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Delaware League Basketball Previews
Each of these girls may earn a starting spot before the year is complete,” said Jones Key losses to graduation for HT include Annie Butler, last year's Most Valuable Player, as well as Leanna VanValkenburg, and Katie Drao. Tom Faraci, 15-year coach for ...

Beição: preparado para o UFC 141
6 minutos atrás Drão... minha amiga Sandra Gadelha, mãe de @PretaGil , anjo 9 minutos atrás Não disse q @ivetesangalo surpreenderia neste especial? Q produção e repertório maravilhosos http://t.co/tVCMEegH 11 minutos atrás.

Quer passar a virada do ano com Ivete Sangalo?
Em um tom intimista, os artistas fazem uma homenagem à mulher brasileira interpretando músicas como “Super-Homem”, “Drão”, “A luz de Tieta”, “Dom de iludir” e “Atrás da Porta”. "Para nós, artistas, estar em um programa como esse é um combustível para a ...

Um Natal bem baiano
Sozinhos, em duo ou em trio, Caetano e Gil interpretam sucessos deles mesmos, como Tigresa, Drão e Super-homem, a canção, e acompanham Ivete em músicas de Chico Buarque (Olhos nos olhos, O meu amor, Atrás da porta) e Herbert Vianna (Se eu não te amasse ...

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Is anyone interested in betaing a story for fanfiction.net? by Q: I need someone who can be my beta or some people more the better. They need to be loyal and not afraid to criticize. The story is a Harry Potter fic and is all also labeled mature. It's a pairing between Ginny and Drao with many twists I need plot betas and grammar betas I ha a few but they all quit on me because they were too busy and it was getting in their way. If you are willing fan me message me , whatever you like even leave an email if you can I dont quite know the rules.

someone translate this please!? by 123456 Q: Ruf lniam ec dra kumtah nima? Frah dra mejac fa mejat yna uhmo kumtah-bmydat Yht E ghaf dryd dra mekrdc uv dra ledo fana duu rayjo vun sa Druikr E lynneat gynydc vun ajanouha du caa Yht E cyf Kut lno eh dra navmaldeuh uv so ahaseac Yht ymm dra mujanc fedr hu desa vun sa Yht ymm uv dra sudranc nyeca draen pypeac Du cdyo yfyo vnus sa Duhkiac uh dra culgadc uv amaldnel tnaysc Frana dra cafyka uv ouidr tnufhat dra cbyng uv so daahc Yht E ghaf dryd dra mekrdc uv dra ledo fana duu rayjo vun sa (duu rayjo vun sa) Druikr E lynneat gynydc vun ajanouha du caa (ajanouha du caa) Yht E cyf Kut lno eh dra navmaldeuh uv so ahaseac Yht ymm dra mujanc fedr hu desa vun sa Yht ymm uv dra sudranc nyeca draen pypeac Du cdyo yfyo vnus sa Yht bnyo drao tuh'd knuf ib du pa...

A: oh my god i figured it out! it's a cryptogram, in which each letter is supposed to represent another letter. that's why it looks like gibberish. it's not a language, it's a code. i solved a few lines and googled them and it turns out it's the lyrics to the song "golden" by fall out boy. take for example the 4th line from the bottom: "YHT YMM DRA MUJANC FEDR HU DESA VUN SA" in this case the Y stands for A, H stands for N, T = D, M = L, etc. when you substitute all the correct letters in you get: "AND ALL THE LOVERS WITH NO TIME FOR ME" i cannot believe i figured that out. i'm either way too smart or else i have way too much time on my hands. either way, i feel pretty darn good!

rate my pokemon diamond team? by ace man Q: heatran..level 100...moves are...stone edge...lava plume...heat wave...magma storm... darkrai..level 100...moves are...embargo...dark viod...dream eater...nightmare... groudon...level 100...moves are...eruption...fissure...solarbeam...fire blast... giratina...level 100...moves are... shadow force...hyper beam...giga impact...drao meteor... dialga...level 100...moves are...roar of time...draco meteor...flash cannon... aura sphere... garchomp...level 100...moves are...dig...dragon rush...sandstorm...dragon claw... and when i need to fly i go to a pokemon center and get starraptor then switch back so dont talk about me needing a flying pokemon...ok

