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Erika van pelt

All About 'American Idol' Star Erika Van Pelt's Drastic New Do
Usually Erika Van Pelt rocks the American Idol stage with her voice, but Wednesday night, she made an equally lasting impression — with her hair. Before delivering a rousing rendition of Billy Joel's “New York State of Mind,” she debuted a dramatic ...

Erika Van Pelt radically transforms her look on 'American Idol'
PrintAa « Previous postDeandre Brackensick doesn't wow with Billy Joel on 'American Idol' View all posts Next post »Joshua Ledet slips on 'She's Got a Way,' which Steven Tyler says he doesn't know Erika Van Pelt radically transforms her look on ...

Erika Van Pelt Stays Strong in Idol's Top Ten with a New Look and a New York ...
By Mathea Morais On Wednesday night's Top Ten American Idol, Erika Van Pelt's rendition of Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind" left judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, as well as the crowd, impressed. They were all also impressed ...

Phillip Phillips moves up on 'American Idol'
Deandre Brackensick of San Jose, Calif., opened the show with "Only the Good Die Young," but it was 26-year-old disc jockey Erika Van Pelt of South Kingstown, RI, who nabbed everyone's attention by debuting a shorter and darker hairstyle during her ...

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VaanManrique so bye bye Erika Van Pelt sayang ang new look mo lol #AmericanIdol


indahrizkaa RT @InfoFollowers: American Idol 2012 Top 10 – Bottom 3: DeAndre Brackensick – Erika Van Pelt - Heejun Han

richardtonapa RT @InfoFollowers: American Idol 2012 Top 10 – Bottom 3: DeAndre Brackensick – Erika Van Pelt - Heejun Han

MistiSwartz American got it wrong again on American Idol. Heejun needs to go home people. It should not have been Erika Van Pelt. #idol

KellyDirks Bad call America. Very bad call... Erika van pelt should be staying!!!!!

JocelynnRichter Thank you idiots who vote for heejun. Erika van pelt got robbed. #Idol

Team_ErikaVP RT Despite the disappointing results on American Idol tonight...congratulations to Erika Van Pelt on one heck of... http://t.co/8wBw2j1t

Team_ErikaVP RT Despite the disappointing results on American Idol tonight...congratulations to Erika Van Pelt on one heck of... http://t.co/O9QCIhKG

Team_ErikaVP RT All About 'American Idol' Star Erika Van Pelt's Drastic New Do | News Onlines: All About 'American Idol' Star... http://t.co/lveguESh

MarrelStrip Erika Van Pelt just got eliminated on Idol.

Team_ErikaVP RT Erika Van Pelt radically transforms her look on 'American Idol': Erika Van Pelt radically transforms her look... http://t.co/zgXcf0JS

rolfenorman I just remembered that I had a dream last night that Erika Van Pelt announced she was a lesbian on American Idol! #Idol

eric_aga RT @InfoFollowers: American Idol 2012 Top 10 – Bottom 3: DeAndre Brackensick – Erika Van Pelt - Heejun Han


