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Doobie brothers

Doobie Brothers' drummer dies of cancer at age 65
(Reuters) - Mike Hossack, a longtime member of rock band The Doobie Brothers, has died of cancer at the age of 65, the band's manager said on Tuesday. Hossack, who helped give the band its distinctive sound with two drummers in the early 1970s, ...

Photo: Contributed - Doobiebrothers.net
Doobie Brothers drummer Michael Hossack died Monday at his home in Dubois, Wyoming. He was 65. The rock musician had battled cancer and was surrounded by his family at the time he succumbed, reports his local paper, the Lake County News.

Chicago in Chicago
To end the night, the hometown headliners are joined onstage by the Doobie Brothers for an unbelievable music encore, which includes 25 or 6 to 4 and Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Song List: Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon (Make Me Smile; ...

Celebrity news: Jennie Garth, Peter Facinelli divorcing, GNR reunion at Rock ...
Longtime Doobie Brothers drummer Michael Hossack has died at age 65. The band's manager, Bruce Cohn, said in a statement that Hossack died of cancer on Monday in his home in Dubois, Wyo. Hossack played with the group from 1971 to 1973 and rejoined in ...

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itmedia [BARKS]【The Doobie Brothers】ドゥービー・ブラザーズのマイケル・ホサック、死去 http://t.co/1l3hw5hg

J_Boy1965 寂しいね・・・ RT @julia69xxxx: The Doobie Brothers : ドゥービー・ブラザーズのマイケル・ホサック、死去 / BARKS ニュース http://t.co/j02ONDlv

RKHope RT @TheDoobieBros: Official statement/obituary regarding Michael Hossack. http://t.co/NOlrwYqI

charlestrotter Michael Hossack, longtime drummer for The Doobie Brothers, has died at the age of 65. #RIP http://t.co/d6cgLOWc

De_De_Tillman Mike Hossack Of The Doobie Brothers Died http://t.co/8XdZtDYG

frankh_art Doobie Brothers drummer dies http://t.co/uagdnlzv - #music

trungdeplao1 check Doobie Brothers' drummer dies of cancer at age 65: Doobie Brothers drummer Michael Hossack died Monday... http://t.co/ofUYXK62 out

RIGB2266 Doobie Brothers' drummer dies of cancer at age 65 - ABS CBN News http://t.co/CVBC9liN

YolondaRimes Doobie Brothers' drummer dies of cancer at age 65 http://t.co/o8Tykl21

EveliaHamaker Doobie Brothers' drummer dies of cancer at age 65 http://t.co/P3nt1961

georgiannebaywi RT @ThePriestessX: RT @LatentAnxiety: Doobie Brothers Michael Hossack Dead at 65 http:tcoPUyLxhD2

julia69xxxx The Doobie Brothers : ドゥービー・ブラザーズのマイケル・ホサック、死去 / BARKS ニュース http://t.co/Q3uFMCBb

MaryroseZheng Doobie Brothers' drummer dies of cancer at age 65 http://t.co/3F9q4RQs

JanaEisley Doobie Brothers' drummer dies of cancer at age 65 http://t.co/opCq2Rcb


How many total albums did the Doobie Brothers release? by Jeff B Q:

A: 15

What do you think of South City Midnight Lady by the Doobie Brothers? by Wind Rider Q: What do you think of this live performance of the song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWAo7Hleb98&feature=related

A: I think It's a great tune. Saw them play the song several times in concert. The song was written by Patrick Simmons

is it surprising that the doobie brothers are still an active band? by Q: It surprises me

A: They did a fair in Toronto Ontario last summer. Yeah I was surprised!

What's your Doobie Brothers song of the day? by Biner Q:

A: Listen to the Music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVgMzKMgNxw

question about doobie brothers' album cover? by Dep-TDB Q: where was the cover for the doobie brothers' album The Captain and Me shot at??? does anyone know?

A: The Captain And Me album cover photograph was taken on the partially built Interstate 5 Golden State Freeway, north of Los Angeles and south of Newhall, near the Balboa exit.