A: Don't bother bout what the others say bout your pokemon. Just bring with you any pokemon that you feel comfortable with. It will have no meaning if you bring pokemon that you don't even like. I have a solution to solve your fly problem. Let giratina forget giga impact pr hyper beam and let it learn fly. Heatranm is a powerful pokemon but you have too many fire type move on it. i suggest earth power and dark pulse to replace heat wave and lava plume. if you wana keep heat wave then forget magma storm. its accuracy is unreliable. moreover, heat wave hits two opponents so it should be useful in a duoble battle. Dialga's moves are good but you should forget draco meteor and let it learn earth power, ice beam or thunderbolt. You my be tempted bt draco meteors high base power but you must always remember the recoil effect. Dialga will be virtually useless after its sp.atk drops two stages. Garchomp should learn earthquake instead of dig. Groudon is just perfect. I give your team 10/10.

Can someone please translate this for me? I think it's World of Warcraft language or soemthing...? by a w Q: Netehk y dnyeh du camv tacdnildeuh, y bmyla frana y pmyta yht kih yna rec uhmo vneahtc, pinhehk pnetkac yc ra kuac ed nihc ujan ajanouha fru kadc eh dra fyo. Ed muugc mega y hela baylavim dnyeh uidceta, oad uh dra ehceta edc bina ramm. Ajanouha druikrd dryd ra fyc ug, pid ed fyc ymm y kieca vun dra vuumc. Ajanodrehk ajan kyehat fyc drnuikr dnelgano yht meac, ymm udran drehkc fana nebat yfyo pavuna drao luimt pa icat. Ra muugc uid fedr y kmyhla, du y bmyla frana ra luimt pa, pid tuachd lno uid, tuachd bmay du pa cyjat. Ev ra lyhd vekrd vnaa po rescamv ec ra ajah fundro du meja? Ajah ev ra tuac, fedr ymm rec cgemmc femm ra ryja yhodrehk mavd du lusa pylg du?

A: Looks like a Cryptoquip, in which case, there should be a key to decyphering it. Like "A=S" or something along those lines. Try going through it and figuring out the 2 and 3 letter words and words with apostrophes, then you can move onto the larger words. For example, I see "du" and "y" in there a lot, "du" could be "it", "is", "if", "of" etc..and "y" has to be "I" or "A". Figure those out, and you know what letters "D", "U", and "Y" are already, they will be the same throughout the puzzle....Just an offbeat guess, but I'd say that "Y"="A"....just to get you started. Edit* Yeah, that's what it was...and I didn't have anything better to do, so here you go. "Riding a train to self destruction, a place where a blade and gun are his only friends, burning bridges as he goes it runs over everyone who gets in the way. It looks like a nice peaceful train outside, yet on the inside its pure hell. Everyone thought that he was ok, but it was all a guise for the fools. Everything ever gained was through trickery and lies, all other things were riped away before they could be used . He looks out with a glance, to a place where he could be, but doesnt cry out, doesnt plea to be saved. If he cant fight free by himself is he even worthy to live? Even if he does, with all his skills will he have anything left to come back to?"

can you tell me what this means? by gamer Q: Kud cusa haf vneahtc! Drao' na rud me and my friend have been trying to figure out what it means because it pertains to us and we have to know what it is!!! so please, please, please help us!!! thank you oh so much!!!! XD

A: That's not a language; it appears to be a letter-swap code used in the Final Fantasy games. "Got some new friends. They're hot."

does anyone know what language this is and what it says in english? by Diane A Q: datteac tuh'd rik pylg pid cusadesac drao'na ynm oui'ja kud

A: This is swahili and if I can remember it is a ver famous quote from a religious book. It says 'Trust in your god and the future holds great things.

secondo voi è un affare comprare un drago bianco occhi blu e un drao alato di ra a 80 euro? by Q: mio cugino piccolo lai ha komprati e volevo sapere voi cosa ne pensavate

A: No valgono in media 40 $ ciao :)) !!!!

