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Empire state building

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Shayy_Truex3 I just loveeee how lit the Empire State building is at night thooo :)

ICONICxxShannon RT @AlessandrasFans: I'm in NYC. ANGELS!!!! The Empire State Building is blue 2nite! (In my eyes also know as the Eiffle Tower) LOL

ibeasley12 #IveAlwaysWantedTo hang off the empire state building like king kong and swat down airplanes!

BelleWright13 I want to my prince to ask me to marry him on top of the Empire State Building, at night. That sounds pretty amazingggg.

Nascarnoll @AmyMack74 Ummmm as big as the empire state building. So it's NOT small by any means. I've been watching it for sometime now.

deefordisney Cool! RT @INGNYCMarathon: Our friends @ the Empire State Building lit the sky w colors of the ING NYC Marathon. http://t.co/IBxiOvZa

SaxAppeal_ #IveAlwaysWantedTo fight a llama while falling off the empire state building

MattFair3 #ivealwayswantedto jump off the Empire state building

IGotICONiacSwag RT @AlessandrasFans: I'm in NYC. ANGELS!!!! The Empire State Building is blue 2nite! (In my eyes also know as the Eiffle Tower) LOL

YaChickKeepiNMe #IveAlwaysWantedTo go bungee jumoing off the empire state building

Bone_Chilla Boutta hit up a club INSIDE the Empire State building!! VIP lounge too?? #legooo

liberationnyc RT @shawnhoke: Empire State Building from 23rd Street, even though we live here I never get tired of it. #believeinfilm http://t.co/E8wymtuz

gagotwit RT @INGNYCMarathon: Our friends @ the Empire State Building lit the sky w colors of the ING NYC Marathon. Post pics if u see! #ingnycm http://t.co/CPEjV8vw

Kusher22 @lolojones did you run the empire state building?

MrsBiebsMahone @AlexConstancio7 me too...like the empire state building ;D xxx


Is it better to visit the Empire State Building during the day or during the night? by eric Q: I would like to visit the top of the rock and the empire state building, one during the day and one during the night. Which one has the best views for each time? Thanks!

A: go when the sun is about to set... the red/orangish hue... awesome pictures... there isnt really a timer on how long you can stay up there... so u get both day view and night view...

How do I obtain a property release of Empire State Building or Sydney Opera House? by E W Q: I want to sell my photos to some online photo companies, how do I obtain a property release of Empire State Building or Sydney Opera House? Also, if a skyline or cityscape photo includes these iconic architecture, do I also need a property release? Thanks for your help!

A: According to the Getty site, if it's one building, you need a release. If it's a collection of buildings, no release is required. Make sure to get a few buildings in the shot, and then releases are not a worry.

How fast would a stone travel falling from the Empire State building? by Allan Q: The Empire State building is 381 meters (1,250 feet). How fast would the stone be travelling when it reaches half way, which is 190.5 meters (625 feet), and how fast would it be travelling right before it hit the ground? Please show the working out in simple terms, I would like to learn how to solve these problems. This is not a homework question, this is a general curiosity question. Thank you so much.

A: By v^2 = u^2 + 2gs 1st condition:- =>v^2 = 0 + 2 x 9.8 x 190.5 =>v = sqrt3733.80 =>v = 61.10 m/s 2nd case:- =>v = sqrt[2 x 9.8 x 381] =>v = 86.42 m/s

How do you get to the Empire State Building from Staten Island? by VT4ever Q: So I am on vacation and don't have a clue to how to get to anything. How would I get to the Empire State Building if I take the Staten Island Ferry? Thanks!

A: Staten Island Ferry to lower Manhattan. Then a bus up Broadway to 34th street. Or, subway up town to 33 St, and then exit Penn Station and walk to the east.

Where online can I buy this Empire State Building sweatshirt? by Dizzy Miss Lizzy Q: I would really like a sweatshirt that I saw at the Empire State Building gift shop a few days ago, but I've had a lot of trouble finding it online. It's a green sweatshirt with pink letters that say "NEW YORK" in all caps and underneath in black cursive writing it says "Empire State Building". I cannot go back to the store and unless there is another way of ordering over the phone besides giving out a credit card number, I cannot do that either. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

A: you can google it...u can google anything.lol

Can you see the empire state building from parts of Connecticut? by flamance Q: Like if your standing on top of a really tall building in the southwestern most city in Connecticut, can you see the Empire State Building? Can you see it from parts of NJ?

A: The best place to view the Empire State Building, will be in parts of New Jersey, especially along the Hudson River from Fort Lee to Bayonne. If you want to a good view of the ESB, I would recommend going to the Lincoln Harbor ferry terminal in Weehawken. I hope this information is very helpful. Good luck

What jobs are in the empire state building? by Evelyn H. :) Q: What jobs or companies are based in the empire state building? Are there many different companies based there just like on different floors? i have heard many different answers so if you work in the empire state building, or know someone who does, then tell me what your or their job is please! If anyone knows about how many companies are just based there please tell me. Thanks!

A: Call them and ask. Or go up there and look at the directory they have in the lobby. You might be able to find a directory online.

What restaurant in the Empire State Building is closest to the roof? by Emily D Q: There are (or were) 5 restaurants in the Empire State Building in New York. Which is closest to the roof? ie: which is on the highest floor?

A: There are no restaurants in the Empire State building like that. All the restaurants are on the ground floor. There are none close to the roof at all. You are probably thinking of another building--Rockefeller perhaps which had the Rainbow Room and the Rainbow Grill but is now closed.

How much force would it take to knock over the Empire State Building? by Jack K Q: Suppose an object is thrown at the Empire State Building perpendicular to it. What is the minimum weight this object has to be and how fast does it need to travel. As a thought experiment, superman picks up the Statue of Liberty and tosses it at the Empire State Building at 500 miles per hour. Would this topple the building.

A: Well, you just made the Do Not Fly list.

What are the dimensions of the empire state building? by Sangheili Q: I need blue prints of the empire state building and fast. I need at least a copy of the empire state building's blueprints and I need to hand in blue prints in about 8 hours.

A: The building is 1,453 feet, 8 9/16 inches or 443.2 meters to the top of the lightning rod. Area of Site: 79,288 square feet (7,240 meters) or about two acres. East to west, 424 feet (129 meters), north to south, 187 feet (56.9 meters.) Foundation: 55 feet (16.7 meters) below ground Basement: 35 feet (10.6 meters) below ground Lobby: 47 feet (14.3 meters) above sea level

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