American Idol: My review of the top 10? by TonyRockaroni Q: Here's my review of the top 10 this week: 1. Jessica Sanchez Tonight, Jessica is back! She blew everyone else out of the water tonight. That was amazing on every level, she showed off the true power and potential in her voice, and right now, she's still my pick to win. Hands down the best performance of the night, and she better be nowhere near the bottom three. If she goes home after a performance like that, then American Idol is officially dead to me. 2. Elise Testone I have no idea why Elise was in the bottom three last week, but she should be nowhere near it this week. She let her voice just flow and it sounded amazing. She was all over the place in the best way possible and it allowed her to deliver one of the best performances of the night. If she ends up in the bottom three again, then I think America should no longer control who goes home. 3. Colton Dixon "Piano Man" was arguably the perfect song for Colton to sing, and it was great for him back on the piano. He pulled it back tonight, and it worked out in his favor very well. I do have one critique, though. Before the song picked up at the end, I heard a screech that kind of threw me off. But other than that, it was amazing. Honestly, right now, my prediction for the finale is him and Jessica. 4. Skylar Laine Skylar's dress was way to old looking. With that bit aside, she did an amazing job tonight with her performance, she has a lot of power in her voice, and she actually has the potential to win this competition if she can deliver a really amazing performnce. I will admit that her performance tonight wasn't her best, but it was still very good. 5. Joshua Ledet Truthfully, Joshua did a really good job as usual. It definitely wasn't as good as last week, far from it. However, it was still really good. I think he once again showed off the power in his voice, he stayed consistent, and it was a solid performance. I do, however, feel that you could see Joshua was out of his element. 6. Phillip Phillips I think Phillip's performance this week wasn't as good as he's been over the past weeks. I feel like the beat of the song was held back a bit too much, and the only part that I feel like Phillip showed off the real power and potential in his voice was at the end. It was good, but it wasn't anywhere near his best. But I am glad that he said he doesn't care about how he dresses and that the music comes first. 7. Erika Van Pelt First of all, I think I'm the only person who doesn't really like her new hairstyle. Second, I think Erika's performance was very good tonight. She was much better then last week, she stayed on pitch, and she might just be back in the game. However, she still has a problem with loosening up, and I think that's her biggest problem. 8. Hollie Cavanagh Tonight may not have been her best performance, she it was still very good. This girls has some pipes, and tonight she showed them off. She was a little pitchy, but she definitely wasn't bad. But I do think she could've done a better job keeping with the melody for a song like this. Because of that, she could still be in trouble this week. 9. DeAndre Brackensick I have never really liked DeAndre (obviously), but tonight, he actually did really good. He picked arguably the best song he could possibly do, he sang it well, and he did a lot better than his last few performances. Tonight, he didn't do amazing, but it was still good. If he performed like this from the get go, I wouldn't be hating on him as much. However, everyone else still outdid him. 10. Heejun Han That took a lot of guts to do a performance like that. It definitely wasn't his best performance, but I will admit it was the most...unexpected of the night. At least tonight he didn't hold back. It was definitely pitchy, it wasn't that great vocally, but it definitely, um...different. I will say that I think he'll be in trouble this week unless Vote for the Worst endorses him. And after that, I think it's safe to say that they will. However, I think he could be in a lot of trouble this week. So there's my review of the top 10. I think the contestants in the most danger are Erika, DeAndre, Hollie, and Heejun. But if Jessica, Colton, or Elise ends up in the bottom three, I will be seriously disappointed. Do you agree or disagree with my review? Who do you think did the best? And who do you think is in the most danger of being eliminated?

