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Colin Farrell talks role of "Epic" proportions
Farrell sat down for an interview with CBSNews.com to talk about "Epic" and his other latest film projects, including "Saving Mr. Banks," which will star Tom Hanks as Walt Disney: CBSNEWS.COM: Originally your character was supposed to have an American ...

Movie Review: Epic Is a Derivative Slog Through the Forest
Positing that there's a secret battle in the forest between life and decay, the new animated film Epic proceeds to zoom into a world of tiny forest Samurai (called the Leaf-Men) who ride hummingbirds and fight against the forces of darkness and rot ...

Friday Flicks: Your Number Is Up. The Epic Choice Is The Hangover Part III or ...
Friday Flicks: Your Number Is Up. The Epic Choice Is The Hangover Part III or Fast & Furious 6. By Glen LevyMay 24, 20130. Share. Read Later. Send to Kindle. hangover_ff_0524. Frazer Harrison / Getty Images. A view of atmosphere at the premiere of ...

'Epic' is a big name for a tiny, but fun, adventure
The story has an ultra-familiar ring: A teenage girl gets miniaturized and discovers an elaborate diminutive universe. And while the title is a misnomer, the intricate world of Epic (** ½ out of four; rated PG; opens Friday nationwide) is certainly a ...

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JHermyLG RT @CauseWereGuys: Epic. http://t.co/TloSwR0S4w

AnimationWorld AWN FEATURE: Chris Wedge and Bill Joyce Talk 'Epic' http://t.co/2ccrutBpqq

BobbyFaasiqin_R Film animasi "Epic" keren :D


what kind of things do you like to read about in epic fantasy? by Cool Kid Q: im currently planning an epic fantasy book. i just want to know what kind of themes, creatures, characters, etc that you would like to read about. thxx.

A: An epic fantasy for me would include: Creatures Magic Action Hint of romance/passion Heart-wrenching scenes Scenes where one decision could change everything Sometimes I like kings and queens in them Believable characters with believable responses

What is that classical opera song that is usually played in epic battle scenes? by ElTeeGee Q: I AM DRIVING MYSELF INSANE. What is that song frequently played during epic battle scenes and trailers. Like harry potter and Chronicles of narnia.... I MUST KNOW. Sorry thanks

A: I've heard these two in many "epic" trailers: Verdi's "Dies Irae" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDFFHaz9GsY Karl Orff's "O Fortuna" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9adW5No9IM Just as possible is that it's something by Hans Zimmer. He composes many soundtracks similar to what you're looking for. Search for him on YouTube and you will find a lot.

Is it me or are the words epic and ego becoming more popular? by K. Q: I've noticed that the words epic and ego are becoming more popular? I hear them on TV more, in movies and people say it more. Do you think they are too? What's making them more popular?

A: I think they are too. Of course this is not scientific, but I searched both words with the years 2000 and 2007, and the google hits were much higher for 2007. Interesting at least. epic and 2000 16,100,000 results epic and 2007 30,000,000 results ego and 2000 12,800,000 results ego and 2007 19,400,000 results I'm not sure what's making them more popular, if it is so, although the use of the word epic in movies and other entertainment areas such as gaming has increased dramatically, I've noticed. Every battle is epic! I blame the whole upswing of the use of ego on entertainers, musicians and actors primarily. Think Tom Cruise jumping up and down on a couch, Lindsay Lohan crying because there is no first-class seat available, Beyonce becoming "Sasha Fierce," Mariah leaving the inauguration because she didn't get to go up on stage with Obama, and Cristian Bale's recent F-word fest on set. Not saying I don't like these artists, but ego is a very useful word for discussing certain behaviors. =) Thanks for the fun question and good luck! =)

What are some classic/great epic love stories? by *~*x's*~* Q: Hello all, I am interested in reading some classic literature. More to the point epic love stories, on my list already are Romeo and Juliet and Jane Eyre, but besides those what would you recommend? It can be anything from way back when to now like young adult books. I’ve been told to read Twilight so that’s already on the list too. But any other books or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to glen something from great authors, have a penchant for romance but if your suggestion has nothing to do with romance please still suggest it.

A: If you're really looking for an epic love story, I'd take Twilight off the list straight away. It's not about love at all, nor is it epic in any sense of the word. It's about a stupid, spineless girl who develops a ridiculous infatuation with a boy who stalks and controls her, which she ignores because he's really good-looking. And that's all she talks about. For over three-hundred pages. Try something by Jane Austen, like Pride and Prejudice. Great Expectations is, in a way, a love story, and a very good book generally, too.

how come Christians won't study the Epic of Gilgamesh to see that the Flood story was just copied? by Insallah Q: Step one in becoming atheist is to study the epic of gilgamesh to see the similarities of the story. Now since it's true they are similar, meaning obviously someone copied and the Gilgamesh on came first, why don't Christians see this and become atheist?

A: They don't know that it exists. They are ignorant of it. Epic of Gilgamesh reaffirms my atheism. Edit: Are you guys serious?! The Epic was written as FICTION or LEGEND and the Noah myth copied from it years later.

Do christians realize that the Flood story was a rip off of the epic of gilgamesh? by Q: the epic of gilgamesh has the hero go out and send a dove, a crow and a sparrow. His wife and many animals are on board the ark...and it predates christianity by thousands of years.

A: You are exactly right. The Epic of Gilgamesh predates the Noah story by a couple of centuries. It is a tribute to the writers of the Noah epic that they could take the basic story and shape it to fit their particular religious needs.

Identify the characteristics/conventions/elements of an epic poem. How was Lawrence of Arabia like a epic poem? by morgann :) Q: Identify the characteristics/conventions/elements of an epic poem. In what way was the film like an epic poem?

