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Drinking game

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SOTWpodcast Drinking game: drink every time @Operation100 tweets. Usually good at this time of night.

Leiazot Halo Video Game Trajectory Pint Drinking Glass: Halo Video Game Pint Glass. This futuristic pint glass measures ... http://t.co/5Pt6iiB0

RUPPS_rhetoric RT @tgh3316: @greggdoyelcbs RT @CaptainAnnoying Anyone who'd call game "boring" bc 9-6 also seriously believes drinking Miller Lite makes them "manlier"

SOTWpodcast Drinking game: for every nude a hot chick sends me (Just you and I will drink ;))

AngelBeaniie oh , so you're drinking without my permission now ? this is what you want things to be ? okay :) i can play your game. #fckthis:)

SOTWpodcast Drink? RT @jfishSOTW: http://t.co/VFozUQcx RT @SOTWpodcast: Drinking game: for every post of a GOOD music video.

SOTWpodcast Drinking game: every time @RyleeInKC says something stupid/drunken/whatever

jfishSOTW http://t.co/HflECqjc RT @SOTWpodcast: Drinking game: for every post of a GOOD music video.

SOTWpodcast Drinking game: for every post of a GOOD music video.

SOTWpodcast Drinking game: drink every time @getnickwright or @KrisKetz tweets.

SOTWpodcast Drinking game: Drink every time someone hashtags #SaturdayNight

woznickirqbo1 kimkardashian. Drinking Game: a shot every time Khloe touches her hair!vTM

jeweldeleen @RyanDeal_AAN haha, your right! I wasn't on my drinking game this weekend. Growing up?! I sure hope not haha #rrockinbar is waiting for you!

kcld22 I love quality family drinking game time :-)

Larsville RT @Hen_is: When will x factor be on catch up because I have this drinking game http://t.co/vMsQXNgX


What are the rules to the drinking game Quincy? by Holly Q: There is a drinking game I played once called Quincy that was kind of a mix between quarters and flip cup but I don't remember the rules. I've searched everywhere online and can't find anywhere that has them posted. Any help?

A: http://www.keegan.org/jeff/humor/quincydrinkinggame.html

What are some alternative punishments for non drinkers participating in a drinking game? by wwslb Q: For my sisters bachelorette, we will be playing golf with a funny drinking game. There may or may not be a few people not drinking, and I want some ideas for funny punishments they can do instead of "chug your beer" "do a shot" etc. Ideas?

A: Have them take shots of something spicy like hot sauce!

How much is one drink in a drinking game? by ummmyeah Q: so, we're gonna play a movie drinking game, but i just was wondering how much is one drink in it? like if we're drinking smirnoff ice should we disperse one bottle over 3 turns or something? i guess it depends how drunk we want to get, but we also dont want to use up all our alcohol in one night...so what do you usually do?

A: It's a reglar gulp! Don't over do it!

Are there any drinking games you can play while watching a baseball game at the stadium? by truss72511 Q: I wanted to know if there are any simple drinking games while at the ball park watching the game with friends?

A: Say that there are 3 guys playing. Before the start of the game, each of you gets a number 1-3. Whoever has 1 starts with the first batter of the game and you rotate from there. Depending on what your batter does, is what everyone else does. A single is a sip, a double is two, a triple is three, and a homerun is a chug. If your batter strikes out, you chug. If he grounds into a double play its two sips. Any other out is a sip.

What is the drinking game where you have to hang upside down? by robert Q: just out of curiosity, I saw this drinking game in a movie where the person is hanging upside down by people and then there is another who puts something in there mouth or something. it involved alot of ice. i dont remember but i think it was a drinking game if not what was it?!?!?

A: .....a keg stand

What is the funnest drinking game to play for a 21st birthday? by Crazydancer Q: We want to meet up at my place tonight after the club and want to play a fun drinking game (guys and girls will be there). My friend says strip poker, but I want more ideas.

A: Peel the skin on four onions, put sticks in them, dip them in choc or caramel and put some sprinkles on them....Have a dipped APPLE eating contest....a race. The four contestants will have no idea til it is way too late as they try to devour the onions so fast. This one is awesome, I saw it on Americas Funniest Home Videos.

Whats the name of the drinking game where people sit in a circle tapping their shoulders and drinks? by petrie_ds_10 Q: There's a drinking game I played one time and I can't remember what it was. The rules are 4 people sit in a circle. One person starts off either tapping their left or right shoulder or tapping their beverage. Tapping the left or right shoulder sends play to the players sitting on their left or right respectively. Tapping the drink send play to the person sitting across from the person who starts. However, on the 5th and 7th turn, the player who's turn it is to go has to make a specific move (like sending play to the person sitting across from you). Whoever doesn't make the right move has to take a drink. And regardless whose has to make a move on the 12th turn has to take a drink then play restarts. It's not really a game to get drunk but a game to keep drinking. Also, it mellows everyone out. Anyone have any ideas on the name and better rules?

A: umm .. no

Drinking game? by Q: What is your favorite drinking game?

A: pong, kings, and a$$hole.

Drinking Game? by BizKid Q: Me and my friends are under the legal age to drink, however this weekened I would like to have a drinking game (NON-ALCHOLIC) However, what kind of drinks could I use for a game like that?

A: Well since you want a non-alcoholic drink i would go with something fun that would make you all laugh. Like something that is too sour. Maybe lemon juice???

drinking game? by bean Q: how do you play the drinking game "kings?" the more specific the directions, the better!!!

A: Kings drinking game: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kings_(drinking_game)

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