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LoveForFelton And I'm going to play more of the Doctor Who game..

infinimprobable Doctor Who: The End of Time Wrap Party Videos http://t.co/zWjUlSqc

aimddaindia RT @DTNCommonWealth: DTN Delhi 2010: NRI doctors demands removal of 'tainted' medical council members: A US based Indian doctor who h... http://t.co/ym1TPzxO

carlodileo listening to Blink And You're Dead by Doctor Who on @Grooveshark: #nowplaying @angelosalatino http://t.co/QZxRoRMn

eemortal I was bored so my dash has now a Doctor Who-theme! :D

IreneAdlerS @Centoloman Por cierto de Doctor Who no hay solo una peli, creo que hay 3 pero yo tengo solo dos. Luego te lo confirmo.

livingthelulz Found two, yes, TWO Doctor Who fans where I now bake! One has a TARDIS decal on her car and offered me one. -swoon-

healthtips_a2z Asthma Treatment: When you have been properly diagnosed by a doctor who tells you that you have “Asthma”... http://t.co/6aFoEQdD

BlogtorWho Check out some Dr Who fans meeting The 12th Doctor and NEW baddies on "Sam & Mark's Big Friday Wind-Up" http://t.co/VcnVPBJm

HeyChuck94 This week has been soo good got doctor who boxset, tickets to go see example and booked a place for my 18th :D DANCER :D !!

Deannadvc Doctor Who - More Than 30 Years in the Tardis [VHS]: http://t.co/TQfTR71A

geneticdemented Reblog if Doctor Who is one of the best things that has ever happened to you. - And, just for giggles, I... http://t.co/RWurb5Bn

whovian4ever When I get home I'm gonna do a doctor who marathon?

DarkAngelN_ En fin, me pongo mi pijama y veo el capi de Doctor Who :3

acumen101 @Frugus Don't tell me you haven't watched Doctor Who...as in EVER?


Who is the better doctor on doctor who, David Tennant or Christopher Eccleston? by The Music of the Night! Q: In the new reviva; of doctor who, who do you think played the Doctor better? In my opinion, I like David Tennant. Please tell me who you like and why.

A: David Tennant, maybe because he had the time to make the series his own! Much respect to CE however he brought the series back from the dead and for that as a DW fan I am eternally grateful.... But DT made the role his own and had SUCH good stories..... Plus if you are lady he's seriously fit (apparently!)

What kind of doctor would be helpful for someone who has a viral infection that wont go away? by Michael R Q: My wife recently had a back spinal fusion surgery. Ever since the surgery she has had a viral infection, according to her personal doctor. She has fever, vomiting, dizziness, and this has been going on for 2 months and no end in sight. Her doctor says it just needs to be waited out. I think that is BS. There must be a doctor who specializes in infectious diseases. Can anyone give me some leads? We are in the Seattle area with some great hospitals, I know. My wife is allergic to penicillin and its various forms, BTW.

A: you need an infectious disease doctor try calling your local hospital and ask for infectious disease doctors name and numbers or ask you insurance provider antibiotics are not used to treat viruses

What series of Doctor Who should I start with? by anthony99992004 Q: I never heard of Doctor Who till a few months ago, and now I'm interested, but im not sure where to start. I know close to nothing about doctor who except he does time travel or something. So where should i start if i know nothing about the show or the doctor?

