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Eat to live

'Biggest Loser' winner John Rhode fears weight regain: How to keep weight off?
But unlike alcoholics, who don't need alcohol to live, we do need to eat to live. You have to recognize that these folks need support from the people around them." For food addicts, having that support can be key to keeping the weight off, she added, ...

John Wall Smells More Than Popcorn
“You should be thankful because you never know when your last game could be. So I just enjoy it and take all the fun into every game I play.” Popcorn is just a food. Some players live to eat. Others eat to live. John Wall smells more than popcorn, ...

Give holiday joy to a family like Monica's
"We are thankful that (the Salvation Army) actually took (in) our family and I encourage (my kids) to be thankful that they are alive, we are together and we have a place to live and to eat." To donate money: Checks or money orders made out to the ...

Life after an eating disorder
But we have to eat to live. We have to find a way of managing food every day.' Pippa Wilson, an editor from Nottingham, became anorexic at 19. Now 31, she lives with her husband, Ally, and their two-year-old son, George. After many ups and downs and ...

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angelfaceee RT @SisterShareefah: Whatever hurts one hurts the other. W1e must treat both well.~ How to Eat to Live Bk1

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SisterShareefah Whatever hurts one hurts the other. W1e must treat both well.~ How to Eat to Live Bk1

Wesley_Wade Eat to Live, Not Live to Eat The Weigh Down Chronicles http://t.co/1ohI8Dbb

melissa2423 @bg524 going to Indiana Live! Casino to try to win some $ and to eat seafood. What do u have plan?

OtisOdell Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, Revised Edition http://t.co/TNvc6tT6

HLF_OF_DBL_X By where I live the only good stuff they have to eat is Spanish food the Chinese food sucks over there the pizza is too small

NashEatBeeps RT @STONEHOUSEQ: Tonight come hear live music --Brian Meltzer and Chico are playing and you get to eat Righteous Q -- a great combination! 6:30-9.

TheFrankLifee You should eat to live, not live to eat. #YourAFatass

MicheleOTRL “To insure good health: Eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” #wellness

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hanschristense1 Crazy Deals 'Biggest Loser' winner John Rhode fears weight regain: How to keep weight off? http://t.co/qoO8Jens No more

indian4ever eat to live: eat to live is a post from: Indian4Ever eat to live is a post from: Indian4Ever Eat To Live | Fast ... http://t.co/21ZqBcCI


In the case of The Walking Dead AMC TV show, how are new zombies made if they eat live people? by Matt Q: If someone were to be infected by being bit by a zombie in The Walking Dead would this mean that they would have to be saved by their friends and then turn into a zombie because if they were to get overrun by zombies wouldn't they have just been eaten completely by the zombies.

A: It's the ones that get away from the zombies that bite you , or sometimes if blood gets in a open wound or or eyes that's changed people in other films. If they were overrun zombies usually just eat the person but if your driving and one bites you or anything you get infected.

Do leopard Geckos eat live plants? by Corey Q: I bought a live sago palm for a friend's geckos aquarium for Christmas but just figured out it is poisonous :(.(looks like I'm keeping it!) I really want to get a safe plant for her tank. Is there any low maintenance plants out there I could buy from Lowe's or Walmart? And I don't want to get her fake plant. So should it be okay if she put the sago palm in with the leopard geckos?

A: Leopard geckos are insectivores (only eat insects) so they do not eat live plants.

why does my pangasius paroon shark not eating?? when will it eat live food? by I Luv My Queen Q: i bought a pangasius hypophthalmus [paroon shark] (5'') 2 days ago but he doesnt eat he just run to the walls of my tank like an idiot :) , his stomach is very empty. i give him pellets and i put with him 2 oscars and they live in peace and i give him also guppies as live foods for him and the oscars. why it is not eating ? and when will it eat live foods? ty

Will comets eat live plants? by ~I ❤ Music Boxes Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Q: I have 2 inch long comets, and Im planning their tank. Will they eat any plants I put in with them? What would be best to put in their tank? Ive heard it reduces ammonia levels and I know goldfish are known for ammonia!