What are your favorite songs by The Doobie Brothers? by Lover Boy Q:

A: South City Midnight Lady Dark Eyed Cajun Woman Sweet Maxine Another Park Another Sunday Texas Lullabye Daughters of the Sea/Flying Cloud Spirit I Cheat the Hangman The Captain and Me Evil Woman Natural Thing Jesus is Just Alright Listen to the Music Rio Wheels of Fortune For Someone Special Rainy Day Crossroad Blues Take Me in Your Arms

What is your favorite Doobie Brothers song? by Huh? Take XII Q: Without love where would you be now now now now

A: LOL- sing it! Black Water

Doobie Brothers OR Michael McDonald as a soloist? by Яɑɩɳɓɵw Q: From the little that I know from both, I'll say Doobie Brothers. My fave songs are What A Fool Believes, Blackwell, Taking It To The Streets As for Michael as a soloist, Sweet Freedom goes on repeat button in the cd player! :-)) I'll say REAL close equal. I know slightly more from Doobie, but Sweet Freedom ROCKS! It's however you feel, Heather! You can say equal as well, if that's what you feel.

A: Agreed.

is there any groovier old school band than the doobie brothers? by last dance with mary jane☮ Q: whats ur favorite doobie brothers song

A: doobies are good before that supposed soul singer micheal mcdonald cant stand mike he sucks but before that doobies rock

can someone tell me about the appearance to the Doobie Brothers on What's Happpening? by Kevin7 Q:

A: 16 "Doobie or Not Doobie" (Part 1) Jan/28/1978 - The Doobie Brothers are set to put on a concert at the guys' high school and they leave Rerun to get the tickets. However, by the time Rerun gets to the ticket booth, they're sold out. Later, two shady characters offer Rerun free tickets if he just tape records the concert. It is only later that Rerun learns that they are bootleggers and they threaten Rerun, Raj and Dwayne if they don't comply #17 "Doobie or Not Doobie" (Part 2) Feb/4/1978 - The bootleggers force the guys into tape recording the concert but while everyone is jumping around, the tape recorder falls out from under Rerun's coat and right in full view of the Doobie Brothers. After some explanations, the guys and the Doobie Brothers set up a trap to catch the bootleggers. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/What%27s_Happening!! Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85VKRUeqG7o Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=US2aYBTztbA&feature=channel

should the doobie brothers be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame? by Q:

A: I would say they should. Some great players in that band. Michael McDonald, Patrick Simmons and Skunk Baxter to name a few. They were absolutely dominant in the seventies. I believe they won 5 Grammies in 79 or 80...back when you won a Grammy for actually being talented. "Takin' It To The Streets" is still one of the most powerful tunes ever performed. When you look at some of the garbage that gets in today, there is no question they belong there.

Which era of the Doobie Brothers did you like better? by You know me, I'm your friend Q: The Tom Johnston era or the Michael McDonald era?

A: Johnston McDonald was OK, but the earlier stuff rocked more

What two Doobie Brothers were first with Steely Dan & what are your favorite albums by each Band? by Richard V Q:

A: michael mcdonald and skunk baxter.

What is your favorite song by the group, "The Doobie Brothers"? OR What song do you consider their best? by a fan Q: We have our favorites, which we based on our emotions. Or you can answer which of their songs do you find to be their best musically? There sure are a nice variety of answers. I'm listening to my "Best Of..." and "Takin' It To The Street" is playing now. I think they're an awesome band without and with Michael McDonald. The link to YouTube, the first answerer provided, had me watching all the Doobie Bros videos in their library. The Doobies Bros ALWAYS puts me in a good mood... :-) Lots of different favorites! Doobies Bros., have so many great songs, I'm sure it must've been hard to choose just one song, as I see many listed two or more. They weren't a 1-hit wonder, that's for sure! I love all the songs everyone chose to post here. But if there were a jukebox filled with Doobie Bros songs, and I all I had left was one quarter, I'd pick, "Black Water". Thanks for all your answers!

