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itsfizaaaah DWTS! Hehe.. Cant wait!

iamLaurenBieber RT @justinbieber: killed it with @BoyzIImen on DWTS and then just shot a video for our song #FALALA with @colintilley - great night! living a dream. thanku

iamLaurenBieber RT @justinbieber: getting ready for DWTS performance with @BoyzIIMen - #FALALA #UnderTheMistletoe - http://t.co/6nXBtZf0

LinaMariaMende1 I miss @LaceySchwimmer in #DWTS she just brings something to the show that other dancers don't! That IT thing! All are talented but...

StephanieGurley @justinbieber did an amazen performance on DWTS :))

staciann #somebodytellmewhy anyone will still watch #dwts

bizprop DWTS: Tony Dovolani & Elena Grinenko performing cha cha: Dancing with the stars: Tony Dovolan... http://t.co/6QqpXE9L #celebrity #gossip

Cannadien @RobKardashian I really hope you win #DWTS !!!!!! Please #FOLLOW

Phantomrider_th @eelix14 you hate 30stm so much? :((( what is dwts? :$ you're lucky they'll be in Poland hahaha :DDD

eelix14 @Phantomrider_th that's one of the reasons :D I will watch Polish version of DWTS (: because tomorrow 30stm will be in Poland o.o

staciann @TaraB2009 #dwts #gmadancing I may peek in, but i am no longer #invested.

anais_01 RT @justinbieber: killed it with @BoyzIImen on DWTS and then just shot a video for our song #FALALA with @colintilley - great night! living a dream. thanku

patricenasser RT @ejpdizon: nganu singing contest tanan ang talent show dri sa PHIL.. pede a dance contest like a franchise of ABDC or DWTS or SoYouThinkYouCanDance

Goodcleanliving Alabama missed more kicks than Chaz Bono performing a quick-step. #DWTS #SEC

Jon_Tango @Dilly4 @laura_21x cant wait to read your report Laura :D 1 thing i like about dwts they have a encore dance, i know who id choose heh x


When DWTS is over, what odds would you give that Bristol and Mark will announce they're in a relationship? by Jack 752 Q: Maybe they are in a relationship. Maybe not. The seem pretty intimate to me; but it could be part of the act. If they are dating, I couldn't blame them for wanting to keep it secret. I'm just curious what everyone else thinks.

A: i doubt it, she is very conservative, if they are in a relationship they will probably keep it private. Although she surprised me by doing DWTS in the first place so really who knows.

What do you think of this news on Palin's Husband on DWTS? by no1advice Q: All that brew haha over Bristrol on DWTS and the votes for her were from her mom's supporters. Don't you think now with her husband on the show next year again the votes will go for him but really it will be Political move? It isn't fair to the other people trying out and getting shafted due to politics!! They are ruining this show.

A: At this point it's still speculation that DWTS is interested in Todd Palin. Even if it is true, I honestly can't see ABC actually allowing him to be on the show. Yes, Bristol Palin brought big ratings this season, but it also turned a lot of people off of the show as well. I wouldn't put it past the Palin's to do it if they offer it though....anything to stay in the spotlight. It's also rumored that DWTS is interested in John McCain's daughter and Elliot Spitzer as well. DWTS needs to simply keep away from politicians on the show.

Who is the Asian woman next to Kim Kardashian on dwts tonight? by Denise F Q: Who is this woman and why is she with Kim Kardashian?

A: I didn't see the show, but it is probably Vera Wang. She is a fashion designer and friends with the Kardashian family. Also, Kim Kardashian mentioned her on her twitter.

What was the Classical song that Hines Ward & Kym Johnson was dancing to on DWTS? by rj Q: Dancing with the Stars had a classical theme last night and there was a song on there that I really like but never heard before. It has a classical thriller/rock feel and Hines and Kym were dancing to it. Does anybody know the name of the song and who wrote it and what orchestra has it recorded on an album so I can get it on amazon or itunes?

A: Hines Ward and Kym Johnson danced the Paso Doble to Bond's "Explosive". I hope Hines makes it to the finals! He is awesome.

