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aquire_moore female sickness,1st tym i had in my lyf...nd am nt tlkin of periods url. i dnt knw wat dis sickness called. Dr Oz pls help!

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VemmaGPS What is in Vemma that makes it the World's Most Powerful #Antioxidant? Why does #Dr.Oz endorse us? http://t.co/S6KHrsct #wellness #health

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why are there so many overweight women on dr oz show? by Nikoli Q: being healthy is obviously something that mostly only healthy men and women are concerned with. yet, on the dr oz show, the audience is predominantly women who are predominantly overweight. why?

A: Was predominantly the word of the day? Anyways, it's because Dr. Oz has written books about weight loss. He is popular because he talks about weight loss. If he just talked about organs and pooping, people wouldn't care half as much and he knows it. Most of his fans are probably people trying to lose weight. Plus, keep in mind that about 66% of the country is overweight. The odds of most people in any building being overweight are pretty high.

Dr. Oz ??? by heroin2008 Q: anybody know , what is his speciality and subspeciality ? which university?? ,,,,which hospital? thanks very much

A: I know he is a cardiothoracic surgeon. He teaches cardiac surgery at Columbia and has some specialty in minimally invasive surgery and heart replacement. He has many accomplishments and has founded different medical centers and non profits.

My friend talks about how he hates Dr. Oz and how he plans to harm him. Should I warn the authorities? by Avram Levi Q: My friend has an irrational hatred for Dr. Oz. He calls him the greatest liar and a phony doctor who tries to make money by giving people false information. He has detailed plans about kidnapping his child. What can I do before anything like this happens?

A: Oh, by all means - come on an internet chat board like, say Yahoo Answers, and ask the opinion of people that really don't have any care or concern. Don't call the cops or anything. . . Really? Are you one that is the future of this nation?

What is the name of the acai berry supplement Oprah and Dr. Oz recommend? by Nichole S Q: I didn't see the episode when Oprah and Dr. Oz endorsed a brand. I've done some research and found there are over ten different ones on the shelves, not counting the ones shown on the tv at 4 a.m. Where can I get the one they raved about on the show.

A: It's called Acai. They didn't recommend any particular brand, just the fruit itself, even though there are many scam companies online that are fraudulently using their names to help move their product. I would recommend getting a name brand that you recognize the first time just to make sure you won't get taken... if you like it, then you can do some research to make sure you get the best deal as far as brand and cost. If you aren't sure where to start, I can offer some of the brands that should be in your local health food store that would be high quality. You can get it from any health food store (GNC, Whole Foods, etc) and many other places, but I would be careful about online ads for it (and the "free trials" are hardly ever free since they have to get you to pay for it somehow). Unfortunately, Acai is one of a few high powered antioxidants that are fads right now and when there is a fad, there are always people and companies that take advantage of that popularity and sell their own piece of it. The unfortunate part is that too many of those people/companies make baseless claims in order to sell their product faster and for higher prices. It's best to get a product like this from a company that you know and/or trust. If you'd like, I can also point out a few companies out there if you can't find any in your local area. Good luck and I hope I helped!

What was the pill dr oz talked about that reduces vaginal odor? by Amanda Q: a few months ago dr oz had a show on vaginal health, he mentioned a pill you could take to reduce vaginal odor can anyone tell me what it was?

A: Ummmm, I know this doesn't answer your question, rather causes a question in my mind.... and please don't take it the wrong way, I mean well..... But, what would you need a pill for if your bathe regularly, douche every once in a great while and wipe your vaginal area with baby wipes or something similar??? Seems to me that this would take care of it unless you have an exceptional problem in your vaginal area, right. Not being a smartalic, just trying to ascertain why anyone would have an offensive odor at their vagina if they cleansed it regularly!?

Can you tell me about the macular degeneration treatment Dr. Oz talked about on Oprah this week? by Leo O Q: A friend told my Mom that Dr. Oz talked about a treatment for macular degeneration last week. Can you tell me anything about it or just what it is called?

A: I believe it is the treatment where they put stem cells right into the retina and it causes regeneration to occur.

Recently on Dr. Oz he said for successful weight reduction get a diet buddy. What is a diet buddy for? by rooney j Q: I caught the last few minutes of a weight reducing program on Dr. Oz. On a board it said get a diet buddy. What is the importance of this? What role does the diet buddy play in losing weight? Thank you!

A: A diet buddy is a friend or family member who is trying to lose weight too. That way you can both work out together and support each other's weight loss.

What are Dr. Oz's good and bad points when it comes to public speaking? by comicrelief08 Q: This is for a group presentation in our Speech class. Our group got the 'Doctors' category. So, could you kindly help me think of Dr. Oz, the one from Oprah, strengths and weaknesses when it comes to public speaking. Thanks!

A: Hi hon: Dr. Oz is an amazing public speaker!!!! He speaks using language/terms that are easily understandable and his use of props to demonstrate his points is also very effective. He is very touchy/feeley and most women like that and feel comfortable with him. I think the one weakness I can think of is that he doesn't seem to have the same rapport with men. Usually aren't that many men in his audience. Take care XXXXX

How many miles is the equivalent to walking 10,000 steps recommended for daily exercise by Dr. Oz? by Cat Q: I'm wanting to start walking outside (as soon as it starts warming up). I heard that Dr. Oz suggested that a person should walk 10,000 steps daily. How many miles does that equate to? Thanks!

A: If you are sedentary, working a desk job and with ordinary walking to get from car to office etc, then you probably walk 2,000 steps per day at most. A person who walks 10,000 steps per day is putting some time into a planned exercise routine. Get a pedometer, it is easy and inexpensive to see what your average day includes. Chances are that you will need to walk an additional 3-5 miles to get to that goal of 10,000 steps. Good Luck!

On an Oprah show recently Dr. Oz mentioned a nasal spray that unblocks the sinuses. What was the spray's name? by Larry M Q: On an Oprah show recently, Dr. Oz mentioned a nasal spray that completely unblocks the nasal sinuses. I have a teenager who is suffering and wanted to purchase the medication Dr. Oz referred to. Please email me at [email protected] Thank you.

A: It's not a spray, it's called a neti pot. There are a couple of different brand names, but I don't know them off the top of my head. It's in the drug store near where the saline sprays are. A neti pot is a small plastic container that looks kinda like a geni's lamp, or even a small teapot, with a handle and a spout. You put the saline (salted water) into the pot, then put the spout up one nostril, tilting your head away from the pot. Then you pour the water into that nostril. The water goes through all the sinus cavities and drains out the other nostril. Make sure you do this over the sink. It doesn't hurt, but does feel a little gross until your sinuses clear out. I don't use it all the time, but my husband and I use it when we have head colds to get over it faster.

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