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LitaLoverr @xLikeAMonster Daca vrei iti pot obtine un follow de la Natalya ! Cand e online ii zic !! <3

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HallidayLucas @Danbarcellos01 é o melhor fut mesmo. Não vejo a hora de ganhar o meu play 3 e poder jogar muito um fifa e ainda por cima online ! hahaha

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_vieitez 72 pessoas online no msm... mais nem uma e tão esperada feito vc

Buyguide This clothing line/online retail business wants to add e-commerce functions and a press page to their existing website.

Annykil @Davisacer va ora de joelhos que e melhor so vejo vc online no twitter.

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After selling goods online and get payment with credit card. How can I refund through credit card ? by miekomartha Q: I am just about to start e-commerce business selling merchandise online on my website. The site accepts the payment by PayPal and credit cards. If a customer does not like merchandise and if he/she returns goods, I have to refund money he/she paid. Does anybody know how I can refund through credit card ?? Thank you for your cooperation.

A: I assume you are using an online selling platform, much like eBay or Amazon and have an affiliate store as 'your' site. If that's the case, the website will have its way of processing refunds back to the credit card, and if not sure, better call the company, which you will need to do anyway for the product return. :) Cheers!

What are good online multiplayer games that don't need email or other personal info? by happy swimmer Q: I've tried all these online multiplayer games, and they al require some kind of info like birthday,e-mail etc. Which gets really annoying. I need a good game that doesn't use that stuff.

A: universal criminal, it needs email but just once. Other than that its just username and password and your on to a awesome fun online game :)

Who are good online merchant account providers? by GeorgeK Q: I am planning to start an online business (e-commerce) and I need to accept credit cards online. it is really hard to get a merchant account from banks as they have many requirements. Not good for start-up businesses like mine. Can you please suggest a good online merchant account provider for an online business?

A: You need to look for various factors before selecting a merchant account provider for e-commerce business. Transaction cost is the main thing. Also check for their hidden costs and customer support capabilities. The other thing you need to look at is what type of goods you are going to sell online. Some businesses are categorized as "high risk merchants" and it will be hard to get a merchant account provider for high risk businesses. I suggest you to visit http://www.merchant-account-comparison.org/online-merchant-account and read the details. It has useful tips and recommendations for online merchant account service providers.

Can I book a flight online through Orbitz to go from Algiers international to Pittsburgh international? by juba Q: I do not know if E-tickets will be accepted in Algiers International airport mostly. Can I check in and get my boarding pass without any trouble in Algiers, or do I have to check in online and print my boarding pass immediately! Checking in online is not provided by all airlines though! Please Help!

A: there are quite a few sites that you can search that will likely give you the best prices available. check out the website BookMe and you will be able to compare prices on all the reputable travel sites in just a couple minutes. it's very convenient and will save you a bunch of time and money. Also, make sure you buy them online... otherwise they charge much higher fees for phone orders. good luck.

What is the difference between Online Databases and E-Commerce? by West Q: What is the difference between Online Databases and E-Commerce? I don't get it. I need to know for my homework, but my textbook just makes the two topics more confusing. I would ask my teacher but it is half term and so I can't. All I need to know is the difference between Online Databases and E-Commerce and an example of how an organisation will use it.

A: E-commerce is making transactions by electronic means. An online database is just a data store. You can do electronic transactions without a database and a database doesn't have to have anything to do with e commerce

What is the most reliable online stock broker to use if trading in an overseas market? by A. R. Q: I want to trade stocks online in overseas markets like India, Singapore, China, and Japan. What is the most reliable and reputable online brokerage service to use? If you have no knowledge of the named topic, please don't conjecture or confabulate i.e. "Well, you should research what markets you want to invest in or go through a U.S. based firm for advice." These aren't answers.

A: If you don't tell us what country you're from how are we supposed to give you an answer ? If you're US: ETFC and IBKR are the 2 US online brokers that allow you to trade directly in overseas markets ... Some of the big full service brokers allow this but if you had that kind of money you'd already know that. If you're not US then I dunno!

How do I set up an online form and online checkout so job orders come directly to my inbox? by The Free Wedding Q: I am starting a business that provides graphics services online. The customer will be paying for services in advance. I need customers to fill out a form that describes their project and then enter their credit card info for billing. Is there a way to integrate an online form and checkout so that orders are processed via paypal or google checkout and a job order is e-mailed to my inbox?

A: If you don't mind doing a little bit of reading, everything you want to know is there: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=xpt/Marketing/consumer/Receive_Money-outside

What percentage of reading online information do we retain? by klutz Q: My college professors want me to read online textbooks (called e-textbooks). I am highly opposed. I remember hearing from an Encyclopedia Britannica sales-man that we retain way less information when reading online. I want to present this information to my professor but cannot find the actual percentage. Does anyone have better researching skills than I do?

A: I don't know why college professors would dare question the wisdom of an encyclopedia salesman, exact percentage or no.

Would you purchase this from E-bay online? by Misaki Yamamoto Q: http://www.ebay.com/itm/wafflepwn-T-Shirts-Squirrel-Boy-Turkey-M-XL-18-/260758486222?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cb66abcce#ht_500wt_1287

A: Υepe.        

What do you think about online lectures? by lostguy818 Q: I'm doing an article about online lectures or e-lectures. I'm just trying to gain some perspective about them. So what do you think about online lectures?

A: I like online lectures. It allows me to learn something new from the privacy of my home. Most of the audio lectures I listen to are not ones I would attend in person. But I am against online education in most cases.

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