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Donald driver dancing with the stars

Driver carries the mirror ball trophy on 'Dancing'
By Bill Keveney and Ann Oldenburg, USA TODAY LOS ANGELES – Green Bay Packers star receiver Donald Driver, 37, cemented his status as a legend on the dance floor as well as the football field Tuesday night, as he took home the coveted mirror ball trophy ...

Green Bay Packers WR Donald Driver wins Dancing With the Stars
Driver is the third NFL player to triumph on the show, joining former Dallas Cowboys RB Emmitt Smith and recently retired Pittsburgh Steelers WR Hines Ward. Olympic speedskater Apolo Anton Ohno, Olympic figure skater Kristy Yamaguchi, Olympic gymnast ...

Driver puts WISN-TV in driver's seat
AP Donald Driver and his partner, Peta Murgatroyd, combined Wisconsin's favorite colors with a country line dance during Monday night's performance show on "Dancing with the Stars." Journal Sentinel TV and film critic Duane Dudek looks at life on the ...

Football star Donald Driver is new `Dancing' champ
LOS ANGELES - He already has a Super Bowl ring, and now football star Donald Driver can add the "Dancing With the Stars" mirrorball trophy to his awards collection. The Green Bay Packers receiver won the ABC dance show Tuesday.

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thuggydubs22 RT @RealNicRusso: donald driver wins dancing with the stars. good guy. great for him and his family.

alexbetech donald driver just went cray after winning dancing with the stars

WORKZ10 😂😂😂😂Donald Driver was✂⬆on dancing with the stars and won. Football nigga be havin gigs. Emmit Jerry now Donald Driver😂😂😂😂

loviaaa IM STILL WATCHING! [email protected]_is_here: YEAAA Donald driver won dancing with the stars!! Go Packers!!!”

KrisKetz RT @ladailynews: Football star Donald Driver is new 'Dancing With the Stars' champ http://t.co/C4OdXljK

SexAppealNews Dancing With the Stars' finale recap: Donald Driver takes home the mirror ball trophy, beat.. #sex #beauty #women http://t.co/IwO43NGJ

ONmyQUEEN_SHIT Donald Driver WON Dancing with the Stars oh yeah Packers Nation all the way <3

NFL_FootballFan Pack's Driver wins ABC's Dancing With the Stars http://t.co/TLqf8geP

SportsNewz1 Pack's Driver wins ABC's Dancing With the Stars http://t.co/BNRJoqyc

AaronPaulSongs Congratulations Football star Donald Driver and his partner Peta Murgatroyd won season 14 of "Dancing With The Stars"

Johnny_b_good21 SUPERBOWL champ now DANCING WITH THE STARS CHAMPION DONALD DRIVER!!!!!!!! next is another superbowl title. GREEN BAY PACKER POR VIDA HOMES

Ronald_The3rd Donald Driver (football player)won dancing with the stars >>>

kensmoll Woohoo!!! My man Donald Driver wins Dancing with the Stars!! Packer nation came through!!

GossipCop "Dancing with the Stars" WINNER Is... (VIDEO) ➙ http://t.co/M9HxhsWx


Vote for Donald Driver? by Q: I don't really care if you hate DWTS. Or don't like the Packers or Donald Driver. Just vote for him so he can win. Just do it for football. If a football player wins dancing with the stars that would be awesome. So tell me if your going to vote for him. I hope everyone on the football section comes together and shows that football players are better then other things then playing football. Come on and vote for him please You guys are losers I never said I watch DWTS. I actually don't I just want Donald to win because I am a packer fan. you can vote here http://abc.go.com/

A: I don't watch the show but I always vote. The number is always on twitter. I literally have watched the show once, last week, cause Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews were there. I vote but I don't watch. I'm surprised he's doing so well.

Will Martina Navratilova win "Dancing with the Stars"? by ణexicanha‡dancer Q: I want her to win. Close second is Donald Driver

A: Girl please. Not only is she really old, but she played tennis in tire life, and probably has bad knees and tennis elbow, so her movement is probably not that great. Also, sense she is a lesbian, she doesn't have the sexual chemistry with her partner, that oozes passion, which is needed in the romantic dances like the Waltz. I think Maria Menunounos will be good. I also think Disney kids Roshon Fegan will be good. However I don't think they have the recognition needed to win. I think Jaleel White (Urkel) will make it pretty far, he will be a fan favorite, and he's also pretty suave (like his alter ego Stefan..lol). My personal favorite is Gavin DeGraw! I love his music, his songs Chariot, I Don't Want To Be, I'm In Love With A Girl, and Not Over You are all in my Itunes Top 50 most listened to..lol. Plus he has sympathy on his side since he got mugged last year LOL. I don't think he will win though In addition to wanting Navratilova and DeGraw to do well, I will also be rooting for R&B legend Gladys Knight, but she is to old to win. Another person who I will be rooting for (who I am putting as my favorite)....Sherri Shepherd! As a cohost on gabfest "The View" she has the fame and fan support. She is chunky, so she has the people wanting to see her lose weight, she has personality and will have fun Latin dances, and I think despite her size, she will be light on her feet, because she's fairly youthful. Donald Driver probably has bad knees, and the rest of the people are too unrecognizeable or has-beens that nobody cares about (Melissa Gilbert...we loved you on Little House, but we don't care about you anymore!). Even though Urkel is a has-been, he is still a character that America will get behind

Who do you think will win this season of "Dancing with the Stars"? by butler7310 Q: William Levy, Donald Driver or Katherine Jenkins? I'm hoping it's William. I'll also be happy if it's Donald. Just as long as it's not Katherine.

Who do you think is gonna win dancing with the stars? by Q: Donald Driver, the British girl, the talk show girl, or the south American guy?

A: Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas

What do you think about the winner for Dancing with the Stars tonight? by ǵpcåkê Q: The winner is Donald Driver and his partner Peta Murgatroyd, if you were wondering. Obviously this question is directed to fans of the show, like me. 8D So fellow fans, do you think Donald deserved to win this season? Why or why not? I personally felt Katherine and Mark deserved it a little more. Her dancing was pretty brilliant. I wanted William Levy to win technically..but of course he had to get eliminated tonight..so..I rooted for my second favorite..Katherine. :3 That's all I have to ask for tonight. Best answer goes to the most descriptive (non-insulting) answer.. :3

Packers fans, are you following Donald Driver on "Dancing With The Stars?"? by Q: He looked a little bit bored tonight (3/26). How long do you think he'll last?

A: No, but I know a lot of people are watching the show just to see him.

What song did donald driver dance to tonight on dancing with the stars,? by Q: Plz tell me what song it was ive been teying to find the name for months

A: The name is "Dedication to my ex" by Lloyd

What song did Donald Driver dance to on week one of Dancing with the stars? by Q:

A: Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)— Lloyd feat. Lil Wayne

Your thoughts on Donald Driver winning Dancing With the Stars? by Q: The only reason I'm watching it is because I'm in here with my grandma.

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