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dobb_s nov 18th>>>>>breaking dawn>>>>edward cullen>>>

tukisande Oh here comes Edward Sciccorhands and his shitty voice.

stephrichards95 RT @KaylaSpeaksNow: Everything about Edward and Bella is so perfect. I just can't picture Twilight officially coming to an end. I don't want it to.

twilight_maniia Edward Cullen: "¿Quieres que te cante? Cantaré toda la noche si eso mantiene a raya tus pesadillas." (Amanecer -... http://t.co/iBdufsZG

carolgrint RT @TrechoDeFilme: " #Bella: Não tenho medo de você, tenho medo de te perder de você desaparecer. #Edward: Não sabe o quanto eu esperei por você." (Crepúsculo)

babciapat RT @ntomlinson: In 1283-84, some 1 per cent of the world's population was working on Edward I's castles. WOW. #gomedieval

Dyan7271 Edward Flattau: Infrastructure Blues (Huffington post) http://t.co/vADc6Iw2

HarryKlunge #xfactor Kitty ... who did her hair ? Edward scissorhands ?

kuss_iess Edward

Savage7289 Ooo - that's purdy! @Christag_banner Here is a different Gladiator Edward manip http://t.co/XLIyKXgm

Selmamazing Ik gooi gummen op Edward :)

the_broccoli @edthesportsfan help me deal with how bad Tech sucks after they beat us? im having problems with this EDWARD

jemcsh RT @dougiemcfly: I'm old school team Edward... http://t.co/vfiPKXd0

LauraDiSilver Edward what country u frm if ur not ghanian. ''I'm Tottenhamese'' @E_Diggy this guy maannn

NikkiScimia RT @JordynTaylorNow: We are Team EDWARD! I am a vampire. I'm wearing the fur of my enemy as a warning!!!! http://t.co/7WlHFRyx


What percentage does Edward Jones charge to handle accounts? by cc Q: I am trying to see if It would be to my benefit to transfer my account from Edward Jones to a financial adviser at the rate of 1 1/2%. Does anyone know the approximate rate Edward Jones uses?

A: They handle the accounts for free. You just get taken for a ride by buying securities with outrageous front-end loads and higher-than reasonable annual fees.

What is the likelihood that Prince Edward has taken a lover? by J. McFadyen Q: He's had a reputation as a young lad for hiding in darkened corners and peeking 'round corridors to the frustration of his caretakers. Considering his errant youth and his love for sneaky shenanigans, what's the likelihood Prince Edward's taken a luvva?

A: I think, that with all the media attention, it is very unlikely. Prince Charles couldn't keep the fact that he was shagging a dog named Camila quiet so, Prince Edward, what with all the speculation about him anyway, would stand no chance at all.

Edward Humphrey wants to know...How does the weight of a metal roof compare to other types of roofing? by Edward H Q: Edward Humphrey wants to know...How does the weight of a metal roof compare to other types of roofing?

A: aluminum metal roofing weighs approx 1/2 pound per square foot. steel roofing about 1 1/2 pounds per square foot and up depending on coatings. hope this helps. asphalt shingles weigh starting at 240 pounds per sq and go up to 375 pounds per square.

Edward Humphrey wants to know what is the best home improvment project? by Edward H Q: Located in Kenilworth, Edward Humphrey Wants to know how long your roofing project takes?

A: Factors to be considered are: / Weather Number of Workers Availability of materials Type of roof

What song is playing when Edward stops the rapists in twilight? by Concade Q: After bella is done at the bookstore, what is the song that is playing when Edward roars up in his volvo?

A: The track is part of the score of Twilight. The name is "Humans are Predators Too" and it is track number 5.

How do you think the Edward hallucinations will be incorporated into New Moon? by Q: What I mean is, how do you think they'll show Edward talking? I mean will they have him standing near her, but as if she can only see him, or just his voice? Any thoughts. 20 points to best answer.

A: A lot of people involved in making the movie have confirmed that Edward will appear as vision instead of just a voice. I dont think he will look real or solid, maybe like a ghost or something.

What is the song that edward plays for bella on the piano? by Amber F Q: I'm confused. Some people are saying that Bellas lullaby is by Carter Burwell but that is not the same song that is Edward plays on the piano. So where can I download the song that edward plays on the piano?

A: It is Bella's Lullaby-- the song he plays is in the middle of the track

EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? by RonMione Weasley <3 [RA] Q: ...Rochester!!! (Jane Eyre!) What do you think of him? Is he more mysterious than Edward Cullen or not, in your opinion? I'm reading Jane Eyre right now, btw! :) Well, I'll say that I think Edward Rochester is very mysterious, and I'm most definitely NOT a Twihard!!! Ahhh!

A: I'll take this as a joke. Edward Cullen ... mysterious ... if you say so. I'll take Mr. Rochester any day over Edward Cullen. Though they both are jerks at one point or another... Rochester lied by omission. Edward is a control freak.

edward????? by Emma S Q: ugh! is anyone else mad that they chose Robert Pattinson to play Edward Cullen in the twilight movie??? he is no where near being as great looking as edward should be

A: i was really dissapointed, i wanted henry cavill, but i think they did a good job choosing bella, but i think i might wait until stephenie finishes all fo the books, so i can keep my image of edward while im reading, because i prefer him much more, and if i watch the movie i will see robert pattinson each time i read it. aghh. but honestly, whoever they picked, no one would be totatlly thrilled because everyoen imagines their own edward, and they could never please everyone

Edward...???? by <3bluberry Q: I love the Twilight series and have my own fantasy Edward... you all probably do too... How do you picture your Edward? *obsessive Twilight fan*

A: Just like Robert Pattinson Watch the movie trailer here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=xBvOhfL4mYw He looks better in video than in picture :)

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