A: Epic Poem Characteristics - Conventions of Epic Poetry Epic is a long poem which deals with the doings characters from either legend or history. It is generally war-like that involves multiple secondary characters, and also gods and spirits. The following five are the epic conventions: 1. Invocation to muse: An epic starts with a prayer or invocation. The poet asks the muse/god to help him in his great work. Milton makes use of such convention to muse in his epic poem Paradise Lost. 2. Homeric Simile: Compared to an ordinary simile, a Homeric simile is expanded to such an extent that it becomes an another poem within the poem. 3. Athletic Games/Contest: Epic has to offer this convention. Milton makes use of it in his Paradise Lost Book-2 where he describes the fallen angels arranging an athletic meeting. 4. Adventurous Journey: The hero of an epic poem makes a journey. For instace, Aeneas makes a journey to look for the spirits of Anchises. 5. in medias res: The story of an epic poem should begin in the middle of the action. @ Read more... http://www.squidoo.com/epic-poem-characteristics This too... There are 9 key characteristics of an Epic Poem:- It opens in the midst of the story (medas res) The setting is vast and it covers many nations, the world and the universe. It usually begins with an invocation to Muse. It starts with a statement of the theme. The use of Epithets. It includes long lists. It features long and formal speeches. It shows divine intervention on human affairs. The Heroes embody the values of civilization. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_the_characteristics_of_an_epic_poem Lawrence of Arabia Epic films can only try in vain to become the cinematic equivalent of the epic poetry of antiquity. Looking at lists of epic films, something quickly becomes apparent: a confusion of sweeping scope for sweeping meaning @ Read more... http://condemnedmovies.wordpress.com/2012/10/11/lawrence-of-arabia-2/ -------

What are some epic video game battle music? by Gerald Q: Or just anything that is really epic. I like the battle music for devil may cry 3, "Taste the Blood". Anybody have any?

A: I really like the music for the "Halo" games. I had a friend who knew the scales and he made his own composition that sounded really good. It's not really battle music, but it's quite epic.

Is the Bible the word of God or an epic tale that Man created? by fistycuffs Q: I believe it is an epic tale that Man created. Don't you think it's strange that after he supposedly created the world such a powerful god never physically did anything else himself. Logically, it's the only thing the story CAN allow God to do himself. Man attributes things he could not explain to God's doings but little by little science gives plausible non-supernatural explanations. God or Man - What do you think?

A: Actually Epic tale that man plagarized from previous epic tales ;)

What is the Epic of Gilgamesh, Can anyone summarize it for me? by rick g Q: What is the Epic of Gilgamesh, Can anyone summarize it for me?

A: It's a Sumerian work of literature, and one of the first written epics (18th century BC!). It's the story of Gilgamesh and how he has many adventures with his friend Enkidu. Later on, when Enkidu dies, Gilgamesh goes on a quest of immortality - so the whole thing is both entertaining and religious/moral in its meaning.

What legends did the epic of gilgamesh establish and how were these adapted by later peoples? by Chris Q: What legends did the epic of gilgamesh establish and how were these adapted by later peoples? please help. thanks. 10 points to the best answer!

A: The Flood story, which the Israelites took.

In the start of Paradise Lost, what does Milton do to announce that this poem will be an epic? by babydollof4kids Q: During the opening of Paradise Lost, what does Milton do to announce to his audience that this poem will be an epic? How is his opening different from other epics?

A: Amongst other things... It begins, common to many classical epics; "In medias res", Begins with an invocation to a muse, Starts with a statement of the theme. However, It does not have an easily identifiable, traditional "hero" type character.

How can you tell if a poem is an epic? by L Q: Please give me a few tips and hint to how to distinguish that a poem is an epic. Thanks!

A: hope it helps...i hated reading them though (a) It is a long narrative about a serious or worthy traditional subject. (b) Its diction is elevated in style. It employs a formal, dignified, objective tone and many figures of speech. (c) The narrative focused on the exploits of an epic hero or demigod who represents the cultural values of a race, nation, or religious group. (d) The hero's success or failure determines the fate of an entire people or nation. (e) The action takes place in a vast setting; it covers a wide geographic area. The setting is frequently set some time in the remote past. (f) The action contains superhuman feats of strength or military prowess. (g) Gods or supernatural beings frequently take part in the action to affect the outcome. This supernatural intervention often implies two simultaneous plots. (h) The poem begins with the invocation of a muse to inspire the poet--i.e., a prayer to an appropriate supernatural being. The speaker asks that this being provide him the suitable emotion, creativity, or diction to finish the poem. Often the poet states a theme or argument for the entire work--such as "arms and the man." (i) The narrative starts in medias res, in the middle of the action. Subsequently, the earlier events leading up to the start of the poem will be recounted in the characters' narratives or in flashbacks. (j) The epic contains long catalogs of heroes or important characters, focusing on highborn kings and great warriors rather than peasants and commoners. (k) The epic employs extended similes (called epic similes) at appropriate spots of the story, and a traditional scene of extended description in which the hero arms himself. (l) Often, the main protagonist undergoes a terrifying journey--sometimes a descent into the underworld--i.e., into hell or the realm of the dead.

Can the battery for a Samsung EPIC be used for a Samsung Galaxy S2? by Shinryuu Q: A few days ago, My Samsung Galaxt EPIC was stolen, so the insurance sent a replacement. However, the replacement phone doesn't even charge! So they sent back a new phone, this time its a Galaxy s2. The messed up part now, is that the battery doesnt even fit into the phone! So im wondering if the battery for the EPIC can be used for the S2?

A: Here is the deal. No, the Epic battery will not fit into any of the Galaxy S2 phones. In fact, there are many Galaxy S2 phones and they take different batteries themselves. To find the correct battery for your phone you need the model in the battery compartment (starts with sgh, sch or sph) or the battery part number that starts with EB. You can get samsung galaxy batteries here: http://www.batteries4less.com/contents/cellular-batteries/Samsung-Galaxy-Batteries ps...they sent you a new phone with no battery? Those jerks!!!!!

what are the differences between greek epic poetry and greek lyric poetry? by socute Q: I know greek epic:read and recited greek lyric: to be sung what else pls?

A: The epic was oral, while lyric was written.

How is the Axis Mundi related to the Epic of Gilgamesh? by JCthunder Q: In the Epic of Gilgamish, which part of his epic puts the Axis Mundi into motion?

