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Dorset Police

Police probe offensive tweets aimed at diver Daley
"Regarding tweets to "TomDaley1994 - we are aware of the issue and are actively looking into it," Dorset police said on their Twitter feed. Olympic poster boy Daley, who hails from Devon in southwest England, a nearby county to Dorset, and Waterfield ...

Cars sought after Boscombe 'gang' shooting
Dorset police are trying to trace a small silver or grey hatchback parked in Sea Road and a dark-coloured hatchback seen in Roumelia Lane. Both vehicles were seen between 02:00 and 03:00 BST on Wednesday. The silver or grey car was spotted outside ...

UK police arrest man over Olympic tweets
Dorset Police said early Tuesday that a 17-year-old man was arrested "on suspicion of malicious communications" in relation to Twitter threats made against Daley. Police said the man was detained at a guest house in Weymouth, and is currently helping ...

Dorset landslide: Woman trapped under 400 tons of rock 'in front of boyfriend ...
Coastguards, police, ambulance crew and rescue helicopters are now conducting a major operation on the beach at Burton Bradstock, Dorset, to reach the victim, along with specialist rescue crew. The 23-year-old woman holidaymaker was trapped near to ...

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chrisporte1 RT @SkyNewsBreak: Dorset Police: 17-year-old man arrested in Weymouth in connection with tweets sent to Team GB diver Tom Daley

MeganGriffiths7 RT @SkyNewsBreak: Dorset Police: 17-year-old man arrested in Weymouth in connection with tweets sent to Team GB diver Tom Daley

heatherlcannon RT @fran_havercroft: *BOY !! RT @SkyNewsBreak Dorset Police: 17-year-old man arrested in Weymouth in connection with tweets sent to Team GB diver Tom Daley

TinTinBailey Dorset police arresting @Rileyy_69 after his tweets to @TomDaley1994 and my faith in humanity has been restored.

CatelloD1 RT @SkyNewsBreak: Dorset Police: 17-year-old man arrested in Weymouth in connection with tweets sent to Team GB diver Tom Daley

IamHarryHudson RT @digitalspy: Dorset Police confirm that they have arrested a 17-year-old man and are still investigating tweets sent to Tom Daley: http://t.co/rfxqx74P

LeahJo79 RT @SkyNewsBreak: Dorset Police: 17-year-old man arrested in Weymouth in connection with tweets sent to Team GB diver Tom Daley

Tanni100 RT @SkyNewsBreak: Dorset Police: 17-year-old man arrested in Weymouth in connection with tweets sent to Team GB diver Tom Daley

georgiaa_81 RT @piersmorgan: 'Man'? Try 'Moron' RT @SkyNewsBreak Dorset Police: 17-yr-old man arrested in Weymouth in connection with tweets sent to GB diver Tom Daley

BarinderS RT @SkyNewsBreak: Dorset Police: 17-year-old man arrested in Weymouth in connection with tweets sent to Team GB diver Tom Daley

emmap1504 RT @Jason_Nash: RT @SkyNewsBreak: Dorset Police: 17-year-old man arrested in Weymouth in connection with tweets sent to Team GB diver Tom Daley - yay :)

officialgabbyh RT @digitalspy: Dorset Police confirm that they have arrested a 17-year-old man and are still investigating tweets sent to Tom Daley: http://t.co/rfxqx74P

Luubbeerr RT @SkyNewsBreak: Dorset Police: 17-year-old man arrested in Weymouth in connection with tweets sent to Team GB diver Tom Daley

JoshuaYates93 RT @SkyNewsBreak: Dorset Police: 17-year-old man arrested in Weymouth in connection with tweets sent to Team GB diver Tom Daley

Fellowes52 Tom Daley London Olympics Twitter abuse: Police arrest 17-year-old man: Dorset Police confirm a 17-year-old was ... http://t.co/NwU2knu1


laws on dogs attacking livestock in Oklahoma? by goldie645373 Q: My neighbors dog who was always running loose came into my yard and killed my daughters show sheep. These were sheep she had raised herself for her senior year in highschool. One of the sheep killed was a yearling dorset ewe that was 5 months pregnant, due with twins that very day. The other was a Shropshire wether that had several wins at a young age. These sheep were kept in a sturdy pen and were not allowed to roam. The dog came into our yard and attacked them. When I came home the dog was still in the pen eating on the sheep. I shot the dog then called the police. He told me to take them to court and sue them. I want to do this to make them pay for the costs but didnt know if I could actually win a case like this. I have several pics and videos documenting the scene as well as pics of the dead dog. If you have any info that could help me I would greatly appreciate it. I am at a total loss.