American Idol: My review of the top 11? by TonyRockaroni Q: As usual, here's my review this week of the 12...whoops! I mean top 11: 1. Joshua Ledet I think Joshua was another contestant who found redemption after what happened last week. He has a lot of potential, and he showed off his range, his talent, and the power in his voice. He just blew everyone else out of the water this week with the best performance of the night hands down. Right now, he's the one to beat. 2. Hollie Cavanagh This girl definitely has the potential to win this competition. She has one of the most powerful voices in the competition, she showed great range, and like Jennifer said, it would be silly to point out those tiny pitch problems. She was hands down the best of the girls tonight. I do not think she will have any problems this week. 3. Shannon Magrane Shannon had a lot to prove tonight considering how bad she was last week. In my opinion, she redeemed herself from last week's train wreck. It was a very big song to take on, but she pulled it off. She gave one of the best performances of the night, she showed off her range, and Shannon is officially back in the game. 4. Colton Dixon The fact that Colton did a song that almost no one knows was a huge risk. But that risk definitely paid off. He did such a great job and delivered one of the best performances of the night. And unlike some of the contestants, he knows what kind of artist he is. The song may not have been well known before, but I think people will definitely know that song now. 5. Skylar Laine Little miss "Ghountry" did a very good job tonight. I don't think the song choice was the best choice, but the performance itself was amazing. Skylar just has so much potential and so much power in her voice, and she showed all of it off tonight. She proved that she is definitely one of this year's front runners. 6. Elise Testone Elise did such a better job than she did last week. Unlike last week, she played to her strengths and delivered a great performance. It was the right song choice, she stayed on pitch, and she showed us who Elise really is. She should be nowhere near the bottom three this week. 7. Phillip Phillips I think Phil did a very good job tonight. The song fit him like a glove. It was a very unique performance in the best way possible and he rocked it out. The fact that he performed that good after surgery proves that he is committed to this business and will definitely be here next week. Unfortunately, I think was still outdone by many of the other contestants. 8. Jessica Sanchez When I first heard what song she was doing, I was a little worried cause the last time it was performed on American Idol that I remember, that person went home. But she did very well with her performance. She showed sass, attitude, and talent. I honestly disagree with the judges a bit. She did a great job. However, I think many of the other contestants outdid her this week. 9. Erika Van Pelt I was one of the few people last week that wasn't shocked to see Erika in the bottom three girls. She has a hard time being as good as the other contestants, but tonight was a little different. She did better than I expected, and delivered a great performance. However, I think she was slightly late after the music paused on the last chorus, and held back a little bit. 10. DeAndre Brackensick I've never really like DeAndre's performances that much, and tonight is no different. I agree with the judges that it was a little safe, but I feel like the judges overrate his falsetto. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. So he may have played it safe this week, but I don't think it was that bad. However, almost everyone was still better than him. 11. Heejun Han To me, this performance seemed a bit shaky. I slightly disagree with Randy saying it was the wrong song for him, but I will say that Heejun dropped the ball tonight. I felt like he was struggling quite a bit, it definitely was pitchy, and it wasn't really that good until the ending. Bottom line, it was nowhere near his best performance, and I think he will be in the most trouble this week. As for Jermaine Jones, I was shocked that he was cut from the competition, but even more so that he had outstanding warrants. He should've mentioned that before coming on the show instead of hiding it. If you try to hide information like that, it will always come back to get you. It's a shame because his performance during rehearsal was better than several performances tonight...so be it, then. I think if he wasn't brought back, he could've gotten those cleared up and came back strong next year. Either way, it's a shame. So that's my review of the contestants. What are your opinions? Who do you think is in the most danger of going home? BQ: What's your opinion on the situation involving Jermaine?

A: I agree with the top 2. I am sure Joshua Ledet was the best male singer of last night and Hollie Cavanagh the best female singer. I loved Hollie's version of ''Power of love'' but I was very much surprised when they said this is a song of Hollie's birth year because I heard this same song in 1984 with Jennifer Rush singing it ..so a long time before Hollie Cavanagh was born. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lr0xJBsVbZY I am sure you are right that the rest belong in the 7 remaining spaces but I don't necessarily agree that they belong in the order in which you put them. Girls like Colton Dixon and I am sure he was better than Shannon but Shannon was not bad. I think Elise was better than Shannon. Shannon was good for her age and definitely a huge improvement to last week but she still seems to find it hard to hold a tune, she gets it right but it seems to be a hard thing for her to do, so that one can see it's an effort for her and then it comes out perfect but one should not see that she is straining that hard to achieve this perfect tone. Jessica Sanchez will not be in the top for sure this week but I believe she is genuine and that her previous positive comments she got never went to her head because she said...''If I make it through to next week I promise to make a better song choice. So a lot was due to song choice and not to bad singing and Deandre Brackensick, no matter what we think, I am sure he has a lot of fans, I don't see him going anywhere. I agree that it will be Heejun Han whom America will send home this week, although he can sing and this was a bad song for him and he did not sound good on this song ...but I will miss his funny attitude. Jermaine Jones made a stupid mistake. He is old enough to know that such things will disqualify someone from being a contestant. If he had been open about his convictions they might have kept him on the show because they seem to be minor ones but 4 of them..and he said nothing..He has a good voice. I suppose I hope he gets a chance somewhere else after American Idol. After all people like Lindsay Lohan, and a lot of others did worse and still get movie roles to play or they messed up big time and still are in showbusiness. So the worst he did was not coming clear about it but he deserves another chance somewhere else because he is a good singer. He should never have suppressed this vital information..He must have known this would come out and he would be eliminated...x

