it.

Why was the craigslist killer estranged with his mom, father and siblings? by Devout Catholic Q: So I watched the movie craigslist killer last night and I have questions. Mainly, does anybody know why he apparently was estranged with his mom, dad and siblings? The movie eluded to this but did not offer any insight as to why this would have been. For example, at the engagement celebration he didnt care if his mom or brother were there... was this true? if it was true, why would this have been so?

A: Would you want to publicly admit being related to a serial killer?

How do I broadcast my facebook address for my estranged children to contact me? by Q: My estranged adult children may wish to contact me if they can identify me as their father using my Email or user name address.

Can estranged husband sell house without me? by Heather W Q: My estranged husband and I have been married for 26 years, live in California and are currently going through a divorce. We own a house together and found out today that he had enlisted a lawyer and signed a agreement with a realtor to sell the house without my consent? How is this possible? I am listed on both the mortgage and the deed. Doesn't he need my signatures as well to list and sell the house?

A: The REALTOR® didn't do his research. You can't list with just one owner because it requires all owners to come on board and sign the listing agreement. When the REALTOR® does the title search and sees that you're on title, I think he'll probably backtrack and get in touch with you (or your ex husband will) to sign the listing agreement. Any offer made on the home can't be accepted without every single owner's signature. It's impossible to transfer the title/deed without the signatures of all the owners.

How did you handle an estranged parent's impending death? by maisie Q: I found out this week that my father is dying and it will probably happen soon. Since he abandoned my mom and me when I was six, we've had an estranged relationship for nearly four decades. I broke things off permanently a couple years ago after more fighting. My stepfather adopted me when I was sixteen and I barely know my bio dad. Not sure how to handle this part of life. I'd like to hear how others have handled similar circumstances.

A: I was out of touch with my Bio father as well for 8 years. I came back in touch with him, and had the chance to get to know him. People make mistakes. YOur father probably regrets that decision he made a long time ago. Its hard for our fathers to admit up to that at times. My dad took for ever to admit that he was very upset with how he handled things. I had a step dad for the 8 years my dad was gone. My Bio Dad didn't come around because he thought I had a good life without him and he didn't want to mess it up or confuse things with how everything was going as it is. My Bio did call every birthday he might have been couple days late but he called to tell me and my brother happy birthday :)// / My Bio dad just passed away in Jan due to a heart attack. It breaks my heart because I wish I could have had more time with him. There is nothing like a Bio father love with its right. I felt bad for my STep dad because after I experience my Bio father love I almost didn't go back to my Step dad again. Since my Bio dad has been dead its been real hard. I could have not imagine not having a chance to get to know my father before he died. That would have hurt in a different way. I was so upset with God for awhile because I had a chance to feel my Bio father real love he missed me so much I had no idea :( // I didn't know I missed him as much either. I had love then had it taken away. However I am thankful I had the chance to be with him before he died he was so happy to. :) :) // I would give him a chance see where it goes. He is dyeing anyway you have nothing to lose. :) hope this helps

My sister passed away 2 years ago. She was estranged from her husband. Can I obtain a copy of her autopsy rpt? by Q: When my sister passed away she was estranged from her husband. Is there any way I can obtain a copy of her autopsy and toxicology reports?

A: Since she is your sister, I wouldn't see what the problem would be about obtaining it.

how to you get power of attorney from an estranged and unbalanced and homeless wife? by crystella Q: this is a medical emergency, life and death situation. patient is still unconcious.... needs his love ones around him to help him gain conciousness. Estranged wife is unbalance... they do not live together, and will not allow any one close to him. he needs his loved ones now.

A: The doctors can make life & death decisions without her. Find his parent's, they are next in line.

my family is estranged from each other and why would easter make me feel more lonely ? by storyteller Q: All of my family has been estranged from each other for years, why all of a sudden would i feel this over whelming need to be in contact. This is a learned behavior in all of my siblings and myself. We use it as a form of punishment that my parents used with us. I can recognize it but I don't think the others do so it appears to be futile on my part to get us to communicate with each other. Does anyone else have this same issue and if so, do you have any suggestions?

A: maybe because it's a holiday and that's what families do during holidays--get together estranged for years--really hard to close the gap accept that the degrees of separation amongst and within your family members are quite high, for whatever reasons (career, choice, pettiness, punishment, etc.) guess you are all on a long distance relationship, even if not physically, but emotionally

My estranged wife is inviting another man into our home. Do I have any legal rights in NJ? by vmell6224 Q: My wife and I have been estranged for sometime. She leaves for days without telling me where she is going and now she is inviting another man and his children into our home! She wants me to leave our home in NJ which is in BOTH our names. She is trying to antagonize me to the point to make me live my home. Do I have to standby and watch her disgrace me and the marriage? Do I have any legal rights in this matter? Any suggestions you have I would appreciate b4 I lose my mind! Help!