I have a question for atheists? by Q: I know it sounds like I'm trolling, but I swear to god this is real. I asked atheists because I need at least one person to help me out, the more who see this the more likely. I went to bed last night and I woke up in someones basement and there's no way out. Whoever kidnapped me had left a laptop only allowing access to Y!A. Look, I know this sounds crazy, but just print off this page and show this to the police so they know. I swear I'm not joking. Here are my details... Name: Muhammed Uddin Country: England Country: Dorset Town: Bournemouth Road: Southsea Road House number: 38 Post code: BH21 4HC My family should have contacted the local authorities of my disappearance. If this gets to them, they'll know it's real. I can access email btw. My E-mail is [email protected] What were you about to do? Do you think you would have contacted the police? This isn't real, I'm fine. But just imagine if it were you in this situation.... I'm just curious to see how many people would help out someone who appears to be a troll over the internet.

A: Sure, I'd pass it on. One possibility, it's a troll and I end up feeling like a bit of a tit. Other possibility, there's a guy trapped in a kidnapper's basement and I didn't do anything to help. I can live with feeling like a bit of a tit.

is joseph jack the ripper? by Q: . Joseph's father, himself a fish porter, died in 1864, and his mother deserted the family soon after. As a result, the children were raised by his older brothers, Denis and Daniel, as well as his sister Catherine. All four of the Barnett brothers were fish porters by 1878, working in Billingsgate Market. Joseph met Mary Jane Kelly on April 8th, 1887, and the two decided soon after to room together at various locations for the next year and a half. By the time of the Ripper murders, they were living in 13 Miller's Court, Dorset Street. This is the location where Kelly's mutilated body would be found on November 9th, 1888. July, 1888: Barnet loses his license as a fish porter, apparently for theft. October 30th, 1888: Barnett and Kelly have a quarrel at 13 Miller's Court, during which a window is broken and Joseph leaves to take up lodgings in Bishopsgate. It is alleged that the quarrel arose because Kelly was allowing a prostitute to share their lodgings. November 1st - 8th, 1888: Barnett visits Kelly often, giving her money and seeming to be on good terms with her. November 9th, 1888: Mary Jane Kelly found murdered at 13 Miller's Court. Physical Description 30 years old Medium build Fair complexion Moustache Blue eyes 5' 7" tall Probably had a speech impediment called echolalia, which caused him to repeat the last words spoken to him when replying to a question. Suspicions Against Joseph Barnett was not described as a Ripper suspect until the 1970s, when Bruce Paley first introduced the idea to some colleagues. It was independently forwarded by Mark Andrews in The Return of Jack the Ripper (1977), a fictionalization of the crimes. Paley first published a factual article describing the theory in the magazine True Crime (1982). Paul Harrison published his Jack the Ripper: The Mystery Solved in 1991, forwarding Barnett as the Ripper, but the book was marred by flawed research. Finally, Bruce Paley published Jack the Ripper: The Simple Truth in 1995, the culmination of over a decade and a half of research into Joseph Barnett as the Ripper. This book has since become a favorite of Ripper enthusiasts, because of its meticulous research and wealth of detail. The theory, according to Bruce Paley, is that Joseph Barnett was growing tired of Mary Kelly prostituting herself to other men. He was very much in love with Kelly, and believed that if he could support her through his own work, she would not have to resort to a life on the streets. The loss of his job as a fish porter in June of 1888 brought this dream to an end. Kelly returned to the streets in order to provide for herself, and Barnett became infuriated. In an attempt to "scare" Kelly off the streets, Barnett raged through Whitechapel and murdered a handful of prostitutes in the autumn of 1888. His plot didn't succeed, however, and tempers boiled in late October, culminating in their final quarrel on the 30th. Perhaps realizing that his love for Kelly was not completely requited, Barnett murdered her on November 9th with a frenzy only a scorned lover could possess. There are a number of linkages between Barnett and the Ripper. Joseph Barnett's physical description tallies very well with a number of witness descriptions, particularly in height (5' 7"), age (30), build (medium), complexion (fair) and the presence of a moustache. His link with Mary Kelly could explain why the killings ceased after her murder. Ginger beer bottles were found in 13 Miller's Court by police on November 9th. In the "Dear Boss" letter, the author says that he "saved some of the proper red stuff in a ginger beer bottle over the last job to write with..." The mystery of Kelly's locked door (it was locked when police arrived, indicating the killer either had a key or reached through the window to lock it after he left the scene) could be explained either by Barnett's possessing a key or his knowledge of the geography of the room. Barnett also fits well with the F.B.I. Psychological Profile of the Ripper: F.B.I. Psychological Profile Joseph Barnett White male, aged 28 to 36, living or working in the Whitechapel area. Barnett was 30 years old, white, and lived within a mile of Whitechapel for his entire life. In childhood, there was an absent or passive father figure. Joseph's father died when he was six. The killer probably had a profession in which he could legally experience his destructive tendencies. Barnett was a fish porter, undoubtedly experienced in boning and gutting fish. Jack the Ripper probably ceased his killing because he was either arrested for some other crime, or felt himself close to being discovered as the killer. Barnett was interviewed for four hours after the Kelly murder. The police seemed satisfied with his testimony and they don't appear to have suspected him f