American Idol: My review of the Top 12 Girls? by TonyRockaroni Q: Tonight, the top 12 girls gavevit their all on American Idol, and they did a little better than the guys in my opinion (the fact that the judges all think DeAndre was a standout makes me think they're tone deaf). With that being said, here's my review of the girls: 1. Jessica Sanchez OMGA! She just blew everyone else out of the water, even Jen Hirsh. She gave an amazing performance, and proved that she's in it to win it. She has rhe attitude, the swagger, the voice, the talent, and the looks. She officially became a front runner tonight in my opinion. Best performance of the night hands down! 2. Skylar Laine Skylar delivered an awesome performance that was powerful, on pitch, and showed off her true potential. I loved her sass, her attitude, her voice, and her performance. She rocked it out and should have absolutely no problem making it through to the next round. 3. Jennifer Hirsh Definitely one of this year's front runners from the get go. Her voice is powerful, pitch was spot on, she just nailed her performance tonight. Her song choice was current and it was a great choice, which was a problem with many of the guys last night. She's one of my picks to win, to be honest. 4. Hollie Cavanagh I thought she did an amazing job. She just sounded so beautiful, and gave one of the best performances of the night. Her voice is very powerful, she has great pitch, and I have no idea why she didn't make it last year. She could definitely win like Jennifer Lopez said...as long as the voting isn't biased this year like it was last year. 5. Shannon Magrane I think Shannon did a very nice job with her performance. She has a strong voice for a 16 year old, and she has quite a bit of potential. She definitely looked more comfortable on stage than many of the other contestants. I definitely think that she'll be here next week. 6. Hallie Day I think Hallie gave a very beautiful performance. She has an old school vibe to her, I loved the bluesy feel to it, and you can tell that she put her heart into that performance. But just like with Haley Reinhart, Randy doesn't seem to know what type of artist she wants to be. I think she made it pretty clear. 7. Elise Testone I really wanted to like this performance more than I did. She did do pretty good, but it wasn't really that great. I can understand that she has a scratchy voice, but I think she was a bit too scratchy. If she can just learn to control her voice a little more, you have one talented young woman. 8. Erika Van Pelt She has a very unique voice, and she gave a good performance. However, it wasn't completely mind blowing. Here voice seems deeper than the other girls on the show. I think she has a lot of power in her voice, but like Eben did last night, I felt like she was holding back. 9. Baylie Brown Baylie has such a beautiful voice, and she gave a pretty good performance. However, the song choice wasn't that good, but she made the best of it. I also think that the judges were too harsh on her. I think she could do better though, but will she get a second chance? Probably not. 10. Chelsea Sorrell Honestly, her voice didn't sound that good to me tonight. It was pitchy, but it did sound good near the beginning. However, I know that country music is supposed to be nasally, but she was a bit too nasally if you ask me. Also, the performance didn't really show originality. The only good part was the strong vocals, which still weren't enough to make it a good performance. 11. Brielle Von Hugel The judges really overrated her performance tonight. I felt like she was a bit all over the place, it wasn't very current, and she just didn't perform that well. At times, it sounded partially screechy, and the song choice did not fit her. If that was her showing us Brielle, then she has a long way to go. 12. Haley Johnsen This performance did not have enough of quite a few things. Words, actual singing, her staying on pitch, and a couple other things. I can understand changing a song around, but she didn't change the song in a good way. I have to agree with Randy. It was kind of a nightmare, it wasn't a good song choice, and I think she's going home unless Vote for the Worst saves her. Well, there's my review of the top 12 girls. I honestly hope that Jessica, Skylar, Jennifer, and Hollie make it, and that Haley and Brielle do not. Do you agree with my opinions or disagree? Who do you think will make it through? Why are people saying Brielle did amazing? She did a terrible job with her performance!