A: The earliest Andite peoples took origin in the regions adjacent to Mesopotamia more than twenty-five thousand years ago and consisted of a blend of Adamites and Nodites. The Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh is believed to be an allegory of the precessing of the Sun along the zodiac signs in the precession cycle. The epic recounts Gilgamesh slaying of the Heavenly Bull (Taurus). The killing of the bull enraged Ishtar who had complained to the god Anu and asked for the Bull of the Heaven when Gilgamesh refused to marry her. After Gilgamesh and his friend Enkidu killed the bull they offered its heart to Utu/Shamash (the Sun).In the epic of Gilgamesh we also find a recount of the Great Flood. A retelling of the Sumerian version of the Deluge is found in the Old Testament and is known as the biblical story of Noah’s Ark. The epic of Gilgamesh is recorded in twelve clay tablets (signs of the zodiac) within a cyclic nature that is to say that the beginning lines are quoted in the 11th tablet. In the 12th tablet Gilgamesh enters into the Underworld. In another epic Ishtar enters the underworld through the seven gates offering one piece of clothing for each gate that she passes. By the time she has entered into the underworld she stands naked. This tale may relate to the spiritual evolution of mankind and the spiritual development through the seven planes of consciousness corresponding with the 7 chakras to finally meet the naked Higher Self at the end of his spiritual journey. The Tree of Life is one of the most pervasive and enduring legends in the history of religion. It was a real tree that grew on the planet millenniums ago. It's history is pan-cultural. Belief in it's reality spans from deep within the stone age to the present. It has always been associated with divinity and immortality. It was the axis mundi otherwise known as the world tree to the cultures of that time. Along with the Tree of Life is the Earth Goddess. The Earth Goddess is directly associated with the Tree of Life. Both are extremely potent symbols and both are embedded within the evolving cultures of early man which has their roots in the Andite culture. A third symbol unsurprisingly associated with both the Tree of Life and the Great Goddess is the serpent. This is more than a story of a tree and a goddess. It is of a movement of people, language and culture and how we came to be. Through all the twists and turns, ebbs and flows, this is our forgotten history, and it starts a long time ago.

Where can I find a list of three kindoms online epic heroes ? by Gagan Q: I need the complete list of epic heroes, for the web version of the game, so that I can refer to the list, it must contain heroes skillsets too.

A: There is game list available on game forum itself, at forum.koramgame.com or else, you can find Chio's epic list or GB's epic list, web version of which are mentioned in the link attached.

What is the most epic story you have heard about a chikan incident? by trololo Q: The most epic I've heard is a high school girl grabbing the chikan by the shirt, dragging him out of the train, and beating the crap out of him. I'd like to hear more epic chikan stories.

A: a girl had a knife in her pocket and slashed the chikan's leg

What is a good epic fantasy book to read? by Nobody Q: I am looking for an epic fantasy novel: a grand tale of fiction narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures. I'm tired of reading books that just copy elements from Tolkien, or just plain sword and sorcery books (I'm tired of farm boy protagonist, Tolkein Elves, and dragons the most). I'm tired of names like: the creator, goddess of light, the destroyer, the forest of death, or the sword of kittens and puppies. Most OF ALL I'm tired of prophesies. The only time where prophesies actually enhanced a book was in the Nicolas Flamel books, and even then only because it wasn't really a prophesy as much as a it was a time travel thing. No supernatural romance books targeted at teen girls, or teen dystopian novels, and no cheesy books targeted at 12 year old boys like the Percy Jackson books. The Narnia books and His Darkest Materials series were both very original, but I'm tired of stories where a group of children are sent to another world, or go on an adventure. I'm also kind of getting tired of fantasy where a street rat/orphan becomes an apprentice thief/assassin. On the other hand both the Demons Cycle books and the Foundeling's Tale had original elements, setting and creators. However they were both only modernly "ok" books, and I didn't care for either protagonist after the 2nd half of each series' corresponding first book. I'm just look for a great, epic, STAND ALONE fantasy book. Supernatural Romance a sub-genre of romance novels, it blends romance with supernatural elements, and is targeted to women or young girls. This does NOT mean I hate romance, I just don't like the Supernatural Romance sub-genre. Also half-human angels are not original. And I happen to dislike(borderline hate) angels in fiction; as much as elves and vampires, and almost as much as the Tag Along Kid and Farm Boy Hero. Well I don't hate elves, vampires, and angels so much as I hate the way they are portrayed in modern fiction.

A: If you're looking for an epic fantasy id suggest reading The Mortal Instruments but it does have romance. The first book (City of Bones) is being made into a movie and it comes out in the summer. The author Cassandra Clare came up with the type of "species" that the main characters are. They're called Shadowhunters...they're half angel half human and they hunt demons. Another favourite fantasy series of mine would be the Beautiful Creatures series. Unfortunately it also has romance. It's in the main boy Ethan's POV and it's about him falling for a mysterious girl named Lena who is a Caster (witch). You said you didn't want any teen dystopian books but those are my favourite type of books and if you need any of those books id be more then happy to give you my long list of fave dystopian books. If I'm being honest most fantasy books nowadays are supernatural romance novels. If you need any of those i also a good list of those but for now that's all I got...hope that helps.

What is the best Epic music for a trailer? by Bob the milkman Q: I have to make a trailer for something, what is the most epic orchestral song out there?

A: Jaws. Star Wars. Listen to a cool song and take epic clips off that. (: xx

What metamorphoses has the text of The Epic of Gilgamesh experienced over the course of its history? by king banana! Q: In addition, how might the meaning of the text undergo a metamorphosis if we think of it as satire, not epic?