A: I have studied Jack for the past 20 yrs , and Barnett is my most likely suspect . When the area where all the victims lived is taken into account , all lived at various times within yards of one another and it seems more then probable that Barnett was known to them all , so they would have been completely unsuspecting of him , certainly in the early hours of morning , quite likely relieved at seeing a familiar " safe" face and as a local man would not have been perceived as a threat or seen as unusual on the streets at odd hours I have always taken the view in the murder of Kelly , that it was someone she felt at ease with , and the "killer" felt safe and secure at Miller`s Court while he carried out the mutilations on Kelly`s body

I'm 16, and a drug addict...How do I get help? by Q: Well I suppose it would help to say my story first, so maybe people would understand why I turned to drugs... I grew up in Shepperton, Gtr London, UK. My Dad was always in and out of prison and I rarely saw him so my Mum raised me by herself, she took me to see him at prison a couple of times, telling me it was his work and I remember thinking how strange it was there with the guards and all the male prisoners at tables. But I was too young to think more than that. When he came out, I saw him a few times but he used to pull my hair and twist my wrists and legs pretending it was just a bit of fun. Then the Police advised my Mum to move after my Dad started coming round late at night, banging on the doors and windows shouting abuse, so we moved to Dorset. It was all completely knew to me, I was 10. I had to leave all my friends and family like my Auntie who was like a second Mum. I was used to sirens and crime and abuse without trying to sound like a badman, and in Dorset it was so different. The main thing I noticed was in Dorset people were two-faced compared to where I lived, where everyone was completely real. My Mum turned to alcohol and I got put in to Foster, but I was passed from house to house because they couldn't cope with my eratic behaviour (I missed my Mum, it was always me and her,) and eventually I was put into a house for troubled children and young adults. I was just turned 12 by then. I got into the wrong crowd and started smoking weed, I liked how it made me feel numb, and I liked that I had the group of people, to me it was like my family. I graduatted to smoking pot, then heroin. At 13 i started snorting cocain, and then taking speed, and e's. Then just before my 14th birthday, i was told my Mum had commited suicide and she had told her counciller she felt she had let me down, and I think that's why she did it; because she felt a useless mother, So i stopped the drugs because I knew its what she would have wanted, it was hard and I managed to stop alll but smoking pot. Then by 15, I was back to the drugs and even now injecting heroin. I was kicked out from school and made to go to a learning centre which didnt help as I could get away with anything. I look awful nd I know it's because of the drugs but I just cant stop...My social worker made me go to a drugs councillor advisor thing, and it didnt help. I just feel alone, and ashamed. I want to make my Mum proud of me ... What can I do? x

A: Go to a psychiatrist, find a support group...it is a fight and you gotta fight and win it, just never give up...you might want to be in a hospital or an institute where they have the required experience..good luck