A: My order would be: 1. Hollie Cavangh 2. Skylar Laine 3. Jessica Sanchez 4. Hallie Day 5. Jennifer Hersch 6.Shannon Margrane 7. Erika Van Pelt 8. Elise 9.Baylie Brown 10. Chelsea Sorrell 11. Haley Johnson 12. Brielle Von Hugel

American Idol Top 13: DeAndre over Jen Hirsh? by TonyRockaroni Q: This is the top 13 on American Idol: DeAndre Brackensick Hollie Cavanagh Colton Dixon Heejun Han Jermaine Jones Skylar Laine Joshua Ledet Shannon Magrane Phillip Phillips Jeremy Rosado Jessica Sanchez Elise Testone Erika Van Pelt However, there is one name that I do not agree with on this list: DeAndre. Jennifer Hirsh had so much talemt, a powerful voice, attitude, and was consistant. DeAndre on the other hand cares more about flipping his hair and singing too much like a girl by using too much false setto. Jen was so much better than DeAndre, and the fact that the judges thought he was better than Jen tells me that they need a new judging panel, cause Jen should be there even over Erika, but I'm okay with her being there. It's DeAndre that I'm worried about, and I am praying for him to go home, cause he should not be in the top 13. And if they had to pick only 1 girl, then it should've been Jen, with the other two spots going to Jeremy and Reed, Jeremy and Adam, or Jeremy and Aaron, not DeAndre! On the plus side, at least Haley, Eben, and Chase didn't make it through, but does anyone else agree that Jen Hirsh is so much better than DeAndre? @Corey: Yeah, DeAndre's more talented than Jen...at hair flipping! When it comes to performing, Jen is way better than him. @esquire415: DeAndre brings nothing new to the table but a guy singing like a girl, a crap load of highly unnecessary hair flipping, and a lot of false setto that completely out of tune and off pitch. DeAndre wouldn't habe made the top 10 even if Jermaine was brought back. And for the record, Jermaine is so much more talented than DeAndre. Other than that, thanks for agreeing me. @ForeverDance.: Feel free to disagree, but you'll see soon enough that I was right once DeAndre goes home. How much you wanna bet he won't even make the top 10? His voice is not original, the hair flipping is annoying and a ripoff of Brett Lowenstern (who I didn't like either), he reminds me a bit too much of Jason Castro, he has major pitch problems and sings all over the place, and Jen was so much better than him it's not even funny. You'll see once DeAndre goes home, and hopefully soon. I garuntee he won't even make the top 5, let alone win.

A: I am not a fan of Deandre Breckensick but that's because i don't like when guys have female voices and sing like women...I do like it when a guy sings like a guy and I would not buy a DVD with Deandre Breckensick songs on it because it would give me a headache but I knew that the judges would use the wildcard on him because they were raving about him so I knew that he would be getting voted through. I suppose by choosing Georgia he did the best he could to show a range of going very high but also sometimes sang in a deeper voice..that was a good choice for him to get voted through but I am not a fan but I am sure a lot of others are even if America did not vote him through...he is too much like another female singer there and I would have prefered Jen Hirsh to get voted through because she had a great range in her song last night and I was very surprised that she did not make it...but I agree that Erica van Pelt also did a great job...but I would have preferred Jen over Deandre. I agree with all the other choices for the top 13...I am happy with the other 12 decisions only this one is not to my personal liking either..x