A: Scholars generally distinguish between the earliest Old Babylonian versions of the epic and the later Standard Babylonian version, named after the Akkadian dialects in which they were written. The OB versions start to appear around 1800 BCE and the largest number of SB texts date from around the eighth century BCE to around the first century of the same era. However, intermediate forms that in some cases conform closely to the SB texts date to around 1300 to 1000 BCE. The form of the editor's name that is associated with the SB version also fits well with this intermediate period that we know was characterized by editing and standardization of many traditional Mesopotamian texts. The chief differences between the two main versions of the epic are as follows: the OB text was significantly shorter and, some feel, more poetic and elegant in form. The later SB versions contain more repetition, a new introduction that is inserted before the original introduction, a number of minor variations in the story, and probably a much longer version of the flood story. It seems that thematically the latter version subverts the more overt glorification of the hero's deeds of the older version, presenting the king as a powerful but flawed, rash, and slightly foolish hero who only obtains wisdom at the very end of the story after his meeting with Utnapishtim. There would seem to be a sort of continuum from the late third millennium Sumerian Gilgamesh poems that are virtually uncritical of the king, to the first millennium versions of the epic where the hero indirectly causes the death of his closest friend, oppresses his own people, and goes on a misguided, selfish and futile search for personal immortality. I'm not convinced by some of his arguments (e.g. that the flood was a local one in OB Gilgamesh and universal in SB Gilgamesh), but Jeffrey Tigay has written an excellent book on the subject of the epic's evolution as per the link below. I would also recommend Andrew George's discussions of this subject in either his Penguin paperback translation, or his longer scholarly work that is the standard reference text on the epic. To come back to the other part of your question, I agree that the final version of the epic has something of a satirical quality. Criticism of the traditional hero is never very overt but the whole tenor of the story suggests that the actions of the king are deeply flawed. His transformation from the violent and immature oppressor we encounter at the start of the tale, to the supremely wise and benevolent king (described in the new introduction to the epic) he eventually becomes is never charted explicitly. Rather. the reader is left to ponder upon what brings about this dramatic conversion. George points out that the epic defines simple genre classification, but adds that it does share similarities with Mesopotamian "naru" literature. That is, it describes instruction offered to the hero by an ancient sage - in this case, the immortal flood hero. If the epic in its final form has evolved from simple court entertainment to a more scholarly and reflective work, then, it seems likely that one of its prime functions is to describe the proper duties and responsibilities of kings. It performs this function by subtly highlighting the mistakes and flaws of the hero, then leaving the reader with a hanging, inconclusive ending that forces him or her to meditate on the final words of the transformed king and the tragic tale of universal slaughter encapsulated in the flood story. To me, at least, this suggests that the late editor of this ancient epic was a master of his craft and know precisely what he was doing by ending and beginning the story in such perplexing and enigmatic fashion.

What does it mean when somebody says epic? by smileyymee Q: wat does like epic mean??? i hear that a lot but i nvr know wat da meaning is in the online dictionaries it says something like heroic or something? but i don't think ppl use that word like that like let say somebody said an epic movie or an epic poem ok like u get it so can u help me here?

A: Okay so you say to me "hey remember when i fell down those stairs right in front of that cute guy?"and I say "Oh yea...that was epic." that means that it was memorable, unforgettable. epic. got me?

what is some evidence that the movie harry potter is an epic acording to aristotle? by zaccattack9122 Q: Aristotle has described an epic as featuring a list of characteristics which can be found if you wikipedia epic novels. What is some examples in harry potter that defend the statement that the movie harry potter is a novel?

A: Harry Potter is definitely an epic. Whether any of this will refer to Aristotle, I'm not sure, but it most certainly is. It shows the heroics and journey of Harry Potter who comes from nothing, and ends up being the magic world's savior. So many things can classify this series as an epic, which is why i cant even begin to list things. Harry Potter is definitely the greatest work of literature, saga, and adventure our generation will ever experience. It may even be the greatest adventure series of all time.

What is the difference between a martial arts epic and a martial arts movie? by AutoCAD Q: I was looking at my friends poster of Jet Li Fearless and i noticed that it said it was his last martial arts epic. But then i googled it and it said Jet Li will continue to be in martial arts movies but not in a epic. O.o

A: A martial arts epic is a heroic themed movie that is usually set in ancient China with mythological and historical undertones. It usually involves heroes and villains with near superhuman abilities fighting for a great heroic cause that usually involves the fate of a nation or a culture as a whole. While a martial arts movie is any movie with martial arts in it. So "Fearless", "Fist of Legend" and "Once Upon A Time in China" are considered martial arts epics, while "My Father is a Hero", "Kiss of the Dragon" and "Danny The Dog" are just martial arts movies.

What is the Greatest Epic Poem Ever Written? by Kory S Q: I was wondering what everybody thought was the greatest of the epic poems? Is it the Odyssey, a timeless story of a great man's journey home, or the breathtaking action of the Iliad? Perhaps the thrilling quest to Hell and Heaven in the Divine Comedy? Or the great vindication of God in Paradise Lost? We have the Aeneid, The Faerie Queen, Mahabharata, Gilgamesh, Beowulf, Don Juan, and countless others. So, tell which epic you consider to be the best, and why.

A: I also have to go with the Divine Comedy; Dante's inferno is fascinating. However, Paradise lost is a close second. I relaly like both and I generally tend to intensely dislike epic poems. Can't stomach The Odyssey or the Iliad.

What would be the factors that make Paradise Lost a secondary epic? by Person 59 Q: Trying to write a paper for my literature past on the factors that make a secondary epic.

A: First, find a definition of secondary epic which you agree with (mine is fromhttp://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/epic): Some of its conventions, followed by epic writers in varying degrees, include a hero who embodies national, cultural, or religious ideals and upon whose actions depends to some degree the fate of his people; a course of action in which the hero performs great and difficult deeds; a whole era in the history of civilization; the intervention and recognition of divine or supernatural powers; the concern with eternal human problems; and a dignified and elaborate poetic style. Secondly, back up your definition with real examples from the poem. For example, do you list Jesus or Satan as your hero? You can actually make an argument for either one with Paradise Lost. Milton would have us list Jesus of course, but Satan is written in such a way that the above definition fits him, as well.

Why did everyone start using the word epic? by Q: I know they use the word epic for failblog but why does everyone use that word now?

A: Well, it's mostly loosers who enjoy anime and gothic things and play with their iPod touches everyday for 40 hours and then say "epic fail" when someone messes up or something. Yeah, so only those loosers who lie about random things say "epic." But some people use it in the right context, like the voice over guy "The most epic movie in 50 years.." That's the right context. <3333kenzie~~~

What are the most important qualities of an epic hero? by Artemis Q: I have to do it for English class. I can't find anything decent in any search engine. The question "Research the term "epic hero"." What are the most important qualities of the epic hero?