Bailiff attempted to take my car today? by Q: Today I had a knock at the door by someone with a clipboard so being in an area that gets more than its fair share of canvassers, I decided not to open it. From my Window I watched the man walk back to a small car parked opposite my house on the other side of the road. After a few minutes he removed a wheel clamp and bent down to fit it to the front wheel of my car parked outside my house. As soon as I saw this I opened my door and called to ask him what he was doing. He said that 5 letters had been sent to my address about an unpaid parking fineicon that I acquired somewhere in Dorset (where I live) that I had not paid. He also said he had personally delivered notification that he would attend to remove my car if I did not contact them regarding the issue and that Salisbury county courticon had authorized an order to seize my vehicle. I realize that denial to acknowledge receipt of any of the letters they said were sent would be a bold lie that would not be believed by anyone but unfortunately for me that is the case. Also my post box is secure and I don’t have anyone living with me that would take my mail! I told the bailifficon this but obviously he did not believe me and said if I did not pay the £500 odd quid that he wanted the car would be towed within the hour. I offered to pay a weekly amount to try and buy some time to find out how this has happened but was told he needed it all or the car was going. I am self employed as a computer engineer and need my car to work so knowing he had not secured the clamp, I told him I was going to remove some articles, got in, locked the door, started the engine and pulled away. The clamp got stuck for a second and the bailifficon was laughing and telling me I would break the car but then it ‘pinged’ off and I drove the car to another location where it remains. Just to add, he stopped laughing when the clamp came off and there is no damage to my car whatsoever and only a few very small scrape marks on the road. I’m pretty sure this did not damage his clamp either. One of my neighbours said they saw him throw the clamp into the back of his car with some frustration after I had left. When I returned home he had written on the bill / letter he was showing me that he was going to report the car as being stolen. I then wrote a letter to his company after reading advice on the internet about bailiffs not being allowed to take ‘tools of the trade’, which I will post tomorrow. I tried to go to their website to email a copy but their site shows a ‘Page not displayed’ error! I have now just phoned the local police (some hours later) to verify the car as being reported stolen but they say that this is not something they are able to do as it is not their property but apparently they do have a right to seize it if they find it. However the police officer also states that if I were to take it back from them after they had taken it from me it would likely remain a civil matter and they would not be willing to be involved. I am going to contact Dorset council tomorrow to find out what this is about and (I really do hope) why the letters have not been delivered to me or what has happened to them. If anyone has any advice on this or can suggest anything I should do I would appreciate the help. If I were to put the car in my rear garden behind locked (although low) gates coould they still take it? Jaker: Are you just an idiot or can you not read, or both? I still have my car moron and the police have said it is not an issue for them. Try reading past the first paragraph before commenting you utter mongaloid retard.

A: Car hell, YOU are government property, subject. Enjoy.