American Idol: My review of the top 13? by TonyRockaroni Q: Time for my review of the top 13 on American Idol. 1. Jessica Sanchez Wow, Jessica was the one that blew everyone else out of the water tonight. She laid it all on the table and delivered the performance of the night. It was brilliant, powerful, and she showed great stage presence. Right now, she's my pick to win. My biggest concern with her is what happened to Pia did last year, and I am praying to God that that doesn't happen. 2. Hollie Cavanagh Hollie was a close second tonight. She is very consistent, she has power, and she just sounded so beautiful during her performance. This just might be the year that a girl finally wins for the first time since Jordin Sparks in season 6, and Hollie is only one of the reasons. 3. Skylar Laine Skylar did a great job tonight and proved that she was in it to win it. I don't think it was as nasally as Jennifer said. She proves that she was a frontrunner by delivering another powerful performance. Randy was absolutely right. She can sing just about anything. 4. Heejun Han Heejun is one of those guys who sings nothing like the way he sounds. He sounded great tonight, and he was the best out of the guys tonight. His pitch was spot on, and he remained consistent. The sad part? Vote for the Worst is actually thinking about endorsing him. For a site that picks the worst, they're not exactly doing they're job. 5. Colton Dixon He did a very good job, showed his true potential, and proved that he is a force to be reckoned with. I also like how, unlike Erika, he brought his own style to the song. It was near flawless and he should have no problem making it to the next round. 6. Joshua Ledet I think Joshua did a great job with his performance tonight. He set the bar very high for the other contestants, and he proved that he can do both slow songs and uptempo songs, which makes him a dangerous competitor in this competition. Now let me get a hallelujah for Mantasia! 7. Phillip Phillips Phillip's song choice was one of the smartest song choices of the night. He has one of the most unique voices this season, he delivered an awesome performance, and glad that he did a rock song cause that is one of his comfort zones. He'll definitely be here next week. 8. Jermaine Jones Jermaine did very well tonight in my opinion. The song was a great choice for him, he showed his range, and I disagree with Randy about the chorus. I do think he needs to loosen up a little bit like Jennifer said, but once he does that, he'll be a contender for sure. 9. Erika Van Pelt Truthfully, I think the judges overrate Erika a bit. I will admit that she did a very good job and was way better than last week. She has a very unique voice, and she could go a ways in this competition, but I do not expect her to win. Many of the other contestants are much better than her right now, and I'm not too sure that she can outdo them. 10. Jeremy Rosado This guy really did a great job tonight. I somewhat disagree with Randy. The performance was pretty good, but I will say that it wasn't his best performance. He has a very soft voice, and that makes him unique cause know one else has that kind of voice this season. But he'll need to do better if wants to avoid being in danger of going home. 11. Elise Testone Randy was right on all accounts. Elise has such an amazing voice, but I feel like she dropped the ball a bit with her performance. It didn't really feel like the right song choice, it was underwhelming, and it took her a while to get started. I think she picked it up near the end, but her performance was under par. I hope she doesn't go home cause she deserves a second chance. 12. DeAndre Brackensick I still have no idea why the judges put him through. He was kind of all over the place, but I will admit that he did much better than his performance last week. I will say that the ending didn't work too well, but I am glad that he didn't go full onfalsettoo. The fact that he held back on it made the performance better, but he was still under par and might be going home. 13. Shannon Magrane Honestly, she crashed and burned tonight. She is going to be in real trouble, cause she held back in the beginning, and when she got near the end, it became pitchy, and when she hit that big note into the final chorus, it was just not good. When Melanie Amaro sang this song on The X Factor, it was brilliant. Tonight, it was kind of the opposite. So there's my rankings for tonight's performances. I think Shannon, DeAndre, and Elise are the three in the most danger with Jeremy in slight danger. Do you agree with my rankings or disagree? Who do you think will most likely go home? @Corey: Your opinion. I don't have to agree with it. But when DeAndre ends up in the bottom two, don't come cryng to me.