A: Hi! I'm a long-time fan of the Doobs. My favorite song of theirs is: "It Keeps You Runnin'." I fell in love with that opening keyboard riff. And then the lyrics got to me. And the bridge. And the tune. ... It's got a great beat. It's easy to dance to. I'd give it a 98 1/2. (Sorry - "American Bandstand" flashback.) I also like: "Another Park, Another Sunday" (Even though the lyrics are about a lost love, somehow the song doesn't bring you down.) "Long Train Runnin' " (The beat reminds me of the sound of an old-fashioned train coming down the track - which is probably how they meant it to, so it would go with the title.) "Minute By Minute" (Another insecure love song that somehow doesn't bring you down. And the beat sounds kinda like a clock ticking - which is probably how they meant ...) "Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)" (This one is a rocker - oh, yeah, I see ... probably because of the title. But it moves, so the lyrics aren't such a downer.) "Listen To The Music" (The only one of their songs that ClearChannel stations play constantly - like it's the only song that the Doobies ever recorded - that I can stand to hear over and over again on the radio. ... Oh, don't get me wrong - I'd love to hear all the others I listed played constantly, but they won't play 'em, and ClearChannel owns all the rock and oldie stations in my area.) The Doobs have a great vocal blend. Their music makes you want to dance. Their songs don't all sound the same. Like I said - I'm a fan.

Did I hear right? Did the Doobie Brothers play at the Grand Ole Opry this weekend? by Me Q: I know it really doesn't matter at this point,but..

A: Yes you heard right! Makes me wonder who's next. ZZ Top? Van Halen?

Poll>Favorite old song by the Doobie Brothers that never gets old to you? by Hollywood Q:

A: What A Fool Believes

What's your favorite, Doobie Brothers, song? by Bob Dylan ♪ Q: I liked, China grove, Jesus is just alright with me. Your favorite?

A: http://youtu.be/km4-eKvv3EM Wanna dance , Brother .. LOVE THIS ONE D :)

early Doobie Brothers or later Doobie Brothers? by Mick Q: which style of music do you prefer when Tom Johnston was the singer for the Doobie Brothers or Michael MacDonald?I like the early years with Tom Johnston,but Michael MacDonald has a great voice to.

A: The early Doobie Brothers - I do like Michael's voice but their style completely changed with him on vocals. Jesus Is Just Alright Dark Eyed Cajun Woman South City Midnight Lady China Grove Long Train Running It won't let me do links right now sorry.

what year was Doobie brothers at the salem armory in oregon? by carrie h Q:

A: 1976? 1978? 1981? 2004?

What is your favorite song(s) by the Doobie Brothers? by Gypsy Q: Thanks for the super answers!

A: Long Train Running http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFiqq9bwBUg

What's your favorite Doobie Brothers/Michael McDonald solo, song? by Rimmer Q:

A: Michael McDonald- I Keep Forgetting

Poll>The Complete Collected works of the Doobie Brothers or The Spinners? by Hollywood Q:

A: Doobie Brothers

The song: What A Fool Believes by the Doobie Brothers? by Zelda Q: Can someone kindly explain to me what this song is about. I get bits and pieces but the big picture evades me. Thanks! I love this song, even though I only get part of it.

A: It's about a guy who imagines he had a relationship with a woman, but it was all one-sided. He "never made her think twice" about him, but he keeps retreating back into his own imagination and believes they loved each other and no one can convince him otherwise. He figures that even though it's all in his imagination, it's better than nothing.

What exactly does it mean to be a Dubbhist, there are 12 Doobie Brothers, are they searching for Kurt Cobain? by Q:

A: Sounds like there was some Lithium involved in the making of this question... :P

Poll>The Complete Collected works of the police or the Doobie brothers? by Hollywood Q:

A: aah...this is a tough one. I think I'll go with The Police though.

micheal jaskson appears on what doobie brothers recording as a background singer? by Q:

A: you mean MichAEl JaCkson, and "Minute By Minute". I've also heard that he was on another, "Takin it to the Street"

Poll>The Complete Collected works of The Doobie Brothers or The Allman Brothers? by Hollywood Q:

A: I saw the Doobie Brothers -- they were great in concert at House of Blues !