A: An epic hero is figure from a history or legend, usually favored by or even partially descended from deities, but aligned more closely with mortal figures in popular portrayals. The hero participates in a cyclical journey or quest, faces adversaries that try to defeat him in his journey, gathers allies along his journey, and returns home significantly transformed by his journey. The epic hero illustrates traits, performs deeds, and exemplifies certain morals that are valued by the society from which the epic originates. They tend to be 'larger than life' and the ideal human. They usually embody cultural and religious beliefs of the people. Many epic heroes are recurring characters in the legends of their native culture. Most Epic heroes are part divine and possess recognizable human traits. An epic hero can also be a warrior of some sort who performs extraordinary tasks that most find difficult. Even though, Epic Heroes still make mistakes just like anyone else. There are many great examples of Epic Heroes in modern and ancient literature, including Beowulf and Achilles. The epic hero is also typically joined by sidekicks, who will initially be rejected from the group for their own safety, thus embodying selflessness, a commonly valued trait in society, into the epic hero. The sidekick will be permitted into the group eventually, the epic hero remaining with an unscathed heroic reputation for being reluctant to let the sidekick join in the suffering. (It is, after all, a trait of an epic hero to be brave and to put themselves in danger if it means saving or otherwise pleasing others.)

What is your idea of the most epic or badass villains? Why are they that awesome? by Zenna Q: I am trying to write a manga and came up with some epic main characters but It's a little harder to come up with the bad guys.

A: Every character in Hellsing Ultimate is the epitome of epic badass anime characters. Just watch it and you'll know what I'm talking about... Even the major who apparently had no special powers and couldn't hit anything with his gun, gave off an aura that freaked me out so much I had nightmares for a couple of days.

What is some epic suspenseful music that is in the public domain? by Dillan Q: I need some very epic suspenseful music for scene in my film "Redneck Crunk' that is in the public domain. Please help

A: Beethoven - "7th Symphony 2nd Movement" I don't know if that's what you're looking for but it sounds pretty epic. I'm pretty sure there are no copyright laws against it as it was written before copywriting was even invented.

How well does Beowulf meet the characteristics of a typical epic poem? by Q: Definition of an epic: long narrative poem on a serious subject, presented in an elevated or formal style. it traces the adventures of a great hero. i have tried time and time again to read the story, and never has it failed that i will read an entire page and realize i have no idea what i had just read. stop giving me BS answers. dear god.

A: That happens with different stories with different people. A particular story is not for a particular person, at least at that time in their life. “I have tried time and time again to read the story, and never has it failed that i will read an entire page and realize i have no idea what i had just read.” For some reason you just CANNOT concentrate on this work, which others find amazing. People are different. I presume you are reading a translation of this Old English poem. Try another translation. There are a number of them on the web: http://etext.virginia.edu/toc/modeng/public/AnoBeow.html http://www.yorku.ca/inpar/Beowulf_Child.pdf http://poetry.eserver.org/beowulf.html http://www.heorot.dk/beo-intro-rede.html http://www.beowulfepic.com/ http://hawaiilibrary.net/eBooks/Give-Away/Movie_eBooks/beowulf.pdf http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/981 http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/20431 http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/16328 http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/9700 If that doesn’t work you will have to try to fake your essay using Spark’s notes and other commentary. Your definition of an epic of is a reasonable one and even from a summary of the poem you ought to be able to establish that “Beowulf” fits this definition. You will probably not get anyone here to write your essay for you, if that is what you want.

What is the best way to get epic (purple) gear for level 80 mage? by Spade_4 Q: I am trying to get geared for raids, but most of the heroics I do drop only blues. Good level 80 gear, but not epic (purples). I have been spending time in battlegrounds, but they take forever. I used some of the marks of heroism to by the silk gladiator gear, but they are not purples. Any help?

A: Naxx is definately do able in blues. End game raiding is a joke. If you want epics, either save Emblems and buy them from the vendor, get rep gear, do PvP etc.

What is a good epic fantasy book with a dash of originality? by Nobody Q: Not the stupid definition of the internet, but the right one: a grand tale of fiction narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures. No supernatural romance books targeted at teen girls, or teen dystopian novels, and no cheesy books targeted at 12 year old boys like the Percy Jackson books. I'm tired of Tolkien influenced books or just sword and sorcery style fantasy. I'm tired of Dracula influenced vampires. I'm tired of stories where a (group of) child(ren) is/are sent to another world, or go on an adventure like the Narnia books. I'm also kind of getting tired of fantasy where a street rat/orphan becomes an apprentice thief/assassin. I'm tired of names like: the creator, goddess of light, the destroyer, the forest of death, or the sword of kittens and puppies. Most OF ALL I'm tired of prophesies. The only time where prophesies actually enhanced a book was in the Nicolas Flamel books, and even then only because it wasn't really a prophesy as much as a it was a time travel thing. I just want a great, epic, STAND ALONE fantasy book. If it's not a stand alone don't bother answering.

A: Sorry man, This Really Might Not Exist. BUT I really am saying all this to help you out. Yea you can find stand alone fantasy books.... Yeah if you try really hard you can find A book not influenced by all that..... And Yeah you can find Good Epic Fantasy books with a dash of originality books.... But after a lifelong reading of fantasy I HIGHLY doubt you can find all your requirements in a book. See a the Problems are: If you want Epic than you have to lean more towards a series than stand alone. But now you have limited yourself to a VERY VERY few amount of books that are Fantasy Epics Stand Alones Take that small list.... Than we Add in Good Books.... If you want Good than those books often are influenced by other works.... New Semi original books are constantly being put out but so many are just terrible. And than Fantasy.... What kind of fantasy are you looking for? You have stated plenty of what you aren't looking for... But everything you list are ingredients in what makes fantasy... fantasy! What are you looking for in fantasy? Magic? Urban? Vampires besides dracula inspired? You don't want Young Adult like Percy Jackson but you praise Nicolas Flamel books.... Artemis Fowl another Great series in Young Adult but in series. See based on your Subject headline.... Id Suggest Tom Holt's J.W. Wells & Co., Monster Hunter International puts a nice twist on monsters... But both are a series books Well........ Thinking About it I have some suggestions: Have you read Good Omens? Stand alone.... Epic Fantasy... Might work. Long Earth by Terry Pratchett a good book (not great but good).... you could read it as a stand alone lol (but seriously does kind of leave on a cliffhanger sorry) P.S. any interest in Science Fiction? Remember John Scalzi (Agent to the Stars, Android's Dream), A. Lee Martinez (Automatic Detective), Ernest Cline (Ready Player One), Michael Rubens (Sheriff of Yrnameer), Rob Reid (Year Zero).... And always have to mention the great Douglas Adams (even though both series Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy & Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency could be read as stand alones really).... They all have written amazing stand alone science fiction books that are original....