A: It's hard to rank them since their all great. Here I go: 1. Jessica Sanchez- honestly I don't know what all the hype about her is. I don't think she's as great as the judges make her sound. 2. Colton Dixon- I might just think this because I had my doubts that he wouldn't be as good this week and it turned out to be pretty great. 3. Skylar Laine- I love her because I love country and tonight proved she can sing anything. 4 Hollie Cavanagh- Hollie is one of my favorite female singers. I didn't like it as much this week just because I didn't know the song and I loved last weeks performance. But it's still good enough to get her ranked this high in my opinion. 5. Phillip Phillips- it was hard to hear him over all the instruments. If we could hear him better, the way he makes the songs his own is amazing and I love his unique voice. 6. Joshua Ledat- last weeks performance was amazing or I don't think I'd have him ranked this high. He is good but I don't see him as great. 7. Jermaine Jones- I'm not a fan of the deep voice singing but he is great and you can help but fall in love with him:p 8. Heejun Han- I was a huge fan last week but I'm getting tired of him off stage already. His jokes aren't as funny anymore if at all(I did laugh at the pics he gave Jeremy and Mary). As for his singing I wasn't a fan of this performance. 9. Elise Testone- I'm really not sure what order to put Elise, Jeremy, and Ericka in because I really don't remember their performances. I put Elise here because her voice is one of my favorite females in the competition, tonight just wasn't her night. 10. Ericka Van Pelt- I agree the judges overrate her. She has a good voice but she's my least favorite of the females. 11. Jeremy Rosado- I can't believe I have him ranked this far down! But tonight wasn't that great either, I'm just remembering his fight to be a wildcard which was one of the best performances. 12. Shannon Magrane- she's a great singer but tonight she really did "crash and burn"(as you say). 13.DeAndre Brackensick- I find his voice annoying and irritating. I don't see how the judges like the guy so much, there were better singers they could've chosen from(cough cough, Reed Grimm). When he sings those high girly notes it annoys the fudge out of me. But, if it does come down to Shannon and DeAndre, Shannons going home because the judges just seem to love DeAndre. Dear God I hope not. Maybe the 2 male judges will take pity on Shannon and want her to stay.

My opinion on this year's American Idol rankings!? by *z~t~h* Q: Here are the contestants from the Top 13. Boys: Jermaine Jones, Colton Dixon, Deandre Brackensick, Heejun Han, Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, & Jeremy Rosado. Girls: Jessica Sanchez, Skylar Laine, Hollie Cavanagh, Shannon Magrane, Elise Testone, & Erika Van Pelt. Here's my ranking of the Top 13. 13. Jermaine Jones 12. Elise Testone 11. Deandre Brackensick 10. Erika Van Pelt 9. Jeremy Rosado 8. Shannon Magrane 7. Joshua Ledet 6. Heejun Han 5. Skylar Laine 4. Hollie Cavanagh 3. Phillip Phillips 2. Jessica Sanchez 1. Colton Dixon

A: My ranking of the Top 13 was 13. Jeremy Rosado 12. Erika Van Pelt 11. Heejun Han 10. Jermaine Jones 9. Shannon Magrane 8. Elise Testone 7. Colton Dixon 6. Deandre Brackensick 5. Joshua Ledet 4. Skylar Laine 3. Hollie Cavanagh 2. Jessica Sanchez 1. Philip Phillips as of now it looks like Jermaine won't make it past tonight cause he's a wanted fugitive from the law

POLL: Who do you think will win American Idol season 11? by leena in wonderland Q: Who do you think will win this year? Your choises Hollie Cavanaugh Jessica Sanchez Skylar Laine Shannon Magrane Erika van Pelt Elise Testone Phillip Phillips Heejun Han Jermaine Jones Colton Dixon Joshua Ledet Deandre Brackensick

