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What brand, Echo 1 or AGM has better quality internals? by Lee S Q: I'm planning on purchasing a new airsoft weapon for CQB and I'm juggling a couple different ideas. I just wanted to know which brand has better internals, specifically, if AGM has internals equal of that of Echo 1. Thanks for any answers- Lee.

A: I'd pick echo 1 just because it is more popular.

Can you echo the expiration date of a php cookie in a variable? by kpa4941 Q: Can you echo the expiration date of a php cookie in a variable? Preferably in seconds left. Thanks!

A: Sadly, browsers do not send the expiration date of a cookie in the headers, but a easy fix for this is to make an additional cookie, and set the expiration date as it's value. Sorry I couldn't help any better

How do you know if your toyota echo 2000 has power steering? by eroticseisa Q: I bought a used toyota echo and the steering wheel is a lil tight, so I'm trying to figure out if it is power steering maybe it needs something. Or if it isn't power steering, could someone tell me how I can loosen the wheel up?

A: What car doesn't have power steering these days? Look under the hood. The power steering pump has a pulley and a fluid reservoir on it. If the belt is missing, or it doesn't have fluid in it, it won't work. Worn out tires make steering feel heavy. Make sure the tires are properly inflated too. Low tires make the steering hard.

How can I eliminate the echo on stereo mix? by ____ Q: I've been trying to use stereo mix through my snagit software to record video. The only problem is the echo in the sound that gets recorded too. I was searching for solutions, and I found a website that said if I put the stereomix level at 0, the echo would go away. Unfortunately, it does not record anything at that level either. Can someone please help me figure out how to get rid of the echo? I am using stereomix, not the microphone, and there's still an echo.

A: You are recording through your microphone. This gives very bad quality. Try to set your recording settings to record "what you hear" instead of microphone. Then the computer will record the sounds the computer does, but you can't speak or anything. Please note, this doesn't work on all soundcards so you have to experiment with your recording settings. This is done in windows - not in snagit. Best of luck!

What is the difference between echo and print statement in php? by Kimberli Q: What is the difference between echo and print statement?

A: Difference1: echo() can take multiple expressions,Print cannot take multiple expressions. echo has the slight performance advantage because it doesn't have a return value. True, echo is a little bit faster. echo() can take multiple expressions,Print cannot take multiple expressions. Print return true or false based on success or failure whereas echo just does what its told without letting you know whether or not it worked properly.

How do i limit the echo on my tom drums? by Bubba Q: Hey, i have a drum set that i just bought, and my toms seem to echo uncontrollably. Like i would hit the high tom, and the echo would last 5-10 seconds. The sound is nice, deep and thunderous, but how do i get it to stop echoing? Thanks in advance!

A: you can probably tape the circumference with tape electricians use (the black tape i have no idea what the name is) and do that to your drumsticks also

What are some simple ways to reduce the amount of echo there is in a room? Phone calls sound terrible!? by Steve S Q: Our new office is a large open space with 5 individual desks. It has high exposed ceilings with hardwood floors. Basically a large rectangle. Phone conversations sound like they are coming from the mens room - with echoing that can be heard even when holding the phone directly to onces mouth. We've added some large office plants, lots of furniture, and even some small paintings but the echo is still terrible. Our next step would be to purchase a rug, but the cost is significant. What are some inexpensive ideas on how to reduce the echo? I appreciate the answers - but here are some limitations: 1. No windows, it is an interior office. 2. No cubes - desks are all open sawhorse with glass top style 3. Cieling is unlikely the issue, exposed beams with insulation (insulation should suck up sound) 4. Hanging rugs would not meet professional requirements. We do have some canvas paintings, but they didn't do much. Rugs seem to be the remaning consensus, but small rugs would not fit the decor. A large rug (20 feet at least) would fit the decor, but would cost $2K plus. I heard a rumour that we only need to fix one wall to stop the sound - is that true? Any other ideas?

A: Hang some fabric on your cubicles. Hang drapes Hang valances on the windows Get some smaller rugs for throughout the office Add pillows to a couple office chairs

What exactly is an echo on a pregnancy ultrasound? by Nicole Q: I had an ultrasound at 20 weeks and just recently my hubby and I were looking at the photo and saw another face when looking at the sex of our baby. Could this be an echo in the sonogram? I am now 36 weeks and I am pretty sure the docs would have detected another baby by now. Just curious.

A: it could just be the position of the baby in there. you would be surprised at the wierd and twisted positions they get themselves into!! you could be looking at a leg and see the baby's face in the same pic!

What kind of echo or reverb should I use for creating an outdoor forest effect for my sounds? by eric_535 Q: Should there be a lot of reverb? Reverb time and colour? Echo? How many delays?

A: Echo or reverb would sound weird. Forests are actually very good acoustic insulators so their is rarely any echo naturally.

How to prove or disprove findings on echo ranging formula? by julie p Q: Can someone please help me figure out if my answer is correct. Question: What is the echo time if I snare a drum in the hall outside the room which is 80 meters long. The average echo time was 10 milliseconds. Use Echo Ranging formula to prove or disprove my findings, remember this echo was heard in air. My answer: I wrote formula d= r x t d= 160m ( because 80x 2) the sound must travel back t= 10 ms = 0.01 seconds c = 16000m/s ( answer) Under ideal conditions, this appears to be wrong. As the speed of sound in air travels 344m/s in dry air (temperature of 20 °C (68 °F)). So either the time or the distance measurements are incorrect.

A: You must be using electronic equipment to measure such a short time. Perhaps this equipment displays only the time of the first echo, which might have come from some sound-reflecting surface at only 0.01*0.5*344 = 1.7 m distance, such as a nearby wall, or the ceiling or the floor. I've done similar experiments outdoors at a distance from a large brick wall, clapping my hands. The results were close to what the formula predicts. If the equipment has an analog amplitude-vs-time display, did you look for an additional echo, possibly a lot fainter, with about a half second delay? Possibly if there's limiting in such equipment, the nearer echo might have driven the gain too low to see the farther one. Can you hear a half-second echo? Maybe you should repeat the experiment outdoors, using a brick wall with not much other clutter around.


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