A: Yes comets Love live plants! Mine love to eat them and ripe them apart. Yes it does help to keep the ammonia down in the tank and in helps give off oxygen in the water. However I am going to warn you, Mine comet tears the plants apart, they like to eat them. If you do get a live plant you may want to reduce how much you feed them, because they can eat the plant you get them anytime they want. I feed my comets 2 times a week, and they are very happy! When you buy your plant ask the people at the store which plant is the best for comets. Here is a really good website for fish lovers such as myself. It will probably give you some good tips on taking care of your little water babies. :) http://www.flippersandfins.net/

Ball Python Wont Eat Live Or Pre Killed ? by liquid sugar Q: we have a 4 ft long male ball python, we just tried switching to a frozen rat - thawed it out completely and put him in the feeding tank ... my snake went after it. We realized it was a little too big for him and my snake got over it quickly. we put a smaller, live rat in the tank after removing the pre-killed one that my snake had mangled.... he ended up killing the live rat but wont eat it now. what should I do?

A: take the food out and try again later... if he doesn't eat it in a few min. then hes not going to eat it.. My husband has been breeding and handleing all kinds of snakes so that was his answer and my balls have done the same thing... Hell my female has been refusing food for over a month live and did... So when its hungry it will eat..

how do i train my 1 ft peacock bass to eat other food instead of live feeders? Starve him? by Warhammer Q: i put raw shrimp, raw smelts, pellet sticks, and frozen anchovies, but no luck. the spoiled guy only eats live fish such as ghost shrimp and comets.. thats it... If i can't trained him to eat other foods then i'm gonna have to give him away. it is way too expensive to buy 10 bucks of feeders every week for him. and he never seems to be full.

A: mix the food together and then start putting more of the knew food in until he eats it

I eat live animals, what should I do? by Tigress Q: I have a strange urge to eat live creatures and feel them struggle as the get swallowed. I eat lizards, mice, small birds, anything alive the I can swallow. How can I cure this?

A: Stake the vampire who bit you.

how can i get my blue tongue lizard to eat live food,(cockroaches, crickets worms? by Wild Lizard Q: I HAVE A BLUE TONGUED LIZARD AND ITLL ONLY EAT CAT FOOD, and fruit and veggies and i really want it to eat some live food for once please help me.

A: Your actually lucky, cat food is much cheaper than live food and its almost impossible to change an animal's diet once it becomes attached to a certain kind of food but if you really want to do it make him really hungry then try to feed him live food. Hopefully his hunger will overcome his tastebuds.

can baby ball pythons eat live prey? by Wes Q: i am planning on ordering a baby ball python, and should i get it used to live or dead prey?

A: Feed your snake dead or stunned mice. As long as the mouse is warm and you hold it by the tail and move it your snake will think its alive and should have no problem eating it. Feed your snake in a box or container other than its tank. If you feed it where it lives every time you open the lid it will automatically think it's being fed. This can sometimes make snakes very aggressive even when there is no food present.

Where to eat live/raw octopus in the Philippines? by akherbtg Q: It could be a) the whole thing b) sliced, wriggling legs like the ones in Korea If you could be specific like the name of the restaurant, that would be great. Also, if you could provide information on how much it would usually cost that would be really helpful.

A: Go to Makati City, there's a lot of Japanese Restaurants that serve this. Due to the numerous Japanese Companies based there, there's quite a few of these authentic restaurant there. My favorite is KIKUFUJI it is just beside Makati Cinema Square, along Pasong Tamo St. Perpendicular to this street is Pasay Road, there's more than 10 Japanese Rest. , along this street. Try Isshin its at Pasay Road to just in front of Dusit Hotel. If you like to venture more, just 5 minutes away is Korean Town ( P. Burgos St.) , haven't really tried any , but I hear there's some good find here

Why did Barrack Hussein Obama try to pass global taxation to eat, live and breath on faulty research? by Jack Q: His crack addiction? "cap and trade"? forget about it already...marxist wanna be?

A: Because Obama's agenda is to enrich himself and his benefactors not help the American people.

How much would someone have to pay you to eat live octopus? by Kimberly Q: I would never eat live octopus because the sucking mechanism still works. Also, I would never eat anything live.

A: I would never! Eating it alive is cruel.

Are there any reptiles that don't eat live stuff? by Tinka T Q: I want to get a reptile. I don't really know what I want to get, but I live a long ways away from a pet store, so I can't be going in really frequently to buy live crickets, which seems to be what most reptiles are fed. I can't get a snake, so please don't put that down as an answer. Oh, and btw I'd prefer It wasn't aquatic

A: sure there are for example there is iguanas who are strict vegetarians and other lizards plus turtles they can eat fish but are good with pellet food and lots of other reptiles also eat food in the form of a pellet

What is a really good pet that doesn't bite, doesn't eat live things,and likes to be held? by green mango Q: I want to buy a pet that is most likely a frog, but a need a great type!