A: The series started in 1963, so if you tried to start at the beginning with every episode, that is an awful lot of shows, even skipping those where the video has been lost. The new show started with Christopher Eccleston starring as the Doctor in 2005. That is a reasonable place to begin, as Russell T. Davies, the executive producer and chief writer, tried to make the series approachable for new viewers. Or you could just start with the new episodes appearing this year. Essentially the Doctor is an alien who looks like an Earthling, has superior intelligence, and has a time machine in which he can travel to any time or place in the universe. His race, or at least some of them, are known as Time Lords. Between the end of the old series and the beginning of the new series a Time War occurred and now the Doctor is supposedly the last of his race. When meeting an apparently fatal end, the Doctor regenerates into a new personality and appearance (i.e. is played by a new actor). The current series is beginning the tales of the Eleventh Doctor. That’s really all you HAVE to know, for most episodes. Some of the back-references are to previous shows and some are to adventures that have never been shown or written. Episodes for the new series are available on YouTube. Many stories from the old series are available on DVD. If you find you like the new series, you may like them as well. The new stories are supposedly in the same continuity as the old series and occasionally something in the old series is referenced. The new series was intended from the beginning to be a continuation of the old series, although for a while not much continuity appeared to avoid confusing new viewers. The series mostly attempts to put in a minimal explanation when this is important. Since the series has been so very successful with viewers who only began watching with Christopher Eccleston’s portrayal of the Ninth Doctor, that seems a reasonable place to start. I suggest the following 20 releases from the old series as the most valuable, if you wish to have a small collection: 1. The Beginning (containing the first three broadcast Doctor Who stories and an abridged audio of the fourth story The second story is the first Dalek story. The Daleks evolved into the Doctor’s main foes.) 2. The Dalek Invasion of Earth (A good story, the departure of the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan, and an ending rebroadcast more than once in subsequent shows) 3 The Time Meddler (The first appearance of another Time Lord.) 4. The War Games (A ten-episode story, the last story starring the Second Doctor, and the story which introduces the Time Lord race.) 5. Spearhead from Space (The first story of the Third Doctor, the first story in colour, and the introduction of the Autons who appear again in the first episode of the new series.) 6. The Three Doctors (A tenth anniversary story in which the Third Doctor meets the First and Second Doctors.) 7. The Time Warrior (The Third Doctor takes Sarah Jane Smith as his companion and battles a Sontaran for the first time. Sarah Jane Smith now stars in a Doctor Who spin-off show and the Sontarans are still recurring villains.) 8. Genesis of the Daleks (The Fourth Doctor is brought back in time by the Time Lords to stop the Daleks from ever existing. This is the first story of Davros, a deformed, mad scientist, who created the Daleks and later appears as the rule of at least some of them.) 9. The Hand of Fear (Sarah Jane Smith’s last adventure as a companion.) 10. The Deadly Assassin (The Fourth Doctor on his home planet of Gallifrey.) 11. The Talons of Weng-Chiang (Often listed as the best Fourth Doctor story. The Time Agency of the 51st century is only mentioned here in the old series but becomes important in the new series.) 12. The Invisible Enemy, and K-9 and Company: a Girl’s Best Friend (The Doctor gets his robot dog K-9 in the first story here and the second story is the pilot episode of a hoped-for series featuring Sarah Jane Smith and K-9, Mark3.) 13. City of Death (A very funny story about the Fourth Doctor, set in Paris, written under an alias by Douglas Adams, later author of the “Hitchhiker Guide'' radio show and books.) 14. The Five Doctors (A twentieth anniversary special including all five Doctors and the Master with several companions in one adventure.) 15. The Caves of Androzani (The last story of the Fifth Doctor, often considered the best.) 16. Vengeance on Vardos (Possibly the best Sixth Doctor story. The period of the Sixth Doctor is generally considered a low point in the series.) 17. Remembrance of the Daleks (A twenty-fifth anniversary story containing the Seventh Doctor which contains many references and parallels to earlier adventures.) 18. Ghost Light (A surrealistic Seventh Doctor story.) 19. The Curse of Fenric (Another highly praised Seventh Doctor story.) 20. “The Enemy Within” (A television movie giving the only official video appearance of the Eighth Doctor. Not available on DVD because of a rights dispute, but can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fazMQwNppuo . Usually thought not to be especially good.) Probably no fan, asked to make a list, would choose exactly the same releases. But I believe that most lists would contain a majority of these releases. I have partly provided stories that are most important for the current series and partly material that I think excellent and tried to include episodes scattered throughout the series. In the classic series, most stories are 4 episodes long, and most episodes are 25 minutes, but many stories are six episodes or more and a few are less than 4 episodes. In the new series most stores are 1 episode (45 minutes) long but some are 2 episodes long and the specials are one long episode. The older stories tend to be slower than television stories today and the special effects often show their era. If you don’t like them, that’s fine. Many don’t.