Crime league,loads of streets in the Manchester region again I see.? by Q: Crime seems to be a massive problem Crime maps: the top worst crime ridden streets in the Country. Offences recorded, December 2010. Police force Vehicle crime Violent crime Burglary Robbery Anti- social Total (inc other) SOURCE: Police.uk Glovers Court Lancashire 0 44 1 1 73 152 Wind Street South Wales 0 34 0 0 66 148 Bolnore Road Sussex 0 0 0 0 148 148 Camborne Close Metropolitan 0 14 0 0 56 146 Lakeside Shopping Centre Essex 5 13 3 2 19 143 Surrey Street Hampshire 6 21 1 1 23 136 Albert Road South Hertfordshire 0 25 2 0 30 135 Peas Hill Cambridgeshire 0 16 0 1 30 127 Great Moor Street Greater Manchester 3 40 1 3 4 124 Bickenhill Lane West Midlands 3 8 4 1 60 119 Sussex Police Headquarters Sussex 0 0 0 0 117 117 Worcester Street West Midlands 0 7 2 7 25 117 Withy Grove Greater Manchester 1 16 1 2 18 115 Fairfield Drive Greater Manchester 9 29 10 2 0 114 Croydon Road Metropolitan 1 5 0 0 70 110 Lord Street Greater Manchester 1 22 4 1 9 108 Oakleigh Avenue Avon and Somerset 0 1 0 0 104 105 Chicago Avenue Greater Manchester 0 13 0 0 54 105 Haymarket Leicestershire 1 18 1 1 27 105 Midgate Cambridgeshire 1 22 0 0 31 103 Greyfriars Road South Wales 3 22 2 0 18 100 Marble Street Greater Manchester 0 2 0 1 17 100 Lytton Way Hertfordshire 0 29 0 1 26 99 School Lane Merseyside 1 10 2 1 10 99 Newgate Street Northumbria 0 11 0 0 66 97 The Crescent Surrey, Sussex 0 2 0 0 56 97 St. Mary Street South Wales 1 18 1 1 38 96 Wood Lane Metropolitan 0 7 2 0 26 96 Lower Twelfth Street Thames Valley 1 35 1 0 19 94 Bassingbourn Road Essex 0 21 0 0 20 93 Briggate West Yorkshire 0 17 1 0 40 92 West Street Sussex 0 19 0 0 15 91 Bridge Street Surrey 0 29 0 0 25 88 The Crescent Cumbria 1 17 0 0 57 87 Frinton Avenue Leicestershire 0 0 0 0 87 87 Meadowhall Road South Yorkshire 4 6 0 0 10 86 The Horsefair Avon and Somerset 0 3 0 0 16 85 Plantation Close Kent 1 8 0 0 4 85 Market Street Greater Manchester 1 32 2 0 2 83 Cambrian Road Gwent 0 23 1 0 39 83 Mallard Close Metropolitan 0 0 0 0 82 83 Monks Orchard Road Metropolitan 0 10 1 0 69 81 High Street Hertfordshire 0 8 1 0 14 80 Thompson Close Metropolitan 0 6 0 0 63 80 Prince Charles Drive Metropolitan 1 4 0 2 13 80 Coventry Street Metropolitan 0 13 0 1 10 79 Guildhall Walk Hampshire 1 38 2 0 18 78 Orange Street Metropolitan 0 6 1 3 49 78 Rowley Road Metropolitan 0 1 0 0 77 78 Nelson Street Northumbria 0 0 0 0 16 77 Mill Lane South Wales 1 23 1 0 23 77 Gladstone Mews Metropolitan, Surrey 1 4 0 2 10 77 Lisle Street Metropolitan 0 18 1 3 0 77 Elder Gate Thames Valley 6 22 0 1 3 76 Crowtree Road Northumbria 0 9 0 0 27 75 Fairford Way Gloucestershire 0 0 0 0 75 75 Collingwood Street Northumbria 0 10 0 0 34 74 Wellington Street South Yorkshire 1 17 0 0 22 74 Oxford Street Metropolitan 0 3 0 1 1 74 Morledge Derbyshire 0 5 1 0 18 73 Fir Vale Road Dorset 0 17 0 0 33 72 Oxford Street Metropolitan 0 0 2 2 7 72 Drapery Northamptonshire 1 12 1 0 26 71 Castle Street South Wales 0 15 0 1 41 71 Marsden Street Greater Manchester 2 12 0 0 1 71 St. Johns Leicestershire 0 1 0 0 69 70 Castle Meadow Norfolk 0 6 0 0 20 68 Lansdowne Crescent Dorset 0 8 3 0 45 68 New Road Cambridgeshire 3 18 0 0 28 68 Market Street Greater Manchester 0 2 1 0 3 67 Upper Parliament Street Nottinghamshire 0 17 0 0 14 66 Lancelot Place Metropolitan 3 1 0 0 0 65 Smallbrook Queensway West Midlands 0 10 2 0 23 65 Nun Street Northumbria 0 2 0 0 23 64 Merrion Way West Yorkshire 0 8 3 0 11 64 Oxford Street Metropolitan 0 7 0 1 29 64 Church Street Cleveland 1 5 0 0 53 63 Vicar Lane West Yorkshire 0 6 0 0 14 63 Taylor Road Greater Manchester 3 6 0 0 10 63

A: Seems to be the Norm these days, since when did crime become so acceptable??? since Labour introduced cut backs??? since the country opened its floodgates to the whole world???? Do people not care enough to stop crime from happening anymore???? Gone to the dogs??? me thinks so! I am fro Manchester and know some of these areas, and many more that didn't even appear in this list!