A: you arent going to find a frog that doesnt eat live things and that likes to be held im sorry about that but the pet that you described sounds like a parakeet because if you get them at a young age they do like to be held and you can play with them with little bird toys and they love it and they just eat bird seed either that or a guina pig but they tend to bite a little more. snakes lizards and turtles eat live things like worms and insects you can feed a turtle strict vegetables but usually they should have a ballanced diet and anybody that says a turtle doesnt bite is crazy i have scars okay and when they bite they clamp and dont let go and you have to put alcohol up to their nose because it gets them to let go. and snakes have to eat live things no matter what they dont eat vegetables or fruit.

Is it wired that my leopard gecko will only eat live food? by Tooth Grinder Q: I've had him 6 years and he wont eat like canned crickets or ones that die in his cage or dead worms nothing just live ones. lol . If all the other lizard are the same why even try to market dead stuff? Rosea (yes Rosea is a boy) http://tinypic.com/r/auw21c/4

A: nope its not weird at all. most lizards are attracted to movement and can only see them when they move. why they would try to market canned insects i have no clue they have no nutritional value what so ever.

Can my puffer just eat live feeder fish ? by kyle.hagen Q: I have a pignose puffer who wants NOTHING to do with frozen fish. he wont eat them. he only eats feeder minnows. Can he eat just minnows, I know they need to be quarantined since they can carry bacteria from the pet store. he also likes to eat ghost shrimp

A: Puffers need to eat snails to keep their teeth from out growing their mouth.

how can people say they are vegitarian and then eat live bacteria in cheese and yogurt? by judas Q: If we wern't supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat

A: in taxonomy, life on earth is broken down into 5 kingdoms: plants animals protists monerans fungi bacteria belong to the moneran kingdom. vegetarians don't eat members of the animal kingdom. so they're really not breaking their own rules.

what kind of newt/salamander to get that does not eat live insects? by -Liz Q: we're fine with freeze dried anything - but the sound of constant chirping in the house is not my idea of a good time! what is relatively low maintenance, both land and water or either or is fine. we have a spare 30 gallon tank we want to do something fun with!

Would you rather eat live insects or dead ones? by Miss Feasance II Q: For whatever reason I'd rather eat dead ones if I HAD to make a choice.

A: Now through my gagging I'm going to say dead too. At least there won't be any wiggling legs. Excuse me I left my ice tea in the other room. Be right back

How come its OK to eat live insects but its not ok to kill a rat on "I'm a celebrity"? by steve h Q: Does australian law distinguish between cruely to mammals and cruelty to insects?

A: Animal Ethics etc only apply to mammals and birds. Fish, Insects and invertebrates are not covered by any ethics/human law.

Do pet frogs have to eat live food? by erin h Q: I am thinking of getting a frog. is there any frogs that don't need to eat live food like crickets? Also are Tree Frogs ok as a starter? I have a big tank i can put one into.

A: I was just researching frogs last night cause my daughter found a baby frog at school the other day! Anyways, I found this website that is full of information on frogs, toads, and such. They mention that for a first time frog as a pet, you should start with a simple frog to care for. I guess there are many types of frogs, and they all require different types of food. I suggest that you go to this website and read the information they provide, to help you in your decision. But I guess to answer your question, No, not all species of frogs eat live food! I hope this info helps you!! http://allaboutfrogs.org/info/doctor/first.html Good Luck!!

i have a mexian spiny tail igauna i want to know can it eat live food like insects ? by David S Q: meal worms , calcium worms , crickets , and such or a better list of what to feed them and what not to feed them ?