A: you have the right to defend your self and if a stranger enters your home call the police or hmmm better get a lawyer and start the process and get a civil protection order and move her out

If you win the lottery Should you have to divide your winnings with your estranged spouse? by Q: I know you heard about the lady who won the lottery and may have to share with her estranged husband. I don't think he deserves a dime. He didnt put no money up to buy the ticket nor did he go buy the ticket. I would pay to divorce him. If you won the lottery and you and your spouse been estranged, do you think they deserve to get half of what you won?

A: No'

Why Are Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine Estranged From Each Other? by flazatty Q: Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine are sisters, but, according to Wikipedia, they are estranged, and they have not spoken to each other since 1975. Does anyone know why?

A: It seems that the two actresses had been fiercely competitive even as children, and Joan Fontaine, (who is one year younger) said that Olivia de Havilland never got over having to share their mother with another child. They were even nominated the same year for an Oscar and Joan Fontaine won. I have read reports that when their mother died, Olivia held a memorial service for her and did not invite her sister to attend. It does happen sometimes that sisters just do not get on well together and I guess Joan and Olivia are the same. Having said all that they are both great actresses, Olivia has always been more of a favourite of mine.

Can my estranged husband sell house without my signing? by Heather W Q: My estranged husband and I have been married for 26 years, live in California and are currently going through a divorce. We own a house together and found out today that he had enlisted a lawyer and signed a agreement with a realtor to sell the house without my consent? How is this possible? I am listed on both the mortgage and the deed. Doesn't he need my signatures as well to list and sell the house?

A: If you both intended to reconcile, California has provisions in it for community property rights. However, selling the home without your consent may subject the purchaser to an adverse proceeding by you, to regain possession. In other words, though it is a community property state, selling property that is titled jointly, can in many cases land the purchaser in a lot of hot water. I can see a quiet title action coming. However, that said, if you have no intent to remain married, if there is a divorce you two would be tenants in common. Or if you were tenants in common at the time the deed was signed over to you, and subsequently got married, then he could theoretically attempt to sell his 1/2 interest. But again a purchaser would probably have trouble with you at some point. The facts are thin, and I would recommend retaining a good attorney to advise you on this. Being a community property state, one spouse could theoretically bind the other in a real estate contract, provided however you have an ongoing marriage. If there's a pending divorce, that muddies up two things: probates and real estate.

My estranged husband stole and cashed a check from my mailbox from my insurance company. Isn't that illegal? by Kat Q: I just discovered that my estranged husband stole and cashed a check for $1,152.80 from my mailbox last November that Blue Cross Blue Shield mailed directly to me instead of mailing it to my Health Care Provider for services rendered in August, 2008. When I confronted him yesterday, he admitted that he did cash the check. What legal recourse do I have?

A: My advice call BCBS and explain that you never received the check and that you believe it was stolen, they will check their records and send you a copy of the check. Once you see the copy of the cashed check, you will need to call them again and tell them it is not your signature. BCBS will then send you an Affidavit form that you will need to fill out which certifies that you did not cash the check--the form will probably have to be notarized. Once you submit this form, BCBS will send you another check replacing the $1,152.80. They will take care of investigating who cashed the check and taking whatever legal steps are necessary to recover their money. This may or may not include referring the person who illegally cashed the check to the authorities. You do not need to call the police or do any of these other things. BCBS will take care of doing this only if they deem it necessary. I have seen this happen a few times in my practice (i.e. where different family members helped themselves to insurance company checks). In the last few cases, the insurance company collected the funds back from the party who took them and did not refer it to the authorities. I hope this helps. Good Luck!

If a wife is tolerant of estranged husband having a girlfriend should the girlfriend be as tolerant of him? by Sweetface Q: having estranged wife? The relationship became exposed and husband decided to keep the relationship with his girlfriend and not end it as wife suggested. The marriage became estranged due to husband having a girlfriend. Who (wife, husband or girlfriend) should bust up marriage or the relationship?

A: both women should drop kick him for being an @ss

What does estranged mean in this sentence? by Q: "She will have troubles which will wound her pride, and her lover will be estranged." Does it mean that the girl will fall out of love with her lover or the guy will fall out of love? Please explain?

A: "Estranged" means that they will be parted and go their separate ways. They don't necessarily have to fall out of love. Sometimes problems are just unsolvable and damage is done, and they can no longer be together though they still love one another.

How do I protect my privacy from a lawyer who wants to disclose private info to my estranged husband? by Jep Q: I am a birthmother trying to get my sons adoption finalized, I need a lawyer who SPECIALIZES in adoption and can help me stop the lawyer of adoptive family telling my estranged husband information concerning the adoption.