What are some cool things to do with Samsung epic 4G phone? by Morgan Q: I have the Samsung Epic 4G. I have a diferent launcher. I've heard about rooting it, but what does that do? What are some cool things like How to download free movies for example. Please tell me what rooting is and how to customize messaging. All answers are appreciated.

A: I don't have an Epic 4G (well don't have it anymore anyways), but I can explain rooting in simple terms. Depending on what phone you have, achieving root status may be different for you. Rooting is basically you going through a procedure that'll allow you to unlock your phone to many different types of ROMs. Basically rooting your phone does remove your warranty and all, but it also allows you to overclock your processor, change the ROM (to GB, ICS, etc.), use certain apps that require root privilege (Titanium backup for example), etc. I'm not exactly sure on how to customize messaging, but you can use apps to customize the experience or you can download and switch to a different ROM if you manage to root your phone successfully. Just be warned, you MIGHT brick your device if you screw up. As for what you're asking about downloading free movies and all, you can already do that with unofficial market apps. You can go download snappzmarket, applanet, etc. Just search up how to download free apps on the internet. But be warned, some of these apps may have viruses or backdoors which may possibly expose your personal data. So be careful of what you download as well. If you want to download free movies, then you can also just find a movie and convert it to the format needed by the Epic 4G (I don't remember the movie format unfortunately :( ) Hope this information helped out just a bit. If you have more questions, then go to the Epic 4G forums over at XDA developers or rootzwiki and they should be able to provide a little more insight than me and help you root your device if you ever decide to root it. ;)

Will the cost of a epic flying mount go down in World of Warcraft? by Foto Q: Has anyone heard of Blizzard planning to lower the cost of the epic flying mount? 5000g is a lot of cash!

A: They said they're not going to lower it anytime soon. But then, they also said they weren't going to lower the ground epic cost, and then they cut it in half. So it's really not for sure either way.

Did the Judeo-Christian belief adopt the story of a great flood from the Epic of Gilgamesh? by Brent E Q: I'm taking a history of ancient civilization class, and was assigned to read the Epic of Gilgamesh. Within the Sumerian writings a great flood is spoken of with clear similarities to the biblical story of Noah. However... The Epic poem was written thousands of years before it was put into the bible.

A: There is no empirical way to determine the origin of either account. There are many similarities, but there are also many stark differences. It is possible that they both are derived from a separate resource (of written or oral tradition). The Gilgamesh epic, for example, bares the signs of being adjusted by people who were unfamiliar with boats (i.e. Gilgamesh's ark was a cube - try keeping a cube upright in a storm). A good comparison table can be found on this page; http://creation.com/noahs-flood-and-the-gilgamesh-epic

Walmiki,the author of Ramayana was an illiterate dacoit.How come he wrote the epic and on what paper? by SCHLAWUTZI Q: Which ink did Walmiki use to write the tome? From which University he learnt Sanskrit? Why the epic Ramayana is sacred to the Hindus? Did the characters of the Ramayan exist in real life or they were the product of Walmikis hallucinations? Which hallucinating narcotics was Walmiki addicted with? "Somras?"

A: Valmiki was a self realized soul and was not on the material plane but was on the spiritual plane. In fact, he compiled Ramayana well before the advent of Lord Ramacandra, the hero of Ramayana. It was passed down through generations through aural reception. During those period, Treta Yuga, the memory of the sages was so sharp that they could retain what was heard through the chain of guru-parampara (disciplic succession), message passed on from guru (spiritual master) to sisya (disciple) and thus message was kept in tact. Srimad Valmiki Ramayana is an epic poem of India which narrates the journey of Virtue to annihilate vice. Sri Rama is the Hero and aayana His journey. We in India believe that Sri Rama lived in Treta Yug, millennia BC and we are presently concerned with what Srimad Valmiki Ramayana tells us, rather than when it was told. This epic poem Ramayana is a smriti which is translated as "from memory". Given the antiquity of Srimad Valmiki Ramayana, there have been some interjected verses. Sometimes these verses can be contradicting. However, scholars, grammarians, historians have put lot of effort to standardize the original text, by verifying various manuscripts available from various parts of India, thus trying to stabilize and save the text from further contradictions. An example of this effort is the critical edition of Srimad Valmiki Ramayana. This site aims to study various versions of Srimad Valmiki Ramayana and arrive at a version of Ramayana that is most relevant to modern times. Srimad Valmiki Ramayana is composed of verses called Sloka, in Sanskrit language, which is an ancient language from India and a complex meter called Anustup. These verses are grouped into individual chapters called Sargas, wherein a specific event or intent is told. These chapters or sargas are grouped into books called Kaandas where Kaanda means the inter-node stem of sugar cane, or also a particular phase of the story or an event in the course of story telling. Thus the structure of Srimad Valmiki Ramayana is arranged into six Kaandas or Books, and they are: 1. Bala Kanda ( Book of Youth) [77 chapters] 2. Ayodhya Kanda (Book of Ayodhya) [119 chapters] 3. Aranya Kanda (Book of Forest ) [75 chapters] 4. Kishkindha Kanda (The Empire of Holy Monkeys) [67 chapters] 5. Sundara Kanda ( Book of Beauty ) [68 chapters] 6. Yuddha Kanda ( Book of War ) [128 chapters] http://www.valmikiramayan.net/

What is the oldest surviving epic in British literature? by It'sAllorNothing Q: What is the oldest surviving epic in British literature? Caedmon Beowulf Gawain Birhtwold I would say the oldest out all these is Caedom's because it was composed somewhere between 658 and 680 where as all of the others are later dates. But is Caedoms Hymn considered an epic? Because it's considered to be a "short Old English poem" where epics are "lengthy narrative poem's". So I know the answer is either Caedom or Beuwolf but I'm not sure, could someone please help? ~Thanks :)

A: What you're thinking is right--Caedmon's Hymn isn't an epic, and both The Battle of Maldon (the poem in which Birhtwold appears) and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight were written centuries after Beowulf.