A: Spiny tail iguana youngsters in the wild were found to be primarily insectivorous, evolving into more herbivorous habits as adults. They are opportunistic feeders, however, with some study specimens found to steal birds trapped in mist nets. According to some sources (Fitch, Iverson, 1982; Zimmerman and Tracy, 1989), they are completely herbivorous. Most find that their adult spiny iguanas do best on a primarily herbivorous diet.(95% plant matter, 5% animal matter). Start youngsters off on a varied diet of crickets, mealworms and pinks, moving up in prey size as the lizard grows.Plant matter can include the Green Iguana Salad plus additional fruits, leaves and flowers. Gut-load invertebrates before feeding out. Plant matter can be offered daily, with animal matter offered in very small amounts with every meal or slightly larger amounts 3-4 times a week. Here's the link to the "Green Iguana Salad": http://www.veterinarypartner.com/Content.plx?P=A&A=1302&S=4&SourceID=55 Look for the paragraph "Basic Recipe"

can you get a 2 yo ball python(that is used to eating live mice)to eat frozen thawed mice? by Lauramae Q: I am thinking of adopting a 2 year old ball python but she has only been fed live mice. I really dont like the idea of feeding live so im hoping to get any ideas you have......

A: There are a number of things you can do: First of all, you're going to need a set of feeding tongs. Most pet stores have these. However, even kitchen tongs will work. Thaw the mouse/rat out. Once its thawed, place it in hot water to warm it up a little warmer than a live mouse would be. All pythons have "heat pits" along their upper lips. The heat will help the snake "aim" for the mouse. Dangle it a couple of inches from the snake. If the snake doesn't take the mouse/rat right away, try leaving it in the cage with the snake overnight. Often, in privacy, they will eat. If you use loose bedding/substrate, lay the mouse/rat on a piece of cardboard or a plastic bowl lid to help prevent ingestion of substrate, which can cause intestinal blockages in the snake. If the snake is really reluctant, try piercing the skull of the mouse/rat and squeezing some blood and brain out. Gross, but it really gets a snakes attention. Don't be discouraged if this takes several attempts. It won't harm an otherwise healthy snake to miss a few meals. You can contact me through the site if you have more questions. I commend you for wanting to switch the snake to a safer, more humane feeding option.

are there any pet lizards that don't eat live crickets? by natalie b Q: I'm getting a lizard soon but I don't want to have to keep running to the store for more live crickets.

A: i dunno about "dont " eat live crickets but there are some that eat a verity of things have a look into omnivores such as the blue tongued skink this species will eat lean strips of beef and also needs to be fed vegetable to maintain healthy. its always ideal to have crickets included in its diet but u dont have to feed it them every day also many lizards will take a verity of insects. I would look carefully into the dietary needed for any lizard before u get it (I would have a very close look into all the needs really such as housing a temps habits etcs) also dont get an iguana like the first reply say they get very big (6 foot in some cases but usually more than 5foot) have specialist needs (such a humidity and a viv the size of a small room) and can sometimes be very grumpy (also have a bite that will be needing stiches) they aren't suitable for 99% of people (i dont know why every say get one since a large number end up in resuces abandoned or just killed) i would like to say a creastie (crested gecko) is a fantasic idea they make brilliant pets

My box turtle won't eat vegetables but he will eat live food. He needs to eat vegies to get a balanced diet. by Mike Hart Q: What do I do to entice him? I don't have any worms or such to put on the food to wiggle so I need a way for him to be enticed to eat the veggies. I know it's not because he isn't hungry, I will offer him veggies first before crickets. But he needs that balanced diet so what should I do?

A: First, make sure that you are offering the right foods. Read up on box turtles. Make sure that you are keeping it warm enough to keep its metabolism high. Offer ONLY fruit & vegetables for a while- it should eat them when it gets hungry enough.

Do Northern Leopard frogs have to eat live bugs? by Julie Ann Q: My mother is pretty angry that she has to get me crickets every week. I just read that they can eat any bugs, but can they eat freeze dried bugs? Also, my frog is loosing her color. She used to be a darker green, but now she's turning yellow. Is this a bad thing?

A: they can eat live bugs, dont know about frozen ones, she might be getting older, or turning into summer colours!

what size does my jewel cichlid have to be to eat live foods.? by Eric Q: Right now i have a jewel cichlid that is about 2 3/4 inches what live foods could i feed him.

A: blood worms, black worms, glass worms, feeder fish you raised yourself (sparingly of course), brine shrimp...

Do tree frogs have to eat live food? by Q: I am thinking of getting a tree frog and don't want to feed it live food like crickets.I have had frogs before and hated the crickets they were loud and got out sometimes.