baby . p,, - the system, cafcass, and the law , a frightning thought..? by The Equalizer. Q: my heart and sumpothy gos to baby p, neglected and rejected let down by law,- Mine is a close story, a true one, and my view is these 'mistakes' as its called will by immoral vigilantes in our social care whom think there ‘god’ will in fact just carry on and on, until we the public give just cause and explain exactly what we want… A loyal, unbiast, monitered, protective trusting, power, but this involves every sector, whom is on the other hand- , sexist, unethical, and not wanting to do there job,say for a few, bogged down unable to make a difference, Why do I say these words so harshly, my facts are, the police are corrupt, they see a man and a woman with crocodile tears, blaming violence with no evidence pointing and screaming. … police go to woman’s story, even though I had bruising blood and wast hysterical, this happened on numerous occasions, again I get my nose broken, a collar bone, still the police say, 'don’t press charges' to me, your a grown man, threats to kill me and hired hit men... fall on the same, ...my ex bodly assults her own mum, abh on her step sister, little is done to her ,kicks ladders away from me when am at the toip of them i shatter my ankle, yet nothing, yet I have numerous false allegations made against me for anything, a wrongfull harrasment order by the police,i am told to find out why i need to break that order, all this to cover and, as they say, best form of defence is attack, ...to cover up of the truth, I make complaints about her treatment of my daughters step sisters of, there abuse.. Faces being punched, doors being hammered.. Threats of ‘am going to rip your face apart‘, .. Objects being thrown out windows, my daughter being slapped and gashes to her face, yet they (social) do nothing, the police, the services, even though a doctor calls , they do nothing, … I inform social services of repeat incidents, they see the mother, and ask nothing of me, a report detailing the woman’s side of false allegations about me is issued, between this paper report, - my daughter is abducted in a pre meditated incident to which these so called professionals are aware and collaborate together,, i have to use a search and find court orders, I go to court, am accused again of violence, for seven months I don’t see my daughter, as so called judges cannot see the web of lies, I search , - find witnesses past and present neighbours who tell me of other unseen incidents to me, over 30..!!.., the case collapses a judge states that my ex is an ‘unbelievable’ and has ‘exaggerated events,’ I say the case collapses as my ex gives up the ghost, my daughter is brought back to me, Six months later, a fresh appeal, the past is past,… can you believe that, I cannot use any of it, a cafcas officer from Poole, dorset asks me questions, of past violence, calls me a liar, that if I challenge her I will regret it…. My ex lies about incidences to them with no evidence, I do not given the right to explain nor give a side of truth, I have police records, tapes, witnesses, receipts of my doing the right thing, I believe none of this is read, the report is damming, sexist & bias again , contradicting every single word and police and video, after one brief spell in court I still have my daughter, but within a week another appeal and fresh allegations… the cafcass officer lies in court yes lies, to this as well she miss leads the judge, cafcas call it misreprented ? i and my legal call it lieing, deliberately , if i complain i will open a can of worms, according to my brief, as, the sytem is a sworn partie to the court, my soliciter, my barrister social and cafcass, .. outcome.- I lose my daughter, Within ten days my daughter is sexually abused and mentally traumatised my ex and her partner, , she is handed back to me, after a police investigation, my daughter describes events to her councils, the case collapses as my ex dost turn up again, so the truth cannot be heard, defended or proven and I can be forced back to court again by my ex, on any single allegation, this was a year ago now, (nov 07…. ) In the four years since having my daughter the child support agency has lost my progress, forgot me, re-departmentzed my case, further information excuses, and every time I call them on my progress am asked to call the region where my ex lives as this will be the office dealing with my case, as they assume, a mother has instant custody, and to date I have not received a single correspondence from them nor a penny, yet in my ten day loss of my daughter I get six letters, wanting details, a basic error, ?.. I think not, still in the middle ages with a narrow minded society given polices from head office from government who back women to be unseen to be sexist or racist??.. A society driven by sexist bent professionals with no god given right?.. Or all of the above, … this can happen it to you, to anyone, , experence of the above, inperticular dorset?... what can we do?, the system needs som

A: My heart goes out to you. I know that for some ridiculous reason, the law seems to side with women no matter how brutal and disgusting they may be. I've known some really nice guys hurt very badly by their partners financially, mentally and emotionally as well as physically and yet the law continues to defend the female. I don't know what the solution is, but what I can suggest is make a daily log of everything you endure. In fact make it a blog . If you're afraid of reprisal, use a pen name. Perhaps if enough people realize what's going on, the police and the courts may be forced to change their stance. I personally know many females who had babies just to bleed a guy and the government dry. What happens to their kids they couldn't care less. They are more concerned about the money rolling in . Incidentally, more girls are raped by their stepfathers than fathers, yet the woman is never punished for bringing a predator into the house and endangering her children.