What Are your Top 5 Favorite Doobie Brothers Songs? by Jase Q: Mine are: 1. What A Fool Believes 2. Black Water 3. Listen To The Music 4. China Grove 5. Minute By Minute What makes your Doobie Brothers Top 5 list?

A: 1. Listen to the music 2. Black Water 3. What a fool believes 4. China grove 5. Long train running

Name of a Doobie Brothers song which containin I love you a lot & the love is sung over few beats i.e looooove? by smilelikeyoumeanit Q: Heard it and i was told it was by the Doobie brothers but can't find it anywhere but it was quite fast uplifting beat and had the phrase baby i love you with the love sung over quite a few beats i.e looooooove. thanks

A: Maybe... Long Train Runnin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnD0eVdHJfI

Poll>The Complete Collected works of The Doobie Brothers or The Cars? by Hollywood Q:

A: Doobie Bros ♥♥♥

What is your favorite song by the doobie brothers? by Dan Q:

A: probably, Long Train Running

Poll>The Complete Collected works of The Ohio Players or The Doobie Brothers? by Hollywood Q:

A: Hi Hollywood Baby, I can hear the music back in the 60's..My legs tap,tap,tapping and getting up to Dance..The Doobie Brothers knew where it was at..The 60's a Great time to be a teen.. The Doobie Brothers all the way..Lol.. Your Friend, poppy1

Poll>The Complete Collected works of Chicago or The Doobie Brothers? by Hollywood Q:

A: ♥Chicago♥

does anyone know what movie the doobie brothers played their song (what a fool believes)in 1970? by texas-confuse Q: can someone help me i am trying to find a movie. I can't remember the movie but the song (what a fool believes)was played... their was 2- lesbian playing in that movie I was very young and would like to watch that movie from the beginning.The lesbian lived together and played footbal with other members.

A: The movie is called Personal Best (1982). I could see the video of her running to the song in my mind. ^_^ I used to watch a show called New York Hot Tracks and the show used to show the video. The intertwined lives and loves of three highly-ranked athletes striving for the national team; Chris (Mariel Hemingway) bounces between the beds of male coach Terry and her female friend, competitor, and role model Tory. I remember the movie because of that song. ^_^ I love that song! ^_^ Also, my mom loved that song as well. I got a little teary eyed because my mother is no longer here and I can still see her in my mind, singing the song.

What are some of your favorite songs by The Doobie Brothers? by blacktiremarks Q:

A: "It Keeps You Runnin" and "Real Love"

Song "What a fool believes" by Doobie Brothers? by Zelda Q: I don't understand what this song is about. Can you explain and tell me why? Thanks!

A: Here is a little info on the song. http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=1982

When illness forced Johnston out of The Doobie Brothers, what Steely Dan alumnus took his place? by lala Q:

A: In my own experience, its really best that you consult specialist for it.

Any Steve Miller Band or Doobie Brothers fans? by Q: I don't really hear a lot about these two bands on here. They seem a little underrated. Both great! What are your favorite songs by them? BQ: Best 70's band?

A: The Steve Miller Band : "Brave New World" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVEgDSOx_5w "Serenade" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkrLmeeCrhY "Going to the Country" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIDYHWTBQSc "Living in the USA" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyV41-tFPcQ "Dime a Dance Romance" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9R31UE19URQ The Doobie Brothers : "Another Park, Another Sunday" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_iTbzc2K4U "Rockin' Down the Highway" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ts9nmYUIlB8 "Mamaloi" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIZeA85ZIpk "Without You" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Qo2agBL8Xg "South City Midnight Lady" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfyHVXBmPR0

Drift Away by the Doobie Brothers? by Tyler L Q: I realise it was originally recorded by Dobie Gray, but what album did Drift Away get released on by the Doobie Brothers? I'm trying to fix my iPod and I need to know which album so I can also find the correct album cover art. But I can't find it anywhere.. I have the Doobie Brothers version.