A: yea they got to eat live food they can also eat different types or worms and flies but in my experience crickets are the best choice

i own a cichlid, its about 1.5 inches when can it start eating live prey,and what prey can it eat? by De$ErT_FoX Q: i want to see it eat live fish or worms or insects, can anyone tell me what age does he have to be to do this, and what do they like in their tank,stones?

A: It depends on what kind of cichlid you have! some are herbivores, others carnivores, and some are omnivores. feeding your fish the wrong kind of food can result in malnutrition, and I am assuming that you want to keep the fish alive. here is a site that you can look at to determine what kind you have and what to feed it. http://www.cichlids.com/info/Nutrition or you can just type cichlid into google.

How can I get my boa to eat dead prey when hes always eaten live? by Amanda Q: He is 8 ft long, he is put into a separate feeding tank once every 2 weeks and eats 3-4 jumbo rats. I'm afraid if I don't switch him he could potentially mistake my cat or my kid for food if he ever escaped from his tank.

A: Patience, mostly - but plenty of boas are greedy and would eat it as long as it mostly smelled right. Try putting him into his feeding tank with one dry defrosted jumbo rat that is quite warm (you can use hair dryer to warm the defrosted rat up) and see if he takes it. If he does, job's a good'un and you can give him his normal number of rats the next feed. If he doesn't take it and won't take it overnight, don't give in and give him his usual live prey - leave him until the next week and try again with a (new) dry, warm defrosted rodent. You might want to get VERY long tongs (for the size of him!) and dangle it or "dance" it along the ground as though it's alive - tempt him into striking and constricting it. However, if he escapes from his tank, even if you convert him to eating defrost prey, he COULD mistake your cat for food - it's furry, and he won't care that he's been eating defrost dinners; if it's warm and furry and moves and it's right in front of him, there are no guarantees. The key is to make sure he has an escape-proof cage. At that size I would personally build a good big wooden vivarium with heavy sliding glass doors at the front, which can be locked using a metal cage lock that clips around one pane of glass and holds the other one.

I want to know if a Male Betta will eat live Red Worms? by harmonystar21 Q: We bought the live red worms for are frog and I want to know if are betta will eat them and if will be ok for him to eat them

A: yes you can Provide the Betta with a carnivore diet consisting of a quality flake food, frozen or freeze dried bloodworms and brine shrimp. http://www.aeson.in/fighter_fish

Are there any herps that eat small live fish that you can own in CA? by Prayd41 Q: Thinking of doing a semi aquatic tank 200-300g and want to know if their are any herps that eat live fish. Id keep small feeder fish stocked in the water portion. If none, what would be some good herp choices that can co-exist with aggresive fish such as needle gar, elephant nose, butterfly fish, black ghost knife fish... and the like?

A: Reptiles are too dirty to add with fish. Aquatic turtles would be the only good option for the setup that you are planning, but the turtles won't distinguish between feeder fish and your expensive ones when it comes to meal time--not to mention the expensive ones would probably die of water quality issues. A few feeder minnows may survive with some plant cover, but you won't have the lovely reptile-fish harmony that many envision. It's not really possible in the home setup. You would also have to gut load the feeders regularly to provide the turtles with proper nutrition, and supplement their diet with other meaty and plant based foods.

Can bearded dragons eat dead crickets instead if live? by Gina Johnson Q: I'm wayyyy scared of bugs, but if it can only eat live I guess i'll try to touch them....

A: haha yeah they only eat live food. Most bearded dragons wont even touch anything that's dead. I've tried feeding them dead crickets & dead mealworms but my beardies didn't like them at all, like they didnt look at them once, and they're not half as nutritional as live bugs anyways.

Can my Savannah Monitor lizard eat live small fish? or should they be dead? by Bangaboi Q: I was thinking of feeding my lizard some small feeder fish that you can get at the pet store. I was just wondering if anyone knew about this. I was thinking i could put them in his big water bowl because they could survive, but the water is dirty. I wonder if he would eat it or if it would be appropriate to kill the fish then lay it on the ground for him to find.