What is the difference between epic heroes and superheroes? by N Q: I'm doing an essay on Beowulf- any information about him would help such as his strengths and weaknesses. The opening paragraph has to state the differences and similarities of epic heroes and superheroes. Any help would be great! Thanks in advance!

A: Epic heroes are like Aragron from the LOTR series or Odysseus from the Odyssey. These are people with a lot of talent and ability, but no special powers (fly, laser beam eyes, super-strength). There is the start of the differences.

Who is the most epic star in wrestling history? by Clark W-Angel Buffy Chosen Q: I'm not talking about the biggest, so it doesn't necessarily have to be a Hogan or an Austin. Who, when you think about the matches and feuds they have, is the most epic? My pick, considering the scope of his career and the way he's performed particularly in the last two or three years, would be Triple H. Every time he wrestles, it's an event, and it's huge. Everything about him, from the rivalries he has to his ring entrance screams epic to me. To Billy Bob: How exactly am I misusing the word epic?

A: I would like to say Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, and Bret Hart are the most epic star in wrestling history. Those three are tied. The reason is so simple. They are Pro Wrestling's best storytellers. While you want to have great feuds and matches, storytelling is so important. There are many great mat wrestlers such as Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, etc. Both I won't mention any of them, because they aren't very good at telling stories in the ring. I won't even mention Kurt Angle, though he's also very good at storytelling. I wouldn't also mention The Rock and Steve Austin, since they're just charismatic and electrifying, but not epic and not Pro Wrestling's best storyteller. Since you asked the most epic star, I would mention the best. And the best are those three. - Shawn Michaels : This is no question. Shawn Michaels in fact isn't as good as Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, etc at mat wrestling. But, the reason he won so many MOTYs and FOTYs awards is because his perfect storytelling. Everytime he wrestles, it's always huge and everyone really enjoy to see this man perform. Nobody is better than Shawn Michaels when it comes to storytelling. - The Undertaker : He isn't as good as Shawn Michaels in terms of storytelling. But, he's so epic. Everyone always want to see him and everytime he enters the arena you can expect the reaction from WWE Fans. It's so Legendary. His presence is so fucking legendary. - Bret Hart : He might not be so charismatic, but he's a very great storyteller. He played both babyface and heel roles so good. He's so epic that he won so many MOTYs awards. And you can see how many stars become one of all time greats after feuding with Bret Hart : Shawn MIchaels, Steve Austin, and The Undertaker. These three really benefited from feuding Bret Hart and that's proved what an epic star Bret Hart truly is.

What is the difference between an epic and high fantasy novel? by Theawesomenicole Q: Are they the same or can a book book be high fantasy with a choice of it being epic, or an epic novel having the choice of being High Fantasy? Thanks! ___________________________________________________________________________________ If you want to help spread the word of God, go to vbchurch.piczo.com (I put this on all the things I ask/answer here.)

A: Books can be either or both. Epic: Summarizes the meaning of life, or some philosophy. Really digs into the human condition and character. Everything is big from the armies, villains, wars, and conflicts. Example: Lord of the Rings High Fantasy: High concept and usually making use of common fantasy tropes. Dragons, elves, dwarfs, swords, journeys. Not necessarily about themes or philosophy. Not usually about the end of the world. Example: The Hobbit The Lord of the Rings could be considered epic high fantasy, too.

What are some of the biggest, most ambitious and most complex epic film projects even in Hollywood history? by Timothy M Q: And what are some the best and/or greatest epic film projects even in Hollywood cinema history?

A: Memento Inception Se7en Fight Club Clockwork Orange The Matrix The most epic would be Star Wars Avatar Godfather Movies Psycho Rocky Raging Bull Goodfellas Casino

What are the characteristics of an epic tale and epic hero? by Lance S Q: What are the traits of an epic tale and an epic hero. They should be pertaining to Beowulf. Thanks.

A: Technically the Iliad and Odyssey, as well as Beowulf, are Folk Epics. There is no "Epic Tales" in scholarly Literature. Neither is there an "Epic Hero" in scholarly Literature. Beowulf would be the Hero of a Folk epic. Folks that have not gone into literature and its rules and glossaries have inserted many seemingly logical positioning of words to fit their needs.

What is the best classical novel written in easy english that you consider epic? by Q: Hi, I need you to make suggestions of the classical novel that you consider epic and really think that nothing could be written better that it ever, and at the same time i don't want it to be in a very old/difficult to understand/boring form of English, you know. Thanks a lot.

A: Do you really mean "epic"? As in majestic, taking place over many years, focusing on a hero's exploits in many lands, usually written in the form of poetry? I'm assuming that's not what you mean, and so I'll suggest (though you'll likely find them all to be in boring English): "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding "Animal Farm" by George Orwell "The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck

How many pages long is the epic of Gilgamesh? by Q: I have "The Epic of Gilgamesh" (Penguin Classic Edition) and I was wondering if it's the complete version. The book is 125 pages and the epic itself is only 60 of that so I was wondering how long the epic really is or whether the version I've got is the full text or summary since it doesn't say so anywhere on the cover or on the inside.