A: Err, Sorry to disappoint you, but the reason you couldn't find it was because they never released it on one of their studio album. Are you sure your version is by the Doobie Brothers? A lot of people have covered this song. I mean, I know the Doobie Brothers have a version of it, but its not on any of their studio albums.

Where did the name "The Doobie Brothers" originate? by Eddie Q: My wife and i discussed this on the way to work and we both think that The Doobie Brothers named themselves this because they smoked a lot of cannibus, but we're not sure. Can anyone give me some insight as to why they named themselves "The Doobie Brothers?"

A: Tom Johnston says that the band, originally known as Pud, were sitting around a breakfast table when a friend who was not part of the band said "why don’t you call yourselves the doobie brothers". The guy was just kidding and that they all took it that way, but later on someone said "hey, that’s not such a bad idea" and the name stuck.

what song did the doobie brothers play first? by ctownboy Q: at the orange bowl halftime. ive heard it before it sounds awesome. sure beats ashlee simpson. i hope oj killed her already didnt know the who played i just turned it on and they were annoucned i thought they were the only act and would play more songs. what did the who play?

A: its called without you

How long is "Listen to the Music" by the Doobie Brothers? by Q: For the original album version, specifically. I keep getting copies of the song at different lengths, some at 3:23, 3:47, and one as long as 4:23 or something. For whoever owns the CD version of the album Tolouse Street, or at least a digital copy, what is the length of the song?

A: Wikipedia says it's 4:44.

What is the Doobie Brothers song with no words? by ChickenBoy Q: Whats the song the Doobie Bros. song with little or no words?

A: flying cloud is a doobie brothers song that has no words.

What are some songs similar to Doobie Brothers - Black Water? by Ilya D Q: What are some songs that are more acoustically based and have the same kind of mellow "river" sound. Another song I find to be similar to my taste is "When the Levee Breaks - Led Zepplin" I know these two don't share much musical structure and one is very heavy while the other is more laid back, but you can kind of see what kind of question I am asking. Thanks!

A: You sound like you might like The Eagles...try these out: http://www.amazon.com/Eagles-Very-Best-2CD/dp/B0000CD5FR/ref=pd_sim_m_4

How would one rank the Doobie Brothers' performance last night during the half-time show? by nofear_intrepid40 Q: They are a rock band.

A: I thought it was OK, but, like many of rhe "classic rock" bands that come back, they didn't sound much like the original. I thought I was listening to Chicago for a second with all the horns and sax. Would I go see them for $50? Yes.

What Doobie Brothers song is it that Michael Jackson is singing background on? by Q: On Entertainment tonight a few nights ago, they showed a video of Michael singing the song to Liz Taylor on the phone. For the life of me, I can't think of the name of it. Can anyone help me?

A: What a fool believes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpXK19Ik9z0

How many original members of the Doobie Brothers are still with the band? by Patrick B Q: I'm going to see the Doobie Brothers in concert in Indiana on April 11. I was wondering how many current members of the Doobie Brothers are original members that have been with the band all along?

A: While it is true that Pat, Tom, John Hartman and Dave Shogren were the originals, don't forget Big Mike Hossack and John McFee. Big Mike joined the band in 1971 (37 ! years ago) before they released their breakout album Toulouse Street. John McFee replaced Jeff Baxter in 1979 (29 years ago). I consider them "originals" too, no question. What you will see and hear on the 11th will be the real deal. You will be blown away. Enjoy!!! -Andy Leahy

Are The Doobie Brothers and Bob Dylan from the same era? by Q: And any other artist who are of the Doobie brothers ear that would be great!