A: The other answer is right if your estranged husband is the childs father all attemps to contact him must and will be used. Its the law to contact the birth father. The attorney who represents the adoptive couple would not be doing his duty or his clients any favors not trying to make sure everything was done in accordance with the laws. A judge will not sign adoption papers until he knows the father is not wanting custody. You cant just give his rights away, only a judge can do that. They will even run an ad in the paper where he lives for up to 6 weeks asking him to come forward if he intends to protest the adoption. If after the ad has ran and he hasn't come forward the adoption can proceed without his permission.

How do I get my estranged husband out of the house? by Q: We rent. The property is leased only in my name. I had my estranged husband removed from the lease when it was up for renewal. So the initial lease ended normally and the new lease was written without him on it. He won't leave on his own, what steps do I need to take to get him out? Does he have rights to the property now that he's not on the lease?

A: Get a Taser.

How to find out about residency status of estranged spouse? by Dagvood Q: My spouse who is not a citizen and I are estranged. She concealed most of her situation with immigration from me. Is there anyway to get information on her status. The INS isn't helping.

A: Sorry, US Immigratation is not going to help you. There are privacy laws in the US. If a person does not want to be found, she doesn't have to. Besides, how does US Immigration know that you are not stalking her?

How can a wife make her estranged husband chose to either divorce her or end affair with other woman? by Sweetface Q: Married 15yrs with kids but dating OW over 2yrs. Estranged husband not living in marital home since affair was discovered. Husband says: wife can divorce him if she wants to and he is fine with dating the ow and "he" has no plans to divorce wife but he will sign if served. He also doesn't want to end relationship with this other woman? WTF gives?

A: A wife can't force her husband to love her-especially her estranged one. The question should be, why is she even putting up with this unnecessary mess? Let's break it down. He wants to be with the other woman-no if's, and's or but's about it. He won't file for divorce from his wife, or even make the effort to fix his marriage, but if served then he WILL sign. What gives?...He thinks he's a player and is apparently getting his way! He's living the luxury life in his world...He has a wife who after 2yrs of separating hasn't filed for divorce-so he's basically being allowed to have his fun elsewhere, but still has the option to come home if he chooses. He has zero consequences and he's milking it for all its worth. His wife needs to divorce him and fast. She needs to collect on that spousal support and child support. Then she needs to move on with her life, and focus on the well being of the kids. I mean seriously, who's thinking about them? Obviously he doesn't care for his family because a real man would put his family first. If he didn't want to be in the marriage anymore he should've simply divorced his wife, situate the children making sure they would be able to get through their parents divorcing, THEN, have fun on his own terms. Instead, he chose to not only hurt the woman he spent 15 yrs with, but his children, and another female's life because she's dating a man that she'll never have a future with considering he can't even divorce his wife! He's simply an irresponsible man whose priorities are nowhere but onto his own selfish self. He doesn't deserve to be called a father for what he's putting his kids through and he by no means is the ideal example of what a husband or possible husband should be. His ex-wife is only hurting herself and the kids. If it's been this way for 2yrs, there's no way that things can be solved w/out major therapy. If she really needs some hope besides the fact that she's proving to be a strong independant mother by divorcing his ass...I can guarantee once he see's the reality of his actions I'm pretty sure he won't be far from camping outside the house asking for forgiveness.

What is appropraite to write on a christmas card for an estranged family member? by UW2010 Q: i am having a baby in march and mt finance side of the family is a bit scatterd and estranged from one another. i have decided to try to attempt bring the family together by sending gifts. i want to send present to 5 of my mother in law grandchildren. they do not know us at all so what's an appropraite message to put in the cards without upseting thier parents?

A: You may want to reconsider what you are planning. Gifts to family members that don't know you is probably not the best way to communicate your wishes. I think a simple note in a card is a good place to start. Open the lines of communication slowly and wait for a response. If you want, send a nice thanksgiving card with a note that says that they've been in your thoughts and hope that all is well. That will give them time to make a move by christmas. I hope all goes well for you and remember if it doesn't at least you will have made the effort.

Can my estranged husband file child tax credit for last year? by Ribbons Q: I am the custodial parent and am going to sign form 8332 so that my estranged husband can claim our child this year. Neither of us claimed the child for 2009, so would it be possible for him to also claim the credit for that year? If so, what would we need to do?

A: Just to make sure you know, if the child doesn't live with him, he can only claim the child tax credit. Which is not a refundable credit. It only lowers his tax liability. He will not be able to receive Earned Income Credit or file HOH. You can sign a form for both years. He would need to amend his return from 2009 or file a new one if he didn't do so then.

What are an estranged spouses rights upon death of spouse in louisiana? by Q: I've been separated for over 10 years but no legal filings have been made. If I die today does my estranged spouse have the right to my body , funeral arrangements and my estate? We have lived apart and with other partners since separation.

A: If you die today and you're not DIVORCED your spouse gets it all. A separation, legal or otherwise is NOT a disillisionment of marriage. As long as there is no divorce decree your spouse is still your spouse and your partner get's nothing if you die, even if you have a will your spouse can contest it and win based upon the fact that there is no divorce decree.

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