A: If it's the Penguin edition by Andrew George, then the reason the book is much longer than the epic is that it includes recovered portions of the Old Babylonian version, as well as the five Sumerian poems that presumably served as source material for the longer, integrated epic. I don't really understand why this isn't obvious or why you insist in counting the text in 'pages' when it was originally an recorded on 11 or 12 clay tablets in cuneiform. If you read the introduction to your Penguin version you should also discover that archaeologists have only recovered about two thirds of the text so far. By the way, if you only have the older 1972 Penguin edition by NK Sanders you should try to get the later version by George. George's version contains a lot more material than Sanders'.

Why is the Requiem for a Dream so epic? by Q: I have never seen this with any other soundtrack but Requiem for a Dream feels so epic in all its variations. This overused youtube soundtrack makes one feel as if he is the king of the world, that his power and potential is limitless, that he can do anything absolutely imaginable with the blink of an eye. My question is, Why? Why does this song have this effect on a person. Give me reasons form psychological/philosophy/biology/music, etc. All the psychologists, philosophers, neuroscientists, musicians, music directors and artists out there, this question is for you. I am talking of the main theme of the soundtrack, not the entire soundtrack.

A: Probably for me, its the use of every part accordingly. For instance, the bass is used in fifths like the root and the fifth, this creates a very heavy mood, which is mostly used in rock. Around the middle comes the sentimental fall of the scale making it touching and on the top most part, come violins or whatever instrument you might want, giving it an epic feeling because of being in a higher register and a louder volume. Add all that together and the brain takes it in as a tragic moment, ( coming from a big minor chord in the beggining) making your ''epic'' sound!

What are some examples of epic poems about love? by FlutePlayer&BookLover Q: When I say epic poems, I don't mean poems that are epic, I mean epic poems, like the Iliad and the Odyssey. I'm doing a poetry project and we have to choose a topic (I chose love because it seemed easy) and find a variety of poems about it. I have to have two epic poems pertaining to love in some way. Please help; English is almost my worst subject, and if I get an F on this project there's no way I'll be able to bring it back up!

A: Very little poetry that we study or is in the Canon (the best poets work) deals primarily with love. The only one I can think of is Tennyson's 'In Memoriam' which is an epic poem cut down into manageable shorter ones about his grief for his dead friend who he loved.

Whats the best way to start off writing an epic book series? by Yzark Q: I'm a writer.And i want to start off writing an epic book series similar to Lord Of The Rings,Harry Potter etc.I want to know whats the best way start of these types of books? Should i start of with a prologue? How should i introduce the characters?

A: Take classes in writing. Study the great works. Learn about story telling, language, literature, history, and mythology. Nothing personal, but if you want to write an "epic" series and your first question is "should it start with a prologue" then you really are not ready to go anywhere near an "epic" series. Tolkien was a doctorate and a professor and it still took him 14 full years to write LOTR (to put that in perspective - if he started writing it today, it would not come out until some time in late 2023). True epics are monstrous tasks and even VERY learned people struggle with them. Study, study, study before trying anything that big.

How did the Epic of Gilgamesh demonstrate beliefs and practices in early Mesopotamian civilization? by chicadivertida90 Q: what are specific references in the epic that showed the POLITICAL, SOCIAL, and RELIGIOUS beliefs/practices? How would the Egyptians story be different or similar as far as political leadership, Gods and social relations go.

A: The answer to your question is very long and there is not enough space to relate all the info you need to know. This is only the initial explanation and the web site will provide more. Basically, it tells the reader about the similarities and the differences between it and all other civilizations at the time. It is an anonymous story which was crafted and reworked by various Mesopotamian cultures including the Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians, and Assyrians; original story likely dates back to around the time of King Gilgamesh of Uruk (c. 2,700 BC); 1,600 BC recension by Babylonian priest-exorcist, Sîn-leqi-unninni. It is Mesopotamian epic poem originally written down by the Sumerians around 2,000 BC Humanity made the transition from tribal lifestyles to the more complex forms of social organization we call civilization along four great river basins-in China, India, Egypt, and the Middle East. The Middle Eastern basin, which runs along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in what is now modern Iraq), hosted a series of sequentially related civilizations that together are referred to as Mesopotamia. It is the oldest of the four early sites of civilization, predating the high culture of Egypt by thousands of years. The Mesopotamians wrote on clay tablets, many of which have survived to the present. This ancient literature contains, among other compositions, The Epic of Gilgamesh. Humankind's oldest recorded hero tale (dating from at least 2000 b.c.e.), the epic is built around Gilgamesh's quest for immortality and is full of dream accounts. A legendary king who ruled the city-state of Uruk around 2600 b.c.e., Gilgamesh was said to be the son of the goddess Ninsun and the king Lugalbanda. His divine heritage on his mother's side, however, did not exempt him from mortality. gatita_63109 A=postolic, B=eliever, I=n, O=ne, G=od, J=esus

What is the difference between an epic poem and a novel? by Q: Certain works of art are called epic poems like Beowulf and The Iliad but are really just stories aren't they?If they aren't just stories what do they contain that make them poetry?

A: They're poetry because they're organized into verse. Novels are written in paragraph format, and there's not as much focus on the SOUND of the language--there's more of a focus on what's actually going on. Beowulf and the Iliad were written in a time where (obviously) there was no TV or radio and a lot of people couldn't read. So, they were meant to be recited aloud to others. There's a major emphasis on the sound of the words, rhythm, etc. There's also a lot of repetition. You'll see this today with the modern song. You will see that some translators have translated these works into a novel-like form. This makes things confusing. Modern audiences are generally literate and generally prefer just reading novels to themselves, so modern translators sometimes accommodate them. I think this sucks though and prefer reading them the way they were meant to be read. The translator really makes a difference in how good the work is. For Beowulf, I recommend Seamus Heaney's translation. For the Iliad, I like Robert Fagles' translation. Since you asked specifically about epic poems, you might want to know that there are other elements that make a poem an "epic poem" versus another kind of poem. If you're interested, I copied this straight from wikipedia: Epics have nine main characteristics: 1. opens in media res. 2. The setting is vast, covering many nations, the world or the universe. 3. begins with an invocation to a muse. 4. starts with a statement of the theme. 5. the use of epithets. 6. includes long lists. 7. features long and formal speeches. 8. shows divine intervention on human affairs. 9. "Star" heroes that embody the values of the civilization.

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