A: Feeding fish from the pet store is NOT a good idea. The stores usually don't take care of their fish, and they carry parasites and disease that can harn your savannah. Also, even if they are healthy, they really make water dishes filthy fast, so your sav would be drinking dirty water/eating dirty fish. Stick with insects, and f/t (frozen thawed) rodents. They can eat crickets, superworms, mice, rats, etc. They can have snails occasionally, but not too often; they can cause runny stools (poops). Also, NEVER feed bugs/rodents caught outside. Even if you don't spray pestisides/herbicides, your neighbors may, and the insects could be contaminated with those chemicals that could kill your savannah. There is also the possibility that outside caught insects/rodents will have parasites. Get your food from a petstore or reliable shipping company. http://www.mulberryfarms.com/ (insects) and http://www.rodentpro.com/ (rodents) are two good sites to get cheap, high quality feeders. Good Luck!

How do I make my snakes eat pre-killed when they've been eating live? by Jessie Q: I made the mistake of feeding my snakes live mice instead of pre-killed because the person I was living with didn't want dead mice in their freezer. Anyways I moved and have my own place so I've started breeding my own mice to freeze. How do I transition my snakes (ball python and corn snake) to eating dead again? Thanks :]

A: If they won't eat dead mice right away, don't worry. Try using tongs or a hemostat and gently move the mouse in front of the snake. If it doesn't work, try again in a few days. Make sure that your scent isn't on the mouse or the tongs. Even wild snakes will take dead prey if they are hungry enough. Whomever gave me thumbs down, you don't know what you're talking about. Troll. In response to the guy worried about a snake's well being regarding feeding live, I need to add that there are moral issues with feeding live as well. Mice are living creatures with a far more advanced brain than any snake. To just worry about the snake being injured is kind of shallow. Buy frozen mice or kill them humanely yourself. There's no reason to allow an animal to suffer just so you can feed your pet.

Do people who eat whatever they want to eat live longer than those who eat healthy? by eunismo Q: I feel like this is one of those facts that doesn't sound true but is. Perhaps maybe those who eat whatever they want are able to build tolerance?

A: Doubt it, people who eat whatever they want build up laziness and ignorance that the unhealthy junk they eat can't hurt them, just like smokers are ignorant to the fact that they won't develop cancer until it's too late. These are the same people who are overweight/obese and have major issues like heart failure and/or diabetes. I'm not saying a person has to eat veggies and fruits throughout their life, that is unrealistic, I do eat the occasional pizza and burgers and fries and it won't hurt me since I exercise and eat healthy most of the time, however if I make something like that a habit, then it's wrong.

Do Mystery snails eat live plants and how long from birth to full grown.? by Maurice B Q: I also would like to know if angelfish and pleco's eat them as babies.

A: Well my snails do.. I went to clean my tank yesterday and all the leaves on the plants are gone.. or almost gone. If you want plants.. buy fake ones.

Is it dangerous to eat live venomous spiders? by Tipttt Q: Like, you're in the rainforest, you're hungry, you're lost and you need to eat. And suddenly, you stumble upon a fist-sized spider that also happens to be venomous. Do you grab it, make a fire and cook it or can you actually eat it on the spot without ill effects?

A: You make it go and catch a bird, which you then take from it, cook and eat. Repeat as required.

How and when do you train corn snakes to eat live mice? by ANNON Q: I would like to start it off on frozen and gradually move it up to live. Do I need to teach it? Is there a safe age I should start? Please do not tell me to go frozen all the way.

A: Well the best way is to start with pinkies, because they are so small that they hardly move at all, but enough to entice the snake. And as your snake gets larger it will move up to fuzzies. They are bigger, but they have closed eyes, and wont see the snake coming, they move faster, but shouldn't bite. Then you go up to hoppers, but you can't turn your back, because they are more aggressive.... And there is no when, when the snakes are born, they start off with newborn pinky mice, they are small enough. So just start him on pinkies, and work your way up... Good Luck! (Live feeding, although risks injury, is better if you plan to breed)

How can I train a fish to not eat live fish? by sloppysausages Q: I recently bought 3 leaf fish, and they wont eat blood worms or flakes. They will only eat small feeder betas. Is there anyway i can train them to just eat blood worms?

A: In fact, there is. You stop giving it fish to eat and FORCE it to eat frozen food by not giving it a choice. It'll be able to go more than a month without food, really, so that's not a huge concern. When they get hungry, they WILL eat bloodworms and brine shrimp. Chances are you'll never get it to eat flakes. Also, make the frozen food as life-like as possible with the use of a turkey baster; thaw the frozen food in a cup of tank water and use a turkey baster to squirt it near the fish.