What should happen to those boys who stomped a baby fawn to death? by Cactus Prophet Q: if you don't know what a fawn is its the cutest thing in the world. http://images1.funadvice.com/photo/image/old/40493/cute-baby-fawn.jpg how could someone do this? im not a believer in capital punishment but i feel these "hoodies" could use a good stomping. cruelty such as this should not go unpunished. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/dorset/8096176.stm "A dog walker has spoken of the horror of witnessing three youths stamp a new born deer to death in a park in Dorset. Keith Arthurs was walking his dog in Upton Country Park, near Poole, when he saw three teenage boys wearing hoods attack the fawn on Wednesday night. He did not intervene for fear of being injured. The RSPCA collected the body and took it to Lynwood Vets in Wareham. Police are appealing for the public's help in finding the boys. Mr Arthurs said: "I was disgusted and horrified." He added: "One of them hit the fawn across his head. "Then they dropped it on the floor and they all took turns stamping on it. "It [went] on for a few minutes." The area is popular with walkers and cyclists. Pc John Snellin, wildlife officer for Dorset Police, said: "Twenty-three years I have been in the force and I don't think, in all honesty, I have seen anything quite as barbaric and horrendous as this. "It worries me what these youngsters might go on to do." i am by no means a wussy but i cried when i found out about this story. just the utter lack of humanity and respect for life in this world is heartbreaking to me.

A: I concur. They could do with a taste of their own medicine. It is unfathomable - how can you look at that adorable fawn with intent to hurt it? No compassion. It is difficult to think that people like that exist in this world. What a sick place that we live in.

What's the next excuse? Rapists can cry, say they sleepwalk, and say they can't remember doing it? by edith clarke Q: "Man cleared of sleepwalk sex with 15-year-old": A BRITISH RAF mechanic who claimed he was sleepwalking when he had sex with a 15-year-old girl has been cleared of rape. Senior Aircraftsman Kenneth Ecott, 26, wept after a jury took two hours to find he was not responsible for his actions. Mr Ecott did not deny having sex with the girl, but said he had no memory of it happening. Instead he insisted he had a condition known as sexsomnia in which sufferers carry out indecent acts in their sleep. It was this affliction that made him climb naked on top of the girl at a friend's birthday party sleepover in Poole, Dorset, the Bournemouth Crown Court heard. The girl screamed when she awoke. Mr Ecott was said to have confessed to the girl's family and apologised for having sex with her. But when he was arrested in his barracks at RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, he told police he was prone to sleepwalking. He claimed to have been in a state of automatism while with the girl. The Daily Telegraph article: http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,22209032-5006003,00.html What's next, I was drunk and can't remember raping my kids, boo-hoo? IF this is a real disorder, then why wasn't he forced to seek treatment? What's going to stop this from happening again? How many 15 year old girls does he get to apologize to for raping them?

A: That's pretty ridiculous. Like Baba Yaga said, if the guy's had the disorder for some time, wouldn't he have tried to rape some of his barracks buddies while they were sleeping? 'Cause that would've caused a scene. And probably gotten him kicked out of the army. How can someone who unknowingly attempts to rape people in his sleep even be IN the army? wtf.

Any ideas on how i can get to tender for building contracts with my local authorites in dorset? by Nick T Q: I run a building company in the dorset area and have been trying to get a foot in the door with my local authorities ie: council, police, fire, nhs, to tender or be considered for there smaller contracts like refurbs, extensions etc. But am having no luck at all, i meet all the criteria like insurance, financial stability, construction-line registered, and have been trading for over thirty years and have a long serving team of skilled employees, and have an endless list of completed projects and references. But don't know where to go from here i have tried contacting said authorities but just get sent from one department to another and never get any firm answers! Any advice on how to get myself considerd?