How to I figure out a secret code? by braves10 Q: My friend made up a secret code and I have to decipher it A.S.A.P.. What's the best strategy? Here's part of it: Famm ed'c dnia dryd dra baubma cdemm icehk dra vunis yna vunaekh cu drao sucd megamo fuimt hud lusa.

A: Here's my best guess as to what it could be: WELL IT'S TRUE THAT THE PEOPLE STILL USING THE FORUM ARE FOREIGN SO THEY MOST LIVELY WOULD NOT COME. That should give you a head start! Lol http://rumkin.com/tools/cipher/cryptogram-solver.php

Drão GILBERTO GIL - DRÃO Drão - Caetano Veloso Drão - Gilberto Gil Preta Gil, Gilberto Gil - Drão Gilberto Gil - Drão MC DRÃO E BIANE FUNK DO TALARICO NO BARRACÃO DA VILLA 19/11/09 PART 3 Drão THAIS MORELL singing DRAO by Gilberto Gil / Arr. Ximo Tebar / January 2010 Drão. Wlad tocando Drão (Gilberto Gil) De Menos Crime - 1,2 1,2 Drão Veja Esta Canção - Drão - parte 1 MC DRÃO - MC MENORZINHA (NOVA) Preta Gil e Gilberto Gil - Drão Drão SHOW DO MC K9 - MC DRÃO E DJ ARAPONGA no CEMUR SP Mc Drão = Bando de Louco - Gaviões da Fiel Gilberto Gil Drão Eletracústico MC DRÃO - NÃO GAMA QUE EU SOU ZIKA -Suave na Nave 2010 MC DRÃO APRESENTA: MC EZ x MC VESGO no DUELO FUNK em SP! MC DRÃO - KIT DA 25 MC DRÃO & MC GALO SP - BAILE FUNK BOMBADO! TU DA PRA TODO MUNDO - MC DRÃO & DJ ARAPONGA [FUNK] AQUECIMENTO DAS NOVINHAS (((DJ ARAPONGA & MC DRÃO))) MC DRÃO- A NOVINHA SE ABRE - SUAVE NA NAVE FUNK MC DRÃO FUNK CORINTHIANS KIT DA 25-MC DRÃO- [ VIDEO FUNK MUITO BOM! ] *ZOANDO AS MARCAS! AQUECIMENTO 2011 LANÇAMENTO [DJ ARAPONGA & MC DRÃO] Veja esta Canção: Drão - Parte I PRO BEATS P.drão Feat Dj Zeu Vagabundoooo ♥♫ GILBERTO GIL - DRÃO♥♫HD Gilberto Gil-Drão. Só us Drão - B_Dynamitze Thiago Delegado - Drão (Gilberto Gil) - Instrumental SESC Brasil - 29/08/2011 Dragon Ball Z Live Action Movie Casts Dragon Ball GT (Portuguese Opening) Suave na Nave2 - MC Drão.wmv Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 Vegito Vs. Gogeta B-DYNAMITZE - SO US DRAO 2 MC LOGA - GAROTA LINDA ♪ [CLIPE OFICIAL - P.DRÃO VIDEO CLIPES] Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon Trailer Drão Tahian Dessano Priest Skills [ Dragon Nest ] Prévia DVD Preta Gil - Drão (Part. Gilberto Gil e Francisco) SAUDADE - MC DRÃO [[[COM LEGENDA]]] - LON B-Dynamitze - So us Drão 02 MC DRÃO - GRAVAÇÃO DO DVD DO COTIA HALL Drão- Gil e Yamandu mi vida eres tu - el dragon
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