How do I teach a ball python to Eat LIve Mice? by Le'Antwon Q: I'm buying a baby BP I want my ball python to eat live Mice. Is there any way to train a baby BP to eat live mice without hurting him (ie nice bites and scratches).

A: Just hold the mouse out in front of him,most ball pythons (especially hatchlings) do not play when it comes to live prey and will take off the back if your husbandry is correct and your feeding proper sized rodents. And fyi,straight out of the egg ball pythons can easily take pinks and fuzzie mice,so your going to have to start off with mice hopper or rat fuzzies,if your getting a hatchling(baby ball python) If your set up is wrong(i.e, no hides,wrong temp,low humidity) then the ball python more than likely will not eat due to that. When feeding you want to feed to feed appropriate size,to small and no meal there,to large he'll either regurgitate,won't eat it or if he gets it down he will take a while to fully digest it and you will turn a 48hr wait into a 72hr one. Also feeding too large prey items will cause a strain on the intestines which will ultimately end your ball python life early. Also try and switch to rats now,mice are just so darn small. Your soon going to need more than one at a feeding to satisfy your ball python, a mice is just really too small for an adult bp. Rats are more healthier and come in larger size's,it's better to buy one decent size rat rather than a multiple amount of mice a week. Its easier on you and your ball python,so make the switch before it's too late and he becomes a mouse addict. You can start your off on rat fuzzies and work your way up as your bp grows. Now a lot will tell you to switch to F/T(this is a very touchy subject),now that choice is totally up to you. Frozen thawed (f/t) rodents are said to be more safer,being during the freezing process parasites are killed off unlike with live rodents. Also a dead one won't bite your snake back. And f/t is much cheaper and easier to store up on and if they don't eat it on first attempt you can easily re-freeze it. Live rodents are not bad either though,the parasite thing is slim to none if your buying from a reliable source,meaning he keeps thing sanitary and has his rodents tested,not too many check there rodents though,because if things are kept clean and poop looks healthy nothing really too worry about. And if anyone notices f/t are smaller,if you compare a live rat pup to a frozen one,there is a great difference in size even ounce thawed out,its also said that freezing off a long period of time kills off some of the nutrients not enough to make too much of a difference but still some good thought for you. But i'll end my answer with this, when feeding live rodents you are ALWAYS taking a risk of your snake being bitten,even if you are there watching over to stop any scratchings and bites,it will only take one second for the rodent to bite your ball pythons,while sometimes it does not look fatal,those small bites can turn into big infections if not treated right. If you decide to go with live make sure you NEVER leave a rodent alone with your snake or prey might become predator, I've read about that mistake all too many times,make sure you have something like feeding tongs on hand to keep the rodent from bitten,like if the head were to be exposed you simply use the tool to move the rodents mouth away from your snake,or you could get something like a screw driver and just knock it on the head to keep it from bitten. Either way always keep a eye on your snake when feeding live. Give this a read,Good luck! http://ball-pythons.net/forums/showthread.php?127203-Ball-Python-(Python-regius)-Caresheet

Do turtles have to eat live fish once a week? by ♥мιѕѕ кιттαн♥™ Q: I have 2 turtles (don't know what type) and they basically just eat raw meat and turtle feed but do they need to eat live fish once in a while?

A: Hi! They don't have to eat feeder fish, but they will probably enjoy them every now and then!

Would a gecko eat DEAD mealworms? Does it have to eat live bugs? by ☼ ♥ Q: I'm getting a leopard gecko in a few weeks, and my mum is not allowing me to bring live bugs in my house, so I have to buy dead dry cockroaches and mealworms. do they need to see the movement of the bugs so they know if they should eat it or not? aww really? well I guess i'm going to have to reconsider or do lots of convincing!

A: they really like live food. just get a cricket house (or kricket keeper as it says on the tag) and buy some orange flukers cubes and feed it that. you should really want a leopard gecko, they're really fun and easy to take care of. its not that hard and if your mom doesnt accept crickets then get mealworms and keep them in the refridgerator. they arent active until about 15 minutes after you take them out and by that time you should have them in the cage.

Do anoles eat anything besides live insects? by ♪єℓℓιє ßєℓℓy♫ Q: I recently got an anole and bought some mealworms for him. Being the clumsy person that I am, I spilled the mealworms and had to throw them away. I went to the pet store and got some anole food which is dead bugs dusted in some kind of flavor coating. My anole hasn't been eating them. Do they have to eat live insects? Will they eat bananas? What should I feed him? Thank you!