If Cloris leaves DWTS tonight, will ABC have to crank up the bleep generator? by PIX-ED Q: I adore her as an entertainer, but DWTS is, after all, a dance competition without categories.

A: yeah i get what ur sayen. Crank it up ABC

If Bristol Palin wins DWTS will you keep watching? by YBHappy Q: I have been watching DWTS and I was so disappointed when Brandy was eliminated. Does anyone agree that Bristol's dancing pales in comparision to the rest of the contestants and she should have been eliminated a long time ago? If she wins DWTS, will you keep watching, or not?

A: Short Answer: NO, I will stop watching DWTS if Bristol wins. Elaborated answer: 1. This question is spot-on. It is apparent without a doubt, that her (Bristol's) mother has brought in her PAC (political action committee) to influence or sway the vote for her daughter. A simple Facebook / Twitter post by Sarah, ORDERING all her millions of political lemmings to call in to DWTS to vote for Bristol strictly to make a name for the Palins, is directly an effort to influence her presidential run*. Sidenote: *this entire fiasco has been planned by Sarah for her presidential run; it has NOTHING to do with dancing. 2. The three judges can only impact 50% of the outcome, which is and of itself the show's one flaw. These three judges are professionals and know for a fact how dance, specifically Ballroom Dance is supposed to be done. 3. As a former dancer myself who's trained technically in dance, Bristol is what dancers call Two-left Feet. She has not an ounce of rhythm nor stage presence in her stubby toes! She is flat out INFERIOR to Brandy who was voted off (NOT BY THE JUDGES), but by her mother, Sarah's PAC voting numbers out in hickville USA. Repeat: this fiasco has nothing to do with dancing it is purely being bought-and-paid-for-by-Sarah's-PAC, they do not care about dance = they strictly want to make a name for the Palin family for her presidential run. Look at the big picture. As for DWTS's flaw, if the judges were the sole source for leaving or staying, Bristol would have for a FACT been kicked out back in week two!

What does "dwts" refer to when talking about jewelry? by Neil Q: I'm looking at buying an engagement ring, and the total stone size is listed in "dwts", but I have no earthly idea what that means.

A: A pennyweight (dwt) is an obsolete unit of mass which is the same as 24 grains, 1/240th of a troy pound, 1/20th of a troy ounce, or approximately 1.555 grams. A penny was literally, as well as monetarily, 1/240th of a troy pound of sterling silver. Here is a conversion chart for you to determine dwt to ounces and grams: http://www.kitco.com/jewelry/dwt-oz-gram.html

How many votes were cast this week on DWTS? by greenwichtime Q: Is there a way to find out how many votes were actually cast for each team on DWTS each week. This is the first year I'm watching the show, and I want to know. Thanks so much.

A: In my 3 or 4 years of watching this show, I have never seen them publicly release the number of votes by voters....They never say like "after 27 million votes"...like they do on American Idol...so I'm not sure how to get you the answer to your question... I can direct you to the link below that explains exactly how the scoring and voting by judges is calculated....

Would you like to see Samantha Harris replaced on DWTS for next season? by AuroraBee Q: I sure would. Since Brooke has experience on reality TV shows that no one ever watched, and she's gained respect on DWTS, I think she should get a try at Samantha's job. Or not. Could someone replace her please?

A: I've seen this question asked before and it always makes me laugh how many people really don't like Samantha Harris (myself included). I had the most fun watching when Drew Lachey filled in for her. He was so funny and he's been a celebrity dancer, so he really knew the questions to ask. I think if anyone was to replace Samantha, it should be someone who's been there and done it. It wouldn't hurt if they were likeable and funny either, which she's not. I think Mel B would be fun, but her accent is sometimes too hard to understand and she's a bit too direct. Still, I think she'd really add something to the show. I just wonder if DWTS has any idea how many people are turned off by Samantha and wish she was gone.

On DWTS in the audience who is the blond kid sitting with Sharon Osborn all the time>? by Christine B Q: I've been watching DWTS and she is always in the audience with this blond kid. I didn't know Sharon and Ozzy had 3 children.

A: well it could be luke worrall, kelly's fiance.

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