A: Heejun Han or Jessica Sanchez

Erika Van Pelt‏ - I Believe In You & Me - American Idol 2012 (Top 13) Erika Van Pelt‏ - Heaven - American Idol 2012 (Top 12) Erika Van Pelt - What About Love - American Idol 2012 (Top 12 Girls) Erika Van Pelt - American Idol 2012 (Final Judgement) Erika Van Pelt ~ American Idol 2012 Auditions Pittsburgh Erika Van Pelt‏ - NY State Of Mind - American Idol 2012 (Top 10) [HD] Erika Van Pelt - Will You Still Love Me - American Idol 2012 - Pittsburgh Erika Van Pelt: I Believe In You And Me - Top 13 - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11 Erika Van Pelt: What About Love - Top 25 - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11 Erika Van Pelt @ Hardrock Boston-Lady Marmalade Erika Van Pelt, Creighton Fraker, and Aaron Marcellus ~ American Idol 2012, Hollywood Week (HQ) Erika Van Pelt: Heavan - Top 11 - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11 Erika van Pelt - Edge of Glory (American Idol 2012 Top 25 Save-me-song) Erika Van Pelt sings What About Love on American Idol Season 11 Erika Van Pelt - singing Halo Erika Van Pelt sings Edge Of Glory on American Idol Wild Card Erika Van Pelt, Creighton Fraker, Aaron Marcellus ~ American Idol Hollywood Round #1 Erika Van Pelt, Creighton Fraker and Aaron Marcellus - Hollywood Week - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11 Erika Van Pelt & Boston Swing performing 'Lady Marmalade' (Cover / Clip) American Idol [03.07.2012] - Erika Van Pelt - 'I Believe In You and Me' RI's Erika Van Pelt advances on 'American Idol' Erika Van Pelt, Top 12 Finalists Compete ~ American Idol 2012 Erika Van Pelt‏ - Edge Of Glory - American Idol 2012 (Wild Card) Erika Van Pelt: New York State Of Mind - Top 10 - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11 Photoshop Tutorial: Starburst Effect, Erika Van Pelt Erika Van Pelt - Heaven [Studio Version I-Tunes] [American Idol 2012] [Top 11] Erika Van Pelt - New York State Of Mind - American Idol 2012 Top 10 Performance (HQ) Erika Van Pelt & Shannon Magrane (Elimination) - American Idol 2012 (Top 11 Results) Erika Van Pelt - 'Edge of Glory' Lady Gaga Erika Van Pelt: Edge Of Glory - Top 13 Reveal - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11 Erika Van Pelt - Heaven - Top 12 American Idol Erika Van Pelt Erika Van Pelt - Heaven - Studio Version - American Idol 2012 - Top 11 ERIKA VAN PELT - What About Love - AMERICAN IDOL 2012 Erika Van Pelt - The Edge of Glory (American Idol 11 Wildcard Round) Bobby Davis and Erika Van Pelt singing 'One Sweet Day' by Boys to Men feat Mariah Carey [HD] Erika Van Pelt - Don't You Remember - Top 42 Erika Van Pelt Erika Van Pelt & Boston Swing - performing 'Son Of A Preacher Man' (cover) Erika Van Pelt (American Idol) - 'What About Love' Erika Van Pelt - American Idol 2012 (Final Judgement).mp4 Erika Van Pelt - I Believe in You and Me - Studio Version - American Idol American Idol [02.29.2012] - Erika Van Pelt - 'What About Love?' Shannon Magrane ELIMINATED? Daughtry CONFIRMED! American Idol Top 11 Results: PREVIEW VIDEO! Adam Brock, Erika Van Pelt, Angie Zeiderman, Shelby Tweten (American Idol 11 Las Vegas Round) Erika van Pelt - Heaven (American Idol 2012 Top 11) ERIKA VAN PELT with The Sultans in Dallas Erika Van Pelt - Don't You Remember (American Idol 11 Final Judgment) Erika Van Pelt - I Believe in You and Me (American Idol 11 Top 13) American Idol 2012 Erika Van Pelt 3/7 Sexy Voice!
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