A: they are insectivorous for the most part - and they usually will only pay attention to live food. most anoles wont even take mealworms, so live crickets, feeder locusts or roaches are your best option. wild-caught insects from pesticide free areas might also be good - moths, fruitflies etc they might take some fruits as a treat, or even a smaller lizard, but these should not make up even half or your anoles diet - stick to live insects as much as you can. you can try small pieces of soft fruit such as banana, peach or plum or something, or even fruit smoothie/baby food (that is JUST fruit), but dont give it too him to often :)

Am I wrong to refuse to eat live chicken(killed in my house)? by BrokenDaisy Q: We're Asian so my mother loves to buy real live, moving chicken almost every week. I can't stand the way she kills it...she will slit it's neck and allow the chicken to bleed to death and sometimes I hear it croak! I think it is very inhumane to eat it afterwards especially since I have witnessed all that blood splattered everywhere on the floor. She yells at me for not eating it and that I will only eat frozen chicken. My older sisters eats it anyways!

A: No, you have the right.

what is the best way to train a red eared slider turtle how to eat live fish? by Courtney Q: my 10 and a half month old red eared slider turtle wont eat the live fish and just plays with them and if they are dead she doesnt want to eat it either. need help with this cant figure out.

A: It sounds like your turtle is just having fun attacking the fish. When he gets hungry enough, he'll eat. In the mean time though, if you are still feeding him his food sticks, then he'll continue to fill up on those because that is what he is used to. To train my turtle, I just stopped putting his food sticks in for a while until he was hungry enough to eat the fish. Don't worry too much about your turtle in the process, it is highly unlikely it will starve. Also, i had a turtle once who refused to eat the minnows I put in, but he loved the small goldfish. Maybe your turtle is being picky.

Is it safe to eat LIVE cicadas? by Decrot Q: I wanna gross some people out this summer by eating some live cicadas. they are all around me and i just wanna know is it safe to eat these things alive, not cooked? Has anyone eaten a live cicada before?

A: Yes, I've heard that they actually taste sort of like almonds. But, like all foods if you havent eaten it before and then you consume too much you may get sick.

What species of pet snake can I get that can live in a 32 gallon tank, and doesnt eat live meat? by katy Q: I want a snake that wont eat live mice or bugs, and that wont get to big, and is a good first snake pet. O ya, and i dont want it to bite me.

A: I would suggest that you should get a ball python,they get in between 4-6 feet and require little space,however they can be very picky feeders,mine stopped eating for no apparent reason. the reason for this is that if you feed them mice they don't recognize it as their natural prey(since they eat gerbils and other rodents in the wild) .They are nocturnal reptiles and sleep during the day most of the time and usually crawl around the terrarium at night searching for food,you should feed them frozen and thawed mice once every week.It will not harm a ball python to miss a meal or two,in fact,they can go months without food!... Equipment you will need:30-40 gallon glass terrarium,thermometer,terrarium lock,subtrate,water dish,reptile heat pad,heat bulb.You can also decorate your terrarium with false plants.......P.S:ball pythons are very gentle and will rarely bite! and remember all snakes eat meat,most snakes feed on birds,lizards,rodents and amphibians.No snakes eat insects or bugs!!!....hope this helps.

Will the common species of pleco eat live plants? by *!$Bubbles$!* Q: I wanted to put live plants in my 29 gallon tank but I have heard that they eat them is that true? Will I have to wait until I add the plecos into a 75 gallon tank?

A: Typically, no. Once in a while you will get one that will eat plants, but typically they do not. Keep him well fed and you probably won't have to worry about it! Algae tablets are great for them!

What makes a dog go crazy and want to eat live fireworks? by Jamie Q: My dog gets extremely excited and wants to chase and eat live fireworks. We have to kennel her inside the house because the noise of us lighting them outside will cause her to try to destroy the front door. She doesn't care if she gets burned which makes me fear for her if she's ever outside and we are not home! Does anyone know what causes this craziness in her?

A: Stand next to someone who is shooting a gun off without ear protection, and then you will understand how painful the sound of fireworks are to a dog. Their sense of hearing is profound and sensitive. You should keep your dog inside and protected when fireworks go off.

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