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efendimesoyliim 'emerging market' turkiye! dis hatlarda seyahat edecek insan guruhunu gorseniz, bence usutebilirsiniz.

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What is the link between technology and new, emerging market? by lekumusi Q: Would someone please help me answer this question in just a few sentences in plain English? Any help is appreciated. Thank you L

A: When technology comes up with a new product it "creates" a market for it. for example, Nintendo invented Wii. Wii was not another game console for gamers; it created a market for anyone that wanted to "move" rather than "game".

Can you recommend an Emerging Market Mutual Fund? by traderb550 Q: I am looking for a low expense Emerging Market Mutual Fund. What is the Website?

A: all expense ratios are over 1.30. because fund managers got not enough information for search company's profile and news. in other word, they have a much more job than american market to get informations. i stongly recommand asia market except japan such as korea, china(stong), rusia, north american..... check 2006 best top fund on newspapers top 1-5 : all china fund aound 50% up!!!! good luck!!! i am korean! i got some fund to china.. highly recommand!!!

Who are emerging market countries from an investment standpoin? by j9king Q: Would Russia, Central Europe, India or Taiwan be considered emerging market countries?

A: Well, there is no single commonly accepted list, but most lists have a great deal of overlap, of course. Here is Morgan Stanley's: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey.

The richest people in the world got in on an emerging market and mastered it before any one else.? by Jasmine J Q: If you wanted to start a business of an emerging market, what would it be?

A: Solar Energy. As in solar panels, etc. This will become huge. One or two small solar panels on your roof and even in a climate that is considered "cold" you will be able to supply all the energy you need for your house.... free of charge and "clean" energy. With a little bit of imagination you can see what an emerging market in solar energy can produce in profits.

Is emerging market the step before industrialization? by Bachata Mouse Q: Because I looked it up and the Dominican Republic is an emerging market. Does this mean that it's on its way to becoming a developed country? I hope we can become a developed country by 2025

A: I-m from Honduras and I have seen a lot of progress in the last 15 years towards development here too. So yes. Things will get better for poor countries as they did for the US. Todays poor countries are probably in the same stage of development as the US and Europe were 70 years ago.

How can I invest in an emerging market? by Nancy B Q: What are some ways to invest in emerging markets or in a country itself?

A: Buy an ETF in the specific country.... or buy the ETF "EEM" which covers most emerging markets. (keep in mind.... these would be considered very risky investments)... good for experienced investors.

Why did a lot of International and Emerging Market Mutual Funds tank yesterday? by Jumpin' Jack Flash Q: For instance, Morgan Stanley Emerging Market Fund had one heck of a slide yesterday? What on earth caused such a fall?

A: It went "ex-dividend" yesterday. That means it paid out dividends and capital gains, thus lowering the value of the fund. But, if you are reinvesting dividends and cap gains, you now have more shares. The net difference should be no change in total value.

Easiest way to invest 600 dollars a month into emerging market bonds? by bigchief93944 Q: I want to invest my measly 600 dollars a month I can save, into emerging market bonds, or a fund that invests almost exclusively in emerging market bonds. I'm also curious as to whether I can specify which country's bonds I most want to hold. I specifically want to buy Uruguayan bonds or funds, but I don't know if this kinda thing is possible? fairly hassle free? I have no idea where to start or how to go about this.

A: You can invest in emerging markets bond funds. But I am not aware of any that invest exclusively in Uruguay. If you want to invest in bonds in this country, then you are going to have to call around to various brokers to see if they have any of these. But unless you are checking within Uruguay, I tend to doubt you will find a broker.

Does a developing country need a large population and workforce to become an emerging market? by General Herpes Q: There are a lot of small developing countries that don't have a large workforce, but that still have a higher per capita income and human development index than countries such as India for example and no one considers them emerging markets. Does this mean that small developing countries are more likely to skip the emerging market and newly industrialized country categories and go from developing to developed?

A: By definition an emerging market is one with a significant growth in demand for goods and services. If the population is small, the individual members have to be very rich indeed for the market to be significant in any way. China and India are emerging markets because their populations are huge. So even a relatively low per capita income translates into major purchasing power. Most small countries, even with significantly higher per capita incomes, will never become significant markets because their total purchasing power just isn't significant. But all that is independent of industrialization and becoming "newly industrialized". It is hard to imagine a developing country becoming developed without going through the "newly industrialized" phase. (One could argue that the resource rich countries such as the United Arab Emirates have done so. I would not agree that they are developed.)

What percentage of global market cap is represented by emerging markets? by johnxspeaking Q: Also, what percentage of global market cap is represented by the US market? Can you provide a link to a site(s) that shows this information? Regarding emerging markets, I've seen anywhere from 8% to 30% + stated as the emerging markets share of global market cap. Thanks!

A: One problem is that these numbers are highly variable and depending on the countries included as "emerging". Take a look here for some recent values and their change over time. http://www.capitalspectator.com/archives/2007/01/asset_allocatio_1.html And here is a more recent list, by country. http://bespokeinvest.typepad.com/bespoke/2008/06/percent-of-worl.html

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