A: You need to investigate "EXOR" - Exor Accredited Contractor is a group specifically set up in 1997 to provide efficient, outsourced supply chain services to central and local government. housing association, private and public sector organisations. Effectively they "accredit" you so that all the organisations do not have to a bit like a stamp of approval, similar to the old Kite Mark. This way when you contact local governments they know that you are OK to do business with. Just found web address - www.exorgroup.co.uk There is also one for rail and network work called "Link Up" and I think one called "Construction Line". There is some form filling for all three of these and ground work needed but I have found it has paid off. Also, Google "Government Contracts" there are a number of useful pointers down that route...

Could i call the police over this? by Sammy L Q: If my mum/dad hit me, or dragged me by my hair, can i call the police? I'm 14. They're trying to make me go to dorset for the weekend? do i have to go?

A: OMG its not right to do that to kids i dont belive in things like that.. i would tell someone maybe a family member, social services.... how can it be right to do this to your child?????!!!!!!!

Are there any UK police forces that are about to recruit or are currently recruiting? by Q: I am very keen to join the police, unfortunately there are no services recruiting near where I live, any hints of police recruiting near dorset or not to far away would be greatly appreciated

A: - PoliceUK has been online since May 2002 and since that time has grown to be the number one resource for police recruitment information in the UK. Every year thousands of people apply to join any one of 55 Home Office and non-Home Office forces in the United Kingdom. Only a fraction (approximately 8%) of these applicants are successful. PoliceUK has the information to give you the best possible chance to be a part of that 8%! This site focuses predominantly on the career path of a Constable however there are several other careeroptions, some of which you can find information about on this site. Want to provide a visible presence on the streets? Reassure the community and tackle antisocial behaviour? The role of a Police Community Support Officer could be for you! Want to support your front line colleagues by performing vital support roles behind the scenes? How about one of the many roles performed by the Police Support Staff? PoliceUK has information on all the careers available in the UK Police Force. You can navigate around the site using the navigation menu to the left of your screen....

Does anyone know when the Wiltshire Police are next recruiting? by Q: Also if anyone knows when the Somerset & Dorset or the Hampshire police are recruiting that would be useful to know too.

A: It doesn't say when the wiltshire police are hiring but here is there contact information http://www.wiltshire.police.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=59&Itemid=260 Here is a list of job titles for the Somerset police http://www.jobrapido.co.uk/?q=police%20south%20west%20england Here is the Dorset police contact information http://www.dorset.police.uk/default.aspx?page=418 Here is the Hampshire police website http://www.hampshire.police.uk/internet/ Good Luck :)

Can Police stop drivers just to get them to fill in a questionairre? by thisone Q: The Police in Dorset / Hampshire, England are said to be about to stop drivers and ask them to fill in a survey form to see where they are going and why. You are allowed to refuse the form but can you decline to stop for this total waste of time? I expect it will be a 'Failing to stop' offence. Are they allowed to waste peoples time with this???

A: I've not heard of this before. How odd! Police have a power to stop ANY motor vehicle on a public road and don't need to give a reason (section 172 Road Traffic Act 1988). They can demand the name and address (and DOB) of any person driving a motor vehicle and demand you produce your insurance, MOT and license. Failure to do so is an offence (Section 169 RTA 1988) although if you can't produce on the spot you get 7 days to do so to avoid court (hence the issue of "producer forms" HO/RT1). You must still provide your name and address though. If you don't you could be arrested. Another part of the law states that if officers stop you in public and ask you what you're up to, or where you're going, then they ought to complete an encounter form to record why they stopped you (although you're not obliged to give them your details - unless your driving!). This is actually to protect your rights and to fairly record police activity, athough in realitiy it is a chance to add your details to a police database (not the police national computer though) Combine the above two scenarios and you have police officers lawfully stopping your vehicle and lawfully demanding your name, DOB and address and then being obliged to record these details - just like a survey! If this is going on then I would be curious as to why. If it's part of a larger campaign against some local crime activity or other then fine, but using the RTA section 169 just to grab a load of details to forcibly survey drivers seems like a waste of time and a good way to upset the public for little gain. They wouldn't do it here in the West Mids. Police here have proper criminals to catch. We do surveys by post and online and they are voluntary......

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