Which Doctor Who season should I start on? by TholomewP Q: I have been looking on Amazon to buy Doctor Who Season 1. I heard it was a good show. Then I noticed the main actor changes halfway through, and then I found out it was originally a series from long time ago. Which season of Doctor Who should I start at?

A: I think you should definitely start with series one from 2005. While I have only seen a few original episodes from 'back in the day', I have not found them nearly as enjoyable, and the special effects obviously improve in the new ones. Season one is fantastic, and I'm sure that if you enjoy science fiction and fantasy you will love it, as it has a lot of both. Season one also has a lot of backstory by which you can familiarize yourself with the Doctor Who universe! I hope that helps! :D

Would you choose a doctor who graduated from Harvard with honors or one who studied just enough to pass? by kewl internet MILK Q: People put more thought into choosing a doctor than a Presidential candidate. Anyone who does not choose the Harvard educated doctor is simply not telling the truth. What do you think? I don't define success as agreeing with another doctor who has a lot of unhappy patients.

A: I would choose the doctor who graduated with honors from Harvard. And I know who that is...

What season of Doctor Who should I start at? by ⇢dino℟ÅW℟.❤ Q: Doctor Who has been running since the 1960's, so I don't really plan to start at the very beginning of over 700 episodes. But I've been watching quite a few episodes of series 5 and 6, and I'm still a little fuzzy on the details of the life of The Doctor. In what series does it start to really explain Doctor Who? Thank you!

A: season 5 is a good season to start from. that's the start of the 11th doctor. the new episodes that air on tv are of season six with the 11th doctor so it would be easier for you to catch up starting with the fifth season. if you do that then you'll know the whole story of the 11th doctor

DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!? by Charlie Yunka Q: Where can I watch yesterdays (2010 Christmas special) new doctor who episode? I can't go to BBC do you know some where? thanks

A: http://www.youtube.com/results?uploaded=d&search_filter=1&search_query=dr+who&search_type=videos&suggested_categories=24%2C10%2C22&uni=3

Doctor Who? by G i R i S h Q: oh I love Doctor Who...I have seen the new Doctor Who seasons 1-4. Ok, my question is, was the doctor's name revealed in the old Doctor Who series? If yes, what is it? What's there to be smart about? I am new to the series and just wondering if (underlining IF) Doctor's name was mentioned or if he has any name other than DOCTOR. well...anyways, thanks for your help.

A: No actually the doctor's name ISnt the doctor, he has another name, we just dont know what it is. listen you, this person hasnt watched it and if you are gnna have a go, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

Doctor who? by Mason Q: I was thinking doctor who is an advanced being he is supersmart, with our society increasingly depending on computers to think for us will humanity become more like the time lords of doctor who or suffer like in the matrix

A: Having Time Lords like Doctor Who would be cool! Having a tardis would be fun too! Yes, the computers think for us but they need the thinkers to keep them progressing.

doctor who? by regina Q: i want to start watching doctor who, and so far i watched an episode from 2005 with Chris Eccleston.. i thought it was funny and interesting. clearly i can't watch all the episodes as apparently it's a very old show. how should i get caught up on what's going on, and can i watch shows out of order or is it important to watch episodes in chronological order? TIA.

A: If you're interested in catching up with the "classic" series, try watching a few of the episodes starring Tom Baker. A lot of fans consider him to be the "best" Doctor (if such a thing can be said to exist), and a lot of his adventures are self-contained, so you don't need to watch an entire season. In my opinion, one of the true classics of the Baker years is "Robots of Death," which is available on DVD. And if you're interested in the Daleks, who appear in seasons 1-3 of the new series, check out "Genesis of the Daleks." As for the issue of watching the shows in order, I wouldn't worry about that. One of the things that lends Doctor Who its charm is that although the show has a certain degree of consistency from season to season, the writers and editors don't feel chained down to a single, unbending set of rules with regard to his back-story, which has changed both dramatically and subtly over the years.

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