A: Dylan's lyrics and style fall under the folk category, although "modern folk" might be a better way to describe it. Many of his songs are either politically, socially, or humanity themed. He was one of a new breed of songwriters to emerge in the 1960s who wanted to wash all of the fluff off of music, put some meaning back into it, and get people engaged in what happens outside of their cozy suburban life. The emphasis was never so much in the musicianship or vocals - as most people would agree, Dylan's voice is nothing to write home about - but was instead on starting conversations about important life topics. On the other hand, The Doobie Brothers are pure R&B. They have a much more up, punchy, soul-influenced groove. Their songs are almost exclusively dedicated to creating a catchy hook and overall "good vibe" than about shedding light on any specific political or world issue. In short; Dylan makes you quietly nod and think; The Doobie Brothers make you tap your feet and smile. For the Doobie sound try Michael McDonald's early work, Steely Dan (Gaucho or Asia), Chicago (1970s only), Earth/Wind/and Fire, The Little River Band, Supertramp, and WAR.

doobie brothers? by joe D Q: does anyone know what the concert date was for the June 1998 summer show at Pine Knob in Detroit?

A: June 12,1998

Doobie Brothers? by beatles maniac Q: I love the doobie brothers very much, but it seems like no one knows who they r. If u do like em, whats ur top 5 favorite songs by them?

A: I'm a teenager and I have known about the Doobie Brothers for quite some time. 1. Listen To The Music 2. Black Water 3. Long Train Runnin 4. What A Fool Believes 5. Real Love

Long Train Runnin (Doobie Brothers cover) by: The Stoney Creek Boys South City Midnight Lady - The Doobie Brothers Doobie Brothers - Black Water (High Quality) The Doobie Brothers 1996 #6-South City Midnight Lady Doobie Brothers - What a fool believes - 1979 The Doobie Brothers - 'Nobody' (Official Video) The Doobie Brothers Listen to the Music ~With Lyrics~ Doobie Brothers - China Grove 1973 The Doobie Brothers-It Keeps You Runnin' Doobie Brothers - China Grove (From 'Live At The Greek Theatre 1982' DVD & CD) Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin' (From 'Live At The Greek Theatre 1982' DVD & CD) Super Doobie Bros - Long Train Runnin' The Doobie Brothers - 'Another Park, Another Sunday' South City Midnight Lady Doobie Brothers Cover Request 3 Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running HD (Live) Black Water - Doobie Brothers (with lyrics) Doobie Brothers - Takin' It To The Streets (High Quality) Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running The Doobie Brothers - Black Water (Love and Light Dubstep Remix) Doobie Brothers - Another Park, Another Sunday (with lyrics) Takin' It To The Streets - The Doobie Brothers (1976) The Doobie Brothers - 'Listen To The Music' at the Opry Doobie Bros - China Grove - HQ STEREO!! Doobie Brothers 'Black Water' The Doobie Brothers - DEPENDIN' ON YOU What A Fool Believes (The Doobie Brothers) The Doobie Brothers 'Listen To The Music' video by Debra Lyn Doobie Brothers Live ' Long Train Runnin' Karaoke Listen To The Music - The Doobie Brothers * Doobie Brothers - Dependin' On You (with lyrics) The Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running (official video) RGX-420 II YAMAHA-doobie brothers long train running Doobie Brothers - Takin' It To The Streets (with McDonald piano diddy) - 1977 Doobie Brothers - Black Water (Love and Light Remix) Doobie Brothers - Toulouse Street The Doobie Brothers - Black Water (Live at Farm Aid 2001) Michael McDonald with The Doobie Brothers - I Keep Forgettin' [Live 1982] The Doobie Brothers Without You Live at Budokan '93 HDNet Concerts Presents: Grammy Winning Greats with Rob Thomas, Train and The Doobie Brothers The Doobie Brothers plus Sammy Hagar and Joe Satri Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running (HD) HDNet Concerts: The Doobie Brothers - 'Long Train Runnin'' The Doobie Brothers Echoes of Love The Doobie Brothers - China Grove (Live at Farm Aid 2001) Minute By Minute - Michael McDonald with The Doobie Brothers - w/Lyrics The Doobie Brothers - Listen To The Music in Taupo Feb 4th The Doobie Brothers perform 'Black Water' at the Opry Doobie Brothers Listen To The Music LIVE Midnight Special 1973 MICHAEL MAY - LISTEN TO THE MUSIC - THE DOOBIE BROTHERS The Doobie Brothers - Long Train (Live at Farm Aid 2001)
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